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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys.
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The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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Highschool & Athletics
Highschool & Ahtelitics

      Rodger the dodger. What a fucking name. He deserved it. He earned it, and he wore it well. Rodger was the absolute star of the football season for the entire state. A small, fourteen year old freshman had made the entire team the state champions. He stood five foot five and weighed a mere one hundred and fourteen pounds and it was all muscle, I know. I have inspected every inch of his body for the last twenty four hours and his muscles are huge, tight and hard. Yeah, that muscle too. I'll tell you this one time because I am in love with him, but we won't mention it again, okay? It is a solid seven inches long, uncut and a full five and three quarters inches around. I don't know how much he cums because I took every load in my mouth except two that went up my....well I'm getting ahead of the story so let me start over.
      My name is Michael. I am fifteen years old, today. I just spent the last thirty hours in heaven. A heaven I had only dreamed about and never seriously considered ever visiting. Rodger lives across the street and up the block four houses. We met in the hospital when we were born. Well, okay, our parents did.
      Rodger was born at 11:58 pm on the 18th of June. I was born at 12:01 am (0001 hrs for you military types and Europeans) on the 19th of June. Yep, he's a whopping three minutes older than me. Our dads went out to the waiting room to inform the rest of the families and made their announcements at the same time. Everyone laughed then our dads recognized each others as neighbors and it just went on from there.
      Rodger and I went home on the same day and then it all started. Our mothers were at each other's homes sharing, drinking coffee, and gossiping by the third day, while Rodger and I slept in makeshift bassinets beside them.
      I sucked Rodger off when I was only three months old and I guess the taste of him stuck in my mind. We were together in a play pen at his house and my mother took a picture of me sucking his big toe. My mother framed that picture and it hangs in our hall of memories, the hallway between the four bedrooms and the hallway bathroom of our house. The walls of the hallway are covered with pictures of my life and a lot of them have Rodger and I both featured in all kinds of situations. There we are dressed in our first Easter suits and our first day of school. There's one of us playing in the park and our first bicycle crash together. I think my mother has a camera built into to her head. There is just no way that she can dig out a camera, aim, and shoot, at so many different situations. My favorite picture is of us in the playpen, clad only in diapers, Rodger is kissing me on the cheek. My first kiss.
      I like the pictures and stand and stare at them for hours. I am in love with Rodger and I have known it since I was five years old. I could never act on that love. For one thing I didn't know what it was at that age. I just knew that my whole life existed in that tow headed, blue eyed, boy all bundled up in blue jeans and tee shirts. Oh yeah, we saw each other naked all of the time. We had bathed together all of our lives. We spent the night at each others houses from the time we were old enough to use the toilet on our own, so we took a bath together before going to bed. We progressed to showers around nine or ten and even washed each other's backs but never, ever did either of us ever mention the other's penis or try to touch it. I don't know why. I know I sure wanted to but there was just something instilled in each of us that made it seem like we shouldn't do it.
      We competed with each other in everything. Not to be better than the other but to make the other work harder. In scouting it became apparent what we were doing as we pushed each other to one merit badge after another. I got my Life Scout one week before Rodger and he had his qualifications for Eagle one week before me. We did our Eagle project together when we organized the whole troop and twenty volunteers to fix up the homes of ten elderly people in our city. We pushed each other to excel and excel we did. We each had so many trophies and ribbons that our rooms looked like a museum or something.
      Everything got different in highschool. We spent the night of our fourteenth birthday at my house. When we went to take our shower I was shocked. Rodger had a big dick. He pointed out that mine was bigger too but his was huge. He got a hard on and it must have been a good four inches. I got hard but it was much smaller and not very much bigger around than my little finger. I was embarrassed and I left the bathroom. I took my shower when Rodger came out and we never showered together again. I never again saw him naked nor did he see me.
      I started playing with my dick every chance I got and by the end of summer it was four inches long and two inches around, just the size of a AA battery and as long as two. I found my first hair the week before school started and I had my first true cum that same night. Oh yeah, I could cum before that. Ha, a drop. A fucking drop of cum would appear at the pee hole of my dick. I knew what cum was. I spent Christmas week at my grandmother's and my cousin, who was seven months older than me showed me. I couldn't wait for the two of us to be alone that whole week. He would pull out the biggest dick I had ever seen and jack off. Of course I had never seen anyone's dick except Roger's at that time so I loved this big thing of my cousins. He taught me to jack off but at that time I didn't like it. It was only after my shower on my birthday that I wanted a big dick and wanted to cum like my cousin did.
      Rodger and I still hung out during this time but there was a silent tension between us. I was afraid of him. Was that it? When I got near him I began to tremble and sweat. I got a lump in my throat and my stomach felt all queasy. I tried to avoid him except in crowds and it appeared to work
      School started and Rodger wanted to compete in sports. He was good enough and I knew he would do well. For some reason I am totally not coordinated. I can stumble over my shoe laces when barefooted.
      As with all ninth graders, we were required to take PE our first hour. It gave the coach the opportunity to see what aspiring young athletes he had to mold to his ideals. His eyes lit up when he saw Rodger. As it turned out he had scouted Rodger in Junior high and knew that this boy had potential. The first day of school he arranged a scrimmage and of course Rodger exceeded the coaches expectations.
      Coach had Rodger come to football practice after school and he was made the offensive wide receiver. He could catch a ball like a magnet in iron powder. He could run like the wind and he was agile enough to elude the fastest tackle. His broken field running was legend by the time of the first game. Of course Rodger became a star that night. He scored four TDs in his first ever game. By home coming he was the talk of the school, "A freshman on Varsity......Who woulda thought?" I would. I know that he is the greatest.
      Rodger fast became a living legend. Within two or three games he took on the nick name that was to become synonymous with him for the rest of his life, Roger the Dodger. His broken field running was artistry in motion. He was like a pin ball moving along the field but no one could get near enough to tackle him. At their first touch Rodger rebounded to another direction without ever losing momentum or balance.
      I didn't get to see much of my best friend that whole year. He got home from school late. He had friends coming by to pick him up and take him to hang out all of the time. About the only time I did see or talk to him was when he had a problem with his homework. I tutored him and helped him all I could so that he could maintain his high grade standings. We were both proud to be on the honor roll and worked had to stay there.
      Thanksgiving weekend he wanted me to spend the night. It came time for showers and he asked me to join him. I told him I would go second. I slept in pajamas that night. I had never slept in pajamas before and my mother didn't know what to think when I asked her to buy me a pair.
      Christmas was a disaster. Rodger's parents had to go care for a sick friend of his dad's. There was nothing for Rodger to do there so he came to stay with us the morning after Christmas. I kept my distance. Looking back I know that Rodger was hurt. He didn't say anything to me but his continence was different, he seemed sad, as if he had lost his best friend.
      He called his football buddies and they would come by and pick him up to do who knows what for the evening. Rodger seemed to be seeking my company but I stayed aloof. I was scared that he would find out my secret. By now I knew that I was queer and I was queer for my best friend. I was pathetic. I knew what the kids at school thought of faggots. I had heard enough of the jocks telling how they liked to bash faggots in the head. They thought queer boys were the dregs of the earth and who was I to disagree?
      New Years eve came and Rodger asked me three times to go out with him and celebrate. I couldn't do it. I had tried alcohol at home and one drink had me drunk on my ass. What if I was out with him and his buddies and came on to my one true love in front of them? I would be dead meat and never would I be able to explain it to Rodger. He left with his friends about seven pm and didn't return until two the next morning.
      I heard him get out of the car and went to the front door to let him in. I stood in the doorway which forced him to rub against me to get in. He squeezed past me making full body contact. He breathed in my face. I almost thought that he had tried to kiss me, how fucked up is my mind? His breath did not smell of alcohol as I thought it would. It smelled like cum. I inhaled deeply at the air that was left behind as he moved on past and I could smell sex, at least cum, lots of cum. My mind reeled at this. It had to be my sick desires.
      I locked the front door and headed back to my bedroom. Rodger was naked from the waist down and pulling his shirt over his head as I came in the door. He seemed to hang there for a long time and I just stared at his beautiful cock as it grew to a full erection before my eyes. I wanted to drop to my knees and engulf that big, bad, beautiful piece of boyhood that hung on my best friend.
      He started to move again and his shirt cleared his chin. I moved past him to lay down on my bed. Naked now, he went into the bathroom and started the shower. I heard him singing under the water. As always he left the door open so I knew every move he made. I jumped over and grabbed his pile of clothes. I smelled his shirt. It smelled of sweat and not just his but another guy. I put his shirt in the dirty clothes and picked up his jeans. His briefs were rolled down inside the pants leg as he had pulled them off together. I lifted them from the crotch of the jeans and saw a very wet spot against the waist band just left of center. I looked at the spot then smelled it. It was cum and it was fresh. I looked at his jeans. There was a large wet spot in the same place on them. I smelled it then chewed on it. It was cum. Rodger had creamed his pants.
      I emptied his pockets and dropped the jeans into the clothes hamper and picked up his socks to drop them in also but not before giving them a good long sniff. I took his briefs to my bed. I smelled the ball pouch. I could smell his essence. I sniffed the crotch and could smell his ass. My dick was so hard that I could not stand it. I pushed my briefs down and lay back on my bed. I took the wet spot in my mouth and tried to suck all of the cum from every tiny thread. I buried the crotch of the underwear in my nose and breathed deeply as I sucked the juices and stroked myself to the best orgasm I have ever experienced.
      Cum was flying everywhere. I was covered from my chin to my pubes in streams of white, hot, thick cum. I felt a hand wipe across my stomach and I jumped up to see Rodger licking his fingers. "Nice." he said, "and delicious too. I wanted to use the new shampoo I bought." He waved a bottle at me and went back to the shower.
      I used his underwear to wipe myself off and threw them in the dirty clothes hamper. I pulled my briefs up, grabbed my pillow and blanket and ran from the room. I went down stairs to the den in the basement. I crawled into my childhood hiddy hole behind the couch and cried myself to sleep. It didn't occur to me that he had wiped up my cum with his hand and licked it off. All I knew was that I had been caught jacking off while chewing on his dirty drawers.
      I awakened about ten. No one was home. I checked my room and all of Rodger's clothes were gone. I went to the front door and looked up the street. His dad's car was in the driveway. Good. I didn't need any confrontations. I was hungry so I headed for the kitchen. Mom had left a plate with a few slices of bacon on the stove with a paper towel laid over the top. A note lay nearby. "Nuke this and fix yourself some toast and eggs. I've gone shopping and won't be home until late. Dad is out of town until Friday. Love mom."
      I ate and went to bed. I got up and checked the dirty clothes. Rodger's underwear and jeans were there. I put his jeans and shirt on and covered my face with his undies. God, I love him. What have I done? I pulled my cock through the fly and stroked myself and let fly where ever. I got off six times before time for mom to come home. The jeans were soaked and stinking. I took a shower and dressed. Mom came home and we went out for pizza. It had been a long time since just the two of us had gone anywhere. She took me to a movie and I sat close to her, smelling her. I do love my folks. I just don't show it much. Tonight was different.
      We got home about mid-night. I stripped off and got the still wet, cummy jeans out and put them on my bed then lay down on top of them. Instantly my abused dick was hard as I rubbed against the rough denim. I was in a sexual frenzy with no desire to gain control. I put the jeans over my head and folded myself in half as I tried to suck my own dick. I couldn't reach it but I did shoot two loads into my open mouth.
      School started back on Monday morning. I got up early and rode my bike down the alley in back of my house. I took the long way around even stopping at the park for awhile. I arrived at school moments before the first bell and hurried to class. I avoided talking to anyone all day and I never even saw Rodger. My luck held all week.
      Friday night mom went out with some friends to some concert. Dad and I were alone. Dad came to my room. I was on my bed reading an old sci-fi book. Dad had gotten the entire E.E. "Doc" Smith, Lensman series. He read them last summer. I decided to see what it was all about. I was heavy into the books by now and was reading the fourth book, The Gray Lensman. Dad came in and sat down at my computer. I looked up at him and he smiled. "You have hurt Rodger very much."
      "You have snubbed him. He thinks the world of you, you know. What's going on?" He turned to my computer and pushed a few keys but all the while looking at me. "You're confused about your sexuality. I guess it's time we had THE TALK." He came over and sat on my bed. I scooted over a little. He pulled my bun huggers off and cupped my soft boy cock and balls. "You are growing very nicely but there are things that you may not know about your body." He stroked me a little and I got a hard on. He reached over to my desk and picked up my ruler. He pulled my dick upright and pressed the ruler hard into my bush. He bent down close and looked then pulled my foreskin back, "Six and a half inches. Very nice. Just right for a boy your age. Not too big around and a perfect length. Just mouth size."
      I was startled. Dad started talking about masturbation and how natural it was. He explained that it was a guy thing and that I needed to take precautions so that my mother would not find the evidence and never, ever, ever catch me doing it. We talked for an hour as he told me about fucking and sucking. He told me how boys my age were hormone driven and wanted sexual exploits to learn. He told me how solo masturbation could leave deep scars. He said a bit of messing around with my friends was natural and that I would start having desires for girls very shortly. He warned me about sex with girls. He said that it could be dangerous that my emotions were not developed enough for girl sex. He told me about the emotional problems girls had at our age and stressed that I should not try girl sex until I was a least seventeen or better, eighteen.
      He was being so blunt I had to ask him about something I had heard about, cornholing. Dad never missed a beat. He explained that usually boys would jack off in front of each other and most of them would try sucking each other. Sometimes the urge to actually have a hot, tight hole around their dick would lead to anal sex. Most often it was the dominant male that would fuck the weaker boy and it would cause serious psychoses in the fuckee. I asked him why anyone would want to have a dick stuck up his ass. Dad explained the prostate. I never knew of such a thing.
      Dad took hold of my dick and pulled it up. He had me prop myself up with a pillow behind my back so I was sitting up and could watch what he was doing. He took my balls in his hand and rolled them around explaining how they made the sperm. I was a sexual wreck. This felt so fucking good. No one had ever touched my hard dick and dad was manipulating my cock head. I knew I would cum if he didn't stop. He stopped. I was relieved and disappointed.
      He then went on to tell me how the sperm traveled up to the prostate. He traced his fingers up my nut sack and across my abdomen. Then he stuck his finger in my mouth. It startled me. He took the wet finger and pressed it against my ass hole as he continued talking about seminal fluid and ejaculation. I was in such a frenzy that I was only catching a few words here and there. His finger went in my ass and he stopped moving for a moment and in silence watched my face.
      I relaxed and he smiled then began to wiggle his finger. He touched something in my ass that made me jump. "That, my son, is your prostate." He began to stroke it and I was wiggling all around the bed. He took my right leg and laid it in his lap as he scooted back on the bed. He was now in a position where he could really finger fuck my ass then he grabbed my cock and started to stroke me. I started shooting all over myself. I looked down and my cum was all over my belly and all over his hand. When he finally quit I was a quivering bowl of jello. He pulled his hand to his mouth and licked my cum from it. He licked his hand clean, between the fingers, the back of his hand and his palm. I was mesmerized and shocked.
      He pulled his finger from my ass. "Ever taste your cum, it's very good." He had scooped a large string from my stomach and pushed it to my mouth. I licked at it and he pushed his finger into my mouth. He went back and got more cum and returned it to my open and eager mouth. It was then that I realized that I was sucking cum off of the finger that he had just had in my ass. He got the larger part scooped up and into my mouth before he bent over and licked me clean. Then he took my dick into his mouth and licked it clean. "It can feel good to mess around with a friend sometimes. It helps you learn what you like and don't like. You'll be better prepared for the world now."
      With that he got up and left. I stayed right where I was and awakened the next morning in the same position, book at my side and lights on. I was confused. Was dad gay? Why did he do that? I got out of bed. I looked at my computer and there were two boys fucking. I watched as the file played out and started again, over and over. Dad had put that on my computer the night before and never said a word.
      I showered and dressed and headed to the kitchen. Dad had a lot of work he wanted to do in the yard and needed my help. I ate breakfast with mom and dad then went back to my room to change into some old clothes. We worked hard all day then dad took us out to a steak house for dinner. Nothing was mentioned about the night before.
      The school year progressed on and Rodger and I just nodded at each other in passing but had nothing to say one to the other as the year came to a close. A week after school was out my dad came to my room. "Rodger's birthday is tomorrow and he wants you to go to his birthday party. Mom bought him a game for his X-Box and wrapped it for you. You will have fun." It was said with finality.
      I looked at dad. "What?" He knew that look. "You have something on your mind, don't you?"
      "Well, it's about...."
      "What, Michael?" He sat down on my bed beside me.
      I raised up and put my arms around him and kissed his cheek. "I love you, dad." Then I began to stammer. "About that night...."
      "You have questions?" I shook my head. I was embarrassed. "You want more instruction?" I nodded. He pulled my underwear off. He was only wearing his in house lounging shorts. I pushed at them. He got up and went over and locked my bedroom door. On his way back he let his shorts fall down and his huge, hard cock swung from side to side as he walked up to my bed. I reached for it and he pushed my hand away. "You can look but you can't touch. I will not be your first, son. It is for your own good and you will thank me later." He sat down beside me and put two fingers to my mouth. I sucked them in and got them soaked.
      He placed me on my back and pushed my legs back to my shoulders. He placed the two wet fingers at my hole and began to circle around as he gently pushed. He penetrated a little then pulled out and put them back to my mouth. I sucked them again. Once wet he put them back to my ass and pushed in. That hurt. He waited a few minutes then wiggled around making me relax. He pulled out again and put them back in my mouth, I could taste the insides of my ass. I gagged at the thought but then I decided it didn't taste all that bad. His fingers were back inside me and he hit that spot. He bent over and kissed my dick head.
      He turned and picked up the ruler with his free hand and pushed it into my pubic bush. He bent down and looked then licked my naked and exposed cock head. "Seven inches even. You are growing nicely. We will have to get together sometime after you get broke in."
      I wondered about that statement but not right then. Right then I was in a sexual frenzy as he fucked my ass with two fingers, pushing and rubbing against my butt nut. He didn't touch my cock. I raised up so I could watch. He was staring at my eyes as he fucked, in and out, in and out. My balls pulled up tight. I could feel the cum rising in my cock. My toes were curling, my feet were tingling. I was about to cum and nothing was touching my cock at all. Suddenly I let loose. Cum flew everywhere. Dad was fucking me so hard that I was bouncing all over the bed and my cock was flinging cum in all directions.
      When I finally quit cuming dad stopped fucking. He smiled at me as he pulled his fingers out of me. He scooped up a large blob of cum and put his fingers in my mouth. I sucked them clean as he bent over and licked me clean, chest, stomach, cock, and balls. He rose up and stood over me and jacked off. I lay there watching. He started to shoot and aimed it straight at my mouth. I opened up and let him shoot it in. I tried to wrap my lips around it but he pulled back just out of reach as he kept shooting all over my face and into my mouth. Finished he sat down again and bent over to lick my face clean. I wiped his dick clean and licked his hand off. Dad kissed me with tongue and I melted. He then rose, pulled on his shorts and left the room.
      I lay there for several hours replaying in my head what had happened. My dad was good looking. Both of my parents were blonde haired. Dad's hair was lighter than mom's and mine was almost white, I think they call it platinum blonde. Dad is slim but well defined. I don't think he works out but he does work hard. He is an accountant for some big firm downtown. He is about three inches taller than me so I guess he would be about five nine. I always have to look at the labels to see who's jeans belong to whom. He does wear a size small shirt and we are always getting our tee shirts mixed up.
      I never thought of my dad as a sexual being but what of this? I was comparing him to Rodger. Yeah, dad was bigger than Rodger but he was here. I wanted Rog so bad. I jacked off one more time thinking of Rodger and my dad together and I got jealous.
      The next morning mom and dad started ragging me over breakfast about going to Rodger's birthday party. Finally I grabbed the game mom bought for him and left the house at ten o'clock. I sauntered over to Rog's house and started to knock on the door when he knocked me down. He grabbed me and hugged me and told me how glad he was to see me and how much he had missed me and told me that I was still his best friend. I was overwhelmed and tears came to my eyes as I hugged him back.
      Rodger's mom hugged me and gave me a big kiss. She told me that she trusted me to keep everyone in line. She said that she was going to stay in the den and not interfere with the party as long as everyone obeyed the rules. There were to be no drugs or alcohol and if any fighting started the party was over. She told me happy birthday and showed me the cake. It said, "Happy Birthday Rodger and Michael best friends forever".
      "Oh yeah, I didn't get to tell you. This is your birthday party too, dude." Again with the tears. Rodger took me out to the back yard and my jaw fell open. They had put in a swimming pool this spring and I didn't even know it. I was so busy avoiding conflict that I didn't know what was happening right across the street from my own house.
      Rog pulled off his jeans and pulled his tee shirt over his head. He was standing there stark naked. "Well, come on. Let's go swimming." He tugged at my jeans. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my jeans. I started for the pool and he grabbed me. He pointed to my underwear then he pulled them down. I stepped out of them as I took off my shirt then he pushed me in the pool. We rough housed, as his dad calls it, for about an hour until the back door flew open and three jocks came running out stripping off their clothes as they ran. Naked, they dove in the pool and swam up and kissed Rog.
      Yeah, they kissed him on the lips. More guys arrived until there were twelve of us all together. Everyone kissed Rog and a few grabbed his cock. All of them kissed me and most of them stuck their tongues in my mouth. At one time or another they all pushed my foreskin back and played with my cock. Two of them even stuck their fingers in my butt hole.
      I saw a senior and a sophomore sucking each other over in the corner of the yard after it got dark out. Just before they all left I sat in a chair and watched a junior fuck a sophomore in the ass. The sophomore shot his cum all over me as I sat there watching. I didn't know what to say. They were all more queer than me because they were doing what I had wanted to do but was too scared to do.
      Rog and I cleaned up the yard and then washed the dishes. We stayed naked the whole time. His mother never came out of the den but we could hear the tv playing. We got the house back in order and headed for Rodger's bedroom at eleven forty five. Rodger pushed me down on the bed. He now had a queen sized bed and the two beds that had been there for years were gone. Rog kept looking at the clock and smiling at me as he lay beside me running his hands over my chest and abs. He had the most mischievous grin on his face.
      At exactly eleven fifty eight he took my cock in his mouth and began to suck me. I was in shock but I loved it. I tried to reach for him but he pushed me away. He sucked my until I was hard then he started to move up and down.
      At twelve o one he said, "happy birthday," and turned around so his cock was in my face. I took it into my mouth and sucked like a calf on an udder.
      "I found out at Christmas time that you are as queer for me as I am for you but you are afraid. Your dad told me that you were afraid of losing me as a friend if I found out you were queer. I have known I was for two years and was afraid to tell you. I have been doing stuff with my jock friends for a year now but I saved my dick for you. Our dad's figured out what was happening with you and we decided to let it all come out on our fifteenth birthday. I have been sucking cock, a lot of cock for a year and a half. Ever since I started playing football. But I have never been sucked. I have never fucked or been fucked. I have saved myself for you. If you want me I am yours. If you don't I was wrong and I am so sorry. I love you so much and I can't imagine life without you."
      "I have been in love with you since I was five years old," I started. "I have dreamed of being with you all of my life. When I saw you in the shower last year I started to get a hard on and I ran. I learned about jacking off over the next few weeks and I always thought of you. I knew that you would kill me if you found out."
      "I found out about sucking cock from an older boy and had wanted to suck you and have you suck me on our birthday last year. When I showed you my hard cock you ran. I was so crushed. I thought that you were offended so I stayed away. But Christmas came and I stayed at your house.
      "I went out new years eve. I was so horny that I sucked five guys all night. We didn't party at all. I just sat in a chair in the corner of the room and sucked them, one after the other until they couldn't do it anymore. They said that I did each of them four times. I came home so horny because I hadn't gotten off. I was going to take a shower then try to do you. When I came out to get my shampoo I say you sniffing my skankies. I boned so big. I licked up your cum so that you would know that I wanted you.
      "When I finished my shower you were gone. I looked everywhere for you and couldn't find you. I cried myself to sleep because I had lost you. You weren't back the next morning so I went home. You stayed away from me so I stayed away from you until my dad had a talk with me and I told him what I had done. A few days later he came back and told me that he had talked to your dad and found out that you loved me but were afraid too. Your dad and mine cooked up this party so that we could get together."
      That said he took my cock back in his mouth and shoved his hand up my ass. I don't know how many fingers were in me, it felt like his whole hand. I shoved two fingers up his butt and he shoved his cock down the back of my throat. I gagged and started to suck. I felt my cum rising. I started to pull out but he said he liked to suck so what the hell. But could I take his cum? There was no use asking, he was already shooting in my mouth. I shot into his.

      "Now, that's precious." I jumped at the sound of my dad's voice. Standing beside our bed were both of our dad's. Both of them naked and hard and they had their arms around each other.

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