Written by: J.P.G.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Chapter 29

As Joey, Caleb and Helen made their way to the elevator, they heard yelling coming from the front lobby, causing them to detour from their mission. All three of them turned around and made their way to front to see what all the yelling was all about. When they first got there, neither of them recognized the lady that was yelling. She was being covered by the security agents that were forcefully removing her from the hotel.

Just as Joey turned to head over to do what he, Helen and Caleb were on their way to do, the lady that was yelling called out Joey's name. Joey didn't recognize her voice at first continued walking, but when she called out the second time, the voice registered. He turned around, against Caleb's pleads, he walked over to the where the security agents were holding the women.

"Mrs. Juarez what are you doing here making a big scene like this?" Angelica, Thomas' mother, looked at the guards with a look that said `are you going to let me go?', but they didn't. "Go ahead let her go, she isn't going to do anyone any harm." The guards looked at Joey as if he was out of his mind.

"Sir with all due respect, she came in here and immediately started making a scene." The security agent in charge spoke as he held on to Angelica. "After everything that has happened here in the last couple of days, I'm not about to release this women so she can wreak havoc in this hotel. It's not just you we have to protect, it's the others that live here to we have to make sure are safe and are not in arms way."

"Well sir, this is my hotel and I make the final call, so please let her go. I promise you she won't cause any trouble here." Joey looked at Angelica. "Will you Mrs. Juarez?" Angelica didn't say or do anything. "Mrs. Juarez if you as much as raise your voice once you are let go, these guys will grab you and throw you out on you behind and there will be nothing I can do about it. So let me ask you again, are you going to make trouble?"

Once again Mrs. Juarez didn't respond to Joey in anyway. "Sir you see this is how she has been since she has walked in the door." Joey looked at the security agent, shooting daggers with his eyes. "Even if she would have given you the answer you were looking for, we wouldn't have let her in. This may be your hotel, but we get paid by Jacob who left us specific instructions on who gets in and out of this hotel. Unless he gives the all clear, she would not have been allowed in."

That comment didn't make Joey happy at all. He wanted to tear off the security agents head, but knew it wasn't his fault. He was just following his orders, which at the end, Joey understood. The person he needs to speak with is Jacob, but he doesn't have the time to do it at this very moment. Not only he has the issue that's in front of him that needs his immediate attention, but he also has to do what he was going up to do before this issue fell in his lap.

"Mrs. Juarez, state your business so I can see if I can help you. If you don't want to or want to get into this hotel, you might as well just leave." Just then Mr. Juarez walked into the hotel, apologizing over and over again. It was a general apology because he had no idea what was going on, but he knows that it has to be bad because the way his wife left him at the hospital.

Joey had no idea what to make of Mr. Juarez barging in the way he did and what he said. The look on his face is fear, which Joey is taking from it that he knows somewhat what his wife came down to say. And whatever it is, it isn't good. Joey looked over at Angelica, then her husband and then at the guards who started to push her out the door.

"Give me few minutes of your time Joey, please!" Angelica pleaded as the security was pushing her out the door. As she pleaded to Joey to talk with her, Mr. Juarez tried to get her to stop and walk out on her own free will, but she was ignoring him. Joey felt for Mrs. Juarez, so he walked with her out of the building to the parking lot, followed by Caleb and Helen. He told Mrs. Juarez in a stern voice that she had five minutes, which she said that's all she needed.

"My son is in the hospital because of you, and you know that!" Angelica yelled, causing Helen to walk between her and Joey. "You picked him up that Saturday morning promising me that he was going to come home as he left, but I got a call hours later that he was in the hospital fighting for his life. Everything that happened that day is your fault and I'm going to make you pay!"

"You hold on right there ma'am, before you go around blaming anyone for anything, you need to get your facts straight!" Helen snarled as she pointed her finger at Angelica.

"You shut the fuck up you bitch!" Helen couldn't believe that Mrs. Juarez called her bitch. The woman doesn't even know her. "What is going on is between me and that little shit behind you. He thinks he is a grown up because of all that money he has. Well he is going to have to pay out like a grown up for the mistakes he made. There is no more mommy he can run back to when he does something wrong. Those days are over!"

"Not once have I have shown you disrespect, so don't you show me disrespect. I have a name, which is Mrs. Evans, and you will call me that if you want to walk away from here on your own free will." Joey and Caleb looked at it each other thinking the same thing. There is no way Helen would actually get into a fight. "So let's talk like adults like we are and we can fix whatever you think needs to be fixed. But if you take that tone you just used, this conversation is over!"

Mrs. Juarez was not thinking straight anymore. She was way too angry and all she wanted was some kind of revenge for what happened to her son. Due to that, she was not seeing straight and doing things that she would normally not do. Her husband knows that and was trying everything he could to pull her away, but she wasn't budging from where she was standing, neither was Helen. The two women looked like they were getting set for war.

"Mrs. Juarez I understand why you are angry and you need someone to blame, but that blame doesn't belong on my shoulders." Angelica interrupted Joey and yelled out he was right, the blame was not just his, but Jacob's as well. "Ma'am if it wasn't for Jacob's efforts to get your son free, he would be at least in worse shape, if not dead. So don't you come around here and say that either he or I are at fault and didn't do a thing to try and help Thomas."

"What you two should have done was not take my son to the car lots with you. If I knew you were going there, I wouldn't have allowed him to go." Joey didn't mean to, but he chuckled when Angelica said the last part. "What the hell do you find so funny you little shit. You won't be laughing anymore when I whip your butt all around this parking lot."

That got Joey to stop laughing, but at the same time it got Helen even angrier. Both of the women were reading each other and knew they were about to pounce on the other. So they both got ready as if they were in a prize fight, starting to walk in circles. At that point, the security was not standing back, they made their way between the two women.

"Ma'am this is going to be your only warning to leave. If you don't leave, we will be forced to use whatever means necessary to get you under control and into custody." The security agents at the same time lowered their hands to their belt where their pepper spray was at. "Please don't make us use pepper spray on you."

"You don't have the guts!" Angelica yelled, but before she was able to say another word, the head of the evening security pulled out his pepper spray and sprayed it in her eyes. She started yelling, rubbing at her eyes as she ran around in circles. Blinded with the pepper spray, she didn't see the security agents launch at her and toss her to the ground.

Screaming out all sorts of things from rape to help, the security agents ignored her as they placed her in handcuffs. Once they had her secure, they pulled her to her feet and walked to the security room. Joey, Caleb and Helen followed them, but when they reached the room, the head of the evening security stopped them from going in.

"At this point this is our problem to deal with." The head of the evening security looked over at Joey. "I told you this woman was a threat, but yet you wanted us to let her into the building. You might know her, but we know when a person is here to do harm. She had all the indicators when she walked up to the front door. Therefore we weren't about to let her into the building to hurt anyone like she was willing to do to you and Mrs. Evans."

Before Joey could respond, Angelica started to yell. "This is not over Joey, no far from it! I'm going to sue you and Jacob for what happened to my son, that woman for assault and the security for what they did here to me tonight. When I'm done suing all of you, I will be the one with all the money, businesses and buildings and you guys will be in the street!"

Joey had enough of defending her. She was making it very hard for him to do so. "Mrs. Juarez you can do whatever you want to do. That's the great thing about living here in this country, we can sue anyone, for anything. But let me be the first to tell you that you are wasting your time and effort on suing me, Jacob and everyone else you named. No court will even entertain the concept and they will throw your case out immediately."

Not waiting for Mrs. Juarez's response, Joey turned and started to walk off followed by Caleb and Helen. They could hear Angelica yelling, but they ignored her. As they reached the front door of the hotel, Mr. Juarez ran up and asked to speak to Joey. He first asked to speak with him alone, but Caleb and Helen refused to leave, and Joey didn't ask them to.

"Joey you know my wife and that woman in there isn't her." Mr. Juarez started to speak out of breath. "She hurting over what happened to our son and she doesn't know how to handle this hurt. So she is over here venting at the only person she can think of, you. You are the easy person to blame in her eyes because in her mind she let our son out of the house in the belief that you would bring him back the way he left as you have done so many other times in the past. I know that's wrong, but she isn't thinking straight.

What I'm trying to get out is if things were different, she wouldn't be doing what she is doing right now. Can you please talk with your security and make them understand this isn't her. Please Joey get them to release her and I promise she won't be back here making you trouble."

"Even if I could do that, I won't." Joey's response not only stunned Mr. Juarez, but it stunned Helen and Caleb. "She was given several chances to walk away, but she chose not to. Instead she made matters worse by calling my mother names and then was ready to fight her. No sir, she will have deal with whatever comes her way for what she has done here."

Joey turned to walk into the hotel, but stopped as he opened the door and turned around. "Plus Mr. Juarez, the security that has her in custody isn't employed by me. They are employed by the guy that helped pull your son to safety from the fire. Jacob is the only one that can order the security to let her go, which he won't do after he hears what she did. No sir there is nothing I can do. So go back to Mrs. Juarez and be there when she gets arrested. Hopefully she will see a judge tonight sometime and she can be out by morning on bail."

"There is no doubt that she is going to get bail, and when she does, make sure she doesn't come anywhere near this building or those that live in it." Helen added. "If she does, she will be arrested again and my husband will do what he can to make sure she doesn't get bail a second time around." Mr. Juarez looked at Helen with a confused look on his face. "He is a judge that was appointed to his seat by the governor of Texas for life. Once he finds out what happened here, he more than likely will do what he can to make sure your wife gets the highest bail possible. She picked the wrong building and lady to try and get into a fight with."

Helen followed her son in, followed by Joey, leaving Mr. Juarez standing there in the parking lot. He was lost for words. After hearing that the woman that his wife was about to fight with husband is a judge, the remainder wind in his sails was blown out. He was defeated and had no idea how to get his wife out of this mess she got herself into.

Back in the hotel, Joey, Caleb and Helen were heading to the elevator. As they waited for it to open, they stood there in silence, catching their breaths and getting their thoughts together. When the door did open, they walked in and stood there in silence the whole way up to Bobby and Bill's floor. Although they weren't saying a word to each other, they were thinking the same thing, Harold. They knew once he finds out what happened here tonight, he will blow a gasket.

The elevator alert going off brought them back to reality as the door opening. They straightened themselves up as they walked off and headed to Bobby's room first. Joey knocked, but didn't wait for a response. He yelled through the door to Bobby to meet him in the common room, and then went to Bill's room and did the same thing.

The two boys knew what was up the minute they heard the knock on their doors. Bill took a look around his room thinking this was going to be one of the last times he was going to see it. Bobby on the other hand didn't. He figured he was going to go back, he wasn't going to look like a winey little girl, begging to stay.

They met each other in the hallway as they walked out of their rooms. Together they walked in silence to the common room on their floor to see what was going to happen to them. When they walked in, they were surprised to not see Harold not standing there with Joey and the other two. Bobby looked at Bill and cracked a half smile, which Joey saw and didn't like.

"I don't know what you have to be happy about there Bobby. If I was you I would wipe that grin off your face." Bobby was stunned by the way Joey spoke to him, but he did what he was told and got serious. "I don't understand you guys at all. Judge Evans took a chance with you two by making you two the first two in a brand new program that can be closed for any little thing, anything." Joey spoke in stern voice as he looked back and forth between Bobby and Bill.

"The stunt you two pulled at the elevators with the other guys that live here is exactly what can close down the program and for sure send you back to jail. Is that what you two want?" Nervously the two shook their heads. "Then why did you do what you did at the elevators?" Neither Billy nor Bobby moved a muscle. "Come you guys are a lot smarter that you are acting right now. Why did you guys do what you did to the others? You had to know it was going to get back to us, and worse back to Judge Evans."

Bobby looked at Bill for a few seconds to see if he was going to answer. When he saw that he wasn't, he turned his attention back to Joey. "We weren't thinking at all. I know that's not an excuse, but it is the truth. After what we did, we knew we were wrong and felt bad about it, but since our floor is locked down, we couldn't go back and apologize to the guys. Bill and I wanted to do that the minute we walked off the elevator."

Joey knew every word that Bobby was saying was nothing but bull. They don't hold a candle to the liars that Joey has met and that have tried to lie to him. He didn't really know what to do since he knew that he was being lied to. Torn between laying down the law himself or going to Harold, Joey had no idea what to do until he looked at Bill.

"I don't believe a word that you are saying Bobby, but that doesn't matter at this point. You two are not allowed anywhere near the others that live in this hotel from this point forward. When they are eating in the restaurant, you two will wait for them to finish. If that makes you late for whatever you have to do, oh well.

If you two go near the elevator that you are not supposed to be by, you will deal with Judge Evans. If you go near one of the guys again and say as much as a word or raise a finger to them, you will deal with Judge Evans. If you are found anywhere you are not supposed to be in this hotel, you will deal with Judge Evans. You guys know if you go back in front of Judge Evans for any reason, he will revoke you without a split second of hesitation."

Bobby and Bill nodded their heads. Joey looked over to Helen to see if she had anything to add. When he saw that she didn't, he turned his attention to Caleb, and once again he didn't have anything else to add. Since neither of them had anything else to add, Joey reinforced what he said as plainly as he could before letting Bobby and Bill go back to their rooms.

The rest of the evening was quiet out the hotel. Joey and his group were on their floors getting ready for school the next day, while the others, Jacob and his group, those on the detention floor and the guests were doing their thing. As Joey settled in for the night, he was worried that his mother was going to say something to his father and any moment Harold would be barging in angry that he was the one called upon to take care of things. However, as it got later and later, Joey started to relax, and by the time he went to sleep, he was sure Helen didn't say a word.

The next morning Harold left the hotel before anyone else there had woken up. He wanted to be in Judge Garcia's court room when they brought in Dominic. He had heard rumors that Dominic's attorneys have been working out a plea bargain with the district attorney and they were very close to getting one. He wanted to make sure that wasn't going to happen.

The last time he tried to sneak in unnoticed, he failed. That didn't happen this time. He quietly opened one of the double doors and slid in as the inmates from the county lock up were being brought in. With the clinking of their chains, no one in the courtroom heard the door open in the rear, giving Harold a chance to get to a seat in the back unnoticed.

He looked around for Dominic and at first he didn't see him. Starting to fear that the rumors he had heard were true, he nervously scanned the front of the courtroom several times. By the third go around he spotted Dominic sitting behind two big sized men in the jury box. Seeing that he was there, Harold relaxed back into his seat and watched as Judge Garcia ran his courtroom.

Dominic wasn't the first, but he wasn't the last. When he was called up, they had to have him take his seat because his attorney hadn't arrived yet. That didn't make either Harold or Garcia happy, but they both didn't want to give Dominic any ammunition to get an appeal. Both of them knew that's what the guy was looking for and wanted.

Just as the last three inmates were called forward, Dominic's attorney came crashing through the doors, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and look back at him. Judge Garcia was angrier than he was when he had to sit Dominic down because his attorney wasn't there. He looked at the attorney and waved him to the bench.

"Mr. Marker you have two strikes against you and you haven't even opened your mouth yet." Judge Garcia whispered as Dominic's attorney walked up. "As you know, I run a tight ship in my courtroom, and tardiness I will not tolerate." Mr. Marker tried to speak, but Judge Garcia stopped him before he said a word. "You don't speak sir until I give you permission. For being tardy, you are fined two hundred dollars. For interrupting my courtroom the way you did, you are fined another two hundred dollars. Both fines are due by the time you leave my courtroom."

Mr. Marker nodded his head, not wanting another fine levied against him. "I'm going to call your case in fifteen minutes, so if you have anything else to work out with the district attorney, I suggest you use that time wisely. Also I suggest you meet with your client because he looks like he is about to lose his breakfast all over my jury box."

The judge, Mr. Marker and the district attorney looked over at the jury box to see a green face Dominic. Garcia leaned back in his seat, ordering Marker to step back and then his bailiff to call the next case. As the bailiff called out the case number, Marker walked over to Dominic to settle him down. He didn't know what to say, but he knew something what better than nothing.

"What is going on Scot, do we have a deal in place?" Dominic nervously asked and got his answer right away by the look on his attorney's face. "Come on I thought you had some pull with the district attorney here. The last time we spoke, you said you were certain you would make this go away and I would walk out of here more than likely with probation."

"Mr. Alvarez several things have changed since we last talked to each other. First, which I know you already know, Beth Alvarez has been handed over and been brought in front of this judge. By her being turned over, it brought the spotlight back on this case that wasn't there when you were first brought to Texas. As you can see in the back, there is a lot more cameras than before.

But that's not the only issue we are facing. As you can see in the back, Judge Harold Evans is sitting there. He is good friends with this judge and I'm certain he has, in his own little way, put pressure on Judge Garcia to see this through. Because of those two issues, I fear the district attorney is going to pull the plea bargain."

Nervously Dominic whispered, asking what was reached. "Well it wasn't probation, but it also wasn't going to make you spend double digit years behind bars. The district attorney wanted this out of the spotlight more than we do, so he agreed to give you a plea bargain that would make you serve five years, and defer ten. But I don't know if that's still on the table. So let me go over and speak with the assistant district attorney and see if it is. If it is, are you going to take it?" Dominic nodded his head, with a grin starting to form.

Seeing that his time was short, Mr. Marker left his client and walked over to the assistant district attorney's table. He pulled out his client's file and then sat down next to the assistant district attorney to see what was on the table. To his surprise the same offer that he just spoke about was there and he quickly snatched it up on behalf of his client. The only thing left was getting the judge to sign off of it, which Marker knew was going to be hard.

Just as he was thinking about the judge, his bailiff called Dominic's case. Mr. Marker got up from the district attorneys table and walked to the left of the courtroom, where his client Dominic met him. The assistant district attorney followed, but didn't stop in his normal spot. He walked straight up to the bench and handed the judge the plea bargain.

Judge Garcia looked over the plea bargain and then looked at the two attorneys before rereading the document. He wanted to make sure he didn't read it wrong, but when he finished reading it the second time, he knew he hadn't. Placing the folder to the side, Judge Garcia looked up at the three men standing before him. Mr. Marker knew by the look on the judges face things were not going to go his client's way. So he prepared to object once the ruling was made.

"I don't know who you guys think you are standing before, but I'm not the kind of judge that is going to sign off on this kind of plea bargain." Mr. Marker started to object, but Judge Garcia slammed his gavel down. "When I'm talking, no one interrupts me no matter how much the person thinks he or she is in the right! For disobeying the rules in my courtroom Mr. Marker you are fined two hundred dollars, due at the same time the other fines are due. I hope this will keep you quiet until I ask you to speak."

Mr. Marker nodded his head, but was thinking what and ass this judge is being. "Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I will not accept this plea bargain. It is rejected." Judge Garcia grabbed the folder he pushed to the side and handed it to his bailiff. "If you want to plead this out Mr. Assistant District Attorney you will come back to me with a plea that has this guy serving a lot more time behind bars than just five years."

The bailiff handed the folder to the assistant district attorney just as Judge Garcia finished. "Your honor with all due respect, you normally allow our office to decide what plea to give. As you saw on the plea bargain, the district attorney signed off on this plea, which means he is in agreement that this is the right punishment for this individual."

"No sir, he doesn't have the right to make that call." The judge glared at the district attorney. "I am the only one that can do that since this is my courtroom. At least that is until the case goes to a jury, who they are the ones that decide on the guilt or innocence of a person. However if they find the person guilty, it is left up to me how long the individual should serve time.

You saying that I don't have that authority, you are wrong. This guy helped kidnap an individual, the individual in question was his own blood. Put that aside, which in itself is bad, he took the youth across state lines, drugged and placed him in a camp that was well known for killing their clients. He and his sister in law were aware of that they even signed off on it. There is no way I'm going to let this guy get out of here with a sentence of five years."

"Your honor you are wrong to a point sir." Mr. Marker spoke. "My client didn't do the actual kidnapping of the youth in question. Yes he and his sister in law placed him in this camp and knew what the camp was all about. They might have even known of the deaths that happened in there, but they didn't do the kidnapping. All they did was exercise their parental rights. Beth had the right to sign her son into any camp since he was under age and living under her roof."

Judge Garcia looked down at his paperwork to confirm what he thought he read. Once he found what he was looking for, he turned his attention back to Mr. Marker. "Mr. Marker you need to make sure you have your facts straight before you open your mouth. It could be you were in too much of a rush to plead this case out you never took the time to actually read your client's file.

Whatever the reason is, you are wrong. First, the house they were living in was not owned by either by your client or Mrs. Alvarez. The house was owned by the victim in this case. Second of all, neither your client nor Mrs. Alvarez was living in the home at the time. In fact they were the prime suspects for the robbery that happened at the home shortly after they moved out.

Put all that aside, the final fact you are missing is the fact the victim in the case was an emancipated minor. No one has the right to make that decision for him, except himself. No matter where the child got his ruling to be an emancipated minor, every state in this country upholds up the ruling of that court when it comes to emancipation. One of the reasons for that is to ensure things like what happened in this case can't happen if a person moves from state to state.

Mr. Marker you are wrong and I know that you know that." Judge Garcia turned his attention back to the assistant district attorney. "You're right, I ordinarily accept what you want to give a defendant as far as time, but not in this case. And because you tried to sneak this across my desk, I will not rubber stamp your plea bargains in the future. If you want to plead this case out, I will not accept a plea that doesn't have this individual serving at least twenty years behind bars before he has a chance of parole. If you can't get that, gear up and let's impanel a jury. After all Mr. Dominic Alvarez has the right to a speedy trial and I intend to give him his rights."

Not letting either the assistant district attorney or Mr. Marker get a word in edge wise, Judge Garcia put his court in recess and left. When Harold saw that, it put a smile on his face. He got up and walked out before anyone noticed him, but he wasn't successful. Mr. Marker saw him, and knew that had to be one of the reasons that the plea wasn't accepted.

All the way to his chambers, Harold was walking on clouds. He loved seeing and hearing what happened in the courtroom with Dominic. The only thing he did wish he was able to get a better view of was Dominic's face when the judge threw out the plea and then made it clear if another plea was presented, it needed to have at least twenty years for Dominic to serve.

The more he imagined what Dominic's reaction might have been, he started to laugh. By the time he reached his chambers, he had a grin from ear to ear, but it didn't last. His secretary stopped him before he was able to get past her. She gave him news that threw him into a bummer mood. A mood that he hadn't been in since the last time this person's name was mentioned and he had to deal with him.

"He, his attorney and the assistant district attorney are in your courtroom and no one else sir." Harold's secretary said as she took his jacket and handed him his cup of coffee. "I know you are not scheduled to have court in this courtroom today, but the assistant district attorney said it had to happen and it was best for it to happen with a clear courtroom."

"I hate to agree with him, but I do." Harold grabbed his robe. "Do you know why the former police chief is being brought before me?" The secretary shook her head. "I hate to deal with this guy before his trial unless he did something I can revoke his bail for. Man I want to revoke his bail since he had it reduced in the higher courts."

The secretary didn't have the answers Harold was seeking, so he stopped asking. He finished putting on his robe, grabbed his coffee and made his way to the bench. The second the door opened he could hear his bailiff call the court into session. He looked over and saw the former chief of police standing up with a smirk on his face as he walked to his bench. Harold wasn't pleased because he felt that the former police chief thinks he got away with something in this courtroom, and because of that he has the run of this courtroom.

He asked them to take their seats as he sat down. "I understand that Mr. Carnes is being brought before me today for breaking the rules of his bail?" Harold looked at the assistant district attorney who answered `yes'. "I'm looking over the counts and I don't see where exactly he broke any of the rules of his bail. Can you please explain to me where and what rules he broke."

"Yes sir, he is wanted for questioning on attempted murder of the governor, his wife and family. It is clearly stated in the rules of his bail that he is to not be involved in any kind of criminal activity while out on bail. Being wanted for questioning on attempts on the governor, his wife and his family clearly break that rule and needs to be taken off the streets."

"Your honor the assistant district attorney is stretching the rules to its limit, almost breaking it. My client has been asked to come down for questioning on an issue that happened way before he was ever arrested and then given bail. Plus he isn't the named person for the attempts on the governor of Texas' family and the governor himself. It's his cousin who is named.

Put aside the second item I said, let's concentrate on the first. This alleged crime happened before my client was arrested, and even given bail. The rules state while he is out on bail he can't be involved in any kind of criminal activity, which my client hasn't. He wasn't before he was arrested and he continued being a good citizen after getting bail. So with that said, my client shouldn't be here and should be allowed to go home."

Harold looked through the complaint once more hoping to find something to hang his hat on to revoke bail on Mr. Carnes, but he couldn't. He hated to admit it to himself that Mr. Carnes attorney was right and knew once he said it out loud it was going to leave an ugly taste in his mouth. Hating what he was about to do, he laid down the file once again and looked up at the three guys standing before him.

"Mr. Carnes there is no doubt in my mind that you are knee deep in whatever your cousin or anyone else in your family is accused of or will be accused of. However I have to follow the letter of the law and be neutral in these matters. Your attorney is right and I have no other choice but to rule against the district attorney's motion.

Your bail isn't going to be revoked, but I'm going to tighten it up just a little more. Your curfew few is now at four in the afternoon, instead of eight in the evening. Your calls will either be monitored or recorded. If anything is out of the ordinary, or you break any rules that you have to follow, your bail will be revoked. Is what I have said clear to you Mr. Carnes."

"Yes sir it is! The thing I do have a question about is when can I see my son and wife?" Harold shot Mr. Carnes a dirty look. "They are my family and I have the right to see them."

"You are right, they are your family and you do have the right to see them except your son. Since your son is on probation and you are standing trial for a felony, neither of you can see each other. The only way that could happen is if you are found not guilty. As far as your wife and the rest of your family, that's up to them. However, if they decide to see you, they will have to come to you, you can't go to them."

Mr. Carnes didn't understand why he couldn't go to them and he asked the judge. "Do you really need me to explain to you what is right in front of you?" Carnes answered yes. "Fine, first your past record of how you treated them. It is up your family to decide if they want to be put in harm's way once again, with you as the one hitting them. If they decide to do that, they are on their own until they go to the police if you raise a hand toward them.

Second, you are under house arrest. Although you got the appeals court to override my decision on bail, you still have to come to me whenever you want to leave your house. There is no way the appeals court will step in on what I decide on allowing you to go places. Their docket is way too full with cases of real appeals, so they will not entertain you crying to them whenever you are denied to go somewhere.

With that said, let me clear the air on what I will agree to letting you out of your house for. To a doctor's appointment that is scheduled well in advance. If the doctor's appointment isn't scheduled in advance, you better not ask to go. The only way you will be able to leave your house to the doctors at that point is in an ambulance, and even then it better be a real emergency. And the only other item I will approve you to leave your home is an immediate relative passing.

Other than those two reasons, you will be stuck in your house twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You went to the appeals court to get this, which didn't make me happy, but I have control over where you go." Harold could see in Mr. Carnes face that he was getting to him, just like he was trying to do. "Now that we have that straightened out, I believe we don't have any more business at this time. " Both attorneys nodded their heads. "Good then this court stands in recess. You all have a great day."

Harold tapped his gavel as he got up and headed out of his downtown courtroom. He quickly made his way to his chambers, took off his robe, grabbed his jacket and headed to the private elevators to head out. Along the way, his secretary was briefing him on what his day looked like in his courtroom at the new detention facility. His docket is full, long and very busy.

Meantime back at El Paso High, nothing out of the ordinary happened with Joey and his group of friends. Their day was going smooth, not even a hiccup. Even when Joey walked into his fifth period class, things ran smooth. He expected to be pulled into Colonel Pigeon's office, like the day before but he wasn't, surprising him, but making him happy at the same time.

When the group got home, Joey went straight to his office to see how things were developing at the shelter. Once he saw things were running smoothly, he put call in to Al to see how the buyouts were progressing, but couldn't get a hold of him. Al was in meetings and this time he wasn't given the choice to ask to have Al pulled out.

Since he couldn't talk to Al to see how things were going, Joey called it an evening at the office. If didn't feel good that it was a short evening, but there was nothing else for him to do. He went up to his penthouse and joined Caleb at the table where they did their homework together. Once they were done, they flopped down in the living room to watch television before they were called over to their parent's penthouse.

Just as they were getting into the show they were watching, Harold, Helen, Fran and Allen walked in. Joey quickly sat up. He was lying down with his head on across Caleb's lap and he didn't know if his parents were going to be upset seeing that. As he straightened himself up, Harold and the others that walked in took a seat in the chairs or couches that were not taken.

"Joey first I need to apologize to you for calling a meeting the other day without coming to you first. This is your shelter and your baby to run. I have no right to interfere in the way things are run here. That is your job and you are doing a great job. One of the reasons I know you are doing a great job is because you hired my wife to run things here." Joey turned all shades of red.

"That meeting should have been your call and you should have been the one running it. For over stepping my place here I'm sorry and I promise you that will not happen again." Joey thanked Harold and told him there was no need for him to apologize. "I know you feel that way, but I feel differently. I wouldn't like anyone walking into my courtroom and running it, so I need to give you the same respect."

"Dad the meeting was needed and I probably wouldn't have done it. Now after sitting through a meeting like that I can see those kinds of meetings need to happen at least every three months, if not more. So again there is no need to apologize to me. I'm learning from you, and I feel honored to be able to have you around to learn from."

"Thank you Joey, but you need to take from each adult and become your own person. I'm far from perfect and I don't want you or my son to be exactly like me." Harold started to laugh, making the mood in the room a little lighter. "Now the other reason I called this family meeting is to talk with you guys about our living arrangements."

That not only peaked Joey's attention, but everyone else's that was sitting in the room. None of them knew that Harold was questioning the living arrangements. After all they all felt that they had all the comforts of a real home in the penthouses. Each had their own kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms; their penthouses were like two huge homes.

"Don't get me wrong Joey, this set up is great and I don't regret ever agreeing to live here on the top floor of the hotel. However, I can't live in the same building where I send people that appear before me. They know where I live and can cause me and my family problems, and it also doesn't look right. It could appear in the eyes of those looking in that I won't be able to rule fairly on those that live here if they ever come before me in the future.

I know this is confusing you guys that I'm bringing this up, but I needed to after the day I had. I need to stay where no one can ever say I ruled the way I did because I lived with the person that appeared in front of me. All of us know that won't happen, but those on outside looking in only see what they want to see, and are blinded to the rest. I have to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

With that said, I would like to talk with all of you in the next couple of days about looking at houses on this side of town. We all would have to agree on doing this and on the house that is bought if we do this. The house also has to be big enough to fit all of us, plus your sister when she comes down to visit comfortably. And finally the house we decide to buy has to be in the area of El Paso High School because I know that is where you guys want to go to high school."

No one said a word. Their minds were still trying to conceive buying a house and moving away from the hotel. Harold saw they were knocked off of their feet with what he said, so he didn't push the subject. He repeated they would talk more about it in the next couple of days. They should think about what he had just said and then got up and left them sitting in the living room.

None of them moved for a few minutes. It was Helen who flinched first and the only reason she did was because she had to get up and get dinner going. Once she got up and walked out, Fran and Allen followed, leaving Joey and Caleb sitting there starring out blankly. They didn't say a word to each other. Even when they were called for dinner, they didn't say word to each other, or the others didn't speak about what Harold said at the dinner table.

After dinner, Joey and Caleb went back to their penthouse and sat back in front of the TV. Not really watching what was on. They were both lost in thought. Joey kept thinking over and over again how his day was going so smoothly and how he knew it couldn't last. Now that his day did have its hiccup, like every other day before, he hoped nothing else would happen.

It took a while for them to come out of their thoughts, but when they did, they didn't speak about what they were thinking. Instead they went back to the way they were when Harold, Helen, Fran and Allen walked in. Joey laid his head down on Caleb's lap, letting Caleb brush his fingers through his hair as they watched TV. When it came time for them to get ready to bed, they got up and headed to their room. It took a while, but they eventually did fall asleep in each other arms and didn't wake up again until the alarm sounded.

Wednesday was the same like Tuesday, nothing happening at school, which got Joey worried. By the time he walked into sixth period, he was hoping that whatever would go wrong would just go wrong so he could rest the rest of the day, but nothing did. Sixth period went off without a hitch and when the final bell rang for the day, Joey started to worry that whatever was going to go wrong is going to be big since it didn't happen yet.

Caleb kept trying to pull Joey out of his thoughts. It took a little doing, but after a couple of attempts, he was successful. By the time they closed their locker door and headed off to the gym to watch the debate, Joey was his normal joyful self, teasing and playing with everyone.

After the debate between Jacob and Markus, Joey and his clan jumped in his truck and headed to the hotel. Along the way, they dropped off those that didn't live with them. When they got to the hotel, they saw an unfamiliar car in the parking lot, getting everyone to worry except Aaron. He knew exactly whose car it was and really didn't feel like talking to that person.

Reluctantly, he got out of the truck after everyone had gotten down and walked in. As soon as he walked into the lobby, he saw his father and brothers standing there with smiles on their faces. He looked at the guys and back over at his family. Slowly he walked over to his father, and when he reached him, he extended his hand, but Principal Haynes slapped it away. Joey took a couple steps forward, but stopped when he saw his former principal pull his son into a hug.

They held the hug for a few minutes before letting go. At that point, Aaron's older brothers walked over to him and pulled their younger brother into a hug. Joey turned to the guys and told them that they should give them some privacy and leave, which they agreed. As they started to walk off, Principal Haynes called them back over. They looked at each other, and then over at their former principal with a worried look on their faces.

"I know you guys probably hate me and there is really nothing I can do to change that. Not after how I treated you guys when you first started at my school." Principal Haynes spoke in a low voice that the guys were not used to hearing as he walked over to them. "For what I have done to you guys in the past, I'm sorry and I hope in time you can understand why I did what I did. It was hatred yes, but that hate was stupid and unfounded. You guys showed me the errors of my old way of thinking. For that I am very thankful."

The guys really didn't know how to respond to Principal Haynes, so they just stood there looking him in the eyes. "Since you guys have taken my son in and treated him better than he has been treated in a very long time, I want to give you guys something to express my gratitude." Haynes started to walk towards one of the rooms on the first floor, and the boys followed him.

"I will not take no for an answer on this donation to the shelter." The principal opened the door. The guys looked in and their jaws fell to the ground. "I know you guys are going to have many hours of fun using this pool table. According to the guy that sold it to me, it is the top of the line. It's built to last a life time so I think with you guys, it might last ten years."

The guys ran in and started looking at every little thing on the pool table. They couldn't believe it. The table this size is only seen at pool halls, not in most homes and hotels. As they examined what they were given, Joey tried to talk Principal Haynes out of giving them the pool table, but was unsuccessful. So he tried to say he would pay for it, but again Principal wouldn't hear of it.

After several tries, Joey walked into the room and joined the others to look over the pool table. While they were busy looking at their new gift from the man they thought hated them, Principal Haynes went back to the lobby where his sons were. He wanted some more privacy to talk with Aaron, so he asked his boys to walk with him out to the parking lot.

As they left, Joey saw them and couldn't help but worry. He started to get a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach that Aaron's father and brothers were up to no good. So he walked over to the entrance and when he looked out and didn't see them anywhere, he started to worry even more. When he ran out, he got a surprise that he never suspected.



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Well anyways, I wonder who would have won if Helen and Thomas mother would have got into an actual physical fight. My money is on Helen, and the only reason for that is because I know about her and I don't know much about Thomas's mother. But once again, as I have done so many times in the past in my other stories, the answer to this question will never be answered.

The guards jumped in and stopped the whole thing, which I was thankful for that. I was also thankful that Joey didn't push for Angelica to be released. Not after what she did and said. Then when Mr. Juarez came up, I was glad that he stood his ground with him too when he asked Joey if he would step in. It looked like Joey might fold, but he didn't. I wonder though if one day things are going to come to a confrontation between him and Jacob about the security. Remember this part because I might actually put it in the future. There is no way Joey could have been happy being told what he was told that he had no say on the security in his hotel.

After all that was settled, Joey, Helen and Caleb had to deal with Bobby and Bill. I like the fact that Joey took charge there as well and laid down the law. I just hope that Bobby and Bill honestly see they have been given a second chance and don't screw it up. If they do, I hope Joey is true to his word and hands it over to Harold because that is the only way they are going to learn, getting revoked and sent back to jail, which I hope doesn't happen.

Two court cases hearings happened in this chapter. Dominic first tried to get an out-of-this-world plea bargain. I was glad that Judge Garcia tossed it out. Poor Mr. Marker, by the time the hearing was over; he owed the court six hundred dollars. Let's see if he ever speaks out of turn or shows up late again to Judge Garcia's courtroom.

The other hearing was held in Harold's courtroom on Mr. Carnes. We all know that Harold really wanted to revoke and send Carnes back to jail, but he just couldn't. On one hand I was disappointed, and the other I wasn't. I was disappointed because the former police chief was able to stay out in the free even though he is under house arrest. I wasn't disappointed because Harold was able to raise himself above his hatred towards the guy and rule fairly.

What did you guys think about Harold wanting to buy a house and not live at the hotel? I really don't like it because Joey and Caleb seem to like it and there is where all their friends are at. Harold needs to do it because he is the judge of record to some of the guys staying there, but not Joey. I hope Joey doesn't move out, but I'm evil and I might make that happen.

It was a big surprise at the end of this chapter with Principal Haynes donating the pool table. The guys seemed to like it, but what is up with Joey and that weird feeling he keeps getting in his gut? Also what did Joey see that stunned him? I hope it wasn't Aaron's family pushing him into their car trying to kidnap him. Or worse, Principal Haynes returning to his old self and yelling at Aaron, or worse, hitting him. If you want the answers to those questions and all the rest, you need to come back to the next installment of this saga.

There is so much going on in this saga. I can keep writing, but I won't. You guys are going to need to tune in to the next chapter to see what is going on. More plots are going to open and old ones will be closed. This story, like my others, will keep you on your toes. Do not miss what is coming up in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}



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I really thought we were going to witness a first class, first rate cat fight! I'm relieved it didn't get physical however. Angelica is so blinded by her anger over Thomas being injured. I certainly understand her anger, but I don't relate to her becoming totally irrational. I know it happens with people, but I can't get my head around it.

It seemed at first that Dominic was going to get off easy with a plea bargain. He and both attorneys got a shocking wakeup call from Judge Garcia! Garcia did what he should do as a judge and that is to weigh the facts and rule protecting the rights of the accused while at the same time making sure justice is served. We need more judges with this attitude on the benches of courts all across this country. It looks like Dominic's wings have been clipped. I can't imagine how he's going to get away with serving anything less than a double-dime.

El Paso's former top cop appeared in front of Judge Evans. Once again, the accused thought he had the system working for him. Judge Evans' hands were tied in that he couldn't revoke Carnes, but he did find wiggle room to keep Carnes on a very short leash. What Carnes thought he could get ended up being a lot more restrictive than he and his attorney thought he'd get.

I sure hope that Harold and Helen needing to relocate won't pull Joey and Caleb away from the hotel. I can't see where that would be good from any aspect. Joey needs to be on site. There's too much that can slip by if he's not right there. The programs going at the hotel can't be without leadership 16 hours a day.

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