Written by: J.P.G.

{The Shadow of My Father is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it,  stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Daddy Rick

Chapter 42

It only took a few minutes for Jonathan, Josh's head of security, and Brandon's head of security to place their men once the kids got their bowling alleys. Brandon's head of security wanted to be down on the floor, leaving Jonathan above making sure their men were placed right. Once Jonathan got into place, he checked for any vulnerable areas and the few he saw, he moved the men to cover them.

Jonathan started to get very uncomfortable with the amount of people in the area. The place is so crowded, everyone is bumping into everyone. It got to the point Jonathan was ready to pull Josh and Brandon. What worried Jonathan is the fact if anything would to happen he knows it would be hard with the amount of people around to get to either of the boys.

Reluctantly Jonathan decided to give it a little more time to see if things would get better; a decision that Jonathan would soon regret! Several times Jonathan tried to talk with his men over the radio, but the noise made it impossible for any of them to hear. Jonathan had enough; he called Brandon's head of security.

"It is time to pull the boys. There is just way too many people and we can't do our job if anything were to happen."

"What is going to happen Jonathan? You worry way too much. Let the kids have fun, we have their security down here. There is no way anyone is going to get close to the boys."

In the corner of his eye, Jonathan saw Frank looking up at him. He looked closer and saw a concerned look on Frank's face. Then he saw her; he saw Elizabeth storming towards Josh pushing aside anyone that got in her way. Knowing there is no time to waste, Jonathan got back on the radio to the security detail.

Brandon's head of the security came back over the radio saying he sees her. Still Jonathan didn't like what he was seeing in Elizabeth's eyes and the way she was walking. Any one can see that she is on a mission and she has a bowling ball in her hand. She is on a mission to do harm to Josh and that is something Jonathan can't have.

So he jumped over the small wall, landed on a table and jumped off. As he tried to start running, Jonathan kept running into the other bowlers as he struggled to get through. Pushing anyone that got in his way, out, Jonathan tried to get to Josh. At one point he slipped on something, at the time Jonathan didn't know it was nacho cheese sauce, and fell on the floor. He quickly got up and jumped on the table.

He realized he won't be able to make it to Josh in time. Then he saw something he never thought one of Josh's friends would do for him. Frank went running over to Josh and knocked Josh to the floor and threw himself on top of him, covering him up. As Frank reached Josh and covered him, Elizabeth started swinging away.

Jonathan pulled his gun from his holster, aimed and with one shot, blew the back of Elizabeth's head off. As the shot rang through the air, it started a panic. Everyone in the bowling alley went running for what ever exit is the closes to them. At one point, it looked like they were going to run over each other.

While the people stampeded out the doors like cattle, away from the gun shot, Jonathan went running over to where the pile of bodies was. He ran passed Patrick, who seemed frozen where he stood. Not caring if Elizabeth is alive or dead, Jonathan tossed her to the side. Once he removed Elizabeth, he found Frank on top of Josh in a pool of blood.

Immediately when Jonathan kneeled down, he saw the side of Frank's scull caved in. Still, he checked for a pulse, but didn't find one. Gently he pushed Frank to the side to get to Josh. When he felt for a pulse, he found one. Although Josh isn't awake, Jonathan knows for sure he is alive.

Several of Josh's guard detail came and asked Jonathan what they should do. He turned to see all of Josh's friends looking at him with worried looks on their faces. There is no doubt in Jonathan's mind that Josh's friends, more so Patrick, can't know about Frank. So he asked his security detail to move the kids off to the side in order to let the EMT'S in.

As Josh's friends got escorted to the snack bar, Jonathan carefully moved Frank's body off of Josh. Just then several police officers came running in, followed by the EMT'S. The remaining detail didn't allow the officers through without Jonathan's say so. When Jonathan looked up, he quickly cleared the EMT'S to come through.

They ran up and checked for a pulse, like Jonathan, on all the bodies on the floor. When they didn't find one on Elizabeth or Frank, they went right to work with Josh. Unable to figure out how much the blood that is on him is his, the EMT'S started to feel around to see if they could find any broken bones or other injuries. When they didn't find any, they put a collar on Josh's neck and moved him onto a backboard.

While this was going on, Brandon's head of security knelt down to make sure there wasn't anything else they could do for Frank. As he looked into Frank's face, Frank was staring right back at him. He thought he could see a smile on Frank's face, but he knows that he's wrong. Out of respect, Brandon's head of security reached over and closed Frank's eyes before joining Jonathan.

By the time they secured Josh on the backboard, the bowling alley was flooded with police officers and medical personnel. Before rolling Josh out, Jonathan asked the police officers to secure the front of the building and move everyone as far back as they can. At first the officers refused to take orders from Jonathan, but when their captain instructed them to follow his instructions when he walked onto the scene, they went to work.

"Let me try and figure out what happened here while my officers clear the area. The little bits and pieces I have been picking up, you are the one that discharged your weapon." The police captain pointed at Jonathan. "Please tell me you had no other choice in the matter."

"We did everything we could to get to the young lady, but she had already started beating one kid with a bowling ball. Her actions left me no choice but to discharge my weapon. I didn't want any loss of life, but I wasn't about to lose the person I am responsible for keeping safe."

"Well I can say you failed and failed big time! By allowing someone that close to the person you are responsible on securing, you failed. I hate to be in your shoes when you have to report this to the Governor. Not only his son got hurt, but by the looks of it we have two dead teenagers here all because you failed at your job!"

"With all due respect Captain, that isn't for you to decide. Things went wrong here, but I will be reporting all that to the Governor. Right now I need to stay with Josh and make sure nothing more happens to him. I also need to call the Governor and let him know what just happened here with his son."

"I have no order choice but to let you go, but I will be talking with you again at the hospital. So you better find someone to cover for you because when I meet up with you at the hospital you are going to answer a lot of questions. Am I making myself clear on this?" The Captain looked at Jonathan with daggers.

Jonathan nodded his head and walked out with Josh. They quickly got Josh in the ambulance, followed by two of his security detail and Jonathan. Brandon, Cesar and the rest of the security detail got into the SUV'S and followed the ambulance to the hospital with police escorts. The rest of Josh's friends stay behind to give statements about what happened. The statements were short because they really didn't see anything.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, the security detail ran in and made sure that the waiting room was cleared out. On their way to the hospital, they called in and told them they are coming in with the Governor's son and to clear the emergency room. When the hospital got the call, they took all the people in the waiting room out and to another hospital. Those inside the bays were moved out to ensure security for Josh.

Once the security confirmed they followed procedure, they gave the all clear to bring Josh in. Within a couple of seconds, the doors flew open and Josh was wheeled in. They quickly moved him to the back and into a bay. Several doctors started working on Josh while Jonathan made the call to the Governor.

The phone rang a couple of times before Rose picked up. When Jonathan asked to speak with the Governor, she knew something had happened. She demanded Jonathan to tell her, but he just kept asking to speak with Daniel. Rose didn't even have to call Daniel because he heard her yelling at Jonathan as he walked into the kitchen.

He took the phone from his mother to see why Jonathan called. Not allowing Jonathan to give him any details, Daniel asked him what hospital and hung up the phone. Quickly he went running to the door and realized that he didn't even have shoes on. As he turned to get his shoes, he asked for the cars to be brought around.

While waiting for the cars, Daniel told Barbara, Rose and Isaac what happened. They grabbed their coats and demanded to go. Without them getting an answer, they all went running out to the cars as they stopped. Just as they pulled into the street, several police cruisers showed up and escorted the Governor to the hospital.

Not allowing the car to stop when it drove to the emergency entrance, Daniel jumped out and ran in. The security that was there took Daniel to his son. When he reached Josh's bed, he saw Brandon standing off in the corner crying. He turned to his mother and asked her to take Brandon to another room.

As Rose took Brandon out to the waiting room, Daniel went to see how Josh was doing. He couldn't get in close enough to see his son with all the doctors and nurses around the bed. Trying not to get upset, Daniel pushed his way in and grabbed his son's hand. Josh turned and smiled at his father, causing Daniel to tear up.

"Governor Lopez, by the looks of it your son is okay. We will know more after we get him up to x-ray. Right now all we can see that is wrong with him is a couple cuts and bruises. He will still be able to have fun over his break."

"What about all this blood? If he isn't hurt, whose blood is this?"

"I don't know whose blood this is. What I do know for sure is that your son is okay. He isn't in any pain, except for a headache. He probably has that because of the bump on the back of his head, which he got when his head hit the ground. Other than that, we can't find anything wrong with him. Once we get x-rays I will know more, as I said before."

The doctor pushed Daniel out of the way so the nurses could push Josh over to x-ray. Daniel wanted to go, but only the security detail was allowed to go. So Daniel decided to go and check on Brandon. As he walked to the waiting room, Jonathan stopped him and handed him a piece of paper. Daniel opened, read it and gave it back.

"I don't accept this. Right now one of my sons is being wheeled up to x-ray and the other is sitting in the waiting room in shock. I don't want to be looking for your replacement on top of all this." Daniel started to walk away, but stopped and turned around. "Don't think we are not going to have a talk, you can bet your ass we are, but not now. You need to go to my son and make sure nothing more happens to him. Once we get through this, then you and I are going to have a sit down."

Daniel made his way to the lobby where Brandon and the rest of the family were. Before he was able to see how his other son was, he had to inform his mother, brother, well pretty much everyone there, what was going on. After he let them know what he knew, he sat next to Brandon to see if he could do anything for him.

At first Brandon didn't say a word to his dad, but once he opened up nothing could shut him up. For the first time the people that were not there was getting a firsthand account of what happened. All of them were glued to every word Brandon was saying. A few times Daniel was angry, but then settled down. When Brandon came around to letting everyone know that he thinks Frank and Elizabeth are dead, Daniel jumped up from his seat.

As far as Elizabeth he really didn't care. In his mind that girl has been a thorn on his family's side far too long. He didn't want it to end this way, with her dead, but that was her decision. She was aware of Josh's security and what would happen if she continued to go after his son. Once again though he didn't want her life taken!

Now Frank is a totally different story in Daniel's mind. He was one of Josh's friends and for him to do what he did; there are no words to describe it. He did what Jonathan should have done in Daniel's mind. Now an innocent young man may have lost his life because of the security detail that was responsible for his children's security failed at doing their job. A job they are paid and trained for and were hired to do.

Daniel walked over to Brandon's head of security. "My youngest told me that one of Josh's friends lost his life today, is that true?"

"Yes sir, the young man by the name of Frank Comacho gave his life to save your son's. Also there is a second death, Elizabeth Salas. She was the one that was coming at your son and we couldn't get there in time. Jonathan had no other choice than to open fire. Something neither he nor I ever thought we would do is to kill a teenager."

"I understand that, but you have to understand if Elizabeth didn't do what she did, nothing would have happened tonight. She was warned to let things go. On top of that, she was given more chances than many in her shoes would have gotten. Can you do a favor for me and get me numbers so I can call Frank and Elizabeth's families?"

"Yes sir I will get right on it." As Brandon's head of security walked off, he remembered something. "Governor Lopez, both families you are asking for numbers are actually here. They are downstairs to identify their children. If you want I can take a few men down there and secure the area so you can talk with them."

Daniel nodded his head and walked back to Brandon. As he reached him, he pulled Rose, Isaac and Barbara to the side to let them know what he found out. All of them were stunned when they heard what Brandon thought happened is true. Once the shock started to wear off, Daniel told them he wants to go down and speak with the families. He asked Barbara to go with him and left Rose and Isaac to hold down the fort here.

When he and Barbara got off the elevator in the basement, the first family they ran into, was the one that Daniel really didn't feel like talking to; Elizabeth's. Not saying a word, they walked a little ways down the dimly lit hallway. When they stopped, Daniel put his hand on Elizabeth's mother's shoulder.

"Your daughter meant a lot to me and my son Josh. I don't hold a grudge. Since I don't know what was going on in her mind, I cannot pass judgment on her. She is part of our family, no matter what had happened between her and my son. I am so sorry that you lost your daughter, I truly am."

Elizabeth's mother broke down crying. Daniel held her until her husband got control of himself and was able to take his wife from the Governor. Holding back on what he really wanted to tell them, Daniel stood there to see if they had any questions for him. He truly wanted to know why they brought up their daughter with so much hate. If they didn't, then they need to find out. Daniel really wanted to say that and a lot more.

"Governor Lopez can I ask you a question?" Elizabeth's father looked straight into the Governor's eyes as he nodded his head. "I know what happened her tonight was my daughter's fault. We don't know where we went wrong with her, but her mother and I are taking full blame of her actions. What I am wondering, what are you going to tell the press? I know I have no right to ask this, but can you be kind to her memory."

"When and if I do speak with the press that is my plan. No matter what her faults were, I am not going to talk ill of her in public or in private. I only wish we all could have sat down and got her the help she needed. Don't worry I am not going to tarnish her memory no matter what is asked by the press. I plan to remember the young lady that dated my son, not the one she turned out to be."

Daniel and Barbara spent a few more minutes with Elizabeth's family before going over to Frank's. When he got to them, they were all in the corner of the hallway waiting to identify their son's body. As Daniel walked up to them, they turned and looked at him. Frank's older brother walked away as Governor Lopez reached the family.

"I am truly lost for words for the first time in my life. For what your son did for my son I will always be in your family's debt. As I walked over I couldn't help but think what kind of man Frank would have turned out to be. He was willing to give his life for another, and that I can say is very rare to find in adults and even more so in teenage kids. That act speaks volumes. This world was robbed of a great soul and that is a shame."

Unlike Elizabeth's family, Frank's didn't show emotion. They just stared at the Governor, not saying a word. That put the Governor on edge. At least if they would have yelled, the Governor could have reacted, but doing nothing. That makes it difficult for anyone to respond to. After a few minutes of silence the Governor figured it was shock.

"If you need anything, I mean anything at all please call on me and my family. For now I will leave you to be with your family. This is not the time for me to be here. I just wanted to let you know that I am here and that I am grateful for what your son did.  Again I am in your debt and will never forget what happened here tonight."

The Governor shook everyone's hand that was standing there. Before leaving, he handed Frank's father a card with his private numbers on it. He leaned in and whispered to him  to call him no matter what time of day it is. Letting go of his hand, Daniel grabbed Barbara's hand and started walking to the elevator. Right when they reached it, Frank's older brother came over and started yelling at the Governor.

"I told my brother to stop hanging with your faggot son! I knew this was going to happen, I just knew it!" Daniel's security detail was starting to pull the boy away, but Daniel stopped them. "You and your family are no more important than us, but yet my brother died for your son. That isn't fair, that is just not fair!"

Frank's older brother fell to his knees crying. Daniel pulled him up and wrapped his arms around him. His security got very close, not liking the way he approached the Governor. If he makes one wrong move, they are going to pull him to the ground. There is no way another life is going to be taken this evening.

"You are right. We are no more special than your family or any family for that matter. I really believe your brother would have done what he did no matter if I was Governor or not. The little I know about him and what he did this evening tells me that. I know what a great, honorable person your brother was.

You should be honored to have a brother willing to give his life for his friend, because that is what he did. He didn't think `I need to save the Governor's son' when he covered my son up. No, the only thought that was probably going through his mind is saving a friend from getting hurt. That action makes him a better man than most out there."

Frank's father pulled his son from the Governor and walked him back to the rest of his family. Before he did that, Daniel placed his card in the young man's pocket. As he walked down the hall with his father, he turned and saw the Governor mouth `call me'. Frank's older brother wiped his tears away as he nodded his head.

When Daniel and Barbara got back to the ER, Josh had already returned from x-ray. They went over to see how Josh is doing.  To their surprise when they got there, Josh was wide awake. Daniel smiled at his son as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"Dad I want to speak with you. Please don't get mad with Jonathan because what happened tonight wasn't his fault. He was about to pull us, but Elizabeth came out of no where. Please dad don't fire Jonathan!"

"Josh we will discuss that when you are better. For now all I want you to worry about is getting better so you can help me with my wedding. You know I need you around because you get things done. Plus you keep me on my toes."

"Please dad I am begging you not to fire Jonathan. Tell me that you are not going to do that. Please tell me that you are not going to do that." Josh wouldn't drop the subject until he got his father to promise him.

"Okay Josh, I won't fire him, but there is no way he can stay in the position he's in now. So you tell me where you want me to place him since you believe in him so much. Then you and I will sit down with him and let him know." Josh looked at his father in anger. "Josh, either you take that, or he gets fired!"

Josh reluctantly accepted his father deal and dropped the subject for now. The doctor walked in to inform them that they have a room for Josh. He asked the Governor to have the security go up and do their thing as soon as possible so they release the ER back to the public. Right now they are directing everything to the other hospitals.

Not needing to hear the order, the security detail got the room number and went to secure it. For the mean time Daniel spoke with the doctors to see how his son is. He started to worry because they are not releasing his son. When the doctor explained the only reason they are giving Josh a room is because they want to keep an eye on him. He hit his head and got knocked out.

The doctor went on explaining to Daniel that they didn't find anything in the x-rays. So if nothing happens overnight, Josh will be going home sometime tomorrow. Daniel thanked the doctor and went back to Josh and his family. Just as Daniel finished telling them what he found out, the nurses came to take Josh up to his room.

No one wanted to leave, and since they had the hall, none had to. Once Josh settled in, Brandon and Cesar stayed with him in his room, while the others took up camp in the waiting room. The head nurse tried to get the Governor and his family to take the beds in the other rooms, but they refused. Daniel simply explained to the nurse that they need to be treated like everyone else that comes into the hospital.

Just when Daniel sat down, his head of security walked over in whispered in his ear informing him about the press outside. At first Daniel wasn't going to make a statement, but when he was told they were blocking the street. He didn't have any other choice but to go down and talk with them so where they would leave.

As he walked out of the front doors of the hospital, huge spot lights went on. Daniel placed his hand above his eye brows and continued walking towards the press. Once he reached them, he waited for them to stop talking and throwing questions at him. After a few minutes of waiting, the press quieted down.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to make a short statement and go back up to be with my son. I won't answer questions after my statement. Quite simply, this is not the time or place for that. After I am finished, I am asking you to go home. The lights and the noise is disturbing the other patients.

Earlier this evening, as you all know, my son's security had to open fire in a packed bowling alley here in El Paso. Two teenagers lost their lives, and out of respect to these teenagers and their family, I won't give out their names. One of them was one of my son's friends. He gave his life protecting his friend, my son.

This young man I met several times and now wish I gotten to know him better than I did. Anyone that is willing to do what this young man did, deserves to be honored more than I or anyone can do. He gave his life for another, and that is very ware to find in people today. There is no question I am in debt to this family for what their son did.

The other teenager involved should be aloud to rest in peace. As you start to dig and get more information on what happened here tonight, you will want to report it. I am asking you guys to respect this young lady, her family, and her memory. Do not do what some members of the press would do when they get a story like this and overly sensationalize it.  Allow this young woman to go in peace. Let her go in peace and leave her family alone. The family paid a high price, they lost their daughter. Don't make them pay even more with you all making their daughter out to being more than just a teenager.

Each and every one of you is someone's daughter, son, mother, father or have your own kids. Do you want your love one dragged through the mud? I know the answer is no. Instead of doing what you normally do, prey for the families that lost a kid here today. Ask your viewers to do the same. Help these families get through these next couple of days. It is going to be hard, don't make it even harder for them. Thank you and good night!" The Governor walked back into the hospital not answering any questions.

Even after what the Governor asked, the press ripped Elizabeth apart. The rest of the night and into the morning, the air waves were blanketed with Elizabeth's face and story. It got to the point Daniel turned off the TV. He wasn't surprised the press didn't listen to him, but he thought they would at least wait a day or so. Then when they did break the story, they would go light on Elizabeth since she lost her life.

By midmorning the doctor that saw Josh in the ER the night before signed his discharge papers. By the time it got to the floor and nurses did their thing, Josh didn't get out until mid afternoon. The entire family left out the side of the hospital, trying to dodge the press, but they found out. As they made their way to the cars, the press started taking pictures and throwing out questions in hopes that someone would answer them.

As soon as Daniel walked in the house, he pulled Brandon's head of security into the study. At first Daniel didn't say a word, he sat down and pulled out a tape player. Placing the tape player on his desk, he pushed the play button. The minute Brandon's head of security heard what was on the tape he knew this wasn't going to go his way.

"Jonathan had concerns about the security, but yet you told him that he was worrying too much. He realized that there was no way you guys could handle a threat to my sons, if a threat came up. But yet again you told Jonathan you `had it' and said there was no way anyone was going to get to my kids.

Not only did one of my kids ended up in the hospital, but two teenage kids are dead as a result of you not taking your job seriously. If you would have listened to Jonathan, none of this would have happened. I don't care if my kids get mad. At the end of the day I rather them to be mad with me, than in the hospital, or like last night, two kids dead! What was going through your mind last night sir?"

"I truly thought that we could handle anything that came up. Now I can see that we couldn't and I won't let that happen again."

"You are right; nothing like this is going to happen again. As of this moment you are no longer attached to this detail and it will be up to your management if you even retain your job. Please collect your stuff and leave the property. I truly hope if you stay in this line of business, you brush up on doing your job. But to be honest with you, there is no way anyone is going to hire you after the way you handled last night."

Not giving Brandon's former head of security a chance to speak, Daniel got up and showed him out of the room. After he left, Daniel sat back down feeling like crap. This is one part of his job he never thought he would have to do, but his day is just beginning. He asked Jonathan to call his detail together in the backyard before coming into this meeting. Now he has to go and have a talk with that detail.

He got up and made his way to the backyard. When he walked out of the back door, he saw that Jonathan had done what he asked him to do. All of Josh's detail has been gathered and is waiting to see why Daniel called them together.

"Gentleman, every time I turn around something is going wrong with this detail. I don't know what the problem is, but I am tired of it! I am tired of worrying for my son's safety because I can't trust that you guys are doing your job. You all know as well as I do, I have given this team breaks when others wouldn't have.

Maybe you guys think protecting a teenage kid is not what you trained for. Or maybe you don't like my son because he is gay so you don't give your job a hundred percent. What ever it is, I don't have the time or will power to find out. I want each and every one of you to gather your stuff and leave this property, it is quite apparent that none of you are the right person to perform this task."

The security detail was stunned and couldn't move. They never thought that Daniel would have fired them since he has given them several chances in the past. Now here he is letting them all go at once and not giving them a chance to defend their actions from the night before. After seeing Daniel walking in the house and not coming back, they knew he meant it.
Rose called the boys down for dinner. As soon as they walked through the door arriving from the hospital, they all went up to their rooms not saying a word. One of the things Daniel noticed is that Cesar and Brandon didn't leave Josh's side. When he checked on the boys through the night at the hospital, he couldn't figure out how they slept in that single bed. There is no way his son and Cesar slept well at all. Then Brandon slept in the chair, which that had to be uncomfortable as well.

After dinner, Daniel, Josh and Jonathan went to the living room. As they sat down, Jonathan knew his time was up. After seeing Daniel fire his detail earlier and then hearing that he fired Brandon's head of security, he was certain he was going out the door as well. So he told his sister that by the end of the day, more than likely he will no longer be employed here. Isabella told Jonathan he is worrying too much, but after Jonathan told her what Daniel has done, she started to fear the same.

"Jonathan after hearing the recordings of the radio chat, you tried to pull the kids. What I don't understand is if you felt so strongly that the security detail couldn't do your jobs, why you didn't pull them. After all you saw how week you guys were."

"I can't explain why I just didn't pull the kids out. I knew that there was no way I would have been able to get to them if anything would have happened. Not without hurting innocent by standers. I should have gone with my gut, and again the blame should be all mine since I didn't do it."

"To be completely honest with you, I wanted to fire you, but Josh talked me out of it. If it is not one thing going wrong, it is another. It seems that your detail has had more issues than the others. I kept pushing the fact you had Josh and there are idiots out there that will make your job harder, but last night was not one of those cases.

You guys didn't do your job right. If you did, you would have found Elizabeth in the bowling alley and had her removed. Because of how last night unfolded, it tells me that you guys didn't sweep the area properly before my son's arrival.

With that said, I will listen to my son and not fire you, but there is no way I am going to keep you in charge of my son's security. I am moving you from your current position and placing you in charge of house security. Once again you have my son to thank for the position I am moving you into. I was going to have you guarding the trash. Don't let either of us down, because this is your last chance."

Daniel got up and left the room. Jonathan looked over to a red faced Josh and thanked him for his help. Josh told him it was the least he could do after all the stuff he has put him through. Jonathan smiled, thanked Josh again and left the living room. He knows he lucked out once again, but he also knows this is his last chance. That means he is going to do his job by the book no matter who gets angry.

By eight, Josh couldn't keep his eyes open. Although he was moved upstairs to a room last night, the nurses kept coming in every hour waking him up. When they woke him up the fourth time, Josh asked the nurses why they are not letting him sleep. They came back with a simple answer. He hit his head, passed out and the normal routine is to keep the person awake for the first twelve or so hours.

Now he is dead on his feet, trying to stay awake. But finally his body betrayed him and he was out. The next time he opened his eyes, he was in his bed with Cesar sound asleep at his side. Josh snuggled up as close as he could with Cesar before falling asleep again. He didn't wake up again until he felt Cesar shaking him awake for breakfast.

Everyone dragged themselves into the kitchen. This was supposed to be a day of joy, planning a wedding, but it is now a day of work. Daniel Sr.'s entire day is filled with interviews to replace Josh's detail. The first position he wants to fill is the new head of Josh's security. He knows if he gets the right person in that slot, the rest will fall into place. But before he can do that, he needed to select an over all head of security.

The way it stands right now, there are several heads, one for each of his boys, one for his mother and house security. None of the heads have anyone to report to except him. Since he isn't here, they really don't have anyone to report to. Also he is getting several reports a day, which by putting one over all person in charge, he gets only one. Plus it allows Daniel to hold one person accountable for everything dealing with security.

The reason for this move is because of what happened on Saturday night. There were two heads of details in one location. One wanted to pull the kids, the other didn't. Neither of them had more authority than the other. In return, they both stayed. If there was a boss of all heads of security, Saturday's travesty may not have happened.

By mid afternoon, Daniel had most of Josh's new security hired. They all are new, look like high school kids, but come highly recommended. They were top of their class and graduated with honors. The other reason Daniel went with freshly graduated agents is because they will take the job seriously. Instead of starting on the bottom guarding politician's pets, they actually get a chance to start their career guarding a person.

After lunch, Daniel finished filling the rest of Josh's detail. He then moved to doing what he wanted to do at first and that is to select the heads. Daniel Jr. and Carols' heads are the only ones still in place. Daniel Sr. needs to select Josh's and Brandon's since they were let go. On top of that he needs to pick the one that is going to run the entire show of security down here.

It didn't take long for Daniel to lock onto the man he wanted to run Josh's. Just like his son, he is gay, but doesn't advertise it. He is twenty six, but could pass for a senior. He has been with the Governor of California's detail since he got elected. The Governor of California is the one that recommended him and sent him to Daniel.

At first he was just going to do the interview out of respect to a fellow Governor, but when he met Russ, he knew he had his guy. Daniel liked the way the guy walked in, presented himself and talked. Russ seemed to have the right answers for any of Daniel's questions. The way Russ answered a couple of questions threw Daniel off his game. The answers weren't bad, just another way on looking at the situation he was asking about.

Once he decided that he wanted Russ to be in charge of Josh's security. He called the Governor of California to let him know that he is hiring him. After getting off the phone he filled Brandon's head of security, leaving him only needing to find the overall head of security.

After the fifth person he interviewed for the slot, he was about to give up. There was one left, so Daniel took the interview. Just like Russ, the minute Lloyd walked in, he knew he had his guy. Lloyd walked in with a walk of `don't screw with me'. He is forty one years old and has been on two former presidents' details. He comes highly decorated by both of the presidents he guarded, which is interesting in that the two presidents were from opposite parties.

After an hour interview, Daniel offered him the job and he accepted. Now that all the positions have been filled, Daniel could breathe a little easier.  So there was no misunderstanding, Daniel wants to speak with the entire security staff. He asked Lloyd to gather every security agent in the backyard for him to do so.

Just like the night before when Daniel went out and fired Josh's detail, Daniel met with all the security agents, from all the details. When he walked out, everyone looked at him worried. They all heard what had happened the day before. They also know it happened on the very spot they are standing in now.

"I am going to make this short and to the point. I don't care who you anger, there won't be another night like last Saturday. Because of the mistakes the details made that night, two teenage kids lost their lives. If the detail would have swept the area effectively, they would have been able to clear the threat. Since they didn't do their job, you all look bad, including me. From now on if any detail lands up in that position, pull the one you're guarding.

I will no longer give second chances. If you screw up, you are gone. There is a fire storm out there gentleman, and I am in the line of fire. So I have implemented several changes. Some you can see and some you don't know about yet.

Look around and you will see a lot of new faces. To prove to you I mean what I say, I let go an entire detail. Your jobs are safe as long as you do them by the book. I have also hired two new heads of details. Russ will be in charge of my son's Josh's detail and Waite is going to be in charge of Brandon's. Jonathan has been moved to be in charge of house security here in El Paso.

No longer do the heads of each detail reports to me, because now on all detail heads will report to Lloyd here. He is in charge of all heads and the entire security detail here in El Paso. He reports to me. Lloyd has the right to terminate, demote or move anyone around if he feels it warrants the change. If he does that, don't call me up because I won't override his decisions.

I hope we all have learned from Saturday's events. There will no longer be any lost of life because security didn't do their jobs. I want to keep all of you, but that depends on you, as it has always been." Daniel turned to Lloyd. "Lloyd they are all yours, good luck."

Lloyd continued the meeting while the family was having dinner. After dinner, Lloyd introduced Russ and his detail to Josh. Josh shook their hands. Feeling like he is betraying Jonathan that is all he did. His loyalty to Jonathan kept him somewhat reserved yet socially correct. He doesn't see anything wrong with Russ, but he doesn't want to make Jonathan feel like he is easily replaced. Lloyd caught that, but didn't talk with Josh about it.

As Jonathan made his rounds to make sure everything in the house is secure and everyone is where they should be, he stopped at Josh's room. He knocked and waited for Josh to invite him in. It wasn't Josh that invited him in, rather it was Cesar. When he walked in, he saw Josh sitting on the bed about to get under the covers. He walked over and sat down next to Josh.

"You are a great kid, Josh and I hope to still be around when you become an adult. There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to be important like your father, if not more so. That heart and the head on your shoulders are going to get you places. I truly hope I am around when you get there. I am already very proud of you and everything you have done so far.

With that said, I made several mistakes securing you. I have learned from each mistake, but I am still not there to run a detail. You need to be yourself with Russ. He is a great guy and I know you two are going to get along. So don't worry about how it looks. Nothing is going to change between us. Because of you, I am still here. I will be able to be your friend and someone you can always come to if you need to."

Jonathan leaned over and hugged Josh. "You be a kid and enjoy high school. Let us keep you safe. I promise with this change, nothing is going to go wrong like in the past. I love you Josh like my little brother. There is nothing I won't do to make sure you have a good high school experience that you deserve."

Jonathan let go of Josh, got up and started to walk out, but turned around. "I really do thank you for everything you did for me." As Josh watched Jonathan walk out, he wiped the tears away. He couldn't believe what Jonathan just did. Pretty much in Josh's mind, he passed the torch onto Russ. No matter what anyone says, that has to be a very hard thing to do for anyone.

The next couple of days were busy for everyone in the family. As it started to get closer and closer to the wedding the family didn't have the freedom to do any of the preparations in the open. Daniel Sr. didn't want the press to get wind of the wedding. What happened on Saturday made it even harder for them to keep things hidden. Every chance they got, they wanted Daniel Sr. or Josh to give a statement or answer questions.

Daniel Sr. worried how it would look once the word got out that he is getting married a week after his security dropped the ball. When he mentioned his worries to Barbara, she put him at ease explaining that the wedding was planned before what happened last Saturday. She also pointed out that if they don't do it now, it won't happen until summer. If they hold out until then, the press will find out and they won't be able to have a small wedding.

To keep things as calm as possible, Daniel didn't let Josh out of the house until Thursday. When he did, he had no other choice but to do so. Every feeling in his body wanted to keep Josh locked up, because that is the only way he knows Josh won't get hurt. But at the same time, Daniel knows that is impossible. He has to let Josh out, or Elizabeth has won. By not being allowed out is pretty much killing Josh like she wanted to do.

When Daniel asked Josh to go and check in with Father Gomez, Russ went into action. He ordered several of the detail to go in advance, secure the route and sweep the church before they arrive. In the mean time Russ will take the rest of detail and get Josh to the church without the press catching on that he is leaving the house.

In order for that to work, Russ sent out several SUV's, going different directions. Some of the press will follow the SUV's, but some will stay. Because some won't fall for the trick, Russ took Josh, Brandon and Cesar out through the back, through the neighbor's yard and got into a SUV that had been parked on the next street over several days before.

Not one of the press that stayed behind followed them. All the way to the church, Russ kept checking in with the SUV in front and behind them. The ride to the church was uneventful as Russ hoped. When they arrived at the church, Russ held the boys back while other agents checked in with the detail that swept the area.

Once Russ got the all clear, he let Josh, Brandon and Cesar out. They walked into the church and found it empty. The only one there is Father Gomez, and he wasn't allowed close to Josh right away. It took Josh to ask, before they let Father Gomez walk over to him.

"I am very sorry for all this, Father. It's just with what happened on Saturday things have changed. Please don't take any offense to what they are doing or did when I first got here. My father is trying to make sure nothing else happens to me or Brandon."

"Josh, I completely understand. I have been praying for you and your family ever since I heard what happened. I also have been praying for Elizabeth's soul and Frank's too. The poor girl was lost and couldn't find her way back. Then Frank doing what he did, he deserves to sit at the Lord's side."

"Father, when I saw him coming at me, I thought he was loosing his mind. Frank didn't say anything, or at least anything I understood that is. Then when I woke up in the hospital and found out what happened, I wished he hadn't given his life for me. No one deserves to die like that and more so when the person wasn't even going after him.

Then as far as Elizabeth, I don't hate her. I'm not even angry with her. I don't understand how she thought by killing me or Frank would have solved her anger issues about me being gay. I just think she figured if she couldn't have me, there is no way she will let me be happy with anyone, no matter guy or girl."

"Josh you are wise beyond your years. I am glad that you don't hold any animosity towards Elizabeth. You need to forgive her for everything she did to you. That is the only way you can move on with your mind and heart clear.

As far as Frank, don't ever think the way you are thinking. He decided to give his life for you. You never asked him to. That is why I say because of what he did, he is sitting at the right side of the Lord. Just don't forget the sacrifice he made. You are now living your life and his life. Do good in your life, like I know you will."

Josh thanked Father Gomez for his words and talked a little more about what happened that night, before moving on. Josh made sure that everything is set for tomorrow and asked Father Gomez if he needed anything. After the father told Josh that everything is on track and he didn't need anything right now, Josh thanked him and left.

On his way back to the house, Josh asked if they could stop and grab a blizzard from Dairy Queen, but Russ said no. It wasn't on the list of places to go, it wasn't cleared, so they won't stop. That didn't make Josh happy because he feels the old crap is starting all over again. Just when he'd gotten Jonathan to loosen the rope a little, Josh now has a new security detail tightening the rope again.

Josh decided to let it go since tomorrow is his father's wedding and everything is still fresh from what happened last Saturday. When things settle down and get back to normal is when he will talk about it; not until then.

After an hour so of being home, Josh heard a knock on his bedroom door. He got up and opened it to find one of his agents standing there with a three blizzards. "Russ wanted me to give you these." As the agent walked off, Josh turned around thinking to himself that Russ might not be as bad as he thought.

No matter how much the Governor and his family tried to keep the wedding from the press, they found out. The first report of the wedding was reported on the six o'clock news on Thursday evening. Daniel was angry, but was thankful they made it that far. Now that the press knows, several things will change. At the same time, Daniel made it clear to everyone the wedding must not be interrupted by the press.

The next morning after breakfast, everyone started to get ready. Little by little Josh and his brothers' friends showed up. This is the first time Josh has seen Chris and Rusty since last Saturday. Josh will see Eric and Bernice at the church. No one knows where Patrick is. None of them has seen him since that night. When he didn't show up with Chris and Rusty, Josh wasn't surprised.

At first everyone talked around the elephant in the room. No one brought up the subject, and after a time they were able to ignore the elephant. Josh figured there is really no use talking about it, not today. The day of the funeral, they will talk about how they miss Frank and all their fond memories, but not now. Today should be a day of happiness, not sorrow. That is what Josh wants for his father and Barbara.

Once they finished getting ready, they headed downstairs. Josh introduced Chris and Rusty to Russ and his detail. They shook hands, but nothing was said. Soon after Josh and his friends got downstairs, his brothers joined him with their friends. A few minutes after that, Daniel, Rose and Isaac walked over. Barbara stayed at her own house last night and will go to the church this morning separately.

As soon as the front door opened, photographers started to snap pictures. The press pointed their cameras at the Governor and his family as they made their way to the cars and the press asked question after question. The adults got into one limousine and the kids got into the other. None of them answered any of the press' questions. They all smiled and waved at them as they got into the limousines.

There was so much press, the road was nearly blocked. As the limousines moved through the press very slowly, Daniel told Lloyd that he needs to get on the phone with the EPPD and get the streets cleared. The way things stand right now, someone could get hurt.

Just as Daniel finished asking Lloyd, the EPPD showed up. Lloyd figured that this was going to happen and had called the EPPD about thirty minutes before they left. The only thing Lloyd didn't understand is why it took them this long to get here. Since they did arrive and started to clear the streets, he won't make a big deal out of it.

On their way to the church, Lloyd informed Daniel that from now on he will have police escort wherever he goes here in El Paso. Daniel didn't like it, but Lloyd wouldn't let him say no. He should have had that in place since he got sworn in. No matter why he is at home, he needs to have a police escort wherever he goes; at least until the day when he is no longer in office.

Five blocks away from the church, in all directions, Lloyd had roadblocks set up. Once they got through the road blocks, there was no press or uninvited guests allowed to pass. This is another change Lloyd is going to put in place at the house. Five blocks in every direction around the house is going to be roadblocks. The only ones allowed past the roadblock are those that live in the houses inside the perimeter and the Governor's family.

When the Governor stepped out of the limousine, he could hear the helicopters above him, but not the press. They are too far away from the church to be heard. He helped his mother out and waited for his kids before walking into the church.

As they walked in, Daniel took note of the old church. It's off of the main street, Mesa and close to downtown. It is built totally with red brick, with a bell on the top by the looks of it. As you walk up to the front door of the church, you have to go up a concrete staircase. When you enter, there's the narthex (a small waiting room) that leads into the nave or main room of the church. When Daniel and his family stepped in, everyone's attention focused on them.

Father Gomez met Daniel at the altar, shook his hand before going down to welcome the rest of the family to his church. Josh looked around the church to find Eric and Bernice. At first he couldn't find them, but after his second pass, he saw them sitting on the bride's side, third row. He waved at them and looked back to the front.

A few minutes later, Father Gomez waved the Governor's sons over. The stood up and lined up behind Isaac in order of age. Once they settled in, the music started to play. Everyone in the church stood, looked to the back to see two little girls walking out, Barbara's nieces from her younger sister, walking down the aisle slowly dropping rose petals on the ground. They were followed by a young boy and girl, Barbara's niece and nephew from her older brother; the nephew holding a pillow with the wedding bands.

Once they made their way to the front, the music changed to "Here Comes the Bride". The church went silent all but the music as Barbara stepped out dressed in an off white dress, no veil or train. She was escorted by her father whose right arm wrapped around her left arm. She was holding a bouquet of yellow roses and sunflowers.

As they reached the altar, Daniel stepped down to take Barbara from her father. "I am honored to give my blessing to this wedding. You are the right man for my daughter. Just promise to treat her like the angel that she is." Barbara's father whispered to Daniel as he unwrapped his arm from his daughter's.

"You have my promise sir! I love her with all my heart!"

Barbara's farther wiped his eyes as he made his way to his seat. The music stopped and Father Gomez started the ceremony. Since this is the second time Daniel and Barbara have stood before a priest to take these vows, it went smoothly. Once Daniel took his vows, Isaac handed him Barbara's wedding band. Daniel placed the wedding band on Barbara's finger and then Barbara took her vows and did the same thing to Daniel.

Father Gomez finished the ceremony and gave permission for Daniel to kiss the bride. As he leaned in to kiss Barbara, the church erupted into applause and cheers. They broke their kiss as the immediate family came up to hug them and wished them the best. Once everyone took their turn, Daniel and Barbara made their way back down the aisle.

Before they walked outside, those in the church lined up on the stairs so they could throw rice on Daniel and Barbara as they emerged from the church. The press tried to break the road blocks, but the EPPD held them back. So they were left with only one thing; to try to zoom in and take the best pictures and video of the newly wedded couple they could.

When Daniel and Barbara stepped out and started making their way down the staircase, everyone threw rice on them. Once they cleared the staircase, the press tried to take their pictures before they got into the limousine. As their limousine drove off, a second one drove up for Daniel's family and their friends to get in.

The second limousine caught up to the first as they made their way to I-10. They headed further west and took the exit Sunland. A few miles down is a steak house that Barbara loves. Because of that, Daniel rented out the entire restaurant for four hours, as one of his wedding gifts to his new wife.

Also the kids love eating there because they serve great ribs, but it is a little high in priced. Today though, Daniel doesn't care about the cost. He told everyone to order whatever they wanted to eat, because it is on him. Immediately Josh knew what he wanted and ordered a full rack of barbecue ribs with all the fixings. Cesar and his brothers copied him, making it easier for the kitchen to prepare the order. The other guest either ordered the ribs, the steak or some kind of fish plate, but most of them ordered the famous ribs.

For the next four hours everyone talked and had fun. Not once did the incident from last Saturday pop up its ugly head. They all were in the moment, and the moment was celebrating the joining of two people that love and deserve each other.

When their time was up, the wedding party got back into their vehicles and made their way either to their house or Daniel's. Some of them wanted to change. Some of them wanted to rest for a couple of hours. And there were some that had no plans to go to the dancehall that Daniel rented.

A few hours after eating at the steak house, everyone started making their way to the dancehall. At first Daniel wanted to hold it at his house, but the house and yard is way too small to hold a barbecue for his family, much less a wedding party. So he went out and rented a dancehall so he and his family could celebrate properly.

Josh was surprised when he walked in and saw that there was food that was catered in. Cesar and he just walked passed the tables of food since they were both still full from earlier. They found Chris, Rusty, Eric and Bernice sitting at the table next to his. Before joining his family, Josh went around the table of his friends shaking their hands or hugging them.

Just as he let go of Bernice, he heard a commotion coming from the outside. Everyone looked to the front door to see Dolly Parton walking in, and the security detail pushing out several of the members of the press. Later Josh found out that the press broke through to get pictures of Dolly Parton getting out of her limousine.

As soon as she walked in, everyone in the dancehall tried to get her to give them an autograph. Without complaining, Dolly signed autographs for everyone that came up to her. Once she finished, she made her way to Daniel and Barbara. Daniel immediately hugged her and then Barbara did the same thing. Josh had no idea that his dad actually knew Dolly Parton! Now he can't help but wonder who else his dad knows!

Daniel introduced Dolly to everyone at the two tables. When she came to Josh, she asked if she could speak with him a little later. Josh agreed, but wondered why she wanted to speak with him. He started to think back to all the songs he has performed to see if maybe they sang one of her songs and she hadn't given permission. It took Cesar to pull him out of his thoughts.

As the night went on, Josh split his time between his family's table and his friends. He was surprised how down to earth Dolly was. She hasn't forgotten her past and that explains everything. Josh knows his father won't befriend someone that thinks they are better than anyone else. Dolly is a prime example of being on top, but not allowing her fame to change her in a negative way.

Only once one of Josh's friends brought up what had happened on Saturday. Josh talked about it a little, but changed the subject as quickly as possible. When he did that, Chris and the others realized that Josh didn't want to speak about what had happened because of how quickly he changed the subject.

Chris tried to explain the only reason he brought it up was because none of them has seen Patrick since that night, and he is worried. Josh got angry that Chris is thinking that he or the others are not worried about Patrick and he made that clear.

"Chris you know me. You and I went out together for awhile. When we did, did I ever show that I was cold hearted?" Chris shook his head no. "I am worried about Patrick, but there is nothing we can do about it right now. Let's wait until we go back to school and see if he shows up. If he doesn't, well we will then go to his house and see if he is ok."

Just as Chris was about to reply, Rusty stopped him. Everyone at the table was happy that Rusty got Chris to stop trying to dig himself out of the hole he keeps making deeper. Then with Josh changing the subject the minute Rusty grabbed ahold of Chris's hand.

The DJ stopped the music. He asked for the bride and her father to come to the middle of the dance floor. Josh, Cesar and their friends made their way to the edge of the dance floor to look on. Once the crowd settled around the dance floor, Barbara and her father stepped on and the DJ started to play Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable".

There wasn't a dry eye in the room as Barbara and her father danced. They were going through so many emotions; neither Barbara nor her father could hide what they were feeling. They both showed how close their relationship is. At the same time you could see in Barbara's father's face how happy he is for his daughter.

As the song came to an end, Daniel stepped onto the dance floor. Barbara's father let Daniel take over. The song changed to their song, "I Can't Help Falling In Love", by Elvis Presley. To Daniel and Barbara it explains how they feel about each other and why they got married so quickly after just dating for a couple of months.

No one moved or said a word; they just looked on. Just like the dance before, there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Josh could see a huge difference how his father is with Barbara compared to his mother as he has seen ever since they came into town. Although he wasn't alive when his parents got married, Josh knows they didn't show this kind of emotion or love as they danced. It always looked to Josh, since he could remember that his parents just tolerated each other.

Once the song ended, the DJ started with a mixture of songs. Daniel and Barbara stayed out on the dance floor for a while, but after five or six songs, they got tired and went back to their table. Josh and Cesar, Eric and Bernice and Chris and Rusty actually got out on the dance floor and danced for a while.

As the songs changed, Josh decided to go to the bathroom. After getting out of the bathroom, Josh ran into Dolly in the hallway. She pulled him to the side and talked with him. Josh was surprised on her request, but agreed. He was honored that she asked and couldn't wait to see his father's and families faces.

A little before eight, the lights in the hall were turned up. "Ladies and gentlemen, please clear the dance floor!" Everyone looked at the DJ, but did as he asked. They walked off the dance floor and sat down at their tables.

The lights were turned dimmed once the dance floor was cleared and then the DJ started to play "Islands in The Stream". All of a sudden a spot light appeared at the far right side of the room. The light shined on Josh as he started to sing and make his way to the middle of the dance floor.


Baby when I met you
there was peace unknown
I set out to get you
with a fine tooth comb
I was soft inside
there was somethin' going on

Just as he reached the dance floor, another spot light came on, but this time it was at the far left side of the room. Dolly Parton came out singing along with Josh.

You do something to me
that I can't explain
Hold me closer and I feel no pain
Every beat of my heart
We got somethin' goin on

Everyone started applauding as Dolly met Josh in the middle of the dance floor. Another spot light turned on, but this time it shined on Daniel and Barbara's table. They sat looking on as Josh and Dolly sang one of Dolly and Kenny Roger's number one duets and they loved it! This time Daniel and Barbara couldn't hold back their tears.

Tender love is blind
It requires a dedication
All this love we feel
Needs no conversation
We ride it together, ah-ah
Makin' love with each other, ah-ah

Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in between
How can we be wrong?
Sail away with me to another world
And we rely on each other, ah-ah
From one lover to another, ah-ah

"Congratulations Governor and Mrs. Lopez on this wonderful day, your wedding day." Dolly looked over at the governor and Barbara.

I can't live without you
if the love was gone
Everything is nothin'
if you got no one
And you did walk in tonight
slowly losing sight of the real thing

"Welcome to the family Barbara! We love you!" Josh had made it to the table; he kissed Barbara on the cheek and ran back up to the stage.

But that wont happen to us
and we got no doubt
Too deep in love and
we got no way out
and the message is clear
This could be the year
for the real thing

No more will you cry
Baby I will hurt you never
We start and end as one
in love forever
We can ride it together, ah-ah
Makin' love with each other, ah-ah

As the song came to the end, Dolly and Josh faced each other and started to sing the chorus; Josh really showing the emotion and love he has for his father.

Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in between
How can we be wrong?
Sail away with me to another world
And we rely on each other, ah-ah
From one lover to another, ah-ah

Once they finished, the crowd jumped out of their seats applauding. At the same time, Daniel and Barbara made their way to the dance floor. Daniel hugged his son and then hugged Dolly, thanking her for singing. Barbara did the same thing. Minutes later Josh's brothers made their way to the floor and then the rest of their guests.

The band started playing several more of Dolly's songs, but this time everyone sang along. They were having so much fun; they ended up not staying on schedule. After cutting the cake, no one wanted to leave; they continued to dance, talk and just have fun until three in the morning!



{Welcome back one and all to another filled chapter of Shadow of My Father. This chapter covered a lot and I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did as I wrote the chapter, At times I was angry, then happy and then actually choked up as I wrote out this chapter for you all. So as you can tell, I really get into my writing.

Well I picked up where I left off at in the last chapter. I know you are sad that Frank had to die in order for Josh to live. He gave his life for his friend, but it shouldn't have happened. So many mistakes happened that night; I don't think the shake up with the security detail will be the end.

I am glad that Josh is alright, but again someone had to die for that to happen. It shouldn't have been Frank. Although Josh really doesn't show it, he has to be hurting! There is a lot of this chapter without him present. There is no doubt in my mind he is up in his room or in the hospital blaming himself for Frank's death. As you all know Josh takes everything to heart. At the same time, he always tries to put on a brave face.

It's sad that it took this much to happen, lost of two lives, for Daniel to finally see that Josh's detail wasn't up to par. No one can blame Daniel for firing the entire detail or Brandon's head of security. At the same time change the way things are he needs to have an over all boss in charge of all the details.

Hopefully with this change, things will get better. No more mistakes, and if there is, they will be small. Also I hope no one else has to lose their lives because the details aren't doing their jobs. I believe if there is one more incident like this, Daniel will move his family to Austin in order to keep them safe.

Josh's friends' parents have to be thinking right now if it is safe for their kids to be around Josh. They were hesitant already, now this. The reason I bring this up, none of Josh's friends visited him until the wedding day. I wonder if his friend's parents are going to pull them friend hanging with Josh.

What is going on with Patrick? No one has seen him since that night. As you know, Frank and Patrick were a couple. And you also know that Patrick froze that night at the bowling alley. Now his hasn't been seen and didn't come to the wedding. I truly hope everything is okay with him.

Jonathan was removed as head of Josh's security, but kept on as head of the house security. What's up with that? Do you all think that was fair? Should he have been fired with the rest of the detail? Or do you think he did his job? Things could have been different if there were an overall director of security.

Remember Brandon's head of security told Jonathan not to worry, when he wanted to pull the boys. They are both in the same position, so neither of them could over ride each other. If they had an overall director, things could have turned out differently that night.

The wedding was beautiful and I am not just saying that because I wrote it. The two songs that Barbara danced to, tug my heart strings. Her father truly believes that she finally got the right man to marry! We all saw how he cared for his daughter at the church and then while he danced with his daughter. His facial expressions told the entire story.

Then Daniel and Barbara and their song; it was great. It did explain what they were feeling and why they got married after only a few months of dating. Josh has seen the difference with his father with Barbara to his mother. I am pretty sure everyone else sees what Josh is seeing with those two.

Finally Dolly Parton and Josh singing at the end of the chapter; I love it and I'd like to thank one of my readers for giving me the idea. It is just like Josh to show his emotion of the moment through song. I wonder if this thing was planned or put together on a whim. I also wonder whose idea it was; Dolly or Josh's. Forget all that, they gave a great show and made Daniel and Barbara a very happy people.

So many open plots and so many more plots to come in this story. I love the political scenes a lot and I hope I am not offending anyone with them. Keep in mind it is only a story and I am trying my best not to preach my beliefs. Please stay tuned and I promise that you guys won't regret opening every new chapter.

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I won't. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}

WHEW!  I'm exhausted!  What a great chapter!  <applause, applause>

What an incredibly sad turn of events at the bowling alley!  The loss of the two lives was so needless.  Now, the problems with Elizabeth's obsessions, hate and anger had been glossed over by the ADULTS in her life!  Principal Michaels, Daniel Sr. and, last but most certainly not least, her parents!  Those three major adult players in her life should have seen the problems and intervened to get her help.  Rather, everyone tried to "take the high road" with her and in doing so, left Elizabeth without a safety net.  She should have been mandated to get psychological help; MAJOR, in patient help!

Now, those adults need to reflect on how their lack of action; lack of holding her accountable ultimately resulted in not only her death, but the death of a totally innocent bystander.

Fr. Gomez's counsel was profound for Josh. I am expecting some aftermath in Josh from the incident and I hope that he will go back to Fr. Gomez when and if it happens. Fr. Gomez is a very pastoral priest and reminds me of some like him in my past that got me over a speed bump or two.

I am feeling real pain for Patrick. How will he live without his life mate?  I am deeply concerned about his welfare having lost Frank. My concerns are further deepened with nobody having heard from him since that fateful night. Why hasn't someone gone and check on him? Another factor was his freezing during the incident, not helping to protect Frank. He has got to be feeling incredible guilt.
I'm sure we find out a lot more in the chapters to come.

Daniel Sr.'s reaction and actions to the breakdown of security was predictable and measured. The security force's performance has to be improved. They had, overall, become complacent and sloppy. The incident at the bowling alley was absolute proof. I'm sure he'd have dismissed Jonathan without a second thought had Josh not intervened on his behalf. As a matter of fact, I was somewhat surprised that Daniel agreed to Josh's wishes. That he even listened and seriously considered Josh's point of view shows the growing respect Daniel has for Josh.
I was glad Jonathan spoke with Josh and quelled Josh's loyalty concerns. That was a very caring and considerate thing to do. It also shows that there was true bond formed between the two. It will be interesting to see the relationship develop between Josh, Cesar and Russ, seeing as Russ is also gay.

The love between Daniel and Barbara is wonderful. They both deserve the happiness they are finding in each other. I am glad to see it culminate in a marriage.  I am also pleased that Daniel's entire family, including the boys, sees the good in the relationship and marriage and have welcomed her into the family unconditionally.

Jacob doesn't know this, because I didn't tell him. I didn't want to influence his writing of this chapter.  I was fortunate enough to meet Dolly Parton many years ago at a smallish social function. Jacob wrote her part in this chapter to perfection. Ms. Parton is just as sweet and sincere with everyone as was stated in the Chapter. She is also a wonderful conversationalist. Her trick is one that I caught onto sometime after the fact; she takes an interest in the person she's talking to and gets them talking about themselves. She also takes a genuine interest in what that person has to say.  Try her tactic and I can almost guarantee you'll become known to be a fabulous and engaging conversationalist.

The wedding day was perfection! I need say not a word further on that. I will admit that I got a bit misty. Way to go Jacob!

So, until the next time,

"Daddy" Rick