Ryan And Mark Part 6

Ryan and Mark skipped upstairs in their underwear and went into Mark's bedroom, Ryan got the new suit and a shirt and socks they had bought earlier and putting them on stood in front of the long mirror as Mark picked out one of the new ties.

"Mmm you look so sexy in that suit Ryan, when you come over to stay again I will take you out in that on a date".

Ryan giggled at that remark "do boys go out on dates with each other?" he asked

"They do if they are gay like us" Mark replied and also giggled

"Well maybe one of us should wear a dress" replied Ryan and laughed out loud

"Your not into that sort of stuff are you Ryan?" asked Mark

"No I am not Mark," said Ryan indignantly and then they both broke up in fits of laughter, Ryan tried on the next suit and that as the first fitted perfectly over his sexy body.

Mark came over and took hold of Ryan "Mmm you look so refined and sexy in those suits" he whispered

Ryan grinned at him and kissed him deeply as he felt at Mark's hardening cock through his white underpants "oohh mm yeah ohh that feels great" Mark moaned

Ryan pulled Mark's underpants over his sexy bum and exposed his throbbing cut cock, he dropped to his knees and took the throbbing teen cock into his mouth and sucked it down into his throat, and he was rapidly becoming an accomplished cocksucker now.

"Ohh yeah ohh fuck!" moaned Mark "yeah suck that cock Ryan, suck me dry boy!" he moaned

Ryan grabbed his balls and massaged them and rubbed his finger over Mark's young boy hole "arghh yeah ohh that feels even better" Mark moaned again

Ryan fingered Mark's boy hole and had the lad on tip toes as he impaled him on his middle finger

Mark pushed Ryan's head away and off his cock "I need you to fuck me Ryan, get naked please" Mark said and went over to the bedside cupboard and grabbed the lube as Ryan got out of his clothes and stood naked and erect awaiting Mark's orders.

Mark was fingering lube into his hole and beckoned Ryan over and then Mark lay on his back and lifted his legs up and over his leg and exposed his greased up boy hole "come on sexy boy! Come fuck my boy hole" Mark growled.

Ryan came over grinning and stroking his hard teen cock and put some lube on it, he pulled the foreskin back and exposed his red leaking knob and positioned himself at Mark's bum and pushed his cock into Mark's hole "arghh oohh yeah ohh fuck me Ryan!" Mark moaned Ryan pushed his hard cock further in Mark's teen hole and he saw the lad wince slightly as his engorged cock penetrated him.

Ryan stopped as he saw Mark wince and then his face became calmer and he carried on pushing his cock in him "arghh ohh yeah fucking hell that's great Ryan" Mark moaned as the 6 inch hard cock was fully in and Mark could feel Ryan's pubes tickling his ball sack.

Ryan started a fucking motion slow and easy "arghh fuck me harder Ryan, fuck me deep boy!" Mark growled and grabbed his own rock hard cut cock and wanked it furiously, Ryan leaned in and kissed Mark deeply as he fucked him harder and harder and sweat was forming on his brow.

"Oh yeah, that's it fuck me! Oh fuck me! Ryan" Mark groaned as his lover pounded his boy hole "oh fuck yeah, take it Mark, take my hard cock in you, I'm going to spunk hard in you, your going to take my hot seed in your arse!" Ryan growled at him as he sped up and fucked Mark harder.

"Oh yeah, give your cum Ryan, sperm in me and give me your baby juice!" Mark moaned and groaned and thrashed his head from side to side, soon the familiar feelings were coming in Ryan's balls and he was ready to shoot his seed into Mark, he felt Mark clench his bum and he shouted out "arghh fucking take it Mark, I'm Cumming arghhhhhhh" Ryan growled and unloaded 5 good squirts of his hot teen sperm into Mark's willing bum, as he did Mark clenched his bum cheeks and he shot 4 hard spurts of his teen sperm onto his bare heaving chest.

"Oh fuck yeah! Oh fucking hell! That was fantastic Ryan" Mark moaned as they both came down from the frenzied fucking.

Ryan lay on Mark and got his breath back and then pulled him self off and his semi hard cock came out of Mark's ravaged boy hole with an audible plop, he stood looking at Mark and his cock was red and sperm covered and shiny with his seed and Mark's juice's, Mark leaned up and sucked Ryan's sensitive cockhead clean, causing the 16 year old boy to slightly wince, but he didn't stop Mark lashing his tongue over his knob and cock shaft.

Ryan then reciprocated and cleaned off Mark's bare chest of Mark's sperm and then cleaned his cockhead and then lay down with Mark and they kissed and cuddled.

"Mmm that was awesome Ryan," said Mark "I felt the same way Mark, I don't know why I shouted out that stuff, but I wanted so much to sperm in you," answered Ryan

Both boys lay naked on the bed and clamed down and them Mark looked at the bedside clock and said "the food will be here soon, lets shower and dress and wait downstairs for it Ryan"

Ryan nodded his agreement and both naked boys headed for Mark's massive shower and they was each others cocks and balls and Ryan fingered shower gel into Mark's bum hole and cleaned out the residue of his sperm.

Showers over they grabbed towels and dried off and went and dressed in clean underpants and Mark passed Ryan a dressing gown to wear and grabbed one himself, they padded downstairs and grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat chatting.

About 20 minutes later the doorbell went and Mark grabbed his wallet and went to the front entrance, he opened the door and was greeted by a cute Chinese boy who looked about his age "hi I have your dinner order sir!" the boy said

"Thanks, just come inside the house a second so I can check it okay" Mark replied. The boy followed him to just inside the hall and looked through and saw Ryan sitting in his gown at the kitchen table "oh hi Chan" Ryan shouted

"Hey Ryan" Chan shouted back "how you doing?" he went on

"You two know each other?" asked Mark as he fumbled in his wallet for the money for the food

"Yes we know each other from school as Ryan and me are in the same PE class, he is brilliant at PE" but I don't know you sir!" answered Chan

"Well I don't do PE Chan, I do IT when that lesson is on, and Ryan is my best friend and we are going to college and he is doing PE on his own and IT with me" said Mark and handed him the money and a generous tip.

"Wow that's cool! I am doing PE and IT so I will see you guys around a lot, can I hang out with you at college please?" asked Chan and looked hopefully back and forth at Ryan and Mark

Ryan looked at Mark and then at Chan and said "sounds cool to me Chan, what about you Mark?"

Mark looked at Chan and found him sexy in an odd sort of way; he was your typical Chines boy, slim with a nice head of trimmed hair, around 5 foot 7 or so Mark reckoned and wearing the favoured cargo shorts of the moment and his legs were muscular without being overly fat.

"Sure sounds good to me Chan, your more than welcome to hang with us at college" Mark said and just then his robe slipped open exposing his white trunk underpants, and they were tented at his perving of Chan.

Chan noticed this and his eyes bulged at the sight of Mark's tented pants, Mark quickly fastened his robe as Chan turned to leave, he turned back on impulse and grabbed the order paper out of Mark's hand "this is my phone number, call me sometime, I work at my dad's restaurant part time during holidays so I'm mostly there" said Chan as he wrote his number on the paper and handed it back to Mark

"Maybe we can meet and chat about IT Mark, I am very much into it" Chan went on.

"Hey I'd like that Chan, I will call you sometime next week and maybe you and me and Ryan can get together here" Mark replied with a smile

"Sure, I'd like that, see you guys anyway and thanks for the generous tip," said Chan as he left

Mark watched him grab his bike and cycle off down the drive and he thought how sexy Chan was in those shorts.

He closed the door and grabbed the food and went into the kitchen, Ryan had set out the table and got some plates to put the food on and Mark unpacked it and they shared it out then Mark went and grabbed a bottle of white wine from the fridge and poured Ryan a generous glass.

"Hey, you trying to get me drunk Mark? And have your wicked way with me" Ryan said with a smirk.

"I'd like to have my wicked way with Chan, he seems so sexy Ryan" replied Mark with a mischievous grin.

"You fancy Chan as well as me?" quipped Ryan

"Your both sexy in your own way and Chan copped a look at my tented pants when my gown opened" said Mark " I think he liked what he saw, so I reckon he could be gay and he gave me his number anyway, won't do any harm to find out if he is Ryan" Mark went on.

Ryan giggled and smiled at Mark "guess it doesn't Mark" he replied

They ate their food and chatted about the shopping they had bought and Ryan grabbed his new IPhone and started to fiddle with it and pronounced it cool.

They cleared the dishes into the dishwasher and started it up and went and sat in the lounge and Mark switched on the massive television they had on the wall, Mark said it was a 60 inch 3D one but as yet they hadn't got any 3D dvds to watch on it, that could be sorted tomorrow he said as he planned to go into town and see what they could get.

Ryan said it was awesome anyway, even without 3D, they cuddled on the couch as they watched a movie and then Mark went and grabbed them some snacks to nibble on and a couple of cola's to drink.

The movie wasn't that good so they started to fondle each others packages and soon as 16 year old do they were rampantly hard, Ryan leaned over to Mark and pulled his hard cut cock out of the front of his underpants and slowly wanked him and then took the leaking cockhead into his mouth and swirled his tongue over the big knob "Mmm oohh yeah, oh fuck that's good" moaned Mark.

He reached over and felt at Ryan's hard teen cock that was obscenely tenting his underpants, he rubbed the palm of his hand over it and Ryan gave out a muffled moan as the soft cotton of his trunk underpants rubbed over his cockhead, Mark fumbled in the fly of Ryan's trunks and fished out his throbbing cock, he pulled back the boy's foreskin and bared his cockhead.

Then they sorted out a sixty-nine position and proceeded to suck each other's bare cockheads and fondling each other's ball sacks, they alternated in sucking cockheads and balls, when they thought they were going to climax they told each other and then they held off.

After a good hour's sucking and fondling they both decided that they had had enough and wanted relief, so a combination of sucking and wanking they started to make each other climax, Ryan was first to start to shout "Arggh yeah ohh fuck, my balls!!! Arghh oohh I'm cumming!" he moaned and shot rope after rope of his hot teen cum down Mark's throat.

He was followed by Mark groaning he was cumming "Oohh fuck yeah! Ohh fuck arggh here it is" he groaned and shot his hot teen sperm down Ryan's throat, they cleaned each other's sperm up off the cockheads and they decided to get off to bed as they were so tired after their lovemaking.

Both boys stripped off their underpants and after going to the bathroom they climbed into bed and cuddled kissed, they each felt at the other's soft cock and Mark reached over and switched off the bedside lamp and as they held each other they drifted off to sleep.

Ryan awoke to a banging noise and the sound of the door bell going, for a few seconds he gathered his thoughts and looked over at the clock, which said it was just after 4am and nudged Mark, "Mark! Mark! There's someone at the door" he shouted

Mark roused himself and switched on the lamp, they both blinked and Mark got up and slipped on his underpants and wrapped the dressing gown around himself as Ryan did the same, Mark set off downstairs first and switched on the stairs light and saw flashing lights through the glass in the front door.

He opened the door and two policemen stood framed in the doorway "sorry to trouble you sir, Are you Mr Mark Halsey?" the first one said

Mark answered he was, by then Ryan had joined Mark at the door, "may we come in sir?" asked the other officer.

Mark and Ryan showed the officers into the lounge " I think you had better sit down sir!" one officer said.

Mark looked at Ryan and then back to the officer "what's this all about officer?" Mark asked

"I have some bad news sir, I am afraid your parents have been in an accident" the officer went on

Mark looked horrified "what! they can't have, what happened? He babbled

"They were in a car and another car came on there side of the road as they were going round a sharp bend, they had no chance to avoid it sir" the officer explained

"Well how are they officer, are they alright?" Mark went on and his face had gone deathly white, Ryan looked at him and gripped the side of the chair he was sitting on and thought he knew what was coming next.

"I'm so sorry sir, I am afraid it was instantaneous, they wouldn't have had time to react, the other driver was also killed and it looks like he was drunk, your parents we clean of alcohol though" the officer went on.

Though that didn't seem of any comfort, Mark was a white as a sheet and tears welled up in his eyes and his legs went weak the other officer saw that and reached out and held him up and steered him to the couch.

"I think hot sweet tea is called for sir, good for shocks like this" the officer said and looked at Ryan who was also ashened faced and trembling "the other officer will go with you to the kitchen son" he went on.

Ryan and the other policeman went off to the kitchen and started to make some tea, meanwhile Mark was asked if there were any other relatives "non as I know of officer, my dad was an orphan so I am lead to believe and my mum was an only child and my grandparents died a few years ago when I was small" Mark explained.

"So you don't have anyone to stay with you? Who is the other lad with you?" the officer said "he is a school friend staying over the weekend to keep me company while my parents are away, his names Ryan Evans and he is 16 like me" Mark went on.

Just then Ryan came back with the tea "so your Ryan then are you sir?" asked the officer looking at Ryan, "yes I am officer" answered Ryan as he passed them both the hot sweet tea "well can you stay with your friend Mark a bit longer to help see him through this? More senior officers will want to be in contact I am sure" the officer went on.

"I will stay as long as I am needed" answered Ryan "also I will call my parents as they knew Mark's parents, they will know what to do" he went on.

The officer nodded and the other officer then came in and told him they had got another call "well we have to go now young sirs, we will be in touch, and once again we are both extremely sorry for you tragic loss, here is my card, just call the number if you need anything and it will go directly to my mobile" the young officer said.

After seeing the officers out Ryan went back to Mark who was sobbing softly on the couch, he took him in his arms and said "that's it Mark, cry it all out, I am going nowhere, I am here for you".

Mark sobbed uncontrollably and then looked up at Ryan "what am I going to do Ryan? I am all on my own now, I'll never survive" he said and began to sob again.

"Hey Mark! You're not on your own, I will take care of you, we will take care of each other" Ryan said sympathetically, "now first off I am going to call my rents okay" he went on and grabbed his mobile.

He dialled his home number and after a short while a sleepy voice answered "yes who is this?" it said.

"It's me dad, Ryan!" Ryan said "what's wrong Ryan? Are you alright?" his dad asked suddenly awake.

"Yes I am okay dad, but Mark isn't" Ryan said and went on to tell his dad the story "oh god the poor boy!" said his dad "we are on our way over Ryan, give us 20 minutes or so to get ready, and get loads of coffee on okay" he went on.

"Okay dad I will make a good potful, see you soon" Ryan replied and ended the call. He looked for some coffee in the kitchen and found it in a cupboard and filled up the coffee machine with some and then water and switched it on and went back to Mark.

"My rents are coming over in about 20 minutes Mark, dad will know what to do next okay" Ryan said to the red eyed Mark who was lying on the couch

All that Mark could do was smile weakly, he went over and sat beside Mark and held him and kissed him "we will get through this Mark, trust me we will" Ryan whispered "I think we had better get dressed Mark, they will be here soon" Ryan went on and guided Mark upstairs and the boys went and got into some clothes and Ryan decided to go and put some in the room he was supposed to be sleeping in and he messed the bed up while he was at it.

The front door bell rang and Ryan went and answered it as Mark sat on his bed still in a daze, his mum and dad came in and briefly Ryan told them how Mark was feeling and he was upstairs in his room, Ryan's parents went up as Ryan went and got some coffee.

After a couple of minutes Ryan's dad came down to the kitchen and sipped at the coffee "he's in a mess Ryan, your mum is sitting with him at the moment, I think a doctor should be called, you don't have to know his doctor at all do you?" Ryan's dad asked

"There is personal phone book by the phone here" said Ryan and passed it to his dad, His dad looked through it and found a number for a doctor "maybe we should try this one Ryan" his dad said

Ryan passed him the phone and although it was now daylight the hour was still early and it was a Sunday his dad rang the number, a voice answered after a bit and said he was Dr Spencer, Ryan's dad briefly outlined what had gone on and Dr Spencer said he would come over right away.

Twenty minutes later he had arrived and Ryan showed him upstairs to Mark's room, the doctor took one look at Mark and said he was in deep shock, he gave him a quick exam and said that he would give him a sedative and leave some pills for him to take to help with the shock, he then got a syringe out of his bag and gave Mark an injection and Ryan and his mum undressed him to his underpants and slipped him in his bed, Mark was out like a light now and Ryan said he would sit and watch him.

The doctor said there was no need as he would be in a deep sleep for at least 12 hours, but Ryan was adamant he would stay, the doctor said he would call back later in the evening to see how he was and gave instructions what to do if he woke up in the meantime.

After chatting to Ryan's parents the doctor left and Ryan's parents went up to see Ryan and find out how he was, he had sat in a large armchair he had faced towards Mark's bed and was sitting ashen faced watching Mark sleep.

"Ryan we will take turns watching him, you need some sleep son" his dad said "I am not leaving him dad, he is my best friend and right now all he has got in the world, and so I am staying right here okay!" Ryan said defiantly and looked at his parents.

"Okay we will be downstairs and come to check also and bring you food and drink from time to time Ryan" his mum said and guided her husband out of Mark's room

They went downstairs and got some more coffee and sat in the kitchen discussing what happens next, Ryan's dad said he would contact the police later and get the full story and then he said he had better start putting the wheels in motion about what is to be done legally for Mark and looked through their personal phone book for any solicitors numbers.

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