Written by: J.P.G.

{The Shadow of My Father is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Daddy Rick

Chapter 41

As the family sat down to eat, they started hearing a lot of noise coming from the front of the house. Not soon after the noise began, the head of the night security walked in and whispered something in Isaac's ears. After getting the news, Isaac whispered into Rose's ear. By this time the boys stopped eating and tried to hear.

Rose looked over at Josh and then at each of the boys. When she got to Brandon, she could see that Brandon was about to throw up what he just ate. Brandon thought that the noise they are hearing is his mother. He thought she somehow got out of the crazy house and is back making trouble for them. Rose can see that Brandon is freaking out and decided she had no other choice than to let them know what is going on.

"Boys the street is filled with reporters from all over the state." Everyone looked straight at Rose, hanging onto every word she is saying. "Josh, they want a statement from you about why you weren't with the Glee Club at state. They followed your school Glee Club because they not only sang at your father's inauguration but one of the sons of the Governor is in it.

So far all they know is that you didn't go with the Glee Club to state. They haven't found out why, but they will. They will investigate when they find out that your teacher allowed the students to vote you out, there are going to be heads to roll. I think the best thing we can do is send out a statement trying to head them off at the pass."

"Ggg-grandma..." Josh stuttered as he started talking. "Whatever happens I don't want Mr. Edger to get into trouble. He was trying to be fair and allow the class to choose what direction they wanted to go. He doesn't deserve to get in trouble when he was trying to teach us a lesson. Knowing how the school reacts, they are going to fire him first and then ask questions later. They simply don't want to be put in bad light."

Rose understood where Josh is coming from, but this something they can't control. In fact if Josh wants to prevent his teacher from getting into trouble, they can't stay quiet and say nothing on the matter. The one that needs to go out to make a statement to the press is Josh, not her son Daniel or any one part of Daniel's administration. Josh needs to show that he understood where his teacher was going and the press needs to drop it.

"Look Josh I need to call your father before we do anything. I am going to recommend to him that you speak with the press. Not with a prepared speech, a speech you give from you heart. That is the only way I see your teacher not getting fired. So think long and hard how much you are willing to do in order to save your teacher. Don't make up your mind until I have a chance to talk with you father."

Josh stayed quiet as Rose and Isaac got up from the dinner table. They walked out and over to the study. The others just sat there looking at Josh trying to figure out what to say that will help him make the decision he needs to make. It took Cesar taking hold of Josh's hand to bring him out of the trance he was in.

While the boys stayed at the dinner table, Rose and Isaac called Daniel. They knew that they would catch him still in the office since he works late into the night. When Barbara answered the phone, Rose knew that her son was there. She right away got Daniel on the line. Immediately Daniel spoke before finding out why they called him.

"I don't understand what is going on down there Isaac. One thing is for sure where I am sitting at is that things are going to hell in a hand basket. I just got through a shit storm; I can't afford another one this soon, more so with my family. When did Josh get kicked out of the Glee club and why wasn't I ever informed about that when it happened?"

"Daniel if we would to call you whenever anything happens in your children's lives, you would be on the phone with us so much the State would fall apart! When Mr. Edgar allowed the class to decide who their solo artist was going to be, he never thought they would vote Josh out. When it happened, Josh went back to Mrs. Nunez's class. Just has just recently hit the news because of how the Glee Club placed so low at state."

Isaac and Rose could hear Barbara speaking to Daniel. They are talking too low for them to make out what is being said, but they can hear them talking to each other. After a few minutes of them talking, Daniel came back on the line. This time he is talking, not shouting like he was before.

"There has to be changes dealing with my kids. I shouldn't depend on others to do the job I should be doing, even if they are family. Me being here in Austin and them being there in El Paso, there are way too many things that can go wrong. What I am think I am going to do is pull them out of El Paso High and moved them here to Austin. At least that way I can deal with anything right when it happens."

"Daniel you are jumping the gun way too fast! Take it from someone that has brought up her kids already. If you would to move your kids to Austin, you would do more harm than good. I know it seems that things are always going wrong down here, but you have only been Governor for a couple months. We are bound to make mistakes. Give us a chance to get a hand hold before giving up on everything here."

"For now I am going to table that discussion. What we need to discuss is what are we going to do with the problem at hand. I believe the teacher made mistakes, but not enough for the school district to fire him. Still you guys have the press camped out on the front yard. How are we going to deal with that problem?"

Rose explained her idea that she suggested during dinner. It took some doing for her to talk Daniel into agreeing with her to go ahead with it, but he finally agreed. He did lay down some ground rules, which one of them is that Josh can't be pressured into doing it. If he isn't comfortable talking to the press, Daniel doesn't want him doing it. Rose and Isaac agreed before hanging up the phone.

They found the boys in the den watching the news. Immediately Isaac walked over to the television and turned it off. Every eye in the room looked at him for guidance, not Rose. Isaac broke the silence and related the conversation they just had with their father. When Isaac was done, Rose took over.

"Josh it is up to you on what is going to happen from here. If you don't want to talk with the press, you don't have to. We will just let them camp out there and eventually they will get tired and go home. We can call the school in the morning to make sure that Mr. Edgar doesn't get into any trouble. So as you can see, you don't have to talk with the press if you don't want to."

Looking around the room, Josh knew what he had to do. If he doesn't go out and set the record straight with the press, Mr. Edgar's name will always be tarnished. Although Josh doesn't agree with what he did, he can move on. If he can move on, why shouldn't the press. After all, no one really got hurt here.

Before any of the family went out, the security detail made a security sweep of the yard, making sure there was no threat. Once they confirmed there wasn't, Jonathan informed the press that a family member, not Josh, a family is going to come out and give a short statement. That got the press to move as close as they could to entrance of the driveway.

A few minutes after Jonathan told the family that everything is all clear, the entire family walked out, even Cesar. Rose spoke first and told the press that her grandson is going to be the one making the statement, but isn't going to field any questions afterwards. The press sighed, but accepted what they are getting.

Josh moved to the middle of the family, cleared his throat and started talking. "Um, please bear with me. The last time I talked with all of you was when my father was running for office. Even then I stumbled around on my words. Plus it is way too cold out here for us Texans to be talking." The press crew chuckled when Josh said that.

"I find this kind of funny for you all to be focusing on me when there are so much more important things going on right now. Look at the positive work my father has done so far as Governor for example. The teachers are going to benefit with the bill my father just signed into law. If you want to have a story about education and teachers, report about all the good that the education bill my father got through will do; not this. Without them, where would the youth be?

Anyways you aren't here to here me preach about the success my father is having." As Josh talked to the press, Daniel and Barbara were watching him on TV. Daniel started to tear up as he saw and heard his son talk about what he has accomplished so far. In his wildest dreams he never thought it would be Josh to take after him as much as he does.

"By now you all know that I was not part of the Glee Club when they went to state. This is a school event; a club and being so, every student in this club has equal right to each position. The one that sang the solo position is a very good solo artist and deserved a chance to sing in that position. Mr. Edger gave her that chance and I don't hold a grudge against anyone in the Glee Club or Mr. Edgar.

Right now I am not part of the club because I started working with the school swim team again. Once my schedule settles down, I will see about returning back to the Glee Club. With that said it should clear the rumor up that I was asked to leave. At no time was I forced out of Glee Club in anyway. I can return to the club at any time.

So before we all freeze, let me end this." The press started laughing again. "Mr. Edgar is a great teacher that gives everyone a chance in his program. He wants to win, but not at the detriment of any of his students. If there is a student that wants to try a certain position, he will give them that chance. Let's stop looking for wrong where there is none. Stop reporting this high school drama and move on to more important things that affect every person in this state. Focus on the work my father is doing." Josh laughed as the press did. "Sorry I had to put that in there once again. Y'al take care and good night."

Josh waved at the press as he and his family made their way back to the house. The press tried to ask Josh questions, but true to their word, he didn't answer any. When they walked in, they headed straight to the den to see what the news was reporting. When they turned on the TV, they were rebroadcasting Josh's statement.

Right after they ran Josh's statement again, the press talked about it for another eight minutes before moving on to everything the Governor has done for the teachers. They checked the other channels and found they had moved on too. Just then the phone rang and everyone knew who was on the other end.

Rose picked up, but almost immediately handed the phone to Josh. "Son, I can't even begin put in words the feelings that I have right now. You did a great job and thank you. The way you handled yourself out there, some seasoned politicians can't even do that. You went out and more than likely saved your teacher's job."

After what Josh just did, his father looks at him in a different light now. So much so that he told Josh some news that he hasn't even told Rose. He asked Josh not to tell anyone because he wants to be the one to deliver the news to the family when they come up there during spring break. Josh agreed before they moved on to another subject.

When he got off the phone with his father, Josh was beat. He said good night to his uncle and grandmother as he pulled Cesar up from the couch. As they made their way up the stairs, they took one more look outside to see if the press was still there. To their surprise, most of the press has packed up and left. The few left are still left are packing their stuff.

The next morning when Josh walked into school, the students treated him like a rock star. Being a teenager, Josh enjoyed the attention he was getting. As he made his way down the hall to the cafeteria, Principal Michaels asked to speak with him. Josh didn't refuse and followed the Principal into his office.

When they walked in, Mr. Edgar and Mrs. Nunez were already sitting there. "Do I need to get Josh's grandmother or uncle down here?" Jonathan asked before Principal Michaels could even take his seat.

"No there is no need to bring his grandmother or uncle down here. The only reason I brought him in here is to find out what actually happened. I know what Josh said to the press, but I also know what I have been hearing around the school. The two different stories don't mesh.

Josh I need the truth from you. You don't have to worry about any retribution for what you say here in this office. Did Mr. Edgar give his class the decision making as far as who was going to be in the solo position? And did he ask you to leave and placed you back into Mrs. Nunez's class after getting voted out of Glee Club."

Josh moved back and forth in his seat, trying to get comfortable. "Mr. Edgar asked anyone that felt that they could be the Glee Club solo artist to choose a song and perform. Since Glee Club is a group activity, he gave the class the right to vote who was the best solo singer. After everyone performed, they voted. I was not the one they voted for and I had to live with that, which I did.

As far as being kicked out of Glee Club, that never happened. When they voted for another solo singer, Mr. Edgar gave me the choice to either stay in Glee or go back to Mrs. Nunez's class. He saw I wasn't comfortable being in the class after being voted off as the solo singer. I am the one that chose to go back to Mrs. Nunez's class, no one forced me to." Josh looked over at Mr. Edger and Mrs. Nunez as they smiled back at him.

"Okay that's all I needed to know. As far as I can see here there was nothing done wrong. Josh you can go and eat breakfast." Josh got up and left the office with Jonathan right behind him. Although he felt he helped out Mr. Edger, Josh has a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach that he hurt Mr. Edgar more than he helped him.

Principal Michaels waited a few minutes after Josh left before he started to talk. "Mr. Edgar you can't allow your students to tell you who does and does not sing in each position. You are the teacher and you make those decisions. If one of your students doesn't like it, send them to the office or kick them out of the Club. The minute you hand over control of your class to the students, that's the moment you become a non factor.

For now I am going to let it go with a verbal warning. Nothing will be placed in your permit record, but don't let this happen again." Principal Michaels looked over at Mrs. Nunez. "You are a veteran and I expected more from you. This is Mr. Edgar's second year of teaching. He is bound to make mistakes, but not you. I hope in the future you use better judgment. That's all; you guys can go."

Mr. Edgar and Mrs. Nunez walked out of the office. As they walked back to their classrooms, Mr. Edgar tried to apologize to Mrs. Nunez for getting her into trouble, but she wouldn't hear of it. She made it clear it wasn't his fault, it was hers. Like the Principal said she should have known better. As she opened her classroom she turned and told Mr. Edgar she won't make that mistake again.

As soon as Josh left the Principal's office he headed down to the cafeteria. On his way the students shook his hand, even a couple wanted him to sign the newspaper which had a picture of him on the front page. He looked at Jonathan and conveyed to Jonathan that he wanted a newspaper without saying a word.

When he walked into the cafeteria, he saw that his table was surrounded with students that he has never talked to before. Trying to act normal, Josh made his way to the table and sat down beside Cesar. Before he could relax, students started asking questions. Josh tried to answer as many of the questions as he could, but the bell rang before he could even answer a quarter of the questions. He looked down to his tray and realized that he didn't eat.

The morning was a nonstop roller coaster ride for Josh, his brothers and friends. Even the teachers got into asking how he felt doing what he did the night before. This time Jonathan didn't object when Josh's teachers asked him to talk about the experience. That shocked Josh, but Jonathan had learned from his past mistakes.

As the day wore on, Josh couldn't help but wonder if his father felt like this everyday since he became Governor, feeling like a million dollars because of all the attention he is getting. Then Josh remembered that his father also has bad days like he was having a few weeks ago. That is something he doesn't want. So he decided to try and end this celebrity position he is in. Josh figured as fast as they gave him that title, they can take it away.

During lunch Josh didn't answer questions, he just told everyone he isn't any different than them. But several the students said he was wrong, he is one of the Governor's son's. That makes him more important than the rest of them. That got Josh a little angry and he countered that statement with a simple statement of his own.

"I may be one of the Governor's sons, but my father wouldn't be Governor if it wasn't for your parents and family voting for him. So really you all are more important than me or my family because you can fire my father in four years." Everyone agreed with Josh and left him alone for the first time since the day began.

Once the other students left to their own tables, Josh and his friends tried to get back to normalcy. It didn't last long because as soon as they walked out to the stadium, different students surrounded Josh and his friends. Josh tried the same thing he did in the cafeteria, but it didn't work this time. Cesar saw that Josh was getting uncomfortable with all this so he leaned and whispered in Josh's ears to try and calm him down.

"All this will blow over in a couple of days. By the end of the week, everything will be back to normal. Don't let them get under your skin. Just sit back and enjoy this because it is something that won't happen very often."

Taking Cesar's advice, Josh went with the flow. When the bell rang, Josh couldn't be happier had he won the lottery. After getting his books from his locker, Josh and Cesar kissed and went their separate ways. The next two periods are the only two periods that Cesar and Josh don't have together.

As Josh walked into fourth period, Mrs. Nunez gave him a note with a room number on it. Josh looked at Mrs. Nunez with a confused and hurt look in his face which made Mrs. Nunez feel like crap. She pulled Josh out to the hallway, but before leaving her classroom she made it clear to her students that she can see and hear everything that goes on when she is in the hallway. That immediately quieted the room.

"Josh you have a voice that shouldn't be wasted. If Mr. Nunez and his Glee Club don't want to have you part of their group in the solo position, that's their loss. There are several music classes that can use your voice and I got you into one of them. Normally this teacher doesn't accept freshmen or sophomores in his class, but he is going to make an exception for you. This is not because of what happened the last couple of days, he is doing me this favor. Also, you can trust him, Josh. He will never hang you out to dry."

All choked up, Josh couldn't reply to Mrs. Nunez. She escorted Josh to the classroom and introduced him to his new teacher. Before leaving Josh, she asked Josh to trust her. She told Josh something she thought she never would. She made it clear to him that she won't make the same mistake that she made with him with the Glee Club.

With that, Josh walked in to the classroom. As he walked in he found that he is standing on a stage. He looked out to see the class sitting in the seats where normally an audience would be sitting. Josh couldn't believe that this classroom is actually formatted like a small auditorium. Trying to get his footing, he felt someone tapping him on his shoulder.

"I assume you are Josh Lopez?" Josh turned to see an older gentleman, with a pot belly, but nicely dressed. "My name is Mr. Franklin and this is my class. Mrs. Nunez has been talking my ear off for the last week about you. She and I started teaching together and I listen to her when she says she has a student with talent. In fact she should be running this class, not me."

Mr. Franklin walked over to a table that he used as his desk. "This room used to be the schools auditorium. I don't want to bore you with the details, but they needed a lot larger auditorium as the student body grew. Now it is my classroom because we need a room that is sound proof since this is a Show Chorus."

"Mrs. Nunez didn't tell me anything about this class, Mr. Franklin. All she did is bring me down here and told me that I have talent that shouldn't go to waste. To be completely honest with you I rather not join another class that I have no idea about. Plus I don't know anyone in here."

"Let me tell you that what happened to you in Glee Club won't happen to you here. The name of this class is Show Chorus. It is a lot like Glee Club, but a little different. We have an actual band at all times and a stage to get ready for our competitions. The group is not as large as the Glee Club either. The only thing we have been missing is a solo singer. That is why you haven't seen us competing against the Glee Club.

When Mr. Edger got you, I was angry with Mrs. Nunez. She knew I was looking for a solo artist as for my group but the Glee Club got you and I had to hold back until another one of you came down the pike. Instead of that happening, you became free. Trust me I am going to do what I can to keep you here."

Mr. Franklin took Josh and introduced him to everyone else in the Show Chorus. They were happy to see Josh and welcomed him warmly. Immediately they started talking about what they would like to perform now that they have their solo singer with a very strong voice. Josh just stood there listening, taking it all in.

The mean time Jonathan went up to talk with Mr. Franklin about the security. Being warned by Mrs. Nunez's about Josh's security, Mr. Franklin was surprised it took Jonathan this long to come up to talk with him. After going over every detail of the way things have to be, Jonathan started to walk away when Mr. Franklin stopped him.

"With all do respect sir I understand why you have to be mindful on what is going on around Josh, but there has to be some wiggle room. In this class, kids come and go, and at times we have different members of the school band in here. If they have to go through security checks every time they come in and out of this room, it will disrupt my class."

"Mr. Franklin if you want Josh in this class you have to take him with these conditions. I learned my lesson giving you teachers wiggle room on the policies. Because I didn't want to interrupt the process of a class, I gave into the requests of a teacher and in return I ended up with a beaten Josh. That won't happen again and the only way I can make sure of that is by going strictly by the book when it comes down to Josh's security."

Mr. Franklin could see that he isn't going to budge Jonathan on this. So instead he got Jonathan to agree to clear all the students in the school band, this class and any other music class they get students from. As far as instruments and things like that they will make sure they have everything in the room they need. That way the student isn't delayed because his or her instrument is being checked.

After Jonathan and Mr. Franklin came to agreement, Mr. Franklin called the students onto the stage. He handed them their sheets of music and told them for now they are going to work on just the song. The other stuff they will deal with later. Josh looked down and couldn't believe the choice, "Another Brick in The Wall", by Pink Floyd.

Josh couldn't believe that Mr. Franklin is actually going to let them sing this song. He started to think that maybe this is just to loosen them up, to get used to each other and then he will give them the songs they will actually be singing. Then Josh remembered that they are going to work on the song right now and later put together everything else.

"On Friday as you all know there is going to be an assembly during sixth period. As you are aware this assembly always happens the Friday before spring break. Normally it is really boring, but this year we are going to make it exciting. You are going to get a chance to poke fun at the teachers, so enjoy it."

"Mr. Franklin is the Glee Club going to perform as well?"

"Yes Eddie, the Glee Club will get one song and we will get one song. Originally they were going to get both songs, but when I was able to get a solo singer for our group, I asked Principal Michaels for one of those songs. The Glee Club isn't happy, but they have to share with us now that we are finally complete.

Now with that said they will go on first since they are the established group at this school and went to state. You will show them respect even if they don't show respect for us. When you take that stage and sing for the first time, you will get their respect along with the entire student body."

The class applauded Mr. Franklin as Eddie gave Josh a microphone. Before Josh could get set, the band started playing. Lucky for him this song has a little time at the beginning that gives him a chance to look over the lyrics.

The first try everyone stumbled around. The song didn't start to sound like the song they were singing until their fourth attempt. Even then, not everyone was in sync. There was someone that came in before they should or way after they should, but Mr. Franklin didn't worry about it.

The Governor worked late into the evening as he always does. When he walked into the doors of the mansion, Daniel was greeted with a lovely voice. A voice he whished was the voice that had greeted him for years, not just the last month.

Daniel walked to the private kitchen to see Barbara hard at work cooking dinner. She looked up to see Daniel standing there watching her. Without asking, she got a beer and handed it to him as she pushed him out of the kitchen. Daniel kissed Barbara on lips before he headed over to the den to read the daily reports from the security detail like he always does before dinner.

Just as he laid down the last report, Barbara called him for dinner. They didn't talk about the office during dinner unless they couldn't avoid it like when Daniel was getting beating in the press. He couldn't leave that at work but most of the time, Daniel can leave work where it belongs, at work.

"I was thinking that maybe my kids shouldn't come up here for spring vacation. Maybe we should go to El Paso for the week. I already cleared my schedule for the week to be with my kids, so it wouldn't matter if it was here or there. All I want is to be with my kids and you for the week. They need to get to know you after all."

"You know I will go where you want to go for the week, but are you sure you want to go to El Paso? What you have told me, your kids are looking forward on coming here. They have made all sorts of plans already and to now tell them they aren't coming might be a serious disappointment."

"It might not be right, but they will understand after we tell them the news." Daniel Sr. took another bite of his dinner giving Barbara a chance to weigh what he just said.

Barbara agreed with Daniel, but had a few reservations. She explained to Daniel since they are going to El Paso on personal business, they can't use the plane. They will need to use the state vehicles to transport themselves and a small security detail. That way no one can throw anything back at him that he is abusing his office.

"I agree with you on all that Barbara. Then we sneak out very early on Friday and hit the road. That way we can make into town around the time the kids get out of school. We can surprise them and pick them up as they come out of school."

Barbara agreed and promised to start working on details first thing in the morning. After they got that out of the way, they started talking about what to take for the trip. In order for the press not to get wind of it until it was too late, they can't stop a lot and when they do they will need to make the stops fast in and fast out. The faster they get in and out of places, the less chance anyone will recognize them.

Barbara wasn't a face that anyone would associate with the Governor, so they agreed that she will be going in and out of the stores or one of the security detail. Once they made their plans on the trip, Daniel called and spoke with his mother. He made her promise not to tell the kids that he is coming into town. After hanging up with Rose, Daniel joined Barbara and they headed off to bed. They have a long day tomorrow ahead and then the early morning drive.

Thursday morning, Mr. Franklin had the Show Chorus come in the next morning, at lunch and practice after school. By the end of practice on Thursday, they actually had the song down and started to put together what they are going to wear tomorrow. Unlike the Glee Club, they could get away with jeans and t-shirts considering the type of song they are going sing.

Friday morning instead of practicing, Mr. Franklin took the Show Chorus out to the football field where they will be performing later that day. He wanted his chorus to get a feel for the place so when they get on the stage they won't freeze up. Most of the stage isn't put together yet, but the group basically got the feel of how it will be later that day.

As they walked back to the main building, Mr. Edger and the Glee Club passed them. It looked like Mr. Edger had the same idea that Mr. Franklin did. When the Glee Club spotted Josh in the Show Chorus, they did a double take. Josh tried to smile but couldn't help himself. After all they kicked him out, did they think he wasn't going to join another group if offered?

The day flew by faster than Josh wanted it to. It always happens that way to Josh. When ever he wants the day to drag on, it goes by fast. Then whenever he wants the day to go slow, it goes by fast. Josh couldn't help but think that maybe he should think the opposite of what he wants so he would get what he actually wants.

Cesar kept Josh calm most of the day so when fifth period rolled around, Josh wasn't that jumpy. Although Cesar didn't have the same class with Josh, he made sure to catch Josh in the hallway to make sure his nerves were okay. Not caring about getting late to class, Cesar walked Josh to his class before running back to the building.

Since it takes a while to get the entire student body settled in, the last thirty minutes of fifth period was used to take all the students to the football field. Major Moore and Sergeant Haney walked behind the company as they made their way talking about what a waste of time these assemblies are. Josh couldn't help but over hear how disgusted his instructors are about things like this.

Once they took their seats, Mr. Franklin and Mr. Edger asked for their groups to make their way down to the stage area. At first when Josh got up, Sergeant Haney wasn't going to let him go. He didn't know that Josh had rejoined the Glee Club. It took Mr. Franklin to come up and tell Sergeant Haney and Major Moore that Josh is part of his group.

Principal Michaels started the assembly the minute after the final bell rang for sixth period. He quieted the student body down before introducing the Glee Club. As they took the stage, the student body applauded. When the music started, the students sat down thinking that they were going to see Josh, but when the girl that took his place came out singing, they booed at the Glee Club.

The booing got worse when the Glee Club started singing Imagine, the same song they sang at the concert a few months back. A minute or so into the song, the booing stopped, but it did its job. The Glee Club on stage today isn't the same Glee Club that performed for them in the past without Josh. The solo singer couldn't hit the notes, and the rest of the Glee Club tried to cover up for her, but it made it worse.

When they finished their song, the student body actually started booing at them again. Josh couldn't believe what was happening to them. Although they didn't sound good at all, hey didn't deserve to be booed off the stage. He wants to go out there so badly and tell his fellow students off, but he thought better of it.

Instead he made his way over to the Glee Club and told them they sounded great. They just looked at Josh with a dirty look. Still trying to be the better person, Josh tried to talk with his former group, but they wouldn't listen. They just pushed past him and made their way back to their seats leaving Josh with his mouth wide open.

Josh stood there unable to understand why they are acting the way they are towards him. He finally picked up his jaw from the ground and rejoined the Show Chorus. They stood behind stage listening to each person talking about the dos and don'ts of spring break. Basically don't do anything that is fun is what they were trying to say.

Finally the Principal walked to the microphone to introduce the Show Chorus. "We have a real treat for you guys to close off this assembly. Our school not only has the Glee Club but it also has a Show Chorus as well. I am proud to bring out the next group to perform for you. For their first performance of the year, please welcome your school Show Chorus." Principal Michaels walked off the stage applauding.

At first the student body didn't applaud, and then the music started. That alone got the student body on their feet and then Josh took center stage. When they saw Josh, they started to applaud. The Glee Club looked around the stadium in disbelief on the way their fellow students are applauding Josh and the new group even before they sang a note!

Shortly after Josh started singing, the entire student body started singing along with him. Many of them pointed to their teachers as they sang. The teachers took all in good humor knowing what it was all about. They were told days in advance by Mr. Franklin what his group is going to sing. That way they would be ready for some finger pointing.

When Josh finished singing, the student body started yelling to the Show Chorus for another song. Principal Michaels tried to settle the student body down, but they wanted another song. After a few minutes of trying to settle down the students, Principal Michaels gave up. He asked Mr. Franklin to get his group out there again for another performance.

Mr. Franklin started to scramble around to think of a song that his group might know. Unlike the Glee Club, they haven't developed a repertoire yet. Unknowing to Mr. Franklin, the group played around with another song before they got their solo singer. The only one that doesn't know the song is Josh, but Eddie had the lyrics in his book bag.

Eddie quickly got the sheets of music out of his book bag, handed the few copies to the band and gave one to Josh. They retook the stage and the band started to play. Right off the bat everyone knew the song, "Money for Nothing", by Dire Straights.

Just like their first song, the student body sang along. They were having so much fun; they didn't hear the bell ring. When the song ended, Principal Michaels informed them that the bell had rang and to enjoy their spring vacation. Even as everyone started to head towards the exits, the student body kept applauding the Show Chorus performance.

So they wouldn't get pushed around by the students leaving, the Show Chorus and the Glee Club stayed on the stage. At that moment Mr. Edger looked over at his students and saw defeat in their eyes. They now see that there is another group here at school that can perform just as good, if not better, than they do.

Mr. Edger doesn't want to have his kids go of on spring vacation thinking of feeling that their Club is no longer the Club of the school. He needs to speak with Mr. Franklin now that they are together about chances on getting Josh back to his Club. After all in Mr. Edger's mind Josh started there, so he must stay part of the Glee Club.

He walked over and patted Mr. Franklin on his right shoulder. "Mr. Franklin I need to talk with you about an important matter." Mr. Franklin turned and faced Mr. Edger, not saying a word. "What you did taking Josh away from the Glee Club was wrong and you know that. If I would have gone to one of your students and sold them on coming to Glee Club, you would be mad as hell. Let's set this right, can we?"

Mr. Franklin couldn't believe what Mr. Edger just told him. "Listen and listen good Mr. Edger. Don't you ever approach me and tell me I stole one of you kids. I would never do that because I never want it done to me. I have been doing this a lot longer than you have, and not once has a fellow teacher has accused me of what you just did.

Whatever happened in your classroom dealing with Josh isn't my business. With that said, you are making it my business by accusing me of stealing Josh from you. It is your kids that decided that Josh wasn't their solo singer. What, did they think he wasn't going to find another group here at school to show case his talent? They made the decision friendship over talent for their club. Now they have to deal with the consequences of that decision and, sir, so do you!"

Mr. Edger knew that Mr. Franklin was right. He thanked Mr. Franklin for his time after apologizing for the way he worded his comments. By that time the stadium was empty, so both instructors took their groups back to their classrooms.

Before letting his kids go, Mr. Edger tried to pep them up. "Look you guys I know things didn't go right at all this afternoon. All that means is when we come back from spring vacation we have our work cut out for us. You guys are a talented group. No matter who is singing the solo selections, we will win because of all of your talent. Let's leave here with one thing on our mind; you guys won more this year so far than any Glee Club at this school did in the past. Those wins were because of all of you."

That lightened the mood in the classroom. As they walked out, they ran into the other students in the Show Chorus in the hallway. This time they didn't give them dirty looks. In fact they shook hands and wished them luck. The only one they didn't give the time of day to was Josh. They felt that Josh had stabbed them in the back by choosing another singing group over them. They all knew that Mr. Edger had offered for him to come back.

Josh didn't let it bother him, he kept on walking. As he turned to use the door he normally uses to leave the school, Jonathan stopped him. Josh was confused, but didn't question it. Jonathan escorted Josh to the bottom floor and out the door that he normally uses to get to and from the cafeteria whenever he is coming from the ROTC building.

As Josh reached the street he saw students and parents up and down each side of it. At first Josh had no idea why they were standing around until he saw his father get out of a dirty SUV. Josh smiled as he walked over to his father. Daniel Sr. hugged his son, knowing that it wasn't a cool thing to do, but Josh didn't mind, it was his father.

When Josh got into the SUV he saw Barbara sitting on one side with his two of his brothers and Cesar and Brandon on the other side. Josh sat next to Cesar while his father sat next to him. Knowing something that his father hasn't told anyone else, Josh didn't ask why his father sat where he sat.

"I loved your performance Josh, I really did!" Daniel slapped Josh on the knee. "You should have told me that you were going to perform today so I would have gotten front row seats instead of watching from the entrance to the field!"

"Sorry dad I didn't even know until Wednesday I was going to join another group. Mrs. Nunez talked Mr. Franklin into accepting me into his class when he only takes juniors and seniors. On my first day, Wednesday, in the new class is when I found out about the performance. Since I hadn't been part of the group I thought that they would realize I wasn't ready and not let me sing."

"Josh any group at your school would be wrong if they wouldn't use you to sing. They did the right thing letting you and I really enjoyed it. In fact I asked the Principal if the performances were recorded, and he said yes. He will get me a copy of that recording. I love it when you sing Josh so whenever I have a chance to hear you I want to."

Barbara agreed with Daniel before Daniel Jr. and Carlos started talking about how bad the Glee Club was. Trying to stay above it all, Daniel Sr. ended up agreeing with his sons. They all agreed that Josh made the right decision on joining another club and not going back to the Glee Club after what they had done.

Just then they drove up to the house. The kids were getting ready to get out of the SUV when Daniel Sr. told them they are going out for dinner. The door of the SUV opened and Isaac and Rose got in. Jonathan's sister refused to ride in the Governor's car because she felt it wasn't her place. So she got in the first SUV with Jonathan.

When they drove off, Josh asked his father where they are going to eat. With a low voice Daniel Sr. said Red Lobster. He knows that Josh doesn't like anything that comes from the ocean and that is why he whispered Red Lobster. Josh just looked at his father trying to figure out what he is going to eat.

"Josh they have steak and a couple of other things that aren't fish. I'm sure that you will find something you will like. Plus we can't change now that the restaurant has been secured. The owner of the Red Lobster is actually closing off almost half of his restaurant by the request of my security detail. He is losing a lot of revenue by doing that for me."

"I am fine with it dad. I will go ahead and have the steak while you guys get whatever fishy thing you like." Josh said with a smirk on his face.

The owner met Daniel and his family when they drove up. He escorted them to their tables. Before leaving he took their drink order. While they were making up their minds on what they wanted to eat, the security detail made sure everything in the kitchen was not opened yet. They had learned in the past that other politicians were poisoned when they went out to eat. There is no way they are going to let that happen on their watch.

After putting their order in, Daniel hit his cup to get everyone's attention. "There is a reason that I drove in rather than to bring my boys to Austin for spring break. I know you guys have been looking forward on going to Austin for a week, but that won't happen." The boys moaned when their father give the bad news.

"Cheer up you guys, you will have all summer to do what you had planned for next week. Trust me when I say that you won't do yourselves justice trying to cram a lot in a small amount of time. Plus I would want to spend time with you guys and that won't happen if you are out running around all over Austin!

With that said, let me get to what I really want to say to you guys. As you know your mother and I got divorced a while back. You know the reasons and we aren't going to reopen those wounds. The only reason I said that is to lay down the ground work for what I am about to tell to you.

Barbara and I have been seeing each other for a while now. Although we have been working together for many years, we never looked or saw each other the way we are now. We were both married and never cheated on our spouse. Now neither of us is married, and that allowed us to date each other."

Daniel picked up his glass from the table and drank half of it before putting it back down. He hasn't felt this nervous in a long time. He would rather be in front of the press crew answering questions than here facing his sons with this news. He feels that he is letting his sons down in way because of what he is about to tell them. After all they have a mother already.

"Anyway, listen to me going on like a little school girl. The reason Barbara and I came up here is to tell you in person that I proposed to her and she has accepted. We would like to get married in a small wedding before going back to Austin."

At first the table was quiet. Everyone just stared at Daniel, not looking at Barbara or anyone else for that matter. After a few minutes of awkward silence, everyone spoke all at once. One at a time each got up and hugged Barbara, welcoming her to the family. By the time everyone had their turn, she had tears rolling down her cheeks. Never in her wildest dreams did she think they would accept her right away.

When the food came, they ate, but kept talking about the arrangements for the wedding. They first agreed on having it on Friday of next week, giving Barbara and Rose enough time to get things ready. The second item was getting a priest to marry them. Right away Josh thought of Bernice's father and told his father of the idea. Daniel Sr. left it up to Josh to talk with Bernice's father about holding the wedding at his church.

By the time they walked out of the Red Lobster, the press had the place surrounded. Daniel looked over to Barbara and chuckled. He whispered in her ear that they had found them. She smiled back at Daniel as she got into the SUV.

As soon as they got home, Rose and Barbara went to the kitchen to talk about the dress and what she wanted for the reception. Isaac and Daniel went to the living room, so the kids could go to the den and watch TV. Isaac got himself a drink before sitting next in the chair across from Daniel.

"Don't you think that you are putting a lot on Josh's shoulder to get the priest for your wedding? After all he is a just a kid; kid that takes life too seriously already at times. If Bernice's father says no for one reason or another, Josh is going to look elsewhere to get a priest to marry you and Barbara."

"I know how Josh is; you don't have to tell me. If Bernice's father says no, you and I will look for a priest, not Josh. So when he walks in and tells us that Bernice's father can't do it, we can send him to a priest that will say yes. I just want my kids to feel they are doing something to make this wedding happen."

After getting that out of the way, Daniel and Isaac talked about where to get the tux's and when. Lucky for them, they don't have to worry about colors. Tux's are always black and can be rented pretty much anywhere.

"I would like it Isaac, if you would be my best man once again."

Isaac was surprised that Daniel asked. "Are you sure that you want me to be your best man? You have four boys that will do it without a doubt. Plus look at what happened with Martha. I was your best man in your last wedding and look how that turned out. I don't know if I am bad luck or what, but if I am, I don't want this marriage to fall apart!"

"First you aren't bad luck at all. You are right, I have four sons that would be willing to do it, but how do I decide between them and not hurt the others' feelings? And secondly, who knew that Martha was going to turn out to be a crazy woman? That has nothing to do with bad luck. That marriage would have ended no matter who was my best man."

Isaac accepted the honor to once again be his brother's best man. They went on to discuss where to get the wedding rings and what kind. They decided to go out tomorrow and look at the jewelry stores at the mall and around town. At the same time they are going to find a tuxedo shop where they can rent their tuxedos.

After breakfast the next morning, everyone went their separate ways. Daniel and Isaac went to shop for the rings, Barbara and Rose went to get her a wedding dress and get it fitted. Josh, Cesar and Brandon headed to Bernice's father's church. The only ones that really didn't have anything to do are Daniel Jr. and Carlos. On the way out the door, Daniel Sr. saw that, so he asked his two older son's to help him and their uncle pick out the rings.

This is the first time that Josh has actually stepped foot in Bernice's father's church. Father Gomez has invited Josh and his family several times to his church, but they never took him up on his offer. When Josh thought about that, he started thinking that this might be a bad idea. After all they never did come when they were invited.

As they walked into the church, Father Gomez was walking out from the back. He saw Josh and the others before Josh could tell Cesar and Brandon they should go. When Father Gomez called out to Josh confirmed to Josh that they were spotted.

They walked up to front of church and shook the father's hand. "Sir I came down to ask you something, but you can say no."

"Josh whatever you have to ask me, I will hear you out before giving you answer. You are my daughter's best friend and that means a lot to me. After all I know how much she has tested your friendship in the last month or so. Thank you for not giving up on her, like many would have if they were in your shoes."

"That isn't a problem sir. No matter what each of us does to each other, our friendship is strong and will make it through all the dumb things we do. Now the reason we are here is to see if you are available next Friday to perform a wedding ceremony for my father. He would like you to marry him and Barbara at your church."

Father Gomez couldn't believe his ears. After all the times he has invited them to his church and they never came. Now they would like him to perform the wedding vows and do it at his church. That is a big honor for him and he isn't about to let it pass him by.

"Josh you let your father know that I would be honored to marry him and his intended bride. Just let me know how many people are going to attend. That way if it is a lot, I can get the bigger church downtown to fit everyone. In fact I recommend the bigger church downtown no matter how big the wedding party is."

"That is one of many things you will need to discus with my father in the days to come, Father Gomez. As far as I know it is going to be a small wedding party. My father wants a small wedding that doesn't involve a lot of hoopla. After all, that is why it hasn't been announced to press yet. He is trying to keep it as low key as possible."

They talked a little bit longer, but Josh couldn't give Father Gomez much more information than he already had. Before leaving, Josh promised Father Gomez that his father will be calling him before the day is out. Father Gomez thanked Josh for thinking of him and his church for the wedding once again as they parted ways.

Before going home, Josh, Cesar and Brandon went to grab something to eat. By then it was after one so they decided to head home. When they walked into the door, they found that everyone had already gotten in. Josh went looking for his father and found him in the living room with Barbara.

He and Brandon stood at the door looking at them and how they are acting with each other. Never has Josh seen his father so happy. In all the years that his parents were married they never acted the way his dad and Barbara are right now. There's nothing gross, they are just acting like any couple that is in deep love with each other.

At the same time Josh couldn't help but think that maybe his dad and mom only stayed together because of them. They had to love each other at some point or another, or none of them would have been born. Still people fall out of love and Josh can't remember a time that his parents ever showed that they were in love with each other when they were growing up. All he could remember is his parents were unable to stay in the same room for a very long period of time with each other.

Just then he heard his father call for him and Brandon to come in. Before Josh could take a seat, Daniel asked him how everything went with Bernice's father. Josh told him the good news that he agreed to do the wedding. That put a smile on both his dads and Barbara's face. Josh went on to tell his father they have to call him to give him details.

"You did a great Job Josh! Thank you! Barbara and I will call him later this evening and give him any details he needs. Plus he needs to know about the security. That might make him reconsider because a lot of people don't like their routines to be changed. With a security detail, that always happens."

Josh agreed thinking back to all the things that had to change around him at school and other things in order for him to participate in school events and clubs. Josh and Brandon got up to leave when his father asked them to stay. They retook their seats, but with Josh wondering what his father needs to talk with them about. Whatever it is must be serious since his father's voice went to a serious tone.

"Brandon I am very worried about what is going on with you and those nightmares. I am glad that your brother Josh has been there for you, but we need to figure out how to help you. I am also happy to hear that you are seeing a therapist, but again it seems that it isn't working. Whatever is bothering you is bad and you might need more help than you are getting right now."

Brandon looked at Josh and back at his father. "Dad things are getting a lot better for me since I started seeing Dr. Taylor and taking the medicine. I still can't stay alone in my room at night. Every little noise I hear freaks me out. So I stay in Josh and Cesar's room since they have that spare bed."

"I have no problem with that all Brandon, as long as it isn't causing any problems with your brother and his boyfriend. They might want some alone time sometimes, but they aren't getting that when you are in the room."

"Dad, Brandon isn't getting in the way at all. If Cesar and I ever want alone time, Brandon gives it to us. Right now the most important thing is my brother. He is hurting and I want to be here for him as he was for me. So if you are worried about me and Cesar, don't be. We are getting plenty of alone time."

Daniel started to laugh when Josh said that. "Okay boys enough of that, there are things that a father should never know about their children's love life. As long as Brandon isn't bothering you and Cesar Josh, I am fine with the arrangements for now. In time Brandon we are going to have to find a way to get you slowly back into your room. I think with more therapy and time you will get there."

Brandon agreed with his father so where the conversation would end. Since Daniel was satisfied with what he heard, he let his sons go. After all they don't want to see their old man with his wife to be. He doesn't want to scar them for life.

Before leaving the living room, Josh asked his father if he, Cesar and Brandon could go with their friends to the bowling arena with their friends. Daniel had no objection as long as the security detail could secure the building. Josh knew that he was going because he already told Jonathan several days about this and he had put things in motion to secure the building if he got permission to go.

Josh went running up stairs to tell Cesar that he got permission for them to go tonight. The rest of the afternoon, the boys watched movies. When dinner rolled around, everyone ate at the dinner table. Then after dinner is when everyone ran to their rooms to get ready for whatever they had planned for the night.

It took Brandon longer to get ready than the others, causing Josh and Cesar to have to wait. When Brandon joined them downstairs, they headed out saying good bye to everyone. On the way to the bowling alley, they talked about having fun. They aren't going to talk about or do anything that will bring down the mood the evening.

When they walked in, Josh couldn't believe how packed the place was. To the right is all the lanes to bowl, and to the left is a gift shop, the pool tables, then the snack bar and seats. Between the lanes and the pool room, is a desk where you sign out shoes, for a lane and a pool table, which had a long line.

Josh right away got in the line when he saw Patrick and Frank coming towards him. As they walked up to Josh they waved him over. At first he didn't want to get out of the line, but after they waved the third time, he did. Josh walked over to them to find out that they already gotten a pool table and are on the list for several lanes.

Brandon and Cesar went to the snack bar to get sodas, nachos and fries. They barely were able to carry everything to the pool, table where everyone was. Since they only had one pool table, they split into teams. Bernice is the only one that sat out because she didn't understand the game or really liked it.

They were having so much fun; they didn't hear their names being called for the lanes. The final call is the one they heard, which caused Bernice to go running to get the lanes. The mean time Josh and the others put away the pool sticks and gathered the balls to turn in. As they walked over to the counter, Bernice wiped her forehead trying to tell the others they were close to losing their lanes.

As they turned in the balls, each of them signed out a pair of bowling shoes and a bowling ball. They walked over to their lanes, sat down and changed their shoes. Before they started bowling, they broke into teams.

The bowling alley was so packed; it was hard to get around, even at the lanes. People were bumping into the security detail; it was making their job hard. After thirty minutes of this, Jonathan was going to pull Josh because if anything would to happen, the security detail might not get there in time. He decided to let it go for a little longer to see if things would get better, but he soon regretted that decision.

Due to the bowling alley having so many people, no one saw the group bowling at the lanes on the far right of Josh until it was too late. Elizabeth and her friends were already bowling when Josh and his friends got their lanes. At first Elizabeth didn't see Josh and the others walk in. Then she heard familiar scream that made her look where Josh and his friends were bowling.

When she saw Josh having fun and she barely could keep from exploding. Then when Josh bowled a strike, he hugged and kissed Cesar. That did it for Elizabeth. Something in her snapped and there was no stopping her. She grabbed her bowling ball and started her way over at Josh and his group.

Her friends tried to pull her back, but nothing worked. Even when they physically grabbed a hold of her, she shook them loose. They finally gave up when they realized they couldn't keep her from making a scene. Since they couldn't stop her, they decided to get as far away from her so they don't get kicked out of the bowling alley along with her.

As she walked over to Josh, she pushed anyone that got in her way out of the way. Frank was the first one to see Elizabeth approaching. He looked around to see where the security detail was. When he looked up at Jonathan, Jonathan looked back at him. That is when he saw Elizabeth and got on the radio.

Frank looked over to Josh and yelled out for him to duck. But due to all the noise in the bowling alley, Josh didn't hear him. Jonathan jumped over seats and tables trying to get to Josh, but people kept getting in his way. He started screaming at Josh, but just like when Frank called out, Josh didn't hear with all the noise around him.

Since Frank was the closest, he got to Josh first. Just as he jumped on top of Josh, Elizabeth started swinging away with the bowling ball in her hand, hitting at the two bodies on the ground over and over again. At this point Jonathan gave up trying to get to Josh. He pulls out his gun, aims and fired once, hitting Elizabeth in the back of the head.

As the gun fire echoed through the bowling alley, everyone started running out screaming in every direction. Patrick and the others went running over to where Frank and Josh were laying on the ground. The first body they saw was Elizabeth's. She fell right on top of Josh and Frank when she got shot, with half of her skull blown off.

There was so much blood; no one could tell where the blood was coming from. The only one they knew for sure that was dead was Elizabeth. But before Jonathan got off his shot, she got in several good hits on Josh and Frank. Patrick and the others froze, unable to move to see how Josh and Frank were. Jonathan pushed Frank out of the way as he ran past him. He got to the pile of bodies and pulled Elizabeth off, but didn't see any movement.



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Now let's get going on my thoughts on where this story has headed. At the beginning of the chapter you read the family sitting down for dinner, where we left off in the last chapter. But there was a twist, the press. The press found out about what had happened between Josh and the Glee Club. To everyone's surprise Josh had no problem going out talking to the press.

I love what he said and how he handled himself. He pretty much told the press this kind of news isn't newsworthy, it's merely high school drama. There are a lot more important things they should be reporting on, such as what his dad has signed into law. It looks like Daniel Sr. said; Josh is following in his footsteps.

When Josh returned to school, he was treated like a rock star. He tried to get it to stop, but it wouldn't. Like was said to him, enjoy it while it lasts. As fast as he grew to being a rock star, he will fall even faster. I am glad Josh does have his head screwed on right and really doesn't like being considered a rock star.

Mrs. Nunez told Josh the truth when she said he has talent and it shouldn't be wasted. She seems to be looking out for Josh because she got him in a class that the members are in their by invitation only and the members are juniors and seniors only. Remember Josh is barely a freshman. I know we all tend to forget that he is so young.

How about the assembly and both of the singing groups performing for the school? The Glee Club members seem to be mad at Josh, but they should be angry with themselves. After all they are the ones that voted him out. So when they refused to talk with Josh and gave him several bad looks, that was uncalled for. Josh didn't ask to be voted off, so he doesn't deserve this kind of treatment from them or anyone for that matter.

The students seem to know talent when they hear it. The Glee Club was already on thin ice with the student body when they got on stage. They should have selected a new song to sing for the assembly, not one that Josh performed when he was with the group. I am glad the student body booed them while they performed and afterwards. Maybe now they will fully realize what they did was very wrong. Once again this idea came from that same reader.

I love the song selection that Mr. Franklin made for his group. They poked fun at the teachers and the teachers took it in good humor. That is what needs to be done sometimes, the student body able to poke fun at their teachers in good fun, not malice. Maybe if both sides of the aisle, students and teachers, stop taking everything so seriously, going to school wouldn't be as distasteful for the students so much. That is just my opinion on that.

How about the Governor's coming home and giving the news that he gave? I left bread crumbs; I hope you all picked up on the direction things were taking. First him coming home by driving was something not done now-a-days by our elected officials. They love to stick every expense they can on the tax payers, that is one more reason we are in so much debt now.

Then when he got home he broke the news to the family, WOW! I know it might seem fast to some of you, but when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, why not marry that person? I can't wait to see how this wedding unfolds; after all he is the Governor. Do you guys think it is going to be small or large? For that you need to pop in on the next chapter.

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I left this chapter with Elizabeth on top of Josh and Frank in a pool of blood. Elizabeth got in several good hits before Jonathan finally took her down. I wonder who got the worse of the hits, where and how bad? Did Frank die? Or did Josh die? Or did both of them die or both of them survive?

Don't think by reading chapter one that the answer to the questions isn't Josh. Keep in mind that a story can be twisted at the will of the writer. At the beginning I had Josh walking in to see his father days before he retires as President, but that doesn't mean that was Josh in the flesh. It could have been Daniel Sr. remembering his son and thinking if he was alive today what he may look like and say on what Daniel has done in his life.

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As I said, Jacob was online on Skype...I instantly typed him an IM stating that he is related to a certain part of the human anatomy that conjures up negative thoughts. Do the initials A and H reveal my exact thoughts? And, what does HE do? Types back, "ROFLMAO". How RUDE!

Ok, enough venting!

Well, I don't know about you, but Daniel and Barbara's announcement was no surprise to me. I'm glad the family took it the right way. Josh was very observant seeing the differences between his Dad's two relationships. He instantly saw this as a good thing.

Josh is like me. I'm not into fishy foods with a few notable <and expensive> exceptions.

Josh's celebrity moment was interesting and shows just how shallow people, particularly high school students, can be. It was good that he had Cesar as the voice of reason whispering in his ear. Cesar is just enough removed from the harsh glare of the spotlight to have his head firmly in place and grasping the realities of a situation.

Father Gomez's willingness to marry Daniel and Barbara shows he is a priest first and a man with an ego quite secondarily. Josh's fears of rejection by the good priest were unfounded. I hope Daniel will be able to keep the plans secreted from the press enough to allow them to have the ceremony without the press horning in.

Brandon did a good job of putting his dad's concerns for his emotional welfare at ease. He seems to have a handle on his situation and is working toward a resolution. The trick for Brandon's welfare will be to ensure that Martha can't get to him in any way, shape or form.

I liked the fact that Daniel asked Isaac to be his best man. Daniel clearly demonstrates that he has no prejudice toward gays. This is just one more example. I wonder if that acceptance and understanding will carry over into his political life. I wonder if Isaac is going to find a romantic interest at some point.

Well, onto the end of the chapter... What makes someone so obsessed as Elizabeth was? I just don't get where such rage can come from. I understand anger, but such deep seated rage I simply can't relate to.

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