Ryan and Mark Part 5




Ryan awoke first, he blinked and saw they had been asleep an hour or so, Mark was asleep aside him just snoring gently, both were totally naked and Ryan took the opportunity to have a look at Mark's naked body.

He was laying on his back and his cock was soft and lay to one side on his bare stomach, Ryan marvelled at how Mark was circumcised, the head was perfect, a nice plum shaped head and the scar only slightly visible on the shaft, he looked about  4 inches soft, but Ryan knew he was a grower to around 6 inches, his balls hung low between his legs and Ryan reached out to feel the softness of then, just then Mark moaned softly as Ryan felt at them and rolled his eggs in his fingers.

Mark stirred slightly and opened his eyes and stared at Ryan feeling his ball sack "Mmm that's nice, seems like somebody wants to feel at my treasure trove" moaned Mark

Ryan laughed at that description, "just checking your healthy Mark, I am your personal trainer after all" Mark replied and grinned at the naked Mark.

They both got off the bed and stood naked at the end of it "right Mark, time you did some exercise so I can assess you" said Ryan "okay let me get my PE shorts on then" answered Mark " no naked is fine for what I have in mind" replied Ryan.

"I want you to drop to the floor and do as many press-ups as you can" said Ryan

"What now!!?" asked Mark and looked surprised "yes now Mark, right now in fact, come on!" Ryan replied and stood with his arms folded

Mark dropped down and started his press-ups, Ryan watched his shapely back and bare bum go up and down, his cock hardened the more he looked and soon it was full mast.

Mark managed around thirty before he collapsed on the floor with fatigue "ohh fuck! That's it Ryan, no more!"  Mark exclaimed as he lay panting on the floor, he turned over and saw Ryan standing over him with a full erection.

"Mmmm well somebody seemed to have enjoyed me getting all hot and bothered" Mark said quick as a flash Mark scrambled to his knees and pulled Ryan's cock down and into his mouth, he sucked hard on the teen boy's foreskin covered knob "ohh ummm ohh yeah" Ryan moaned and held Mark's head as he bobbed up and down on his swollen cock.

Mark continued to suck on Ryan's cock as Ryan moaned and groaned, Mark wanked his own cock as Ryan shouted "ohh fuck yeah I'm cumming" and held Mark's head tight and shot a good few spurts of his hot teen sperm down Mark's throat.

"Fuck that was good, your one hell of a good cock sucker Mark," said Ryan, he looked down at Mark who was furiously wanking his own cock "Mark! Stop please, will you fuck me?" Ryan exclaimed.

"I don't know Ryan, you haven't had a cock in you yet have you?" Mark said,  "no well until today you didn't either" Ryan replied

"Yes that's true but I had prepared for awhile in putting things in my bum" replied Mark "well put something up my bum, as long as it's followed by your cock" Ryan said and grinned

Mark nodded and also grinned and went and got a home made dildo he had made from wood, it was reasonably thick, with a knob shaped end and had been smoothed with sandpaper, he greased it up with lube and then asked Ryan to bend over the bed.

Ryan did as he was told and Mark came behind him and lubed up his bum hole and fingered him a bit, Ryan started to moan as first one finger went in then another and then the dildo was inserted and he yelped as it stretched his sphincter muscle  "argghh fuck ohh hell!" he exclaimed as the smooth wooden dildo was inserted

"I will stop pushing it in so you can get used to it Ryan" said Mark

"Okay thanks I just need a few minutes to get used to it Mark" replied Ryan, after about 5 minutes Mark continued to push it in and although at times he felt pain Ryan didn't cry out, soon the whole of it was inside Ryan, around 6 inches had gone in and Mark was now pushing it in and pulling it out.

"Arghh fuck, yeah oohh yeah that feels good Mark" Ryan moaned as Mark pushed it in again, Mark did it for about 10 minutes and also lubed his own hard cock up ready to penetrate Ryan's bum hole.

Having done enough he took out the dildo and Ryan felt empty. Quick as a flash Mark grabbed his hips and positioned his cock head at Ryan's bum hole entrance and pushed in "arghh ohh fuck, Ohh fucking hell that feels great" moaned Ryan as Mark picked up a rhythm and started to fuck him deeper.

Mark seemed to have endless energy as he rammed deep into Ryan's bum and he was hitting Ryan's prostate with every thrust, causing electric shocks all through the young boy's body.

"Arghh ohh this is so fucking good!" moaned Ryan as every thrust of Mark Halsey's cock hit something inside him and his own cock jerked and he felt as though he wanted to cum.

All too soon Mark was getting ready to shoot his sperm into Ryan's bowels "argghh fuck I'm cumming" he moaned and gripped Ryan tighter and thrust in harder and shot rope after rope of his teen seed into Ryan, that set Ryan off and he shot all over Mark's bed sheet, a good few blasts of his hot teen sperm.

Mark pulled out and lay on the bed and calmed down, his cock subsided and lay against his thigh as he lay, Ryan collapsed aside of him and leaned over and kissed him deeply "thank you Mark" he said "what for?" answered Mark "for taking my virginity, you did it how I wanted" said Ryan.

Mark grinned and replied "it was a pleasure Ryan, you have one sexy bum you know" "but now we need to shower and sort out some dinner, how about we go out to eat?" he went on

"Well cleaning up is a good idea" Ryan said as he felt Mark's sperm leaking out of his bum "but I don't have a lot of money Mark" Ryan replied

"That's no problem, I have enough for both of us" Mark said and walked over to a set of cupboards and opened the top drawer and pulled out a wad of cash "fucking hell Mark! How much is there?" asked Ryan wide eyed.

"I don't know, my dad gave it to me a few weeks ago and I forgot about it" Mark replied

They both sat on the bed and counted the notes, "fucking hell!! There is 600 here Mark, why did he give you this much? Ryan asked "well a few weeks ago I helped my dad crack a computer he bought in, it had multiple passwords and it only took me about an hour, he was grateful and gave me this and a bit more, that was put in my bank account direct" Mark answered.

They put the money to one side and Mark grabbed the cum covered bed sheet and took it to the wash basket he kept in his bathroom, he grabbed another from the store cupboard and Ryan helped him put it on the bed, then they went into the bathroom again and Mark switched on the shower and they both got underneath it and washed off their loving making.

Ryan washed Mark's sexy back with shower gel and his bum as well, Mark reciprocated and washed Ryan's sexy back and chubby bum and washed out his sperm, he reached round and pulled Ryan's foreskin back and washed his cock head, making Ryan wiggle and giggle, Mark's cock was hard again and rubbing in Ryan's crack as he washed Ryan's throbbing cock.

The washing turned to wanking and Mark was rubbing his swollen cock up and down Ryan's crack and getting ready to spurt again when Ryan cried out and shot 3 spurts of his teen sperm onto the shower wall, Mark followed suit and shot his cum up Ryan's sexy muscular back, they both now clamed down and washed the sperm away and climbed out and Mark grabbed two big bath towels and they both dried off and then went out naked to Mark's bedroom.

"Let's see what I have to wear Ryan" Mark said and opened a big closet door, inside was at least 20 suits on hangers "wow!" Ryan exclaimed, "You have some suits Mark" he went on.

Mark grabbed a grey one and held it against Ryan "this seems your size Ryan" Mark said "why don't we both get dressed up and go to that restaurant we went to after the college night?" he went on

Ryan stood and gawped at Mark and his offer "you sure Mark?" Ryan replied, "Yeah why not use some of that money? Its just laying in the drawer" went on Mark

"Besides you look good in a suit and I want to show you off" Mark said and grinned Ryan grinned back as Mark sorted through his drawers and found a new pair of white underpants and some new grey school type socks and a new white shirt and handed them to Ryan "try these Ryan, they should fit you as I noticed your underpants size earlier" Mark said.

Ryan unwrapped the underpants and socks and slipped them on, the white cotton briefs fitted him perfectly as did the grey socks "makes me look like a schoolboy again" Ryan chimed.

"A sexy schoolboy though Ryan" replied Mark and leaned in and kissed Ryan as he felt at Ryan's boy bulge, Mark picked himself a nice blue suit and tie out and a grey and red striped one for Ryan, they both dressed fully now and then Mark picked up his mobile phone and rang the restaurant and booked a table for 2 and a taxi to pick them up.

They went to the kitchen and Mark grabbed a couple of small beers from the fridge as they waited for the taxi, handing one to Ryan they sat at the kitchen table drinking them, they had hardly finished when the taxi arrived, setting of out Ryan kissed Mark quickly before they left the house " I love you Mark Halsey" Ryan said and smiled at him "I love you too Ryan Evan's" replied Ryan.

They set off for the restaurant and were soon there and booked the taxi back for 10 pm, the head waiter met them and escorted them to a small table in the corner, he handed them the drinks menu and said, "I know your only both 16, but I think a small carafe of house wine will go down okay young Mr Halsey and I won't tell your father".

"Thank you Marco, red wine please and two of your very best steaks with all the trimmings please" Mark said

"Of course Sir, as usual medium to well done" Marc said and gathered the menus up and bid the wine waiter to serve them, they had a lovely meal and even a small cognac with their coffee after, and they chatted about college and the time zipped by and the taxi had arrived to pick them up, Mark paid the bill and tipped the waiter generously and slipped Marc a couple of notes as they left and thanked him.

Ryan was nodding off in the cab as they went home and laid his head on Mark's shoulder, the cab driver noticed this in his rear view mirror and smiled to himself, soon they were home and Mark paid the taxi off and they went inside Mark's large home, they both went straight upstairs after Mark reset the burglar alarm, and they stripped naked and climbed into bed.

Mark leaned over to Ryan and kissed him and they felt at each others cocks, but both were flaccid and they were too tired to do anything, so just kissed and said goodnight and Mark switched out the bedside lamp and within minutes they were fast asleep.

The next day, Saturday, they lay in and it was almost midday when either of them stirred, Mark first this time as he needed to pee, when he came back he noticed the bed clothes were tented and he pulled back the covers and exposed Ryan's cock, erect, he gazed at it's rigidity, noticing its slight twitching as the blood surged through the shaft, he climbed in bed his side and proceeded to stroke Ryan's hard cock, puling the foreskin gently back and forth up the shaft.

His cock was leaking precum so Mark leaned over and took the now bared head into his mouth and sucked on the sweet nectar that was precum, all this sucking awoke Ryan and he blinked and stared at Mark's head bobbing on his swollen cock "ohh mmm ohh argggh" he gently moaned as Mark sucked his cock head.

Mark looked up at Ryan and grinned and went back to sucking on Ryan's cock "ohh yeah ohh fuck yeah" Ryan moaned again "I'm going blow soon Mark, arghh yeah ohh here it comes" moaned Ryan and shot three good spurts of his sweet hot teen sperm into Mark's mouth, followed by three lesser ones.

Mark pulled off Ryan's cock after cleaning it up with his mouth "you ready for some brunch Ryan?" Mark asked as he wiped his chin of a bit of Ryan's sperm.

"Looks like you just had yours Mark" replied Ryan and giggled "well I'm starving" replied Mark and got out of bed, Ryan followed him and went into the bathroom to pee and then joined Mark downstairs in the kitchen, Mark had put the coffee maker on and went to collect the mail at the door, when he came back Ryan was sitting naked at the kitchen table, sipping OJ.

"There is cereal in the cupboard if you want it, I will do us some scrambled eggs and toast as well, is that okay Ryan?" Mark said

Ryan nodded and headed over to the cupboard and grabbed himself a packet of cornflakes and Mark handed him a cereal bowl and a spoon and the milk, coffee was made and Mark and Ryan sipped a steaming mug and then Mark started on the scrambled eggs, a half hour or so later they were both sitting back relaxing after a hearty breakfast when the phone went and it was Mark's dad checking up on them.

Mark chatted to him a bit and then said his goodbyes and Ryan shouted his goodbye as well, then they sat and decided what they were going to do for the rest of the day "how about I take you shopping Ryan?" exclaimed Mark after they had thought for a bit "why would you want to do that Mark?" asked Ryan.

"Well I thought I might buy you some clothes, a suit maybe or two, some underwear, socks new shoes, shirts, tie ohh the list his endless" Mark went on and giggled

Ryan looked at him a bit warily "well I have clothes at home Mark, and last night you let me wear your suit, or one of them anyway, I don't need any clothes" Ryan said

"I just want to treat my lover, I have all this money and more and nothing to spend it on, it will only go on computer stuff that I probably don't need anyway, if your worried about what your rents will say, then you can leave it here and wear it when you come to stay again" replied Mark

Ryan thought about it for a minute or two and then smiled at Mark "well if you want to, then that's what we will do, saves me carting stuff over every time I stop here, if there's going to be any more times that is?" Ryan said

"Of course there is, we can get together when ever you want, especially when the rents are away, they usually go off to our place in Spain for a couple of months every summer" explained Mark

"You have a place in Spain as well?" enquired Ryan "yes a four bed villa in Marbella, with swimming pool of course, perhaps we can go ourselves, hopefully when the rents aren't there, its secluded and we can go nude all day, get an all over tan" replied Mark and giggled

"Wow! That would be great, I love the sun and nude sunbathing, only done it once though in Spain when I was 14, with another boy from the UK, we found a secluded beach and stripped off and swam and well we wanked each other, it was great" Ryan exclaimed.

"Wow and here's me thinking you were a virgin Ryan," said Mark looking quizzically at him "I am a virgin, well was up until yesterday, anally that is" Ryan replied looking a bit embarrassed.

Mark smiled at him and said "just kidding Ryan, I have done things with boys as well, when I was younger, I wanked a boy when I was in the scouts when we were at camp in the summer, I was 12 at the time and an older scout sucked my cock when I went to camp in France when I was 13, he was a sexy 16 year old French boy".

They both laughed, then Mark said "come on lets take a quick shower and get a bus into town, its after 1pm now"

They scampered upstairs and into Mark's room and into his bathroom and both jumped in the warm shower, they wanked each other as they soaped each other up and soon both boys shot a nice load of sperm onto each other and giggled after, they washed off and grabbed towels and dried off.

Both dressed in cargo shorts and polo shirts as the day had warmed up a treat, setting off they managed to catch a bus into town within ten minutes and were soon browsing the clothes shops, Mark took Ryan to a gents outfitters shop that sold great suits and the guy measured Ryan up and said he was able to fit him out off the peg, Mark helped him choose a couple of nice suits and shirts and ties to match.

Mark sorted the bill out then they set off to a big department store and picked out some white briefs and vests and trunks for Ryan and a good few pairs of socks, and a couple of pairs of black shoes, laden down they grabbed a quick cool drink and a sandwich in the stores cafeteria and then Mark said "you need a new phone, I know a place that sells good phones cheap" Ryan was about to say the phone he had was fine, but Mark dragged him into a small side street and into a very small shop.

The guy behind the counter greeted Mark as though he knew him well, Mark explained that he needed a decent phone for Ryan, and was going to trade his old one in and what had he got, the guy named Andy brought out a box with a few in.

Mark looked through them and discarded most but picked a nice smart phone and then Andy brought out another box with some more in, we looked through them and Mark whooped, he picked up an IPhone, almost new with only a little mark on the back.

"How much for this one Andy?" asked Mark "to you Mark 400" Andy replied, "Wow! Way to much Andy" exclaimed Mark

"I was thinking of 100 plus his old phone" Mark went on and grinned at Andy "no way Mark!" that's way too low, not a penny under 300 and I am giving it away at that "Andy exclaimed.

"Remember you owe me one Andy, 200 and a charger and Ryan gives you his old phone and we call it quits" said Mark and held out his hand to shake

Andy looked at him and then Ryan and then back to Mark "okay seeing as its you and you've helped me out a few times, but for fucks sake don't tell anyone" he cried and sorted out a charger and Ryan passed his phone to him and he took the sim card out and loaded it into the IPhone, he set up the time and gave it back to Ryan.

"Now fuck off out of my shop before I change my mind" Andy said with a grin "how's Jason by the way?" asked Mark as we turned to go

"Oh he's okay Mark, he's got a steady boyfriend now, a right sexy guy name of Paul, he's two years older than him and Jason has moved in with him" replied Andy

"Great, tell him I was asking after him okay, bye for now and thanks Andy" Mark replied as we left the shop

"Bye lads, take care and don't do anything I wouldn't," laughed Andy as we left.

"Whose Jason?" Ryan asked "Jason is Andy's son, remember I told you about the lad at scouts when I was 12, well that's him" mark replied

"He's gay then?" remarked Ryan "yeah as gay as us Ryan" said Mark as they walked to the main road and saw a taxi so Mark hailed it and he drew up and jumped out, he opened the boot and we dropped our purchases in and climbed in the back and Ryan played with his new IPhone.

Soon they arrived at Mark's house and getting the stuff out of the boot Mark paid off the driver and we went into the house and dumped the stuff in Mark's bedroom.

Mark sorted out cupboard and closet space as I unpacked the clothes and shoes and then we both stowed the stuff away and stripped off to our underpants as Mark had suggested we strip down, as he was hot, we went to the kitchen and sorted out a cool drink.

"Do you fancy eating in tonight Ryan?" asked Mark " we have a great Chinese that delivers" he went on "yeah why not, I love Chinese food," answered Ryan

Mark tossed Ryan a menu and they sat and sorted out what they wanted, it took them about 20 minutes to decide and then Mark phoned the restaurant and placed the order to be delivered at 8pm.

Mark looked at the kitchen clock and said, "We have just enough time for some sexy fun Ryan, you up for it?"

"Sure Mark, anything you want" answered Ryan and grinned at him "I want to fuck you Ryan and to get fucked by you, you sexy boy, but first I want to see you in your new stuff, so lets go put a fashion show on shall we?" Mark said

Ryan grinned at him again and they set off upstairs giggling like the schoolboys they were.

End of part 5

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