Roby and the Cowboy


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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between a man and teen boy. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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           Roby ran across the field in a low crouch. If he was seen this whole escapade would be wasted. As he drew nearer to the last low rise he dropped closer to the ground. Finally nearing the last rise he dropped to his belly and crawled to the very edge. Peeking over, ever so cautiously, he spied his quarry laying in the grass, his body turned full into the sun.
           Roby inched his way higher up to the most advantageous vantage point. The object of his fascination stretched out twenty five feet below him. He knew not to make a sound, at this distance he wouldn't be able to get away.
           Ever so slowly he brought his father's old Army field glasses up to his face. He had to be so careful to avoid the sun glinting off the lens and revealing his position. He remembered the day when this cowboy had ridden in. It was more than two months ago, school had just let out the day before. He looked up into the sun as the stranger sat on his horse, wiping his brow with an old bandanna he took from around his neck. He had asked Roby's father if he could use a hand. Said he was working his way across the country and needed a little time out of the saddle. Hard work was no problem, he would do anything. Dismounting, he and Roby's father walked over to the watering tank. Tethering his horse to the tank he walked over to the windmill and took the metal cup of water the older man proffered to him.
           Roby came up to the well head as a sudden breeze spun the windmill blades causing the pump to jet forth cool, fresh water from far below the earth. Roby put his head under the stream and washed the grime of the day from his face. He removed his shirt and rinsed it in the still flowing water from the pump head. Bending over again, he turned his face up and drank deep of the sweet well water.
           Wringing out his shirt he looked to his father and the stranger as they walked back to the fence row. The cowboy looked at Roby and smiled. "He couldn't be more than three, four years older than me," Roby thought. The drifter pulled his leather gloves on and stretched the barbed wire as Roby's father took over the job Roby was doing, nailing the wire to the old tree branches that served for fence posts. Roby's father told the boy to go on to the house and do his chores. He said to tell the woman to make extra for dinner as he had a hired hand to feed.
           In this entire two months Roby had never heard the cowboy's name. He was always referred to as "he" or "him", always in the third person. Each morning Roby's mother would make up a nine inch cake pan with piles of food and hot biscuits and set it out by the pump on the back porch along side a pot of coffee, and sometimes a quart tin of milk. She'd make sure there was a clean towel and a bar of Lava soap by the wash pan for him to clean up. Supper was the same, she'd fix up the pan before she would serve up the food to the table for Roby and his father.
           The cowboy slept in the tack room down at the barn. Roby snuck in there one day while the two men were ridding the back section line. A bed had been made up of hay and straw rolled inside a big canvas tarp. Blankets lay on top of that and a pillow was against the wall. A pair of worn saddle bags hung on the post and a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans were folded on the shelf under the window. It was late August and Roby thought about the cold nights soon to be upon them. He wondered how the cowboy would keep warm.
           He now had the binoculars at his face and he peered into the eyepieces. Slowly, he raised his hand to turn the focusing wheel and he brought the outstretched body of the cowboy into view. He was young. He had very little body hair, just a patch under his arms and a bush above...oh my, the biggest, hardest cock that ever was. Roby was fascinated. He had never in his life known that that little piece of meat, down there, could get so big. He watched as the cowboy stirred.
           Roby had followed the cowboy from the day that he arrived. After work each evening he would ride out to this spot and strip naked to swim in the creek. This was Roby's favorite swimming hole, the only one for more than a mile either way, up or down the creek. Roby would watch, from a distance as the man swam then stretched out in the sun. He would lay there for a short time then he would jack off, then swim again. Roby had to get close enough to watch this.
           The first time he saw the cowboy jack off he had run back to the barn. He had himself a spot in the loft. He had cleared a few bails and made himself a fort. He crawled in and pulled his pants down and took his stiff, five inch cock in his hand. He tried to remember how the cowboy had done it and the feelings that went through his young body were amazing to him.
           Today Roby hoped to see something that he wasn't sure he understood before. He had seen the cowboy kind of roll up as he hid in the trees watching but he was so far away that he couldn't tell what was really going on. He looked over the top of the field glasses as the cowboy spread his legs and rubbed deep between his legs. He watched as that huge piece of meat bounced from side to side. The man pulled on his balls and rubbed his hand all around. Roby wished he was on the other end of the hill so that he could look straight up between the man's legs.
           The cowboy brought his right hand to his dick and gripped it. Kneading his balls with his left hand he began to stroke his cock with his right hand. As his actions continued Roby ground his totally erect dick into the hard ground beneath him. The cowboy raised his legs straight up in the air and wrapped his hands behind his thighs. Pulling back on his legs he rolled them over his head and his dick was pointed straight at his face. Roby aimed the glasses carefully and watched the cowboy bury more than half of his dick into his own mouth. Roby was squirming all over the ground when he saw something he had never imagined. The cowboy had his fingers in his shit hole, not just one but he had worked all four in and was pushing and pulling them in and out at a furious pace. Suddenly his body tensed and he pulled most all of his cock into his mouth then his whole body began to shake. Roby knew what that was about because he too was sending a load jetting into his jeans. He had to roll over a little to get some space between his throbbing dick and the hard ground beneath him. Spent he rolled back on his stomach and looked back down the hill. The cowboy stood there looking straight at Roby with a huge smile on his face. He took his hand and wiped the head of his softening dick and raised the fingers to his lips and licked them. Roby started when he realized that he was licking the fingers of his left hand.
           "Come on down," he beckoned at Roby, "let's have a swim." Roby was shaking like a leaf. He had been seen. He wanted to run. He wanted to see more. He felt as if he were going to be sick. He wanted to see more. "Come on boy." Roby got up and walked down the hill.
           The cowboy walked to the edge of the creek and jumped into the water. Roby went behind a bush and ripped off his clothes. When the cowboy was swimming away from the bank Roby stepped from behind the bush and jumped in the water.
           "Names Bert," the cowboy offered his hand.
           "How old are you, Roby?"
           "Be fifteen in two weeks. You?"
           "Eighteen tomorrow."
           Roby's mind went into high gear. Tomorrow was Sunday. They'd be going to church with the big annual picnic in the afternoon. Bert needed to go with them. Roby's feet touched the bottom and he walked to the bank. Bert swam in front of him. As Roby's dick cleared the water Bert reached out and touched it. Roby jerked back and looked down then moved forward again. Bert took that as assent and took the boy's soft tool into his mouth. Roby threw a boner faster than he ever had. Bert was on his knees and his hands went around the boy's butt. He started to bob on the now fully hard cock in his mouth. Roby couldn't believe what was happening to him. He felt himself cumming but he couldn't move or speak. He wanted to withdraw but he has immobile. His first shot jettisoned from his cock swiftly followed by another and another. Bert held him up as he nearly fell backwards into the water. Licked clean, his softening dick slipped from its' warm womb. The cold air gave him a start and brought him back to life. He rushed to the bank and pulled his clothes on and ran the half mile up to the house.
           At dinner that night he told his folks that he had talked to the cowboy and his name was Bert. He told them that Bert would be eighteen the next day and asked if he could invite him to church with them and to the picnic afterwards. He said it would kind of be like a birthday party. His parents looked at each other and nodded and his mother told him that he could ask Bert if he wanted to go.
           Roby hung on Bert all day. They had so much fun at the picnic. Roby had never had this much fun in his life. They entered the egg toss together and he got hit in the nose with a raw egg which spattered over his eyes and face. They had won the three legged race and he even came in right behind Bert's win in the sack race.
           He had eaten so much fried chicken and so many hot dogs that his stomach hurt but when the sheets, which kept the flies away, were removed from the desert table he was up and ready. The preacher called for quite and he picked up the largest chocolate cake the world had ever seen. He pointed at Bert and said that this was his cake that this was his eighteenth birthday. About two hundred kids and adults sang happy birthday as Bert blushed.
           Roby's dad had driven the two and a half ton truck so that they could bring the neighbors from two nearby farms. Everybody loaded up on the truck and headed home. Billie was fourteen and lived on the farm just east of Roby. She had set her hooks early for this beautiful boy. This towheaded boy had been her best friend since first grade and she remembered their first kiss when she was eleven. Course Roby wanted to forget that.
           Roby was glad when the last family was off the truck. A load of steel had gone through the back window of the truck and it was covered by some old boards his father had fashioned in the hole. This meant that no one could see into the back of the stake bed as his father turned up the road toward home. He moved over and sat down next to Bert and rubbed up against him. Bert put his arm around the boy's shoulder and pulled him close. "Want to go swimming?" Roby asked. Bert kissed him on the cheek.
           As the truck pulled into the yard Roby jumped off and headed to the barn. He made sure the new calf was suckling and that there was plenty of alfalfa for the cow. He brought in two buckets of water as he watched Bert walk across the field to the creek. Roby peeked out the through the barn door. His father had parked the truck in the pole barn and was in the house already. He knew that his father would take off his clothes and get in bed. "The Lord's day is a day of rest," his father always said. Mom would be in her chair with her Bible in her lap and she would be asleep in twenty minutes.
           Taking off out the back door of the barn he ran, at full speed, toward the creek. Bert was sitting on a felled log waiting for Roby. His lean naked body glistened in the sunlight. Roby was naked in moments and setting next to him. Bert turned to the younger boy and kissed him full on the mouth. "Billie needs to learn how this is done, this is a kiss," Roby smiled to himself. He felt Bert's tongue against his lips and he parted them. Bert's tongue was through his lips and licking at his teeth. This was weird...but nice. He opened his mouth and the tongue took it over. He was feeling emotions throughout his body that he had never experienced before. His dick was so hard that he couldn't sit still. Bert's hands were rubbing over his back and he rubbed his over Bert. The two boy's rolled off of the log and tumbled into the grass. Bert ended up on top of the younger boy and pressed his body down, against the object of his desire.
           Roby pushed up causing his dick to rub against Bert's enormous member. Bert pulled back and kneeled between the boy's legs. He brought his hands down to the young, smooth chest. He slowly massaged the supple flesh, hitting all of the hot spots on the body below him. Roby had never paid any attention to his nipples but when Bert kissed them his dick bounced straight out. He couldn't stand it any longer. He reached down and pulled his long foreskin back and jerked as the wet head was hit by a cool breeze. Bert smiled knowingly and Roby reached up and withdrew his foreskin, also. His eyes were fixated on the huge purple head, now revealed. He wandered if he was going to be able to take that in his mouth but that is why he was here and he would die trying. Bert moved to take Roby in his mouth but the boy pulled away. Bert was unsure what had happened until Roby had turned around and was now under him and pulling his dick into his mouth. Bert lay down beside the boy and pulled him into position and began a loving sixty nine.
           Roby was on sensory overload. He was experiencing more right now than he had in his whole life. He couldn't hold back as he felt his cum rising. He pushed at Bert causing him to roll on to his back and Roby got on top. He began to bob his head on the large piece of meat in his mouth. Though Bert had done this to him yesterday, it just seemed like the natural thing to do. He was bobbing with all of his strength when he suddenly realized that he had all of Bert in him. He had that huge dick, every inch of it, in his mouth. That was too much. He blew his load. Bert's finger went into his ass hole and the boy shoved his dick deep into the eager mouth beneath him sending another shot deep into this unexplored territory. Bert's dick had gotten so big it was stretching at Roby's mouth. The inside of his mouth was hot. He felt that something was wrong from the heat but he was still in his ejaculatory throws. He pulled up from the object of his fantasies and saw the cum roll down the sides of the dick as it slid from his lips. Now knowing why his mouth had felt hot he tasted. It was bitter, sour, sweet, pissy tasting and acid. He swallowed. It burned his throat. He dived back down wanting to catch every drop before it rolled down and away. This was the best thing he had ever tasted. His dick was cold and he realized that Bert had taken it out of his mouth and was shifting position beneath him. Bert spread the boy's ass and placed his face in close. Roby gasped as Bert's tongue touched his shitter. He couldn't believe that something that gross could feel so good. Bert's dick was still hard and he continued to nurse on it as he had his ass licked clean.
           "Roby, can you put your finger in my ass hole?" Roby didn't hesitate. He had seen what this man could do to himself so he was willing to try to do it. He put his finger at the opening and it felt so weird. He could feel the skin come together as it formed a tight ring. He wiggled his finger at the tight opening and it spread apart, allowing him in. It was warm and moist. He thought of having shit all over his finger. He pulled his hand back and looked at his finger. It was clean. He brought it up to his nose. It didn't smell like shit but it smelled different. He sniffed it again and decided he kind of liked the smell, it smelled like Bert. He put his finger back inside and wiggled it around. Bert moaned beneath him. The hole seemed to get looser so Roby put another finger inside and in a few minutes he was able to get his whole hand into the hole. He was frightened, wondering how far Bert would want him to go. His mind went back to the time that one of the cows had a breech birth and his dad had stuck his whole arm up the cow's ass to turn the calf. He didn't know much about cow anatomy but it looked like the ass hole.
           "Roby, I would like for you to put your dick in me. Would you like to do that for me?" Roby would have walked on red hot nails for this man. He rolled over as Bert pulled his legs back. Roby wandered if he would suck his own dick again. Bert spread his cheeks apart and Roby could see how large the ass hole was that he had pulled his hand from moments before. He moved up between the spread legs and lined his dick up to the hole and pushed in. His dick was five inches long and just a little more than half as big around as his wrist. Bert seemed to like it, a lot. He liked it, a lot. The ring at the opening had closed around the base of his cock and Roby thought that it felt the same as when he turned his left hand upside down and jerked off the shaft with just his thumb and middle finger, never touching the head. He could last like that for a long time and he would cum so much. He wandered if this was going to be a cum like that.
           Roby started to fuck. He pulled out and went in faster and faster and with long strokes. Bert was playing with just the head of his dick. Roby reached down and began to stoke the shaft. Bert smiled at him and rolled a little tighter. He took his dick in his mouth and Roby protested. "I want to do that, please."
           "Hurry. I'm getting close."
           Roby bent over and got the head of the dick in his mouth. He had to do some major shuffling around to get in position to continue to fuck and suck but he did it and he had more than half of the giant cock in his mouth as he began to piston Bert's ass. He couldn't bob and fuck at the same time and he felt his cum marshaling for its' march to ejaculation. He concentrated on his fuck as he felt Bert swell in his mouth again. He knew what the warmth was this time and started to swallow. Each time Bert shot a wad into Roby's mouth his ass squeezed around the dick in it's confines. This brought Roby over the edge and he began to shoot the strongest load he could ever remember, deep-five inches-into his lover.
           Harvest was over by late October. Bert had moved into the basement where Roby had made him a bed by the furnace. The two had been using Roby's fort in the hay loft since the weather had cooled off. Bert was taking his meals at the table with the family since moving inside in mid-September. One Friday evening dad looked over at Bert, when they had finished eating. "Bert, winters coming on and I don't have any work for you. I could maybe use you in the spring but now..I'm sorry boy, but I..."
           "Don't worry about it. I need to head on west anyway. I hadn't thought to stay so long as it is."
           Roby was crest fallen. He couldn't lose Bert. He needed him. This was going to be the longest winter ever.
           Roby went down to the basement, the following morning, and lay on the bed Bert had slept in for the last six weeks. He cried for several hours as he missed his friend, his lover.


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           Roby argued with his folks. He didn't want to go to church. What did he have to praise the Lord for? He shuffled along behind and sat heavy in the regular pew. He hung his head low and stared at his feet. A dirty old pair of boots moved in beside him and their occupant sat a little too close but Roby didn't care. He lifted his head and sang praises with the rest of the congregation during the opening hymn, a huge smile now upon his face .
           After church he filed out behind his folks with Bert at his side. The preacher shook Bert's hand as a tiny little lady with grey hair piled on top of her head in bun spoke to them, "Senior Schmall took his self a fall this Friday last. Done broke his self a leg, he did. Compound doctor says, fool bone came right up outa him. Stuck out all white an shinin', right through his skin. We knows this here boy been workin' fer you, and he says that thins er so that he could help us. I'd like that, if you could see how you could do without him fer a spell. Senior Schmall won't be walking for several months and won't be doin' no liftin' er hard work for a long time after'ards. We'll starve, that's what we'll do. Got more work than one man can do, what with our boys gone off to war 'n all. Shore need your boy here. Use the little un too, most days."
           Roby's dad assured the sweet little thing that she could dry her eyes. God had provided the help she would need and of course Roby could help, after school and his own chores at home were done. The preacher was shouting hallelujah as those of the congregation, that were nearby to hear it all, joined in.
           The boys worked hard, and loved hard all that season and the next and by summer they were back helping Roby's father, full time. Bert was part of the town. For the next two years he had plenty of work but he lived in the basement at Roby's house where Roby had made himself a love nest. As Roby finished high school the ugliness of war was throughout the land. The boys felt their nation calling them.

           Bert made land first and led his platoon rushing across the sands of Omaha beach, seeking shelter. The grenade landed in front of him and he threw himself onto it. Eighteen year old Roby threw aside his helmet and dropped to his knees beside his friend. He rolled the body over and tossed back his head to scream. A bullet silenced his scream. He fell forward to lay across his only love, now together, forever.