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A Kewl Dad story

 Rolo picked up a tee shirt from the floor and sniffed it. He wrinkled his nose but decided it smelled better than the one he wore yesterday and the day before.  Laundry suddenly wasn't a priority since his dad had left, and now all his mom did was smoke weed and watch TV all day. She'd even given up sex as far as he could tell, and for her that was like a fish giving up water. 

But Rolo hadn't given up on sex. No, in fact his sexual appetite was even stronger than before, and he didn't care where he got it. It didn't matter if it was male or female, young or old, fat or skinny, as long as he got his nut. 

His last partner had been a 17 year old girl named Missy and she'd almost turned him down because of his hygiene, but in the end she decided a fuck was a fuck, and once she saw what was hanging between his legs she was lost.

That had been yesterday, and even as good as that had been, he'd still beat off twice afterwards. He was insatiable when it came to sex, and had been since reaching puberty at the age of 12. While other boys were playing football and video games Rolo was jerking off every chance he got and looking for someone to share his lust with.

His first partner was inevitably someone older, someone who was more than willing to take a young boy's cherry and introduce him to the world of sex. His name was Thomas and he was 18, and decidedly gay with a preference for younger boys. 

He'd started with his younger brother, moved on to a few cousins, and was looking for fresh meat, and Rolo fit the bill perfectly. He'd started slow, grooming the young boy, which was an easy task considering how horny Rolo was, and by the time the affair had ended Rolo knew everything there was to know about boy on boy sex.

His next partner was a female, again older, but not by much. Deedee was 14 and already a bit of a slut. Having been turned out by her father and older brother, she loved dick, and when Rolo came sniffing around her she tripped him and beat him to the floor.

Rolo loved head and Deedee gave righteous head, but when it came to fucking he thought ass felt better than pussy. But a piece was a piece, and he fucked Deedee as often as he could. That was until her father found out and put a stop to it. 

Rolo had taken quite a beating over that one, and still had a scar on his ass from the board her dad had used to whallop his bare ass when he'd caught him in mid stroke fucking his daughter for perhaps the hundreth time since they'd met.

He scurried home that day, licking his wounds, and swore off girls for the next year, but he kept plenty busy with boys. Because many of his peers were finally catching up with him and were curious and he had the answers that they sought, they turned to him for help. In exchange he had an endless supply of virgin asses and hard cocks to choose from.

Rolo wasn't just all about taking though, he gave as good as he got, and what young boy could turn down a piece of ass, even if it was from another boy. Rolo enjoyed a good fuck, regardless of which end he was on, and as long as he got his nut some way he was happy to help out his buddies.

When Rolo turned 14 he had his first girlfriend, a black girl named Tina, and for a while he was committed to pussy exclusively. Then one day while Tina was at cheerleader practice Rolo stopped by her house to pick up a sweater he'd left there and made a new friend.

Tina's 12 year old brother Jared was tall and muscular and packing 6 hard fat inches which were clearly visible through his thin basketballs shorts. Something about the cute, well hung black boy attracted Rolo to him like a bee to a flower, and before he left that day Rolo had a new conquest.

It had been easy really. Black boys and girls were infamous for being horny and Jared was no exception. Using the skills he'd learned from his own endoctrunation into the world of sex, Rolo managed to break the ice quickly, and before he'd left that day he had introduced Jared to the world of boy sex. 

Once Jared had discovered sex was better with two, he convinced himself that sex with another dude was just practice, and he embraced it with enthusiasm. Although it took Rolo a while to get Jared to bend over for him, once he did he became a willing bottom, even if he did prefer being on top.

After that day Rolo made it a habbit of visiting Tina's brother when she was at cheerleader practice, and everything was fine until one evening when practice was cancelled and Tina came home early.

Perhaps they might have still gotten away with their affair if the two boys hadn't become complacent and forgot to close and lock Jared's bedroom door, but when Tina passed by on her way to her room the door was half open and what she saw sent her into a furor.

Rolo was pounding Jared with his usual sexual frenzy, his sweaty butt cheeks flexing with each downward stroke, and a barrage of swear words exiting his mouth as he fucked her twelve year old brother senseless.

"What the fuck!" she screamed racing in and dragging Rolo off her naked brother, "you sick fuck. Wasn't I enough for you? Why did you have to rape my baby brother? I should cut your balls off and feed them to you, honky son of a bitch. Get out! Get out!"

Rolo knew he'd gotten off easy, and as far as he knew neither of them had ever told her parents what had gone down, but Rolo missed Tina's pussy, and most of all Jared's ass, and for a while he was back to jerking off three or four times a day.

For a while things were a little awkward at school, but eventually Tina found a new boyfriend, and not surprisingly so did Jared, who came out as gay shortly after the incident. Tina spread the word however to her girlfriends that Rolo was bad news, and for a while no girl would hook up with him. And so once again he turned to boys.

This time however Rolo set his sights on a boy that was four years his junior. His name was Kevin and he was Rolo's new next door neighbor. He lived with his mom in a run down two bedroom house and from what Rolo could see he was home alone most of the time. That fact, and the fact that the kid was so cute it hurt, was what prompted Rolo to make his move.

He picked a day when his own mom was away and his dad  was at work to approach the boy, and as it turned out it was much easier than he'd ever imagined. 

The kid was starved for attention, and lacking a male enfluence in his life, he took to Rolo easily. He was thrilled that an older boy had shown interest in him and was eager to please him. 

By the second meeting Rolo had initiated a game of show-and-tell, and the next visit some handling of each other's junk. On the third visit, Rolo gave Kevin his first blow job which resulted in a world changing dry orgasm and the boy was hooked.

Rolo was smart enough to know that you didn't fuck ten year old boys, especially considering he now sported a man sized dick of 6 1/2 fat inches, but he did teach the boy to be an avid and skilled cocksucker. Another favorite activity was for Rolo to lube up his hard cock and dry hump Kevin's butt crack, gently rubbing his pecker against Kevin's pucker, but never daring to penetrate. 

When he came this way he would lick the boy's crack clean and savor his own cum, all the while wishing that it was Kevin's cum he was savoring. Of course Kevin was years away from that, but in all other aspects he was as horny and capable as Rolo.

If not for Kevin's moving away after school let out that year, they might have very well continued their affair until Kevin could produce spunk, but as it was, Rolo was left to find a new partner for his sex play.


 Rolo ran a comb through his hair and sniffed his pits, then making a face he grabbed a stick of deodorant that was worn down almost to the end and raked it under his hairy arm pits. He didn't brush his teeth, but he did grab a piece of mint-flavored gum to freshen his breath. Today he was planning on finding someone, anyone, to have sex with, and it didn't matter who at this point.

"Going out ma!" he yelled as he slammed the door on his way out. As expected there was no reply from her as she sat on the couch stoned and gazing at the TV.

It was a typical Oklahoma summer, the temps already well into the 90's, and no breeze at all to help cool the sweat that poured off Rolo's body. Already his shirt was sticking to him and his junk was stewing in his own ball juice. If he hadn't been so horny he might have just stayed home and laid around naked all day and beat off, but beating off just wasn't doing it for him anymore and he needed human contact of the sexual kind.

With no real destination in mind his feet led him to the park near his house. Not surprisingly there was no one stirring there, but he decided to stop and cool off a while anyway. Making his way to the park pond he found a bench in the shade and removed his tee shirt before plopping down.

Wiping his face with his already dirty tee, he added more grime and sweat to it, making it even more disgusting than it already was. He wished now he'd thought to grab a soda or some water, but it was too late for that now. When he'd rested he planned to go over to the water fountain by the bathrooms and get a drink, even if the water was usually hot and disgusting. 

But for now he just sat and stared out at the pond and the ducks swimming in lazy circles. Was it his imagination or did he feel a slight breeze coming across the water? Well, whatever it was it felt better sitting there in the shade and so for a while he was content to do just that.

"Hey, you deaf or something?"

"Huh?" Rolo said turning to face the owner of the voice.

It was a boy his own age, or maybe a bit younger, or older, it was hard to tell from the way he was dressed, and he looked angry, or at least annoyed. He was dressed in cargo shorts that were a little large for him with grass stains on the pockets and seat, a green tee shirt with yellow trim, and no shoes.

His feet were big for a kid his apparent age and were tanned all over indicating that he was no stranger to going without shoes. His legs were slender, his knees knobby, and what little hair on them was so light in color it was barely visible. Letting his eyes move back up to the part he liked best, he thought he could just make out the shape of a substantial cock. 

Licking his lips he returned his gaze to the boy's face and noticed that the look of annoyance had been replaced by one of humor.

"Well, are you deaf or what? I been talkin' to ya' for like five minutes."

"Oh sorry. I guess I didn't hear ya'."

"What you doin' here anyway? It's too damned hot to be out here."

"But you're out here," Rolo reminded him, "besides it's cooler here than in the sun."

Without being invited the boy slid in beside Rolo and stretched his skinny legs out in front of him, crossing them at the ankles. Rolo's eyes followed the movement and he licked his lips again. Even the boy's feet were sexy.

"Nate," the boy said offering his fist to bump.

"Rolo," he replied bumping back..

"Rolo, what kind of damn name is that?" he cackled.

"My mom was addicted to Rolos while she was pregnant with me and so...."

"Damn, your parents must be crazy. Sorry about ya' being stuck with that name and all, but at least ya' got folks."

"Uh, don't you?"

"Naw, I been on my own since I was 12. It's not so bad, no adults to tell ya' what to do, no school."

"But...where do you live. And what about food and stuff?"

He shrugged, "Here and there, summer's not so bad, but in the winter you gotta find a warm place to sleep or you could die. I trick for enough money to eat, and sometimes a John will rent a motel room and after we're done he leaves and I get to spend the night in a nice warm motel room."

"Johns? You mean you have sex for money?"

"Yeah, its not so bad, I'm gay anyway so I'd be doin' that stuff anyway. You cool with that?"

Rolo nodded, "I'm not sure if I'm gay, but I do like sex, and I've done it with guys before....and girls too."

"I tried girls, but I didn't like it. I like dick and ass," the kid said scratching his flat tummy.

"Uh, how much money do you know...having sex with guys?"

"Depends, sometimes 10 bucks just to let the John look or feel it. Sometimes a hundred to go all the way."

"You mean getting fucked?"

"Yeah, that pays best."

"I've been fucked, it's not so bad, but I like fucking best."

"Some John's like getting fucked, but most like fucking, so you gotta do what they want."

", do you find these guys?"

"Why, you thinking about stealing my customers?" 

"Naw, not really...just curious," Rolo said blushing.

"It's okay, plenty to go around. Hey, you know what? Some Johns pay more for two boys to do stuff while they watch. You think you'd like that?"

"Uh, doing stuff with you? Well...yeah, I'd do that for free," Rolo laughed.

Nate raised his eyebrow, "You think I'm hot?"

"Well...yeah, and I'm so horny right now. Tired of my hand."

"Thanks, I guess," Nate laughed, "Wanna go somewhere and get a nut?"

"Uh, yeah, where?"

"Come on, I'll show ya'," Nate said jumping up and offering Rolo his hand.

Rolo blushed but took the offered hand and allowed Nate to pull him up off the bench. He was afraid for a minute that the kid wanted to hold his hand all the way to wherever they were going, but he let go as soon as Rolo was standing and started off, leaving Rolo to follow behind.

Instead of heading deeper into the park and the woods beyond it, which was where Rolo thought they'd wind up, the boy was headed toward downtown. 

"Uh where are we going?"

"You'll see, it's not far and it's got AC so it will be cool, for real," he chuckled at his little joke.

Rolo concentrated on his own misery after that, as sweat dripped off his forehead and glued his clothes to his body, and he lost all track of time. Only when they reached the alley behind the Community center did he realize how far they'd come.

"It's just up here." Nate said speeding up a bit and leading Rolo to an open doorway.

Beyond it was a wooden door with a glass window, and fishing a key out of his pocket, Nate unlocked it and led Rolo inside and up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs there was a short hallway leading off to the left and on either side a solid wooden door.

Fishing out another key Nate opened the door on the left and led Rolo inside. At first Rolo was a bit nervous about going inside. What if it was a trap, or the kid was setting him up to rob or beat him? He'd heard about human traffickers who sold kids into slavery and used them for sex, but he almost laughed at that idea. Still it was kind of scary being here with this strange kid and not knowing who else might be there.

"No one's home, if that's what you're worried about," Nate said as if reading Rolo's mind.

"Uh, who lives here?"

"A friend, but he's cool. He lets me crash here and I furnish the pot," he said grinning.

"Uh, does he know what you do here?"

"Oh, I don't bring tricks here. The Johns have to provide a place to do it. I only bring friends here," he said blushing, "I mean...I know we're not really friends yet, but..well, you know."

There was an air conditioning unit in the window facing the alley and it was pumping out enough cold air to make Rolo shiver as the sweat on his body dried. He was nervous, but he was also horny, and a little bit hard, and anxious to get off.

"In here," Rolo said leading Rolo into a large cluttered bedroom with a big bed that was so high off the floor Rolo thought it should come with a ladder. There was a dresser and several bookcases filled with books, CD's, and other junk, but only one bed, and so Rolo assumed the kid must share the bed with whoever owned the apartment.

Without speaking Nate began to undress and Rolo quickly followed his lead. When they were down to their underwear Nate climbed up on the huge bed and strectched out. Then patting the bed beside him he gave Rolo a seductive smile, "Come on, what you waiting for?'

Rolo took a flying jump and landed beside Nate causing the bed to jiggle and Nate to laugh.

"I've missed being with other boys," he said almost sadly.

"Uh, I was old are you anyway?"

"15 and a half, you?"

"I'll be 15 in a month and two days."

"Cool, what do you want for your birthday?" Nate asked sounding excited.

"I don't know, for my dad to come back and my mom to stop being a pot head," he said blushing, "or a smart phone."

Nate laughed, "I bet the smart phone would be easier to come by."

"Yeah, are we gonna do something or not?" Rolo said feeling a little irritated, "cause I'm really horny."

"Do you kiss?"

"Uh, yeah...if you want. I mean most guys don't kiss, but I've been with girls and they always do."

"Are you cool with it...with me...I mean?"

"Yeah," Rolo said softly, thinking Nate was as cute as any girl he'd kissed, and probably better at it.

Leaning in Nate met Rolo half way and when their lips met both boys got into the kiss rather quickly. Rolo was surprised at how good the kiss felt and was eager for it to continue even though he had an aching need down lower in his briefs.

When they broke the kiss at last Rolo looked into Nate's eyes and smiled shyly, ", you're a good kisser."

"You too, I like kissing a lot, but some older guys aren't very good at it. They try to choke you with their tongue and swap spit and stuff, not to mention the stubble."

"No danger there, I haven't even got a moustache yet."

"I like your lips," Nate said running a finger over them and smiling.

"Uh, thanks...I like yours too."

"Anyway, I guess we should get naked and get this going," Nate said poking Rolo's hard cock through his underwear.

"Okay, but can we kiss after we get naked?"

"Yeah," Nate said smiling warmly.

Naked and kissing and rolling around in the bed, their hard cocks pressed together, they teased each other, but never let the feeling get too far out of control. They wanted to come, but they wanted to make it last and make it count. Neither boy could explain it, but suddenly this was more than sex, this was something much more intense and meaningful, and it was both exciting and frightening.

"You're bigger," Nate whispered as they moved into a 69 position, "and uncut like me, I like that."

"I been shooting since I was 12 so I guess I'm a little bit ahead of other boys."

"Yeah, I was 13, but it happened like overnight seems like."

"What, you woke up one day and your dick was big and shooting cum?" Rolo teased.

"Seems like it," Nate muttered, then with more feeling he added, "Want to fuck me? Cause' I don't mind if you want to."

"Yeah, if you want. Want me to suck you off?"

"I can come when you fuck me, I like that best."

With Nate on his back, his legs pulled to his chest and his dusty bare feet waving around, Rolo entered him quickly and easily. Nate's cock was hard and glistening with pre-cum, but he made no move to touch it. Instead he concentrated on the feeling of Rolo's large cock inside him and squirmed around until it was rubbing against his prostate.

"Uhhhh....that's it, like that," he panted, "fuck me harder."

Rolo liked fucking hard and fast, but for some reason with Nate he wanted to take his time. But in the end he wanted to please Nate as much as himself, and if Nate wanted it harder, then harder is what he'd get. He knew about hitting the prostate, and he'd seen guys come from getting fucked on the internet, but never in person. Maybe this would be the time.

"Oh god...I'm close," Nate cried out after being pounded for ten minutes, "faster Ro...lo," he stuttered.

Rolo was close too, and speeding up was exactly what he wanted to do. Vibrating like a tuning fork and hurling swear words as he neared release, he looked into Nate's eyes and suddenly emotions he'd never felt before took over his body.

Even with Tina, his girlfriend, he'd never had feelings this intense, and to be feeling them for a boy was interesting, but not as scary as it might have been had he not already concluded that he was bi-sexual. Still he'd just met this boy and didn't really know him, and the sex wasn't really any better than any other sex he'd had, was it? But if he thought about it, really thought about it, it was better. Somehow more intense, more consuming, and more exciting.

With all these thoughts swirling through his head, suddenly Rolo's butt cheeks clenched up, his toes curled, and he had the most intense orgasm of his young life. It was one of those orgasms that keeps going and going, rushing through all parts of his body and causing a feeling of euphoria.

When he finally came down from his sexual high he was aware of two things, that there was a sticky coating of cum all over his and Nate's body, and that Nate was smiling at him as if he were some love sick girl.

"You made me come."

"That's cool. I've never seen that before. Was it good?"

"Naw," Nate teased, "It was amazing."

"Yeah? Me too...sort of scary really. It was like really intense or something and it just kept going on and on."

"It's cause you like me so much," Nate teased, but Rolo thought he was serious and his brashness annoyed him.

"Ha, an ass is an ass," Rolo laughed, then gave Nate a playful shove.

"Okay, whatever dude," Nate said looking amused. He'd seen the look in Rolo's eyes, and he knew that look because he'd felt those same emotions once before, and now very likely was feeling them with this boy. "You smoke weed?" Nate said rolling out of bed.

"I used to...till my mom started smoking it. Now I can't stand the stuff."

Nate nodded, he'd really wanted to smoke, but he didn't want to upset Rolo, and anyway he could always smoke later.

"Okay, it's no big deal. Want a Coke or a beer?"

"You got beer?" Rolo said perking up.

"Yeah, Brandon, the guy who lives here, buys it by the case and he lets me drink all I want."

With a beer in their hand they settled down on a comfortable sofa in the living room and soaked up the air conditioning as they drank it and got to know each other better.

"It sucks about your old man, and your mom and all. Hey, why don't ya' come live with me?"

"What? And be homeless? way. Maybe you should come live with me," Rolo chuckled.

"Okay," Nate said sounding serious.

"Fat chance, my mom would shit if I brought home a stray."

"I could pay my own way. Just need a warm place to sleep could have all the ass you want," he laughed.

"I don't know..."

"Man I was just yankin' your chain. I know I can't ask anyone to let me live with them. Too many nosy people in the world. Someone would figure it out and call the pigs."

"Oh, well...what I was thinking was...maybe sometime...when it's like cold and you need a place to stay, you could like pretend to be my friend from school and sleep over."

"You still have sleepovers?" Nate laughed, "at 15?"

"No, well...not that kind of sleepover. I mean sex," Rolo said blushing.

"OH, yeah...I get it now. Well, depends on whether we stay in touch or not."

"Uh, I don't suppose you have a cell phone?"

"Naw, but Brandon has a phone at the apartment. Why? You want to call me sometime?"

"Well, sure."

"Okay, I'll give it to ya' before you leave."

Rolo was hard again and Nate slid off the couch and began sucking him slowly and sensuously. This was actually Rolo's favorite thing. With a beejay you didn't have to do any work, and a warm wet mouth felt as good as any pussy or ass, and if the guy or girl deep-throated that was a real plus. 

Reaching down he ran his hands through Nate's long unkempt hair and moaned softly. As with the earlier love making, the beejay seemed more intense than any he'd ever had. Was it Nate's technique? Had he mastered the art of oral sex from all his experience with his Johns, or was there something else?

"I'm gonna blow," Rolo squeaked out. Usually he didn't warn his sucker, but with Nate things were different. 

If Nate heard he simply ignored Rolo's warning, and in fact sucked with renewed vigor. Arching up and crying out, Rolo began to spew his hot boy seed into Nate's hungry and willing mouth. This was Nate's favorite thing, sucking a guy to completion, and he loved the feeling of power he had over his partner as he made them moan and thrust until they orgasmed and spewed forth their hot sticky cum.

Long after Rolo's balls were empty and his cock merely oozed, Nate held Rolo's cock in his warm wet mouth allowing Rolo to calm down and bask in his afterglow.

"That was fucking amazing. Where did you learn to suck cock like that?"

"Oh, you and there," Nate laughed.

"Oh, yeah...sorry," Rolo said blushing.

"But it was more fun doing it to you than one of those hairy grandpas."

"Thanks...I guess," Rolo laughed. "Want me to do you now?"

"Can we just kiss?" Nate asked, looking shy all of a sudden.

Rolo smiled and nodded and Nate moved up and sat beside him and they kissed and made out for quite some time. Eventually Rolo was ready to go again, and they jerked each other off, letting their seed pool on their bodies as they kissed deeply and breathlessly.

It was dark before they left Brandon's apartment. They'd drank more beer and ate sandwiches and chips, but even Rolo was sated, and Nate was just happy to be with him, sex or no sex.

Nate walked Rolo home that evening and they lingered on the sidewalk, but it was too public to do anything more than bump fists. When Rolo finally turned to go inside he'd only made it a few feet before he turned on his heels and called to Nate, who fortunately had not moved from the spot he was in.

"I'll call you...tomorrow. What time will you be there?"

"Mornings are best, but not too early. I sleep late if I'm out all night."

For some reason that thought hurt Rolo, caused a physical pain in his gut. The thought of some old pervert rubbing his hairy wrinkled body on Nate's perfect body sent shivers of pain through him. He knew that was a bit unreasonable, considering his own penchant for sex, and the fact that he was not too picky about who he had it with. But that was different, that was his choice, not the choice of some sweaty old John who was paying money to have sex because he was either too old or too gross to get it otherwise. Or worse that he only liked young boys for sex, and didn't want to risk jail by fucking his own kids.

" you go out every night?"

"Naw, I take Sunday off," Nate laughed, "Even God took Sunday off."

Rolo didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Do up every night you go out?"

"No, not always. Some nights it's a dud. Oh, and if the weather is too bad, I don't go out. Lately I been sleeping at Brandon's on those nights."

"Well...I guess I should go in..."

"Okay, don't beat off too much," Nate teased.

Rolo just smiled, there was no such thing as too much, and they both understood that. And Rolo knew as soon as he was naked in bed and thoughts of Nate and what they'd done earlier filled his head, his hand would be quite busy for a while.

Rolo wondered if Nate felt the same way., of course not. He had his Johns to please him. Unless he didn't go out or the night was a dud, he probably didn't need to beat off.

Rolo's mom was nowhere to be seen, and a quick peek in her door found her lying face down and snoring loudly. There were empty beer cans scattered around the floor so he figured she must've ran out of pot and had turned to booze. Booze was better in some ways, cause at least she'd sleep.

He considered showering but he liked the smell of Nate and the sex they'd had, and instead he stripped off naked and climbed between the dirty sheets of his bed. He was already hard and his hand found his hardness right away and began working up and down on it.

As the pressure built and the feeling grew, thoughts of Nate flooded his brain. He still had a little buzz from the beer and it added to the intensity of the feelings that were shooting through him. Imagining it was Nate's hand on his cock, he continued to pleasure himself and ride the waves headed toward the abyss. 

He could smell Nate's musky teenage scent on him and that caused his head to swim. Why hadn't he let Nate fuck him? He wondered. He wanted Nate's seed inside him, for them to be a part of one another, to belong. Yes, that was it. He wanted to belong. But to whom or what? It was so confusing.

His orgasm snuck up on him, and before he could prepare himself he was spewing forth his hot sticky seed. The first squirt hit his lips and he instinctively licked it off. He liked the taste of his own cum, in fact he liked the taste of cum in general, and never refused a load from any partner he sucked off. He thought about how Nate had come from getting fucked as his cock continued to pump out his load and shuddered at the intensity of his orgasm.

He wished he could have tasted Nate's cum, but he hadn't had the presence of mind to blow him or to at least lick it off his chest. He'd been too caught up in his own pleasure, but he decided that if, no, when, they met again he would have a taste of the boy's ball juice. Then wiping up the remaining cum with  dirty a tee shirt Rolo collapsed on the bed and was asleep within minutes.  

His mother was gone when he awoke the next morning around ten, and after a quick shower he got dressed and wandered into the small dirty kitchen in search of food. He found a box of Pop Tarts in the back of the cabinet and opened a packet and downed the first pastry in three bites. Then digging in the fridge he found an almost empty quart container of milk and washed the other pastry down with it.

Bathed, clothed, and fed he decided to call Nate and see what he was up to.

"Hey, did I wake ya'?"

"Naw, I just got up though. What you doin'?"

"Nuttin' much, did, go out last night?"

"Naw, you wore me out," Nate laughed.

"Sorry, I'd pay ya'...but you money."

"Hey, you did pay me, just by being with me. Sorry, that sounded gay didn't it?" Nate laughed.

"You are gay, right?" Rolo laughed.

"Yeah, but you're bi, and I don't want to get all girly on ya'."

"So...wanna hang out?" Rolo asked ignoring Nate's comment.

"Yeah, sure, but I can't hang out here. Want to meet somewhere?"

"Like where?"

"The park, I have something I want to show you."

"Okay, I'll put on my shoes and start that way."

"Okay, cool, see ya' in a few then."

Rolo realized he was smiling as he hung up the phone, and for once he was actually happy. His whole life had been about pursuing the good feeling that sex brought him, but he was feeling like there was more to life than just an orgasm. Was he falling in love with this homeless street hustler? Naw, no way. He was just...confused, that was all. After all it was just sex and he'd had better, but if he really thought about it that wasn't true in the least. Sex with Nate had been wonderful and satisfying in a way that caused all other sexual encounters to pale by comparison.

"Hey, you look better today," Nate said grinning, then moving closer he sniffed the air, "and you smell better. Did you take a shower?"

"Yeah," Rolo said blushing, "I...umm needed to cool off." Had he subconsciously bathed just because he knew he'd be seeing Nate later?

"Well, whatever the reason, I appreciate it. I can't stand to go more than a day without showering now that I have a place to go. When I first hit the streets it was one of the hardest things for me to live with. I looked forward to the Johns who'd rent motel rooms cause then I could shower."

"You said you wanted to show me something," Rolo said, not wanting to dwell on Nate's situation. It had started to wear on his mind again, and he wanted their time together to be happy, not depressing.

"Yeah, it's back there a ways in the woods. Come on, I'll show you."

Rolo followed willingly as Nate led him down a well worn trail that led off into the woods. He wondered why he'd never noticed the trail before, but decided it was because his interest in the park had simply been to find sex partners, and nature was the last thing on his mind.

"Some gay guys hang out here," Nate said after they'd gone a short ways into the woods, "they follow each other into the thickets and fuck around. I find used condoms all the time, but I've only seen guys a couple of times. One time there was this college aged kid. His name was Leon, and we had some fun, but I think he was a little worried...cause I was so young and all."

"Did he pay you?" Rolo asked numbly.

"Naw, he was fine, and I wanted to do him. I never even let him know I was a hustler. As far as he knew I was just some kid wandering through the woods," he laughed.

"What did you do?" Rolo asked, not willing to let it go.

"Huh? Oh...well, I blew him and he blew me. We didn't fuck if that's what you're worried about," he laughed.

"I'm not worried," Rolo said stiffly, "Sounds like fun. Too bad I never knew about this place. I'd have scored a lot here."

"Yeah, well...don't go gettin' no ideas baby, cause you're mine now," Nate teased.

"Okay," Rolo said seriously, causing Nate to look at him with surprise.

"Up here," he said covering his surprise, "I met him right here," he said coming to a stop in a hollowed out place surrounded by brush and trees.

"It's nice here," Rolo stuttered, "quiet and private," he added licking his lips.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

"Maybe. If it involves getting naked, then yeah," Rolo laughed.

"Maybe not naked, but we can uncover the good parts," Nate said moving closer and cupping Rolo's already hard member with his hand.

"Uggghh...careful, I haven't got off  yet today."

Nate laughed, "Well, how about for the first O of the day I give you a beejay?"

"O? OH, orgasm," Nate chuckled, "Yeah, but only if I can give you one back. I didn't get to taste your spooge yesterday."

"How romantic," Nate said faking a swoon, "are you falling for me already?"

"Naw, I just like cum, that's all," Rolo said blushing.

"Okay, well...I'll go first, cause I ain't had no breakfast and your cum will be enough to get me through till lunch."

"Uh, how come...I mean didn't you have any food to eat?" Rolo asked forgetting about his rampant dick.

"I was in too big a hurry to see you, I'll eat later. Now, drop the panties and show me the beef," he laughed.

Rolo decided he'd been right, that the blowjob the day before hadn't been a fluke, and that Nate knew how to give head better than any boy or girl he'd ever been with. What was different? He asked himself. Was it the way his tongue washed along the length of the shaft and swirled around the head, or the perfect amount of vacuum he put on it as he sucked? Or was it that his mouth was hotter and wetter than any he'd ever had his dick in, or was it something else? Like the way he looked up at Nate with lust and desire in his eyes? Yeah, that had to be part of it. He loved sucking dick and it showed in his face and in his actions. Just any dick, or just mine? He wondered. Does he like sucking my dick better than any he has sucked? Is that why he's so good at it?"

He was about to ponder some more on the subject when Nate added a new twist to things. Releasing Rolo's dick he began tongue bathing his nuts and ball sack, causing Nate to cry out in ecstasy. Most of his lovers had been clumsy in that area and he never really derived that much pleasure from having his baby makers touched, but with Nate it was a whole new ballgame. Giving his nuts the same loving attention that he'd given Rolo's dick, Nate had Rolo moaning and thrusting, opening his legs to give Nate better access.

" know how to make a guy feel good," Rolo panted, "I like having you on my nuts, and I never liked that much before."

"Mmmmm," Nate mumbled, unwilling to give up the family jewels to reply.

"I wish we could lay down and 69, I'd do that to you too...."

"Later," Nate said coming up for air, "but now I want some ball juice, so hang on, cause the human vacuum cleaner is about to suck you dry."

It didn't take long to bring Rolo to a spectacular orgasm, and as Nate drank down all his tasty ball juice he moaned his appreciation. When he had finally squeezed out the last drop and licked Rolo clean, he stood and embraced the other boy and kissed him deeply, sharing the last of the cum with him.

"Mmmmm...damn I taste good," Rolo chuckled.

"You do, I could eat your spooge all day and never get tired of it."

"I think I should ask my mom to adopt you or something," Rolo teased, "then we could do this every day."

"No one would want to adopt me," Nate said sadly.

"What? Why would you say that?" Rolo asked as he instinctively hugged the other boy to him protectively.

"Once a kid gets hair down below no one wants to adopt em'. That's just how it is. Everyone wants babies. Besides, when I turn 16 I can get a real job and make a living without tricking."

Nate doubted that. How could you get a job when you didn't have a high school diploma or at least a GED?

"Your turn," Rolo said hoping to turn Nate's frown upside down for the moment.

"Okay lover boy, go for it," Nate said cheerfully, "No teeth this time," he teased.

"Huh, I don't use teeth, unless you want me to. I give good head."

"Just kidding, don't go all Ninja on me," Nate laughed, "Here's the goods, begin when ready," he said dropping his shorts and underwear at once.

Rolo took his time, using some of his own technique mixed with that of Nate's, and when he began licking Nate's balls he thought he was enjoying it almost as much as Nate was.

"Yeah, lick those baby makers dude, suck em' in your mouth and hold em...oh yeah...uhh...oh good. Dude you're a natural. You could make a fortune on the street."

Rolo mumbled around Nate's nuts, but didn't reply. Tricking didn't sound all that appealing, and he really wished Nate didn't have to do it, but he knew he couldn't do anything about it.

Nate came as hard as Rolo had, and when Rolo had him licked clean he stood and shared the last of the cum in a wet sloppy kiss. Long after the kiss was over they stood holding one another, their clothing pooling around their ankles and their wet cocks pressed together.

"Holy shit!" Someone exclaimed, and they jerked their heads around to see a middle-aged man in running shorts and a tank top staring at them, "Sorry guys. That's so fucking hot. Sorry, sorry, sorry...but, oh man...I gotta beat off now," he said pulling out a rather large hard cock and going to work on it.

Nate grinned and began kissing Rolos wetly, grinding into him, and the man moaned his approval. Then before Rolo could object or react Nate backed up to him and began rubbing his ass against Rolo's now hard cock.

"Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph, are you gonna fuck?" the man moaned, but a second later his cock exploded, sending a stream of cock snot out at least three feet. It was followed by four more less intense spurts and then he milked out the last few drops, put his cock back in his shorts, and turned to go.

"I will never forget that. Thanks guys," he said beating a hasty retreat.

"What the fuck just happened?" Rolo said pulling away from Nate who was laughing.

"We just put on a show for that dude. Did you see how hard he came. Now imagine some older dude watching us. He'd pay a fortune to watch us make out and fuck."

"I'm not a whore," Rolo said, regretting his words as they left his mouth.

Nate's smile disappeared and was replaced by a look of shame and hurt.

"I was just kidding," he said softly as he began pulling his clothes back up.

Rolo pulled his shorts and underwear back up and buried his face in his hands and sighed. He could smell Nate's strong scent on his hands and his cock stirred in his shorts.

"I didn't mean that you were...."

"It's okay, I am what I am. Hey, I really gotta' get goin'. It's been fun, but you got your life, and I got mine."

Rolo didn't know what to say. He had never been good at words or expressing his feelings. Most of his life he'd spent shutting off his feelings, well except for sex, and this was all so new to him. He knew he'd hurt Nate's feelings with the whore thing, but he didn't know how to fix it. Instead he just allowed himself to be led back down the trail and to the park.

When they were standing by the little pond Nate finally spoke.

"Well, nice knowin' ya'. See ya' around candy boy," Nate said trying to make a joke of Rolo's name.

"Can I call you tomorrow?"

Nate shrugged, "It's up to you. I might be busy, but we'll see."

"Nate..." but the word died on his lips, and instead he just nodded and then turned away, "See ya' dude."

All the way home Rolo kept berating himself for not saying more, for not apologizing and telling Nate how much he liked him, and that he wanted to see him again, and again.

"I'm so fucking stupid," he said out loud, then cuffed himself in the side of the head, "I fucked everything up."

Rolo was even too distressed to think about sex for the rest of the day. In fact since meeting Nate the only sex he'd thought about was sex with Nate. Even jacking off didn't sound appealing, and instead he piled down on the sofa and watched TV but he really wasn't paying attention to what was on.

"Rolo," he heard his mom call from the front door. Then looking up he noticed her for the first time.

"What ma?"

"Come help me bring in these sacks of groceries. I got my food stamps today and I went shopping for us."

Food? Rolo thought, and suddenly he realized the despite everything he was hungry.

He jumped up and helped carry in the plastic bags of groceries trying to sniff out what was in each as he did so. There must've been a dozen or more sacks in the trunk of the old Ford Tuarus his mother drove, and his mouth was watering by the time he sat the last of them on the rickety dining room table.

"Anything I can eat now? I'm starved," Rolo said digging through a sack with a loaf of bread sticking out.

"Make yourself a sandwich, there's ham and turkey and some of that cheese you like."

"Want me to help put stuff away first?"

"Naw, just go on and eat," she said dismissing him.

Rolo made a double decker sandwich using three slices of bread with ham, turkey, and baby Swiss cheese, then slathered on mustard and Miracle Whip and took a big bite of it.

"Any pop?"

"It's hot, but there's ice cubes in the freezer," his mother said, producing a twelve pack of Coke.

Rolo fixed two glasses with ice and soda and offered one to his mother who gave him a questioning look before smiling.

"What's got into you?" she said after taking a drink of her soda, "all helpful and considerate all of a sudden. Are you in trouble, are the po-pos after you?" she teased.

"No ma, just thought you might be thirsty. It's no big deal."

"You gotta birthday comin' up," she said turning to look at her only son with what might be considered affection.


"I thought I'd start goin' to these know AA or something, and try to get myself straightened out."

"You mean it ma?" Rolo asked without much hope of that happening.

"I'll try, but you'll have to help me. Make sure I don't do anything stupid. Can you do that?"

"I'll try ma, I'll try," Rolo said, wondering if he was strong enough to be any help at all.

"Okay, then I guess we'll do it. I bought some hamburger and we're having spaghetti for supper," she said before going back to putting away the groceries. Rolo watched her as he munched on his sandwich and once again his thoughts went back to Nate.

"Ma, would it be okay if I had a friend spend the night?"

"A girl I suppose," she sighed.

"Uh, no...a guy. His name is Nate. He's a cool dude. You won't even know he's here."

"Do I know this boy?"

"Naw, we just met, but we're friends now."

"Well, let me meet him first, then I'll decide."

"Okay, thanks," Rolo said going back to his sandwich. Now the only question was how to fix things with Nate and get him to want to come over.

"What's wrong with you boy?" his mother said suddenly, "Any other time you would have started whining and nagging me till I either gave in or we had a big fight."

"I guess I'm growing up ma," Rolo said quietly.

His mother didn't know how to reply, instead she just sighed again and nodded. Then looking at Nate with a wry smile she said, "Plenty of spaghetti, he could come for dinner and I could meet him and decide."

Rolo smiled widely, and at that moment he realized that he loved his mother despite the pot, and the booze, and all the stupid things she'd ever done. And he didn't even blame her for his dad leaving, not anymore.

"I'll go see if he can come," Rolo said jumping up.

"All right, but dinner is at 6, so be here with, or without your new friend."

Rolo ran all the way to Brandon's apartment and only when he was starting up the stairs did he realize that Nate had said he wouldn't be hanging out there today. Thinking he was wasting his time, but unwilling to give up, he knocked on the door and was relieved to hear someone call from inside, asking him to wait a minute.

The door opened, but instead of Rolo, a man in his mid thirties stood there looking Rolo over.

"Well...hello," the man, who Rolo assumed was Brandon, said with amusement in his voice.

"Hi, I'm um, is Nate here?"

"Oh, so you're one of Nate's buddies huh? Come on in," he said, swinging the door wide open and leading the way. 

At fist Rolo hesitated, but Nate had said Brandon was a  good guy so he guessed it was okay.

"Soda or a beer?"

"Naw, I'm good. you know where Nate is?" It was obvious he wasn't there.

"Naw, not really. He comes and he goes...if you know what I mean," the man said, sitting on the couch and patting the spot next to him, "You're cute, you know that? And from that bulge in your shorts, you must be a little pony."

Rolo remained standing as he looked the man over. He was not bad looking for an older guy, not exactly buff, but fit, with dark hair and big brown eyes with long lashes and a handsome face. He was wearing grey sweats and a tee shirt and his hairy feet were bare.

"I need to find him. Any idea where I could look?"

"The park maybe, he hangs out there a lot. Oh, and the library. He's a book nut and always reading."

"Thanks, I need to go now and try to find him."

"Hold on, what's the hurry? Maybe you could stay and play a little. I have weed and beer and condoms and lube," he said leering at Rolo, and despite the fact that a week ago he would have jumped at the chance to fuck around with this guy, suddenly he was disgusted.

"Naw, thanks, but I'm not interested."

The man looked as if he'd been slapped, "I'm not that bad am I? Surely you've fucked around with worse than me out there on the street."

"I'm not a whore," Rolo said for the second time that day, only this time he meant it to sting.

"OH, sorry..." Brandon said standing up, causing Rolo to step back,  but then the man said softly, "Sorry, I just thought...stupid of me. I could drive you to the park or the library if you want..."

"No, I'm fine, thanks though. And...I didn't mean anything bad. You're a nice guy and pretty hot, but I really need to find Nate."

"No offense taken, it's me who should apologize. A beautiful boy like you doesn't come along every day. I should have known you were special."

Rolo didn't know what to say. He didn't feel beautiful or special, in fact he felt plain and worthless at times.

"Thanks, I um...better go. If Nate comes back here, please tell him Rolo was looking for him and that...and that I'm sorry about what I said."

"You two have some kind of fight?" Brandon chuckled, "So you're why he's been so happy lately?"

"He has?"

"Yeah, he's a good kid, but he gets down in the dumps a lot, but yesterday he was all smiles and happy as a cock in a hole."

"I said something...something stupid," Rolo said lowering his head, "and I knew it was wrong and it hurt him a lot, but I was too fucking stupid to fix it then. Now, I just gotta find him and tell him..."

"Come on, I'm driving you. The quicker we find him the better."

This time Rolo didn't refuse Brandon's offer and on the way to the park they talked some more.

"So how did you meet Nate?"

"It's not what you think. I wasn't one of his Johns if that's what you think. I found him damn near frozen to death and sick with the flu one day. He was sitting on the stairs trying to find some place warm. He tried to run when I found him, but he was too weak. I picked him up and carried him upstairs and nursed him back to health."

"Did you...fuck him?" Rolo asked giving Brandon a critical look.

"You must think I'm a real piece of shit to ask that?"

"No, I else could he pay you back?"

"Who says I need pay back? I helped Nate cause he needed it, and no...I didn't fuck him, but he offered more than once. We did fool around a couple of times after getting stoned, but it was just fun...nothing serious."


Brandon looked over at Nate and smiled, "You love him, don't you?"

"What? No, I mean...we're just friends."

"I know that look on your face and it ain't friendship. Damn, that explains it all, and he loves you too. Oh man, how's that gonna work?" he chuckled.

"I don't know," Nate said sounding sad, "but I gotta let him know how I feel."

"Fucking awesome. I tell you what, I'll help you guys any way I can. I know that's not saying much, but you know...get together at my place and...make love or whatever," he chuckled, "but you gotta' remember what he does for a living."

"I want him to stop that," Rolo said looking at Brandon pleadingly.

"You gonna' pay his way then?"

"I can't, but...I might be able to talk my mom into letting him live with me, with us."

Brandon laughed, "He's a homeless kid with no folks, and if the authorities ever catch up with him he's going into the system, have you thought of that?"

"Don't you worry you'll get in trouble, letting him stay here?"

"Yeah, sometimes, but how am I gonna' throw him out? He's such a sweet kid and I've become attached to him."

"So, why not adopt him?"

Brandon laughed, "You think they'd let a single gay man adopt a teenage boy?"

"I dunno, on TV they do it all the time."

"TV, movies, all a lie. The world don't work like that."

They arrived at the park then, but after an exhausting search they decided he wasn't there. Next Brandon drove them to the downtown library, and after finding a place to park he led Rolo inside. The library was huge, three floors and a basement, but Brandon knew Nate liked fiction, and it was in that section that they looked first.

"He's over there," Brandon whispered into Rolo's ear, "I'll wait for you guys. Go talk to him, and...good luck," Brandon said giving Rolo a smile.

Rolo smiled and nodded, and made his way to where Nate sat, luckily with his back to him, and only when Rolo plopped down in the chair next to him did Nate look up.

"Hi, what's up?"

"What are you doing here? How did you know where to find me?" Nate stuttered.

"An old friend of yours told me," Rolo said grinning.

"Brandon," he said accusingly, "He's the only one who knows I come here. What do you want dude? I'm kind of busy."

Rolo ignored Nate's sassy mood. He knew he was just hurting and trying to shield himself from more pain.

"I came to say that I'm sorry, and that I was a dick, and I want you to come to supper with me tonight and meet my mom."

Nate laughed, "Your mom, the stoner?"

"She says she's gonna' quit and go to meetings and stuff, but I gotta' help her. You can help too."

"How? Remember? I smoke pot too."

"You can quit too. I'll help ya'."

"What are you? My mom now?" Nate laughed.

"No, I'm your boyfriend. I mean if you'll have me," Rolo said, as tears glistened in his eyes.

"Dude...I'm a hustler...a street kid, you can't be serious."

"Do you love me? If you say no I will walk away and never bother you again. But first listen to me. I love you. I don't know how or why, but I know it as sure as I know my name is some stupid-assed candy. I knew it the minute we made love, and I know it now sitting here just smelling you and wanting you so bad it hurts. I've probably been with as many guys as you have, and a lot of girls too. Only differnce is, I'm just a slut. At least you got paid, and you had to do it. I just did it cause I wanted to. So...tell me you love me or tell me to get lost. I will still love you, but I know I can't make you love me if you don't."

"Dude, that's a lot of pressure. Can't we just take it slow?"

"Nope, it's all or nothing. Sorry."

"Okay, okay...I feel the same way you did. I've never known anyone like you and you make me feel things I've never felt before. If that's not love, then I don't know what the fuck it is. I guess I'm willing to try this if you are, but can you live with knowing what I'm doing when we're not together"

"What if you didn't have to do that? What if you could have a regular place to live, and food to eat, and even go back to school and get a GED?"

"What, are you high?"

"Yeah, but not on drugs. I get high smelling you and being near you."

"Sounds like a Hallmark card or something," Nate laughed, "Now, what's this crap about meeting your mother?"

Despite all odds, Nate and Rolo's mom Cynthia hit it off rather well. After dinner the boys helped clean up and then and only then did Rolo breach the subject of Nate sleeping over.

His mom laughed, "I guess it would be okay, at least can't no one get pregnant.

"Do you think your mom knows about us?" Nate said as they lay down on Rolo's messy bed.

"She knows I like boys, and girls, so maybe."

"She's actually pretty cool you know?" 

"She used to be, before dad left. Maybe...maybe she will be again."

"Think she'll let me stay here sometime when I need a place?"

"I think I can talk her into letting you stay here all the time, but you gotta' give me time to work on her."

"What about the cops and DCS?"

"I'm working on that too. Give me time."

"Okay, I'll shut up. Kiss me and tell me how much you love me again."


Rolo got both his wishes for his birthday, his mom back, and a new Android phone, exactly like the one that his mom gave to Nate.

"Now you boys can keep in touch and you'll know when Nate's gonna' come creepin' through your window," she laughed. 

"You knew, why didn't you yell at us or something?" Rolo said laughing.

"Cause I think you boys belong together, and who am I to keep you apart?"

"Mom, can we talk...about things...about Nate. We think there's some things you need to know."

"This sounds serious. Do I need to sit down?"

She stood through the first five minutes, then sat down with a heavy sigh and stared at the two with concern as they filled her in on Nate's life and how they had come to meet. She had known from the start that Nate didn't seem to have a stable home life, but she had no room to judge other parents, and instead made sure he felt welcome at their place.

"How in the world have you avoided the cops and DCS this long?" she asked with concern.

"Just been lucky I guess. I keep to myself and I don't make waves. Plus, lately I've had a place to stay and not been on the move so much."

"I don't know what to say. I knew something wasn't right, but I would have never guessed..."

"That I'm a whore?" Nate said looking despondent.

"Honey, you're not a whore," she said touching his shoulder gently, "and I'll kick anyone's ass who calls you that."

"He don't trick no more," Rolo said smiling, "I made sure of that. I ain't sharin' him with anyone."

"You should get tested," she said, looking concerned again, "I know a place where you can get tested and no one has to know."

"Even though I'm only 15?"

"Yeah, it's totally anonymous and free. I could take you tomorrow, I'm off work."

"Okay, I guess...but I don't think I have anything. I was careful..."

"Best to know, both of you need testin' though, since I assume you ain't been just sleepin' in that bed of yours."

Rolo blushed, but he had known for a long time that his mother knew he was sexually active.

"Can I miss school and go too?"

"Yes, that's what we'll do. Now, I'm gonna' go take a shower and go to bed. I need to think some about what else to do."

"Thanks mom," Rolo said giving his mom a rare hug.

She nodded and returned the hug, then pulled Nate into the hug as well, "My two boys," she said fondly.

"That went better than I thought it would," Rolo said as they lay in each other's arms that night.

"I was really embarrassed, ashamed really..."

"Aw, don't be. Now that ma knows maybe she can help"

"I don't know how, but at least I don't have to worry about her finding out and kicking me out."

"No chance of that, I think she loves you more than me now," Rolo laughed.

"I doubt that, but I'm glad she lets me hang out with you," he said digging Rolo in the ribs, "even if you do stink."

"Not as much as you do," Rolo said rolling into Nate and tickling him.

They wrestled around for a few minutes but eventually they settled down, and looking deep into each other's eyes they began to move their heads until their lips met. They kissed and clung to each other desperately as the world swirled by outside. Their love making was slow and tender that night, and if there had ever been any doubt in their minds that they were in love, it was resolved that night.

Both boys tested negative for any STD's and that at least was a relief, though they were no closer to solving the dilemma of how to find Nate a permanent home.

In a perfect world Rolo's mom would have somehow convinced DCS to make her a foster parent, but in real life, single women in recovery don't make very good candidates for foster care, and no one even suggested such a thing.

"Are you sure there are no living relatives?" Rolo's mom asked as they ate their supper that night.

"Not that I know of. My mom's folks were dead before I was even born, and my dad's folks died within a year of each other when I was 10. No aunts or uncles that I know of, so no cousins. It's weird, it's like I'm the last member of my family that's still alive."

"Well, there has to be someone..." she said looking thoughtful.

"Nope, no one but me," Nate said sadly.

"And me," Rolo said with love in his eyes.

Nate smiled, but they were no closer to an answer.


Days passed, then weeks, and they fell into an easy routine. Nate no longer had to crawl in the window late at night, for Rolo's mother had finally given them her blessings and allowed them to be together. She knew she was taking quite a risk in letting a homeless teenage kid live with them, but the fact that no one was looking for him was a big help. In fact, not only was no one looking, but their wasn't even a file on Nate. He had slipped through the bureaucratic cracks, and wasn't on anyone's radar except Rolo's.

In November Nate turned 16 and hit a growth spurt. He grew an inch in height and another inch between his legs and hair sprang up in new places. Rolo liked the changes in Nate, and couldn't keep his hands and mouth off Nate's larger penis.

One day shortly before Thanksgiving Rolo came home from school to find Nate gone and he immediately began to worry. Though as far as he knew Nate had given up his hustling, he was left alone a lot and certainly had the time and opportunity to do so. 

"Nate!" Rolo called as he checked out each room, but it was soon apparent no one was home. 

His mom had taken a job at Walmart as a cashier and lately she'd been working a full 40 hours and things were certainly better for them. Even with the extra expense of Nate they had food to eat, and the bills were paid on time, and Rolo thought he had never been happier in his life.

It wasn't just because he could now have all the sex he wanted, practically anytime he wanted it, it was something much deeper. He was reluctant to put a name on it, but he was quite sure that what he felt for Nate was what they called true love. He'd only known the love of his family up until then, and that was sometimes strained, but there was no other word to explain how he felt about Nate.

He was pretty sure Nate felt the same way, but he still feared that eventually Nate would tire of him  and go back to his old life. It was with this fear aching through him that he ran out the front door in search of his first love.

He tried the park first, then the library, and then in a last ditch moment of desperation he found himself knocking on Brandon's door. The door opened and there stood Nate with a big smile on his face.

"I looked all over for you," Rolo said sounding flustered, "I was worried dude..."

"Relax, I didn't run away," Nate chuckled, "I had an idea and I came to see if Brando could help with something."

"Uh, like what?" Rolo said nervously.

"Not that," Rolo laughed, "I'm trying to find out what I need to do to become emancipated."

"Uh, what's that?"

"It means," Brandon said, coming up behind Nate and placing his hands on the boy's shoulders, "that he would be declared a free individual to live on his own. Come on in and we'll fill you in."

"You mean he wouldn't have to worry about the cops or DCS anymore, and he could keep living with me...with us?"

"If he wants to,  yeah. He'd have to get a job and show that he is able to handle his money, and I think they'll require him to either go back to school or get a GED."

"What do we have to do?" Rolo said embracing the idea quickly.

"I'm trying to find out. I have a lawyer friend, and I know he's done this kind of thing before. I'm gonna talk to him without giving him too much information and see what our chances are."

"Wait, won't this cost a lot of money?"

"Don't worry about that," Brandon said offering Nate a Coke, "he's a friend, and I can work something out with him."

"But why? Why would you help"

"The same reason I let Nate crash here, because he's a cool dude and he deserves some happiness in his life. And I think you are good for him. You got him off the street and thinking about the future and guys are in love, and I'm a sucker for love," Brandon chuckled.

Rolo blushed, but he didn't deny his love for Nate who just grinned and took Rolo's hand.

"So when will you know anything?" Rolo asked excitedly.

"Give me a week. I'll call Nate when I know anything and we'll go from there."

"Thanks," Rolo said smiling warmly, "you're a good dude."

"I know," Brandon chuckled, "then why am I the only one not getting laid on a regular basis?"

"'ll find someone," Nate said patting his shoulder.

"It better be soon, my hand just isn't doin' it for me anymore."

They finished their Cokes and Nate and Rolo walked back to the apartment side by side. They wanted to hold hands so badly, but they both knew that wasn't a good idea, though their hands did brush occasionally sending little chills up an down their bodies.

As soon as they were inside, they came together, kissing and pawing each other as if they were starved for one another.

"I was worried dude," Rolo said nibbling at Nate's ear lobe, "I freaked when I came home and found  you gone. You could've texted me or something."

"I lost track of time. I thought I'd be back before you got home. I was just about to leave when you showed up."

"Okay, but don't do that again...please..."

"Dude, don't go all girly on me," Nate laughed.

"I'm not," Rolo said indignantly, "I just...never mind," he said pulling away, looking hurt and a little annoyed.

"Don't get all pissy on me," Nate said, "Who do you think I'm doing all this for? I mean sure it's for me, but it's for you too...for us."

"I know, I'm sorry dude. I just...I just go crazy when I think about what would happen if you ever left me."

"You're just horny," Nate teased, "you'd find someone to get off with pretty quick."

"No, it's not just that," Rolo insisted.

"Tell me what it is then. Can  you say it? Can you tell me what it is?"

Rolo sighed, "I'm in love with you," he mumbled so softly that Nate could barely hear him.

"Louder dude, I can't hear you," Nate chuckled.

"I said I'm in love with you dude," Rolo said loud enough for the neighbors to hear, "I never felt this way before about anyone and I don't know how you feel....cause we never talk about this stuff."

"Relax candy boy," Nate said taking Rolo in his arms, "I guess I'm in love with you too. I mean why else would I put up with you?"

"You mean it?" Rolo said, mumbling into Nate's neck where he was nuzzling playfully.

"Ummm...let's go to your room and I'll show you,"

"Okay, but can we just cuddle for a while?"

Nate pulled back and looked into Rolo's eyes, "You must be in love dude. You're usually all about getting a nut."

"I like that, but I like kissing too," he said showing Nate just how much he liked it.

"Mmmm...this is crazy, but good," Nate said between kisses, "Come on, we'll cuddle and then see where things go."

The clothes came off rather quickly once they reached the bedroom, and the kissing resumed as they tumbled into bed. Rolo took charge immediatly, and began licking and kissing Nate's body from head to foot. He loved Nate's big sturdy feet, and wasn't happy till he'd sucked all ten toes, and thoroughly wetted down his lover's feet.

From there he moved up to Nate's crotch and began nuzzling his balls, finally licking them till they were shiny before taking them into his mouth. Nate moaned appreciatively and ran his fingers through Rolo's unkempt hair as he guided his lover toward his hard leaking cock.

"Not yet," Rolo said grinning, "I want this to last," he said, moving up and kissing Nate before sliding down to lick and suck his erect nipples. From there he licked a trail down Nate's chest to his washboard stomach and then tongued out his belly button.

"Dude, please...I gotta' get off soon," Nate begged.

"Okay, but I want you to fu..., no make love to me," he'd almost said fucked, but lately he'd begun to see things differently. Fucking was for getting a nut, love making was something entirely different.

"You are in love," Nate chuckled, "And I guess I am too. Come here baby and let me make slow beautiful love to you."

They lay around the rest of the afternoon, finally rising to shower around 6. They had just gotten dressed when Rolo's mom came in carrying an extra large meat lovers pizza.

"Dinner boys," she called, and when they came out of Rolo's bedroom looking happy, but flushed, she knew what they'd been up to.

"You boys hungry? Who am I kidding, as much energy as you two spend going at it, I bet you're always hungry," she laughed.

"Aww mom," Rolo said blushing, "We uh, I mean I, I mean we haven't really talked about this, but...I wanted to tell you that...well, ummm...Nate and I sort of decided that we loved each other. Is that okay mom?" Rolo said looking like a little kid who'd just asked permission to raid the cookie jar.

"You just now figuring that out?" she laughed, "I've known it for a while now. You two are good for each other, and I don't care what the world says, my boys belong together."

"Thanks mom," Rolo said diving into the pizza, "thanks for everything."

Over pizza, and while sipping sodas, Rolo and Nate outlined the plan to get Nate emancipated and she listened with interest.

"So, if you get...emancipated, then you're like, legally an adult, and won't have to worry about DCS or the cops anymore, right?"

"Yep, but I need to get a job and go back to school. Ummm...and if you let me stay here I could help out with the bills and stuff."

"Of course you'll stay here, Rolo would die if you left him now," she chuckled.

"," Nate said grinning, "Is it okay if I call you that? I mean...I think of you that way..."

"I'd be proud to have a son like you," she said feeling very emotional at the moment.

"Hey, what about me?" Rolo teased.

"I have two fine sons now, and it's all because you two are so good together. It's make each other better by being together. I can't explain it, but I know it's real cause I've seen the changes in both of you."

"You've helped us a lot too," Nate said, giving her a warm smile, "I didn't know how much I missed having a mom till I moved in here with Rolo. I guess we're never too old to need that."

"Well, if the emancipation thing doesn't work out we'll figure something else out, meanwhile you're welcome here, and we'll just keep on being one little happy family," she said, patting both her boys'  hands.


The court hearing for Nate's emancipation request was scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving and Nate was both excited and nervous. His lawyer had said he didn't see any real problems getting Nate emancipated, and that the hearing was more of a formality, but that didn't keep the three most involved from worrying.

Rolo's mom had bought a new dress and had had her hair done. and insisted that Rolo get a haircut and dress in Docker's and a button up shirt. He felt weird all dressed up, but if it would  help get Nate emancipated he would have worn a tuxedo. 

Rolo and his mom sat in the first row behind Nate and his lawyer who sat at a long table as the judge read the petition for emancipation, occasionally stopping to take a sip of water from a glass nearby.

There were a few questions after he finished, did Nate have a job? Was he attending school? Did he have a place to stay? And the answers to all of them were yes, which seemed to please him. As Rolo's lawyer had said, the hearing was merely a formality, and that afternoon Nate walked out of the courthouse an emancipated minor.

The three celebrated at Denny's and the boys had breakfast while Rolo's mom had a burger and fries.

"I can't believe I don't have to worry about going back to the streets now," Nate said as he sipped his chocolate milk.

"You never had to worry about that, right mom? Now we can be together. We even have some classes together and when we graduate we can maybe go to the Community College together or something."

"Whoa, planning my life for me already?" Nate joked, "Slow down, let's just get through high school first."

"Sorry, I'm just so happy. Now I don't have to worry about anyone ever taking you away from me," Rolo said looking teary eyed.

"'s okay, I need someone to watch out for me. We're a good team, you and me," Nate said, grinning as he reached for Rolo's hand, "Someday I might even marry you."

"Really? That would be so cool. Who would have thought I would ever be thinking about marrying another dude. God, life sure is weird sometimes." And they all laughed.

The End

Just a little high school romance....NOT! I actually wrote this story for another site, but due to the fact that they apparently don't want to post my stories, and won't even answer my emails, I have decided to post it here. I even had a cool pic I took of a pack of Rolos to go above it, but of course I can't use it at Nifty. If  you want to see the pic, I'll email it to you in my reply to the hundreds of emails I'm sure I'll receive...LOL. 

The Story has been edited to death, so the finished product should be as free from errors as humanly possible. If you like the story please let me know. It's a little different than my usual stories, a little rougher and more graphic, but in the end you can see what love will do for a boy.

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