Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Trevor

Edited By: Ed

Edited By: Trevor

Chapter 60


While the president and the governor were out campaigning, Josh, Cesar, his brothers, their girlfriends and friends were touring each city they were in. Daniel Sr. didn't want his kids to be bored to death. Figuring that was happening with them since he was bored to death with the same stump speech being said over and over again. So he didn't force his kids and their friends to sit through campaign speech after campaign speech. Instead, he gave them permission to tour the cities they were in, with security details, having fun while the politicians were being politicians.

The next morning when they left Laredo, the president had the entire Lopez clan flying on Air Force One, instead of the governor's plane. Since there was no need for the second plane, the governor sent it back to Austin.

Once the plane was up in the air, Josh's and his brother's friends went exploring like little kids in a candy store. The Lopez boys forgot that their friends hadn't ever been on Air Force One like them. So all this is new to them and they probably want to explore every inch of the plane like they did when they first rode on it at the beginning of the summer.

Josh and Cesar took advantage of being alone to cuddle with each other. They didn't get too close because of the fear that it might offend someone or a press member would walk back to where they are at. Bottom line, they didn't want to cause problems for the president. He already has plenty of his own right now as he fights to stay alive.

Not meaning to, Josh laughed when he saw commercials from the Democratic Party ripping into the president for a promise he made when he ran in eighty eight. They put President Bush in different backgrounds, but saying the same thing over and over again, `Read my lips, no new taxes'. The reason Josh felt bad for laughing is because people might take it the wrong way. They might think he is making fun of the current president by laughing at him, but how far they would be from the truth if they thought that.

The reason he found it funny was because the people who believed that the president broke his promise, don't understand the checks and balances in the US. Yes, the president signs laws, but he doesn't make them. That is the job of Congress since the dawn of our nation. They are the ones that debate them, and ultimately decide if they get to the president's desk or not.

In President Bush's case, he had a democratic controlled House and Senate that made it very difficult for him to uphold any of his promises. The bills he put down on the floor of the Congress were either defeated out right, didn't see the light of day from committees or were changed so much they were unrecognizable.

And if he threatened to veto the bill, the democrats threatened to do nothing. Sit on their butts until election, which would look worse on the president than them. Leaving Bush no other choice but to take what he was able, in order to show he is working for the people that put him in the highest office in this land.

Anyway, that is why Josh found it funny. Instead of trying to explain to everyone that might look at him wrong when he laughed at the commercials, he just kept his thoughts and laughed to himself. It made it a lot easier and lot less boring. Going over why he found it funny, he almost put himself to sleep. History and how things are done in Washington is boring ninety nine percent of the time. That is why you do not see it on television.

The guys and ladies that were exploring Air Force One entered into restricted areas and was asked to turn around. By the third group that did that, the secret service had enough. They went to the governor, who governor wasn't happy about it. The secret service refused to understand they were curious teenagers, not terrorists.

"Look I understand you and your teams have a job to do, but come on. These kids are excited that they are flying on Air Force One with the sitting president. There is no need to give them a hard time for being teenagers that want to explore. Once you tell them that they cannot go into certain parts of the plane, they will listen and stay away."

"Governor Lopez either you have your party settle down, or when we get to our next stop, I will have them and you removed from the plane. Once that happens, you will never be able to fly again with the president nor enter into the White House."

"Do what you think you need to do. If you feel having a group of teenagers on this plane puts the president or any else on this plane at risk, we will get off at the next stop." The governor reached over to the phone to start making arrangements to get his plane to the next city on their stop when the president walked over.

"What is going on here?" The secret service agents turned and saw the president behind them. They immediately went to attention as the president passed them as he made his way to Governor Lopez. "I asked a question and would like an answer. What is going on over here between you and my guest?"

"Sir Governor Lopez's group continues to wander into restricted areas of this plane. When the third group wandered into a restricted area, I felt it necessary to come over and talk with the governor about it since they are his guests. I was making it clear if he cannot handle his group, he and his group will be asked to leave the plane."

President Bush turned red with anger. Bighting his tongue for a few minutes because he knew if he would have spoken, he would have said things out of anger that he wouldn't be able to take back. Still he couldn't believe that the secret service agents went to his guest before going to him about the problem.

"Let me ask you this. Is it the same ones walking into the restricted areas of this plane?" The secret service agent shook his head. "Then why are you making a big issue out of nothing. These young men and woman are taking in everything on this plane that I am sure you did and everyone else did when getting on the plane for the very first time."

"Don't worry Mr. President; I have already made arrangements to have my plane brought to me on our next stop so this doesn't become a problem. I should have kept my group on my plane for just this reason. I didn't want a problem to arise that could end up making the front pages of every newspaper and magazine in the nation."

"No sir, you will do no such thing. You are my guest and I am the only one that can ask you to leave this plane." President Bush looked over at the security agents. "This is neither the place nor time to discuss this. We are about to land, but rest assured we will be speaking about this again before the day is over with your boss. If you cannot handle a few teenagers exploring the plane, then this is not a post for you. But I say again this is neither the time nor place to discuss this."

President Bush made his way back to his office, taking the secret service agents with him. Governor Lopez recalled Rich and asked him to disregard the last call. But he knew he needed to talk with the president about this so he or anyone in his group wouldn't be threatened to be kicked off the plane. Plus he needs to talk with his guests.

The stop in San Antonio was shorter since they visited there the last trip. Everyone got down, but they never left the airport. Same thing in Crystal City, Eldorado and San Angelo, they never left the airport. When they arrived in Odessa, it was a different story. Not only did they leave the airport, but they did something that was very rare for a sitting president to do while visiting a state.

The president wanted to visit the prison where the riot happened months ago. Governor Lopez tried to talk him out of it, but the president had his mind set on it. So after giving his speech at the airport, the motorcades made their way down I-20 to the prison in question. When they drove into the yard, the warden had it cleared and secured by the time they arrived, with the help from the National Guard and secret service!

When Governor Lopez stepped out of his car, he looked around and saw the prison for the first time in the day light. The prison he had ordered his national guard in to retake. His kids and his kid's friends got out and joined him at his side. Right away he heard the warden's voice, which he wasn't looking forward to.

Benjamin Henderson is as two face as they come. He wished that he waited just a little longer before signing off on his promotion because of what came out after he signed it made him ill to his stomach. The guy is willing to walk over anyone, no matter their age or what they have done, in order to make it up the ranks.

Putting on a politician smile, Governor Lopez turned and acted as if he was the second coming, but was thinking the opposite. He figured this wasn't the right time to deal with him since he was with the president. However, when the president is gone and he is back in Austin, he plans to do what he can to erase the mistake he made of promoting him.

"Mr. President, Governor, it is an honor having you here." Mr. Henderson shook the presidents hand first and the governors. "I wish I had more time to prepare for your visit, but none the less, the prison is ready for your inspection." The warden moved to the side and pointed to the door he came out of.

"Governor Lopez, are you sure you want your kids to go in there? A place like this isn't for anyone young unless you are trying to scare them straight. Why don't we leave them in the visitation rooms while you and the president do your walk around the prison?"

"Thank you for your concern, but my kids and their friends will be at my side as we inspect your prison." Governor Lopez looked at Mr. Henderson with a serious look on his face. "You told me over the phone that you have the most secured prison in the system, so there is no reason I should be worried for the welfare of my kids, right?"

"Well I cannot ever say one hundred percent that nothing is going to happen on any given day. After all this is a place that we house the worst of the worst this state has convicted! The last uprising was caught before it got out of hand, but they are biding their time in hopes to catch us off our game so they can try and take the prison."

The governor smiled and couldn't help but throw a couple of verbal jabs. "You were given this post because you said you can do what you did in El Paso here. I know you haven't been on the job a year yet, but you did the turn around in El Paso in months. So if you are a man of your word, my family, the president, the first lady and myself should be fine walking around your prison."

Mr. Henderson could see in the governor's face that he wasn't happy with him. He also could hear it in his tone and he was not the only one. President Bush, the first lady and everyone that was in ear shot of the conversation heard and saw it. No one said a word. They just continued making their way into the building. They talked about how the uprising got started and what steps were taken to make sure it won't happen again.

"As you know Governor I am not the warden here at this prison. I am just filling in for him. Those kinds of questions need to be directed to him or members of his staff. They are the ones that are more suited to answer them. I on the other hand can take you around the safer parts of the prison and let you see how these guys live."

"Wait a minute; I thought he was the warden of this prison." President stopped and looked at Governor Lopez. "One of the things I want out of this trip is answers to what has been learnt from both sides so I can create a bill that will help out the federal prisons. They are just as likely to have uprisings as the state prisons do."

"I am sorry sir, but the warden of this prison is on vacation with his family. That is one of the reasons I tried to talk you out of coming here today. The staff isn't on duty that can answer any questions on what is different here so nothing like the uprising will happen again. Still no matter what you do, if prisoners want to riot, they will always find a way of doing so.

Now as far as lessons we have learned from the uprising, let me tell you what is going on right now in my home town of El Paso." Governor Lopez went into detail about all the changes and pilot programs that are being put into effect in El Paso. President Bush loved everything that was put into effect and asked to be kept appraised.

Warden Henderson tried to keep them in the outer layers of the prison, the safest areas, but the president wouldn't have it. The more and more Warden Henderson tried to keep them away from the cell block where the uprising happened, the more the president insisted. Finally the warden gave in and took them to the cell block in question.

As they walked in, the prisoners were being ushered into their cells. They just looked on as the president, the governor and the families walked around their home. A few of them said a few words to the president and governor that normally aren't said to them.

"I will say this much, boy do prisons clean up well after a gun fight." President Bush smiled as he looked for evidence of bullets hitting the wall or floor. "This is the cell block where the Texas National Guard entered and had to use force, right?" Henderson shook his head. "So where is the damage to the walls, floor and ceiling? I know a fresh coat of paint does wonders to a room, but make bullet holes disappear, I don't know about that."

"Sir it was more than just paint used in this room. Parts of the wall were completely torn down and replaced because there was no way on fixing it. The floor, there was some damage, but not bad enough that it couldn't be fixed. If you would like, I can show you some pictures of how all this looked the day after the National Guard came in."

The warden turned to the captain of the guards and asked him to go to the office and get the binder with the pictures. As the captain was gone, the others kept looking around the commons room and the couple of cells that were empty. Governor Lopez and his sons didn't stay with the president and his team. They went to look at the cells where there were actual prisoners in them.

"Which one of these cells belongs to the gang leaders that started the uprising?" Governor Lopez asked one of the guards that stayed with him and his group.

"Sir they are still in lock down and will be more than likely for the rest of their stay. I understand that order came from your office."

"Yes, but I do not have the final say on how things are run. If that was the case, I would have the entire prison in lock down so the prisoners do not get all these extras." The governor pointed around the room to the televisions and ping pong table. "These guys live better than many law abiding citizens do. They actually have a ping pong table, pool table, weight room and a lot more that I can see. No sir that isn't right at all!"

"That is one thing you will not hear, any guard or staff member here disagree with you about. We all have felt for a long time these guys are being too coddled, and look what we get in return. They rise up and demand even more. They lost that right to demand the day they broke the law and got sentenced here."

"I am going to do something here that I will probably get a lot of heat on, but it needs to be done. Get as many of the guards that you can over here. I would like to talk with the prisoners of the cell block that started the uprising. It is because of them I am putting forward a new piece of legislation that is going to change all this. In order to show that it works, let's make this prison a pilot prison of that legislation."

The guard shook his head and walked over to the warden After telling the warden what the governor is asking, Henderson went over to the governor to try and stop him, but he wasn't having much luck there as well. He gave up after a few minutes of pleading with the governor and did what he was asked to do, get all available guards.

While the warden was doing that, Governor Lopez walked over to the president and informed him what he was planning to do. He wasn't doing that to get the presidents permission. No, he was doing that to give him a chance to leave the cell block and the building. That way if anything happens, he wouldn't get caught up in the middle of it.

"Governor Lopez I have no plans on going anywhere. The worst the prisoners in here could do is yell, scream and throw things out of their cells, which would hurt me. Do what you feel you need to do in order to insure things will never get out of hand here again. I will stand back and see if I can take anything from you and execute it at federal level." The president stepped back to his wife to let her know what was going on.

As the president was talking to his wife, a whole lot of guards came into the day room. Henderson directed them where to go, which they were mainly surrounding the president, the first lady and the governor's family. Once everyone was as secure as possible, the governor made his way to the guard station, the highest area of the cell block. He looked at his family and started to get second thoughts about what he was about to do. If anything was to go wrong, he doesn't want his family harmed in any way.

Daniel Jr. saw it in his father's worried face and he knew who he was worrying about. He walked over to his father's side and started to whisper. "There is no need for you to worry dad. I know that is easier said than done, but you don't. If anything happens, we know what to do. So do what ever you need to do and know that we are proud."

Daniel Sr. knew his kids were growing up, but he didn't know they were getting a lot smarter than him. He thanked his son, and in order not to show weakness, Daniel Jr. walked off without anything else but a thanks from his father. He knew if his father would have done anything like a hug, he wouldn't look tough in front of these guys.

"Gentleman I am pretty sure you know who I am, and for those that don't, I am Governor Lopez. That other man standing in the middle of your commons room is the President of the United States, President Bush. Of course he didn't need any introduction because his face is well known even among you all.

We came in here this afternoon to tour the facility and see the place where the riot several months ago got started. When I started this tour, I started it with an open mind, even though I do have a crime bill ready to go down to the state legislature to get passed. I mainly wanted to see if I was misled by the reports I read or those I talked to.

The more and more I walked around this facility, the more and more I saw I was lied to, not in your favor, but against you!" The prisoners started to boo. "I see how you guys are treated and what you have, and let me tell you this. Not even my own kids have some of the things you guys have, and they didn't break the law like you all did." The boos got louder, but the governor didn't let it effect him in the slightest.

"So I do not feel bad on how I have come down in the legislation on you all. In fact, I am going to deem this prison as my pilot prison to show my methods do work. It is high time that we stop coddling you guys and make you pay for the crimes which you have committed against the law abiding citizens of this state.

Taking effect immediately, prisoners are no longer allowed to smoke anywhere in this facility. As soon as I leave, the warden will order his guards to enforce that new law by going through your personal belongings and taking any tobacco you have away. If after today you get caught with cigarettes or anything close to tobacco, it will be treated like you were caught with drugs.

There will also be no more weight rooms or game rooms in this prison. As well each common room will be limited to two televisions with local channels only. None of this cable and HBO stuff. You all broke the law and were sentenced either by a plea bargain or by a jury of your peers. Either way you are here or you must pay for the crimes which you were sentenced for. Enough with you guys having a better life in here than you have out there. That is why many of you don't want to leave this place."

The president and his staff looked around at these angry inmates. They started throwing things out from their cells, trying to hit the governor, which a few did. The guards did what they could, but they were out numbered and didn't want to leave the president's or the governor's families side in case they had to shield them.

"As I said, the days of coddling are over and now it is time for the system to do what it should have been doing since the beginning, and that is rehabilitate you. For those that refuse to be rehabilitated, well you will be moved out of general population and into a special wing of this prison that will make your lives a living hell here on earth.

In that wing you stay in an eight by eight cell twenty three hours a day, seven days a week. You will sleep in there, eat in there and even take your showers in that cell. You will be locked away from all human contact as long as you are a guest of the state. In that cell, you will not have a TV, radio or anything else except your thoughts to get you through the day. That includes no books, writing materials and magazines."

The booing turned to cursing and calling all sorts of things at the governor. "Gentleman this is just the beginning of the changes that are going to happen here. You will no longer be able to spend time with your wives like you have in the past. From this moment on, you will be seeing her with a glass between you two."

The prisoners started to yell riot and then they started chanting human rights. "All these changes, and many more to come, aren't taking away your human rights. By the law of this land the state has to give you a bed to sleep in, three square meals a day, a shower and not abusing you like hitting you.

All this other stuff is just extra to keep you from going crazy and starting a riot, which now we see didn't work. The state has tried it this way for a while now and it didn't work. Now it is time to change it. All these changes are going into effect because of what you guys did here several months ago. In other words..." Governor Lopez looked around the cell block, into the eyes of as many prisoners as he could. "You guys only have yourself to thank for these changes. Hope you think about that before you decide to start as much as a food fight."

Governor Lopez walked down to his family and they walked out of the prison. As they made their way out, the inmates tried to hit him with rolls of toilet paper, shoes, wadded up socks, papers and what ever they could get their hands on. Some of it hit the governor, but most of it didn't even make it a couple feet past their cells.

"Governor I hope you know that you have caused me and the staff here a lot of problems with that little speech. It is going to take time to settle them down in there. Once we do, the word of what you said in there will spread and the entire prison will be in an uproar."

"You have preached to your fellow wardens Warden Henderson that you can handle anything, so handle this or I will get someone that can." Everyone looked at the governor, surprised at how he is speaking with the warden. "You listen to me you little slimy piece of shit! You never take me to the side again like this, and tell me what's what if you want to continue working in the prison system.

Bring in all your guards to execute what I am leaving you to execute. If you feel that the staff here cannot handle that, I will authorize the National Guard to come back in here and do their job. But if I have to do that, the staff will be terminated from the head down. Do I make myself loud and clear to you Warden Henderson."

"Yes sir and I will do as you ask. There is no need for you to call in the National Guard; we are more than capable of handling this on our own." Warden Henderson swallowed the big lump in his throat. "Is there anything else I or the staff here can help you with today sir? Just ask and we will be more than happy to deliver."

Governor Lopez looked at the president. "I understand President Bush is waiting for the pictures that you promised him." The warden was handed a binder containing the pictures in question. "While the president, first lady and my family are looking at these pictures, I would like to observe your staff at work executing the new policies."

Knowing that the governor wasn't happy with him, the warden didn't try to talk him out of wanting to watch. He agreed and ordered the swat team of the prison to suit up. Ten minutes later, the swat team made their entrance into the cell block as the governor, his sons and a couple of their friends looked on.

Josh and the others stood there in awe as the swat team went from cell to cell ripping it apart. They first pulled out the inmates, handcuffed them and made them lay on the ground before entering into the cell block. Once they had the inmates secure, they went over the cell inch by inch, finding more than just tobacco.

"Dad do you think this is the right thing to do." Josh looked over at his father. "You know taking away everything that you took away. After all they really have nothing else to do except watch the TV's, play games over there and go to the weight room for exercise. Now without those things taking up their time, they might cause trouble."

"Josh you have a kind heart, but wait, in a couple more years you will see all the evilness in this world. I don't want you to see it, but I cannot stop it from rearing it ugly head. These guys had all this stuff, and still tried to take over the prison. Put aside that, they rape each other, kill each other and beat each other up every day. Having this stuff or not, they are going to act out because that is all they know how to do, act out.

They need to think about the wrong they did and see that being in here isn't a walk in the park. That way hopefully, if one day these guys get out of here, they might not want to return. They will see this is living hell on earth and become law abiding citizens like you and I. If they don't see that, and they return here after they get released, they belong in here. There is so much we can do for them, but ultimately it will be up to them to decide if this is a life they want or not."

"I understand dad and trust me if they are smart, they will stay far away from this place if they ever get out. Heck I don't want to spend even five minutes in here, more less days, weeks and years. Look at where they shower at." Josh pointed to the showers. "There is no privacy in there. Everyone, including the guards, can see them naked. I don't want the whole world to see me naked."

Cesar walked up beside Josh. "I don't want the whole world to see you naked either. That beautiful sight is for my eyes and my eyes only." Josh turned all shades of red, causing his brothers, their friends, and father to laugh, but not for long. What was unfolding before them grabbed their attention and they just watched as cells were ripped apart.

On the way back to the hotel, nothing was discussed about what happened in the prison. While the president and the governor attended a fund raiser in the ball room of the hotel, Josh and the others took advantage of the huge heated pool in the other part of the hotel. At first they stayed in their own little groups, but that didn't last for long.

They landed up in the middle of the pool fooling around, playing pool tag. That went on for over thirty minutes before one by one dropped out. When it was down to four, the Lopez boys, they called it quits. They returned to their girlfriends and boyfriends and cuddled with them as they sat on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water.

Since the security cleared out the entire pool and the rooms next to the pool, they were able to be themselves without the worry of someone taking a picture of them that later could come back to haunt their father. Still, they were careful. Anyone could sneak in through doors that the security doesn't know about and snap a photo of them making out.

When they returned to their rooms it was a totally different story. Since Josh and Cesar were the only two allowed to be in the same room together, the older Lopez boys had to find ways to spend time with their girlfriends. The first couple of nights, they were unable to get to their girlfriends room due to the agents outside their room, but tonight was different, and Daniel Jr. knew it.

Since his father was busy down stairs with the president, the majority of the security agents were down there with them. The others that were on duty were not the normal detail they had. Not liking it, Mr. Benedict had to give his details a night off. The way it was scheduled tonight, the security details normally around the boys was off, which played in Daniel Jr.'s favor!

The fill in agents didn't keep a watchful eye on the boys like their regular detail. They were there to only pick up a paycheck. In return, Daniel was able to pretty much walk past them without them asking him any questions. They had no idea that he and his others brothers were not allowed to be alone in their girlfriends rooms.

Josh and Cesar were the only two that stayed down in the pool after all the others had gone up to their rooms and called it a night. A little after midnight, they finally got out of the pool and headed up to their room. When they got off the elevator and started making their way down the hall, the door to Daniel's girlfriend's room slowly opened.

At first Josh and Cesar thought it was odd that the door was opened as slowly as it did and no one came out right away, but when they saw Daniel Jr.'s head popped out, they knew what was up. They quickly walked to the restroom and stepped in. They didn't want to spook Daniel Jr., so they were going to stay in the restroom until he had passed and went into his room, but Josh changed his mind.

When he saw his older brother walking down the hall sticking in his shirt and straightening out, Josh knew his brother did more than just talk with his girlfriend. He jumped out of the bathroom, scaring the day lights out of Daniel. He almost jumped out of his skin when Josh came up from behind him.

"Hey big brother, where are you coming from all disorganized." Daniel Jr. looked at his brother and saw a smirk on his face. "It looks like someone had a good time tonight with his girlfriend, and I don't mean just hanging in the pool.

"Come on Josh, can't you just let this one go." Daniel Jr. said in a pleading voice. "I know it is going to be hard for you, but please do this for me." Feeling that wasn't enough, Daniel went on pleading with his younger brother. "Imagine not being able to be with Cesar every night and you can see how we feel. All I wanted..."

Josh interrupted his brother. "I will never be a rat and tell on you big brother and especially after you and Carlos being so cool with me and Cesar. I know you guys could have raised a big stink about us being the only ones allowed to share a room, but you guys didn't. So don't worry about us telling on you." Josh wrapped his arm around his big brother's neck as they walked down the hall.

"I am glad that you were able to get some alone time with your girlfriend, you were getting a little crabby there." Josh let go of his brothers neck, playfully punching at him in the air, laughing. Daniel Jr. playfully punched at Josh that eventually led to them chasing each other around the hallway, waking up a few of the others.

The next day was a blur for the boys. They never left the airports of the towns they landed in. By mid afternoon, they were bored to death being cooped up in the plane. The board games were not working anymore and they actually ran out of things to talk about. When they were about to jump out of the plane due to boredom, the President called back to Josh to come up to his office.

Everyone teased Josh on being an ass kisser playfully as he walked passed them. When he got to the president's office, the security agents let him right in. The President was sitting at his desk, hanging up the phone. He turned and smiled at Josh as he greeted him.

"I love the talks we have Josh, and I was wondering if I can lean on you for some advice." Josh was stunned, speechless on the president's statement that all he could do is shake his head. "The Republican Party has lost touch with the youth of this nation and has lost touch for a while now. That is how the Democratic Party has been able to keep control of both houses and more than likely how they plan to beat me in the general.

What I am getting at is that I need your advice, insight on what you; the younger generation is looking for in a leader for the highest office in this land. I grew up in a generation that most of our problems have been fixed or really don't matter anymore. It has changed so much out there, I need a crash course on what needs to be done."

Still stunned on being asked by the President of the United States for advice, Josh was unable to speak. "Look at your father, the guy has an approval rating of ninety two among his voters. He knows what they want and isn't afraid to do what ever it takes to get it done. For example yesterday at the prison, I wouldn't have ever done what he did. I would have waited till I got back my office and bring together the right people to come up with the solution to the prison problems."

"That is one of your problems, sir." Said Josh finding his tongue! "Not to be rude, but somewhere our presidents stopped leading by the wants of the people and instead started leading by however the political winds are blowing. You guys are too worried on doing what is not popular for the fear of losing your position. The way I see it, if it is the right thing to do, the voters at the end of the day will see that and reward you for doing what is not so popular to do. Like they have done over and over again with my father!

If you see there is something that needs to be fixed immediately, stop waiting to get back to your office and put together a committee to see how it would look if you went for or against a issue. By the time you get answer, the problem has gotten worse. Then the people think that you are unable to make a decision. There is where wobbling comes from and being thrown your direction."

The President likes how blunt Josh is being with him. All his staff is either afraid to be blunt with him or they don't have a thought of their own. They agree with the popular thing and leave it at that. Because of that, he feels that is why he is hurting right now in the polls. He looks like he doesn't want to take a stand on anything that is unpopular.

"Mr. President you have a plane full of high school students. If I was you, I would take advantage of that. Put us in a room and let us brain storm for you. When we are done, we hand you a list and you do what ever you want to do with our suggestions." Josh started to chuckle. "After all we are going crazy with boredom and this will give us something to do."

"You know what Josh, you are right I should take advantage of a plane full of young high school students. Here this is what I would like done." The President started to scribble things down and then handed the list to Josh. "These are the issues I am being ripped apart on. You guys look at them and tell me if they are on your top list of things that you would like your president to work on, if not, come up with your list."

Josh took the list and looked it over. He got up from his seat and promised the president that they will get right on it. As he walked out of the president's office, the president told him that they could use the briefing room on Air Force One for their discussion. Josh thanked the president and left him to get ready for his next speech.

When he got back to the others, they all jumped up asking him what the president wanted. After telling them, they didn't believe him until he showed them the list the president wrote out. They got excited and followed Josh, who followed a secret service agent to the conference room. Once they were alone, they all played around for a while.

They took turns being different people from the president on down playing out scenarios. Some happened and some were made up, but all that mattered to them is that they were having fun. Finally after each of them had a turn sitting where the president normally sits and playing the president, they got down to what they were there to do.

"Hey Josh these things the president is asking us to discuss aren't really something we are thinking about right now." Bernice passed the list over to Eric. "What we are not looking at right now is retirement, health care and the other things the president has on this list. The things that he should be asking us is what we fear, which is in a year and a half from now, are there going to be jobs out there for us. At the same time, are we going to have the majority of money we make, or is most of it going to be taken in taxes."

"YEAH!" Everyone said at once. "Josh I agree with Bernice on this. I know it sounds strange not caring about retirement and healthcare, but we are young, so we don't think about that stuff right now. If the president wants to grab the attention of the young voters out there, he needs to talk about things that we are interested in."

"Eric, you and Bernice have very good points and that is what the president wants to hear. I think he can work on healthcare and retirement for the older generation alive today, but at the same time he can assure the younger generation that the things the generations before us had a chance to get are still there for us to get if we work for it. We are not asking for hand outs. Just give us the same opportunities that generations before us had, and that's it."

"True Josh, very true, but more and more it's looking like only those that are born with silver spoons in their mouths will get what the generations before us have gotten." Patrick jumped into the conversation. "The only proof of that we need, is to listen to the juniors and seniors at our high school talking to each other about putting in for scholarships. There are less scholarships for their classes than there were a year ago. Think about it guys." Patrick looked around the table. "If this trend continues, there will be no scholarships for us when it is our turn to apply for them."

Once again everyone said yes. They continued throwing out things that they would like the president to try and save or put more money in. As they talked, many of the president's higher staff members were listening in. The president didn't put Josh and the others in that room so they could listen in. It was one of them that accidently hit the button on the phone that rang straight into the president's office and one of his staffers answered the phone. When the president walked into his office, he wasn't happy seeing what was going on and he made that very clear to the staff that was listening.

The president hung up the phone so where Josh and the others in the conference room wouldn't hear him talking. "You all had no right listening into these young kids talking, no right!" President Bush looked at each of the staff members, making it clear with his facial expression that he wasn't happy with them. "I have never seen this level of disrespect in my life. Who here thought is was okay to listen into private conversations?"

"Sir, it wasn't our intent to listen into what was going on in the briefing room. The phone rang, we thought it was you, so I..." As the staff was trying to explain their reasons for listening to Josh and the others, the governor and his chief-of-staff were sitting in another part of the plane having their own discussion about future elections.

"Rich to be completely honest with you, I am not looking to the future on my re-election. I have seen when politicians start to think about being re-elected, they stop doing anything that might cost them that re-election. I don't want to be part of that group. I want to keep working without thinking, would this hurt my chances on getting my job back."

"No, I agree with you sir. All I was trying to say is that when it comes time for your re-election, I would be honored if you call me back to run your campaign. Of all the campaigns I have ran, yours I have enjoyed the most. Not because we won in such a huge land slide victory, but because you were not afraid to speak your mind. Too many people in your position fall in line with their party, and become yes sir, no sir kind of leaders."

"Out of the two major parties, I have always belonged to the Republican Party and I feel they are less corrupt than the other party. Do not get me wrong, members of my own party are corrupt, but not as bad as the other side. I truly believe I can help bring this grand old party back to what it once was by working within it. That is why I am not one of those yes sir, no sir kinds of people. The party needs a full make over and that make over can only be done from within, not from outside throwing rocks at it."


"Once again I agree with you hundred percent. I may be leaving you as your chief-of-staff, but I will leave you as a supporter and hopefully as your campaign manager. Who ever you pick to replace me as your chief-of-staff will be great, but you cannot afford to lose that person during your re-election campaign. That is why I would like you to keep me in mind when that time comes."

"Of course I am going to ask you to come back and run my campaign when the time comes. Now as far as your replacement, I am not picking him or her." The governor grinned at Rich. "You are the one that is going to do that. The reason for that is you are the only one that knows what to look for. Heck you have been at my side from day one and because of that, you know what type of person I can get along with in that position."

The governor and Rich continued their discussion until they landed in Lubbock, their last stop for the day. Feeling bad that he hasn't spent much time with his boys during the trip, the governor promised himself that he was going to find time later to do so. As they made their way to where the president was going to make his speech, the governor told his boys to keep their schedules clear this evening for him. They jumped at that, which was very rare to others to see teenagers willing and wanting to spend time with their father.

In the limousine behind them, Patrick and Immanuel were getting a little more comfortable with each other. They were no longer afraid to hold each others hands or even give each other a peck on the cheek. Although they both wanted more than just a peck on the cheek, they had no problem waiting until the other was ready. If only they knew that each of them wanted the same thing.

When they arrived at the high school, Patrick and Immanuel made it a point to sit behind the others, so where they were hidden from prying eyes of the crowd. As the president spoke, they played footsie's with each other that eventually led to each other placing their hands on the others leg.

Immanuel was not a closet gay, but he didn't flaunt it either. Because of that, he has never gotten further than second base with a guy. He has kissed several guys, held their hands, even cuddled, but nothing more than that. It wasn't because he didn't have a chance to do so, he did, but he never wanted to. He never felt a connection with a guy that he already is feeling with Patrick, which felt weird to him.

He has only known Patrick for maybe a week. Yes they met almost at the beginning of the summer, but Patrick took off three days after they had met. Not by his choice, but he did. That left them to get to know each other over the phone when he would have liked to have spent that time with Patrick in person, because he was falling for him badly.

Now that they have spent more time with each other than they have ever done, his feelings have gotten even stronger for Patrick. He knows that he is not alone on that. The way Patrick looks at him, talks to him, holds his hand and many other things tells him that Patrick is just as much in love with him.

During the president's remarks, they snuck off to the restroom. A couple security agents went with them, but they didn't go into the restroom, they stood outside. When they felt that the coast was clear, they both walked up to each other. They stopped in the middle of the restroom and at first just stood their looking at each other.

"I am sure you have been told this many of times, but I am going to say it anyways." Immanuel whispered as he brushed the hair out of Patrick's face. "You are so damn handsome I cannot believe you even gave me a second look. When I saw you at the arcades that day, I thought to myself if I was lucky that you were gay, there was no way you would even talk to me, more so think about going out with me."

Taking a deep breath, wiping his sweaty hands on his pants, Immanuel continued. "Have you given any thought to the question I asked you the other day? I know we haven't really spent that much time with each other, but I think we have gotten to know each other over the phone during the summer."

"All I have been doing is thinking about is that question you asked. Are you sure, you want a basket case like me for a boyfriend? Even on my good days, I am a hand full. I don't listen very well! I like to do things that other people would frown on! And you will always have the ghost of Frank in the room with us all the time.

Over time his memory will fade, but he will always be part of me. It isn't like we broke up and my heart will heal. He was taken from me by a crazed girl who didn't care who she hurt or killed in her quest for revenge. As I learn to live without him, there are going to be some days you might wish you never even met me. So again, are you sure you want this? I will understand if you would want to stay friends."

Immanuel understood why Patrick was saying what he was saying, but there was no need for him to. "Look I know pretty much who you are. There are still things I don't know about you, as there are things you don't know about me yet. Only time will take care of that. But I think I know everything that would scare me off if I would find out about it later. So yes I am sure I want you, basket case and all!"

Patrick moved even closer to Immanuel with a big smile on his face. "Then I say hell yes. Let's go for it and be boyfriends. Just promise me one thing though."

"Anything, just name it, and I will!"

"Don't break my heart. I know that is a lot to ask, but I am going to ask it anyways, don't break my heart." Patrick didn't need Immanuel to answer. The look on his face is all he needed. He leaned in and for the first time kissed him on the lips. At first they both kept their mouths closed, but that didn't last for very long.

Immanuel opened his mouth, letting Patrick's tongue in. He wrapped his arms around Patrick and pulled him into him. They stood there in the middle of the restroom holding onto each other as if the floor was caving around them. When one of the security agents walked in on them, they didn't hear him.

It took him to yell out their names to get their attention. "The president is about to finish and you need to be back in your seats when he does." The security agent spoke in a forceful voice. Neither Patrick nor Immanuel minded, because they didn't hear him. They were still in their own world, just the two of them.

Holding hands, they walked out of the restroom and followed the agent back to their seats. When they sat back down, Eric, Bernice and Chris looked over at them. They knew by the smile and their blank looks on their faces, something was up and it was good. Before any of them were able to ask, the president concluded his remarks and started making his way off the stage. That was their sign to get up and be ready to move.

All the way to the hotel, everyone in Patrick's and Immanuel's limousine looked at them in silence until Eric broke it. "Come on guys; tell us what is up with those goofy grins on your faces. Did you guys finally do more than just hold hands?" Both Patrick and Immanuel turned red. "That is it, you guys moved on from holding hands. Tell us what you guys did. Come on, don't leave us in the dark, and not tell us!"

"Okay I wanted to wait until we all were together, but I can't." Patrick leaned forward with the same silly grin on his face that he has had since they came back from the restroom. "Immanuel and I have decided to be more than just friends. We are going to give it go and try and be boyfriends."

All at once, everyone congratulated Patrick and Immanuel. It didn't take long though for Eric and Chris to start teasing them. Even Bernice jumped in and threw a few punches at the new couple. Knowing that it was all in good fun, neither of the boys was bothered by the teasing. They sat there and took it with smiles on their faces.

As promised, the governor got away from the president and spent the evening with his sons, their girlfriends and of course boyfriend. Being true to their love for barbecue, they went to one of the known barbecue restaurants in town, Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q. After filling themselves up with as much barbecue they could eat, and manage to keep it off their clothes, they headed to watch a movie under the stars at Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatre, something none of the boys and their dates have ever done.

The few drive in theatres in El Paso have been closed down. The only one that is still open was taken over by a person that doesn't show regular movies, if you get my drift. So of course the boys are not allowed to watch any movies at that drive-in theatre. Not just because their dad forbids it, but they are not of age to do so yet.

It was after midnight when they finished the second movie. Everyone was barely able to keep their eyes open since they had a long day before going to the theatres. The minute they got to their rooms, they crawled into bed and were out for the night. When the alarm clock went off at five thirty, Josh couldn't believe it.

He looked over at the glowing green numbers looking back at him and thought that the alarm clock was wrong. It couldn't be that time since he just went to bed. It took Cesar crawling out the bed and pulling Josh up with him for Josh to begin to wake up, come to life. Once he stepped into a cold shower with his boyfriend, he was wide awake.

They wanted to do more than just take a shower with each other, but they knew that they had no time. There is no way they could say screw it, let's run late. Not being with the President of the United States that is. So they decided to forget about having sex, for now, and just push on no matter that their hormones are screaming for some action.

Being that this was their last day with the president, Bernice, Eric and the others that were not on the first trip decided to take advantage of every minute of the day. They went to areas on the plane that they didn't the first time they explored it. Patrick and Immanuel did what Josh and Cesar did when they were exploring the plane. They walked into the area where the press corps was sitting.

Just as they walked through the curtains, the flashes of the cameras blinded the two boys. They froze where they stood for a few seconds until they got their bearings. When they realized where they were, they tried to quickly turn and leave, but landed up running into a member of the press corps coming back from the restroom.

"Hey there young men, how about you sit down with me and give me a short interview on how it is riding with the President of the United States." Patrick and Immanuel looked at each other and back at the reporter, shaking their heads. "You don't have to answer any questions that you are not comfortable with. So what about it, give me an interview?"

"No, and you know better than to ask them that." The press area got very quiet seeing that Johnny Walker Sr. had just rolled in. "You all were told by not only the governor of Texas, but the president as well that the governor's family and his guests are off limits. So why are you asking to talk with them?"

"Sir they are the ones that came walking back here. None of us went looking for them. If anyone should be talked to the way you are talking to me, it should be them." The reporter looked at the two boys with daggers. He didn't like being belittled the way he was.

"Fine, they came back here, but they answered you in the negative when you asked, but you kept pressing them for an interview. The governor's family and his guests are off limits unless they ask you to do an interview, which wouldn't be them. If anyone would be setting up an interview with anyone of you it would be me, understand."

The reporter shook his head, turned around and walked away. "Follow me you two." Johnny turned his chair around and rolled out of the press area. "The President wants to speak with you guys in the room where you were yesterday." Both Patrick and Immanuel were stunned that the president is asking for them. "You remember where the room is?"

The boys nodded their heads, and thanked Johnny for helping them out of the mess they got themselves into. Johnny had a simple reply for the boys; it was his job and rolled away. As he went to go to report to the governor what just happened, Patrick and Immanuel made their way to the conference room. When they walked in and saw everyone else there already sitting at the table, they felt a little relieved. Before they were able to take their seat, the president walked in.

"Please, take you seats!" The President said as he sat down himself. "Josh gave me the list of ideas you guys came up with yesterday. To tell you that I was surprised with what you guys came up with is an understatement. Don't get me wrong, I like every idea you guys came up with, but I felt it was just right to sit down with you all and go over this list. Let you give me more details on your thoughts on everything. Because I do not think a bullet point list does what you guys came up with any justice."

The room didn't stay quiet for long. Eric spoke up first and was not afraid, which not only surprised him, but everyone else. "Mr. President, we are young and the things you talk about puts us to sleep. When we sit there listening to you and sometimes Josh's dad, we zone you guys out. Nothing you guys are talking about interest us.

In three years from now for the most of us, with the exception of Josh's older brothers, we are going to be out there either looking for a job or applying for college. The way things stand now there will be nothing out there for us. No scholarships, or if there are some, very hard to get. Jobs, there will be some, if we do not mind flipping burgers for a living. Nothing wrong with that, but the most of us want more than that when we are older and raising a family. Flipping burgers will not be enough to pay the bills."

"I certainly understand everything you are saying there, um." The president looked over to Josh for help to get the name right. Josh quickly wrote down Eric's name and handed it to him. As the president went on, Josh drew the table with the right name of each person where they were sitting at. "I am sorry you guys, but you will need to give me a chance to learn your names.

Eric you brought up two good points here, college and better jobs, which I am working on. As you put it, flipping burgers is fine for a summer job, but not a career unless you plan to go into management at the restaurant. There is where I understand that you can make enough money to support a family. What we as your leaders need to do is to find other ways to create good paying jobs for those graduating from high school and going into the work force. Right now there are just not enough of those jobs around.

You were also right when you talked about scholarships. They are disappearing faster than the dinosaurs did. That isn't good for you all that barely started high school. I have been working on an education plan that has a part in it that deals strictly with scholarships. What I would like to do is put more federal money into scholarships, but with some pay back in return.


For example if your college is paid for by federal money, when you graduate, you will have to work for x amount of years for the federal government before you can move into the private sector. Where this is falling apart at is how many years should a person work for the federal government and how much should a person pay back. I feel if you are willing to work for the federal government, you shouldn't have to pay any of it back."

Everyone shook their heads as the president -went on explaining his education bill he is working on. When he wrapped that up, he went back to the first concern Eric brought up, jobs and went more into detail how he would like to work on that problem. By the time he was done explaining his thoughts on that, Chris jumped in with a weird topic.

"All of what we are talking about is nice and dandy, but let's talk about what is affecting us right now at our high school. Extra programs that you had when you went through high school like driver's education, music, arts and anything else that doesn't deal with math, science, English and history are being eliminated. When we ask why they are being eliminated, our teachers and principle tell us the funds are not there anymore.

That I do not understand because every time my foster parents turn on the news, all I hear is the reporters announcing another tax increase. The way I see it, if the city, state and federal government are taxing more, more programs should be opened, not the other way around! Do you have anything in your education bill to fix that problem?"

The president didn't think that he was going to get questions and concerns like this from high school students. Normally they complain to him or a member of his staff about their lunches they get at school and that the classes are too long, nothing like this at all. He doesn't mind it. In fact he is recording the entire conversation so he could go back to it later with his staff and insert their concerns into his bills if they work nation wide.

For the next hour the president sat there listening to Josh and the others about their concerns and what they want from their leaders. Even after they had landed, and then got back on their way, the president called the group back in to finish their conversation. By the time they arrived in Austin, the president had spent close to three hours with them.

Before leaving the conference room, the President asked Josh, Brandon, and Cesar to stay back. "Josh I had the opportunity to speak with Cesar one on one during this trip and he has told me that you are hesitant on burning a CD. You have a voice that many professional singers would die to have. It is a waste if you don't use what the lord above has given you, a waste. Can you tell me why you don't want to make a CD?"

"Well mainly I am still in high school, just about to start my sophomore year. I would like to complete high school and do what my father wants me to do, go to college since I can't go into the military like him. My father stood by me when I thought I was going to lose him. He is everything to me and I do not want to let him down. If that means leaving music until after college, so be it."

"Josh you do not have to do without your dream to honor your fathers wishes. Cut a small CD, three or four songs of your own and then during the summer, you go out and do a small tour. Do everything during the weekend and the evenings so it doesn't affect your school work. I am sure your father wouldn't mind you doing it that way."

Josh was about to object, but the president wouldn't let him. "I am not telling you not to listen to your father. You better obey everything that man tells you, because he does know what he is saying. But at the same time, do what you love to do, and if singing is it, do it. I will be looking for a signed CD with your songs on it in the mail in the next couple months, hopefully before the end of the year."

Knowing that it was not wise to argue with the leader of the free world, Josh agreed, but didn't know how he was going to do it. "This young man here..." The president brushed his hand through Brandon's hair. "Can help you put together more songs like the one you two already made. That song I just cannot get tired of listening to it. Make sure it is on your first CD please."

The President got up and shook Brandon's hand and then Cesar's. "Thank you for everything Mr. President. We all really enjoyed our trip with you both times. Hopefully what we told you will help you as far as reaching the younger voters. You will need them in order to win another term in office."

"That is one thing I am certain of Cesar, thank you. I'm going to take everything you guys told me and burn it into my brain. In the next couple of weeks, God willing, my speeches will resemble what you all have told me whenever I talk to a group of young kids. I don't want to bore any of them to sleep."

President Bush chuckled as he walked up to Josh. "You are one smart kid and sometimes I worry about you because of that. Don't be in a rush to grow up. There is going to be plenty of time for that. Have fun, make several CD's, get rich and then donate money to your father's campaign for president. We all know that is where he is heading."

Josh shook his head and thanked the president once again for everything. When they made their way out of the conference room, the plane started its decent into Austin. The boys went and took their seats with the others, while the president went to his office. As soon as the plane came to a complete stop, everyone gathered their stuff and made their way to the exits.

The minute the door to the plane opened, the setting sun rays hit Josh and the others in the face. They raised one of their arms over their eyes as they made their way down the stairs. When they got to the bottom, they made their way to their seats on the stage that was set up for the president to make his final remark before heading back to Washington.

To Josh's and the others surprise, the president winged the speech, something very unusual for him. Not once during his speech did he get near his stump speech. In fact he threw a few of the things they brought up to his attention and promised that he is going to start working on those problems. No one fell asleep during his speech for the first time.

When he was done, they made their way back to Air Force One, but instead of boarding it, they lined up in a single line. The President and First Lady made their way down the line saying their goodbyes to each and every single one of them. After they got to the end of the line, they made their way up the stairs, waived at the crowd and then disappeared into the aircraft.

No one budged, they stood on the tarmac watching the huge Air Force One make its way down the runway and then into the air. Josh couldn't stop thinking about what the president told him before they got off the plane. He decided that one way or another he is going to do both, what his father wants and his music.




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Some of you may have been a bit confused regarding for example the trip to the prison and the fact Henderson was only acting warden. I hope you read Jacob's writers notes carefully because he explains in detail that this story is six months behind the others and will catch up in the next couple of chapters. Once that happens, you will be able to link all of his plots together.

So the guys have made it through their freshman year, which means a new story is about to begin. Patrick and Immanuel have finally decided to give their relationship a go and I hope for their sake that it works. It must be difficult for security details like the governors to remain neutral. If they were homophobic they would have trouble dealing with the guys, but if they were on the other side of the fence they would have even more trouble disguising the bulge in their pants whenever they came across any of these hot young guys making out. I say this because I was wondering just what would have been going through the mind of the security man who walked into the restroom when Patrick and Immanuel were kissing. He'd either be disgusted or want to join in.

I found the prison visit a bit disturbing, but I agree with the governor prisoners have it far too easy in prisons these days. They do in Australia and by all accounts it is the same in other countries.

It is important that you keep up to date with all of Jacobs stories so that you don't get confused. So please keep on reading.

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