Ryan and Mark Part 7


Ryan's dad couldn't find a listing for a solicitor, but he did find one for an accountant, so chancing it he rang the number, by then it was after 8 am and he thought it wasn't too early to ring, at first nobody answered and then a female voice came on the line, it turned out this was the accountants young daughter.

She said her daddy was just about to go off and play golf, she managed to get him to the phone and Ryan's dad explained the circumstances, the accountant James Wilshaw sounded shocked at the news and said he would contact the Halsey's lawyers immediately, and not to contact the police as he would liaise with them from now on.

Ryan's dad seemed relieved that he had had the burden taken off his shoulders and thanked James and hung up, Ryan had by then come down for something to eat having caved in to his mother who said she would sit with Mark while he ate, his dad brought him up to speed as Ryan ate.

Ryan said nothing as his dad told him about his conversation with James, then finished up eating and went back to sitting with Mark, his dad followed him as Ryan again sat at Mark's bedside and held the sleeping boy's hand, Ryan's mum and dad looked at each other and then Ryan's mum said "Ryan, are you alright son?" "Yes why?" answered Ryan looking bleary eyed.

"Well you are holding Mark's hand a bit tight son" she went on, he relaxed his grip a bit and looked tearfully at his parents "Ryan is there more to this friendship with Mark than your letting on son?" she carried on.

Ryan's eyes teared up and his head dropped, he sobbed softly and his mum came over and cuddled him "what's the matter Ryan?" she asked "mum, me and Mark are boyfriends, I love him so much and want to help him get through this" he said in between sobbing.

Ryan's parents looked at each and then his mum said "I thought as much, for awhile I has suspected you were gay as you never seemed to bother with girls despite a few calling you".

Ryan looked up at her "well you never said anything about it mum" he said "no son, I mentioned my thoughts to you dad and we agreed to let you work though it if need be, it might have been a phase in your life, but even if it wasn't, we love you so much as to let you live your life and if your gay that's okay with us" she replied and cuddled her sobbing 16 year old son.

"We just want you to be healthy and happy Ryan and if you want to spend your life with Mark Halsey that's okay with us as well" his dad chimed in.

By now they were all tearful so Ryan's parents decided to leave Ryan with Mark and calm down a bit, they arrived downstairs as the doorbell went and Ryan's dad answered it "hello I am James Wilshaw the Halsey's accountant, may I come in?"  The man at the door asked.

Ryan's dad ushered him into the lounge and James said he had to come over and talk to them " I have to tell you that the Halsey's were in a bit of trouble with the Customs and Excise over VAT irregularities, I was trying to sort out the mess in fact, but with them dying now I am afraid that the Customs and Excise people will step up their investigations and they are ruthless" he explained

Ryan's dad said he knew how they could be as he was in business as well "I need to look for some documents and talk to Mark Halsey in possible as they will come and question him soon" James explained.

"Well Mark is sedated in bed right now, the doctor said he could sleep about 12 hours or more" Ryan's dad replied "but I will help you search for anything you need" he went on James thanked him and they went into the Halsey's study and began looking in the desk and drawers, James switched on the laptop there and tried to crack the password to get into it, all to no avail.

He said he would come back later with a computer expert and see if they could sort it, Ryan's dad suggested they leave Mark to sort it as he was into computers, but James said time was of the essence and he couldn't wait for Mark as probably the VAT people would be in tomorrow.

After spending a good couple of hours finding documents James left with a bagful and said he would be back later.

Mark began to wake up in the late afternoon and although still a bit groggy was brought up to speed by Ryan's dad on what had transpired earlier "the guy will never crack the password on the laptop, its treble encrypted, I set it up for dad and there is only me and him who know it, it will take an expert weeks to break it" mumbled Mark.

"Well the VAT people will be coming in tomorrow I reckon Mark and they will take everything they can" replied Ryan's dad "well get me some hot strong coffee and I will sort it out" said Mark and climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom, Ryan shrugged his shoulders at his dad and went to the bathroom after him, "are you feeling okay Mark?"  Ryan asked when he went into the bathroom as Mark was having a pee.

"Yes I am okay Ryan, we have some work to do okay, I know my dad was a good man, but I also know he did some wheeler dealing and didn't exactly declare his tax at times, I need to sort his computer out Ryan" Mark said

Ryan looked at him and came over and kissed him "I am here for you Mark, I will help you all I can, but dad says these Vat people are ruthless and I don't want to see you getting in trouble" Ryan said

"I won't, trust me Ryan, I know what I am doing, I won't get into trouble, but I don't want to lose all this either" Mark replied

He stripped off his pants and jumped into the shower and had a good hot one and Ryan went and grabbed a towel when he got out and wrapped it round him, they went back into the bedroom and Mark dressed casually in shorts and a tee shirt and went downstairs and saw Ryan's rents and told them his plan.

Mark fired up his dad's laptop and with in a few minutes had changed the password and wiped and cleansed the sensitive files "there all done now, the Vat people can have it with pleasure, they will find some accounts and hopefully they will be happy" explained Mark. Just then the doorbell went and it was James again and he had a guy with him to look at the laptop.

The computer man checked out the computer and declared that Mark had done a super job in deleting the files and then James took over and looked at the accounts and after about an hour said they were in order and the Vat people would find nothing untoward, they left and then Mark said he needed to use his own computer upstairs.

Him and Ryan went to his computer room and Mark switched on his fast computer and as he and Ryan sat together he got to work, Ryan was baffled with what Mark was doing and then after an hour Mark sat back and beamed at Ryan "all done mate" he said "what's all done?" queried Ryan.

"You don't really want to know Ryan, but our future is now secure, all we have to do is now sort out what money is around here, I need to sort that out next okay" Mark said

"Money around here?" queried Ryan and looked puzzled "yes dad kept money around the house he didn't declare to the tax people, he didn't know I knew about it, but I found some of his hiding places awhile ago" answered Mark and grinned.

"So its like a treasure hunt then, cool I love treasure hunts" Ryan said and laughed "well a bit like that, but I want your rents in on this as well because I want your dad to look after it" explained Mark

They set off downstairs and met Ryan's rents who were watching television in the lounge, Mark sat and explained what he had done so far, Ryan saw his dad's eyebrows raise a time or two as Mark told them about the finance setup "so Mr Evans what I need you to do is look after some money for me so the Vat people don't seize it, its legal money, dad liked to keep a bit of cash around to pay tradesmen who didn't charge him Vat" Mark said and looked hopefully at Ryan's dad.

Mr Evan's thought for a few minutes "okay Mark, I will look after the money for you, but I am not altogether happy about it" he replied

They both thanked him and then Mark said to Ryan "wanna come help me get the money?" Ryan nodded and grinned and his parents said that dinner would be in about an hour, they scampered off upstairs and Mark went into his parents room and he opened the closet and removed some shoes on the floor and prised up a couple of loose wooden panels and Ryan's eyes widened when he saw bundles of notes.

"Fucking hell Mark!" Ryan exclaimed, "How much is there?" he went on as Mark passed him several bundles "ermm, I think about five thousand pounds" Mark replied and then they went onto another closet and again he prised up a couple of panels and again passed Ryan some bundles.

"Good grief, how much more is there to find?" Ryan again exclaimed Mark laughed, "A bit more I reckon, we still have a couple of other places I know about" Mark said Mark found a small bag and they put the bundles of cash in it.

Next they went to the spare room that Ryan was supposed to have slept and in the closet there they found more money, next they went downstairs and went into the library and behinds a false panel in a bookcase they found more money, Ryan's parents had joined them and stood watching in amazement as Mark tipped the bag up and the bundles of money tumbled out.

As Ryan and Mark counted the bundles Ryan's dad looked on and looked worried "there's 100,000 here" Mark said and looked up at Ryan's dad "Mmm well I guess that will be alright Mark, I'll stash it somewhere safe for you" Ryan's dad replied.

They put the money back in the bag and stacked it neatly and handed it to Ryan's dad "okay lets eat," said Ryan's mum "I have cooked us a chicken dinner and set out the dining room" she went on.

They all went into the dining room and Ryan poured them all a nice large glass of white wine as his mum went and brought in the food, the meal was sumptuous and they finished off with trifle and cheese and biscuits and as Ryan's mum was driving home Ryan's dad had a large brandy with his coffee.

It was decided that Mark and Ryan would stay here at Mark's until what happens to the house is decided, Ryan's parents said they would call in every day and check on them and get a cleaner in as well, Ryan's dad said that the Halsey's lawyer would be calling tomorrow along with their accountant.

After a good long conversation Ryan's dad grabbed the bag with the money and they said they would leave the boy's to go to bed, Mark and Ryan helped them to take out the dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher and set it going then saw them to the door and said their goodnights.

It was late so Mark set the alarm and then they went upstairs to Mark's room and they stripped naked and lay on the bed fondling each other "Mmm I have been waiting all night for this" said Ryan as he rubbed Mark's throbbing cock up and down and then closed his lips over his lovers bare cock head.

"Ohh yeah ohh fuck yeah!" exclaimed Mark as Ryan sucked on his cock head and he held Ryan's head as he bobbed up and down his hard cock. Ryan lifted his mouth off Mark's cock "I want you to fuck me Mark" he said licking his lips.

Mark nodded and reached over for the lube in the bedside cabinet drawer and smeared it on his cock as Ryan fingered lube into his bum hole, he positioned himself over Mark's knob and lined it up with his boy hole and dropped his body down and Mark's cock head penetrated Ryan's bum "arghh ohh fuck yeah!" Ryan groaned as Mark's cock went inside his puckered boy hole, he took it in one go and started to bounce up and down on it with his own hard cock flapping up and down and hitting Mark's bare chest.

Mark grabbed Ryan's cock and wanked him as he was trying to get all his own hard cock into Ryan's bum "arghh ohh fuck yeah ohh fuck me hard!" moaned Ryan. Mark grabbed his sides and rammed his hard cock into him "argggh Ryan ohh yeah I'm going to spurt" Mark moaned and thrust up to meet his bum.

Mark shot his hot teen sperm into Ryan's willing bum and Ryan groaned and moaned and his teen sperm shot out of his cock and splashed all over Mark's bare heaving chest.

Ryan lay on Mark and they kissed and cuddled with Ryan's sperm cooling between them and then Ryan moved off Mark and they both went into the bathroom and ran the shower and then they washed each other and Mark knelt down and took Ryan's cock into his mouth and sucked him to climax and swallowed a second load, they cleaned off and returned to the bed and Mark set his alarm for 7 am, telling Ryan that they needed to get up early.

They lay in the darkness cuddling each others naked bodies and then both of them drifted off to a dreamless sleep, the alarm woke them and they lay for a few minutes and then Mark got up and went to have a pee and a shower leaving Ryan dozing in bed, he came back and dressed in clean white underwear and his white school shirt and grey trousers.

Ryan watched him and then spoke out "why are you dressing in school uniform Mark?"  "Well when the Vat people and the lawyer and accountant come they will expect a grieving 16 year old school boy, I intend to show them just that" Mark replied and fastened his school tie.

Ryan jumped out of bed naked and erect "Mmm I think I like to see this sexy schoolboy in his school gear" he said and cuddled his 16 year old boyfriend, Mark rubbed Ryan's hard cock and Ryan moaned as his foreskin was pulled up and down "wank me Mark, wank me hard please" Ryan moaned.

Mark grinned and proceeded to wank Ryan's hard cock, Ryan stood on his tiptoes as Mark wanked him and held onto his boyfriends shoulder "arghh yeah I'm gonna cum" Ryan groaned so Mark dropped to his knees and took Ryan's knob into his mouth and sucked on it "arghh yeah ohh fuck yeah" Ryan moaned and shot his hot teen sperm into Mark's mouth.

Mark licked Ryan's cock head clean and then Ryan headed to the bathroom and did his toilet and had a quick shower and dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and his new trainers and went to join Mark in the kitchen and sat and ate breakfast with him, they chatted and then the doorbell went and Ryan went to answer it and it was James the accountant with another man he introduced as Tim Haynes the lawyer.

They also sat in the kitchen sipping coffee as first Tim and then James explained that the Vat people were actually on their way, no sooner had he finished briefing Mark and Ryan the doorbell went and Tim went and let them in.

Four men and one woman came in along with three uniformed police officers and a detective, they showed Mark their identity and told him they had a warrant to search, Mark nodded and in tears turned to Ryan who comforted him as the men went and searched the house, Tim and James went around the house with them as Ryan and Mark sat in the kitchen with the detective and the woman Vat officer and gave statements.

After two hours the officers said they had enough and they carried out files and folders and Mark's dad's laptop and said they would be in touch.

Tim and James sat down with Mark and Ryan after all the Vat people and police officers had gone,  "what will happen Mow mark is that they will look through all the documents and the laptop they took and make a decision on if, when and what their judgement will be, if they decide there is a case to follow up on, they will make an order to freeze your dads assets" explained Tim

"How will I live from day to day then Tim?" Mark asked "well I will petition the court to have money set aside so you can live, I think given your age and you will be a full time student they will comply with that, in the meantime do you have your own bank account Mark?" replied Tim

"Yes I do" answered Mark "well I will get some funds transferred in from one of you dads accounts while they aren't frozen, so please can you give me your bank details" went on Tim.

Mark went and got his details and gave them to Tim, they chatted briefly about funeral arrangements and what Mark preferred and then they said their goodbyes and said they would contact him shortly.

Mark and Ryan sat in the kitchen drinking coffee, not saying anything at first and then Mark got up and came over to Ryan and wrapped his arms around him "I really appreciate you staying with me Ryan, I love you so much" he said "I love you as well Mark, I just want to make it all better for you, I want my old Mark back" Ryan replied

"Lets go upstairs then" said Mark and smiled at Ryan, Ryan grinned back and got up and they shot upstairs and into Mark's bedroom, Mark swiftly stripped naked and stood with his hard cut cock sticking up as he waited for Ryan to undress.

Soon both boys were naked and stood looking at each others hard teen cocks, they came together and kissed deeply and their hard cocks rubbed together and they swapped precum, soon their hard teen cocks were covered in shiny precum, they lay on the bed and got in a 69 position and sucked on each others hard cocks "Mmm ohh mmm" both boys hummed as they sucked on each others bare cock heads.

Ryan fingered Mark's boy hole and briefly he pulled his mouth off Ryan's cock and groaned as fingers invaded his puckered hole and touched his teen prostate, Ryan had long fingers for a boy his age and he certainly knew how to use them.

"Ohh you gotta fuck me Ryan, I need it so bad, I want you to fuck me hard" Mark groaned "okay, lay on your back and lift your legs Mark" Ryan said and scooted over the bed and grabbed the lube, opening it he smeared some on his hard cock and fingered some into Mark's waiting hole.

Mark had lain back and lifted his legs and held them up and exposed his boy hole to Ryan's fingers, Ryan leaned up and positioned his cock head at Mark's entrance, his six inch hard cock started its journey into Mark's hole "ohh yeah oohh mmm ohh fuck that feels so good" moaned Mark.

Ryan started a slow fucking movement in Mark's bum "ohh yeah faster Ryan, fuck me faster" moaned Mark, he was wanking his own cock as Ryan was thrusting his teen cock faster and faster and soon both boys were grunting and groaning, Ryan's ball sack smacked against Mark's and a sheen of sweat appeared on Ryan's chest and back.

"Oohh I can't last long Mark" Ryan grunted as he fucked him ever so faster Mark gritted his teeth and growled back "just let it go, spunk in me hard, for fucks sake spurt hard in me!"

Ryan continued fucking him and then arched his sexy teen back and grunted "arghh ohh yeah fuck, take it boy! Take my cum!" he shot spurt after spurt of his hot teen seed deep into Mark's bowels and that set off Mark as he shot his sperm onto his bare chest, Ryan slowed down and caught his breath and then collapsed on top of Mark, still with his cock deep into Mark's bum hole.

They kissed deeply and long, then they had to pull their lips apart to catch their breathes, Ryan's soft cock slipped out of Mark's bum and Mark felt empty as he liked his lover to still be inside him "come on we better clean up, I'm getting hungry again" said Mark

They both went into the bathroom and jumped into the large shower and soaped each other up, Ryan soaped up Mark's cock and he shied away a bit "sore? Asked Ryan "Mmm yes a bit, I wanked it hard without any lube on it" Mark replied "perhaps you need some soothing cream on it then?" said Ryan "what I really need is a soothing mouth on it" Mark said and grinned at Ryan.

Ryan grinned back and dropped to his knees and took Mark's bare cock head into his warm mouth "Mmmm that's feels better now" Mark moaned and lay back against the shower wall.

Soon Mark was moaning he was ready to cum and he grabbed Ryan's head tight as he blasted his teen sperm down Ryan's throat "Oohh fuck that was good" moaned Mark as he came down from Ryan's sucking "well Dr Evan's has a satisfied patient then" said Ryan as he stood up, both boys giggled at that and finished off their showers and stepped out and dried off and went back to the bedroom and slipped on their white PE shorts and went downstairs.

"I fancy a Chinese takeaway again Ryan," said Mark "Mmm yeah I think I do as well" replied Ryan "and maybe that sexy Chinese lad will deliver it" Mark said and grinned at Ryan.

"You fancy him then?" asked Ryan "well he seemed so sexy when he came last time, I would like to see if he is gay" said Mark "well with us dressed like this I think we will find out" answered Ryan. Ryan stood up and it was evident you could see the outline of his cock because he had no underpants on.

"Well if that doesn't wet his appetite for boys then nothing will" said Mark and grinned " I have seen him glance my way when we were changing for PE and I pulled my underpants down, so he has seen my cock Mark" "well that settles it then Chinese it is" Mark said and grabbed the menu and picked what he wanted and then passed it to Ryan, he read it and picked what he wanted and Mark rang the takeaway.

Chan answered his call and said he would drop it off as he was on his way home soon, Mark said to bring some food for himself and he would pay and have the food with them here, Chan thanked him and said he would add his own food to the order. he went on to tell Mark it would be about 30 minutes or so, Mark told him the door would be open so just come in and go to the kitchen.

They sat in the kitchen having a beer when Ryan's phone went, it was his mum and said she would be over later to cook for them, Ryan told her that they had ordered a takeaway, so she said were they all right and he said they were and what had gone on with the Vat people and the lawyer and accountant.

She said they seemed on top of it so would leave them in peace tonight and see them tomorrow as it was her day off, Ryan grimaced at that but said to come over when she liked after getting the thumbs up from Mark.

They went back to chatting and sipping their beers when Chan appeared at the door with the food "hey you guys, where's my beer?" Chan asked and grinned at them, Ryan got up and Chan saw he was only in his PE shorts and he could see the outline of his soft cock in the thin material, his eyes bulged and he made his way to the table with the food as Ryan turned round and put a bottle of beer on the table for him.

Mark got up and got plates and cutlery for them all, Chan could see the outline of his cock as well in his PE shorts, Chan never tired of seeing Ryan's sexy body, he had had the hot's for him since he started PE lessons with him and now he liked the look of Mark's slim body as well.

"Mark, I am so sorry to hear about your parents, it's all over the radio and television news, god you must be devastated" said Chan, Mark said nothing and looked down at his food "yeah well I am here to give him support Chan, he's doing okay though at the moment and takes it day by day" said Ryan seeing his best friend and lover near to tears again, Mark sniffed a bit and Ryan passed him some kitchen roll and first wiped his eyes and blew his nose and then Mark said "thanks Chan, I'm okay, I really am".

They ate and chatted about college and stuff and drank more beer, soon they had finished and put the rubbish in the bin and the plates and cutlery in the dish washer and went and took their drinks in the lounge and watched a movie on television, Ryan and Mark stretched out on the large couch as Chan took the armchair opposite and they watched the screen, Chan kept glancing at Ryan and Mark and it was obvious that they were getting erected in their PE shorts and he started to stiff up in his cargo shorts, he tried to hide it by crossing his legs but it hurt a bit and he had to uncross them.

Ryan and Mark grinned at each other as they lay at opposite ends of the couch and rubbed their bare feet over each others crotches, Chan was getting hot under collar and he felt he needed to go and leave these two sexy boys on their own, he sipped on his beer quite rapidly an d Mark noticed this "you oaky Chan" Mark asked "ermm yeah ermm yeah why not?" Chan stammered.

"Nothing but you look a bit hot" replied Mark "perhaps you want to take off your shirt a bit Chan" Mark went on "err I dunno, I am a bit hot" Chan replied and looked even hotter now "well take it off then" Mark said.

Chan stood up and boy boys watched him remove his shirt and expose his slim but toned 16-year-old body, he had the colour that Chinese lads have, that slight tanned look, with two lovely brown nipples that were sticking out and he was completely hairless "Mmm nice body Chan, I can see you do like PE don't you?" said Mark Chan grinned slightly and blushed as well at this observation of his body, he was proud of it though and a few Chinese girls had bee trying to get a date with him lately after seeing his bare chested once in the takeaway kitchen.

I was obvious he was hard as well as the bulge in his cargo shorts showed "seems like below is in good shape as well Chan" Mark said feeling slightly drunk. Chan was speechless at that remark and even Ryan couldn't believe what Mark had said and looked at him with an incredible look.

"Well he is hot Ryan, I bet loads of girls chase him" Mark said and grinned he got up and went over to him Chan looked at him and wondered what he was going to do, Mark reached out and stroked his bare chest "you have a great chest and I want to look like that, I feel fit but Ryan says I need toning up, what do you think Chan?" said Mark and struck up a pose.

"Well you have a great body, but it could do with some toning up and we both can help" Chan said "and this?" does this need toning up?" Mark said and grabbed Chan's hardening cock through his shorts "ohh mmm" Chan moaned as his cock was felt "you like that Chan?" said Ryan and grinned at him

"Ermm well I think you two are gay, I seen your cock in the changing room and showers Ryan, I have always thought you are sexy" Chan said blushing like mad "are you two lovers?" Chan went on. Ryan looked at Mark and they both nodded "we have fancied each other for months, but just didn't do anything about it until recently" Mark said.

"Well I like boys and I like you two, so I guess I am gay, my parents try to fix me up with nice Chinese girl, but I don't like her really" went on Chan "well we like you Chan" said Ryan as Mark was stroking Chan's cock through his shorts " I think this needs some proper attention Chan, don't you?" said Mark

Chan grinned and nodded and Mark unzipped his fly and fished his uncut cock out of his shorts "ohh yeah ohh nice cock Chan" said Mark as he stroked Chan's erect cock, it was about 5 inches hard and although thinner than Mark's and Ryan's it had a nice long foreskin that covered the knob even when hard. Mark pushed it back and exposed Chan's cockhead, it was bright red and leaking precum and Chan moaned as Mark wanked his hard cock.

Ryan got up and came over and undid Chan's belt on his shorts and they dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them and stood in just his trainers, socks and blue and grey boxers, he kicked off his trainers and Ryan pushed his pants down and saw that Chan had a lovely pair of low hanging balls with just a few black pubic hairs on them and more pubic hair above his rock hard leaking cock.

Ryan slipped his shorts off and stood naked now and Mark followed suit, Chan looked at his naked friends and his eyes went wide when he saw Ryan's fat hard cock sticking up and then he looked at Mark's cut cock also sticking up, boy boys came over to him and they leaned in and each kissed his lips in turn and he sighed, they rubbed their cocks against his hard teen cock and he moaned again.

Mark dropped to his knees and sucked on Chan's cock head causing the Chinese boy to moan out loud "oohh yeah oohh" he groaned as his cock was sucked and he reached out and wanked Ryan's cock   as Ryan rubbed the cheeks of Chan's lovely bare bum, Mark pulled off his cock " I want you to fuck me Chan" Mark said  "you want me to bum you?" asked Chan "I have never done that, I am a virgin in all sex really" he went on

"Well you won't be when you fuck my bum" said Mark and grinned at him "okay I will do you sexy Mark, but you will have to show me " Chan replied, Ryan went upstairs and got the lube and brought it back to the lounge, they muted the television and Ryan went behind Mark and fingered lube into his hole and then smeared it on Chan's hard cock "oohh it feels cold" Chan said as Ryan lubed up his cock.

Mark stood with his legs slightly parted and Ryan dropped to his knees and started to suck on his bare knob "come on Chan get behind me and feed your cock into my bum hole, it's okay I can take you easy" said Mark.

Chan cautiously came behind Mark and he parted Mark's bum cheeks and positioned his knob at Mark's hole "that's it, now push in Chan" Mark instructed him, Chan pushed and at first he couldn't penetrate Mark, he gripped Mark's hips and tried again, this time his knob slipped in and Mark winced slightly as he was penetrated.

Chan quickly pushed in Mark's bum hole and being inexperienced, rabbit fucked him "oohh slow down Chan, you will cum soon else" Mark moaned at him "arghh ohh yeah ohh" groaned Chan as he rapidly fucked Mark as Ryan sucked on Mark's hard cock, it was down his throat now and throbbing.

Mark groaned as Chan bummed him and his prostate was repeatedly rammed by Chan's swollen knob "oohh fuck, yeah ohh, god he's is ramming me hard and hitting the spot" groaned Mark "I think I will cum soon Ryan, so your going to get a big load of my seed" Mark went on as Chan groaned he was close.

He rammed into Mark's bum and hit his prostate again and Mark groaned arghh, fuck it's cumming ohh argghh" he shot long spurts of his teen boy seed into Ryan's throat and the 16 year old had trouble swallowing all his sperm, Mark clenched his bum cheeks and that sent Chan over the edge and he flooded Mark's bowels with his hot teen seed "argghh, fucking hell, arghh yeah" Chan moaned as he rammed hard and spurted sperm into Mark.

Ryan managed to swallow all of Mark's load and pulled off his cock head as Chan pulled his still hard cock out of Mark's bum, Ryan was so hard himself and he took Chan's place behind Mark and with one thrust rammed his hard cock into Mark's hole "arghh fuck yeah" Mark moaned as his lover fucked him hard and within a minute Ryan shot his hot teen sperm into Mark's bum hole where it joined Chan's sperm.

The three boys were all spent now and just sank to the floor and lay there with their cocks deflating, they lay for a few minutes and then Mark suggested they go and clean up and they all nodded and followed him upstairs and into the large bathroom in his bedroom, the shower easily held them all and they soaped each other up and soon their teen cocks were hard again and Chan dropped to his knees and went from Mark's cock to Ryan's cock and gave them both a good sucking and soon was rewarded by the boy's sperm hitting him in the face and he declared he loved being spunked on.

Ryan and Mark took turns on sucking Chan's cock and soon he blasted his sperm over both boy's naked bodies and then they washed off and stepped out of the shower and dried off, they went back downstairs and Chan dressed and said he had to get home now and Ryan and Mark slipped on their PE shorts and saw him out and both of them kissed Chan and said they wanted him to come back again sometime for some sexy fun.

Chan thanked them and off he went on his bike and they went inside and locked up, it was now nearly 11 pm and both boys were tired after their sexual exploits, so switched off the television and went upstairs to bed, thy slipped out of their PE shorts and climbed into bed. They kissed and cuddled a bit and Mark set the alarm for 8am and told Ryan he felt like going out tomorrow and do some shopping, Ryan agreed and then he switched off the bedside lamp and soon both boys were fast asleep.

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