Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Trevor

Edited By: Ed

Edited By: Trevor

Chapter 61


The last two weeks of summer vacation was split between Austin and moving into their new home in El Paso. Daniel Sr. got permission from the parents of all his sons' friends and girlfriends to spend another week in Austin. It did not make any sense to him to spend money on plane tickets or sending them home in his plane when they were going to make the trip the following week.

During the day you would not have been able to get hold of the kids if you wanted to, they were never home. Since they only had a week, they had no time to spare to do everything they wanted to do in Austin. To make it easier and less time consuming on the security detail, they rarely split into groups, at least not until night that is.

Josh and his brothers took their guests wherever they wanted to go. They did not spend a lot of time in the malls since all malls are pretty much the same, except the size. Instead, they visited the state capitol building, which took two days to see everything. It was not so much the size that took time; it was stopping at every corner taking pictures.

After they felt they saw everything they could at the capitol, they spent a day at Lake Travis. There they had the most fun. Half of the day, Isaac rented a boat so they could go water skiing. The other half of the day the guys went deep diving and the girls spent it in the spas and hot tubs, being treated like queens.

When the day was coming to the end, Isaac had to drag everyone back home. If it was up to the teenagers, they would have rented a campground and stayed the night, but it was not. They had no other choice but to go home, but when they were off on their own in their own rooms, they all had their own fun.

Josh gathered all his friends in his room after dinner and told them what he thought about the old mansion. No one believed him, until they started hearing noises that night while they slept. The next morning, they gathered in the green room after breakfast and discussed what they had heard. Some of them blew off that their minds were playing tricks on them, but others became believers along with Josh that the old mansion was haunted.

As they sat there, discussing it, Daniel Jr., Carlos, and Brandon got together, jumped out at them, and scared them half to death. Seeing the expressions on their faces when they did cracked them up laughing. They were laughing so hard, they fell to the floor, rolling around. Josh and his friends got up, cursed at his brothers for scaring them, and walked out of the green room.

An hour later, they were off to look at the Congress Avenue bats. Chris read about them and wanted to see them. At first, no one else wanted to, but Chris was able to talk them into it. When they arrived, it was no surprise that they found the bats asleep. For their safety, they could not really get close enough to really see the bats. So after forty or so minutes just standing there looking, they all decided it was time to go.

They made their way down to South Congress Avenue to the eclectic shops. Spending the better part of their day just looking, not buying since most of the stuff there was out of their price range. When it was time to eat, instead of going home for lunch, they ate at one of the restaurants there, costing them a pretty penny.

After they saw everything, they wanted to see, they took a Historic Walking Tour through Austin's historic treasures. By the middle of the tour, they were so bored; they called it quits and headed back to the mansion. The Lopez boys showed their guests around the place, and eventually they all landed up in the back yard of the mansion.

Before they knew it, they were all running from each other so they would not be hit with water balloons. By the time they were called in for dinner, they were all dripping wet. When Rose saw them trying to walk in wet, she sent them back out in the yard with towels to dry off. When they were dry enough that they were not leaking water all over the place, Rose let them come and go to their rooms to change.

The dinner table was alive with chatter, something that Daniel Sr. and Barbara loved having. They both know that they only have a few more years of having all the boys around the table, so they want to take advantage of the time they have left. They inserted themselves into the conversations, which no one minded at all since they were not boring.

When they finished dinner, they helped clean up and then sat in front of the TV. An hour into watching the old tube, they were starting to doze off. They did not realize that they kept themselves so busy the last week; they really have not rested since Sunday. When they could not keep their eyes open any longer, they all headed up to their rooms and called it a night.

The next morning they were re-energized and ready to go, full speed ahead. The day before they had decided to spend the day at laser Tag and boy when the day was over, they did not regret going to bed early the night before. This place was three towers of laser tag that could wear out anyone. By noon, some of the girls and a couple of the guys called it quits. They stayed off to the side rooting for the team they wanted to win.

Their final day in Austin, they went back Lake Travis. They tried to do other things that the place had to offer, but they landed up doing the same thing they did the first time they were there. Of course, they did not care as long as they were having fun and were able to spend it with each other.

The plane ride back to El Paso was quiet since everyone had fallen asleep about thirty minutes after the plane had lifted off. As soon as they landed, the governor dropped each of his kid's friends and girlfriends off on their way to their old house. He made sure to step in, say hi to the parents, and thank them for letting their kids spend two weeks with him and his family.

When they finally got to the old house, it felt small compared to the mansion they spent the entire summer in. To make it feel even worse, almost everything that was being moved to the new house had already been moved out. So not only was the house smaller, it was empty, except for the boy's rooms.

"You guys have the weekend to pack up your stuff and have it ready for the movers to move to the new house on Monday." Daniel Sr. said as he looked around his empty house. "So if I was you guys, I wouldn't unpack those suitcases. Also, take advantage of this move and toss out things you do not want anymore. If they are still good, put them in a separate box so where we can donate the stuff to those that need it."

All at once, the boys all agreed with their father as they headed up stairs. Josh pushed the door open to his and Cesar's room and walked in first. Cesar followed carrying his luggage in, while Josh left his luggage down stairs. Seeing that Cesar did what he did, Josh could not help laughing.

"Why did you bring your luggage up with you? If you need anything from them, you could simply get whatever you need and bring it up to the room." Cesar dropped his suitcases to the ground and shrugged his shoulders. "Well now you will have to take them back downstairs either on Monday or today."

Josh walked behind Cesar and wrapped his arms around his chest. "It will give you good exercise to build up more of this muscle that I love." Josh squeezed softy Cesar's chest, causing him to giggle. "Man do I love how firm you are all over your body."

Cesar quickly turned around, almost hitting his forehead against Josh's. He looked into Josh's eyes and just melted. Slowly they both leaned in, just as their lips touched; Brandon came crashing through the door. Startled, they broke the kiss and let go of each other. As soon as Brandon realized that he interrupted Josh and Cesar again, he turned to leave, but once again, Josh stopped him.

"Come back little brother, there is no need to leave." Brandon turned and walked back into the room feeling bad for interrupting them again. "Let me find my scissors so I can cut your hair." Josh grinned as he playfully looked for the scissors. "I am surprised that dad let you grow you hair that long this summer."

"I am too, but he talked with me the other night and told me I had to cut it as soon as we got back home. So there is no need for you to find your scissors, dad and I are going to go out tomorrow for the haircut." Brandon pulled some of his hair over his shoulders, looking down at it as if it will never grow back.

"If you and dad are going to go out and get haircuts tomorrow, count me and Cesar in." Cesar looked over at his boyfriend and started saying no. "Come on Cesar you don't want to return to school looking like a girl do you? For sure they are going to rag on you being the girl of our relationship."

"I am not the girl of the relationship, and neither are you, but I don't need a haircut. It is above the ears and way above the shoulders like dad wants, so I am fine. If you want me to go with you tomorrow to get a haircut, I will, but don't put me in for one."

Josh laughed as he walked back over to Cesar and pulled him into a kiss. "So why did you come in here in the first place Brandon. If you really want me to find my scissors to give you a haircut I will." Josh laughed as he kissed Cesar.

"No, I am okay there. The reason I came in is to see if you understood what dad meant when he said pack up our rooms. I thought we were getting everything new at the new house. So what do we have to pack up? In addition, what did he mean by getting rid of things we do not need. I need everything I have."

"Little brother if you want to keep everything you have, you can. Just pack all that stuff up and leave the furniture alone. I overheard dad on the phone a while back saying that he is going to donate all of the old furniture that is not going to the new house to families that he knows needs it. I think that is what he plans to do with the stuff we don't want as well. Give it to that same family, but I'm not sure on that."

Brandon looked more confused than he was when he first came in. "Look why don't you help me and Cesar pack up our room and then we will help you pack up your room. It would be a lot easier and a lot faster for all of us. How does that sound to you?"

With a big smile across his face, Brandon agreed as he walked over to the bed and sat down. "Where do you want me to start at? I can go down and find where Uncle Isaac put the boxes and get us some if you want."

"Why don't we just relax for the rest of day since all three of us are going to help each other pack up the rooms? First thing tomorrow morning we will get started after breakfast. Then you find out where the boxes and tape are. Once you do that, we all get a few boxes and just start packing things that we are taking to the new house."

Both Brandon and Cesar agreed before they dropped the subject. The rest of the evening, everyone pretty much did what Josh, Cesar, and Brandon had planned to do, laze around the house. Since they were used to the time in Austin, they went to bed a lot earlier than they normally do. That is according to the clock on the wall, not the clock in the body.

The next morning, the Lopez boys headed out and got their haircuts after breakfast. When they returned home, they started packing their rooms and got it done by dinner. Daniel Jr. and Carlos went to spend the evening with their girlfriends while Josh, Cesar, and Brandon headed out to catch a movie.

None of the boys returned until a little after midnight, which was past their curfew. Daniel Sr. let it go, but made it clear to them that they cannot make it a habit. Thankful that they did not get into a lot of hot water, they headed up to their rooms. It did not take long before they all somehow made their way into Josh and Cesar's room.

"Are any of you sad on leaving this house?" Daniel Jr. spoke in a soft voice as he entered into the room. "After all we have a lot of memories in this old place. We all pretty much grew up here and now we are leaving it behind like an old rag doll. I don't know about any of you, but I am going to miss this place."

Josh looked at his older brother, then to Carlos and Brandon. "I am not going to miss this place at all. The minute we get out of here, I will not look back." Josh got up from his bed and walked over to his window. He opened the blinds and saw the press camped out down the street, making it hard for their neighbors to get in and out.

"Every time I walk into that kitchen, I get sick to my stomach. I cannot even look at the corner where mom did what she did to me that day." Josh turned and looked at everyone with tears rolling down his cheek. "Unlike you guys, I have nothing but bad memories of this place. Memories I want to get far away from and try my best to put behind me."

When asking the question that he did, he had forgotten what his little brother went through. He had blocked it out of his mind as well and without their mother around any more, there was nothing or no one to remind him of a year ago. Back then, mistakes were made all around, but some of them were able to learn from their mistakes and fix their relationships with one another.

Quickly changing the subject to what they plan to do the first night in the new house, Daniel saw in Josh's face that damage was done. He ripped open old wounds that changing a subject will not cover back up. After an hour of talking, the boys were ready to go to sleep. They all said goodnight before heading to their own rooms.

Cesar crawled into bed first, and then Josh. Once he got into bed. Cesar wrapped his arms around him and pulled him in close. "Babe there is no reason for you to think about the past. Especially the time you had with your mother a year ago. We are moving out of this house and once we do, you never have to set foot back in the place again."

"Hate to burst your bubble, but dad is going to keep this old place. He decided against selling it on the same basis of what Daniel said when he first walked into the room. There are too many memories in this place that he doesn't want to lose. Now what he is going to do with two houses, I do not know, but I hope he never plans to give me this one. If he does, I will take a bulldozer to the place."

Seeing that there is no way on getting Josh to stop thinking about what Daniel said, Cesar held him as tight as he could, without stopping the flow of blood. Eventually they fell to sleep and did not wake up again until they smelt breakfast in the air. Cesar was the first to open his eyes and was the first out of the bed.

He let Josh sleep a little longer since he knew that his boyfriend had a restless night. After getting dressed, He knelt down at the side of the bed and leaned in to kiss Josh. When their lips touched, it brought Josh out of his sleep. His eyes slowly opened, and once he saw Cesar clearly, he wrapped his arms around him.

"Good morning there handsome. It is time for you to get yourself out of bed and dressed for breakfast." Cesar kissed Josh once more on the lips before getting up. "Today is moving day and we need to be ready to help the movers get our stuff in the truck."

Crawling out of bed, Josh stretched and yawned as he rubbed his feet on the carpet. "Come on you know as well as I do that the movers will not allow us to touch a thing once they get here. It is against their company rules. In addition, my dad is paying them to move our stuff. The most we are going to do is move things into the right room at the new house and then start unpacking them over the week."

Cesar turned and smiled at Josh as he walked over to him. He pulled him up from the bed, squeezed his butt cheeks before hurrying him to get dressed. Every few minutes as Josh got dressed, Cesar would walk pass him and either squeeze his butt cheeks or cop a feel of his front side, making him go crazy. By the time they were heading down for breakfast, Josh was sporting a hard on.

Just as Josh said, when the movers arrived, they were asked to stand aside as they packed their truck. After a hour of them just sitting on the front lawn, Daniel Sr. and Barbara decided to take them down to the house so they could start unpacking the stuff as the movers unload it. So they gathered what they had, and headed out.

Isaac stayed at the old house directing the movers what to take, and what to leave as the others arrived at the new house. The press followed the first family of Texas, but they were stopped at the bottom of the hill. They did not mind as the governor had a small building built for them to hold up in as they wait for breaking news.

As soon as Josh and Cesar walked into the new house, they went straight up to their room. Although their personal stuff has not arrived yet, they did have furniture. Everyone was able to pick out their furniture as long as it stayed within a certain price range. Since Josh and Cesar were sharing a room, their budget was a little higher than the others were and they took complete advantage of it.

Just like their brothers, they got a desk to do their homework on and nice recliner chairs, but their bed was a lot different. They got a full size bed, where Josh and Cesar got a queen-size bed to sleep in. A lot bigger bed than the one they had in the old house, which they have no plans on using the whole thing while they sleep. Maybe when they make love, but not while they sleep since they are wrapped in each other's arms the whole night.

Shortly after they arrived, Bernice, Eric, Patrick and Immanuel walked in saying they wanted to help, but it was a lie. They wanted to see the house that they have been hearing about for months now. From their theater room to their rooms, Josh and Cesar would not shut up about the new house.

Josh gave them the grand tour of the place before the movers arrived. When they got down in the basement to the theater room, they could not believe the size of the screen. They thought all along that Josh and Cesar were pulling their legs, but now they can see they were wrong. Everything they had said the new house was going to be was there.

"You guys are going to go blind with a TV that huge. There is no way you can actually see the entire screen." Eric blurted out in excitement as he walked up to the last row and sat down. "Well maybe you can see the whole screen from back here." Eric looked down at Patrick and yelled. "Hey Patrick sit down in the first row and tell me if you can actually see the entire screen without having to turn your head back and forth.

Quickly Patrick and Immanuel sat in the middle chairs. "Hell yeah you can see the entire screen without having to turn your head. Who ever came up with this layout really knew what he or she was doing." Patrick yelled back at Eric. "This is so cool!"

"You think this room is cool, wait until you see what I am about to show you." Eric got up from the seat and ran down to Josh. "Our dad surprised us with this." Josh walked out of the theater room and back up stairs and through glass double doors. Everyone had to run to keep up, but when they walked into the room Josh went in, it was an inside pool. The walls were glass, with shades that went up and down by remote control. The roof is also remote control and can be opened if those that are swimming want it open.

"No way, no fucking way!" Eric said loud enough for the press down the hill, to hear him. "I am going to be here every day for the rest of the summer swimming in this huge pool." Bending down he put his hand into the warm water. "The pool is actually heated. Forget the rest of the summers, you guys are going to have to kick me out every night."

Bernice, Patrick, and Immanuel joined Eric on the side of the pool putting their hands in the water. "My dad didn't say a word about this. When we got here earlier, he brought us all back here and we were stunned just as you guys are right now when we saw the pool. I actually though that he brought us back here to show us that we actually do not have to worry about neighbors or the press anymore."

"Yeah since there is no one around, we can actually swim in the nude." Cesar jumped in, causing everyone else to laugh, including Josh. "The only problem with that is we have to keep an eye in the top of the hill." Looking up and pointing to the green bushes. "In time the press might find a way to get up there and start taking pictures."

"Trust me Cesar; there is no way that will ever happen." Russ spoke up as he came out to the pool. "We have this place completely secure. If the press gets up there, anyone can get up there and that we cannot have, for not only the governor's safety, but yours as well. So never worry about that, but also I don't want to walk back here and see you guys running around the pool in your birthday suits."

Everyone cracked up laughing. Eric got up, followed by Patrick and Immanuel, and walked over to Josh to see what Russ was telling him. When they got to them, they caught the tail end of the conversation. The moving truck had arrived and the governor wanted everyone inside helping with the unpacking.

By the end of the day, most of the house was unpacked thanks to the help from the boy's friends. At times though the governor did not think they were going to get any of the unpacking done. Josh and his friends constantly played around, but at the end of the day, they ended up doing the most, which made the governor happy.

Instead of eating in, they went out to eat dinner. The main reason Barbara and Rose suggested that they go out to eat was so they did not have more work cleaning up the mess. Even if they ordered pizza, there will be a mess. The boys will try their best to help with the cleaning, but Rose and Barbara wanted the new house to try to stay new as long as they could.

The rest of the week the boys and their friends spent it swimming until it got dark. By Friday, the final bit of the construction to the house was done. The boys were not allowed to go near the area where the construction workers were working at. They were told it was for their own safety, but that was far from the truth.

When the construction workers left, Daniel Sr. called all the boys to what they thought was a second storage room. None of their friends had left yet for the evening, so they joined the Lopez boys with the governor. They all stood there looking at Daniel Sr., wondering why he looked so pleased.

"Behind this door I have a surprise for you boys, but more for Josh than anyone else. That does not mean that none of you guys can use this room, just make sure if you do that you are careful with the stuff in here. It is all state of the art..." He opened the door and everyone walked in. "Recording equipment and instruments, so please be careful."

They all stood there, stunned at what they were looking at. It was a complete recording studio. "I was serious when I told you Josh that I want you to follow your dream." Daniel Sr. knelt in front of Josh. "I have been able to follow my dreams in the army and now in politics. There is nothing I will not do to try to help my boys follow their dreams. Singing is yours, so this hopefully will give you an upper hand on getting where you want to go with your music."

Josh was speechless. He felt like he was floating off the ground with what his father just gave him. Something he never suspected he would get, a recording studio all of his own. Well not all his, it is his brothers as well, but he will be using it the most.

Finally, Josh's words made it from his mind to his tongue. "Dad I do not know what to say. First, you built us a swimming pool, and now this. Thank you so much! I promise you that I will take complete advantage of this room." He looked over at his brothers and friends. "With them of course helping me make the best music I can."

"Heck yes, we'll help you!" Patrick walked up and stood at Josh's side. "Mr. L this is awesome, you are the coolest dad in the world giving Josh this room."

"It's for all my kids to use, but I know Josh will probably be using it the most." Daniel Sr. got up from his knees and started showing the room off. It had everything that a recording studio should have. The only problem they all see right now is that none of them knows how to use any of the equipment and they said as much.

"Look it all seems complicated I know, but don't mess with anything until I get someone in here to show you guys how to use it all. Once you get a crash course on creating a music CD, I know it will not be long before you are mastering everything in here. But again until I get someone in here to teach you guys, stay away from the equipment."

No one objected to what they were being told. They shook their heads and started to explore the recording studio. The governor stood there watching them, thinking that he is not just going to bring in a person to show his sons how to use everything, but to stay on and help them actually make at least the first demo CD.

After everyone was taken home, the Lopez Family sat in the theatre room watching several movies together. By midnight, the room started to empty. One at a time each headed up to bed until the only ones left in the room were Daniel Sr. and Barbara. They cuddled up together and put on a movie that they knew the boys would not like, but they did.

While their parents were down stairs cuddling, Josh and Cesar had almost the same thing on their mind. Neither of them at first said a word, but their bodies were giving away what their mouths were not saying. After dancing around what they wanted, Josh was the one that broke the ice. He walked up behind Cesar and started to nibble on his earlobe.

"You know if this was our new house, we would be christening every room in it." Cesar looked up at Josh and smiled. "But since it isn't our house, we can't do that, or can we." An evil grin shot across Josh face. "I say we start with our own room and then make our way around the house when the others are not home."

Not giving Cesar a chance to say a word, Josh slowly moved his hands down his chest, then his stomach and did not stop until he reached Cesar's hard dick. Giving it a couple of squeezes before moving his hands back to Cesar's chest, Josh started to squeeze Cesar's muscular chest. Being in the moment, horny and lusting after his boyfriend, Cesar let Josh have his way with him.

Josh pulled Cesar up from the chair and slowly walked him across the room to their bed. They both fell onto the bed together with their lips locked on to the others. At the same time they both unbuttoned the others jeans and unzipped the others zipper. Since Josh was on top, his jeans came off a lot easier than Cesar's, but in no time, they both had their jeans and shirts off. Lying there, rolling around the bed with their lips locked onto each other's with just their underwear and socks on.

Slowly Josh began moving down Cesar's body kissing and nibbling his lovers flesh on the way down. Once he was level with his hard dick he kissed it through the material rubbing his tongue and face against Cesar's erection. By now, his own dick was level with Cesar's face and his lover followed suit.

Josh then reached up and with his teeth began pulling down his underwear making sure that his face was always in contact with his dick. Cesar at once started doing the same so they both had their underwear removed the same way.

Both boys then kicked their socks off using their feet before coupling together once more and slowly licking up and down each other's shaft. Both of them wanted the other to take their cocks into their hot mouths but neither wanted to be the first. In the end Cesar could wait no more and slowly placed his mouth on top of Josh's dick licking the head before slowly going down all the way completely deep throating him.

This was the first time he has been able to take Josh's entire dick right down in one movement and it made his lover groan with delight. Realizing he was falling behind in their love making Josh tried doing the same with Cesar, but had to stop and take a breath half way down. Not that Cesar cared; he was in heaven having his dick sucked by the most wonderful man in the world.

They remained in the sixty-nine position for some time until Josh's hand began moving round to Cesar's butt, where he slowly inserted his middle finger into his darling's beautiful bubble butt. Cesar adjusted his body to take more of the digit slowly entering him. Josh then used a second finger to continue loosening his lover's hole. Cesar pulled off Josh's dick long enough to beg for his cock to be inside him.

"Make love to me Josh, make it long and hard, I want to feel you deep inside me, I want your juice inside me, give me all you've got."

Josh pushed Cesar onto his back positioning himself between his legs that he hoisted onto his shoulders. Cesar brought his hand down to guide his lover into his willing hole. Neither of them thought about using lubrication because they were so hot and ready.

Slowly Josh pushed his dick into his lovers butt, pausing briefly so Cesar could get used to the invasion, then he continued until all of him was deep inside. He paused reaching down to kiss his lover before slowly at first pushing in and out. Cesar looked into his lovers eyes smiling as he mouthed the words, "I love you so much my darling." Josh repeated those words back as he began to pump in and out faster and faster. Both of them were so hot and horny that they knew it would not be long before they would blow their loads. Cesar was so far gone that he shot load after load all over his body and face even into his hair without even having his dick touched, This sight caused Josh to tense up and released his sperm deep inside Cesar's body.

Both boys collapsed with Josh on top, perspiration dripping from their bodies as they joined lips allowing their tongues to explore each other's mouths. They stayed in that position for some time before the sweat mixed with Cesar's cum began to dry making it feel uncomfortable.

Josh moved off the bed, pulling his lover up before heading hand in hand to the bathroom and shower. Washing each other Josh remarked, "Well that's the bedroom done all we've got left is the rest of the house." Both boys laughed at that prospect. They dried each other before heading for bed, holding each other as sleep overtook them. The last words Josh uttered before falling asleep were, "I love you so much Cesar."

Between the pool, the recording studio, the theatre room, and everything else the new house has for the Lopez boys and their friends to do, the weekend flew by fast. Before they knew it, they were showering and getting ready for school the next day. As Josh was heading to bed, he looked in on his little brother to see if he was okay.

Just a year ago, he was in Brandon's shoes, about to start high school. Even having friends, he was scared as hell of the unknown. Daniel Jr. and Carlos did a job on him leading up to the first day of school. They scared him on what was going to happen and what to suspect in his new school. Something he did not want to happen with Brandon.

When he popped his head in, he found Brandon taking his school supplies out of his bag, checking them, and then putting them back in. Josh was about to leave thinking that Brandon was okay when he saw his little brother start taking the stuff out again. Seeing that, he knew Brandon was nervous, so he walked in and sat down on the floor.

"Hey what's going on little brother?" Josh gently pulled Brandon over to him. "High school is not that much different than junior high school." Brandon quickly objected to that. "No really, it isn't that much different. Yes, the school is a lot bigger, and you have six different teachers instead of one, but other than that, it isn't that much different.

Tell you what; you and your friends hang out with me and my friends until you all get your footing at the new school. Even when you guys get comfortable and want to continue hanging with us, you can. That way I can make sure nothing happens to my little brother." Josh smiled at Brandon. "To tell you the truth I think it will be the other way around since you are going to be this big shot football player."

Brandon laughed as he zipped up his backpack. "I doubt that Josh! I will be lucky to ride the bench this year. There is no way they are going to play me, no way!"

"Don't think that way little bro, you are good. Don't forget I have seen you play and boy do I wish I could do what you do out there on the field. Once the coaches at the high school see that, you will be playing in every game. Then all the girls will be all over you to the point it will be hard for you to just pick one." Josh laughed. "You don't even need football for that, you will have girls all over you no matter what."

Stopping what he was doing, Brandon looked over at Josh with a serious look. "What if I'm like you Josh, do you think I will be accepted on the football team?" Thrown off his feet, Josh didn't answer Brandon right away. A few seconds of dead air was there, making Brandon feel bad. "I am not saying I am like you Josh and there is nothing wrong being who you are; it was just what if. Look at who you have, you are very lucky."

"If you are like me, there is nothing for you to fear from anyone in this house, our friends, or school. Never think when I am talking to you about a girl that is what everyone expects you to date. I do that because I do not want to make you uncomfortable or you to ever say I am trying to make you what you are not by talking about guys. Please..."

"I was just teasing Josh, I like girls. I've had several girlfriends and hopefully will get one that I will stay with me more than just a couple of months. The only reason I said that is because people don't accept people like you and Cesar on football, basket and baseball teams. At least I haven't seen that yet!"

"You are wrong there Brandon at our high there are gay guys in some of those sports you just named, not including me in fact. So it might be different still at your junior high school, but not at our high school. Anyways there is no need to talk about this since you are looking for a hot babe to spend your high school years with."

Both Josh and Brandon laughed. They sat there talking a little longer about what to expect on the first day. Josh, unlike what his brothers did to him, told Brandon the truth, at least how his first days and weeks were. As he left, he made it clear that he was more nervous about high school for a very different reason, which Brandon knew what it was.

The next morning, the governor and Barbara saw the boys off to school. They wanted to drive them, but decided against it so they did not embarrass them in front of the other students. Knowing that they were already going to have a hard first day as it is with the changes this year; they did not want to add to it.

As promised, Josh followed through on letting Brandon and his friends join his group. He even helped his little brother find his way around school the first week. After the first couple of days, everything settled down and everyone got into a routine. By Friday, Daniel Sr. was comfortable heading back to Austin, leaving his boys with Barbara and his mother to take care of them.

It was another tearful goodbye since they were not going to see each other until Thanksgiving. The only thing that might change that is if Barbara goes into labor before her due date. The baby is supposed to be a new year's baby. She is expected to go into labor around the first week of January.

It seemed that this school year the teams were riding high with great talent. The swim team repeated what they did last year, with the exception of dropping out in the middle of the season. They won all the swim meets they competed in, shooting them into the number one ranking swim team in the city.

The football team lost its first couple of games, but their losing streak ended when Jacob's boyfriend joined the team. Not only did Joey help the team win the remaining of the years games, he broke many records as he did that. Their run for the state championship ended before reaching the championship game. Even though they did not reach their goal, the team was held up as one of the best teams the high school has ever had. No other team got as far as this team did.

On the other side of the field, or should we say track, Jacob joined the team and just like Joey he helped the track team win their meets breaking several records. They won almost all their track meets, and those they did not they placed in second place. Once again, when their season ended, they were held up alongside the football team as the best track team the school has ever had.

Over the summer, Mr. Franklin and Mr. Edger came to an agreement on how they were going to compete against the other schools. At first, they agreed to split the season, but half way into the first of the year, they saw it was not going to work. Who ever got the first competitions would be the team going for state, which was not right for the other team. Therefore, they came together again and decided on a better way on dealing with what laid before them. They agreed to join the teams, instead of competing against each other.

Josh was right the eve of the first day of school when he told Brandon that he was going to do more than just bench warm. He actually was picked to play first string on the freshman squad and just like the senior squad; they had the best season they ever had. All in all the beginning of school for the Lopez boys and their friends was very good.


Patrick settled in very quickly with Father Gomez and Bernice. It did not take long for Patrick and Bernice to be in harmony as if they have lived together all their lives as brother and sister. As any brother and sister, they fought, but when they both got their point across, they acted as if they did not even disagree.

Not wanting to, Patrick continued going to therapy three times week. Father Gomez did not want Patrick to fall apart when he started to get into the routine of being back at his old high school. It is rough for any high school student to return to school after their summer vacation, but for Patrick it was worse since the way the last year ended for him.

When he walked into the doors of the high school, he suspected everyone to be looking at him and talking about what had happened last year, but thankfully, many things happened during the summer that made the other students forget about the year before. They were fine with all the juicy gossip they had about what everyone else did over the summer break.

Immanuel felt out of place when he first walked into El Paso High School. He did everything he could not to feel that way, but at the end of the day, he was not prepared. The school was almost four times as large as his last one and everything seemed to move a lot quicker. He thought he had an advantage that the classes were going to be easier, at least that was what he was told, but boy was he wrong.

It took him longer than even the freshmen to adjust to El Paso High, but once he did, he was working it as he did his last school. He learned the ins and outs of the school so he could get whatever he wanted. Almost whatever he wanted!

Patrick and Immanuel were inseparable both during and after school. Everyone that saw them knew they were an item. They did not try to hide the growing the love that they had for each other. Unlike Josh and Cesar, they were not afraid of showing their affection in the hallway or in the cafeteria. They did not go any further than holding hands and kissing each other, even though they wanted to.

Bernice and Eric already have a routine and just picked it right up the first day of school. Any catching up they had to do was done when Eric returned from his little vacation over the summer before they joined Josh on the president's tour around the state. That break they had, only made them realize how much they loved each other.

The only one left without a partner was Chris. He and Rusty tried to make a go of it, but within the first weeks, they realized they did not really like each other in that way anymore. They do love each other, but more as friends than anything else. So they decided to stay friends for their's and the group's sake.

When Rusty broke away at the end of the year, he could not stop thinking about the group. So when he and Chris figured out they were not meant for each other, he wanted to do whatever he could to stay friends with Chris in order to stay within the group. No matter what anyone would have said, it would not be comfortable for Rusty to stick around the group if he and Chris did not land up staying friends.

The evenings and the weekends whenever they didn't have homework, practice on whatever team they are part of, or choirs, everyone made their way down to Josh's house. Even though it was getting colder, the pool was in-house and heated, giving everyone a chance to swim whenever they wanted to. Josh took advantage of his pool to get a leg up from his teammates on the swim team.

If you could not find Josh in the swimming pool, the only looking you will have to do was across the house in the recording studio. He and Brandon worked together on writing and composing several more songs. By the end of September, they had written three more songs on top of the one they already had. Still not comfortable with just four songs, Josh was not willing to cut a CD.

Early October, Josh placed a call to George Strait asking his advice as far as songs. Without hesitation, George was more than happy to give Josh whatever advice he could. The very first nugget of information he did give Josh was that he and his brother would never be able to make an entire CD of their own music, maybe half, but not the entire thing. In order to fill out the rest of the album, he would need to reach out to songwriters.

George knew Josh really had no idea what he was talking about so he gave Josh numbers to those he always gets his music from and as well promised to send him the music he has no plans on recording. If he liked any of the songs, he can have them. Josh was ecstatic at the generosity George was giving him.

They talked about how things will change once he does release his first CD. There is no doubt in George's mind that Josh's music will hit the country charts like a bullet and stay on the charts for a long time. Josh did not see that. He still felt that the only ones that would buy his CD are those that knew him.

By the time they hung up with each other, Josh was closer to believing in himself. He spent the rest of the evening working in the studio. When ten o'clock rolled around, he headed up and joined Cesar in bed. They played around until a little after eleven when they started to doze off. Cesar cradled Josh in his arms as he fell asleep to the sound of the beating of his boyfriend's heart.

All the while in Austin, things started to get back to normal. Governor Lopez tried everything he could to persuade Rich to rethink his decision on stepping down, but nothing worked. At the end, he did get Rich to budge to stay on board until he was able to find his replacement, leaving it all up to Rich when that was going to happen!

Rich went right to work on putting together a short list, rewriting it several times. The same name kept coming up as the person he wanted to take his job, but he did not think the person would say yes. As it was, it took a lot of talking back and forth for him to get this person to take the position that he held right now on the staff.

After much debate, Rich decided to talk with the person he wants to fill his seat. He wanted to find out for sure if his thoughts were true so he picked up the phone and set up a conference call between them. When Al got on the phone, he had no idea that Rich was calling him up to offer him his job.

"Good afternoon Al, how is everything down there in the border town of El Paso? I saw on the news the other day you guys are still getting very hot days, is that true."

"I am doing well my friend, how about yourself?" Rich answered that he was doing well also. "Yeah as far as the weather down here, it is still hot. We rarely have much of a winter. That is one of the reasons I moved back to Cheyenne when I was living here back in nineteen eighty-six with my daughter."

"I didn't know that you lived there before this recent move you made up there when your grandson needed you. So you are a native Texan then?"

"Oh no, I am not a Texan, far from that. I was born in Wyoming and lived there most of my life. My wife before Virginia, and I moved to Florida after I won a lawsuit against a trucking company. One of their drivers ran a red light and hit me and my daughters ex-husband Jose in my Volkswagen van. We were hurt, not life threatening or anything, but hurt the same so they settled and gave us a big chunk of money.

With that money, my ex-wife talked me into moving and starting over. I was so much in love with her. I did whatever she asked me to do. I packed up my life and moved it to Florida just to make her happy. Not even two years later, she left me for another guy, leaving me all alone in a state that I had no family or friends.

Two months after she left me, I had a stroke. My daughter, Jacob's mother, was my emergency contact and they called her. At that time, she had been living here in El Paso maybe over a year. She sent her ex-husband up to Florida to move me down to her. When I arrived, I went right into hospital and got well.

When I got out of hospital, I tried to stick around, but the weather was too hot for me, just like in Florida. Once again, she asked her ex to help me move back to Cheyenne, and he did. That is where I met Virginia and planned to spend the rest of my life at, but things changed and I found myself moving back to El Paso to help my grandson Jacob."

"I am sorry to hear that! I had no idea that you had a stroke! Man you were young when that happened to you, right?"

"Yeap, but I haven't been sick since, hopefully it will stay that way." Al leaned back in his seat. "I am pretty sure you didn't call me to talk about my past. You are a very busy man being the right hand of the governor and all. So what do I owe this call to?"

"Well by now you already know that I am stepping down as the governor's right hand man." Al said yes in a sad voice. "The governor has been trying to talk me into staying the last couple of months, but I must go. It is better I do it now because I would be stepping down anyways in a year to run the governor's campaign. You know as well as I do, I can't stay chief-of-staff if I am to run his re-election."

"True, but why not remain on board for another year or so; until you have to step down to run his reelection? You know as well as I do the governor really depends on you to keep the staff and the office running like a well-oiled machine. There is no way there is another person out there that can do what you do day in and day out."

"I already stepped down from the position that is why I cannot stay on board much longer. The press is already chewing on this, and we can't let it grow legs."

"Excuse my language, but fuck the press! You people are too worried about what the press says and what the press does not say. One of the things that I love about this governor is the fact he does not give a flying rat's ass what the press says or does. Please do not tell me that he is becoming a normal politician, always looking on what direction the political wind is blowing before he does anything."

"No it is not him that is worried about the press. He still believes like you do, fuck the press, but Johnny and I are the ones that keep the pulse on them. They can actually make you or break you by the way they shine the light on you and you know that Al. The governor cannot be destroyed because the press hate him and always reports nothing but negative about him. We all know that is the only way he is going to lose this seat.

Anyways I am getting way off course here. The reason I called you is to answer one of your concerns. There is another person out there that can keep this office running the way I do, and that person is you. The governor put me in charge of finding my replacement and your name keeps landing on my short list."

"I am very flattered, but I can't take that position. First, I will have to move to Austin full time, something I cannot do. My family needs me here to make sure things do not get out of hand again. Things are running a lot smoother, but a small bump in the road can throw us all into a tailspin.

Secondly, the business is barely getting off its feet. We are seeing huge profits for the first time. If I am not giving the business my full attention, we could fall faster than it took us to get where we are. Jacob can handle many of the things, but I do not want to do that to him. I want him to be a teenager and enjoy his high school years."

"I understand your points, but the governor is calling upon you to serve in another position in his staff. You are the only one I can trust that will do what is right for this governor. So you are the only name I am going to hand to the governor to fill this post. That means you will be getting a call from him soon. You know as well as I do, no one says no to the governor, no one."

"True, but please understand where I am right now. Do not hand my name to the governor for your seat. There are a lot better suited people out there that you can call upon to serve as the governor's chief-of-staff."

"Sorry Al, you are the one and eventually you will say yes and take this position. If I was you, get whatever you need to get done down there to make sure your company will run smoothly while you are serving the governor for the next couple of decades. Both of us know that he is not going to stay governor of Texas that much longer. No matter what he says, he will be president one day and a very good one."

Al and Rich talked a little more about the position, but when they hung up, they were still where they started. Trying to make himself as clear as possible not to hand his name in to the governor, Al failed. Rich made it clear it is he and he alone for the position, leaving no doubt that one way or another Al is going to be moving to Austin in the very near future, hopefully.

While everything was business as usual in the governor's office, it was not that way over at the state capitol. The sub committees finished their investigations on how the Republican Leadership and the Lieutenant Governor handled themselves while the governor was off doing his responsibilities to the army. No matter what the leadership said or did, they could not deter the sub committees ruling.

They sent to the floor their suggestions on what they should do. That impeachment on everyone was involved on the attempt to take over the governorship of Texas. Both houses stopped what they were working on, which did not make the governor happy, and started their debate on the impeachment proceedings.

This was all the news talked about nationwide for the month of October. The week before Halloween, the debates ended and the voting started. The first ones up were the Republican leaders in the state senate. One by one, they were voted on and all were impeached by their fellow members. When the dust settled, five senators were impeached, leaving the governor to fill those seats.

On the other side of the capitol building, the state congress as well ended their debates. They went right into voting and almost came to the same conclusion. Two of the four state congressional representatives were impeached. The other two were forced to step down from their leadership rolls. That left the state congress to choose a new state speaker of the house, and the Republican Party to choose a new Republican leader!

The last one standing from the group was the Lieutenant Governor. Going against his former decision, the governor stepped in to see what he could do to help his embattled Lieutenant Governor. Knowing that he could not do much, he tried to see what direction the state houses were leaning. Before saying a word, they had the votes to impeach and were moving forward on doing so.

Since Governor Lopez could not bring in anyone from the state houses, he did the next best thing and went to the people. Stressing to the voters that enough heads had rolled for a stupid mistake. He felt that enough blood was spilt on this and it was time to put all this behind them and move on to do the people's business.

By the governor reaching out to the voters, enough senators and congressional representatives voted against impeachment to save the Lieutenant Governor but they felt he needed to get some kind of punishment for what he had done. The Tuesday of the week of Halloween, the houses came back with a slap on the hand for the Lieutenant Governor, demanding him to come to the full floor, apologizing, and take responsibility for what he did.

The Lieutenant Governor went to the full house that Wednesday and did what he was asked to do. During his twenty-two minute speech, he took responsibility for his actions and apologized, not only to his fellow legislators, but also to the voters. When he was done, not only the majority of the Texans believed he was truly sorry, but as well the majority of those that watched nationwide.

After his speech on the floor, he went to the press and took his licking from them. Several times through his press interview that evening, he thanked Governor Lopez for coming out and helping him. He admitted that if it were not for him coming to his aid, he would be a former Lieutenant Governor of the state of Texas at that moment.

The press had a couple of days with the news on what happened in Austin, but by Halloween, they had moved on. What happened in Austin dropped from the leading story to the third or fourth story, if even at all is was being reported on. Things started to get back to normal in the capitol. At least normal for them that is.

Back in El Paso, Josh and Cesar were getting ready to head out to the first ever El Paso High School Halloween carnival. In the main hall, there were going to be different things ranging from supersized board games, archery, bowling, cakewalk, all the way to the dunk tank. No matter what your interest was, you would find something to do on the first floor.

The second floor was set up for the younger kids to go trick-or-treating. Over the years, it has gotten dangerous for kids to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood. The razor in the apple or tainted candy, it was no longer safe for kids to go house to house anymore. Instead of robbing them of that tradition, they put aside the entire second floor of the school for them to get plenty of candy and have fun doing it.

Now on the fourth floor, that was set aside for the haunted house set up. It really made sense if you believed the ghost stories about the school. According to those stories, there were several students that met their demise at the school, and they haunt that floor. Normally they only come out during the homecoming game since that is when they died, but just the stories being there, will add to the feeling of the haunted house.

Besides the haunted house, the biggest attraction of the carnival was outside on the football field. Nothing huge like Western Playland, but it will have plenty of rides for all age groups, which Josh, Cesar and his friends plan to take advantage of.

For weeks, Josh and Cesar debated on what they wanted to be for Halloween. They went back and forth, but one thing was for certain, whatever they were going to be they wanted it to be costumes they can be a couple in. Something like Fred and Barney or Batman and Robin. They really wanted to be Batman and Robin, but they did not want to wear tights that show off their packages. In private, they do not mind showing off their privates, but not in public for the whole world to see.

Therefore, when they went to the A1 Costume shop, they were still unsure of what they were going to be, but all that changed when they walked up to the counter. They saw the actual costumes, or at least remakes of the actual costume of Batman and Robin from the last Batman movie. It was pure plastic muscle costume, which did not show their packages at all. They were everything they wanted them to be.

At first, the owner of the costume shop was not willing to sell the costumes, but once he found out who Josh was, he was more than happy to do so. He pulled the costumes down and took Josh and Cesar to the back to fit them. By the time they left the shop, they had the costumes they wanted, fitting them like a glove.

As they got ready for the carnival, they fooled around with each other. Although no one else will see the spandex underneath the costume, it was there. When Cesar put on his spandex part of the costume, Josh kept going up to him and squeezing either his butt or his balls, making Cesar hard as a rock. Because he was hard, it was difficult for him to put his dick into the plastic part of the costume, the thing was fitted exactly for his body, without sporting a hard on.

When Josh started to get dressed into his costume, Cesar returned the favor. Just like Cesar, Josh's costume was fitted for his body with out sporting a hard on. So again just like Cesar, it was difficult for him to put on the plastic part of his costume around his very hard, leaking dick snuggled in the black spandex shorts.

Finally, they stopped teasing each other in order for them to get dressed and join the others. Once their erections went down, they were able to put the bottom part of their costumes on, the boots and then their masks. Once they were ready, they went down to join the others. The minute they reached the bottom of the staircase, all they heard was whistling and yelling how awesome they looked.

"Man when you told us that you were going to be Batman and Robin, I thought you guys were going to look dorky, but I was wrong." Eric walked around Josh and Cesar, touching parts of their costumes. "Man you guys look awesome. Being a gay couple does have benefits. This is one of them." Eric started laughing as he hit Josh and Cesar on the chest.

"Yeah don't you think my handsome boyfriend here is even hotter than anyone that has ever played the roll of Batman?" Everyone in one way or another agreed with Josh. "I couldn't keep my hands off of him as we got dressed. He is the only candy I want to have when we get home tonight."

Some of the people gave Josh a funny look as if they did not want to hear that, like Eric and a couple of his brother's friends. However, the rest of them laughed. They were used to hearing comments like that from Josh. After checking each other's costumes out, they headed out to the carnival. When they arrived at the high school, they went right to the football field to start riding the rides. They spent most of the evening riding them several times. Before the night was over, they headed in to check out the first and fourth floor.

After spending time in each room, they made their way up to the fourth floor to go through the haunted high school. Constantly as they walked through the rooms, Josh jumped, squeezing Cesar's hand at times so hard that he stopped the blood. The others in the group got scared at some of the attractions in the haunted hallway, but nowhere near the amount Josh was. By the time they got through the entire hallway, they knew for sure that Josh was indeed scared of ghosts.

The moment they walked into the house, Josh and Cesar made their way up to their room, unable to keep their hands off each other. All night long, both of them walked around with boners in their costumes. Luckily, the outfits they were wearing hid what normally would been very embarrassing for them.

When they got to their room, Josh kicked the door shut as he was pulling off Cesar's costume. At the same time, Cesar was undressing Josh. It was a little easier for him to undress Josh because he only had a mask covering his eyes, unlike him that his mask covered his entire face. However, by the time they reached the bed, they were both out of their costumes and just in black spandex, showing off their hard dicks.

The black tight spandex showed more on Cesar's body since he was whiter then Josh and he mumbled that as he kissed up and down Cesar's chest. Cesar on the other hand disagreed. He has always loved Josh's tan skin. That is one of the things he fell in love with the moment he saw Josh the first day of their freshman year, his bronze tan that last year around. The black spandex really glows against that tan, and that Cesar loves.

It really did not matter what the boys thought. In no time flat, they were naked, rolling around on the bed in each other's arms. A couple of times as they made love it got a little loud such that others on the other side of the walls could hear them. When they did get loud, one or the other quieted the entire lovemaking down. Although they wanted to make love with each other all night long, they gave in after going into the third hour.

By then they lost track on how many times they both hit their climax, but it did not matter to either of them. All that mattered to them was being with each other. Since they had already dirtied their sheets by their lovemaking, they did not bother to take a shower before falling to sleep in each other's arm. Both of them slept soundly through the night with big smiles on their faces and pleasant thoughts going through their minds.

The beginning of November the students started talking about their holiday vacations. The first to come is Thanksgiving, which they could not wait until it got here. Even though it was only two days off, it was less days they had to attend school.

For the Lopez boys it wasn't the two days off they were looking forward to, it was seeing their father for the first time since he went back to Austin at the beginning of the school year. They all started counting down the days, which in return made the days drag on even more and more.

The second week into November, Josh received a package. At first when his grandmother handed him the package, he was confused. He was not expecting anything from anyone. When he looked down at the return address, a big smile went across his face. Quickly he threw down his bag and headed to the recording studio. On his way, he grabbed Cesar and Brandon to show them what George Strait had sent him.

Together they opened the package and pulled out the music sheets of songs never recorded by any one before. They started looking through the songs and immediately liked several of them. Not so much the beat, but the lyrics they loved, and the beat could easily be changed.

Not needing to say a word, they all went to work on the songs, working all way to dinner. As soon as they finished dinner, they went back in the recording studio working on the music and did not stop until it was time to go to bed. They continued doing this routine every day after school all the way up to the week of Thanksgiving. Even though they were not done yet, they put working on the songs to the side in order to get ready for their father's arrival, the following day.

Trying to talk their way into missing school in order to meet their father at the airport did not work no matter how they asked or how many times they asked. When Tuesday morning rolled around, the day when their father was due to arrive, they headed to school angry that they could not be there when their father got off the plane. All they could think about all day long is seeing their father. They could not wait until school was over, and because of that, their day dragged on. When the sixth period bell finally rang, they all ran to the SUV's as fast as they could. In no time flat, they were on their way home.




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As Jacob said he covered a lot of time in this chapter, but life is like that, things go along slowly and then life just continues without anything really exciting happening and the next thing you know a lot of time as passed you by.

I do hope you like the sex scene I wrote, I write them in my stories all the time (I think I might be hornier than Jacob might), but to write one for someone else is a bit daunting. These two guys are so much in love and I hope that I was able to project that in their love making. Please let me know if I did not. Jacob mentioned the new house, but you may remember when the house was being built he described it in some detail. Of course, we did not know about the pool or the recording studio. I wish my father had given me a recording studio when I was young.

I feel for young Brandon and am very thankful that Josh is there to help him out. The way their mother acted affected Brandon as much as it did Josh. I can certainly understand why Josh no longer wants to go back to the old house. For him it is full of bad memories, which will never totally go away.

All the other guys appear to be doing well except of course Chris who is finding it difficult to find a partner. I hope that one will come along one day.

Nothing new happened in this chapter but as Jacob mentioned time had to move along a bit quick to catch up with the other chapters.

Without a doubt, this is and always has been from the start my favorite story, and there is still a fair bit to look forward to including the new baby, will it be a boy or a girl. If Jacob knows, he is not telling me because he reckons I cannot keep a secret.

Please let us know if you have any comments or thoughts we all love to hear from you. In the meantime, stay safe and well.