The following story is fiction about two teen boys.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story was inspired by a picture of two young teen boys in brief type bathing suits with a nondescript background that is consistent with a swimming pool location.  The more juvenile looking although older Benny is grinning, has a hand cupped over his noticeable bulge and an arm around Roland's shoulders.  Roland, wearing mirrored sunglasses, is facing him with a very stern look of disapproval while delivering a hand spank.  There was not any information given about the two and the image may have been digitally altered.

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Roland is in Control


Roland slapped Benny's butt hard enough that the spank reverberated in the tiled passageway as the two boys made their way to the locker room, saying:  "Don't you dare do that again, boy."  In this case that was cupping the bulge in his briefs-type swimsuit and coyishly smiling at the ogling man coming toward them.  "You are NOT available to anyone and teasing is unkind."

Although Roland was a year younger than fourteen-year-old Benny, there was not any question about whom the dominant alpha male was of the two.  Although Benny was grinning a few seconds ago, he knew that Roland did not like the teasing from the serious hard expression on his face, and he had quickly lost his own smile.  Benny knew that he should not have grasped the bulge in his swimsuit when the man went wide-eyed when he stared.  Roland did not like to be reminded that he had a smaller bulge although he was actually bigger when erect, for he was a "grower" rather than a "shower".

"I'm sorry, I was only kidding.  I know you're bigger than I when it really counts – when it's hard."

"You'll be even sorrier later, Benny." threatened Roland harshly.  Benny kept silent as they continued to the locker room and the showers.  It was times like this that he did not understand why he continued to be best friends with Roland since he treated him like dirt very often.  Both boys were too young to understand or even to know about dominant/submissive relationships and personal charisma, although Roland instinctively knew how to use it to control others and get what he wanted.

"Yes, Sir." said Benny submissively for he knew that Roland would have his way no matter what he said.  Benny also knew that he would always accept whatever punishment Roland decided without question.  They left after showering and dressing with Benny carrying Roland's stuff as usual.

A half hour later they were in Roland's private domain.  It was large space over the two-car garage.  Roland had managed to sweet talk his parents into letting him have the space once his older brother had gone off to college although the older brother had to wait until he was sixteen to get that exact space a few years before.

Roland sat in the comfy chair while Benny fetched sodas from the well-stocked mini-refrigerator.  Benny took a few seconds to decide if he should just sit like a regular buddy would or should he try to placate Roland by showing him respect due to a chieftain.  He decided on the latter.  He dropped to his knees before the younger but dominant boy and kowtowed begging forgiveness.  His hopes were raised as Roland told him to get up, sit in the other comfy chair and enjoy his soda.  Those hopes were quickly dashed when Roland said that he would be punished for his misconduct after they had their drinks.

That time came and Roland smiled.  "OK, Benny, strip."  Of course, Benny obeyed without question.  If anything he had already objected too much already.  In a few seconds, he was standing naked at attention in front of the younger boy like he was about to be disciplined by his father.

"Sir, I have been disrespectful.  Please punish me, Sir." he said as he has been trained to do.

Roland smiled.  "What will it be, Benny?  A big boy's strapping with the strap or a little boy's spanking with my hand?"

Benny knew it was a trick question.  Neither answer was correct.  "Whatever you think is right, Sir." he hedged.  Roland fetched the strap from its place and ordered Benny to bend over the chair.  He was told to get his butt up higher twice before Roland was satisfied with the presentation.  Roland raised up the strap – actually a light weight tawse – and began to use it.  After a few cuts, Benny's butt was glowing red like a pair of stop lights.  Benny was delighted that Roland put the strap away and hoped that would be all.

He was wrong for Roland lead him into the bathroom and had him stand in the tub while he stripped.  Benny could then see Roland was fully erect and bigger than he was in that state.  "I think that you grew some, Roland." he said hoping to moderate his punishment, "You're bigger than I am."

"You need to remember that you're just a little boy, Benny, my little boy.  Just because your pee-pee has grown a bit does NOT make you a man.  And neither does this ugly hair."  He tugged at Benny's pubes.  "These must go."  Benny stiffened at that and Roland turned on the clippers.  It took but a few passes and Benny's bush was at his feet and his crotch had just some stubble.  It only took a few minutes for Roland to cover the area with shaving cream and to use a razor to make Benny baby smooth once again.  He knew that would make Benny feel more like a little boy and to be even more docile.  The shaven boy immediately felt more boyish especially since he could now see that Roland had pubes while he was bald again.

Back in the main room, Roland sat on his bed and pushed Benny to his knees between his feet.  Benny did not need an explicit verbal order to know what was required and immediately leaned forward to suck Roland's erect cock.  It was a bit awkward because it pointed up, rather than out, but he did the best that he could.  Unfortunately, Roland was angered by a minor touch of his teeth and pulled him off.

"You're getting a spanking for that, careless boy." he growled.  He pulled Benny over his lap and began to spank his already red butt.  The dynamics of man-spanking-boy affected each of them making each feel their roles more deeply.  Benny succumbed to the feeling as Roland's heavy hand spanked him hard and began to cry.  Roland knew that signaled total surrender, submission and obedience.

He moved Benny off his lap and onto the bed letting his hard cock snap up and hit his belly.  He turned Benny onto his back and raised up his legs to his shoulders.  He snatched the lube from under the pillow and smeared some on his shaft.  Benny's rosebud seemed to twinkle at him as he put some lube on it.  Then he pressed his hard rod down and pushed it into the hot hole.  He was far gentler than you would have expected and soon was fully in the hot hole.  That did not stop him from fucking hard and he soon came.  He remained hard and repeated the operation.  Benny responded and even shot without his cock being directly stimulated.  Roland gave him a big kiss right on the lips which Benny enthusiastically reciprocated.

They quickly rearranged themselves and lay side by side with Roland spooning Benny.  "It was a mistake to let you have a bush.  I won't do that again."  Then as he jerked Benny's hard cock he also nuzzled his nape affectionately.  Benny purred with delight at his lover's gentle attention totally happy with their relationship.

The End

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