Ryan and Mark

My name is Ryan Evans and this is my story, I am just coming up to my 16th birthday, I am a pleasant lad, well I think I am, get on well at school and due to finish my schooling anyway, maybe I will go on to college and do sports science or something like that or try to get a job, I haven't really thought about it yet.

What I do think about is sex...Lol well don't all 16 year olds think of it? But my thoughts are of gay sex, not done any yet, just an odd wank and a bit of cock sucking with another boy when I was on holiday in Spain when I was 14, but that's all, we were at the same hotel with our rents and hooked up for a bit and well we sort of clicked from day one, I lost my heart to him, but he wasn't into that at all, just sex play and that was a lot Lol.

We kept in touch after the holiday but he lived up the other end of the UK and it sort of petered out and I last chatted to him over a year ago, he told me he had a girlfriend now and that was pretty heavy so I let go, I didn't think it was going anywhere, so we will remain friends I guess.

I guess I had better tell you what I am like, average build nothing to fancy, a bit small for my age at just over 5` 7 inches, some younger lads at school tower over me, I have brown hair, blue eyes and a bum to die for, so I was told by a girl who tried to get my pants off at a school dance, my cock is a respectable 6 inches when hard and that's a lot of times, nice boy balls with a bit of hair on them and a little above my cock and I have a long foreskin, even covers my knob when I'm hard, but pulls back easy. Back to the seduction. Well not so much a seduction as a disaster.

She had brought some OJ laced with vodka and tried plying me with drink to get me to shag her in the gym changing room, that didn't work though, I was sick and her bro had to take me to the boys toilets to help me clean up, I really can't take drink at all, I get giggly like a girl first and then it hits me and I begin to feel sick, so Gareth helped me into the toilet and washed the sick off my shirt, standing there topless and wobbling about and giggling I was vulnerable I guess and Gareth was a hottie, but sadly not into boys, anyway he is a good mate and sorted me out.

Back home he took me upstairs and thank god my rents were out, he stripped me off to my briefs and put me to bed, I tried to kiss him goodnight but he fenced that off and left me to sleep it off and went home, but oh god next day, my head was splitting, good job it was Saturday and no school, I stayed in bed until early afternoon and only got out of bed to let Gareth in who had come round to see how I was, he got some water down me and I started to feel better, then he fed me a bit of lunch and although it took me ages to eat, it stayed down.

I so wanted him to take advantage of me and I did my best to offer myself on a plate, but he wasn't interested, shows how desperate I was getting, anyway once he saw I was okay he made his exit again and I went back to bed and wanked myself silly over him and then dozed off.

Monday came after a pretty non-descript weekend and a quick shower and then dress in my school uniform, breakfast and off to school, I still wasn't feeling brilliant and tried to tell my mum I wanted to stay off, but she badgered me to go and see how I felt later, say I had only another few weeks before I left forever, I had to walk to school, about 20 minutes all told and I set off and still felt rough, however as I walked I did feel better, as I was walking into the schoolyard I saw Mark Halsey, now he was what you could call a `geek' not much about him really, thin and red headed, always did well in his subjects and well into computers and stuff like that, about my size though and wore glasses, I had defended him a couple of times when bigger lads had picked on him, well I thought no matter what you look like or act like you don't deserve to be bullied.

He had thanked me and always sort of hung round me at times when I was on my own, in a way I fancied him, I guess he isn't gay, but he didn't seem to talk about girls much either, not too sure about him really, he always seemed gawky in PE and undressed on his own in the changing rooms and didn't bother with a shower after either, but today I was feeling rough anyway so was grateful for any chat to help me get over it. As usual the talk was about what I was going to do after we left school, college or a job he kept asking, I shrugged my shoulders and said I hadn't decided yet, my mates were not bothering with college so I felt I maybe will go down that route as well and try to get a job, knowing full well that jobs were like gold dust round here.

Mark waxed on about how he was going to technical college to do computer studies and hoped to then get into university, he said they had a course on sports science and he could get me the prospectus to have a look at, would be cool he said to have somebody to see their he knew, and he knew I was into sports more than other studies, I eyed him a bit and felt he was coming on to me, I shrugged my shoulders and said "whatever" and he smiled weakly and said he would get it for me later, we chatted for a bit then I said I had to go to the toilet before class and left him looking at the leaflets on the notice board about college courses.

I was glad to get to the toilet and have a pee, my bladder was bursting, as I stood having one I thought about what Mark had said, it would certainly please my rents if I went on to college and I knew I would get in okay with my grades in PE, I would talk to the rents tonight about it as there was an open night in a couple of nights at the local college, I had seen the flyer on the notice board and Mark had said he was going to it with his rents.

The bell rang for the first lesson, which was maths and I groaned and set off to it, I got in the room and sat down next to Mark, not by choice, I had been assigned to him when my grades dropped in maths, he was my mentor now as he had straight A's, to be honest he had helped me get a better grade and I was grateful, he smiled at me and I smiled back weakly as the lesson started and the teacher droned on, my leg sort of brushed against Mark's as I stretched out trying to get comfortable, wow! It seemed like a bolt of lightning shot up my left leg, I thought about doing it again but decided against it and wondered if he had noticed, he had of course because he looked at me a little puzzled, I mouthed "sorry" and looked down at my books and tried to think about something else, but I kept thinking about how weird that was when I brushed against his leg, as it was double maths period, break was after and when the bell went again and we all gathered our books and papers and stuff Mark asked me if I was going to grab a drink with him, I excused myself and said I didn't feel that well and wanted the toilet again, he said he would come with me and I said I was okay just had a stomach bug or something and then scurried off to the toilet at the far end of the school that I knew would be empty.

I ran to the far end stall and locked the door and quickly unzipped myself, my cock had been hard all through that lesson after I had accidentally rubbed against Mark and now I needed relief, I grabbed my swollen cock and furiously wanked it, I directed the head downwards to the pan and soon I was moaning slightly and thinking of mark I shot a good four spurts of my teen sperm into the pan "oh god! That was better" I exclaimed to myself, thinking I was alone "you okay Ryan?" a voice said, it was Mark "ermmm yeah, I am now" I said nervously and grabbed some toilet roll and wiped my softening cock head clean and dropped it into the toilet and flushed it away.

I smartened myself up a bit and unlocked the door to see Mark standing by the washbasins "you feeling better now Ryan?" Mark asked, "yeah lots thanks" I replied and washed my hands and dried them with the hand dryer "something I ate last night I think, mum's experimental cooking" I went on and laughed nervously, Mark eyed me a bit suspiciously "well I hope it isn't contagious" he said.

I looked at him and smiled "don't think so, but best to keep your distance okay" I said, the bell went again and I said that PE was the next lesson and Mark said he was excused PE now as he had promised to sort out some computer programs in the IT room, we left the toilet and I and Mark walked together then split off at the end of the corridor and I went into the changing room and he went off to IT.

I quickly changed into my PE kit and joined the rest and was admonished by the teacher for being late, I told him it was a toilet emergency and because I was good at PE and never missed or was late for the lesson he believed me, all through the lesson I couldn't get Mark out of my head and it showed as I made simple mistakes in gym work and the teacher took me aside and asked if I was okay, I lied about having a bad stomach and he told me to go get showered and changed as he couldn't have me in the lesson if feeling unwell, I tried remonstrating with him about it and saying I was fine now, but he had none of it and dismissed me.

I showered and again my cock got hard as I couldn't get Mark out of my head "oh why has a geeky kid gotten into my brain, he's no muscle boy, but somehow I fancy him like mad" I kept thinking. I finished showering and was dressing as the other boys came into the changing room and soon 20 semi or naked 15/16 year olds were chattering all at once and I was confronted by flaccid boy cocks on view as they made their way past me to the showers, trying not to look as I took my time fastening my shoelaces I was hard again, and thinking of Mark as well, despite a lot of banter I got through it and went to lunch, not before the teacher had sought me out and told me to go see the nurse to check me out, well it actually wasn't a nurse, it was a guy who was a teacher and doubled as a first aider and we all said he liked feeling lads up when they got their balls banged in soccer or rugby, most thought he was a queer.

I knocked on his door and went in, next I was shouted at to "get out!!" and I heard scuffling in the next room that had the door open, I just managed to catch a glimpse of a pair of white underpants being pulled up and some general cursing going on before I exited the room and closed the door and sat on the bench outside.

After a few minutes the door opened and a sheepish looking boy of about 13 came out and the teacher/nurse said "you should be okay now Baines, just tell your mum to bathe the area with warm soapy water and then rub some antiseptic cream in and in a few days it will be okay" Baines nodded and said thank you and skipped off to lunch, the teacher/nurse glared at me and said to follow him into the medical room, he whirled round and said to me in a gruff voice "don't just knock and come in in future, wait for a command boy!" I looked at him a bit sheepish and said I was sorry and didn't know he had anyone with him. He seemed to calm down and asked me what was wrong with me.

I told him the PE teacher had sent me after the lesson because I had made some mistakes and I told him I wasn't feeling well, he asked me why and I lied about having stomach ache and leg problems, now thinking about it, it was a big mistake to include that, "okay strip off to the waist and I will examine you Evans" he said and looked around for his stethoscope, "but it was only a stomach bug sir" I protested "and my leg is fine now as well" I went on.

"Do as your told boy!" he said gruffly, I sighed and started to take off my school jacket and then my tie and undid my shirt slowly "come on quicker boy! I don't have all day!" he shouted at me, I quickly pulled my shirt out of my trousers and stood topless in the cool infirmary, he came over to me and asked me to stand at ease as he stood slightly at my side and lifted up the stethoscope to my bare chest and listened at my breathing, what that had got to do with a phantom bad stomach was beyond me I thought, the end was cold to my skin and I shivered slightly and looking down saw my nipples were sticking out like organ stops in the cold room, next he felt around my bare chest and his touch felt great in my aroused state, he pressed in places and asked me to hold my breath and say if I hurt anywhere, I shook my head as he did feel around and was horrified that my cock was beginning to firm up in my underpants.

He next listened to my back and felt all around there as well and asked me if I had any pains, I answered no to all his questions and my cock got harder and I noticed it bulging out the crotch of my school grey trousers, it looked obscene like that on a daft exam like this, he must have noticed it as he came around to my front, I went to grab my shirt to put on thinking he had finished and he stopped me.

"I think I had better do a proper exam Evans," he said, "slip off your shoes and trousers and hop up on the exam table will you? I think I need to check out your leg you complained about" he went on and busied himself about straightening the paper that was on his desk "but sir I feel okay now and have no pains at all in my leg" I said protesting "nonsense boy, I can't let you go to lunch unless I have checked you out fully, it may flare up later and if I missed it I could get into real trouble, better safe that sorry don't you think?" he went on

I shrugged my shoulder and dropped and untied my shoelaces and slipped off my black school shoes, I was a bit nervous of him seeing me in my tented underwear, but my cock had subsided a bit now and I undid my belt and slipped my school grey trousers down and off and put them on the chair along with my other clothes, I stood just in my white cotton boxers and grey school socks and he directed me and helped me climb on the exam table, I felt him feel my bum as I swung my legs on the table and then lay down on my back, he positioned the table a bit so I was sitting up slightly and he started to feel around my bare left leg and then up and down my thigh and down to my ankle, asking me if I had any pain, again I said no.

He did the same on the other legs and leaned over to do that and I was surprised when he brushed my bulge a little as he leant over, my cock started to firm up again and I was willing it to go down, trying to think of anything that would help it, quick as a flash he was feeling around the base of my bare stomach just above the waistband of my white pants and then let his hand slip underneath the waistband and feel at the pubic hair just above my cock, I grimaced and caught my breath as I hadn't been expecting this, he took this as a sign I was in pain and said "Mmm seems like there is something after all, I need to examine you "down there" boy and quick as you like he hooked his fingers under the waistband of my underpants and pulled them down.

I gulped as he exposed my hard cock, which slapped up against my bare chest six hard inches of throbbing teen cock laying against my ribbed bare chest was a lot to take in and I heard him gently draw breath as he gazed upon its naked glory, it was what seemed like ages until he said "cough please?" And grabbed at my boy balls and I coughed a bit, more a splutter really and he asked me to cough again, I did it right this time and he didn't ask again.

He took hold of my cock and gently pulled back the foreskin and bared my knob, that caused me to take a sharp intake of breath as I looked at my shiny precum covered cock head, a bead of precum was hanging off the end of my knob, he moved the foreskin up and down and I groaned and closed my eyes "I think this needs a bit more examining" said the teacher "lift up your legs Evans" he carried on, like a lamb I lifted up my legs and exposed my boy hole, in the mean time he had lubed up his finger and while holding my cock he inserted his finger into my hole "arghh ohh fuck!" I moaned.

"Quiet Evans, I will forgive your indiscretion this time but no more bad language please" he snapped at me and carried on fingering my hole "urghh ohh ohh arghh" I continued moaning but a bit softer this time, my cock head was exposed but it looked very obscene as it was leaking precum and it was an angry purple colour, he was wanking me now as he probed into my boy hole and touched something that made me moan louder "arghh ohh yeah ohh wow! What was that you touched?" I managed to say.

"That was your prostate boy! And its in fine fettle by the feel off it" the teacher replied and carried on probing and wanking me "arghh ohh yeah shhhhh arghh" I continued to moan and quick as a flash I shot spurts of my sperm onto my bare chest, 6 good spurts followed by at least another 4 shorter ones, I was breathing heavy now and he pulled out his fingers and stopped wanking my cock and it flopped onto my bare chest, I relaxed my legs and got my breath back "well Evans you seem fine to me boy!, lets not tell anyone about this exam okay?" the teacher said and looked at me.

"Yes sir, I won't say a word to anyone, I needed to be examined and you did it admirably" I managed to say "good lad, now get cleaned up and dressed and on your way to have a quick lunch, if you put a spurt on you will have about 20 minutes" the teacher replied and helped me off the table and gave me a cloth to wipe the sperm off my cock head and chest, I quickly did that and dressed fast and left the room and the teacher with a bulge in his trousers, dashing to the cafeteria I managed to get a sandwich and a cold drink and took it outside and sat on the low wall and ate quick, I pondered what had just happened and felt that I had been sexually assaulted, but I know I had urged him on and made no move to stop it and in the end it would be my word against his and seeing as how I had just less than two weeks left I decided to keep quiet, after all I had enjoyed my spunking and he didn't hurt me.

The bell rang and I dashed to my next lesson, that was history and I joined Mark in the room and he smiled as I sat next to him "didn't see you at lunch Ryan, what happened?" he whispered as the teacher set up a slide show "I went to the infirmary to get checked out after PE, I felt a bit off so the teacher told me to go get checked, I'm ok now Mark" I replied "oh I thought you looked peaky this morning" Mark said

"Yeah well I will tell you after school okay, just had a rough weekend" I said, the lesson was boring and the teacher droned on about the war of the roses or something equally boring and I wished that it was the last week of school as we had been told we could pick our lessons that week as long as we attended and met up with career advisors and did a stint at teachers assistants with the young intake classes, we got through it though and then it was break time and we headed to the cafeteria to have a snack and a chat.

"I have decided to go to the college open night Mark, I want to see about doing the physical education course" I said "oh great Ryan, you will get to meet my rents and I will get to meet yours" Mark replied "lets swap mobile numbers and then we can keep in touch" Mark went on, I told him my number and he entered it into his phone and sent me a text and I stored his number, I smiled weakly after and then the bell went and we set off to the last lesson of the day and took our places at an easel each and were confronted with a large bowl of fruit that we were told to paint, now painting wasn't a strong subject for me, so I just painted what I thought I saw, the teacher when he came round ridiculed my painting and the class laughed and I went red, but Mark said I had talent, but in what he didn't know he said and grinned at me, I flicked some paint at him and it landed on his nose and the class laughed and we were all admonished by the teacher for larking about.

All in all the class was bad and we had some laughs at the paintings the others did, I was sad when it ended and we packed up our stuff and made our way to the washroom to wash our paint covered hands "that was a great lesson wasn't it Ryan?" Mark said as he dried his hands with the hot air hand dryer "yeah I wish we could have had a double period of that instead of history, that was really boring" I replied

"I thought the lesson on the war of the roses was very interesting" Mark said and that was met by guffaws by the other boys as they filed out of the washroom and he went a bit red with embarrassment, soon all the rest had gone and that just left me and Mark. "I need to pee Mark" I said and went over to the trough "me too I guess, before we set off home" Mark answered and joined me at the trough, I fished out my cock and stood trying to pee, I was looking at the ceiling, but really wanted to try and get a look of Mark's cock, I casually gave a side glance over to Mark and saw the end of his cock, he didn't have any foreskin that I could see so I reckoned he was circumcised, it looked a bit thin to me but a nice length, all to quickly he had finished and put his cock away as he turned away from me, I shook my cock and turned towards him and he must have seen me stuff it back into my school trousers, but didn't say anything as we washed our hands again and left for home.

On the way we chatted about the college and what we wanted to study, for me it was PE and of course it was computers for Mark and I groaned as he waxed on about his beloved computers, we got to the interchange and I went left and he went straight on, his place was in the posh part of town where as mine was in the middle class part, I didn't really know much about Mark, but hopefully in the next few weeks I would, I got home and went to my room and stripped out of my school uniform and sat in my pants and socks checking my emails on my laptop, my phone went and it was Mark.

"Hey Mark what's up?" I answered, "I never asked you today, you on msn or yahoo or Skype?" Mark asked "I am on all of them Mark" I said "okay I will add you to Skype and msn and we can chat if you want to" he asked "sure I have my laptop on now" I replied and gave him both my addresses, a window popped up asking if I wanted to add MarkyMark on Skype, I accepted and a chat window opened up.

MarkyMark: Hey Ryan what you up to?

Me: Nothing much, just sorting out a bit of homework and chilling until the rents get home at about 6 pm from work

MarkyMark: Cool, you want to put the cams on?

Me: Sure Mark

I enabled my cam and invited him to view and he reciprocated.

MarkyMark: Wow your naked!!

Me: Lol, no I ain't, I have my pants and socks on, I always get out my school uniform when I get in, just haven't put my tee shirt and shorts on yet.

MarkyMark: can I see?

Me: Sure

And I stood up and let him see me in my white pants; I twirled around like a fashion model and then did a walk across my bedroom and back to the desk.

MarkyMark: Man your fit, I mean a fit lad, Lol

Me: Your just jealous

MarkyMark: Yeah your right, I wish I had a body like yours and then maybe I would get a few friends.

Me: Mark, you can mate, if you would let me train you at the college, I am going to do PE and want to perhaps be a personal trainer eventually, so why not be my first pupil, I will be honest it's not going to be easy, you will hate me at times when I push you hard, but in a few months you will have a great body.

MarkyMark: You think so? I dunno really, I am a bit thin and really not fit.

Me: Nonsense Mark, you are not overweight at least, you just need to bulk up a bit, coupled with exercise you will soon be a fit looking lad yourself and the girls will be after you...lol

Mark grimaced at that and shrugged his shoulders.

MarkyMark: I aren't as handsome as you Ryan, girls don't give me a second look, anyway I have to go, my rents are home soon and we are supposed to be visiting some friends for a meal later.

Me: Okay Mark, just think on what I said, it's not impossible and I would love to help you out as a friend, I'll see you at school tomorrow okay?

MarkyMark: Okay Ryan, take care and have a good evening, see you my friend xx bye

The cam went off and then the chat window disappeared as well, I was a bit gob smacked seeing those kisses he put at the end of his last message "what was that all about" I thought

"Could he be gay like me?" My mind was in overdrive now and that translated to my cock as it was tenting my underpants, I had to do something about it and so I stood up and slid them down my legs and my cock stuck straight up and pointed sexily to the ceiling, I pulled my foreskin up and down and I started to leak precum like a faucet.

I decided to lay on the be and rub my cock, I was seeing Mark in my minds eye doing the same in his room and thinking of me, little did I know that Mark was doing the exact same thing in his shower room, he was standing wanking his cut cock furiously and with his eyes closed and seeing Ryan Evans in his white underwear, he growled and let out a low moan as he shot his hot teen sperm onto the shower wall, he steadied himself and then after getting his breath back continued washing himself as his cock softened.

A mile or so away Ryan Evans came to his climax and grunted as he shot hot sperm all over his bare chest, some hit him under the chin, calming down after his wank, he lay there and drifted off to sleep, his soft cock lay at an angle on his bare chest as he lay on his back and a pool of cold sperm lay puddled on his chest.

He awoke quickly on hearing a car pull into the drive and quickly got up and headed to the bathroom and jumped into the shower, he was thankful the water was warm and he washed off the dried sperm, after having a quick shower he got out and dried off and wrapped a large bath towel around him for his short walk to his room, a knock came on the door and he answered "hello?" "Its me you mum Ryan, you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine mum, what's up?" he replied

"Nothing dear just checking you are okay" she said through the door, I opened it and looked out "just finishing up mum" I said as I stepped into the hall wrapped in my towel

"Oh right, dinner will be in an hour okay" she said and smiled at me "school okay today Ryan?" she went on "yes fine as always, not long to go now, oh by the way, I want to go to the open night at the college on Wednesday, do you and dad want to come?" I replied

"I will have to ask your dad, he has been up to his neck with work, but one of us will go with you" she said and set off downstairs, I went into my room and took off the towel and slipped on some soccer shorts I keep handy and a tee shirt and sat at my computer and thought about Mark again, I started to bone up and I decided not to wank off and got into my homework and it soon went down.

After an hour my mum shouted up the stairs and said dinner was ready, I went down and into the kitchen and sat at the table with dad, we chatted about this and that as we ate dinner and he said him and mum would come with me to college on the open night, I told them I wanted to do Sports Science and PE, my grades were good enough the PE teacher said to get in okay.

I washed the dishes up after as mum and dad relaxed and watched some television, I said I was going to watch a DVD upstairs and then go to bed, I said my goodnights and headed off upstairs and lay on the bed and watched a movie, I checked my laptop to see if Mark was online, but he wasn't so at about 10pm I shut it down and slipped off my tee shirt and shorts and climbed naked into bed, I lay thinking of Mark again, it seems I can't get this geeky lad out of my mind, and if I can get him to train with me then I will see more of him undressed.

My cock had of course risen and I stroked it absentmindedly as I fantasized about getting him in the showers naked after our gm sessions, I knew I had to wank off so grabbed my cloth out of my drawer and pushed the covers down and exposed my firm naked body, I raised myself slightly and started to beat off "urghh ohh arggh" I groaned as I shot five good spurts of my hot sperm into the towel, I calmed down and cleaned my self off before putting the towel into the drawer at the back, I switched off the light and drifted off to a sleep and dreamt of Mark and me.

End of Part One

I hope you like this story so far; part two is being worked on right now so I will post soon.

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