Chapter 6

“It’s the middle of the night.”

It’s Nero’s idea to wake Geneva. He says out of everyone she knows her stuff. It’s been a week since my first dream. Every night I go to sleep and wake up…I see her. I see a bald headed woman. Nero says to keep it to ourselves. He doesn’t want to let people know that I’m dreaming. This night is different though.

Nero has Geneva and I walking down to the library with him.

“We need to know everything about the Darkest,” he explains to Geneva, “I don’t know who else would be able to know where to find that kind of information.”

Geneva shrugs, “Can’t we look up the Darkest in the afternoon.”

“It’s safer now when everyone’s asleep.”

I hear Geneva’s complaining but I haven’t been getting much sleep at all and since I sleep with Nero he hasn’t been able to get much sleep either. We are in our pajamas. For me that consists of some boxers and a t-shirt. For Nero it consists only of some boxers. I have to admit it’s kind of sexy seeing him stroll through the hallway of Vampire High with nothing else but boxers on. Geneva doesn’t seem to mind either even though as the days pass she makes even more clear that she is in love with Armando.

We get to the library and Geneva doesn’t waste any time. She knows exactly where to go. Nero and I watch her from the middle of the library. The library is old. It looks like something ancient really. It’s clear that not that many people spend time in here…probably except Geneva who clearly seems like she is some sort of nerd.

“You think we can trust her?” I whisper to Nero.

He nods at that moment, “Geneva’s family served my father for years as scholars. She is the first in the bloodline to be a type O. She is literally one of the most trustworthy people I know.”

I sigh, “I thought that about Milan.”

“Wait what?”

Shit. I almost forgot that Nero doesn’t know about Milan. Nero takes a step closer to me. He looks like he’s about to ask more about Milan but luckily we are interrupted by Geneva coming back with a book. Her long hair covers her almost her entire body. Usually it is neatly brushed but today it is like she is carrying around a wild bush around with her. When she places the book on the table and blows dust of it, I swear she is some mad cat lady or something.

“You want to know about the darkest,” she explains, “This is the best place.”

“What is it?” I ask her.

“It’s the Alphabet of Ben Sira. It dates back between the 8th and 10th century. The Darkest vampire’s name is Lilith. She was the first wife of Adam.”

“Who the hell is Adam?” I ask.

Nero laughs, “Like Adam and Eve, smart ass---“

He says this like it’s common language, “No. So Adam had a wife before Eve and she was a vampire?”

Geneva has the book open at that moment, “It didn’t start out that way. Lilith was equal to Adam, in every way. It says here: she came to bicker with Adam. She felt since they were equal, she need not submit to him.” When they bickered she fled the Garden of Eden. She went to the red sea and mated with the demons she found there. In the red sea she gave birth to the first vampires. It’s the origin of our kind.”

Nero looks over at me and crosses his arms, “Lilith became upset with vampires because they did not destroy the sons of Adam in the way that she wanted. She felt like they were weak and so she decided to rid the world of her own children. Out of fear my father led the other vampires to Eden. The children of Adam weren’t able to enter Eden but we were the children of Lilith. Lilith and her followers attempt to destroy humans in every way possible. Like the Blood Holocaust. King Arie was able to stop her each time. You see if humans die…vampires die. We can’t have that happen. King Arie doesn’t let us kill humans. We use blood banks to gather the blood we need from humans to survive. In this way we can live with humans peacefully. Lilith and her followers…they don’t want peace. They want nothing else but death and destruction.”

“If they find their way to Eden…they’ll kill us. There will be no one left to protect humans from Lilith’s wrath.”

“There’s a picture of her Santos. Look.”’

He grabs the book from Geneva and shows it to me.

It's definitely the woman from my dreams. I don't get it. What does me seeing her mean?

Combat training is taught by an muscular white vampire by the name of Constantine. He has the body of a body builder but Nero makes sure to let me know that the physical appearance of a vampire isn't really a good representation of their strength. He's probably telling me this because I'm the skinniest guy in Class Zero and Constantine has all the guy training with no shirts on.

We spend most of the first couple of days in class with Constantine demonstrating different fighting techniques. I'm not surprised to learn that vampires their own form of kick boxing. I am also not surprised that Raul picks up on the shit faster than everyone. After a while Constantine actually has Raul go up there and help him demonstrate different techniques to us.

All my insecurities are popping up out of no where as Constantine pairs us up and all of a sudden I'm paired up with Milan.

“You should pay attention,” Milan tells me.

My legs are stiff. We are on floor mat and I'm shirtless next to my ex. What's even worse is that across the room I am seeing Coco tumble around the floor with Nero. It also doesn't help that Raul is such a natural fighter either. He's paired with big ass Sextus and he's wiping the floor with the big guy back and forth.

“Fuck you,” I respond.

Just at that moment Milan delivers a sweeping kick to the back of my legs taking me clean off of the floor. I turn to my right to see that Nero and Coco have noticed it. I have no doubt they have them two sparring because they are afraid Nero is going to get hurt. He is the heir after all and I guess they assume Coco would take it easy on him. Coco is letting out a snickering laugh at me. I know it's not my imagination when a minute later she jumps in Nero in a straddling position. I can't help to feel jealousy run up through my body.

I'm pretty sure her hoe ass moves weren't part of the kickboxing class.

What part of the game was that?

Milan looks down at me, “I told you that you are easily distracted. You've always been easily distracted. Focus.”

Milan is right. I have a lot on my mind especially with the dreams I've been having recently. Then there is him and Raul. Then there is Nero. Yes. Nero is the one who has been the hardest to cope with. A part of me knows Milan is right about all of this but I don't give it to him. I get back to my feet quickly and put my guard up.

“I don't need your help,” I tell him.

“You're not an O. Naturally O type blood are superior especially at combat. I'm just trying to help you out.”

“I told you I don't need your help.”

I charge at him with kicking and punching. I look fucking ridiculous and I know it. Luckily no one but Milan is paying attention. Needless to say Milan blocks every single attempt that I make at him and sweeps me off my feet. The loud thud as I hit the floor yet again causes Constance to shout out a “good Milan” from the other side of the classroom. At this point Sextus and I are clearly doing the worst at this. At least Raul is trying to beat Sextus. Milan isn't even trying. I'm just the worst.

Milan smirks a little bit, “Oh that's right. You got your prince to protect you.”

“Fuck you.”

My face is red with anger. Why do I let him get to me like this? It's clear that's what he wants.

“I just want to make sure you're safe,” he tells me, “When the rogues find Eden, you know who the first ones they will attack is? The royal family and everyone close to them. Not to say that you really are close to him.”

I put down my guard at that moment, “What's that supposed to mean?”

“You think Nero cares about you?” he asks me at that moment.

This dude had a nerve.

“Like you cared about me right?” I ask.

“I did care about you,” Milan states at that moment taking a step back, “I still do.”

I know it's cheap but I don't give a fuck. I take a cheap shot punching Milan right in the face. He cocks his head back not expecting it. Constantine walks past and shouts out a “Good Santos” loud enough for Nero and Coco to hear it. I can't help but to smile even if my shot is cheap.

“You better keep your guard up,” I tell him.

Milan doesn't put his guard up though. He's slim like me but his body is a lot more toned. He's dripping with sweat. I have to admit there is something that I still find so appealing about him.

His hershey skin tone is fucking appetizing. He always knew he had that effect on me when he would dome over me showing just how much taller than me he was. His tall, thin body seems to make his abs pop out even more. He isn't a muscular dude like Lucca or Nero. His slimness makes him look cool this is the body type of a classic vampire.

I'm so mesmerized by his body that I don't expect him to walk over at that moment and pin me. He pins my legs over my head and bear locks me on the mat.

“I still love you,” he whispers to me.

“This is kickboxing. This isn't wrestling,” I respond to him.

“Did you hear what I said to you?” he responds to me.

He is continuously pinning me. Either the teacher doesn't give a shit or he's probably too busy making sure that Prince Nero doesn't get hurt. I struggle to get out of his hold. Mostly its because of how awkward things have gotten within a matter of seconds.

“Your boyfriend is right over there,” I tell him.

“I'm sorry that it happened how it happened,” he explained.

“How long did it happen for?” I ask.

Milan looks down at and finally releases me from the hold. All of a sudden he is fine with escaping. I approach him aggressively though and wrap him in a choke hold from behind. I literally am standing on my tippy toes to get so fucking high behind Milan.

“Don't get hard,” Milan laughs grinding his ass up behind me in a way that is so sexual that I have no choice but to let go of him.

“Stop ignoring my question. How long were you cheating on me?”

Milan's face gets serious again and his laugh dies down. I can tell he doesn't want to talk about this and honestly neither do I but there is no closure here. My best friend played the fuck out of me and Milan basically cheated on me. I needed some type of answers.

“It happened twice before I left,” Milan explained.

“Is that why you left?”

He shakes his head, “No. Its a long story why I left. But I didn't want it to happen again. I swear. It just happened.”

“With me asleep in the next room?”

“I was never perfect. I never told you I was.”

“Milan...don't you get it? I lived for you. I would have died for you. Man---I literally did die for you. And honestly I think it's all a fucking joke to you.”

“I'm not laughing.”

“You might as well be. You took me for granted. I used to think Raul hated you because he knew you were no good. But really he didn't hate you. He just hated the fact that we were together because he wanted you for himself.”

Milan nods, “And I was dumb. It was all my fault. But I'm admitting to that now. People make mistakes. I'm here telling you that I can give you forever now. Now I see what I'm missing...”

“Because you see me with someone else.”

Little did Milan know my relationship with Nero was fake. I could only imagine how embarrassed I would be if he found it. Now he was actually seeming to try and I just wondered if it was too little too late.

“What do you want me to do?” Milan asks me, “You want me to break up with him?”

I roll my eyes, “You wouldn't break up with him.”

“The Halloween party. This weekend. I'll have a heart to heart with Milan. I'll break up with him before I show up at the Halloween party. And then me and you can have that forever. We can have that forever together. Say that's what you want.”


“Say it.”

Before I can push back at him Milan steals a kiss. It's the swiftest kiss in the world and I tumble back so hard trying to avoid it that I bust my ass on the mat one last time.

I hear the teacher shout, “Good Job, Milan.” one last time.

The dreams don't stop and neither does the attention. Dating Nero is something that I wasn't sure was my lifestyle. Walking around the school was like walking down a runway. There were stares everywhere. The other students never really spoke. They just whispered amongst themselves speaking about me. Sooner or later I started asking teachers to leave class a little earlier so there would be less students in the hallways before our classroom exchange.

The vampire school's Halloween party was coming up and it was the talk of the town. According to Geneva, Halloween was like the human version of Christmas. People went all out...especially at school. Luckily Nero had his servants come help me plan for it. Their planning included buying me my own outfit which Nero said he would gladly pay for...because I was his “boyfriend” or whatever. The party was being held at a big court down the street from the school. It seemed to be a big deal and when I arrived there I could see why.

The decorations seemed to be worth more than I could imagine. Huge statues filled the area. The food was catered and then there was the music. It was live and the performers seemed legit. I saw the lights stream with flashing purple and blue.


I'm not surprised that the first people to come up to me are Lucca and Camilla. They had asked to head down the street with me as though they needed people to know we arrived together. What I am surprised about is the fact they have my same costume on.

“Yeah...I'll take a shot,” I stated realizing I needed one after seeing them too.

Lucca and Camilla are both wearing old school vampire outfits with the cape like dracula and everything. I figured it would be a smart and clever thing to do. I don't know how they figured out what I was doing but they got exact costumes made to match mine. I'm talking down to the fucking lining. I look at the two of them with their pale skin and realize they are pulling this shit off way better than me.

“You like it, figured since we are all getting close now we should all look the same,” Lucca responds as though him standing here looking like a young Brad Pitt was us looking the same.

Camilla is no better. She literally puts her hand around me at that moment and smiles, “Do you know the Paparazzi stopped me to ask me which one of us came up with the idea for us three to come as classic vampires? Don't worry, I gave you all the credit...”

She is saying it like I invited her to steal my fucking costume.

“I'll be right back. I need another shot.”

Within 10 minutes I'm fucked up. People are starting to pour in the party and the only people that I know are from the smallest class in the school. Lucca and Camilla seem to know more than a few people however. It's not hard to tell that popularity is the most important thing in the world for them. I figured a vampire high school is just the same as any high school. Popularity is the world.

And I'm drinking. Luckily Eden didn't have the same laws as the human world against drinking. I guess they figure if you can't die then ---have at it bra. My vampire body seems to need a lot more drinks to get drunk though and I'm pushing it to the limit. I'm stressed. I don't know what it is. I'm stressing about the dreams that I'm having and I have two fucking stalkers following me around. No. It's not really that. It's Milan. It's the fact that Milan is talking about getting back together and for some reason...I'm excited and nervous.

Luckily Geneva shows up at the party. She is dressed up as a belly dancer which actually makes her look a little less cute and a little more sexy for once.

She comes up right to me when I arrive at the party, “Have you seen Armando?”

“Not recently,” I sigh, realizing Geneva is the girl in love with her teacher.

She looks around nervously, “Shit. He said he was going to come. Please tell me I'm not looking like Coco right now.”

“No you're not looking like a Thot if that's what you mean,” I respond.

She laughs nervously. I can tell that Geneva isn't used to dressing like this and have no doubt it's because of Armando. I mean I guess it's natural. Armando is the type of dude that you fell for. He was handsome. He was the serious type who never really joked around. He seemed to be about his business. He was the kind of dude to ignore a girl to the point that she literally started going crazy over him. I can see that this was exactly what was going on with him. He was muscular and he had that hair that made you want to run your fingers through them.

Geneva is frantically looking around, “I see Lucca and Camilla.”

She knows damn well that Lucca and Camilla are not the two people she is interested in. She is looking for that tall head of King's guard to thrust his sword in her a couple of times. The look of desperation in her eyes makes me a little sad for her. I wonder if I was like that with Milan. Shit. I wonder if I'm still like that for Milan.

“I know I'm over here avoiding them,” I respond.

Geneva shakes her head, “Eden has its own celebrity scene. Everyone wants to the top person. Everyone wants to be known. The fact that you're surprised that Lucca and Camilla are following you around is what really surprises me.”

“I'm not popular.”

“Look around. People are literally shitting their pants to muster up the courage to come and say Hi to you.”

“I'm no one.”

“You have the only AB blood in Eden. You are dating the prince. Coco has been feeding lies to the media about you that's just making you even more popular.”

“Wait she's been doing what?” I ask.

Geneva laughs, “Let her have it. Coco was yesterday's news. It's like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Out with the old and in with the new. It's not the worst spot to be in? You know? We are Class Zero. Everyone wants to our blood. Everyone wants to be us,” Geneva explains, “That's just how it is.”

Geneva has a point. Two people literally dressed like me today. I'd never been the stylish person before. I'd never been the player or the man everyone wanted to be around until I came here. Now that I was that person it just seemed like I didn't know how to deal with it. Hell it takes Geneva to point out that people are staring at me, YET again at the party.

“If Coco wants this so bad she can have it,” I respond.

“You'll get used to it. Just don't be like Coco. Don't let it change you.”

A month ago I wasn't even human and now Geneva is talking about changing again. I didn't know if that were possible.

“I won't...” I respond.

“Well you know what let's go walk around. The stares creep me out too. I hear the others are already in VIV. We might as well go up there.” Geneva asks.


“Very Important Vampires...”


Walking across the party was like dragging a magnet through a desk full of paperclips. The turned heads happened immediately. Halfway through the floor Lucca and Camilla join Geneva and I almost immediately. They are natural at this. They keep their heads up. They keep their posture straight. They don't seem to be phased by the attention. They seem to be born for it. Even Geneva naturally seemed to be inclined to it. Even if she doesn't like it she accepts it.

I just feel naked. I make eye contact with a few people. Some people seem excited to see me, other people seem to be disgusted and other people seem to hate me as though I personally did something to them.

Either way they all seemed to know me from they've read about or seen on the local television. By the time I get to VIP...or VIV I can truly understand why it exists. I just don't think I would feel comfortable partying among the regular students at this point.

“Is Milan here?” I ask as I walk into the VIP.

Coco is the one that's there.

“All you guys are late...” Coco states, clearly throwing shade as soon as we walk in.

“It's called fashionably late,” Camilla responds to her, “Santos wanted to spend time with the commoners...”

She says that loud enough for Armando to hear. I see Armando walk over to us. I still don't see Milan or Raul. I still don't see Nero. I do see Sextus however. He's up there with Dean Caesarion and clearly seems to be on his kiss-ass adventure sucking up to Coco. However Coco's influence on Lucca and Camilla seem all but dissolved.

“I never said that,” I immediately let Armando know.

For some reason Armando just seems like the type to judge as soon as something like that happens. The VIP consists of very few teachers but seems to definitely be built for Class Zero.

“Are you ok? You look flushed,” Armando tells me.

He puts his hand on my skin at that moment in a tender way. Honestly I would think it was kind of cute when he Armando lets out a concerned smile and rubs my cheek gently. He chases the side of my face with his look of concern. I would love a sexy dude like Armando doing something like that to me but the problem is I have this whole issue with Milan and then I had my fake relationship with Nero. Geneva makes her way right over.

“I'm ok,” I mention before pointing out, “Geneva looks amazing tonight doesn't she?”

Geneva smiles at that moment.

Armando gives her a quick glance, “Yeah.” Then immediately turns to me, “You shouldn't be drinking so much, Santos.”

“Protective knight in shining armor as usual,” Geneva smiles, “Why didn't you dress up Armando?”

“Not really into that kind of shit,” Armando shrugs.

Armando is staring at me. It's clear. My heart is racing especially because shit is just getting awkward with the three of us standing there. Geneva is smiling at Armando. Armando is staring at me. I'm thinking of any excuse just to get out of this situation.

“Maybe I should get something to eat,” I say.

“I'll get it. Everything is separated from common students,” Armando lets me know at that moment, “What do you feel like eating? Something spicy, something sweet...”

I look over at Geneva, “Geneva what do you feel like eating?”

She shrugs, “That calamari with the drizzled blood looks good...”

Armando makes a slight face before twitching a little bit and shrugging, “Actually I just think I can fit enough food for one person. Those portions are huge. Plus Santos probably needs all the food he can to help soak up some of that liquor...”

Armando is heartless. He doesn't even see that he just shut Geneva all the way down. Geneva is looking like she just hit by a ton of bricks and he doesn't even stick around to see her reaction. He turns immediately and Geneva is sitting there looking like she's about to break out into tears any minute.


“I'll be right back. Got to use the little girl's room.”

As she leaves I notice someone walking up to me. I can feel myself immediatetly getting annoyed when I notice that it is Coco walking up towards me.

“Pathetic isn't she?” Coco says, “Geneva I mean.”

Coco is dressed up in a flapper dress. The dress is loose but it still manages to show off her heavy curves on the top and her bottom. She is thick in all the right places and her face is just flawless. Even though she has all the looks in the world the girl still manages to put on the most sour face as she walks up to me and stands by my side.

“I didn't say all that,” I respond to her.

Coco grunts with a hard humph, “You didn't have to. I can see it on your face. I think it's pathetic. Why would such a beautiful person chase a man who is clearly so interested in someone else? Right?”

Just at that moment I notice Milan has arrived at the VIP section.

He's not alone.

Raul is holding hands with him.

My eyes burn at Milan. Maybe they just burn period. Maybe it's because I feel tears coming down my eyes.

“Stupidity. Stupidity is the reason.”

I'm not talking about Geneva. I'm talking about myself. I'm talking about the fact that I was actually excited that Milan was actually serious about breaking it off with Raul. Not I just feel angry. Now I just feel used.


In my anger I find myself about to run down the steps and literally run into Armando knocking over the tray of food. I barely get to apologize and all of a sudden I feel myself being that stupid little boy again. I should have known Milan was bullshitting me. That's what he always did. He bullshitted me. But for some reason I just assumed that he wasn't.

I'm rushing down out of VIP and make it onto the dance floor and almost crash into someone. When I turn around I see Nero.

Nero is wearing all black, skin tight suit. He has a mask on that is painted on. I assume he's some type of cat burglar or something.

“Damn you just look for reasons to keep bumping into me huh?” he asks smirking.

My mind is gone and for the first time I don't say something smart back to him, “My fault.”

I turn and try to leave but I'm stopped.

He pulls me back, “What's wrong?”


“Then why are you running away?” He asks me, “Stay with with me...”

I can't help but to look at Nero like he has two heads, “I am NOT going to dance with you out here. Are you serious?”

“Why not? You're my boyfriend remember?”

Then I remember that the gay thing with vampires is nothing like the gay thing back home. Back in Spanish Harlem I was going to catch a serious L for dancing with another guy. Here it doesn't matter and I don't have the chance to say no.

I don't know if I lost it because back in the day something like what happened with Milan would knock me out of commission forever. I'd be like Geneva finding the nearest bathroom to drown in my tears and bitch to anyone listening (who just so happened to always be Raul). Now though in a matter of seconds I am Nero.

Reggae is playing and Nero is grinding up against me. He's thrusting his hips and gyrating into me. He's biting his lips the whole time and mouthing off the words to the song.

“Oh my god,” I'm laughing at him when I realize we are pressed up against a wall.

“You scared?” Nero asks me.

“Never that,” I respond.

I don't know if it's the alcohol. Maybe it's the fact that I'm so pissed at Milan. Whatever makes do it doesn't matter. I'm grinding up against Nero, grabbing his ass and pulling him closer. Nero's smirk disappears when I'm holding onto his tight round glutes and pulling him into me. I don't know why I”m staring at his bottom lip at that moment. I don't know why we are moving so close to each other. The song ends and another song begins. We don't skip a beat. We don't care what's playing. It could be “Wade in the Water” and we'd still be grinding up against each other.

I know I'm getting hard. There's only so much a sexy man in a tight suit can grind up on you without you getting hard. If he notices it he doesn't seem to be disgusted by it. It's the opposite. Nero is getting closer and closer.

Reggaeton is playing.

He pushes turns me around and presses me up against the wall. He's grinding his crotch into my ass. I lean back and I can feel our cheeks rubbing up against one another.



His hands are rubbing up and down my body. They run up and down my abs. I twist him around and start grinding on his butt, not caring that my dick is hard pressed against him. I don't know what makes me dare to do it but my hands wander...wondering if he's into this as much as I am.

He is.

Nero's dick is hard as a rock.

“Damn...” I hear him whisper shocked that I did it.

“My fault...” I say trying to remove his hand.

Nero stops my hand. He keeps it there. He guides me to rub onto his hard wood. He lets me outline his dick. It's thick. There is a girth there that is amazing. He has to be about 8 inches and it's thick as fuck. I have to admit that feeling on his dick even for the few seconds that I do it will give me jack off motivation for a year.

Three songs in. Four songs in. Five songs. We are sweating and I could care less. It's finally when the music slows down that things start to change. Suddenly we are two stepping in the middle of the dance floor. We are swaying.

Suddenly I'm realizing the attention is on us. People are watching. No people are staring. It's more than staring. A spotlight is on us.

How long has it been on us?


I feel so uncomfortable all of a sudden when I realize the crowd is staring. I look up in the VIP section. The school is staring. People have stopped dancing to stare at us. How many songs have they been staring at us. Shit...did they see me grab at Nero's dick. Milan is there. He is staring over the balcony. The face that he has on says everything. Milan is...he's hurt.

Nero hasn't noticed the attention we are getting yet.

Or maybe he just doesn't care.

He's staring at me. He's so close. So close. Then he moves in. He kisses me. He presses me up against his lips. The lips are so fucking soft. For a moment I think about letting him. I watch as he parts his lips and is about to put his tongue in my mouth.

But I jerk away.

“Get off me.”


I don't wait for him to ask me what's wrong or try to seduce me with those sexy lips, or those beautiful eyes, or his big dick or his muscular body. I get the fuck out of his face without looking at him. It's hard not to look at him but I can't let do it. I can't let myself be so consumed by another man in the way that I was consumed by Milan.

Fuck that love bullshit.

I'm heading up to VIP section at that moment. The others are staring at me. I notice it's not just me when I get to the VIP section. Nero is there to. There is an awkwardness in the air and Nero looks like he wants to say something but he doesn't. Milan looks like he wants to say something to Nero. The look that he's giving Nero right now I've never seen in my life. Raul is sitting down looking at Milan looking at Nero. Coco seems pissed and is staring at me as though she wants to ring my neck. Then Armando is looking at me as though he's annoyed about something while Geneva is staring dead at him.

All this quiet staring gets me nervous. I notice alcohol sitting at the table. Everyone goes back to their glasses that they were drinking before.

“How about a toast?” I say.

I'm too drunk for the awkwardness. I'm surprised when everyone looks at me and agrees.

“So we not going to talk about what just happened with Nero and---” Lucca starts saying.

Camille elbows him hard cutting him off before he finishes. I'm kind of happy she does because this shit is awkward enough. Nero looks confused as he stares at me. I want to avoid staring at him as much as I can so I quickly turn my face to the alcohol.

Coco shakes her head at that moment and looks at Nero, “I don't get you. I really don't.”

“Can we please just fuckin' toast without all the bullshit?” Milan states loudly and arrogantly, “Does everyone have their cups.”

Nero has the gold cup in his hand.

“Where'd they get gold cups from?” Camille asks almost whining.

“Royalty gets to drink out of gold cups,” Milan responds, “Royalty gets to get away with a lot of shit that otherwise would get them knocked the fuck out...”

The way Milan is talking right now causing everyone to look at him. Everyone includes Raul who is standing right there. The weird thing is he's not looking at Milan. He's looking at me weird.

“You ok bro,” Nero asks.

“Can we please just toast to whatever so I can go the fuck home?” Nero asks.

“Why can't we all get gold cups?” Milan asks.

“Who gives a fuck about the cups?” I respond.

“Why are you are you getting getting so defensive?” Raul responds.

He's been pretty quiet this whole time because he's the new boy but now all of a sudden he wanted to click back into his old self. I know I'm not the only one who notices it but I honestly don't care.

“Milan'ss right. Nero we love you and everything but I thought we'd all be treated equally if we weren't in the same class as the prince,” Lucca sticks up for Camille.

“Clearly the prince does what he wants. He's above us,” Milan responds.

Nero looks at Milan. He is intentionally sitting here riling people up against Nero and it's working. I realize now that Milan is doing this on purpose. He wants to piss Nero off. He saw what Nero and I were doing and he wants Nero to know that he feels some type of way about it. The funny thing is he could care less about the fact that Raul might feel some type of way about it too.

“Exactly. Why can't I drink out of the gold cup?” Coco asks, “Why can't Sextus?”

“You know what. Fuck this petty shit,” Nero says handing the cup to Sextus, “Have at it. Let's toast.”

“To what?” Lucca asks.

“Who gives a fuck?” I ask.

“Letting go of the past,” Nero states.

He looks dead at me at that moment. I look dead at him.

Milan shakes his head, “That won't happen.”

It isn't until the next moment that I'm sure Nero suspects something is happening between Milan and I because he abruptly says, “We'll see about that.”

I don't know if anyone else notices. It's awkward as fuck and I just want to get out of here. I want to get away from literally all of these people. We clang glasses and just when we do it I notice something else happen.


“You ok Big Sexy?” Coco asks.

He seems like he's choking. I watch as Armando runs forward and catches Sextus before he falls on Geneva and squashes her. Sextus is laying there and he's turned blue and then in a matter of seconds something strange happens. His body turns completely black and faded and he immediately begins to decapitate.

Coco screams at the top of her lungs at that moment.

“Oh my god...” I ask, “Is he? Is he?”

Is that what happens to vampires that die?

Armando nods and picks up the cup that Sextus drank out of. He smells the cup at that moment, “Tainted blood. Poisonous to vampires.”

Coco is still screaming. Chaos has broken out. The music has stopped. Dean Caesarion has rushed over to the VIP section.

“Who would do this?”

Armando looks at the blood for a second, “Only one is this thick. Only one blood is this potent. It's O type blood.”

Before he looks around it's almost clear. The VIP section almost all Class O. But why kill Sextus? Why would someone want to kill Sextus? But then I notice the chilled look on Nero's face. They weren't trying to kill Sextus at all.

It's me who figures it out and announces it, “Someone in Class O is trying to kill Nero...”

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