Ryan and Mark 2



Part Two





Wednesday came and at school Mark was pestering Ryan a lot about that evenings college open night "all I am saying is I am just going to look at the facilities they have for PE Mark, I am not really interested in the IT facilities as I won't use them, I know my way around a computer and that's enough for me okay?" Ryan said to him when Mark asked him if he would think about IT as well as PE.

Mark pouted and said he would see him later as Ryan went off to PE and he went to the IT suite to mess about with some program or other "god that boy can be so irritable" though Ryan as he undressed for his lesson.

The teacher came in and said "shorts only today gentlemen, I am going to work your little tails off in the gym and make you sweat buckets so no tee shirts okay?"  That was greeted by groans from the boys and tee shirts were stripped off now and also socks and plimsolls.

They filed into the gym bare chested and barefoot and were split in foursomes and given their orders, they were to do circuits for half an hour and then help each other on the vaulting horses, Ryan loved this as it really made him work and his agility shone through and there was the added bonus of seeing boys dressed in just their gym shorts.

The lesson over they filed covered in sweat into the changing rooms and the showers, they all showered today, even the boys who normally skipped it and it was a sight to see loads of swinging teen cocks make their way to the communal showers and the customary banter begin, something that Ryan would miss after he left.

A young lad named Shaun took up the showerhead next to Ryan and Ryan couldn't help noticing that Shaun's cock was swelling up and he was trying to hide it, he had a nice one as well, a good 5 inches Ryan reckoned and his foreskin was well back behind his knob and the knob was a deep purple colour, he smiled at Shaun and slightly turned to show Shaun his cock was erecting.

That didn't help Shaun much and he coloured up and turned away and quickly washed off and then grabbed his towel from the hook on the wall behind and wrapped it around his waist and seeing as it was an extra-large bath towel it hid his hard cock, Ryan shrugged his shoulders and carried on washing off the sweat and his cock subsided and he too washed off and then grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist and went and dried off by the lockers.

He didn't see Shaun about so he reckoned that he had dried off and dressed quick and left in embarrassment, but at the back of his mind he felt that Shaun was interested in him even though he went so quickly, he took his time getting dressed so as to let Mark finish his work in the IT department, then he went out and waited by the door of the IT department for Mark.

He could see Mark at a computer console and went and spoke to him "you ready to go Mark?" Ryan asked, "Ermmm I will be about an hour or so as I have to finish up  sorting a new program Ryan, I will see you at the college later okay" Mark answered "okay no problem, just thought you would want to walk home with me that's all" Ryan replied.

Mark smiled and said he was sorry, but would see him later, so Ryan left and went out of the main entrance and then to the main gate, Shaun was waiting by the gate and looked at Ryan "hey Shaun, what you waiting here for?" asked Ryan

"Nothing really, just waiting for a mate and he text me and said he had detention, so I was just going to go" Shaun replied and looked a bit sheepish "well want to walk along with me Shaun?" Ryan asked "sure Ryan we live close anyway" said Shaun and they set off.

That was certainly true as Shaun's house was in the next road from Ryan's and he often saw him around and they nodded towards each other a lot and sometimes chatted briefly, but Shaun was often with some other boys he didn't know, so they only mostly said hello.

They chatted as they walked, talking about what they would do when they finally left school, Shaun said he was going to an art college over the other side of town, Ryan told him he was thinking of PE at the main town college "well you should be right at home there Ryan, your brill at PE, I watched you loads of times" said Shaun and then he coloured up "Ermmm I mean in the gym like, you know when we are doing PE" he went on.

Ryan smiled and realized that Shaun was a bit embarrassed by how it had come out "It's okay Shaun I know what you mean, you like seeing fit lads" replied Ryan and grinned "Ermmm no oh Ermmm well you are fit, I mean in PE and that Ryan" said Shaun stuttering a bit and now with his face blood red and he was sweating.

"Would you like to come to mine for a drink or something Shaun?" asked Ryan "no-one's home until 6pm and then we are going straight off to the open night at college" he went on, Shaun looked a bit undecided but nodded his head so they put a spurt on and soon they were at Ryan's house.

Ryan showed Shaun in and went and grabbed two cans of cola from the fridge and said "come on upstairs to my room I want to get rid of my school stuff" Shaun nodded and they went upstairs and into Ryan's room and Ryan said to sit on the bed, Ryan dumped his school bag and then took off his school jacket.

Shaun was watching him like a hawk as he did, "I gotta take off these school clothes Shaun, I hate being in uniform after school" said Ryan and quick as a flash kicked off his shoes and undid his school tie and shirt, stripping off his shirt he threw it in the wash basket, he stood bare chested now and undid his school grey trousers and slipped those off and stood in his white pants and school socks and fumbled in a drawer looking for a pair of shorts, all the time giving Shaun a good eyeful of his sexy bum.

Shaun was gulping on his can of cola and getting decidedly hot under the collar, as he had watched Ryan strip down to his underpants and socks and his cock started to tent his trousers and he tried to reposition his cock while Ryan's back was turned, but seeing Ryan bending over and his beautiful pant covered bottom was practically full in his face was a lot for a 16 year old to take in.

Ryan finally found a pair of blue soccer shorts at the bottom of his drawer, he had seen then at first but had played out this little sexy scene for Shaun's benefit, to see if Shaun was getting all hot and bothered, Ryan then went and sat next to Shaun holding his shorts and started to chat to him, but Shaun seemed mesmerised with the undressed Ryan sitting next to him.

"Are you okay Shaun?" said Ryan and put his hand on Shaun's leg, that made him nearly jump and he stammered he was okay "you look hot Shaun, take off your jacket?" went on Ryan and helped him take it off and he threw it on a spare chair "aren't you going to put on your shorts Ryan?" said Shaun.

"Ermmm well I sometimes do a few stretches after a long session of PE, I feel it helps me relax Shaun, you don't mind me doing them do you?" replied Ryan and without getting a reply started to stand on one foot and stretch himself up and that made his hardening cock stand out more in his briefs.

Shaun watched him closely and Ryan though he heard him draw his breath a few times as he stretched and then bent over and showed Shaun his bum again, after a couple of minutes doing his stretches Ryan felt he had teased Shaun enough, it was time to find out if Shaun was up for doing something.

Shaun was in a state by now, his face was bright red and his cock was pulsing in his underpants and he really wanted to go before he shot his teen cum in his pants, anymore of Ryan stretching his sexy body would tip him over the edge, "I think I have to go now" said Shaun and stood up "why Shaun you haven't been here more than five minutes?" replied Ryan and came over to him still only clad in his white briefs and school socks "besides I think you have enjoyed what I have done so far, judging by what's showing below I know you have" Ryan went on and grinned and looked at Shaun's bulge.

"Ermmm ohh god, I'm sorry Ryan" Shaun stammered "hey it's alright Shaun; we all get them, look at me?" Ryan replied and thrust his hips forward and showed Shaun he had a tent in his briefs and he was leaking precum, Shaun looked and nearly passed out, by now Ryan was in front of Shaun and he reached out and stroked Shaun's bulge, Shaun looked apprehensive at first and was breathing shallowly, Ryan ran his hand up and down Shaun's bulge and Shaun closed his eyes and moaned softly.

Seeing as how Shaun wasn't stopping him he unzipped Shaun's fly and reached in and fished around and pulled Shaun's very erect teen cock out "ohh fuck oohh god" Shaun moaned as Ryan rubbed up and down his very swollen cock, pulling the foreskin back and exposing his very red knob that was leaking precum like a tap, Ryan leaned in and whispered to Shaun "do me Shaun, pull out my cock, it's so hard it's hurting" Shaun did as he was told and fumbled at Ryan white cotton boxers and fished out his hard boy cock "ohh  yeah nice" Shaun groaned as the wet cock slipped around his hand.

They both started to masturbate each other and Shaun closed his eyes as another boy's hand wanked him, the first time ever that another boy had touched his cock, his balls felt tight and he knew he couldn't last as Ryan was really going for it and he was wanking Ryan furiously as well, Ryan stopped and quick as a flash undid Shaun's school trousers and pulled them down along with Shaun's, underpants he felt at Shaun's ball sack and that made the boy moan again.

Ryan pulled Shaun in closer and lent into him and looked him right in the eye and then tried to kiss him, at first Shaun resisted and then let Ryan kiss him on the lips and try to penetrate his mouth with his tongue, Shaun eventually let his tongue in and they swirled together as Ryan wanked Shaun and ran his hand under his shirt and felt at his taunt back and down to his bum, Shaun had a lovely boy bum, not massive like some boys, but firm and soft to the touch.

"I'm close Ryan" whispered Shaun  "let's get on the bed then" replied Ryan and pulled apart, Shaun whipped off his trousers and underpants and undid his shirt and tie and lay on the bed in just his grey socks as Ryan took off his underpants and lay down beside him "lie on top of me and rub your cock up mine Shaun" said Ryan and he lay on his back with his legs open and Shaun climbed on top of him and lowered himself onto Ryan and rubbed his hard cock over Ryan's hard cock "argghh ohh yeah ohh fuck yeah ohh" they both moaned as Shaun effectively fucked his cock up Ryan's.

"Ohh yeah I am going to cum ohhhh mmm ohh" Ryan moaned "yeah me to I reckon panted Shaun as he rubbed his cock over Ryan's. Within a minute both boy's cried out as they shot their hot sperm between themselves, first Ryan followed a split second behind by Shaun, Shaun collapsed on top of Ryan moaning in pleasure, the hot boy semen between them and make a squishing sound as he and Ryan rolled over and parted.

"Wow we made a mess Ryan" said Shaun as he looked at his softening cock and at Ryan's "no problem we can clean up in the bathroom down the hall and both boy's climbed off the bed and Ryan led the way to the bathroom and handed Shaun a wet soapy wash cloth to wipe himself with, he watched as Shaun meticulously cleaned his cock, pulling back the foreskin and wiping the residue of the sperm from underneath.

Having cleaned up he passed the cloth to Ryan who washed it out and put more soap on it and wiped himself and his cock clean, they both dried and then made their way naked back to Ryan's room, on the way Ryan had a feel of Shaun's lovely bum and made a comment that he always fancied Shaun's bum when he saw it in the changing room.

Shaun grinned at him and said he had to go, so started to dress back into his school uniform as Ryan watched him still naked, his cock had stirred back to life and was sticking upright "god don't you ever go down Ryan" said Shaun with a grin "not when I have a sexy boy like you in my bedroom" replied Ryan and grinned back.

Shaun grabbed his bag and came over to Ryan and had a feel of Ryan's hard cock, causing the boy to moan "do you have to go so soon?" said Ryan  "sorry I have to, I have to get something to eat and then change then we are off to the art college open night" Shaun replied

"Oh fuck yeah I clean forgot, yeah you are right, but I want us to do this again Shaun" Ryan said

"Yeah so do I but please Ryan don't tell anyone will you, I know your friends with that Mark but please no one at all okay?" pleaded Shaun

"Hey Shaun, no probs mate, I don't want anyone to know I'm gay, well not yet anyway, as long as you don't tell anyone as well" Ryan replied

"Well I think I am bisexual anyway, I have a girlfriend but other than letting me kiss her we haven't done anything so doing stuff with a sexy boy like you is a welcome bonus, and I ain't going to tell a soul" Shaun said

"Thanks mate I knew I could trust you, see you tomorrow at school okay and if you want to come back home with me that's fine as well" said Ryan and slipped on his underpants and soccer shorts and a tee shirt and showed Shaun downstairs and out and said goodbye to him, he went back upstairs after he grabbed himself a snack from the fridge and switched on his laptop to check his emails and found he had a load from Mark, all about seeing him at the college later, he replied to one and then went and lay on the bed and drifted off to sleep and dreamt of sexy Shaun and what they did earlier.

End of part two

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