Ryan And Mark Part 4

Ryan finished off sorting out his old school stuff and went downstairs to have his dinner, after a good meal, Ryan offered to wash the dishes and then went and told his rents he was off upstairs to watch some television.

He lay on the bed watching some wildlife program and thought about meeting Shaun the next day, he felt a little apprehensive, but also excited, Shaun seemed very keen on him but to Ryan it was just sexy fun he wanted, not commitment.

He watched a bit more then decided to go to bed as he had an early start, he set his alarm for 8am and stripped to his underpants and climbed into bed, he thought about a wank, but decided that the next day he would be having a lot of sex so just switched off the light and fell quickly asleep.

His alarm went off and he groaned and decided to have a bit longer in bed, but his phone rang and it was Shaun "hey sexy Ryan" said Shaun "hey Shaun" answered Ryan sleepily "you still in bed Ryan?" asked Shaun

"Yeah, alarm just went off and I was in wake up time" Ryan said

"Mmm, is your cock hard?" giggled Shaun

Ryan had a feel down below and yes his cock was absolutely rock hard "yeah its rock hard and waiting for some attention from you" Ryan answered

"Oh fuck yeah I wanna give it some TLC" groaned Shaun "get your self over here asap Ryan, I so want you naked on my bed" he continued

"Mmmm that sounds good, give me half and hour to get showered and ready and have a bit of breakfast and I will be there" replied Ryan

"Okay hurry please Ryan, I am so hard here thinking of your sexy body" went on Shaun, they said their goodbyes and rang off, Ryan's rents had left for work so he got up and slipped off his white underpants and walked naked with his hard cock leading the way to the bathroom and did his business and had a quick shower, he dried off and went back to his room and dressed in clean white underpants and his cargo shorts as it was a brilliantly sunny day outside and he reckoned it would be warm, he grabbed a blue polo shirt from his closet and slipped on his trainers with no socks and headed downstairs and grabbed some cereal.

After washing up his dish and a quick clean of his teeth he set off on the short walk to Shaun's house, he rang the bell and soon was greeted by Shaun who was just dressed in white cotton boxers and he grabbed hold of Ryan and pulled him inside quick and pressed his against the wall and kissed him deeply, after a couple of minutes Ryan broke the lip lock "Mmmm seems like someone is eager" he said

"Yeah, I so want you Ryan, let's go upstairs to my room" said Shaun, they went up the stairs and into Shaun's bedroom at the back, it was a modest room, with the usual television and dvd player, and a desk with a laptop on a an easel that Shaun did his art on.

"Get undressed Ryan" said Shaun, Ryan started to undress, taking off his polo shirt and kicking off his trainers and then slipping down his cargo shorts, Shaun lay on the bed watching him intently with his white boxers tented and he rubbed at his hard cock "mmm, your so sexy" Shaun cooed.

Ryan joined him in his white boxers on the bed and his were tented and he lay next to Shaun and they fondled each other's cocks through the white cotton of their underpants, both boys were moaning and they came together and kissed deeply "rub up on top of me Ryan" moaned Shaun.

Ryan did as he was told and pushed his and Shaun's underpants down and their hard teen cocks rubbed together and Ryan held on to Shaun tight as he rubbed his taunt teen body up and down Shaun's "ohh fuck yeah ohh god Argghh ummm" moaned Shaun as Ryan picked up speed rubbing his throbbing cock up and down Shaun's cock.

Ryan thought about Mark as he rubbed up and down Shaun, somehow this is not what he wanted, he had wanted more from Shaun, maybe a bit of sucking, he would do anything, but somehow he thought he wasn't going to get any more, Ryan stopped rubbing up and down and rolled off Shaun.

"What's the matter Ryan?" Shaun queried "I'm close to cumming Shaun and I want to prolong it a bit more "Ryan replied and proceeded to rub Shaun's foreskin up and down, "well I need to get off Ryan, wank me harder please" Shaun said

With his other hand he felt at Shaun's balls and then moved a finger into his bum hole, "what you doing?" said Shaun looking alarmed "I am just stimulating you more Shaun, I saw it on the net where if you finger a lad's bum he gets harder and it turns him on more" answered Ryan as he pushed a finger into Shaun's bum hole "argghh fuck no, no I don't want that Ryan" Shaun squealed and moved his bottom away "it fucking hurts too much" he carried on

"Okay I'm sorry Shaun, I guess anal play is not for you" Ryan explained as he carried on wanking Shaun's cock "yeah just wank me please, ohh yeah that feels good" Shaun replied and closed his eyes "argghh fuck yeah I'm close" Shaun moaned "argghh ohh its here argghh oohh" Shaun groaned and his cock erupted his teen sperm onto his bare belly, four good spurts of hot teen sperm and a few lesser ones lay on his heaving chest.

Ryan stopped wanking him and lay watching Shaun grab his underpants and wipe himself clean "I gotta go out soon Ryan, I will get you off and then you have to go okay?" Shaun said and grabbed hold of Ryan's twitching cock "Arghh fuck ohh, that's hurting Shaun" shouted Ryan and pushed Shaun's hand off his cock "Fuck! You hurt my cock, you grabbed it hard Shaun and it hurt like hell" Ryan carried on. "I'm sorry Ryan, I didn't mean to grab your cock so hard, but we got to be quick as I have to go into town soon" explained Shaun

"Okay never mind wanking me Shaun, let's get dressed" Ryan said Ryan got off the bed and pulled on his white cotton underpants and his shorts and slipped on his polo shirt and fastened his trainers, "sorry Ryan. Don't be mad at me" Shaun said and looked a bit crestfallen "I wanted a bit loner Shaun, and to go a bit further as well" Ryan answered as he dressed.

"What you mean go further?" asked Shaun

"I wanted us to do other things like sucking each other and fingering each others bum holes, I'd even lick your hole as long as it's clean and swallow your sperm" went on Ryan

Shaun looked at Ryan and screwed up his nose "Ewww!! That's gross," exclaimed Shaun "I would never do that Ryan" he went on

"Well it's what gay boy's do Shaun, they give each other sexual pleasure, by fingering each other and sucking each other's cocks and balls and licking bum holes and eventually fucking each others bums!" Ryan said

"Not me Ryan, that's not for me" Shaun remarked and looked at Ryan alarmed "well your not fucking gay then!" shouted Ryan "I am Shaun, fully gay and proud of it" Ryan shouted again

Ryan set off downstairs in a totally bad mood and opened Shaun's front door "well fuck off then you queer arse, go find your geek boyfriend and get him fuck your arse!!" Shaun shouted back at him as he stood at the top of the stairs as Ryan slammed the front door as he left Shaun's.

Ryan walked down the road in a furious mood, his mind was in turmoil, he didn't really know why he said what he said in Shaun's and now Shaun had called him a queer arse, well what was Shaun if not queer after what they had done, he got home and went inside and slammed the door shut in a rage, heading to his room he switched on his laptop and looked to see if Mark was online, he wasn't but Shaun was, he was about to switch off his MSN Messenger when Shaun sent a message.

"Hey Ryan, I am sorry for what I said as you left, I didn't mean it mate, forgive me please, I acted like an arsehole" wrote Shaun

For a couple of minutes Ryan didn't answer then he typed" it's okay Shaun I forgive you, I just couldn't understand why you wanted me to leave so quick, I thought we had time to have some sexy fun, it's okay if you wanted to take it steady, but throwing me out like that made me mad"

Shaun replied back "I dunno what's up with me lately Ryan, one minute I am all for some sexy fun and then I get cold feet, my rents are very homophobic and dad especially scares me when he watches anything that has gay men in it, he rants that they all should be hunted down and killed for sport"

"All this has got me in such a state at times I hate what I am" he carried on typing

What Ryan couldn't see was that Shaun was now shaking and crying at his computer "Well take it easy okay Shaun, perhaps we should cool it a bit okay?" Ryan answered

"Anyway I have to go now Ryan, take care and I will see you later okay?" typed Shaun; Ryan typed back to take care and said he would call him later and then Shaun logged off.

Ryan got his stuff together to go to Mark's and unplugged his laptop and stowed it into his backpack, he set off after a few minutes and seemed calmer now, but worried about Shaun as he was normally a happy smiling boy, he could see he was upset if his rents found out he was gay and what they would do.

He had to call Mark on his mobile, as he seemed to have got lost in Mark's part of town, Mark answered and giggled as he guided Ryan to his house, Ryan soon found it now and stood at the end of the drive not believing that Mark could live in such a big house, he went up the drive and rang the bell, a few minutes later the door opened and Mark stood beaming at him, he was dressed in grey track pants and a tee shirt and ushered him into a bright and very large entrance hall.

"Welcome to my humble home Ryan" said Mark and grinned; "well I wouldn't call it humble Mark, the word opulent comes to mind actually" replied Ryan, looking around the large entrance hall.

"Let me take your bags Ryan, and I will show you upstairs and your room" went on Mark and took his backpack and shoulder bags off Ryan, Ryan grinned and followed Mark up the staircase and down a corridor to the end, Mark opened a door "my mum has set a room for you next to mine Ryan".

Ryan stood in amazement as he gazed into a massive room with a king size bed, Mark ushered him in and opened a door at the back and told him it was his private bathroom "but I reckon you don't want to stay in this room do you?" asked Mark and grinned at him, Ryan was speechless at first and then said "I don't?" "No you don't" went on Mark and grinned again "you will be in my room with me, which is next door, but to placate my rents we should show that you have been in this room" he went on.

He went over to the bed and pulled back the covers and jumped in and moved around a bit , "come on Ryan , help me out a bit" Mark said and beckoned him over, Ryan went and climbed into bed with Mark and they wrestled about a bit and sort of messed the bed up, "that will do I think, it looks like you slept in it now" Mark said and they both climbed out of the bed, both teenagers were hard now after the wrestling in bed .

They left the room and Mark opened the door next to Ryan's supposed room and ushered Ryan in, this room was even bigger and had a large office desk against one wall and on it was three computer monitors arranged in a sort of half circle, plus a laptop open at the end and a large office chair on wheels as well.

"Wow! You have some computer stuff here Mark" exclaimed Ryan "well this is just a bit of it really" replied Mark, he went over to a door and opened it and switched on a light, Ryan came over and peered inside, there was a table against the wall with two monitors on and a table on the other wall with various computers in bits, Mark explained that they were projects he was working on in this room.

Mark helped Ryan unpack and grabbed his laptop and put it on the end of the desk, he plugged it in and switched it on and configured it to his wireless Internet, Ryan explained he had worked a plan out for Mark's fitness regime, Mark rolled his eyes at that and Ryan grinned and said it wasn't anything heavy, but first he had to check him over Ryan said.

Mark looked puzzled "I need to weigh you Mark" said Ryan "oh right, well lets go into my bathroom as I have a set of digital scales in there" Mark replied and opened another door and showed Ryan into the bathroom "have you got underpants on under your trackies Mark" asked Ryan, Mark blushed slightly "yes I have, why?" replied Mark

"Well I have to take accurate weight measurements, so take off your tee shirt and track pants please" said Ryan and looked nonplussed at Mark, Mark looked at Ryan and then shrugged his shoulders and slipped out of his tee shirt and kicked off his trainers and pushed his track pants off, he stood there just in his white briefs and stood slightly to attention as Ryan gazed it him.

Ryan looked at Mark's slim body, although he looked quite thin he did have some definition in his chest, not much but some, and his bum did stick out quite nicely in his sexy white y fronts, Ryan also noticed a pronounced bulge in his y fronts as well "okay stand on the scales please Mark" asked Ryan, Mark did as he was told and stood barefoot on the scales and the digital readout read 112 pounds.

"Mmm you are well underweight for your height and age Mark, I have put together a food plan that you can use coupled with a few exercises to help you muscle up a bit" said Ryan and looked at the sexy Mark standing just in his white y fronts, he was getting an erection just looking at him, "What about you? What do you weigh Ryan?" asked Mark.

"Ermm, well I don't actually know at the moment" answered Ryan "why do you ask?" he went on quickly "well I would like an idea on what I am aiming for," replied Mark lying

"Maybe we should weigh you as well" Mark went on "Mmm okay" Ryan replied falling for the ploy, Ryan kicked off his trainers and slipped off his polo shirt and undid his cargo shorts and let them drop and he stepped out of them and stood just in his white cotton trunk underpants, Mark's heart skipped a beat on looking at this really sexy 16 year old just in his underpants, his cock started to firm up in his briefs as Ryan stood on the scales and the readout said 144 pounds and Ryan explained that was the right weight for his age and height.

"Mmm well it certainly ticks all my boxes" said Mark and he grinned at Ryan "lets go back to the bedroom" he went on, Ryan went to pull on his shorts but Mark stopped him "no need for those yet Ryan" he said; Ryan grinned and followed Mark out to the bedroom again and they stood at the foot of the bed facing each other, Mark leaned into Ryan and kissed him lightly on the lips, getting no objection he came closer and held him tighter and kissed him harder and got a positive response from Ryan who kissed him back.

They swapped tongues and held each other tight, there teen cocks hardened in their underpants and we touching through the fabric, their nipples were hard as well and electricity was surging through each other's bodies "ohh fuck Ryan, I want you so much!" Mark moaned "I have dreamt of this moment and getting you alone" he went on " I have wanted you as well Mark, I don't know why, but every time I saw you at school I wanted to be with you" Ryan replied

They hugged each other, then Ryan dropped his head to suck on Mark's left nipple "arghh ohh ahhhh mmm" Mark moaned as Ryan sucked deeply on Mark's pronounced nipple, Ryan rubbed his hands over Mark's bare back and down to his bum cheeks, Ryan dropped to his knees and looked up at Mark in anticipation and put his hands on the waistband of Mark's underpants, Mark's cock was tenting them obscenely and he nodded slightly so his cock could be free of constraint.

Ryan pulled down Mark's y fronts and his cock flirted up into view, it was around 5 inches and thinner than Ryan's, topped with a bulbous circumcised knob that was fatter than the shaft and was leaking precum making it purple and shiny, his balls hung down low and had just a few hairs on them, with a bit more hair on his stomach just above his cock "oohh that's a beauty Mark!" Ryan exclaimed.

Mark blushed and kicked off his underpants and stood totally naked and erect, with his cock pointing to the ceiling, Ryan took his cock head into his mouth and Mark gasped as his friend sucked on his bare knob "ohh yes, ohh Ryan yes suck me please" Mark moaned, Ryan continued sucking on Mark's cock as Mark held Ryan's head, he probed between Mark's legs and felt at his balls, Mark opened them slightly and let Ryan probe further and finding his hole he inserted his middle finger.

"Arghh oohh mmm, yeah ohh fuck yeah" moaned Mark as Ryan inserted another finger in his boy hole, he held on to Ryan's head and gently fucked his mouth as Ryan fingered his bum hole, "ohh yeah I'm going to cum soon" Mark blurted out, he then pushed Ryan's head away and his mouth off his throbbing cock, Ryan took his fingers out of Mark's bum hole as well, and he looked alarmed at Mark.

"It's okay, I don't want to cum yet Ryan, and I want you to fuck me!" Mark exclaimed "I have never fucked anyone Mark" Ryan said "well I have never been fucked either, but for a few months now I have been putting things inside me to help me when I did get a cock in me, I read on the net that it can hurt first time" went on Mark, "and I want it to be you who takes my virginity" he carried on.

Ryan stood up and slid down his tented white pants and now he was as naked as Mark, Mark looked at the fat 6 inch throbbing cock of Ryan's with his foreskin still over his knob, Ryan pulled back the skin and bared his knob, it was red with desire and leaking precum, "you really want this up your bum Mark?" asked Ryan as he slowly wanked himself and moaned softly as he pulled his foreskin right back.

Mark gulped slightly and thought about it again, but wanting Ryan to make love to him meant he had to take his cock inside him, "yes I definitely want you to fuck me Ryan" Mark said and lay on the bed on his back and then reached over to the bedside cabinet and opened the top drawer and pulled out a tube of lube, "here spread this on your cock and into my bum hole and then I will lift my legs and you can get inside me" Mark went on

Ryan took the tube and opened the cap and smeared some on his hard cock, he got it good and slippery and then Mark lifted up his legs and held them behind his knees and exposed his virgin boy hole to Ryan, he squirted some lube into his hole and fingered it in and that made Mark moan and close his eyes, when he thought he had put a good load in he put the tube onto the cabinet and positioned himself on the bed so his hard throbbing cock was against Mark's bum hole, he leant up and probed to get his knob into Mark's boy hole.

At first he missed and then he scooted up closer and Mark rested his legs on Ryan's shoulders, the thinner boy was quite supple and Ryan found his target and his knob slipped inside Mark's puckered bum hole "arggh ohh arggh ohh" Mark moaned "it hurts Ryan stop please, just stop, don't pull out, let me get used to it" Mark cried

"Okay I will stop, but if it keeps on hurting you I will stop Mark, I am not going to hurt you" answered Ryan and he stopped pushing in, they gazed into each other's eyes and they both knew they were in love with each other, the pain subsided and Mark told Ryan to carry on and push into him, Ryan nodded and continued slowly and although he could see Mark wince now and again he didn't cry out and soon he had all his teenage cock inside Mark's bum.

"Ohh fuck yeah, ohh god that feels great Ryan, I feel so full" Mark groaned "now fuck me please, gently though at first and then go for it okay?" he went on, Ryan nodded and started to thrust into Mark, slowly at first and then he picked up speed as Ryan moaned and groaned "arggh ohh yeah fuck me hard Ryan, fuck me so hard I moan!" Mark cried out.

By now Ryan was ramming his cock deep into Mark's bum and sweating in the warmth of Mark's bedroom, his ball sack was slapping against Mark's bum and soon he felt he was about to cum, "arghh ohh Mark, I'm close" Ryan groaned, he was now hitting Mark's boy prostate and Mark was having electric charges shooting inside his bum and his cock was throbbing and leaking masses of teen precum "arghh ohh yeah oh fuck yeah oohh, I'm close too, fuck me hard Ryan, do me good and hard my lover" Mark growled and rolled his head from side to side.

Ryan rammed hard into Mark and he shot 4 good spurts of his teen sperm into Mark's bum followed by at least 3 lesser spurts of his hot boy cream, Mark shot his cum onto his bare chest and some even hit him in his face, five or six spurts of his hot sperm splashed all over him, slowly Ryan came to a halt and collapsed panting onto Mark, Mark's sperm squashed between them and they kissed deeply and passionately as Ryan's cock softened in Mark's bum and gradually slipped out leaving Mark a little sad that he wasn't full anymore.

"Fuck that was good" moaned Mark as Ryan lifted himself off Mark and lay at his side and surveyed the cooling sperm that was coating both of their bare chests, Mark leaned over and licked his sperm off Ryan's sexy chest and then Ryan cleaned off Mark's slim bare chest and having regained composure they got up and looked at each other, their cocks had softened and hung between their legs, Ryan's balls hung down and so did Mark's, they reached out and felt at each other's testicles "mmm, that was fucking awesome" said Ryan "man you're a great lover" replied Mark "come on let's clean up in the shower, then have a spot of lunch, I'm starving" went on Mark.

So both naked 16 year olds went into Mark's bathroom and Mark turned on the big shower and they both stood underneath the large shower head and Mark grabbed some shower gel and squeezed some over Ryan and passed it to him to squeeze some on him, they lathered up and washed each other's backs and balls and they both sprang boners and stroked each others cocks, having washed off the soap Mark dropped to his knees and took Ryan's cock into his mouth and Ryan leaned back on the shower wall and closed his eyes as Mark sucked his cock head.

He blasted another load out into Mark's mouth and he gulped it down, then Ryan dropped to his knees and took Mark's cut cock into his mouth and sucked a good load again out of Mark, they cleaned off and wrapped large bath towels around them after they dried off and left the bathroom to go downstairs to the kitchen, where Mark made them a pile of sandwiches and they ate greedily, they went back upstairs and to Mark's room and both of them took off the towels and lay on Mark's king-sized bed and they cuddled and kissed and dozed off in the warm afternoon.

End of Part Four

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