Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Trevor

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Edited By: Trevor

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Chapter 13


Josh could see that his brothers were getting a little bored sitting there not really doing anything. Cesar was in and out, so out of respect they didn't turn on the television in Cesar's room in order to let him sleep when he did fall asleep. Without being able to pass the time watching television, time dragged on for the Lopez boys.

Finally, about three Josh got up and pushed his brothers out of Cesar's room. At first they thought Josh was losing his mind, but when they got out into the hallway and Josh explained why he was kicking them out, they understood. Josh asked them to go and grab something to eat in the cafeteria or across the street at either the Burger King or Taco Bell. It was up to them, just as long as they did something besides being bored to death.

"Look we're going because we know that you are not kicking us out of the room because you want us not to be bored, but because you and Cesar want some alone time." Daniel Jr. grinned at Josh and then started to chuckle. "Not really, we know that is far from you guy's minds right now. We'll be back in a half an hour or so."

Carlos and Brandon chuckled at the look on Josh's face. It took a few seconds, but it got through to Josh that his brothers were only kidding with him. He started to laugh as his brothers patted him on the shoulder as they headed over to the elevator. Josh didn't go back into the room until he saw the door to the elevator close with his brothers behind it.

Once he saw that, he headed back into the room and just as he sat down, there was a knock on the door. Josh thought it was his brother playing another trick on him, but when he looked up to see three guys standing there in suits, he got a little worried. The guys at the door didn't wait to be invited in, they just did it. Josh thought they were doctors by the way they were looking at Cesar and his chart, but the looks on their faces was telling a different story.

"Excuse me, I know you guys can't be doctors by the way you look so confused on looking at my boyfriends chart. So why don't you just put the chart down and tell me who you are and why you are here?"

The guys looked at each other, but didn't put the chart down. Seeing that refusal, Josh was getting angry. He did not like the fact people that were not doctors just walk in his boyfriend's room and do whatever they please so he got up from his seat and walked over to the person holding Cesar's chart. He grabbed it from him and put it back where they took it from, but didn't sit back down.

"I don't know how you got through security and into this room, but I'm calling my security to have you tossed out on your asses." Josh reached over to his ring that he was given to him by Jonathan that had a small panic button installed in it. Just as he was about to push it, the guys that walked in started to talk.

"You're right, we're not doctors. We are from your record label. All three of us were sent down here to see what we can do to help you and Cesar get through this horrible thing that happened to..." Before he was able to complete his sentence, several security agents rushed in with their guns out of their holsters.

"I don't know who these guys are, but they just walked in here as if they owned the place." Josh spoke in a commanding voice. "What, you guys just let anyone off the street to just walk in here like this, and seeing if they are cleared by my father or me. They could be people that are here to finish the job. Come on now, this is bullshit!"

Jonathan and Russ walked in and asked the agents to holster their weapons. "Josh we cleared these three gentlemen before they were even allowed onto the floor. They are from your record label and are here to talk with you about something to do with your upcoming CD and concert, so we let them through."

Josh looked over at the three guys in the suits. "That is all fine and dandy, but that did not give you guys the right to do what you did on looking at Cesar's chart. You are executives at a record company, not doctors. So stay away from my boyfriends chart and anything else that you have no business looking at."

"Look gentlemen we are sorry for all this confusion. We should not have looked at the chart, it was just we wanted to make sure we were informed correctly on how Cesar is doing. That is all, but again we are sorry." One of the label executives said as he looked over at Cesar. "Why don't we take this out into the hallway where we can talk without waking up your boyfriend? I'm pretty sure he needs his rest."

Hesitantly, Josh agreed. He only did it because he didn't want the executives to think they could look at other things that are not their business. The security agents walked out first, followed by Russ, Jonathan, the executives and finally Josh. When they got into the hallway, the security agents stood back from Josh, but only about ten feet.

"Once again we are sorry for over stepping the mark in there! Let's start out all over again from scratch, I am Mr. Forbes, these other two gentlemen are Barlow and Cooke. As I said, we were sent down here when the label heard what happened at the NBC Studio last night. We're here to do a couple of things.

First, damage control on what happened last night to you, your boyfriend and family. We can't afford any bad press so close to your CD being released. Bad enough we are already dealing with an uphill battle with who you are." Josh didn't like what Mr. Forbes said, but has gotten used to hearing it already.

"We have a plan to overshadow what happened last night, but let us first get to the other reason we are here, which is sales. The concert is not sold out yet and we don't know how your CD is going to sell since no one really knows you outside this city. To make matters worse for us is you being in high school. You can't go around the nation selling the CD before it gets released like we do with all our other artists."

"You all knew that from the beginning that I will not miss school to promote a CD or a Concert. During the summer I can do that, but not during the school year. If that is going to be a problem, we are..." Mr. Forbes interrupted Josh.

"Right now we can work around you being in school. That is not the problem we have right at this moment. The problem we do have is the attempted murder on you and Cesar. What I understand about what happened, it's a family issue. If that is the case, there is nothing really we can do for you to spin it. Your father and his political team are probably working on spinning it in his favor, which means it will be in your favor as well

So let's move on from that to the other topic I want to run by you. Not only did Cesar get hurt, he got hurt badly. On your way to the hospital, you performed CPR that you learned in school, to save his life. On top of that, his doctor had to perform emergency surgery out in the SUV where you were. You refused to leave his side, even when the doctor had to shock him when his heart stopped.

We can use all that to not only sell out the concert, but also as well sell your CD. You can dedicate your first CD to your boyfriend and really use the sympathy you are getting right now in your favor. I have been in this business for over three decades, and let me tell you this could not have come at a better time."

Josh couldn't believe the balls on Mr. Forbes. If Mr. Forbes knew him, he would have known not to even present the ideas that he presenting right now. There would be no way he would ever use what happened to him and Cesar to sell anything. On top of all that, he would never dedicate his CD to someone that got hurt or killed in order to sell his CD.

Not knowing really how to respond to Mr. Forbes and the other two, Josh stayed quiet as he gathered his thoughts. The silence though didn't stop Mr. Forbes on continuing to try and sell to Josh that he should take advantage of what happened. The more Mr. Forbes kept pushing, the more Josh got angry until he had enough.

"Listen I will never, ever do what you are recommending me to do. I don't know what you guys were thinking, but you were not thinking at all on how I would have reacted on what you want me to do." At this point Josh was yelling at Mr. Forbes. "Either my CD and the concert are going to sell on its own, or it isn't. If not, then this is not the business I should be in and it's best to find that out now, than later."

"I understand your hesitation on this, but I think you are missing the point. We don't think your CD or the concert is not going to sell on its own. In fact, we know they are going to sell without question. No sir, what we are trying to do with what we are recommending to you is ensure these two items sell without a worry."

Josh had enough of the conversation. He was not going to change his mind, and by the looks of it, neither are Mr. Forbes and his co-workers. He tried to end the conversation talking normally, but the three from the record label took turns selling the idea. They were not taking no for an answer no matter how Josh put it.

As he was trying to get out of the conversation and go back into the room, he spotted his friends, Bernice, Eric, Father Gomez and the others heading down the hallway. Not wanting to lose the fight, he did not greet his friends as soon as they walked up. Instead, he stood his ground and made it clear to Mr. Forbes it was a no sale.

"Sir, if you take our recommendations, your CD will fly off the shelves and the concert would be sold out. I know it doesn't sound right, but we need to take advantage of what happened to your boyfriend while we can." Josh could see that Mr. Forbes and the other two were frustrated, but he was too, so he was not about to bend.

"No I will not do that, hell no." Josh angrily shouted at the representatives from his record label. "I will not go out there and say what you want me to say in order to sell more tickets or CD's. I'd rather not have a contract before I ever do what you want me to do." Josh turned and started to walk back to Cesar's room, but stopped halfway and turned back around. "Tear up my contract, because I don't want to be part of a label that is willing to do what you guys are asking me to do."

Mr. Forbes, Barlow and Cooke were stunned at Josh's reaction. Mr. Cooke was not about to be talked down to by a teenager. So he ran after Josh and when he caught up to him, he patted him on the shoulder to get his attention. Josh turned and looked at Mr. Cooke. The look on his face should have told Mr. Cooke to walk away, but the guy was not willing to.

"Son, you have no idea what we have had to do to get things done for you. You at least should be thanking us, not giving us the cold shoulder as you are doing. So stop acting like a little spoiled kid and just fall in line. Do what we are asking you to do without giving us the problems you are giving us, understood."

Josh stood there stunned on what he was just told. Not once has he acted like a spoiled brat, as Mr. Cooke put it. At least he thinks so and can remember. For what is going on today, if refusing to use what happened to Cesar and he yesterday is being a spoiled brat, then he is, and he doesn't care. He will not use what happened to sell one more CD than he would of if it didn't happen.

"You go back to the label and tell them you have just lost a client." Mr. Cooke looked to his right and found the governor standing there. "No one talks to my son the way you just did, especially when he has not done what you claim."

"Governor Lopez Please excuse my partner here, he worded things wrong." Mr. Forbes walked between the governor and Mr. Cooke. "I take full responsibility on what was said here and ask you to reconsider what you just said. Josh here has signed a contract already with our label and if he breaks it, he will have to pay us."

That threat did not help matters any, in fact it just made things worse. "I don't care about any contract that has been signed between the record company you are with and my son. He will not be talked to in the manner you and your co-workers have been talking to him. If there is a penalty for breaking the contract, it will get paid in full, but I don't want him with a record label that wants to get rich off someone's misery.

You and your co-workers leave this hospital and I'd better not see you around my son or family again. If I do, you will regret it." Governor Lopez waved Russ and Jonathan over to him and Josh. "Have these gentlemen escorted off of this floor and out of this building immediately. If they attempt to contact my son, have them arrested."

Russ and Jonathan nodded their heads as they started to push Mr. Forbes, Cooke and Barlow towards the elevator. They were at their side the entire way down to the lobby, which Forbes did not shut up for one second. He tried to talk Russ and Jonathan into letting him go back up and clear up what just happened, but Russ and Jonathan were not listening. They followed the orders they got from their boss and escorted them out of the building. Once they were out of the building, Russ made it clear to them not to talk to Josh or come around him or the governor's family if they don't want to be arrested.

As soon as Russ and Jonathan walked in, Mr. Forbes started to yell at Mr. Cooke. "I know and you know if this can't be fixed, we're all fired. The record label sent us down here to make sure things are going smoothly, not lose them their newest clients. Damn it Cooke, what in the hell were you thinking saying what you said to Josh up there?"

"I know we were all thinking what I said, but none of us was willing to say it. He was acting like a spoiled kid on refusing to go with what we were recommending to sell more tickets and his CD. Hell, what happened to him and his boyfriend last night is a blessing for him at this moment. He either is too stupid to see it, or is unwilling to see it. Whatever the reason is, he is shooting himself in the foot on this."

Mr. Forbes didn't respond to what was just said. He needed to call his boss and let him know what just happened before the governor does. As he picked up the car phone and dialed the number, he was shaking for fear that he and the others with him are going to be on the unemployment line after the conversation he is about to have.

A couple rings later, he heard his boss's voice on the other end of the line. After they greeted each other, Mr. Forbes went right into why he had called. Not leaving a thing out on what happened, he told his boss what they did and what the outcome was. He could tell by the way his boss was breathing on the other end, he wasn't happy at all.

"I sent you three down there to make sure things are running smoothly for our newest recording artist and here you are calling me to say we have lost him. Who in the hell gave you guys permission to recommend anything to Josh. If I was in his shoes, I would have reacted the same way with what you guys were asking.

First you guys didn't think about the timing. It hasn't even been a day since the stabbing and here you were asking him to exploit the stabbing. Come on; use your heads on this. You should have at least waited a little longer before even thinking about that, more so actually saying it out loud to him.

Secondly, calling him a spoiled brat not only to his face, but also with his father present, what are you guys smoking. His father, the governor had all the right to step in as he did and ask you all to leave. Mr. Cooke had no right to say that and I know he knows that. Why he did it, who knows except him."

"Sir with all due respect, what we..." Mr. Forbes was stopped immediately.

"Let me tell you what you guys are going to do at this point. Go back to your hotel and pack your stuff. Head down to the airport, turn in your rental and get on a plane back here. Once you are back into town, I want to see all three of you in my office. What I need to do can't be done over the phone.

While you guys are on your way back, I need to see what I can do to clean up the huge mess you created down there. Damn it..." Mr. Forbes boss started to hit his receiver on his desk. "Think before you fucking speak, think you guys, think. That is why you have a head on your shoulders. Get back here and let me get someone else down there to clean up all this mess. You guys better hope we can salvage this."

Mr. Forbes wasn't able to respond before his boss slammed his receiver down. All he heard was the dial tone and then the operator coming on the line asking him if he needed help to make a call. He hung up his receiver and waved Barlow and Cooke to the car. As soon as they got in, they asked what their boss said, but Forbes didn't answer. The only thing that came out of his mouth is for Barlow to head back to the hotel.

While the three executives from the record company were out in the parking lot of the hospital, Bernice, Eric and the rest of the gang were in Cesar's room making him feel out of this world. They got him whatever he wanted when he needed something. When dinner came, Bernice tried to feed him like a baby, but Cesar stopped her. She did cut his meat, but after that Cesar took his fork and knife from her and fed himself.

In the other room, the governor was on a conference call with his staff in Austin. The main topic at hand was the bills that they have been working on and Al. Since nothing has changed about the bills, the governor went to the topic of Al. He was informed that Al was not going to be able to go to Austin any earlier than the second week of February, which didn't make the governor happy.

"Okay, let me handle getting Al to Austin earlier if possible. Since I am here, I should take advantage of it and go see Al in person. During that meeting I will stress to him how important it is for him to get to Austin sooner than mid February. In the meantime, has it been difficult clearing my face to face meetings and rescheduling them?"

"Pretty much all of them have been rescheduled, except for a couple Governor." Rich took the floor. "Since we don't know how long we are going to be out of Austin, I have taken the liberty to clear your schedule up till Thursday of next week. If you need more time than that, I will clear the remainder of the week."

"I know we are all tired and working on little sleep, but we knew this was part of the job description when we got it." The governor chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood that seemed to him to be too down. "I only have a couple of things left to go over and then you can all go home and enjoy the weekend with your family."

That seemed to do the trick. Everyone was livelier after the governor said that. "I have been looking over my schedule and I see I have a meeting at the end of the month with the president of Mexico. That meeting was not cleared through me. I know we are tight with time, so let's cancel that meeting and move some of the meetings that were canceled to that day. It clears up an entire day by doing so."

"Yes sir it does clear up an entire day, but you need to keep that meeting with the President Carlos Salinas de Gortari." Rich laughed as he caught his breath. "Man is that a mouth full to say. I have never seen such a long name like that." The others on the conference call, including the governor, started laughing.

"The meeting has been on the books for well over a year and a half. It was set up by the former governor and his staff and it was one of the very few we kept. The reason for that is due to the border we share. A lot happens on those borders that we have to have good relationships with Mexico in order for the border towns to thrive."

"No not really, we don't need them to survive, they need us. I know that because I am from a border town here in Texas and I have seen how much El Paso gives to Juarez, but does not get anywhere near back as much as it gives. However, I will keep the meeting, even though I think it's a waste of time. I am doing it so the other Border States do not get hurt by my decision on canceling the meeting.

Now since we are going to keep that meeting, you guys are going to have to find time in my schedule to put the meetings that are being canceled next week. I do not care where you put them as long as I am not working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Is that clear to everyone?" Everyone at once said yes. "Good then, I am glad we see eye to eye on that. If there is no other business, I say we are done."

No one presented anymore business or issues to talk about. Since nothing else was needed to be talked about, the governor thanked his staff and excused them for the weekend before hanging up the phone. Rich stuck around for a little longer before heading to his apartment that he is renting in El Paso.

Bernice, Eric and the gang hung out with Josh and Cesar until nine when Father Gomez told them it was time to go. Reluctantly they all got up, said their goodbyes to Josh and Cesar as they headed out of the room. Josh's brothers, dad, mother and grandmother did not leave for another hour, but when they did, the room was too quiet.

Both Josh and Cesar had got used to the noise and when it was not there, they missed it. They stayed up for another couple of hours before calling it a night. Like the night before, Josh crawled into bed with Cesar and cuddled up next to him. Once they were both comfortable in each other's arms, they laid back on the pillows.

They laid there in bed, Josh cuddled up against Cesar's back, talking. Neither of them wanted to be the one that stopped talking first, so they talked themselves to sleep. When they were out, Russ turned off the light in the room and closed the door so the noise in the hallway didn't disturb their sleep.

The weekend flew by faster than Cesar thought it would. When he was told that he was going to be spending more time in the hospital than originally told, he was frustrated. However, when his and Josh's friends stopped in both Saturday and Sunday and spent the entire day with them, he forgot all about his extended stay.

He didn't remember it until Josh was getting ready leave on Sunday evening. Neither of them wanted to be apart, but the governor was not going to allow Josh to miss another day of school. Therefore, for the first time since they could remember, they are going to spend the night apart from each other. Something that is making each of them feel like their hearts are being ripped out of their chest.

Josh tried several times as he gathered his stuff to talk his father into letting him stay, but Daniel Sr. was not bending. When Josh asked the fourth time, his father made it clear to him that the answer was not going to change and if he asks again, he was going to be punished. Not wanting to, Josh stopped asking.

Trying to stretch out the time he had, Josh took his time gathering his stuff. When Daniel Sr. noticed his son taking his time, he asked his other boys to help Josh. Within minutes everything Josh was taking back home was in a bag, at the door. Seeing there was nothing else he could do to spend more time with Cesar. Josh reluctantly made his way to his boyfriend's bed to say goodnight to him.

Leaning down to Cesar, Josh started to speak with tears rolling down his cheeks. "I wish I could stay with you, I really do." Josh wiped the tears from his face. "I can't remember the last time we were not in the same bed, in each other's arms. There is no way I can sleep without your heart beating against my chest, no way. I really wish I could stay!"

"I know you do and I wish I could go home and be with you, but that is not on the cards for us tonight or for the next couple of nights I will be dreaming of you and I know you will be dreaming of me. So stop this crying and wipe your face before you get up from the bed. We do not want our parents and brothers to see you crying like this. Also I don't want to start crying because seeing you crying is making me want to cry."

Josh smiled as he wiped away the tears again from his face. He did as Cesar asked him and stopped crying. Once he got control of his feelings, he and Cesar kissed. They did not break the kiss until they heard Carlos calling out. Trying to steal a few more seconds, they held the kiss, but then they heard Carlos again, which caused them to break their kiss. They said goodnight to each other as they hesitantly let each other go.

Neither Josh nor Cesar slept through the night. Both of them kept reaching out for the other and when they didn't find the other, they woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. When the alarm sounded for Josh, he was more tired than he was when he went to bed the night before. Not wanting to get into any more trouble with his father, he forced himself out of bed and got ready for school.

Just as he thought, everyone at school asked him how he and Cesar were doing. When he answered that question over and over again throughout the morning, immediately it was followed up with either who did it or had the person that did it been caught. Those two questions threw Josh because if they read the newspaper or watched the news on TV, they would know the answers to those questions.

By the time lunch rolled around, Josh had enough of his teachers feeling sorry for him and the students asking him questions. He thought he was prepared for it, but all he could think about and wanted was Cesar. Since he got together with Cesar, they have never been apart at school, or anywhere for that matter. Now here he is without his boyfriend at school and not in his bed at night.

When he walked into fourth period Los Tigres, all the students surrounded him and spilled the beans on what happened last Friday. As they told Josh about the stunt that Mr. Edgar tried to pull, it reminded him of his argument that he had with his record label. When Josh's fellow classmates got to the part when they got up and walked out on Mr. Edgar, it pulled Josh out of his own thoughts, back to reality.

"You guys have to be kidding me, you really didn't do that?" Josh looked around and every one of his fellow classmates shook their head. "Man thanks guys I really don't know what to say, but again thanks. You don't know how much that means to hear that you guys had my back when I was gone."

Before anyone could respond, the final bell rang and Mr. Franklin asked the students to take their seats. He took roll as he normally does before starting class. Once he completed roll call, he walked to the middle of the stage and looked out to his students. He was trying to figure out how to tell them how things unfolded with Mr. Edgar.

"Well I really don't know where to start except with the obvious. I'm pretty sure you all have seen Mr. Edgar around the halls throughout the day, but you don't see him here. All I can say is that he will no longer be part of this class or Los Tigres. The detail around his removal is between me, Principal Michaels and Mr. Edgar. So do not ask because I will not answer any questions that you might have on that matter.

However, I will make it clear here and now that none of you guys better start any rumors on what you think might have happened to Mr. Edgar and why he is no longer here. There is no room for gossip in this class. If I find out any of you start a rumor about what happened with Mr. Edgar, you and I will have a talk. Trust me none of you guys want to have that talk with me because at the end you will no longer be part of this group.

No matter what you think about Mr. Edgar and what he has done, he is still a teacher here and will be respected as such. When you see him around the school, you will give him the respect that he deserves and is demanded from a student to a teacher." Mr. Franklin looked at each of his students in the eye and saw that he had gotten through to them.

"Enough with that topic, let's move on. We have about two weeks left before the big day, the concert. There is still a lot of work to be done, so we'd better get busy." Mr. Franklin walked over to his desk and grabbed a couple of folders off it. "You all have been having a problem with several of Josh's songs, so I selected different ones from his upcoming CD for you all to sing. They are a lot easier and I believe you will catch onto them in just days, and will be completely ready for the concert."

The class moaned as Mr. Franklin handed out the new sheet music. Josh looked down at the new songs his teacher chose from his CD and loved them. He wanted these songs to be ones from the beginning since they are a lot more fun, maybe except for the Liven La Vida Loca one. No matter, he could let that song go since it is more than an even trade with these new songs that were chosen for them to sing.

The rest of the period, the class was on the stage learning the new dance moves that Mr. Franklin put together over the weekend. By the time the bell rang, the class caught onto the new moves faster than they did the ones they had been working on for the other songs. That made Mr. Franklin very happy and confidant that not only they will be ready for the concert as he said, but as well they will win the next day in their competition.

The rest of the day and pretty much the first half of the week went by fast. Classes were easy for Josh, and Los Tigres was fun. Still the only thing that was on his mind was for the day to be over with so he can go to hospital and be with Cesar. The minute the final bell rang for the day, Josh rushed out of the building as if the building was on fire.

Jonathan and Russ took turns on being at the school with Josh or at the hospital with Cesar. When Jonathan had some down time, he took advantage of it. He started to do the interviews that the governor lined up for him. The guys he met with were excellent, but he didn't think he would get any of them to sign on to his detail for several reasons.

The first and most important was the pay. For their kind of training and what they come to the table with. The pay that is being offered is a lot lower than they are asking for. Second issue Jonathan was facing was the set up. The ones he interviewed didn't like the setup of having two different security units. In their mind, it won't work because it will be too much confusion. The final issue was the two individuals they would be guarding. Once again, they felt having the unit split into two would cause a lot of confusion that will result in too many things falling through the cracks.

By his tenth interview, he had his team, but was certain he was going to be turned down when he offered the job. Still he decided to try. Therefore, he called up the guys he liked the most and asked them to come back in. He wanted to have them face to face when the job is offered so he might have a better chance on getting a positive answer from them.

When Jonathan was not interviewing, he and Russ were talking on how they were going to work the two units as one. Jonathan at first thought that Russ might not go along with the change because he might think it was a demotion, but Russ surprised him. He not only welcomed the change, he offered to do whatever was needed to make it work.

Having Russ behind him one hundred percent, made it easier for Jonathan to get the rest of the detail to fall in place. By Wednesday, they were reporting directly to Jonathan and when he was not around, they reported to Russ. Russ went to Jonathan to clear every move before they made it, which made things a lot easier to run.

Josh and Cesar were finally briefed on Wednesday night about the change. Once again, Jonathan suspected some kind of objection from Josh, but didn't get it. Instead, he was welcomed back and told if he needed anything from them to make his job easier, just ask. Just like when he got Russ's response, he was also surprised on Josh and Cesar's.

Once Jonathan and Russ went over the added procedures, they left the room, leaving the boys by themselves. Since they only had a couple of hours before Josh had to get home, they did not waste any time. Josh jumped into bed and cuddled up to Cesar. They laid there in each other's arms watching television or talking. Not once did they let anything from the outside world disturb their alone time.

When it was time for Josh to leave, like the nights before, they did not want to let each other go. Reluctantly they did knowing if they didn't, they would be in trouble. Josh cried as he did the first night, pulling Cesar to tears, but they said their goodbyes and promised to see each other the next day.

For the first time since college, Mr. Edgar couldn't fall asleep. Back then he had exams and classes to worry about, but now it is his job. Things have not been going all that well for him since he was moved out of teaching classes. Principal Michaels has been making it hell for him and on top of all that. His case is not going too well at the school board.

Earlier in the day, his rep told him that the school board was leaning towards dismissal. If that was to happen, his teachers degree wouldn't be worth the paper it is written on and he told that to his rep. The only response he got out of his rep was for him to end this by presenting Principal Michaels his resignation, something he never thought he would have to do in his life.

Now here he his walking up and down trying to decide what to do. If he sticks it out and fights everything, he could lose it all. On the other hand, he could do what his rep his recommending and that is hand in his resignation and walk away. At least then, he can get a teaching position in another school in another district in the city.

As the sun started to rise, he hadn't completely made up his mind on what he was going to do yet. He heard his wife get up. In order not to worry her, he ran to the restroom and turned on the shower. Leaning against the door, keeping his fingers crossed that she did not notice him not at her side in bed, he waited to hear her walk by. The closer the footsteps came, the faster his heart beat in his chest. He felt the knob to the door turning, but she couldn't turn it all the way since he locked the door.

"Honey are you okay in there?" Trying to not worry his wife, Mr. Edgar answered in the positive. "Okay, I will put the coffee to go so when you get out of the shower it will be ready. Don't leave without letting me know that you are heading out." Once again Mr. Edgar answered his wife in the positive.

When he heard her walk away, he jumped into the shower and quickly rinsed off. After shaving and cleaning up the little mess he made in the sink, he walked to their room to get dressed. Before walking in though, he made sure she was not there. Once he was for sure she was somewhere else, he quickly got dressed before heading to the kitchen to grab himself a cup a coffee.

As he was putting in his sugar, he felt his wife's hands around his waist, causing him to jump a couple of feet, dropping his coffee to the floor, shattering the cup. "I am sorry sweetie for this; I will clean it up before I head out." Mr. Edgar quickly made his way to the closet where all the cleaning supplies were at and pulled out the broom, mop and bucket. As he gathered all the cleaning supplies, his wife just looked at him!

"You have been somewhere else these last couple of days, what is going on?" Mr. Edgar ignored the question as he cleaned up the mess. He knew he was not a good liar, at least with his wife, so he was not about to try and lie to her. "Honey I wish you would tell me what is going on so I can help you."

"Sweetie there is nothing you really can do to help me out on what is going on right now. It is problems at the school and I don't want you to worry about them. After today they are going to be dealt with one way or another, I promise. I promise things will get back to normal when I come home this evening."

With that, Mr. Edgar quickly gathered everything up that he pulled out of the cleaning closet and returned them. His wife tried to get more detail from him, but he pretended that he didn't hear her as he grabbed his briefcase and headed out the door. Feeling like crap on keeping his wife in the dark, Mr. Edgar punched himself several times as he got into his car and drove off.

All the way to school, he wasn't paying attention to the road in front of him. He ran a couple of red lights and almost ran over a couple of people who were walking across the street. After the third person he almost ran over, he snapped out of it and paid attention to the road the rest of the way to school.

When he arrived at school, he tried to get into the school unnoticed, but several of the students that he has had in his classes in the past greeted him. A couple of them asked him questions, causing him to stop and answer them, something he tried to avoid. Finally when he got to Principal Michaels office, he took in a breath of fresh air.

The secretaries looked up at him and like every morning since he was taken out of classes and placed in the office, they gave him a dirty look. They didn't give him the time of day, just gave him dirty looks. Knowing that he could not afford any more problems, he ignored the dirty looks and made his way to Principal Michael's office in the back.

Before entering, he knocked and waited to be invited in. It only took a few minutes for Michaels to invite him in, but when he saw whom it was; Edgar could tell he regretted it. Not waiting for a warm response, Edgar closed the door and took a seat. Principal Michaels didn't look up from is desk, he kept working on what he was doing, ignoring Mr. Edgar. After a few minutes of chilling silence, Mr. Edgar spoke.

"I spoke with my rep yesterday before leaving and he told me that things were not looking so hot at the board for me. I was wondering if you knew anything else." Principal Michaels looked up and shrugged his shoulders. "I know I messed up a lot this year or so, but you know I am a good teacher. Put aside the business with Josh, you not once had a complaint on me. So forgive me when I say I am surprised that I am being treated this way. I made one mistake, with one student. Should I lose my job over it?"

"Mr. Edgar, it is not that you did it with only one student, it was that you constantly did it to that one student. You were told time and time again to stop it, but instead of stopping it, you got worse. It got to the point that you had the entire Los Tigres walking out. What would you have done if they had done that? How would you have put together another group of kids in time for the competition on October the first?"

Mr. Edgar just shrugged his shoulders. "You see, you did things without even thinking about what would happen. The outcome of what you were doing not only would have hurt the school, but your rep as a teacher. Not with the students mind you, but with your fellow teachers. Not one of them trusts you, not one of them."

"I don't know what else I can do than what I have already done. I apologized to each of them several times. It is they that refuse to take my apologies and move on. What else am I supposed to do to get them to trust me again than what I have already done?" Mr. Edgar looked down at the floor. "I need your help here sir. There is no way I can go home and tell my wife that I was fired and there is no chance on me getting hired anywhere in this city again as a teacher because of that."

Principal Michaels felt bad for Mr. Edgar, but it was out of his hands now. "I can tell you that it looks like the school board is going to make its decision after hearing from you on Monday. The decision right now is not looking like it is going to go your way and I don't think it will change no matter what you say at your hearing." Mr. Edgar looked up, visibly shaking. "You have no tenure, which means you can be relieved without even a hearing, but I fought for you to have that. I had hoped hearing from you might change things with the school board, but now I see it won't."

"So what am I supposed to do sir? I can't lose my job and you know that."

"I know you can't lose your job, not in this way. If you do, you will not be hireable in this city or any other city for that matter as a teacher." Principal Michaels got up from his desk and walked around. "Look the only thing I can tell you that can save you from losing everything is hand in your resignation. Do it today, because if you wait any longer, you won't be able to do it."

"If I do that, will I get a letter or recommendation from you sir since you were my direct boss, not the school board?"

"I will do one better! Not only will I give you a letter of recommendation, but also I have already lined you up a job as a Chorus teacher at Eastwood High School, in the Ysleta District. The only reason I did that is because I know you have learned from this and will not make the same mistake again. You won't pick on a student because who he or she falls in love with or dates." Mr. Edgar cracked a half smile hearing what his boss did.

"The other reason I am doing this is because I do not want my god son's father to be unemployable. You and Donna honored me when you asked me to be his godfather and I will always be looking out for him." Mr. Edgar was about to thank Principal Michaels, but he was stopped. "I know what you are about to say and there is no need.

Just tell Donna when you get home that you were requested for this job and I hated to let you go. It is more pay and you will be on the fast track to get your tenure. All I ask is that you don't mess this up. Because if you do, there is nothing else I can do to help you."

"I promise I won't mess this second chance up, thank you!" Mr. Edgar got up from his seat and took the folder that Principal Michaels was holding out to him. He looked through it quickly and saw it was an employment package for the Ysleta District. He could not believe after all the things he has done; Principal Michaels went out on the limb and did what he could to get him another job.

"Here you go Mr. Edgar." Principal Michaels handed Edgar a white envelope that contained his letter of recommendation. "All I need from you is you resignation on my desk as of yesterday." Mr. Edgar pulled out a white envelope from his pocket and handed it to Principal Michaels. He sat down and read through it quickly and then handed it back.

"Please rewrite it without admitting wrong. This letter will be put in your record, which is going to go to the principal at Eastwood High School. If he sees this letter, he might think twice about hiring you." Mr. Edgar was confused and Michaels could see that. "Just make it simple that you are leaving your job because of a better offer, which is true. Put in there how honored you were working here and things like that and then hand it in."

"You want me to kiss some butt on my way out." Mr. Edgar winked as he started to laugh. "I will do whatever you ask me to do or write. The only question I have really is do I finish the day here or do I go home after I finish writing this letter?"

"Neither! You have to report to Eastwood High School as soon as you finish writing up your letter of resignation. I don't think you are going to be in class today, but they want to make sure all your forms are filled out and ready to go for Monday." Principal Michaels smiled at his old friend. "Take this as a new beginning and reinvent yourself. I know the guy I first met those many years ago is somewhere in there, let him out again."

Mr. Edgar nodded his head as he walked out of the office. It only took him ten minutes to rewrite his letter of resignation. Once he felt it was what Principal Michaels wanted, he went and handed it in. Just like before, Michaels read the letter, but this time he did not give it back. Instead, he wished Edgar good luck as they shook hands.

On his way out, he said goodbye to the secretaries that didn't give him the time of day, which surprised them. Before leaving the last time from El Paso High School, he walked over to his old classroom and asked Mr. Franklin to come out to hallway for a few minutes. At first, Mr. Franklin didn't know what to suspect, but he got surprise.

"I know I have been a total ass for a while to you and many others in our class, and for that I am sincerely sorry. There is no excuse for how I have been treating you and some of my students and I am not going to make any. I have handed in my resignation. Something I should have done the day I lost why I became a teacher. It was not to make my students lives miserable like I have been doing. No it was to nurture their young minds to think on their own and become individuals. Somewhere along the line I lost my way and it took you to set me straight again. Thank you and I hope I can always call you my friend."

Stunned on what he was being told. All Mr. Franklin could do is shake Mr. Edgar's hand and wish him luck. He stood out in the hall until Mr. Edgar disappeared down the stairway. Once he didn't see his former co-worker, he walked back into the classroom feeling a little empty inside. He never wanted it to come down to this, but he knew he had no other choice than what he had done.

Meanwhile, Josh was staring into space when he felt someone pat him on his shoulder. At first he didn't think it was real, but when he felt the pat again, he turned around to see Jonathan standing there. He leant down and whispered into Josh's ear to get up quietly and follow him out of the classroom.

As he got up, he couldn't help but think that something was wrong. A few of his classmates looked at him as he walked out, but then went back to what they were doing after a few seconds of looking. Josh followed Jonathan out the door, and once in the hallway, he stopped his head of security to see what was going on.

"There is someone here to see you, but doesn't want to come in the school to do so." The answer confused Josh more than not knowing. Jonathan didn't say anything else. He continued walking towards the stairs. Neither of them said a word as they made their way out of the side entrance and across the field. When they reached the side street that goes parallel to the school, Josh saw several police cruisers, SUV's and a limousine in the middle. He knew it wasn't his father since the limousine was not low to the ground, but that got him wondering even more who it might be in the car.

His question was answered before he got to the limousine. The door opened and George Strait stepped out of the car, putting Josh not only at ease, but also at a smile on his face. They shook hands as they greeted each before getting into the limousine. George explained to Josh that he didn't want anyone to see him, ask for autographs, or worse, call the press.

When Josh got into the car he saw a young guy sitting there. He looks like he might be in his late twenties, maybe early thirties, but no older than that. He was wearing a blue suit jacket and slacks, white dress shirt, but no tie. His shoes were so shiny that you can actually see your reflection in them as if you were looking in a mirror.

As far as looks, he is not a bad looking guy. You can tell that he goes to the weight room, but he is not over built, muscle yes, but cut. He was very handsome, but not Josh's type. Moreover, he is married by the wedding ring that he is wearing, which makes the young woman that he married a very lucky person.

"Josh let me first say how sorry I am about what the executives tried to talk you into doing. That didn't come from the higher ups in the label. They had no idea that Forbes, Barlow and Cooke were going to suggest anything like that to you. They were only sent down here to make sure everything was okay and to get you anything you and your family might need. I know that sounds weird since your family is the first family of Texas and pretty much have everything you would need at a moment like that. However, you are now part of the MCA family as well now."

Josh shook his head as he looked back and forth from George and the other guy in the car. George saw that he didn't have Josh's complete attention, so he did what he didn't want to do right off the bat, introduce Ivan.

"Josh I would like you to meet Ivan Lancaster, Ivan this is the brilliant young man I have been telling you about." Ivan leaned over and shook Josh's hand. "If you give us a second chance, Ivan has agreed to be your manager. He will be the only one you will deal with when it comes to the label, no one else. His one and only job will be to keep you happy, no matter how many sleepless nights it gives him." Josh chuckled.

"Look, I know what happened last week made you mad. Hell it would have made me mad if someone from the label came up to me and tried to sell what they were trying to sell to you. When I heard about it, I wanted to rip their heads off, but my wife settled me down. They had no right to do what they did, and again it won't happen again in the future.

From now on, you will only have one person to deal with and that is Ivan here, no one else." George cracked a smile. "Well I am lying to you a little there. As long as you are singing and I am in the industry as well, I'll be looking after you as well. If things are not right, trust me, I will make them right. No matter what the cost it might be to my career. I really do believe you are the future of country music and we must make sure that future unfolds or country music will die a slow ugly death."

"I know you don't know me, but let me tell you this from the get go." Ivan spoke for the first time. "If you give MCA another chance, I promise you that you will not live to regret that decision. I will here night and day, for whatever you need or want. MCA, just like George here, sees you as the future of not only their label, but also Country music, so they took all my other clients away and just gave me you. That means I will be able to devote myself one hundred percent to just you."

"Everything sounds all fine and dandy here, but you guys can't promise me that another person from the label like Forbes or Cooke won't come down here again and try to pull a stunt like they pulled last week. Trust me when I say something else will happen. Maybe not right away, but something will happen.

Not only am I open about my sexuality, which that alone is going to cause problems, but I am one of the sons of the sitting governor. Many have already said that my dad is just beginning in the political arena and believe the governor's mansion in Austin is not going to be his last stop. They all say within ten years he will be president.

That means things are not going to get any easier. People out there are going to want to hurt me, or worse, kill me for so many different reasons. Rumors will float around about my sexuality, what is going on with my father, my relationship with Cesar and everything in between all that. Can you guys handle all that without getting tired and dropping me from the label?" Josh looked at Ivan and then over to George.

"When the label took you on, they knew who they were taking on as a client. I told them who you were and who your father was. Just as you said, they found out all that and more. Even knowing all that information, they said yes and never looked back. In other words, Josh, the answer to your question is yes. The label can handle you, your family and whatever comes our way in the future concerning all that and more."

"Okay, I need to talk with my father about all this. Even though I want to stay with your record label George, my father needs to agree since I am not eighteen." Josh cracked a smile, causing George and Ivan to crack a smile as well. "And let me tell you the only reason I want to stay with the label." George and Ivan smile was replaced with a serious look. "It is because of you George and everything you have done for me. There is no way I can ever turn my back on you and anything you ask me. You know as well as I do, I wouldn't have a label if you didn't push for me."

"To tell you the truth, MCA are the lucky ones. There is no doubt in their minds or mine that you would have been snatched up by another label. The ones winning here is MCA to have your name associated with the label, and me to be able to teach you what I know. I made mistakes in my career. If I had someone looking out for me, I might not have made all those mistakes. I promised myself to help those that I can, and you are letting me."

"Thank you for those kind words, it means a lot to me, more so coming from you." Josh looked at George, a guy he considers his father in the music industry. "Still I need to talk to my dad about all this and get him to agree with me that the best thing for me to do with my music career is stick with you and MCA."

"Before talking with you Josh, I did talk with your father. I knew you were going to need his permission because of your age, so I went to him first. He told me that he will go along with whatever you decide. He believes in your ability to make the right decisions and see through all the crap out there." George laughed. "Those were your father's words to me, not mine." George got out between laughs.

They talked a little longer, but the bell rang, ending second period. Josh knew he had to get going, but didn't want to. Reluctantly he got out of the car and thanked George and Ivan for coming down before heading back to the main building. As Josh was walking across the field, Ivan ran up to him and handed him his card. With that, Ivan said goodbye and promised to see him again later in the evening at the hospital.

The rest of the school day dragged in some periods, and in others it went by fast. By the time Josh got to fourth period, the rumors were already floating that Mr. Edgar quit his job, making Josh feel like crap. Even though Mr. Edgar was wrong, in Josh's mind he didn't deserve to lose his job. He never wanted that to be the outcome for him.

Fourth period flew by the fastest. Josh figured it went by that fast because it was fun and no one was arguing about anything. They were too busy learning the new dance moves and the songs that Mr. Franklin put together last weekend. When the bell rang, everyone was disappointed that the period was over.

Fifth and sixth period seemed to drag on forever for Josh. They were not the most boring classes he has ever been in. But the only thing that kept him from falling asleep was thinking about Cesar. Every once in a while, he would look over at Cesar's desk and saw it empty, giving him the creeps. Even before they got together, Cesar never missed a day of school.

When the final bell rang, Josh made his way to his locker and then to the SUV as quickly as he could. Jonathan and the security crew had a hard time keeping up with him through the traffic of the other students in the hallway. Once they were outside, things were little different. They were able to surround Josh as they made their way to the SUV.

All the way to the hospital, Josh could not stop thinking about what he wants to do with Cesar in the few hours they had. When he arrived and found that Cesar was being released, he was more than stunned, he was ecstatic. He was almost jumping out of his skin in the inside, and barely keeping it together on the outside.

Dr. Whitmore and his staff worked as fast as they could to get Cesar released as they did not want the governor and his family stuck in the evening traffic. By four, all the paperwork was done and signed. The only thing that was left to do was for Cesar to get dressed, which didn't take long with Josh's help.

By four fifteen, they were heading to the elevator chatting about this being their last stay in a hospital, at least they all hope. They are all getting tired of seeing the walls of this hospital. It seems it is becoming a home away from home for their family and friends. They are there so much! The hospital should name a wing after them with the amount of money they have spent in medical bills.

As soon as they got into the limousine, the governor asked the boys where they wanted to go out and eat to celebrate Cesar coming home. They threw out several places, but decided on McDonalds. The governor informed his driver and the security staff where they are going, and the motorcade was on its way.

When they pulled up to the McDonald's, they were greeted not only by Al, but also regular citizens that were out getting dinner for their families as well. They looked on as the governor and his family made their way into the restaurant. Those that were in the drive through or passing by went in to see what was going on.

Al escorted some of the security staff into the kitchen so they could stand guard not only at the side doors, but watch those that are preparing the food. They want to make sure nothing was done to the food that might harm the governor or his family. The employees were nervous with the security looking over their shoulders, but they went on with their work. When the governor's order came across, they had no idea it was his.

Once the first family of Texas got their food, they took their seat in the area that the security agents cleared. They sat there eating and talking like any normal family does when they sit down for a meal. Everyone that was looking on was surprised on what they were seeing. They thought that they were different, but now they see they are just like them, a regular family with regular conversations.

While the first family of Texas was enjoying their meal at McDonalds, the Petrillo brothers and Immanuel were walking home from the park where they had played a game of basketball. They were so far into their conversation that they didn't see the car behind them driving very slowly. It was a concerned neighbor who alerted the boys of the car when they found out they were being followed.

When they turned around and saw the car and who was in it, their hearts dropped to the ground. Patrick thought they had seen the last of their parents, but here they are following them like stalkers. Immanuel and Antonio stepped to the side, but Patrick refused to move, causing his parents to put the car in park and get out.

"Son, I don't know who you think you are, but if I was someone else, you would be road kill right now. I know your mother and I taught you better than standing there in the middle of the street, refusing to move out of the way of an oncoming car."

"First, you, and mom only taught Antonio and me how to hate, nothing more than that. So do not get all high and mighty standing there yelling out for the neighbors to hear how good as parents you two were, because it's a lie. Secondly, if you had a chance, you would run Antonio and me over. We don't have to worry about strangers out there when you guys are out here stalking us." That didn't make Patrick's parents happy at all.

"Look, we are your parents and you will show us respect." Mr. Petrillo looked over at Antonio and waved him over. "Come here son, I need to speak to both of you." Antonio looked at Patrick for guidance. Patrick nodded for him to come to him, not to their parents. "I don't care where you stand, as long as we can talk with you both without yelling for the entire neighborhood to hear."

Mr. Petrillo closed his car door and walked over to where Patrick and Antonio were standing. Mrs. Petrillo joined them a few seconds later. What Patrick's parents didn't know was that the neighbor that saw them stalking their kids was running over to the church to get Father Gomez.

"You guys said a few things the last time that were not true and we need to clear the air. I never once laid my hands on your sister in any way, shape or form like you stated the last time we talked. Whatever you were hearing, you were hearing wrong Patrick. There is no way you could hear what was going on in the hallway, more so in your sister's room in the house since the walls are brick."

"Dad you can't stand there and tell me I am wrong on what I said the last time, because we both know that's a lie. You were raping Marlene and you know that." Mr. Petrillo walked up to Patrick and slapped him across the face. He wanted to punch him, but held back. Patrick quickly covered the area on his face where he was slapped, as tears of pain started roll down his cheek.

"You'd better watch what you are saying to me and your mother, we are still your parents. I can take both of you boys, put you in my car and take you home whenever I want to until you turn eighteen, and no one can stop me. The only reason I don't do that is because I don't have the time to watch you two twenty four hours a day.

Now, as I was saying you boys are wrong on what you are thinking about Marlene and me. I need to know who you told these lies to so we can go to them and tell them the truth." Neither Patrick nor Antonio said a word. "I know you boys! You are like little girls that like to gossip, so to whom have you told these lies to. Was it that priest you are staying with and his family?"

Patrick was about to open his mouth when he heard Bernice's voice yelling. They turned around and saw her, Eric and Father Gomez running towards them. Patrick's parents took a couple steps back, but didn't leave. They stood their ground and waited for Father Gomez to arrive so they could find out if Patrick told them anything.

"You are in so much trouble and I know you know that!" Father Gomez said out of breath as he got to Patrick and looked at him. "You are no longer Patrick's legal guardian. By you hitting him as you did, that is assault. I'm going to make sure you are thrown in jail and you don't get out."

"I don't care what a piece of paper says, we are his parents and no one can say otherwise." Mr. Petrillo was pointing back and forth from him and his wife. "My son here is spreading lies about me and I want to make sure it is corrected before it gets out of control, right Patrick." Patrick didn't even look at his father, he just stood there.

"Tell this guy that you lied to him when you told him about what you think you heard going on in the house, come on tell him the truth Patrick!"

Father Gomez looked into Patrick's eyes. "Patrick you know there is nothing you can say to me that will get me angry with you. If you told me something that is not the truth, I won't get mad. Just clear it up. If your father is lying and everything you have told me is the truth, there is no need for you to say a word. I will believe your silence over him."

Patrick looked back and forth from Father Gomez and his father. When he said what he said, he never intended to tell anyone else what he knew. He just said it to scare off his parents, but it back fired. Now here they are causing a big scene in front of his neighbors who have accepted him, his brother and Immanuel into the community.

He cleared his throat as he looked into Father Gomez's eyes. "Sir, what my father is talking about is..."



{Welcome back one and all to another exciting chapter of "Shadow of My Father". It is another filled chapter of the lives of Josh and the others in the story. So much happened in this chapter, I do not even know where to begin my summation. I guess the best place to start is at the beginning as I normally do.

The chapter picked up right where it left off, kind of. I gave a little back ground on why Josh was arguing with the three executives from the label. I wonder what you guys think about all that. Would you have bent and did what they asked, or would you have stood up to them like Josh and say no? Josh had a lot to lose by saying no, and I think that is what the executives were banking on, but got a big surprise.

Many of you guessed it was going to be George Strait to come in and fix everything, you all were right. It seems that you are getting to know the way I am going to write out the next chapter. I need to do something to throw you all. I cannot have you guys knowing what I am going to write before I even write it, LOL.

Josh agreed to stay on with MCA and now has his own manager. He needs his own manager so he doesn't have to deal with assholes like Forbes and the other two. That is the manager's job and if Ivan is a good manager, Josh will never know what is going on business wise.

You all got a little background on Mr. Edgar. Now you know why Principal Michaels kept him around. He was the godfather to the teacher's son. He did not want to put his godson's father out of a job, but Mr. Edgar almost left him with no other choice. Lucky for them, Mr. Edgar came to his senses and stepped down. I wonder if he would have done that if Principal Michaels did not line him up a job. I guess that question will never be answered since he did step down before the school board was able to rule.

Poor Josh and Cesar, they didn't want to sleep without each other at their side, but had no other choice. They almost got punished for standing their ground. I am glad they reluctantly did what they were told, even though it hurt them a lot. It brought them both to tears each time they had to say goodbye to each other at the end of the day.

The chapter ended in a happy note and a bad note. Let's start with the happy note, Cesar able to go home. That had to make Josh's day. Well that had to make both of their days. Now they don't have to say goodbye to each other and sleep alone in an empty bed. It reminds me of an old song my mother use to listen to by Barbara Mandrel, Sleeping Single in a Double Bed. That is what both of them were doing. Now they won't be because Cesar is going home, making both of the boys very happy. Let us hope they don't do any hanky-panky stuff in bed when they turn in.

Finally the end, the cliffhanger! I know, I know a cliffhanger, but to tell you the truth, I love them and hate them. I hate them when it happens to me every week when I am watching my favorite television show and they leave you off wondering what is going on, just as I do, LOL. So trust me I know how you feel, but at least for now you don't have to wait that long to see what is going to happen.

Back to the story, Patrick parents seem to come around to only cause trouble. I wonder if Patrick is going to tell the truth or cover up for his parents. Recently we have noticed with Patrick that he is not afraid of his parents, but his father just hit him. What do you guys think, is he going to tell the truth, or chicken out?

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Another great chapter Joe thank you. I love this job. What happened between Josh and the record company could very well have been authentic because the company publicity machine would have been out there looking for any chance of selling more records and making money. That's their job, but the way they went about it was wrong. I mean how rude and arrogant can you be, but I know from personal experience there are guys like that in the industry.

Thank goodness George Strait was able to straighten (sorry for the pun) things out and now that Josh has a manager who sounds like a switched on guy he will be able to keep all that crap away from Josh so that all he needs to do is concentrate on his music. If he is a good manager Josh will never again need worry about money coming in or going out, were his next gig will be and so on, and I think Ivan will be the right one.

What a bastard of a cliffhanger, Joes getting worse, I'm sure you'll all agree with me on that. Personally, I think Patrick should side with father Gomez and tell the truth as he knows it. In any case his father should do time for slapping him.

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