Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you're underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you're reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.
Love Scenes Written By: Daddy Rick
Edited By: Daddy Rick
Edited By: Ed

Chapter 54

Johnny Walker IV looked over his letter one last time. He really didn't think it would work, but by this point he couldn't think of anything else to do. He was only thirteen years old, and he needed help. Once he was sure the letter was ready, he stuffed it in an envelope, wrote the address on it, and ran downstairs so he could mail it.

"Johnny?" A deep male voice said from the kitchen as the boy was getting his shoes on to go out the door.

"Yeah dad?" Johnny said as he walked into the kitchen, and had to stop himself from cringing. Sitting in a wheelchair was a man that he almost didn't recognize. His dad had always been very big on his appearance, now though, the man hadn't shaved in days, his hair was long and stringy, and the light that Johnny had always remembered being in his dad's eyes was gone.

"I know its summer, but your mom's working tonight. I need you home by six." The man couldn't even meet his son's gaze.

Trying to stay as upbeat as possible, Johnny walked over, leaned down and gave his dad a hug. A hug the man couldn't or wouldn't even participate in. Turning around quickly so his dad wouldn't see the tears that started to well up in his eyes, Johnny shouted back. "Sure thing dad... see you then."

On his way out of the house, he didn't slow down. Once out of the door, he ran all the way down to the corner mail box. As reached it, Johnny pulled down the little tray, said a brief prayer before dropping his letter in the box. He hoped that the prayer he just made might actually do some good. At this point, he'd all but given up hope.

The hustle and bustle of a normal Saturday at the Governor's mansion was ten times magnified this Saturday due to the concert. Everyone woke up earlier than usual and helped out. Even the Governor didn't go into his office like he normally does because he wanted to be there for Josh in case his son needed him.

They had a quick breakfast before breaking off into teams. Daniel Jr., Carlos and Patrick headed out to the stadium to make sure things were being set up without a problem. Although they have never given a concert before, they have heard how things could fall apart fast. So they want to identify anything that arises and fix it immediately before it becomes a huge issue that would affect the overall concert.

Josh, Cesar and Brandon went off to the hotel where they booked several rooms for the performers. They aren't staying the night, but Josh felt that maybe they would want to clean up before heading to the stadium. Plus one of the local hotels gave Josh five rooms at no charge as long as he put them on the list as being a donor and supporter of the concert.

The first to arrive at the airport was Kenny Rogers. Today will be the first time Josh will actually speak with Kenny Rogers in person. He has spoken with him several times over the phone, but never in person. So as he waited for him, Josh was nervous and Cesar saw that. He tried to clam Josh down, but didn't have enough time.

Just as Josh was settling down, Kenny's private plane landed. The boys got out of limousine and walked over to the metal stair case that had been pushed up to the plane already. Several people that the boys didn't know got off first and then Kenny appeared at the door of the plane!

On his way down the long metal staircase, he waved at the screaming fans that were behind a rope line. Josh introduced himself, then Cesar and Brandon before showing Kenny to the car. At first Josh thought that Kenny didn't like him because he didn't say much, but once they were in the car, Kenny started to talk as if they were old friends.

"Josh thank you for inviting me to be part of such a good cause. It is rare to find a young kid your age already wanting to do so much for their local community like you're doing here. This is going to help out so many people that really need the help."

"I should be the one thanking you since you're giving your talent for free. This concert would not have worked if you or Dolly or George wouldn't have signed on to do it free of charge. People only donate now of days if they get something in return. That return has to be very worthwhile to get their donations to make matters worse."

"There is no need to explain anything to me. I have seen what you're talking about. I understand that the entire stadium is sold out. Is that true?" Josh nodded his head. "Damn! That's great to hear! It has been a while that I have performed in front of such a huge crowd. I been meaning to get back on tour, but one thing or another has come up."

"Well you then can call this your kick off concert to a new tour."

Kenny laughed and agreed with Josh. They reached the hotel moment later. As they headed in, they had to push by screaming fans that some how got through the rope line that was set up at the entrance of the driveway of the hotel. Once they were in, they went straight up to the rooms where Josh left Kenny.

On his way back down, a young lady stopped him in the lobby. At first he thought it was a fan that hid as they cleared out the lobby, but she wasn't. Nancy Wilson is the owner of the local NBC station and wanted to be the only station to broadcast the concert. Josh said no at first, but she threw something that Josh couldn't walk away from.

"Look Mr. Lopez to show you how serious I am that I want to be the only channel to broadcast your concert, I can guarantee that it will go national." Josh stopped and looked at Nancy stunned. "Yes you heard me right, national. I have already spoken with the people at the network and they told me they will take the concert national if I can get you to make us the only channel and network to carry it."

"To be completely honest with you Nancy, I had no plans to let any channel inside the concert and broadcast it live, but you're dangling a huge carrot here. If you would add one thing to this, I will do it. I know it might not be possible since we are on the day of the concert, but I am going to try and ask anyways."

"Go ahead and ask and if I can get it done, I will."

"Put in an eight hundred number on the screen for people to call in and donate whatever they can for the cause the concert is being held for. I know this is late notice and you might not be able to get a phone bank up and running to take the calls."

"We have several phone banks that we use and are ready at a moment notice whenever we need them. I can get all that together within a couple of hours as long as they aren't selling anything. If they are just taking donations, it won't be hard to do at all."

"That is all they will be doing. I don't want them to try and up sell anything to the callers. All I want is the callers to call in and say I want to donate this amount, give their payment method and then hang up. That is all the operators are going to do in the phone call."

Josh and Nancy went over how the operators should answer the phone calls and then moved onto to the concert. He promised her that they will have full access to the back stage and of course the concert. The dressing rooms and anywhere else the performers don't want the cameras, her station can't put them there. Once they agreed on all the details, they went their separate ways.

Nancy has a lot of work to do before the concert. Her main concern is getting the word out that they will be broadcasting the concert live. With such a small window to get that message out, she has no time to waste.

Josh had the limousine driver hurry as fast as he could back to the airport. Just as he, his brother and boyfriend pulled on the tarmac, Dolly Parton's plane was coming to a stop. They jumped out of the limousine before it came to a complete stop. Josh wanted Dolly to see him as soon as she gets off the plane as Kenny did. They are giving their time for free and should be treated with the highest respect possible.

Unlike Kenny, once the door opened, Dolly walked out. She stood on the top of the stairs looking over to the fans that have gathered to greet her. Not skipping a beat, she smiled and waved at the fans as she made her way towards Josh, Cesar and Brandon. They greeted each other with hugs before heading to the car.

"Sweetie, it is nice to be here and have another chance to do a duet with you." Josh looked at Dolly as if she was out of her mind since he had no plans to sing. "Don't tell me don't plan to perform this evening. There is no way we are going to let the night go without you performing, Josh. This is your baby and you need to open the show."

"But I don't..." Dolly interrupted Josh. "I don't want to hear any butts. You're going to perform, end of conversation sweetie. Don't make me get Kenny and George to gang up on you. You know you don't want to get George upset. He and I came to a conclusion that you were going to sing."

"If you put it that way, I guess I have no other choice." Josh tired to get out of it by giving Dolly his wounded look, but it didn't work.

"You're going to open the show and then introduce me by singing a duet with me. Just tell me the song you want and I will sing it with you. Just make sure if it isn't one of mine, I get the sheet music and it is in my ear piece several hours before the concert."

Josh agreed with Dolly before falling into his own thoughts. Not only does he now have to worry about getting his performers from point A to B, he now needs to put together a set list for this evening. There is never a dull moment in his life and Josh is realizing that more and more as he gets involved in different things.

Since George wasn't due to arrive for another couple hours, Josh went to one of the other rooms that aren't being used by Dolly or Kenny to get working on the song set. The first one he wanted to pick is the duet song so Dolly could get familiar with it in time. He looked at all her duets she had out and saw a few he liked, but not one really caught his eye that he wanted to sing.

Just as he was about to settle for one of the easy duets that Dolly has out, Cesar walked in and kissed Josh on the forehead before sitting down on the bed. As he looked into his boyfriend's eyes, he sees the love that Cesar has for him. At that very moment a song that has been playing on the radio a lot lately hit Josh. He jumped up from the bed, kissed Cesar on the lips before running out of the room thanking Cesar.

Cesar watched as Josh ran out of the room trying to figure out what he said or did that moved Josh so quickly. He lowered his head and lifted his arm to see if by any chance that was the problem, but it wasn't. Just as he lowered his arm, Josh came running in with a paper, pen and his walkman.

After finding the song he was looking for, Josh played it over and over again until he had the lyrics written down right. He got back up and walked over to Dolly's room, knocked on the door and waited until he was invited in. Not even a minute past before he heard Dolly's voice piercing through the door inviting him in.

"Dolly I have the duet I would like to sing with you. It isn't one of yours and I hope that won't be a problem." Josh handed Dolly the lyrics he wrote down.

"Not a problem at all sweetie!" Dolly took a quick glance at the lyrics and then handed the paper back to Josh. "I love this song and wished I had recorded it. I know it very well and can sing either part of it, but I am pretty sure you want me to sing the second part since it comes in later." Dolly laughed her high pitch laugh that she does.

"Yes ma'am unless you have no problem with that. Since I am going to be on the stage I think I should start off the song and then you come in with the part that his wife actually sings in the song." Josh had a concerned look on his face.

"That is not a problem as I said before. This is a great song and I am honored to sing the song with you. I know you still have to pick a few more songs for this evening. Do you have any in mind that won't be much of a problem for you to have ready?"

"Yes ma'am I pretty much know which songs I will be singing tonight already. Two of them I sang as my solo part in the Show Chorus at my school at the end of the year. The third one I have been working on for awhile. I wanted to sing it when I sang with George the last time he was here, but I wasn't comfortable with it yet."

"That is great sweetie." Dolly walked over to her suitcases and put them on the bed. "Now I need to start getting ready for tonight. Unlike you guys, we women need to have a little more time in front of the mirror before we go out on stage." Josh thanked her once again for doing the concert and started to leave when she spoke again. "I know who you're singing that song for and he is going to fall deeper in love with you tonight."

Not able to help himself, Josh turned all shades of red. He quickly turned, thanked Dolly and left her room as fast as he could without being disrespectful. When he closed the door to her room, he hoped that she didn't think he was being disrespectful with the way he left. He just didn't want her to see him blush like he was doing.

Meanwhile back at the stadium, Daniel, Carlos and Patrick didn't run into any problems at first, but that changed very fast once the first two bands arrived. They started to fight over everything it seemed to the boys. At first were the boys weren't going to step in, but when it looked like they were going to start throwing their instruments at each other, Daniel settled the disputes as they came up.

The first dispute that he handled was where they were going to set up their equipment. Since there wasn't going to be a lot of time between each performer, Daniel told them that they could set up their guitars and small instruments like that on the stage. As far as the big instruments like the drums and piano, they will all have to use the same ones that are already sitting on the stage.

Once they agreed with that, Daniel and the other two thought things were going to be easy, but it wasn't long before they started fighting about dressing rooms. This time Carlos settled the problem, which was easy to settle since the dressing rooms were already assigned. He told them that and no one is going to be moved from their assigned dressing room. Not able to argue with that, they grunted as they went their separate ways.

Just as the boys relaxed, several camera crews showed up from the NBC studios. They were turning them away since they thought that there wasn't going to be any camera crews allowed in the concert. One of the producers asked Daniel to call his brother to confirm that he has given permission for their station to be there.

Giving the producer the benefit of the doubt, Daniel called the hotel and caught Josh as he was about to leave to pick up George. Josh confirmed what the producer told him and hung up the phone with his brother. He grabbed Cesar and Brandon on his way to the elevator. On their way down, Josh told them that he was going to sing tonight.

"I was wondering when you were going to finally get over the idea of not singing. This is your thing Josh and you should have never thought differently than you were going to perform tonight. You might not sing as long as the other three, but you have to do a few songs."

"You're right Brandon, you're right I should have never thought anything less than me performing tonight. Now I am in a rush putting together a duet to sing with Dolly. I feel bad that I am not going to sing one of her songs with her tonight, but she doesn't mind that. She was so nice when I handed her the lyrics and she took a look at them. I thought that she was going to crumble the paper up and toss in the wastebasket."

"I don't know Dolly like you do Josh, but she never did strike me as a person that would do something like that." Cesar pinched Josh's butt right before the elevator door opened. Josh gave him a dirty look as they walked out to the lobby.

They talked about Josh performing all the way back to the airport to pick up George. No matter how many times Cesar and Brandon asked Josh what songs he was going to perform tonight, he didn't give it up. Two of the songs were for sure, but the third was still up in the air. Josh still doesn't feel comfortable with the song yet since it is rock, but slow rock. The song would be perfect for tonight and that is why he is leaning toward doing it.

"Josh, come on tell us what you're going to sing tonight." Brandon kicked his brother's foot to pull him out of his thoughts. "Earth to Josh. Do your read me? What songs are you going to sing tonight?" Josh looked at his brother and started to shake his head.

"I am not going to tell you guys no matter how many times you ask me. What I will do is give you a hint on what I am going to sing." Both Cesar and Brandon grunted. "I already performed these songs once in the Show Chorus so they won't be new ones. The only reason I am singing songs that I have already sang is because of time."

The limousine arrived right at the airport as Josh gave his hint. Not giving his brother or boyfriend a chance to come back at him with another question, Josh jumped out of the car and walked over to the front of it. Cesar and Brandon joined him and started throwing out guesses. Josh acted as if he couldn't hear them with all the noise around them, but he could and everyone knew it.

George Strait's private jet came into view catching the boy's attention. They watched as the plane landed and the ground crew moved the staircase up to it. The door opened and George's band came out first and then George. Just like Kenny and Dolly before him, he waved at the huge crowd that gathered to welcome him back to Austin.

When he got to the last step, he greeted Josh, Cesar and Brandon. They shook hands and then George walked over to the crowd instead of going to the limousine. Being caught off guard, the boys had to run up to George in order to catch up to him. They had already started walking to the limousine in order to open the door for George.

He spent a few minutes shaking as many hands and signing as many autographs as he could. When the crowd started to get to pushy, George thanked them for coming out and headed back to the limousine. He didn't want the crowd to get to riled up and end up trampling over each other in order to get an autograph or a handshake from him.

Once they settled in and the limousine pulled out of the airport, Josh gave George an update on how everything was moving along. He saved the live NBC telecast to the end so if George had an issue with it, they could have time to talk about it.

"I like the idea of the eight hundred numbers across the screen to donate to the cause we are raising money for. A very good idea. The only thing I see wrong there is that since the money is going to be coming in from all over the United States with that eight hundred number is that you give that money to the national office to use. That is if there is one."

"I don't know if there is one or not, but I will find out. I agree with you on that point and will find a way that the money that is brought in through the eight hundred will be used everywhere in the US. As far as the money that is being brought in through ticket sales and anything at the stadium will be donated to the local office here."

George agreed with Josh before he switched subjects on him. "What is this that I am hearing that you have no plans to perform tonight? The other night when I spoke with the Governor, he told me he asked you to perform, but you said you weren't planning on it. You're a performer and should always take any opportunity that you can to show case your talent."

"I already had this conversation with Ms. Dolly. She wasn't taking no for an answer and added that she wanted to do a duet with me tonight. So between picking her up and the time for us to meet you, I found a song to do the duet with her and put together a set for me to do from the songs I have performed with my Show Chorus at school."

Understanding that Josh had no other choice but to sing songs that he has already performed in the past, but George would have enjoyed seeing him perform songs that he hasn't performed before. The more songs a performer performs, he feels it makes the person stronger. Here in Josh's case he is trying to stay safe George thought to himself.

"As long as you're going to open the show I am okay with whatever you're going to sing. I know the fans that are coming out to see us are going to enjoy your performance as much as I will." George leaned forward and patted Josh on the knee.

The rest of the way to the hotel, they talked about several other things, none of which was about the concert. George wanted to make sure that Josh was going to call on him to do a show in El Paso with the Show Chorus when he returns to school. Also he wanted to see if Josh has tried his hand writing his own songs yet.

"I have tried between doing so many other things, but I just can't seem to get anything going. I might not be good at that and so I will never have my own songs. Yeah I can pay someone to write my songs, but that isn't the same as me writing them? I want to put down on paper what I am feeling, not sing what someone else is feeling."

"I see where you're coming from and I agree with you. Even if you tell them what you want in the song, it won't be the same. What you need to do is escape from the world when you write. Don't do it between doing other things. Your mind is not completely on writing so you will never write anything. Take time out of the day and just lock yourself up in your own little private part of your house and write. You will be surprised at what comes out of you. Some not so good but some you will be able to put together a song."

Josh knows that George knows what he is talking about when he comes down to writing. Heck he has a lot of number one hits to back up what he is saying so Josh is going to take his advice. Really Josh would like any advice that George or any performer that he knows is willing to give him. They have the experience that Josh needs to listen to.

When they arrived at the hotel, George went over to the fans and did what he did at the airport. This time he stayed a little longer with them since they weren't pushing at each other to get to the front. It took a member of his band informing him that he needs to get ready for him to stop signing autographs.

As soon as George was settled in, Josh went and checked on Kenny and Dolly before heading back to the mansion. He found them in Dolly's room and saw they were okay. Before leaving he did inform them that the limousines are available to take them to the stadium when ever they are ready to go. They thanked him for everything he has done and went back to their conversation.

All the way back home Josh thought about what George had told him about writing, Then his mind wandered to what he had planned to sing. As he thought more and more about the third song he wanted to sing, the more he felt uncomfortable doing it. By the time the car pulled up to the Governor's mansion, Josh had decided against singing that song and replaced it with one he has done before.

They ran in to get ready for the concert. Since it was already after twelve, they didn't have much time to spare. Josh and Cesar took their shower first. When they walked out of the shower ten minutes after going in, it surprised Brandon. He thought that they would have taken some time to be with each, but he was wrong.

After taking his shower, Brandon found Josh walking up and down the hall talking to himself. At first he thought Josh was talking to himself but the more he listened he was able to make out that Josh was practicing a song. He wanted to tease Josh that he knows one of the songs Josh was going to sing, but he decided to leave his big brother alone. There is no doubt in his mind his big brother is nervous by the way he is walking around.

Soon after Brandon had gotten out of the shower, Daniel Jr., Carlos and Patrick came running up the stairs. Josh stopped what he was doing when they walked up to him and started to tell him how their day was. As they took turns telling Josh what they went through, he couldn't help laughing.

It wasn't that he was laughing at his brothers. He was picturing the bands pulling at each others instruments trying to beat each other on the stage. His mind even went further to what it would have looked like if they did get into blows with each other. That cracked Josh up even more, which got Daniel, Carlos and Patrick angry with him.

Josh stopped laughing and explained to them why he was laughing. "You guys I am not laughing at you. I am imagining these grown men hitting each other over the head with their cases and drum set. That would be a funny site to see." Josh started laughing again and this time his brothers and Patrick laughed with him.

Between laughs Josh told them what he was imagining. "Can you picture one guy hitting the other guy with their guitar and then he returns by hitting him with the piano. Then the drummers jump in and take one of their drums and smash it over the head of one of the other band members. Man it would be even funnier if that guy would stumble on the stage with the drum around his waist."

He stopped talking because he was laughing so hard. Josh almost fell to the ground with the visions of these two bands fighting. All of them were laughing so loud, Brandon, Cesar, Barbara and the Governor walked out to the hallway to see what was going on. None of them were able to say a word because they were laughing so hard.

Daniel Sr. enjoyed seeing his kids having so much fun. He turned and walked into his room, followed by Barbara. It is already getting late and they hadn't even started to get ready. Since his boys had to get to the stadium or the hotel before they did, Daniel let them shower first. The mansion has more than one bathroom, but when ever there two showers is going at the same time, the pressure is low.

Neither of them asked each other what they thought was going on in the hallway. They figured if the boys wanted to let them in, they would. Daniel let Barbara take her shower first and then he jumped in. When he walked out to the bedroom, he found a suit already laid out for him, including his tie, socks and shoes.

Once he was dressed and ready to go, he went down to join the family that was pretty much all ready. Josh and Cesar were the only two that hadn't come down yet. Everyone knew what was taking them so long. Twenty minutes later they came running down the stairs teasing each other. Daniel Sr. walked over to the bottom of the staircase right when Josh and Cesar reached it.

"Boys I am glad to see that you're in such a playful mood, but there is a lot to do still." Their faces immediately got serious. "I don't want you boys looking like that either. Have fun but don't forget that you guys are running the show tonight. A show I know is going to be wonderful and can't wait to see."

Josh nodded his head, smiled as he walked passed his father. Daniel Sr. turned around and couldn't help but smile himself. He started to think to himself how much his boys have grown up. Not only in the last year, but in general! A lot of those years he lost being a military man, but the next few years he plans to be around for everything his kids do.

As before, the boys split up into the same groups and went back either to the hotel or the stadium. When Daniel Jr., Carlos and Patrick arrived back at the stadium everything was done. There was nothing left to set up. Even NBC had put up the cameras in the areas they were given access to.

The other three weren't so lucky. When Josh, Cesar and Brandon got to the hotel, the crowd had tripled in size. It was hard for the driver to get through with so many screaming fans pounding on their car thinking that they were one of the singers. They stopped screaming when the fans saw it was just Josh, Cesar and Brandon getting out of the car.

When they got off the elevator, they found all three stars in George Strait's room talking about tonight's performance. They are all mega stars and none of them felt they were above the other. So they were knocking out how much time each of them would have on the stage, which they agreed that each of them was going to get equal time.

"Good you're here Josh! We have a couple of questions for you." George turned around and waved Josh over to him and the other two. "How long is the concert tonight? Most concerts are around two hours, but I was thinking since NBC is going to carry it live we might not have that much time."

"I told the local NBC affiliate that the concert is going to be kicked off right at seven and will go for three hours for sure. I want to make sure the fans that paid to see you guys get their money's worth. Plus I am going to take up maybe fifteen minutes of that time with the three songs I am going to do tonight."

"That I am still not happy with, but at least you're going to perform." Dolly and Kenny agreed with George. "Okay if we are going to have basically two hours and forty five minutes to fill, we need to evenly split that time. Don't forget we need to put aside time to switch out the bands on the stage."

It didn't take long for the three mega country stars to agree on how much time each of them are going to have to perform. Once they got that out of the way, they asked Josh a few more questions and then were ready to go.

"Okay I have a car for each of you. Since Cesar, Brandon and I aren't the stars of this show, we will go last. The first limousine should be..." Dolly politely stopped Josh.

"Sweetie there is no need for that many cars. We all can drive in one limousine over to the stadium." George and Kenny agreed with Dolly. "So why don't we make things easy and just jump into the first limousine and all head down to the stadium together?"

There was no objection from Josh or anyone else in the room. They gathered whatever they didn't have delivered to the stadium as they headed to the elevator. On the ride down, they talked as if they were just going out to eat, which surprised Josh. He is nervous as hell because of the amount of people that are going to be watching the show.

When they walked out of the elevator, the three stars walked over to the fans and signed autographs. The fans went wild. They spent as long as they could with the fans talking, shaking hands and signing autographs on all sorts of stuff. Some of the items the fans asked the singers to sign were new, but didn't surprise Josh.

All the way to the stadium, cars would pull over and honk their horns as the convoy passed by them. Some of them even got out of their cars and held up signs with the three performers' names on them. Josh, Cesar and Brandon took it all in as the scene unfolded before their eyes, they were enjoying every minute of it.

Just like at the hotel, when the convoy arrived at the stadium, it slowed down to a crawl. It took longer than suspected to get through. Once they drove in, the boys got down first, then the stars. They were met by Daniel Jr., Carlos and Brandon. They showed George, Dolly and Kenny to their dressing rooms before joining Josh, Cesar and Brandon.

Soon after all the boys got together, the Governor, Barbara and Rose joined them. "I know it is getting close to show time and I need to be in my seat, but I wanted to come back and wish the stars good luck." Daniel patted Josh on the shoulder. "I know you're going to do great this evening Josh. Go out there and own that stage."

"Like your father said Josh, go out there and own the stage but have fun as well. You're a natural performer and you're going to do great." Barbara kissed Josh on the cheek and then wiped her lipstick off. "I can't wait to see and hear what you have in store for us tonight."

Rose echoed almost the same thing to Josh before they headed over to Kenny's dressing room. About five minutes later they walked out and went to Dolly's and the George's dressing rooms. After they finished talking to George, they walked out and talked a little with Josh before they headed to their seats.

All the boys went with Daniel Sr. except Cesar. He stayed back to talk with Josh for a few minutes in private. "Josh, breathe! Come on just relax and breathe." Cesar rubbed Josh's back. "I can't imagine what you're thinking right now, but you need to breathe. When you go out there don't look at the audience, look at me, sing to me and you will see there's nothing to be nervous about."

Josh pulled Cesar into a hug and thanked him for being there for him. They held each other until George walked out of his dressing room. Cesar could see that George wanted to talk with Josh before he went on, so he broke the hug, kissed him and wished him good luck as he left to go to his seat. He looked back several times to make sure Josh didn't start to panic.

"There is nothing to worry about there Josh. You have already have performed in front of people a lot and tonight is no different than it was when you performed with your Show Chorus. Go out there, don't think about everyone in the audience and just have fun. As long as you're having fun, the singing will just flow right out of you because you're a natural."

Nodding his head in agreement, George told Josh that his band will be backing him up once again. The only thing that came to Josh's Josh mind to say is thank you, which he said several times. George walked with Josh to the right side of the stage. They both looked out to see a packed stadium.

Knowing that he didn't have a lot of time, Josh turned and started talking. "Thank you for doing this for me. It is because of you, Dolly and Kenny that they are all here tonight and buying everything they are buying. All that money is going to go to people that really need it to fix up their houses."

Before George could respond to Josh, the stadium lights were turned off. Josh looked once more at George Strait before he started his way onto the stage. The band started to play "Holding Out For a Hero" made famous by Bonnie Tyler. The lights didn't go on at first until Josh started to sing. Once the audience realized what song was being sung, they were on their feet singing along with Josh. Even his family got up and joined in.

As the song came to an end, the audience stayed on their feet applauding. Josh walked over and grabbed his guitar that George Strait gave him and walked back to the center of the stage. The audience started to quiet down as they sat back down in their seats.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to what I hope is the first of many of these concerts every year." The audience started to applaud again. "Boy do we have a great show for you here tonight. Waiting to perform for you is mega country stars Dolly Patron, Kenny Rogers and of course the great George Strait." Once again the audience was on their feet.

"I am going to slow thing down a little here on the next song to sing a song that was gold for the late Elvis Presley, "The Ghetto". We are here tonight to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. This group does a lot great work around our country and they need help to continue doing that work. So remember everything you buy here tonight will help them out. Those at home please call in and donate what you can to help out this group as well."

All the lights in the stadium went off and then a spot light was turned on over Josh. He started to play his guitar, without the band. Josh has such a long range with his voice; he was able to go all the way down and sound just like Elvis Presley. By the middle of the song, the audience was humming along with Josh.

Back in El Paso Bernice, Father Gomez and Eric were sitting in their living room with tears rolling down their eyes. The way Josh is singing that song, it tore right through them. At the same time Chris was watching in California in his living room. Just like Bernice, Eric and Father Gomez, it caused him to tear up.

The spot light went off just as Josh finished. The crowd was back on their feet as the lights went on. Not wasting any time, Josh looked over to his father. "This song is for all you old timers." The crowd started to laugh as the band started to play "Old Time Rock `n Roll". Immediately the crowd was on their feet singing along. No matter their age, young and old were dancing and singing along with Josh as he played it on the piano.

The lights flashed all different colors around the stadium as the song went on. Everyone could see that Josh is having the time of his life on the stage. He took the advice from his family and George, having fun and letting everything else just come to him.

When the song ended, the audience applause got louder and louder. The lights once again were turned off and the spot light was turned on over Josh. The audience couldn't wait to see what Josh was going to sing next. The minute the music started to play, they couldn't believe he was taking this song on, "It's Your Love", By Tim McGraw.

Yeah, yeah

Dancin' in the dark, middle of the night
Takin' your heart and holdin' it tight
Emotional touch, touchin' my skin
And asking you to do
What you've been doin' all over again

Oh, it's a beautiful thing
Don't think I can keep it all in
I just gotta let you know
What it is that won't let me go?

It's your love

The audience jumped on their feet when Dolly Patron walked on the stage singing along with Josh. She walked up to Josh and they faced each other at first, before turning out to the audience. Josh wrapped his arm around Dolly as they sang.

It just does something to me
It sends a shock right through me
I can't get enough

And if you wonder
About the spell I'm under
Oh, it's your love

Better than I was, more than I am
And all of this happened by taking your hand
And who I am now is who I wanted to be
And now that we're together
I'm stronger than ever, I'm happy and free

Oh, it's a beautiful thing
Don't think I can keep it all in
If you asked me why I've changed
All I gotta do is say your sweet name

Just like every concert Josh has given so far, he has pulled his audience to tears. It didn't matter the gender, they were all touched one way or another by this song. If they were there with their wives, husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends, they grabbed their hand and sang along with Dolly and Josh.

It's your love
It just does something to me
It sends a shock right through me
I can't get enough

And if you wonder
About the spell I'm under
Oh, it's your love

Oh, oh, oh, baby

Josh looked over at Cesar and broke away from the song. "I love you so much Cesar, you're everything I have ever wanted. Thank you for being there every time I have every needed someone to lean on or talk to!"

Oh, it's a beautiful thing
Don't think I can keep it all in
I just gotta let you know
What it is that won't let me go?

It's your love
It just does something to me
It sends a shock right through me
I can't get enough

Josh put it all out there for everyone to see the love he has for his boyfriend. The way he is belting out the song, there is no question in anyone's mind that he really does love Cesar. He got so into the emotion of the song, Josh walked off the stage and finished the last few versus on his knees in front of Cesar. Bernice and everyone watching it with her as well as Chris in California were stunned seeing what Josh is doing. Not only did he say he loved Cesar on stage, live in front of all those people and those watching at home, but now he is on his knees singing directly to him. It made them fear for Josh and Cesar, but at the same time they loved it! Without question you could see the love they both have for each other as clear as day. They couldn't hide it anymore, their tears was now a steady stream coming down their cheeks.

And if you wonder
About the spell I'm under
Oh, it's your love

It's your love
It's your love

As the song came to a close, the audience stayed on their feet applauding Josh and Dolly. Josh gave Cesar a cheek kiss and hug before running back on the stage to join Dolly. When he joined Dolly on stage, Josh gave her hug before turning his attention to the audience that was still on their feet. He cleared his throat.

"Ladies and gentlemen it is the greatest honor to not only sing with this wonderful woman, but to introduce her to you! Please give it up for the great Dolly Parton!"

Dolly went right into her song set starting with one of her number one hits, "Nine to Five" as Josh made his way off the stage. He was greeted by Kenny Rogers and George Strait. They patted him on the back and went a little further than that.

"Whenever you're ready to go on the road, I want you as my opening star." George said as he walked with Josh to the dressing rooms. Kenny Rogers spoke up. "If you ever do decide this is what you want to do, please call me up, I would love to tour with you Josh anytime! Man, not only can you sing, but you really get the emotions going with your audience. That is something that is very rare to see a young man your age able to do right off the bat on stage."

"Thank you both I really do appreciate all your advice and help you have been giving me. I don't know if I would have been able to do what I did this evening without you guys back here having my back. Thank you!"

They talked for another twenty or so minutes before Kenny had to get ready to join Dolly on the stage for their duets. After Kenny left, Josh and George talked a little longer as Josh changed into a suit from his jeans. The only reason Josh felt he needed to change is because, knowing the press, they are going to show his family several times throughout the rest of the concert, and he wanted to be dressed like a Governor's son should be.

"I really do mean what I said to you earlier about you writing your own stuff. You need to take some time out and put pen to paper. Once you have enough songs put together to make an album, call me up and I will get you in a recording studio. With the people I know I can get your album out on the shelves."

"As soon as things settle down after tonight I am going to sit down and do what you have told me to do as far as writing. I am hoping if I just lock the door and just write, I will be able to write. Once I do have enough songs to make an album I will turn to you sir, since you're the only one I really know in the business."

"First don't call me sir, call me George. And second of all, call me any time. No matter if it is just to talk, call me. I want you to benefit from my experience so you don't make the same mistakes I did. There is going to be bumps in the road as you get started, but you need to stick with it. If you do that, it will pay off."

Josh thanked George for everything as George left the dressing to go to his part of the show. Josh finished changing and then headed out to sit with his family. He wanted to see Dolly perform and of course Kenny Rogers and George Strait.

When he made his way to his seat, some of the audience, the ones that were sitting close to his family, noticed him. They congratulated him as he Josh passed them. By the time Josh got to his seat, his mouth was sore. Not from singing, but from saying thank you so many times to the audience, Dolly, Kenny and George.

Cesar leaned over towards Josh as he sat down. "I will never forget what you did. I love you babe and nothing will ever change that. Tonight makes the second time you showed me your love through song and I haven't even paid you back for the first time you did it. Rest assured that every inch of me is yours. I love you with all my heart."

Josh knew that and didn't need Cesar to tell him and that he told that to Cesar before kissing him. They didn't hold the kiss for long because they didn't want everyone in the stadium and in the nation to see them kissing. They faced the front and watched Dolly finish her performance with Kenny Rogers with the song that she and Josh sang together the evening Josh's father got married, "Islands in The Stream".

When the song ended, Dolly left the stage as Kenny started to sing "Coward of the County". Not resting between songs, he went right into "Jolene", "The Gambler" and then when he started to sing "Love Will Turn You Around", Josh sat up in his seat. He loved the song and wants to sing it as one of his solos when he returns to school with the Show Chorus.

Kenny Rogers, just like Dolly Patron before him, wowed the audience. He kept the audience on their feet dancing and singing along. There was not a dull moment through his concert. Josh kept taking mental notes on how he stood on the stage, sang, and went from one song to another and how he kept the audience with him the whole time.

Before Josh knew it, Kenny ended his set and was introducing George Strait. Unlike Dolly and Kenny, George Strait walked through down the main aisle with his guitar strapped on. The fans rushed to the aisle seats trying to shake hands with George. As he made it to the front row, George talked a little with the Governor before walking on the stage. He smiled at the audience as he adjusted his guitar.

"Thank you very much! What an audience we have here tonight! Are you all having fun out there?" All out once the stadium broke out saying yeah. "Good because I have been enjoying myself as well." George looked over at the first family of Texas. "Mr. and Mrs. Governor, I am honored to have you in the audience tonight. And your son Governor, I am honored to share the stage with him!"

He looked out to the audience. "Wasn't Josh Lopez great this evening? Put your hands together for him once again." The audience jumped on their feet and started to applaud. The cameras switched from George over to Josh and Cesar. "Also give it up for Dolly Patron and Kenny Rogers ladies and gentlemen! They were great out here tonight."

George's band started to play "Famous Last Words of a Fool". He went through his number one hits he had to his name like "Overnight Success", "Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye", "Ace in the Hole" and many more. He slowed things down when he sang "Love Without End Amen" towards the middle of his set.

Everyone knew when his part of the concert was about to come to close, because he always ended his concerts with the same song, "Baby Blue". The audience were on their feet chanting for some more. George looked down at Josh, and then he out to the stadium.

"Josh, if you have one more song I want you to close of the show tonight!" George looked back down at Josh. Josh tried to hide, but there was nowhere for him to hide. He looked at his father, and then Cesar before looking back up a George. He shook his head as he got up and made his way back onto the stage.

"I feel it is just right for Josh here to close off the show since it was his hard work that brought all of us together here tonight. So please give it up once again for Josh Lopez!" George walked over to Josh and helped him get his guitar on. He leaned in and told Josh he could do it, just have fun before walking off the stage.

Bernice had gotten up to get something to drink thinking the concert was over when George Strait finished his last song. Eric yelled for her to come back when Josh was asked to close of the concert. She dropped the ice tray in the sink and went running back to the living room. She got back just as Josh started to sing.

All the lights were turned off in the stadium except the spotlight on Josh. A blue spot light shined down on Josh as he settled in his seat. He looked out to a dark stadium as he started to play the song he has been working on, but has taken it out of his set twice because he wasn't comfortable yet with it. Closing his eyes, he let his heart lead him, not his head as he started to sing "When the Children Cry", by White Lion.

little child
dry your crying eyes
how can I explain
the fear you feel inside
cause you were born
into this evil world
where man is killing man
and no one knows just why
what we have become
just look what we have done
all that we destroyed
you must build again

when the children cry
let them know we tried
cause when the children sing
then the new world begins

The stadium didn't stay in the dark for long. Fans started to light their lighters and raise them into the air as Josh sang. At first it started out slow, but it didn't take long before the entire stadium was lightened up in a glow of burning blue and red flames.

It didn't take long before the song hit the audience emotionally. The way Josh was singing the song the audience felt everything the song was meant to make the person feel. Many of them actually started to tear up for the second time this evening with the songs that Josh chose to sing.

little child
you must show the way
to a better day
for all the young
cause you were born
for all the world to see
that we all can live
with love and peace
no more presidents
and all the wars will end
one united world
under god

when the children cry
let them know we tried
cause when the children sing
then the new world begins

Dolly, Kenny, George, really everyone backstage had made their way to the side of the stage or out to the seating area to see Josh singing. They heard him, but they wanted to actually to see him performing because it was hitting them hard.

what we have become
just look what we have done
all that we destroyed
you must build again
no more presidents
and all the wars will end
one united world
under god

when the children cry
let them know we tried
when the children fight
let them know it ain't right
when the children pray
let them know the way
cause when the children sing
then the new world begins

As soon as Josh finished he thought that he screwed up somewhere with the song. The Stadium was completely quiet. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then all of a sudden it broke out in applause. The lights were turned back on and Josh saw for the first time everyone on their feet applauding.

He looked at his family and saw that each of them hard watery eyes. His attention was pulled away from his family when he saw George, Dolly and Kenny standing in the front row applauding as well. He got up, unstrapped his guitar and took a bow. The audience got louder and louder. Josh didn't think they would ever stop applauding.

He waved George, Kenny and Dolly onto the stage with him. As they walked on the stage, the audience seemed to get a second wind because their applause and chanting got even louder than before. Josh has never had anything like this happen to him before until now.

All four of them stood in the middle of the stage and bowed several times. They didn't leave until the crowd started to get up and leave. The four performers made their way off the stage and to the dressing rooms once the audience started to leave. Shortly after they walked into George's dressing room, the rest of Josh's family and friends joined them.

The Governor went straight to his son and congratulated him on such a great performance. One after another of Josh's family and friends went up and did the same once the Governor finished. They all told him that he brought them to tears, not once, not twice but three times in his performance this evening.

Josh didn't like all the attention he was getting. Yeah he feels that he did do a good job, but he also feels that he wouldn't have been able to perform tonight if it wasn't for the three stars that signed on to do the concert. Just as he was wishing that, it came true. Everyone turned their attention to Dolly, Kenny and George.

"You guys really gave the fans a great show this evening." Daniel Sr. started to speak as he shook Kenny's hand. "People are going to be talking about this concert for a very long time. I don't think they are going to stop talking about this concert until you all give them another one next year. What you say, same time, same place?"

"I will mark it in my calendar for next year." Kenny said with a smile. "But there should be a few changes for next year. Instead of a one night event, it should be several nights. Have things to do during the day and then the concert during the night. Not only will you make more money for Habitat for Humanity, but the city will come out like thieves in the night."

The Governor chuckled. "We have plenty of time to put next year's show together. From now until then I can promise you there is going to be many ideas floating back and forth, some good, but some bad. When it is all said and done, we will have a great concert for the fans to enjoy."

George and Dolly joined into the conversation, but eventually they agreed to leave it alone for now. They just finished what they hoped was the first concert of many more to come. So for now they are going to table the conversation and see what the eight hundred numbers brought in before discussing the size of next year's concert.

Meanwhile out side the stadium, NBC reporters interviewed fans as they were leaving the stadium. Many of them said the same thing that the concert was awesome and they won't forget this night. Some though gave a little more in their answer.

"Ma'am, how did you enjoy he concert? Do you feel there were too many mega stars for one night? And what did you think about the Governor's son's performance?"

"I loved everything this evening. There wasn't too many mega stars on the stage tonight because not one of them tried to out do the other. They respected each other and gave a great show. As far as the Governor's son, he can sing. He made me cry several times this evening. I can't wait until he makes an album because I will be one of the first to buy it."

When she walked away, the reporter stopped several more fans that saw the show and asked them the same questions. "Dolly Patron was great." The younger guy looked straight into the camera saying; "If you need a place to stay tonight Dolly, you're more than welcome to stay at my place." The guy's friends pushed him along laughing as they walked away from the reporter.

The next several fans the reporter stopped pretty much gave her the same answer as the first person did or said something dumb like the second person said. When the reporter was about to wrap it up and send it back to the studio, the last fan stunned her with his answer to the questions.

"As far as the three actual performers, I love them. They are the ones I paid to see, not that you know what kid. He needs to stop singing because he doesn't know how to sing. Stop riding his father coat tail and just disappear. No one would really miss him if he would to just fall off the face of the earth."

The reporter tried to interrupt the fan since they were live, but the fan wouldn't stop talking. She was thankful when she thought he was done. But he turned around and walked back over to her to say one more thing that stunned the reporter that he actually had no problem saying it.

"And you know what we need to do with people like the Governor's son?" The guy looked at the reporter waiting for answer and when he didn't get one, he answered his own question. "They should be all gathered up and stuck in camps like Hitler made for the Jews. Once the camps are filled up, they should be walked down to the oven rooms and burnt alive. That kind of shit he did on stage isn't tolerated here in Texas and we must send him that message loud and clear."

This time the reporter took the microphone back and sent it back to the studios before he threatened the Governor's son even more. Once she signed off, she walked as fast as she could away from the fan. When she looked back to see if the fan was following her, she saw him being swooped up by local police officers.

The Governor, his family, George, Dolly or Kenny didn't leave the stadium until the majority of the fans had left. The Governor invited George, Dolly and Kenny to the Governor's mansion. He felt it was too early to call it a night and especially after a night like this one. They agreed with the Governor.

On their way home, Lloyd told the Governor about the fan that threatened Josh. Lucky for Josh, he, his brothers, Cesar and Patrick drove in the limousine with George Strait and the other two because Daniel lost it. A scene unfolded in the Governor's limousine no person should ever witness, no matter their age.

By the time they reached the Governor's mansion, Lloyd had his marching orders. He will increase Josh's security detail for awhile. At the same time he was put in charge of making sure that the guy that made the threats gets the book thrown at him. He understood at the end of the day all the Governor wanted was his sons to be kept safe at any cost from those that what to do them harm.


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I don't know if that happens behind the scenes at a concert where there is several big stars performing on the same night. It was written to put some comedy into the story and also show that Daniel, Carlos and Patrick can take care of issues like Josh. They did a very good job handling everything that came up.

When Josh was told what had happened I loved the way he reacted to the news. He reminded us that he is still a teenager in high school. He has an imagination that does get away from him here and there. It was funny what he was imagining the fight would have looked like if it wasn't stopped.

It was great how the stars were treated by Josh, his family and friends. They were greeted in person by Josh and taken down to the hotel by him. Then it didn't stop there, he went back and picked them up. Josh really showed them respect; the respect they have earned.

I liked it when Dolly Patron came in and told Josh there is no way he is going to sit this concert out. Because of her making that clear to him, we got another great show from Josh. I wonder if Josh is going to take a shot at performing as a singer. Or will he follow in his father's footsteps and go into politics? Only time will give us those answers.

The songs that Josh sang were great. He actually moved away from his comfort zone and sang a little rock and a little blues. I love how he mixed all them together and gave the audience a great show. The song he sang with Dolly and the one at the end brought tears to even my eyes as I wrote out the chapter. Let me hear what you think about the songs.

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Josh once again showed his talents and his ability to not just entertain, but for his performance to deeply touch the spirits of those hearing and seeing him. Well, almost all; there was the one vocal exception. There just has to be one bigoted jerk in any crowd.

I do hope that the three mega stars that appeared in this chapter are truly the golden souls as JPG portrayed them. The very few celebrities I have come in contact with have been good people, I'm glad to be able to report.

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