Written by: J.P.G.

{The Shadow of My Father is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it,  stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Daddy Rick

Chapter 44

Josh and the entire swim team were called to a meeting during lunch. When he arrived, Josh looked around for Chris. He found him sitting on the far end of the bleachers. Trying not to step on anyone, Josh made his way over to Chris. As he sat down, he knew Chris was still bothered by what they discussed before school. The facial expression he had on his face said it all.

Before Josh could say anything to Chris, the Coach walked in. "Listen up! I have an announcement to make. If you shut up, you guys can get out of here to enjoy the rest of your lunch. It's up to you how much time I take away from your lunch period." As Coach looked around, everyone quieted down.

"As you all know we ended our season this year a lot earlier then we should have. We now have another chance this school year to show every school in our school district and city we were the ones to beat. You all know that we had the team to go all the way; we just stumbled and ended up having to bow out.

Normally the season ends right before spring break, but the school district has approved for a spring season to start this year. I knew it was in the planning stages, but was unaware it was up for vote. This normally doesn't happen. What I mean is, if there is a change as far as seasons are concerned, it doesn't get implemented until the next school year, but I am not complaining. We want this and need this second season of the year!

So our practices are no longer just conditioning." Everyone started to punch his fist in the air, yelling in approval. "We are going to move from conditioning to actual practice and getting ready for our first meet. I will be getting the schedule by tomorrow, but it doesn't matter who we go up against first, we are going to make it as clear as we can, we are back and we are not going to lose!"

Everyone jumped up from the bleachers yelling and high fiving each other. Josh and Chris just looked on as the team's seniors celebrate they have another chance to win before their high school years are over.

Chris got up and walked off, leaving Josh there alone. He got up to join the other members when Russ pulled him back. He looked at Russ not understanding why, and then he saw. One of the members had drum sticks in his hands. Russ isn't going to take any chances from anyone no matter what.

Josh didn't fight Russ after seeing what he saw. Instead he started to walk out when Coach Montoya called Russ over. Josh stood back with the other guard detail as Russ went over to talk with Coach. There is the doubt in Josh's mind what that conversation is going to be all about; security.

"I don't want to take up much of your time, but before spring break, Jonathan and I had a misunderstanding. Since you are new, I would like to see if we can start on the right foot. Let's try to work together and put back into place what Jonathan and I had originally. It gives my swimmers the ability to breathe, not always worrying about you guys."

"Coach Montoya with all due respect, I agree with Jonathan's change and it is going to stay in place. You are very lucky I don't make it even harder for you and this group of kids after what had happened in here. I read the report and let me say, I am not like Jonathan. He is way too nice of a person. I am an ass, and if anyone even thinks of doing that to Josh, they are going to go down hard!

So where there are no misunderstandings, I am going to go by the book. There is no way another Elizabeth is going to pop out of the woodwork. If you don't like what I said or the way I said it, speak with my boss. He is standing over there with Josh."

Coach Montoya shook his head no and walked off. Russ turned and joined Josh as he started walking out. On the way to the main building, Lloyd leaned in and told Russ that he was right about what he told the coach. He is now comfortable and starting tomorrow he will be on his own. Lloyd plans not to not shadow him any longer.

Now Josh feels the pressure is on. At least before this announcement, the only competition he had to worry about was singing. Now that the swim team has a second season in the year and it starts now, he has to juggle both practices a lot sooner than he thought he would have to.

Mr. Franklin started to ramp up his practices as well. He is no longer allowing the students to waste half of the period just talking. The minute roll call is done, practice gets started. With what Mr. Franklin is throwing at the class and Josh, it made the practice harder. Russ had to look at the schedule, because the way Mr. Franklin is running things, it sounds like there was a competition set for tonight.

By the time swim practice was over, Josh was dead on his feet. From Mr. Franklin running him ragged during fourth period and swim practice knocked Josh off his feet. When he got home he tried to take a nap but Cesar didn't let him! He wasn't trying to be mean to Josh. He just wanted Josh to not fall behind in his classes. If he doesn't do his homework, he will flunk and he will be off both teams.

Governor Lopez's first days back at work were bumpy. First he was gone nearly two weeks. It seemed that nothing got done while he was gone. Secondly he had to find a new assistant. He and Barbara agreed it wouldn't be right that she keeps working as his assistant once they got married.

Where that became a problem is that time went by too fast. They both kept putting off hiring Barbara's replacement, thinking they had time. Time ran out and now they are scrambling to get the position filled. Daniel wants to put the right person in the position, but he can't take too much time being picky since he has no one right now.

The person doing Barbara's job right now knows she isn't going to be hired so she is just doing the bare minimum. That is angering Daniel to the core. Due to her doing the bare minimum, things are falling through the cracks. This could kill the bills he is working on.

By Friday afternoon, Daniel had enough. The phones were ringing off the hook, files were not getting to him and his daily schedules were not being updated. He had no idea where he was supposed to be or who he was scheduled to be with. When Rich walked into the office Daniel asked him to close the door.

"I have never met anyone so lazy and..." Daniel bit down on his tongue. "...well, I am not going to say what else I am thinking. I want a new secretary and I want one as of yesterday because if she stays, I am going to say out loud what I am holding back. Please take care of this before anything else." Rich just looked at Daniel. He's never seen him this angry.

"I will see what I can do, but you know as well as I do it is better that you hire a secretary, instead of going through temps. They know they are not here to stay and they work that way. No matter who I place behind that desk, they are not going to do the job like a permanent employee does."

Daniel started looking at the folders of the applicants for Barbara's position. Barbara did put together a short list, and on top of that list was her assistant from his office when he was active duty. Not looking at the others folders, Daniel picked up the phone and called the contact number.

One of the main things he likes about this applicant is that he knows her and knows how she works. She also knows him and she was Barbara's assistant in his old office. She can easily come in and take over Barbara's position. Then he can move on without this huge interruption in his daily routine.

After talking with her, Daniel asked if she could fly down to Austin. He could hear the joy in her voice when she said `yes'. Then he remembered that she needs to give her current job a two week notice before leaving. When he asked about that, he couldn't be happier with the answer he got.

"Governor Lopez, I no longer work in your old office. When the new General came in, he came in with his own staff. They have been trying to find us positions, but right now we are being shuffled around just filling in slots where they need help. Since you left, I haven't been in one office more than a week. With that said, I don't need to give a two week notice to anyone. If you want me, I can start as soon as I get to Austin."

"That sounds really good. What I want you to do is rest this evening, put together what you can take on a plane and there will be a plane ticket for you at the El Paso International Airport for tomorrow evening. Then you can stay at Barbara's old place. She has been trying to find someone to take over her lease. So you don't have to worry about looking for a place to stay."

"That works out perfectly! I will speak with Barbara and take over her lease. I will be ready to go as of Monday, Sir!"

Governor Lopez warned her about the mess she will be walking into on Monday, but she told the Governor she is up for the challenge. After knocking off the final details, the Governor got off the phone and turned to Rich. Without needing to be told anything, he told the Governor he will let the temp know this is her last day.

Since he wasn't getting any work done due to the mess, Daniel called it a day. As he walked out, he thanked his temp and wished her luck. Before he was able to make it out of the office, the temp asked him why she wasn't hired for the job. Daniel wanted to tell her the truth, but he wasn't that mean, so he lied to her.

She accepted the lie and thanked him for the opportunity to work in his office the last couple of days. Daniel smiled, shook her hand and as he turned around he found Rich standing there. They talked about the bills pending while they made their way to the Governor's limousine.

"On Monday, Mr. Governor, we will get right back to work. Let's just put these last couple days as part of your vacation. Monday will be our first day back. We will roll up our sleeves and get to work." Rich opened the door for the Governor. "Oh, one last thing for you to think about over the weekend; you need to decide soon about getting Al here to Austin on more of a permanent basis. I need his head one hundred percent in our work."

"That is something I believe we can still hold off on. He is doing his job where he is at. If the time comes that we need him here, I will ask him." Rich nodded his head as he shut the door and Daniel opened the window. "You are my right hand man Rich, and I need your head in the game. You have a great weekend and we will come back on Monday and jump back into working for the people. We can't afford to lose days like this."

The limousine started to pull away as the Governor completed his last sentence. Rich looked on as Governor Lopez drove off. On his way back to his office, he thought about what the Governor said. He is right; they can't afford to lose anymore days like they did this last week. None of the staff came ready to work and that can't ever happen again, or they will fail.

During lunch, Mr. Franklin got called down to the principal's office like a student in trouble. As he made his way down, he tried to figure what Principal Michaels might need to speak with him about. The only thing that comes to mind is the song selection he made for the assembly before spring break. If that's the case, he would have spoken with him that afternoon or first thing Monday, not here on Friday.

When he walked into the Principal's office, his secretary let him go right in. As he opened the door to Principal's Michael's office, he saw Mr. Edger and knew right then and there what this meeting is all about.

"Please take a seat Mr. Franklin." Mr. Franklin closed the door and sat next to Mr. Edger. He is steaming mad being brought down here because of Mr. Edger. "Mr. Edger has lodged a complaint that you taking one of his students away from him. His case has merit and that is the only reason I am now bringing you in to talk about this."

"With all due respect to Mr. Edger, he and I have spoken about this and he had no problem after we spoke. If he did, he should have come to me before coming down here. I have never taken a student from another teacher and I am not about to start now."

"Mr. Franklin I can understand why you are angry, but again Mr. Edger's complaint has merit. If I felt otherwise I would not have entertained this at all." Mr. Franklin sat back in his seat to let Principal Michaels continue. "This complaint involves the student Joshua Lopez. Both of you want him, but there is only one of him.

I can see why you both want him. Mr. Edger there was a big difference in your club a couple Friday's ago without him. Glee fell in the mid teens at state with a different solo artist. You, Mr. Franklin, have never accepted a freshman in your class before; never. Your Show Chorus has been always for juniors and seniors. Now your group sounds a lot better with Josh as your solo artist.

There has to be some kind of resolution to this issue that both of you can live with. I am thinking that Josh goes back where to Glee club for the rest of this year and next year. Once he is a junior, he then goes to your class Mr. Franklin. That way both of you get a chance to use him in your classes."

"Gentlemen, this meeting is pointless since what we are discussing is Josh's decision not ours." Mr. Franklin leaned forward in his chair. "And the policy of this school and for that matter this school district is that all classes have to be open to all students that can meet the requirements of that class. The policy of this class on only accepting junior's and seniors was not mine. It was in affect when I took over and I just never changed it because there was no issue."

"You can't have your cake and eat it too Mr. Franklin." Mr. Edger spoke in a higher voice than the rest in the office. "You have never accepted freshmen or sophomores until now because you see that Josh is very good. You can't pick and choose who you want in your chorus and who you don't want."

"If you want to hold me to the letter of the rule of the class I teach, fine. It is by invite only. A person can't just go and select this class during registration. If the Show Chorus teacher sees a student he or she likes, he can invite that student to join. Nowhere does it say the group is only to be juniors and seniors. It just the way it has been for years.

No matter what we say here, it isn't our decision to make. You had your chance Mr. Edger with Josh and YOU royally screwed it up! By your own actions, you lost him and I picked him up AFTER that! Never once did I approach Josh while he was in your class. So bottom line, Josh made his decision and we must allow him to stick by it."

"Gentlemen, gentlemen we are not getting anywhere here except giving me a headache. Mr. Franklin is right and I over looked what he said. You or your class kicked him out and when Mr. Franklin approached him, he was not involved in your Glee Club. He is also totally right that it is Josh's decision and he did make it.

Sorry Mr. Edger, unless Josh decides to go back to your class, there is nothing I can say about it." Principal Michael's got up from his seat and walked around. "One last thing, Gentlemen; I'd better not hear that you, Mr. Edger, another student or a student from the Glee Club approaches Josh to switch back. You know the rules and the only time you can talk with a student to join your group is if either the student isn't in a similar club or he or she approaches you about it. For now, Josh stays where he is."

Principal Michaels opened the door and waited for the two instructors to leave. As Mr. Franklin walked out, he didn't even look back to Mr. Edger. One thing every teacher knows in this and every school; you don't step on the other teacher's toes. If you have a problem with that teacher, speak with that teacher, not the Principal or higher ups. Mr. Edger not only made an enemy out of Mr. Franklin, but once the word gets around, the entire teacher staff will lose respect and confidence in him.

By the time lunch ended, Mr. Franklin had settled down so when Josh showed up for class, he didn't say a word. Mr. Franklin decided the only way he is going to say anything to Josh is if Josh asked if he can go back to Glee Club. Even then he won't let Josh know about the meeting. He will let him go and leave the door open for him to return.

On the way home, Josh made sure that Russ took care of whatever he needs to do so he can go down and visit his friend Patrick. Russ did, but he let it slip that Patrick's parents are not letting anyone see him. Russ tried to backpedal, but couldn't.

Josh thought that it wasn't all friends, it was him. All this happened because of him. If he wasn't gay or he hadn't lied to Elizabeth, none of this would have happened. Josh feels that everyone is blaming him, no matter what they say or how they act. They are just being nice, trying not to hurt his feelings about what had happened.

When he got up into his room, Josh put his book bag in the corner of the room before heading to his bed. When he sat down, he just looked out the window. After a few minutes of looking out of the window, Josh started looking around his room. For the first time he realized that this room is pretty small. It was just right for him, but now he has Cesar and, most nights, Brandon sleeping in his room.

He went running downstairs and asked his grandmother if they started working on the plans of the new house. Rose asked Josh to sit and have a snack before dinner. As he ate, Rose explained that they haven't even started talking about that. They just closed the deal on the land, so it will be awhile before they even start working on the blue prints.

"Grandma, I thought dad wanted the house done by the start of next school year. If we wait too long, construction won't get started on the house until late summer. Blue prints take awhile to get done. Once they are, they have to get approved by the city before dad can even get bids from construction companies."

Rose looked at Josh stunned by how much he knows about building houses. "Wow, you surely know a lot about construction! Maybe you should call your dad over the weekend and discuss this with him and Barbara. They are the ones that are holding off as far as getting started on the blue prints. If you tell them what you told me, I promise you, your dad will start getting someone working on the blue prints."

Josh agreed with his grandmother and finished his snack before heading back to his room. Not waiting to talk with his dad, Josh pulled out blank drawing papers, pencils and started working on what he would like his room to be. Of course he included things that his dad may say no to, like his own bathroom and walk-in closets.

The only thing Josh worked on all evening was what he wanted his room to be like. Even after dinner, he went right back to work on the drawing. It took Cesar to pull his mind off of his drawing, but at first even Cesar wasn't getting anywhere.

Cesar walked in and tried to talk with Josh, but all he got out of Josh is nods and one worded answers. When he got the one word answers from Josh, most of the time the answers didn't make sense! Cesar finally got tired of being ignored and walked up behind Josh. At first he talked, but it didn't work. Cesar looked over Josh's shoulder and saw what he was working on, and understood why his mind was in the clouds.

He started kissing up and down Josh's neck. As he did that, Cesar reached around and started to move his hands up and down Josh's chest. Each time he went down, he got closer and closer to Josh's waist. When Cesar reached Josh's belt buckle, Josh looked up into Cesar's face and smiled his beautiful smile that makes Cesar light headed.

Unable to contain himself, Cesar leaned in and kissed Josh on the lips. At that point Cesar's hands rested on Josh's package which got hard instantly. Josh wrapped his arms around the back of Cesar's head and pulled him even more into the kiss. Neither of them wanted the kiss to end.

Cesar is massaging Josh's hard dick through his jeans and Josh could fill Cesar's hard dick poking him in the back. Once the passion had grown and they both knew what was in the offing, they both broke the kiss and made their way to the bed. Josh sat down first, and then Cesar joined him. They just kissed each other and it started to get more heated.

Cesar made up his mind that he is going to show Josh a good time. This time he is going to choreograph what is going to happen. He knows what he wants and he's going after it.

Cesar stood up from the bed and with passion, stripped himself of every stitch of clothing. Josh was taking in the scene with a bit of awe in that he's seeing a side of Cesar he's not seen before.

Josh got enough snap to realize that he needs to match Cesar's actions and get naked himself. He stood up and with the same abandon, began to strip never taking his eyes off his now naked boyfriend. Once they were both naked, the lovers stood and feasted upon the sight of the other. Both of their cocks were fully erect, standing proudly and both had a glisten on the tip from the flow of pre cum.

Cesar, after a few moments, moved to Josh and pulled them together and he initiated another deep and love fired kiss. One hand was behind Josh's head, the other was moving toward Josh's butt. Once Cesar's hand reached Josh's ass, he slid his fingers gently along the crevice sending chills though Josh's entire body.
Without warning Cesar broke the kiss and knelt down on one knee. He instantly took Josh's full length into his mouth and a bit down his throat. With his right hand, he cupped Josh's ample sack and massaged the contents firmly without causing any discomfort. As Josh felt the attention to his sack, he widened his stance allowing Cesar access to that sweet, sensitive place just behind his balls. Cesar sensed the invitation and slid his hand back where his attentions were being invited.

After a few moments of sucking on Josh's throbbing cock, Cesar pulled off, licked down the shaft then down to his balls. He gently sucked each orb into his mouth and laved his tongue over them, rolling them in his mouth. Josh was moaning in delight and passion!

Cesar rose from the floor and gently urged Josh back to the bed. Josh wasn't sure what was next on the agenda but he was fully wanting whatever his man wants to give him. He recognized that this time it was going to be Cesar's show.

As they reached the bed, Cesar laid Josh back on the bed with his legs still dangling off the edge. Cesar again knelt down between Josh's wide spread legs. He reveled in the sight of his lover's masculinity from this angle. He leaned forward and once again laved his tongue over Josh's sack then, moved downward onto the perineum. This sent Josh to a new level with feelings he'd not felt before!  Josh's legs spread wider and he pulled his feet up onto the bed, bending his knees.

Cesar was going wild tasting parts of Josh he'd never tasted before. He ran the full length of Josh's taint and could see Josh's pink rosebud pulsing. Cesar backed his face away and brought his hand in close, then reached out with two fingers and brushed from Josh's perineum back to the treasure spot. As soon as his hole was touched, Josh inhaled deeply and arched his back. Cesar massaged the winking opening as Josh pulled his legs back giving his lover full view and access to his most private place.

Cesar once again leaned in and got his tongue going but this time he went right for the treasure, licking and probing his lover and sending almost electric charges through Josh!

Josh pulled his legs further back and Cesar took the signal and went deeper and more passionately into tongue probing Josh's love opening. As he did so Josh's passion make the tight opening relax inviting Cesar's tongue in deeper which further increased the new sensations for Josh.

Josh's desires peaked and he called for Cesar to be inside him. As Cesar came up from the floor and was getting the KY from the nightstand, Josh moved over to the middle of the bed and laid back with a pillow placed under his hips.

Cesar uncapped the KY and lubed his already pre cum slicked cock.  He then got on the bed between Josh's legs and lubed Josh's hole, working the lube inside enough to make the entry smooth. Setting the lube aside, Cesar placed the tip of his cock at the opening and gently yet firmly pushed forward. There was very little resistance and Josh hissed "yes" through clenched teeth as Cesar's helmet shaped glans penetrated.

Once past the ring, Cesar hesitated, waiting for Josh to acclimate to his presence. Josh was too far into a new zone and reached back, grabbing Cesar's hips and pulling him all the way in to the max. This sent Cesar to the same plane Josh is on. Cesar leaned forward and kissed Josh as he started long stroking his hole. As Cesar's speed and power increased, Josh' love hungry chute clamped down on Cesar's cock.

"Cesar, I love you so much and the feeling of having you inside me is heaven to me. Drive hard and fill me with your sweet man cum!" Cesar responded to Josh's request. Josh's legs were over his shoulders and he lifted Josh a bit, changing the angle so that each inward stroke resulted in Josh's g-spot getting hit. A half dozen strokes of that sent Josh over the edge! As Josh peaked into his orgasm, his body clamped down even more on Cesar's love piston and he quickly joined Josh in the sparkling alternate reality of orgasm.  Josh's cock shot hard and clear up to his shoulders without being touched. Shot after powerful shot coated his right shoulder, pec and down onto his belly.
Cesar's hot load pumped into Josh with equal power and volume! Josh felt the warmth of Cesar's load spreading though him.  That final inward thrust placed Cesar's load way deep in his lover's body.

Cesar leaned forward, once again kissing his soul mate. As his cock wilted in their post orgasm glow, it slipped out of Josh. Cesar rolled to the side, pulling Josh with him into a loving embrace.

After a few moments of reentry back to the temporal world, Josh retrieved a still damp towel from the hamper. Josh cleaned himself up and then tenderly took care of Cesar's package.  Tossing the towel back in the hamper, Josh got back in bed. Cesar had rearranged the pillows. They cuddled up still recovering from the passion. They didn't need to say a word. They were both looking deeply into the other's eyes. Words weren't needed.

Josh looked over to the clock and saw it was slightly after eight. As he turned to look at his gorgeous boyfriend, Cesar wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into another kiss. Although they just had sex, their dicks got hard again. Knowing if they don't stop, soon, they will end up having sex again, which neither would mind.

Josh reluctantly broke the kiss, looked at Cesar and started to run his fingers thru his hair. "Man I can't believe how lucky I am to have found you. I would love to be in bed with you every minute of every day, but we know we can't. We'd better make an appearance down with my brothers or they will send out the National Guard!"

"I know you're right Josh, but I don't want to. I love lying here in bed with you. I love hearing your heartbeat along with mine. But I also realize we don't want to take too much of the rope your father gave us, because if we do, we will hang ourselves. They will make sure in the new house to build each of us a room! I don't want to ever spend one night away from you. So let's go down and watch TV so Isaac or your dad will regret giving us permission to be with each other or stay in the same room."

Reluctantly the boys pulled themselves out of bed, cleaned up, dressed and headed downstairs. The next morning, Josh and Cesar were woken up by Carlos. He knocked a couple of times on the door before walking in. When Josh looked out from under the covers, he was surprised to see his brother Carlos standing there staring back down at him with a grin on his face.

"Hey why don't we hang out today?" Carlos walked over and sat down on the edge of the mattress of Josh's bed.

"Um, I guess so! Why do you want to hang out with me?" Josh scooted up on the bed, trying not to wake up Cesar. "What I mean is that we never hang out. You normally have your group of friends or you hang out with Daniel. That always leaves me and Brandon to hang out with Cesar."

"I know and I want to correct that Josh. You and Brandon are my younger brothers and Daniel and I have been wrong excluding you guys like we have. Why don't you get out of bed, wake up Brandon and Cesar, get dressed and meet us at the breakfast table. Then we can decide where to go and what to do."

Josh shook his head just a bit stunned at the turn of events as Carlos left the room. He looked over to Cesar and started to debate whether or not to wake him up. He loves the way Cesar looks as he sleeps. Just as he was debating with himself, Cesar turned and his eyes fluttered opened. He rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes and smiled up at Josh. Being as they were both naked under the covers, Josh lovingly fondled Caesar's package which was fully at attention with morning wood.

Once Cesar got his bearings, Josh told him about the visit he just had with Carlos. Just like Jacob, he wondered why the change. At the same time he told Josh not to look a gift horse in the mouth. If Carlos and Daniel want to hang, take advantage of it. He went on to explain to Josh that it looked like to him that Carlos and Daniel are trying to behave as his big brothers like they should have been all along.

Not giving it anymore thought, Josh pulled on his underwear, got up and got ready. Brandon and Cesar were right behind him. They went down to breakfast together even though Josh started getting ready before them. As they joined the others, it was none stop discussion about what they should do for the day. One thing they all agreed on is whatever they decide on has to be easy for the security on a short notice.

By the time they finished eating they still had no idea what to do. "A friend of mine at school told me that they are opening Wet-n-Wild earlier than usual this year. They are trying something out to see if they can make more money. To me I think it is still a little cold, but it is an idea for something to do."

Everyone started talking all at once. The main concern is if Wet-n-Wild is open early this year is the weather. If it is still fifty degrees, there is no way they are going to go. So Cesar went and got to the newspaper to see how hot it is going to get. When they saw it was only going to reach the mid fifties, they decided against Wet-n-Wild.

"Screw this, we are thinking too much about it. It doesn't matter what we do, as long as we do it together." Carlos got up, slamming his chair into the table. "I don't care if we go out and toss the ball around, as long as I get a chance to hang with my brothers. That is all that matters to me and that should be all that matters to you guys."

Carlos walked out of the kitchen frustrated, leaving the others sitting at the kitchen table. Josh looked around the table and saw the same surprised look on everyone faces that he more than likely has. He does agree with his brother though, they are thinking too much in to something that should be easy to come to a decision on.

As Josh got up from the table, he picked up the front page of the news paper from the floor. He glanced at it as he laid it down on the table. Below the fold an article caught Josh's eyes. He quickly picked the paper back up and read the article. Not able to help it, Josh smiled and laid the paper back on the table.

The others at the table looked at paper and at first didn't see what got Josh smiling, and then it hit them. An advertisement of a new place for kids to hang out at called the Game Zone. It has everything from arcade games to laser tag. The best thing about this is that everything is inside so there is no worry about the weather.

Before Josh could make it out the door, everyone pushed him out of the way. They rushed into the den where Carlos was sitting, flipping through the channels. As everyone ran in, Carlos looked up. All at once they told Carlos about the Game Zone, but Carlos didn't understand what they were saying since they were all talking at once.

Josh just stood at the door watching as his brothers and Cesar were trying to talk over each other. He tried not to laugh, but couldn't hold it in. Just as he cracked up laughing, Carlos looked over to him. The look on his face was asking Josh for help; he needed to be rescued from his brothers.

Carlos stood up and asked that only one at a time speak. They looked at each other and started to laugh. They didn't realize they were trying to talk over each other. Each of them was in their own mind thinking they were the only one talking.

Daniel Jr. is the one that broke the silence and explained to Carlos what Josh found in the newspaper. Before Daniel could finish telling him, Carlos went out to the security to see if they could secure the location on such a short notice. At first Lloyd said no, but when Carlos told him that all of them are going, he said yes. With all three details, Lloyd thought, it should be easy to secure most any location in El Paso.

As the boys went up to get ready, Lloyd sent out Daniel's security to secure the location and signed the other two different jobs. Like always, Josh and Cesar were the last to get ready and join the others. All the way to Game Zone, Daniel and Carlos teased them about it. All in good fun, Josh and Cesar went along with the jokes.

Unlike their father, the boys go around in black SUV's, where Daniel Sr. uses limousines most of the time; not by his choice, but he uses them. If it was up to Daniel, he would drive himself everywhere. But back to the boys, as they drove up to the Game Zone, everyone froze to see who was getting out of the SUV's.

At first they played in the arcade section of the building, because there was a long waiting list to play laser tag. When their names were called, they headed over to get their equipment and found out they will be playing against the group that just won. Lloyd didn't like it. He tried to talk the manager into letting the boys have the laser tag arena by themselves, but was turned down. Then he tried to tell the boys they couldn't play, but they were not about to leave without playing the game they came here to play.

Since Lloyd wasn't getting his way, he held the game up. He sent the security detail through the arena making sure there was nothing that could be used as a weapon. As they were checking arena, he had the other team checked. The only thing they were allowed to have was the equipment of the game, nothing else.  Once Lloyd was satisfied, he let the game get started with the detail in plain sight.

As Lloyd did his thing, Daniel pulled everyone around him. "I didn't know if you are the winner, you keep playing until you loose. I think that is pretty damn cool!" Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. "I say we beat the smug looks off their faces and hold on to the arena all afternoon. When we leave the arena is because we want to go, not because we lost!" Everyone agreed in low chants. "Let's show them what the Lopez family is made out of!"

In low chants, everyone got fired up for the game. Josh pulled out the map of the course and made a plan on how they should play the game. Everyone signed onto Josh's plan before running to their entrance of the course. As soon as the bell rang, both teams went into the course to get the other's flag.

Right away, the Lopez boys split up as they went through the course. Josh was almost the first one out of the game when he tripped over his shoe lace and fell to the ground. As he headed to the ground, one on the other team started shooting at Josh. Josh quickly recovered and went rolling on the ground shooting. He hit the guy that was shooting at him. He quickly tied his shoe and got up.

Mean while Carlos came around the corner and saw two from the other teams coming around the other corner on the other side of the course. For some reason Cesar didn't see them, so Carlos yelled out to Cesar to hit the ground. As he went to the ground, Carlos started to shoot and got both of the guys that were coming at them.

Three were down now leaving two somewhere in the maze. The fourth one, Daniel got before getting hit by the fifth player. Daniel left the game angry that he didn't realize this was a set up anyone could see a mile away. What Daniel didn't know as he got hit was that Brandon saw the whole thing and came out to get the guy that shot him.

The whistle blew, letting the other's know that a team had won. Josh and the others found their way back out of the course to rejoin with Daniel. As the other team suited up and getting checked out by the security, Daniel revised Josh's attack plan after running the course.  No one objected and adopted the changes.

The Lopez boys won four games and finally on the fifth game their flag got captured. Although the fifth game was the longest of all the games they played, they lost. Somehow they lost track of one of the players on the other team and that player captured their flag. They lost not by not knowing where everyone on the other team was at on the course.

After getting out of the gear, Cesar and Brandon went to order several pizzas and get a couple of pitchers of soda, while Josh, Carlos and Daniel went to get a table. At first they just sat there not saying a word to each other, nothing out of the ordinary. Then Daniel broke the silence, which surprised Josh on what he asked him.

"Josh you know I have my junior prom coming up in the next couple of weeks. I would like it if you and I could go out and select my tux. I also want you opinion on what to get my girlfriend as far as her flowers."

Josh just looked at him, trying to figure out what his two older brothers are up to. They haven't hung out like this since they were in Junior High School. Even then they did it because their mom left them with no other choice but to do so. If they wanted to go to the movies or do something outside they house, they had to do it together.

"I can you read your face little bro, and let me put your mind at ease. We are brothers, but we haven't been acting like that for a long time. Carlos and I don't want to find ourselves one day not knowing our younger brothers. Yes there was some bad blood recently, but I hope we all got over that. You are my little brother, I love you and I want to start and hang out with you whenever we have a chance."

"Um, I, um agree with everything. It's just what you guys are doing I didn't expect it. I never thought of you guys less than my brothers. Yes, like you said there was bad blood in the past, but we have gotten through it on the other side stronger than we were before that time in our lives." Josh looked to see where Cesar and Brandon were at before continuing what he was saying.

"Believe it or not, just a while back I was thinking the same thing. A couple of friends of mine, Jacob and Joey told me that I should try and hang out with my older brothers. So yes whatever you want to do, I am up for it. Just let me know when you want to go and get your tux and anything else I can help with, and I am there."

"Good, I'd guess sometime during the week. How about Thursday after practices we head over to the tux shop so I can get fitted for my tux?" Josh nodded his head in agreement. "Then we can go and look at what would look nice for my girl to wear around her wrist." Once again Josh nodded his head in agreement.

Just then, Brandon and Cesar walked up with the pitchers of soda. Soon after that, Russ walked up with their pizzas. The minute Russ put down the pizzas, the boys dug in. They didn't care how hot the cheese was. They were hungry! As they ate, they had more fun joking with each other and talking than they did playing laser tag.

By the time they headed home, everything that had happened in the past just melted away. No one cared. All they cared about is that they are getting back their relationships with each other like it was before all the drama of Josh coming out. Daniel and Carlos even treated Cesar more like a brother than they have in the past.

The biggest surprise of the afternoon was when Daniel actually commented to Cesar that he is not only good for Josh, but he's glad that they are together. When Daniel came out and said that, Josh and Cesar just looked at each other, wanting to kiss, but didn't. Carlos then popped in and started chanting `kiss', then Daniel and Brandon joined in. That is all it took, Josh leaned in and kissed Cesar. When they broke the kiss, they half expected to see gross looks on the other faces, but they didn't. In fact they were smiling.

When Monday rolled around, none of the Lopez boys could wait until after dinner. They got permission to stay up after the evening news because their father was going to appear on the Tonight Show. This is something they had hoped to see ever since their father went into public life, but he always refused to do any kind of show on TV.

Daniel didn't want to do any talk shows or news shows because they always twist what is said. The people that were in charge of booking the show approached Daniel several times during the election and after he became Governor, but each time Daniel said no. They broke down once and asked Daniel why he kept saying no, and he simply told them that he didn't find Johnny Carson funny, so he won't be on his show.

When Daniel got married, and there was no press allowed anywhere near his wedding, shows like the Tonight Show were banging down Daniel's door. He finally gave in to appear on the Tonight Show when Jay Leno hosted the show on Johnny Carson's day off. NBC executives jumped at the opportunity and booked him the first show that Jay Leno guest hosted when Carson was off.

So as soon as the evening news was over, all the kids gathered around the TV, including Rose, Isaac and several of the security detail. The show began and Jay Leno came out doing his normal monologue routine; making jokes and talk back and forth with the band. Before breaking to commercial, Jay told those that were watching that the Governor of Texas will be here when they return.

Brandon went around the room and asked if any of them wanted anything to drink since he was going to get something for himself. Those that wanted something to drink, told him and he went running to the kitchen. Just as he returned, the commercials ended and Jay Leno appeared sitting behind the desk on the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my first guest of the evening doesn't need any introduction, but I am going to try and do him justice. You all know him as the General that helped save one of the Royal family in the Gulf, to just name one of many accomplishments in his military career. When the time came to decide to re-enlist in the military, he decided to run for political office; not just any seat, but the Governor's seat of Texas. He won the seat without question and hasn't looked back. Ladies and gentleman please help me welcome to the stage for the first time, Governor Daniel Lopez of Texas!"

The audience started to applaud as Daniel came out from behind the curtain. He waved at the audience and then at the camera. Everyone in the living room was quiet and glued to the TV as Daniel walked up to shake Jay Leno's hand. It was so loud, no one could hear what Jay Leno said to Daniel, but even if it wasn't loud, no one would have heard it. Jay Leno leaned in and whispered whatever it was to Daniel as they shook hands.

Daniel took a seat closet to the desk. At the same time Jay Leno sat back behind the desk starting to talk with Daniel. After another five minutes or so, the audience finally settled down and sat down.

"Well welcome to the Tonight Show Mr. Governor! It is great to have the Governor of the state of Texas on this stage!"

The audience started applauding again before Daniel said anything. "Thank you Jay, it is good to be here tonight. Whenever you are on, and I am not busy grabbing my gun off the wall and rushing in to take back one of my prisons, I try to watch you." The audience cracked up laughing by the way the Governor poked fun at the coverage he got dealing with the way he handled the uprising.

"Yes, the press really put it out there like you were in the old west. If you would have believed what they were saying, it sounded like you rushed into the prison taking it back over single handedly. That must have been a hard decision for you to make."

"Jay, every day I face decisions that are very hard to make. If I make one wrong decision, millions of lives are affected; not just mine. That day was a hard day; I won't lie to you. I couldn't show weakness. If the inmates had a problem on the way things were being done, go through proper channels. Taking hostages to get a point across like they did could not be tolerated."

Jay went into a little of the uprising before getting into the final report that Daniel got that very morning. Once the investigation was finished, it was found that the warden and many of his officers were dirty. They were taking money under the table to allow things to happen within the walls of the prison like control over certain areas, rapes, stabbings and all the way to murder. The inmates that were paying off the warden and guards thought they were being cheated, so they took over what they thought was rightfully theirs.

"What I can tell you right now about this Jay is that the warden and the guards that are named in this report will be joining those they were in charge of, if they are found guilty." The audience erupted into applause. "They are as bad as those they were in charge of keeping confined.  Right now they are no longer working for the prison system and being indicted on several charges."

"I like to keep myself up to date with what is happening. When the riots in that prison first happened and you sent in the National Guard, it was first reported that there was no gun fire and no one had gotten hurt. However, anyone that was watching could hear the gun fire and later it came out that inmates did get shot. How do you explain that?"

"Jay, it's very simple; the press is, all too often, in a hurry to report the news before getting all the facts. Just like you said, anyone watching could hear the gun fire. So the first reports were wrong with that alone. I nor anyone on my staff reported or said that no one got hurt. As far as I know, no one on the warden's staff did either. It was just the press in a hurry to get the story out first."

Jay moved the conversation along to all the bills Daniel has gotten through. Daniel took this opportunity to clear up any and all misleading information the press was spilling out. Jay had no problems with it because Daniel doesn't talk like the normal politician. He has a way of making the most boring thing sound like a boat-load of fun.

"Now Governor, I need to ask, what is wrong with you? You got out of a marriage from hell and went pretty quickly into another marriage. There has to be something about this young lady that got you to think about marriage again."

"My first marriage wasn't always bad. When I first married Martha, she was a different person, and I don't regret marrying her. I have four great boys that I won't trade them for anything in this world for." The audience once again broke into applause. Daniel knew there wasn't much time left, so he started talking before the applause ended.

"To answer your question, Barbara is wonderful. She brings the inner child out of me all the time. The inner child I thought was long gone, but not so with Barbara. Plus my kids, they have accepted her without any issues. You know as well as I do, that is very rare."

Daniel went into how they started to date and how he asked Barbara to marry him. At that point, Jay brought Barbara out on the stage. She was well received and accepted by the audience in the studio. That made Daniel happy, but even if they didn't accept her, he wouldn't have cared. From the day they got married, she is Mrs. Daniel Lopez.

As soon as Barbara took her seat, Jay went back and forth between Daniel and Barbara talking about their wedding day. Towards the middle of their conversation, Barbara pulled out pictures and showed Jay, which he showed the audience. Before going to commercial break, Jay put on the tape that Daniel gave him before the show of Josh and Dolly singing to him and Barbara on their wedding night.

Josh turned all shades of red as the video played on national TV. He knows he should be used to this by now. He has gotten in the press' face several times, so he doesn't understand why this is embarrassing him. To make him feel more embarrassed. Carlos, Daniel, Brandon and even Cesar started teasing him. He took the teasing because he knew there was no malice.

Daniel knew when the show came back from commercial break; Jay will be introducing whoever was his singing guest. The thing that Daniel didn't know was the surprise Jay had put together for Daniel and Barbara. It had already leaked to the press that his son and Dolly had sang, so it was not surprise when the recording was shown. What was a surprise is what came next on the show.

"Welcome back..." Jay turned to Daniel. "You are telling me that you had no idea that Dolly Parton and your son had planned to sing for you on your wedding night?"

"Neither of us knew that they had put that together." Daniel looked over to Barbara, holding her hand, as she nodded her head in agreement. "To tell you the truth, I think it was planned that evening between Dolly and Josh. Who came up with the idea I don't know. It was great though and I will never forget it!"

"Well I have a surprise for you here tonight. Everyone knew that your son and Dolly sang that song for you two on your wedding night before tonight. So I invited the original singers to perform that very song here tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Mr. Kenny Roger's and Ms. Dolly Parton!"

The lights went dim and Kenny Rogers came out singing. That got the audience on their feet and once Dolly joined Kenny on the stage, the audience got even louder. As they sang, Daniel, Barbara and Jay made their way over to the stage where they were at. Dolly once again talked to the Governor in the song.

When the song ended, Kenny walked over to the Governor and Barbara. "I hope I sang your son's part as good as he did the night you two got married." Daniel started to laugh as he shook Kenny's hand and pulled him into a hug. "Congratulations, I tried to be there but got tied up. I truly wish you and Mrs. Lopez every happiness!"

"Thank you for your kind words and singing for me and Barbara here tonight, Kenny." Kenny interrupted the Governor to let him know it was his honor. "I understood why you couldn't make it, but don't stay a stranger. Please come down whenever you are in town in Austin or El Paso. You know you and Dolly are more than welcome at my home."

Daniel turned to Dolly and hugged her. "You are such a wonderful person Dolly, thank you again for this. Don't let me ever hear that you were near Austin or El Paso and you didn't stop in for a visit. You are family and families are not strangers."

Dolly, Kenny, Daniel and Barbara finished their talk as Jay closed the show. Daniel waved at the audience as he held Barbara's hand. When they went off the air, Daniel went over to the audience and shook as many hands as possible, thanking them for listening to him. Once the studio was empty, all five of them went back to the green room and talked as the people that came to watch the show left the lot.

As soon as the Tonight Show ended, Rose sent everyone to bed. Before the show started, they all had taken their showers, so when it was time for them to go to bed, that is what they did. There were no excuses that they need to do this or that. Plus that was part of the deal they made their father in order to stay up and watch the show.

The next day at school, it picked right up where it had left off on Monday. If any of their fellow students watched the Tonight Show last night, they didn't show it. Josh and his brothers were treated like normal, and Josh liked it. He started thinking that maybe they got the hint to treat him and his brothers normal. After all they are not the ones that are Governor and on TV with celebrities and singers.

As the day wore on, it seemed to Josh that all he was doing is practice, practice and practice. He headed out of Show Chorus right into swim practice two periods later. Both Mr. Franklin and Coach Montoya are working both of the teams as if there is no tomorrow. By going through two rough practices like that, Josh is dead on his feet when he gets home.

When Thursday rolled around, Daniel waited for Josh to come out of the locker room to go and get his tux. They talked and fooled around for the first time. As Daniel got fitted, he kept asking Josh questions if the tux fit him right in all the right places. Daniel even asked Josh once the tux was fitted, if he thinks that his girlfriend would find him cute in the tux. Although Josh was surprised at the questions, he answered his brother honestly.

Once they finished up with the tux, they went to the flower shop to order the wrist bouquet for Daniel's girlfriend. Josh asked what color Mercedes's dress is in order for them to get the correct match. Daniel not only told Josh the color, he told Josh what her favorite flowers are and what he wanted it to look like when he was done.

Josh did the best he could to help Daniel create the perfect prom experience for him and his date. When it was all said and done, Daniel was very happy with the results. On the way home, Daniel wanted to know how Josh's relationship with Cesar was going. Josh explained to his older brother how much they both love each other, which caused Daniel to blush.

"I am glad that you are happy Josh, but I am going to be truthful with you. When we talk with dad again, I am going to ask him to let Carlos, Brandon and me have our girlfriends over on the weekends. It isn't fair that you are the only one having sex and we have to go off somewhere to steal a feel in a corner of the house!"

Josh looked at Daniel stunned, not knowing how to reply to him. "I am just playing little bro!" Daniel slugged Josh on the shoulder. "You got to lighten up or you'll get old before your time. I will never do that to you. You and Cesar's situation is completely different then me having a girlfriend over. Heck if I slip up, I screw up my life. There is no way I am ready to be a father."

Trying to hide that he was worried, Josh smiled and went along with Daniel. When they got home, dinner was about to be put on the table. Daniel thanked Josh for all his help as he went into his room. Just as Josh opened the door to his room, Daniel popped his head out and yelled over to Josh.

"I know you are worried and you don't believe me that I was just kidding about talking to dad, but I was. You will see that I was playing when I don't ever bring it up to dad or anyone for that matter. Josh you and I have will get to learn to trust each other. That way when I say `take me by my word', you can take me by my word."

"I know you were just kidding Dan. Don't worry I do take you by your word. If you say you are not going to say a word, I believe you. So let's get down there for dinner before grandma comes up here with a rolling pin." Daniel started laughing as he walked into his room, imagining his grandmother chasing him and Josh down to the kitchen with a rolling pin. That would be one funny sight to see.

As soon as Josh put down his backpack, he went looking for Brandon. When he got downstairs to the den, he remembered today was one of the days he goes to see the therapist. Josh sees it is a waste of money because he doesn't really see a difference. He thought by now Brandon would at least be back in his own room.

Not only he isn't back in his own room, the nightmares are still there. It seems they have gotten worse after hearing that their mother is getting close on getting out of the nut house, something none of them wants. At the same time they couldn't understand why their father, the Governor, didn't pull whatever strings he needed to in order to keep their crazy mother locked up.

When they the subject did come up, their father simply replied that he can't use the office he holds for personal things. As a regular citizen he has done what he could to try and make sure their mother spends every day that she deserves behind bars, but nothing worked. Not only did it anger him, it was deeply troubling as he felt he was letting his kids down.

At the same time, their father did tell the boys that those that were involved in getting their mother the sweet deal that she got paid a dear price. The judge was pulled off the bench and forced to take early retirement. The law firm was fined. Also none of the named partners of that law firm could ever run for a judgeship. The feeling was if they were willing to bribe a sitting judge, they themselves could be bribed if they ever became a judge.

Once these actions were taken, it sent a shock wave through the courthouse. It didn't matter if you were a judge, an attorney or an elected official, everyone got the message. The message; if you are dirty, you are gone. No more back room deals can be done. All defendants are going to be treated the same no matter who their attorney is.

Still all that didn't help Brandon or the other boys. Brandon is still having problems sleeping and the other boys are trying to look strong, but underneath they are as scared as Brandon. They all know once their mother gets out; she isn't going to go quietly into the night. She will come back across the border and continue making problems.

Just as Josh started his way back up the stairs, the front door opened and Brandon walked in, followed by Isaac. Not saying a word, Brandon went straight upstairs to his room. Josh looked at his uncle, and he just shrugged his shoulders. Josh turned and ran upstairs to see if he could do anything for Brandon.

As he reached the door, Josh knocked a couple of times and then walked in. He found his little brother on the bed with his head between his legs. Josh closed the door and walked over to the bed and sat down. He pulled Brandon into him as he sat next to him.

"Maybe you need to tell dad therapy isn't working. It seems when you come back you are worse than you were when you left. Or maybe you need to tell your therapist that you need stronger medicine. To be completely honest I don't care what you do, but you need to do something. I am getting very worried for my little brother."

Brandon looked up with tears rolling down his cheeks. I don't know what else to do Josh. I am scared all the time now. Every time I turn a corner or go in the bathroom alone, I think mom is there ready to take me away. She is getting out soon and she isn't going to stop until she gets me, Daniel and Carlos."

"There is no way she is going to get her hands on you Brandon, no way! First you have security around you all the time. She can't get through your security no matter how smart she thinks she is. And secondly, you have me. I will do anything to make sure mom never gets you. You are my brother and there is no way I can go a day without seeing your ugly mug." Josh messed up Brandon's hair.

"I know this is easier said than done, but don't worry. Let's clean you up and head down for dinner. Then we can screw with Daniel and Carlos. You always like when you, me and Cesar gang up on Daniel and Carlos. We always seem to hit the right nerve to get them angry enough to leave us alone to play video games."

Brandon smiled at Josh as he jumped off his bed. As soon as Brandon was ready, they went down to do just what Josh said. And just like Josh said, they got Daniel and Carlos to give up the TV so they could play video games. Little that they know, their older brothers always let them win. They made it look good, but they knew one of them needed to blow off steam or take their mind off of something, so they give up the TV.

For someone reason the swim team was nervous all day Friday. Coach Montoya couldn't understand why they were as nervous as they were. Yes, after school is their first meet, but he knows his team is ready. They are the same team he had at the beginning of the year, in the same positions that couldn't be beaten. So there is no reason for them to be nervous. He came to a conclusion that his team is thinking too much into the meet.

So every time he saw one of his students throughout the day, he tried to put their minds at rest. By the third student, he found out what was really making them nervous. It wasn't that they had a meet after school; it was because the Governor was going to be there. Wherever the Governor goes, the press is right behind him. For sure they will be on the local news tonight, if not the national news.

Governor Lopez went into the office a few hours in the morning before he and Barbara headed to the airport. Although he wants to spend the weekend with his kids, he couldn't. He needs to get back in Austin by midday Saturday to go into meetings that couldn't be rescheduled. But he will take whatever time he can to be with his sons.

Plus he made a promise to his kids whenever they are playing, he will try his best to make it down to watch them. As he was getting ready for the trip, Daniel tried to book regular seats on a regular flight, but his security stopped him. They understood why he was doing that, but they couldn't secure him on a regular flight so Daniel reluctantly agreed to use the Governor's plane to fly in and watch his son swim.

The boys knew their father was coming in, but they didn't know he was going to be in as early as he was. Daniel wanted to get into El Paso early in order to do a couple of errands before his son's meet; errands that he doesn't want any of his kids to know about!

As soon as the plane landed, they got into the limousines and headed down to the prison psyche ward where Martha is. Daniel informed his security detail he wanted to stop there and a couple of other places before heading to the school. So they sent a team down to secure the locations in order for the Governor.

When the Governor's limousine drove up to the building and he and Barbara got out, the camera's started flashing. Reporters tried to ask both Daniel and Barbara questions, but they just waved at them and walked in. Mid way between the entrance and the room where Martha is waiting for Daniel, Barbara stopped and pulled Daniel to the side.

"You should go in there alone and talk with her. It's bad enough she is going to be all riled up with the fact you and I got married. I don't want to walk in and make things worse. You know as well as I do you need to get what you have on your mind off. The only way that is going to happen is if I am not in there giving her a reason to go crazy."

Daniel brushed his hand through Barbara's hair. "I love you Barbara! You are so different than Martha and that is one of the things I love about you. If the shoe was on the other foot, she would want to go in there and show that she is now the one that is married to me. You're not like that and that I really cherish."

Daniel kissed Barbara before walking over to the door leading into the room where Martha is. Martha's doctor met Daniel at the door and went over the rules with him. As soon as the doctor finished, Daniel turned and pulled Lloyd to the side.

"Thank you for getting this done on such a short notice." Lloyd responded saying it was his job; no thanks needed. "I need to know if you took care of that thing I asked you to take care of. Is the camera's off, no recording devices in the room and no one in the rooms where they can see what is going on in that room?"

"We took over every room in the building that has access to the cameras in that room. At first the guards here weren't going to give it up, but we made it clear when it comes to your security, only we can have access to all this. Plus when you walk in the room, we are going to push everyone down the hall, away from the room. No one will be able to hear or see anything in that room at that point."

"Thank you Lloyd. I am not going to hurt her, but I need to make a couple things clear to her. Knowing Martha the way I do, she is going to be yelling. That yelling is going to bring in the doctors and that I can't have until I say what I came here to say."

Governor Lopez patted Lloyd on the shoulder and walked back to the door. He waited for the guard to unlock the door and open it to let him in. As he walked in, the door closed behind him, but it wasn't locked for security reasons. Daniel waited at the door as he heard Lloyd and others from his detail move everyone back.

Martha was sitting on a metal chair in the middle of a table, in the middle of a white room. Daniel walked over to the table, looking around at nothing but the white padded room. He then looked down at Martha and saw a woman that he didn't recognize. Martha had no makeup on, her hair was not really combed the way she always did it and she was in a plain white jump suit, not her fancy dresses.

"Why are you here Daniel? You have replaced me and moved on. There is no reason for you to be here except to rub that bitch in my face." Martha looked up a Daniel with daggers in her eyes. "When I get out of here if I ever see her, she'd better watch her back. No woman can come in and take my place; no woman!"

Daniel sat down, not responding to what Martha just said. "I know you Daniel! You are poisoning our kids against me. I bet you that you are telling them lies about me, trying to replace me with that bitch. Our kids are a lot smarter than that and they will not accept her in my place, maybe Josh, but not the other three."

"You know I don't have to say a word about you to the kids. They already know you are a witch. You destroyed your relationship with the boys all on your own. Not once did I say one bad thing about you. Not once did I tell our kids not to see you. You did all the damage on your own and you are the only one to blame."

Martha slammed her fist on the table, making a loud sound that echoed in the room. Before she could say a word, Daniel slammed his fist on the table, making even a louder sound. That caught Martha by surprise and she couldn't speak.

"You listen to me you fucking bitch and listen good. I can't do a damn thing to keep you in here. You are going to get out, but let me tell you this, when you do get out, you'd better keep your skinny ass in Mexico. If you come across the border and even show yourself once around the boys, the security has standing orders to shoot first and ask questions later." Daniel got up and pushed the table to the side.

"You fucked with our kids minds once to many times. Because of what you have done, one of our kids can't even sleep through the night. He is now in therapy because of the hell you put Josh through. Did you think that you weren't harming the kids when you shot at them or the way you treated Josh? All four of them hate you and that is because of your actions; not mine or anyone else's."

Daniel walked over to Martha and pulled her up from her seat. "So there is no misunderstanding here, you stay in Mexico, do I make myself clear?" Martha spit in Daniel's face. "If you come over and come near the kids or my wife, you will be shot on sight." Daniel walked over to the door wiping the spit off his face.

"Don't you think I am just huffing and puffing, because I am not. As you know by now, Elizabeth was shot for trying to hurt Josh and there is no way the security detail is going to let you get anywhere close to the kids, my wife or family. The minute you pop up, you are dead. I really hope you are as dumb as I know you are and you come over once you are released making trouble. At least then you will be dead and I don't have to worry about you anymore."

Daniel walked out not giving Martha a chance to respond. As he walked down to Barbara, he could hear Martha kicking and screaming. Several nurses and the doctor went running in to get her under control. As Daniel reached Barbara, he leaned in, kissed her as he grabbed her hand to walk out.

As they reached the cars, Daniel turned to the press and gave them a comment. "Martha, my ex-wife, is in good health and good spirits. When I left her, she was screaming and kicking like a wild horse." The press laughed. "I did what I came down here to do and that is let my wife know that she needs to comply with the agreement she made with the courts.

Once she is released, she needs to stay in Mexico. If she chooses to come back to the US, she is breaking the agreement she made with the courts. She will be arrested and sent to prison. If she gets near my kids, family or wife, she could be shot if she shows to be a threat to them. Just her around would be enough after what she has done on the past. Just the shooting alone is enough. You all take care and hope you enjoy watching my son Josh and the other members of the swim team win their match this afternoon."

Daniel opened the door for him and Barbara to get in. The press tried to ask questions, but Daniel didn't answer them. On the way to the district attorney's office, Daniel didn't talk about what was said in that room, and Barbara was okay with that. One thing he knows for sure is that he feels a lot better now that he did talk with her. At least now she knows without any doubt where she stands if she comes around.



{Welcome back one and all to another filled chapter of Josh's life. This story is just getting more intense as the plots continue to unfold. Even though the time line is on fast forward, there isn't a dull moment. I really hope you guys enjoyed this chapter as much as I did writing it.

Well it looks like the swim team has another chance to compete this school year. That is good for the seniors, who lost out when Coach Montoya disbanded the team. Let's hope they don't screw it up like they did at the beginning of the year.

I really don't know where I feel about Mr. Edger. At one point I understand why he is doing what he is doing. With Josh in his group, they were winning. What happened at the assembly before Spring Break should say it all. At the same time, he made his bed, so he needs to sleep in it. I know that saying is so cliché, but in this case it is true.

Mr. Edger should have left it alone after speaking with Mr. Franklin. Now he angered Mr. Franklin and more than likely the entire teaching staff. He needs to have a good relationship with his fellow teachers. Prime example why is when Mrs. Nunez brought Josh to him. Now that the teachers can't trust him, he will lose out a lot.

I have been getting flooded with emails about Daniel Jr. and Carlos. You guys have been asking me to bring them more into the story, and I will. I started in this chapter building the brother relationship between all four brothers. Once that is rebuilt, you will see a lot more of Daniel and Carlos. Sometimes they will be with Josh and Brandon and sometimes they will be alone.

What do you guys think about the Junior Prom? Do you remember you junior prom? Daniel asked Josh for help to get ready for prom. As they went out to get the tux and everything else, we learned the name of his girlfriend, Mercedes. Soon her picture will be in the cast pictures on my site so you can take a look and see what she looks like. In the next chapter we are going to see a lot of Daniel Jr., trust me.

What about hanging out at the Game Zone? We got to see a different side of the Lopez bothers. You guys have gotten to know the older Lopez's as one sided, now you will get to see and get to know them as they truly are. There is no way Daniel Sr.'s ethics didn't rub off on them. Martha was around all the time, but their father was as well.

We finally have a sex scene in this chapter between Josh and Cesar. I don't know what the sex scene looks like since Daddy Rick is writing it, but knowing him it is going to be good. I will leave the comments on that to him to write in his Editor's Corner.

I know I left the plot line hanging out there about visiting Patrick. The security detail did secure the hospital for the visit, but Josh was told Patrick's family isn't letting anyone in to see their son. Josh let it go, but trust me he isn't going to stay away from Patrick. He will go down and try and visit Patrick, just to make sure Patrick is okay.

It looks like the therapy isn't working for Brandon. The way Josh sees it, he comes back worse after a session than he does when he leaves to see his therapist. I wonder if there is more to the story than Brandon is letting on. Maybe it is as simple as it looks. Brandon is terrified of his mother and the nightmares are getting worse because she is about to get out.

I love the ending scene here when Daniel Sr. went and paid Martha visit. He couldn't do anything to stop her from getting released. He will not become what he ran against. That is using the power of the office to get personal things done. At the same time he made it clear to Martha not to screw with him. He told her straight out to be herself and come around that way she will be dead and he doesn't have worry about her anymore.

I almost forgot about that scene on the Tonight Show. I love it and have wanted to write that into the story. I never watched the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, but once Jay took it over I did. I find Jay funny and I wanted the scene in this story. Trust me when I say this is one of many scenes with Daniel Sr. appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay.

So many open plots and so many more plots to come in this story. I love the political scenes a lot and I hope I am not offending anyone with them. Keep in mind it is only a story and I am trying my best not to preach my beliefs. Please stay tuned and I promise that you guys will not regret opening every new chapter.

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I won't. I warn you though! Do not skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}

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Well, it sounds like Messrs. Edger and Franklin need to clone Josh!  As Jacob said, Edger is paying the penalty for his loss of classroom control and now he's acting like an unhappy spoiled child. Being an educator myself, I can assure you he has now totally lost the respect of his peers. He had better start looking for a new position in a different school, outside the district. He's toast!

I'm glad to see the brothers renewing their brotherly bonds. With them all being in the public's eye so much and with the family not being together under one roof, the familial bonds are going to be stressed here and there. The four boys will continue to need each other more than they can imagine. The laser tag "tournament" was a great way for the boys to find commonality. I truly feel Daniel was totally sincere when he was teasing Josh. There will be no "going to Dad" about things in the future. All the boys are really maturing.

Brandon's mental state is worrisome. I question whether his therapist is going what needs to be done to help him. Of course psychiatry in 1991 wasn't as advanced as it is today in that there were many fewer medications available.  I don't know what is going on in Brandon's sessions and I don't know what meds he's been prescribed. It's good that Josh is noting the problems and can raise the flag if needed.

Ahhh, the love scene.  I am not going to comment on it past saying that it is my intention to describe the sexual aspects in the context of love.  I'd appreciated hearing your thoughts on the work.  Our dear author does preview what I've written before I submit my final edited version of the chapter. His author's notes are, as he said, already laid down before I write the scenes.  Let me know your thoughts and any constructive criticism. Flames will be ignored. You may send your thoughts and comments via e-mail to the author.

Daniel Sr.'s visit with Martha caught me totally off guard. I sure hope that there's no leak of that meeting to the press!  I know Lloyd's staff made every effort, but I know how sneaky the media can be.  I hope that Martha got the message, however, with her mental condition I doubt the impact will result in rational behavior. I have full faith that Martha will do the totally irrational. I give Daniel credit for doing all he can to run interference for his family. That meeting had to tear at his mind and heart.

Barbara is an amazing woman and is great for Daniel. I am so glad that she's in his life and that the love between them is so deep. Daniel is a strong man, but needs the tender guidance that Barbara offers from the wings, so to speak.

The lack of direction at the Governor's Office surprised me.  Was Rich asleep while the Governor was away? As Chief of Staff, he should have kept it all running smoothly. Hmmmm.

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