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Edited By: Trevor

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Chapter 14


The Lopez family did not mind those that were watching them eat. They ignored them as they talked about their day, what they wanted to do over the weekend and much more. Every so often throughout the conversation, someone at the table would ask Cesar how he was feeling. At first it didn't bother him, but around the fifth time, the question was getting old. Everyone at the table could see he was getting frustrated with the question, so they didn't ask him again.

When they were getting up to leave, everyone fought to get Cesar's tray to throw it away. Cesar tried to tell them he could do it on his own, but no one would listen. After a few minutes of back and forth, Carlos won out. He took Cesar's tray, while Josh helped him up from his seat. Once he was on his own two feet, he walked out on his own.

It was no surprise, that the crowd had got larger since they have been in the restaurant. Many of them asked for autographs as they made their way to the car. The only big difference this time was that they were not just asking for the governor's autograph, but for Josh's as well. A few of them asked for Cesar's, but the request pretty much surrounded the governor and his son Josh.

It took a while to get to the car because the governor and Josh tried to give everyone that was asking for an autograph. The security details were on their toes this time. Not only because the governor was there, but also they didn't want another repeat of what happened at the television station.

Once everyone was secure in the limousine, the security agents breathed a little easier. They jumped into their vehicles and the motorcade headed home. Due to so many people in the parking lot of the McDonalds, it took over twenty minutes to get out of there. However, once they were on the road, they were able to pick up speed. Before they knew it, they were pulling up into the driveway.

As soon as Josh and Cesar walked into the house, they started to head upstairs, but halfway up, they were called back down by their father. Hesitantly they turned around and made their way back down and over to their fathers private office. When they walked in, they were surprised on how many people were there waiting for them.

Not only was their father, but Isaac, Jonathan, Russ, Benedict and ten guys they have never seen before. Josh and Cesar looked the ten guys over as they made their way over to their father. The only thing they were for sure of is that they are or were military by the way they were standing, their haircuts and their clothes.

"Boys please take a seat?" Daniel Sr. smiled at Josh and Cesar as he pointed to the seats in front of his desk. "As you know I have asked Jonathan here to put together a new security detail for you boys. He will be the one in charge of the new security detail, but Russ will stay in charge of the current one you have." At the same time, Josh and Cesar looked at their father, confusion in their faces.

"Let me try and explain this little better. You guys will not only have the regular detail that you get being a child of the governor, but as well another detail because for what you are about to embark on." Daniel pointed to Josh. "Since you are going to be in the public eye a lot more than your brothers, you will need extra security around you.

However, this extra security is not going to be paid by the taxpayers, but by me and your record label Josh. They are going to help foot most of the bill, and what they don't cover, I will. They agree with me, at the end of the day, the most important thing is your safety and anyone else that is around you. In other words, there is not going to be another repeat on what happened last Friday."

Josh was about to ask a question, but his father asked him to hold it to the end and went on explaining how things were going to work. From who is paying the security detail in more to detail, to the little things that he is losing. Daniel wanted to make clear to both the boys that with extra security don't mean they lose more freedom. They are going to try their best to give them as much freedom as possible, but at the end of the day, the first and only priority is their safety.

"Now how things are going to work with the extra men Josh and Cesar, I will let Russ and Jonathan explain that." Jonathan stepped forward and spoke first. "Russ's men, your original security detail, will now on come to work in uniform and their guns in holsters either on their waist or their side. The reason for that is we want to show anyone that is thinking to do you guys any harm they'd better think again.

They won't be in the classrooms or close to you guys like they are now. They'll be outside of classrooms, walking the halls, guarding the doors of the rooms you guys are in. They will be the first in a room before you guys go in so they could clear the rooms. They are the ones that will be seen and known that they are security.

These men behind you are the new detail that were hired to blend in. Right now they may not look like they can do that, but trust me, they are highly trained in many areas, one of which is to blend in to any assignment they are given. Come tomorrow you guys may not even recognize them when they report to work.

They will be dressed in regular clothes, like what you kids are wearing today. They are the ones that will be sitting in the classrooms, in the lunchroom at the table next to you guys and walking along side of you. No their weapons will not be shown, but they will be carrying a side arm somewhere on their body that they can get to fast if needed."

Jonathan went into more detail on how things are going to work with the two different units. By the time he was done, neither josh nor Cesar had any questions or problems with what they came up with. Jonathan looked over at Russ and Benedict to see if they had anything to add, which they both did.

"I know it is a lot to handle all at once, but give it time and you will see that this new procedure is not only going to work, but you guys will like it." Russ spoke more in a chipper voice than an authority voice like Jonathan was speaking in. "Too many things have happened to you guys because we haven't been able to get the security around you right. Hopefully with this change, we found the right mix and nothing more will ever happen."

"I agree with what both Jonathan and Russ just said. It's going to be some getting use to, but when you guys do get used to it, you won't even notice all these men around." Mr. Benedict walked over to Josh and Cesar and knelt down. "You need to tell your friends that they need to listen to these guys. They can't object even once, because if they do. They won't be able to come around you guys again."

"I am sure our friends will have no problem falling in line with the new changes." Josh looked at Cesar to see him nodding his head. "They have jumped through every hoop you have put in front of them, even though some of those hoops were rings of fire. All they want is what we want, and that is stay friends and hang out."

"Okay guys, we have given the boys a lot to think about already, there is no need to give them anymore stuff about security tonight." Daniel stepped in. "If you remember something that you didn't say here, write it down and tell the boys when you see them next. For now you all go ahead do what ever you would be normally doing and leave me, my brother and boys by ourselves."

Jonathan, Russ and Benedict nodded their heads as they gathered their stuff and headed out the door. Josh watched as the new security agents followed those three out the door and couldn't help asking himself why they we're not introduced. In the past whenever someone comes on new, the first thing that is done is introductions, but not today. Today they just stood there, not saying a word, as things were being explained.

"Boys there is one last thing we need to talk about and I will let you go up to your room and settle in for the night." Josh turned around and gave his father all his attention. "As you two know, your uncle here adopted you Cesar. With what happened in the last week, there has been some confusion on who are your adopted parents and payments for your medical bills.

Since you're not my legal son, you're not covered under my insurance like the rest of the boys have. That means anytime you get hurt and need medical attention, the bills are sent to Isaac's insurance, which has a high deductable. We have no problem paying that because you are our son Cesar. However, is insurance does not offer what my insurance offers and we want to fix that, plus much more."

Daniel knelt in front of Cesar. "I don't know if you know this, but when we first were talking about adopting you, I wanted to be the one. Then things fell apart between Martha and I, I couldn't. Lucky for me, my brother stepped in and adopted you. If he didn't do that, I don't want to even imagine where you would be today. You are so much part of this family, I can't think of you never being here.

You may not be blood of mine, but that doesn't matter, I love you the same. Not only will you make my son the happiest person on this earth, but you brighten up this house. We all were hurting not having you here this last week! I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that you never again get hurt. In order for that to happen, your adoption arrangements had to be changed. I can't get you a security detail unless you are immediate family. Being legally adopted by my brother doesn't make you that.

So yesterday, we went in front of a judge here in El Paso and changed all that. Barbara is now you legal guardian, and since she is married to me, through marriage, you are my son. I can now put you on my insurance and most importantly, get you your own detail to keep you safe. That is all I want at the end of the day, you coming home to us safe."

Cesar tried to hold in his tears, but his emotions were too strong. They started to roll down his cheek in a steady stream. "Barbara wanted to be here when I gave you the news, but the twins were being a little cranky this evening. So she is up in the nursery taking care of them, but told me to go ahead and tell you the news."

Isaac walked over to Cesar and Josh, and knelt in front of them, side by side with his brother. "Cesar the hardest thing I have ever done in my life was signing the paperwork yesterday. I loved being your adopted father, but this way works out a lot better for you. I will still be here in the house when ever you need me. Everything we have done and spoken about in the past, we can still do. I am still part of your family, not your adoptive father, but your uncle, which I will take."

Unable to hold back his tears, Josh joined Cesar with tears rolling down his cheeks. Cesar leaned forward and pulled both of his fathers into a hug. Unable to form a thought, he just held them tight in the hug. Not even a minute into the hug, Josh joined them. None of them said a word. They just held each other, not wanting to destroy this moment.

Just as they broke the hug, Barbara walked in. Cesar right way got up walked over to her and pulled her into a hug, whispering over and over again thank you. At first Barbara was surprised because it was not what she suspected to happen when she walked into the door, but the surprise only lasted a second. She wrapped her arms around Cesar and whispered to him that there was no need for him to thank her.

What seemed to be an eternity, which was about five minutes, they broke the hug. Cesar walked back over to Josh ad sat down. No one said a word. They just sat there looking at each other. Finally, Daniel broke the silence and told the boys that they can go up stairs and get ready for bed. Even though Cesar wasn't going to school the next day, Josh was.

They got up, went up to each of them, gave them a hug and wished them goodnight before leaving the office. All the way up the stairs, they didn't say word. The silence between wasn't broken until they were in their room, crawling into bed. They talked a little about what just happened, but before they knew it, they fell asleep in each other's arms big smiles across their faces.

Meanwhile, while the Lopez family were dealing with their family affairs, Patrick and Antonio were dealing with theirs. Patrick couldn't think straight at all. Not only because his father just slapped him across the face, but because he was being put on the spot. What he told his father the last time they saw each other was to scare him away. He never thought in his wildest dreams that his father was going to call his bluff.

After looking back and forth from his parents and Father Gomez, Patrick made up his mind on what he was going to say. There is no way he is going to mess up this good thing he has going right now with Father Gomez and Bernice. Not for his father who without a doubt doesn't care for him, his brother or sister.

He cleared his throat as he looked into Father Gomez's eyes. "Sir, what my father is talking about is something in our past. As you know, my parents are truckers, and they are a lot on the road. But when ever they were at home, it was a nightmare not only for me, but for my brother and sister.

Not only did my father miss-treat my brother, and me he also did things to my sister. I am not a hundred percent what was going on, but I know what ever it was, my sister didn't like it. There were nights I heard her screaming at my father for him to stop it, but he didn't because the screams didn't stop for hours. At times the screams were drowned out by the thumping of my sister's bed against the wall, which told me what my father was doing to her in that room. He was raping her!"

"Stop your lying you son-of-a-bitch!" Mr. Petrillo walked up to slap his sun, but Father Gomez stopped him. For the first time in a long time, he raised his hand in anger. He had to, or one of the boys he was responsible for was going to get hurt by a person that could really do some harm. There is no way he was going to allow that to happen.

"Mr. Petrillo you have no right here. Not only have you lost custody of Patrick, but you have lost custody of Antonio here." The Petrillo's looked at Father Gomez as if he was out of his mind. "The day after I spoke with you, I went in front of a judge and had Antonio removed from your custody. Right now he is in my custody temporally until the courts could hold a full hearing to decide to permanently remove him from your home and place him in mine. There is no doubt that the ruling will go my way."

Mr. Petrillo did not like at all what Father Gomez was saying. All he wanted to do is go up to the father and kick the living daylights out of him. He was so mad, he knows if he starts hitting the father, he won't stop. In return, he will be arrested for murder, because no one would be able to pull him off if he gets started.

It took a few minutes for Mr. Petrillo to digest what was told to him. When he did, he walked up to Patrick quickly and grabbed a hold of his arm. At the same time he grabbed a hold of Antonio's arm and started to pull both of them towards his car. But he got another surprise. The boys wrestled free and walked back over to Father Gomez, almost knocking their father on ground.

"What the hell dad, you have no right to pull us like that." Patrick screamed out. "If you touch me again, you are going to regret it. I am no longer that little boy that you used to love to push around. That little kid that you hit whenever you were feeling bad! He is gone. And this guy is now in its place and he is not going to let you put a hand on him, his brother or sister anymore."

"You listen to me you little shit! You don't talk to me that way. If you know what is best for you and your brother, you two will get into my car right now and not say another word. Do you understand me Patrick?" Patrick just looked at his father, refusing to give him an answer. "Damn it Patrick, answer me, do you understand me?"

"Mr. Petrillo I am not going to mince words with you. Patrick and Antonio are not going to get in your car no matter how many times you ask or how you ask it. They are going to stay here with me and my family. You and your wife are going to get back into your car and leave immediately if you know what is best for you."

Mr. Petrillo couldn't believe his ears. The father is actually threatening him. "What, what are you going to do, beat me up. I would like to see that." Mr. Petrillo started to laugh as he looked back and forth from Father Gomez and his sons. "There is no way you can beat me up. The minute you try, I will have you on the ground, bleeding before you know what hit you. So go ahead and try it."

"No I'm not going to try and beat you up Mr. Petrillo. I'm not stupid. I know you have got into a lot more fights than me and you can take me out in seconds. However, if you don't leave right now, the cops that are coming will make you leave. So if you don't want to land up in jail, you and your wife better leave this very second."

Just as Father Gomez said cops, everyone heard the sirens. Patrick's parents ran to their car and got in. As they drove off, they yelled out to the father and his sons that it was not over by long shot. Father Gomez ignored what was said and asked the kids to do the same thing. They turned around and walked back to the house.

As soon as they were all in the house, Father Gomez asked the Petrillo boys and Immanuel to go to the living room. At first they thought they were in trouble, but when they sat down on the couch and looked at Father Gomez, they knew they weren't. Not by the body language that the father was doing that is.

"Boys I am very concerned about your parents. This is the second time they stopped you in the street and tried to get you in their car." Patrick was surprised that Father Gomez knew it was the second time. They never told him about the first visit. "This time they were not going to take no for an answer.

What scares me on top of all that is if they are successful on getting you guys. I really do believe they are not trying to take you home to make everything fine and dandy. No sir, they are trying to get you to silence you guys. Silence you on what you know and remember about what happened in that house when you were growing up.

It's time to put an end to all this. I know they are you parents and deep down inside of you guys, you still love them. But they can't keep coming around doing what they have been doing with the threats and all. Who knows, one day they might get lucky and get one of you in their car. If that happens, who knows what they are going to do with you."

"What do you think we should do to keep that from happening?"

"Patrick you guys need to come clean and tell the police everything. I mean everything that happened in that house from what happened to you and what you heard happening to your sister. Do you think your sister will press charges?" Patrick and Antonio both shrugged their shoulders. "Why don't we do this for now? You guys think about what I just said on telling the police about everything. Also, introduce me to your sister. I will be the bad guy and ask her that hard question."

Father Gomez tried to make the boys relax and understand what he was asking, but he was not getting anywhere with them. He knew he was asking a lot from them. He knew he was asking them to betray their parents, something a teenage kid should never be asked to do. But he knew if he didn't at least try and get them to talk to the police, they won't be able to overcome what happened to them in that house, and put it in the past.

After talking about it for another twenty minutes, Father Gomez let the boys go up and get ready for dinner. They promised that they would think about what he was asking. At the same time though, they also promised to introduce their sister to him. That was a positive step in the father's eyes. A step that most teens in their shoes will never do for fear that they will get in trouble, or worse, they will get shunned.

The first night back in the same bed, Josh and Cesar held each other tight. Not once through out the night did they let each other go. They held onto each other in their arms and when they felt the other moved, they moved with him, not skipping a beat. So when the alarm went off in the morning, they were a little surprised to see that they had not let each other go in their sleep.

Josh stayed in bed as long as he could, but he had to get up and get ready for school. Reluctantly he pulled himself out of bed and headed to the bathroom to shower. As soon as he jumped into the shower, he heard Cesar's voice in the bathroom. Then the shower door opened and he saw Cesar sitting there looking at him.

Neither of the boys was saying a word, they just stared at each other. The longer the starring contest went on, the harder Josh's dick got. He could see he was having the same effect on Cesar through his pajama's bottom. Cesar's dick was hard as a rock, pressing against the pajama's fabrics, trying to get free.

As quickly as he could, Josh rinsed of and jumped out of the shower. Not bothering to dry off, he fell to his knees and pulled Cesar's pajamas off, leaving him there in just his tight, black boxer briefs. Slowly Josh pulled at Cesar's boxer briefs. Little by little, Cesar's dick was coming into view.

The first thing Josh saw was the beginning of his boyfriends pubic hair, which he kept nicely trimmed. Then he saw what he was after, the head of Cesar's dick. It was already leaking a steady stream of pre-cum that Josh wanted in his mouth. As he finished pulling down the underwear, he leaned down and slipped Cesar's dick into his mouth. Savoring every moment as his boyfriend's dick slid deeper and deeper into his mouth.

Just as Josh started to feel Cesar's pubic hair brushing his face, he felt Cesar's hand on his dick. Cesar reached around, wrapped his hand around Josh's dick, and gently started to tug on it. He didn't want to make Josh explode too soon, so he slid his hand up and down his boyfriend's dick slowly, gently, bringing him to his climax.

Exactly at the same time, they both hit their climax and couldn't stop it. It has been a while that they had sex with each other and they knew it wasn't going to take much to get them there. Josh's cum exploded out of his dick, hitting the side of the toilet. As he came down from his high, the last couple of shots splattered all over Cesar's arm and hand.

At the same time, Cesar exploded, but Josh didn't let Cesar's dick out of his mouth. The first three or four shots rocket into his mouth, hitting the back of his throat, feeling like a bullet. The other shots were not as hard, but they reached the back of Josh's throat and slowly to his tongue. When Cesar spent all his love juice, Josh softly licked the tip of Cesar's dick, making sure he got every bit of his boyfriend's love juice.

Josh let Cesar's dick slip out of his mouth as he kissed his way up Cesar's stomach, his chest, and neck not stopping until his lips were on his boyfriends. They held the kiss as long as they could, but the real world came crashing in. Brandon was yelling for them to come and have breakfast, bringing them out of their love world.

While Josh and Cesar were in the throes of each other's loving arms, Martha's family was being taken down the long concrete hallway for their day in court. This time they are not going to be in front of Judge Garcia since he is a district judge. This time they are going down to see a federal judge to see if they are going to be deported.

None of them have spoken to their attorneys, because of the last time they were in court, they don't trust them. After all, they were promised that they were going to get bail and not spend another night in jail. But here they are spending an entire week behind bars. A place they never wanted to see when they decided to come to El Paso.

To their surprise when they walked into the courtroom, it was empty. There was not a soul in sight and the lights were still off. The guards directed them to the seats in the jury box and instructed them not to move an inch before leaving. A few minutes later, the lights in the courtroom came on, letting Martha's family get a good look around.

Little by little the courtroom filled up. Not with others that had to see the judge. The gallery was full of press and those that wanted to know Martha's family face. One of the last to walk in, were their lawyers. Immediately after putting their brief cases down, they grabbed the files from the prosecution desk and headed to them.

"I know this has been a week you wish you could have back." Raymond Myers spoke as the other attorneys stood behind him. "So there is only one voice here in these proceedings, we all agreed I should be the only one talking. If any of you have problems with that, speak now or forever hold your tongue." Everyone shook their heads.

"Okay then, let's get down to business shall we." Myers took a quick glance through the files. "We have been talking to the two prosecuting attorneys in your case and I believe we came up with a great deal for you guys. A deal that will get you out of jail today, but not on your own two feet though."

Everyone looked at Myers with either a confused look on their face or an angry one. "Let me try and better explain myself on this. If you agree with what we came up with, all of you will be processed out of county jail and taken over the border sometime late tonight. It might be tomorrow, but I will push for it to be today."

"What is the catch? They are not going to just release us without us saying or doing something they want us to do." Martha's mother spoke as the others shook their heads.

"You are right; they are not just going to release you without you making a statement on the record. Each and every one of you will have to go in front of this judge and admit that you were going to harm the governor and his family. Change your plea from not guilty to guilty. Once you do that, the judge will sentence you twenty-five years to life. Then he is going to waive that sentence, but deport you back to Mexico."

"I do not understand this at all. If the judge is going to sentence us, we are going to have to serve some of the time before we are deported back to Mexico. They are not just going to let us go without that, no way." Martha's cousin got and started to walk to the far side of the jury box when the guards stopped him and made him sit back in his seat.

"I know this sounds all weird, but you are going to have to trust me here on this. This is going to be the best deal you are going to get from this court or any court for that matter. More so in front this judge because he is a judge we prefer to as a hanging judge. He loves throwing the book at people and doesn't lose a second sleep over it."

Mr. Myers looked over to Martha's cousin that got hot and bothered. "If you what you just did in front of the judge, he is not going to take the plea. He's going to throw it out and make us go to trial. Trust me you don't want to go to trial on these charges because we will lose. You will not only have to serve the twenty five years, be you will be deported once you get out. At least here all you get is deported."

Martha's family spoke for a few minutes among themselves before letting their attorneys know that they will take the deal. Myers could see that several of them were not too happy with what was going on, but will go along with it. He warned then once again not to pull any stunts when they are in front of the judge if they want the deal.

Just as they agreed, the bailiff asked everyone to stand as he introduced the judge. An older man, maybe in his late forties, early fifties, white with white hair and a sour look on his face walked out and took his seat. He looked around the court before asking his bailiff to call the first case.

"You honor the district attorney and I have reached a plea agreement in this matter." Mr. Myers and the district attorney both walked up to the bench and handed the judge the plea agreement. As they stepped back, the judge looked over the plea agreement. Everyone in the courtroom could tell by the look on his face he didn't like what he was reading. That got all of Martha's family worrying that he is going to reject it.

"The last time the federal courts reached plea agreement with a member of this family, she somehow got her hands on a gun and attempted to finish off what she started. By that, how is this court going to trust the other family members of this family to obey every item on this plea agreement. There is no way we can keep an eye on them once they leave this country. That means we will never know if they are back here days after we send them back to their country of birth."

"Sir, I was not part of the last plea that was done with this court and a family member of this family, but I am here as part of this one. I can assure you that they won't break one item on the plea agreement. All my clients want to do is go home and put what happened here behind them and never look back."

"This court is still not satisfied with your word on this matter. Martha Lopez attempted to kill our current governor and when she did not succeed, she tried and tried again. She learned that from someone and I fear that someone is in this group here. On top of that, they will try and come back for Mr. Eduardo Mendoza's trial since he is the husband, father, uncle or some kind of relations to each of these defendants."

"Your honor, they came here to put to rest the very woman you are talking about. She was killed by overzealous officers when she was trying to get back to her room. They only wanted to put her to rest and now go home. As far as the governor and his family, they don't care one bit about them. In their eyes, they died the day their daughter died."

The Honorable Earl Knox looked over the people's evidence. He stopped at the pictures of the old house of the governor and spent longer looking at them than anything else. Martha's mother saw what he was looking at and knew they were in trouble. She has regretted what they did to the house ever since they did it.

"I do not like this deal one bit. I am very close on setting aside the deal and push this case to trial. I will hold that decision until I hear from each of your clients. If their remorse of what they did is genuine and I believe the words they are saying, I might think on granting this." The judge held up the plea bargain. "If even one of them I don't believe or their remorse is not sincere, I will throw it all out and schedule all of the defendants for trial. Am I making myself clear on what I want to see?"

Mr. Myers shook his head before pulling all of Martha's family into a circle in front of the judge. He was worried about a couple of Martha's family members, not all of them, and those are the ones he spent his time talking to. When he felt they understood what at stake here, he informed the judge that they were ready.

The bailiff called each family member up one by one. He read what they were charged with before letting them speak. One by one, they switched their pleas from not guilty to guilty and told Judge Knox what they took part in. When it was Martha's cousins turn, Mr. Myers was sweating. He was on his toes, listening to every word that was said and how it was said. As soon as he was done, Mr. Myers was able to breathe again.

When the final Mendoza spoke, the judge didn't say a word. He just looked at the defendants, weighing what he should do. "Not only did you destroy a home that you were allowed to stay in by the very people you consider dead, but a member of this family tried to carry out what you spoke about. I am not happy about that, but I can't hold each of you for the wrong that another in this family has done. No matter how much I want to.

With that said, I am going to go along with the plea agreement that was reached between the two sides, but I am going to make the law very clear here. Each of you changed your plea from not guilty to guilty. For that I need to sentence you according to the law of this state." One by one Judge Knox sentenced each of the Mendoza's to twenty five years.

"I am going to waive the twenty five years at this time. However, each of you must give up your passport and never step foot again on American soil. That includes military bases and embassies around the world. If you are caught on American soil from this day forward, you will be arrested and automatically taken to jail to serve the entire twenty-five years of your sentence.

Do not test this court or this country. If you come back for any reason, I don't care another family member has past away and you want to attend his or her funeral, you will be arrested on the spot. If that happens and I am still on the bench, I will make sure you do hard time at one of our harshest prisons."

Judge Knox signed a couple of forms before closing the file and handing it to his bailiff. The courtroom was on pins and needles to hear what else the judge was going to say. When he adjourned his court, he stunned everyone in the gallery. They wanted to hear more from him, but didn't get their wish.

Before Martha's family was taken to their cells, Mr. Myers pulled them to the side. "All of you got your lives back. Do not flush it down the toilet. Do not step foot again in American soil as long as you live. If you do that, there is nothing, I or any attorney for that matter can do for you. You will serve every second of those twenty five years. And you heard the judge. He will make sure those years are going to be hard time."

Mrs. Mendoza looked at her tired family before looking back at Mr. Myers. "I only have one question for you. Can my former son-in-law, the governor step in here and try and get our plea overturned. Can he charge us with something else and use what we said here against us in future court proceedings."

"Those are all excellent questions and no to them all. As far as your business with American courts, it is done. You will be processed today and taken across the border late tonight. I shouldn't see any of you ever again and please make sure of that."

Everyone except a couple of the Mendoza family thanked Mr. Myers and their attorneys before heading back to their cells. Mr. Myers didn't mind not getting a thank you from those that didn't give it. All that mattered to him was that they would never again return to the US once they are taken back to Mexico.

Back at school, Josh couldn't stop thinking about Cesar. He kept looking over to where Cesar normally sits, but he wasn't there. His heart fell each time he didn't see Cesar, but perked up thinking that he will see him once he gets home. Until then, he knows he has to stop looking for his boyfriend so that he doesn't get hurt.

So he kept his mind on school work, which caused the day to drag on. When Lunch came around, he couldn't be happier. Bernice, Eric and the others kept his mind off of Cesar not being there. He was very thankful for that. Whenever he slid into a sad mood, one of his friends at the table pulled him out of it.

They worried a little about him when lunch was over since none of them had class with him during fourth period. In every other class through the day, one of them had the same class as Josh and did what they could to keep his mind out of the gutter. Now the period they worried the most has come and they have no idea how to help him.

When they mentioned their concerns to Josh as they walked to their lockers, Josh tried to convince them that there was nothing to worry about, but they didn't believe him. Having no other choice, they let Josh go to class. When they separated, they told Josh if he gets into the dumps again, to think about the positive things. Think about seeing Cesar in just three short hours, which put a smile on his face.

He and the rest of the clan barely made it to their classes. They walked in just as the tardy bell rung. Mr. Franklin did what he normally does before calling the class to the stage. After giving them instructions on what to work on, he pulled Josh and Sharon to the side. They both thought that maybe Mr. Franklin rethought his stance, and is on the side of Mr. Edgar as far as removing Josh as the soloist. Boy was they completely wrong.

"I had an idea and I want to run it past you guys." Josh and Sharon just stared at Mr. Franklin. "With what we have already put together, it isn't enough to fill the allotted time we have to fill for the concert. So, I was thinking that you two sing a duet together to fill the remaining time we have. What do you guys think?"

Josh looked at Sharon and smiled at her. "I don't see any problem with that. What song do you have in mind for us to sing?"

"I have a great song for you guys to sing." Mr. Franklin got up and walked over to his desk for the music sheets. When he returned to Josh and Sharon, he handed them each a couple. "If sung right, this song will be beautiful with you guys singing it. It is called I Told You So and your voices are just right for this song."

Both of them looked over their lyrics that they are responsible for singing. Neither of them had an issue with it and told Mr. Franklin so, which put a smile on his face. He walked Josh and Sharon over to the corner of the stage to practice the song and get use to each other. He knew that they needed to get in sync with each other in order for them to actually pull off this song. If any two can do it, he thought these two can.

The rest of the period, Josh and Sharon practiced in the corner while the other members of Los Tigres practiced on their dance moves and what ever else they are going to do. Fifteen minute before the bell was to ring, Mr. Franklin asked his students to take their seats. They knew what was up, but wasn't about to say anything.

"I don't know if you guys have heard yet, but let me put any and all rumors to rest here and now. Mr. Edgar is no longer a teacher here at El Paso High School. He wasn't fired! He accepted another teaching position at another high school on the Eastside of town. We will see him again, but for now on as the instructor to a competing school.

So, whatever you heard throughout the day on why Mr. Edgar had left is untrue, unless it is what I just said. Other than that, don't believe it and don't take part in spreading the wrong rumors around." Mr. Franklin looked at his students to see if he was getting through to them. "If you guys have no questions on the matter or about the concert, you have the remainder of the period to yourself."

No one had any questions. Therefore, Mr. Franklin went to his desk, letting his class to do what they wanted, just as long as they didn't get loud while doing it. Josh knew if he sat there, he was going to start thinking about Cesar. So he asked Sharon if she wanted to practice a little more on their duet. She jumped at it.

They were in the midst of the song when the bell rang. Josh gave Sharon his address and asked her to come down sometime during the weekend to practice some more. Once again she jumped at it. She has always wanted to see the Josh's house. Figuring if the rumors around school are at least half-true, the house is one awesome place to hang out.

The last two periods of the day was flying by until Josh got called out of sixth period by Coach Montoya. He knew that the talk he was about to have with his coach was not going to be a good one since he skipped practice all week last week. Even though he practiced at home, the coach was still going to be mad at him.

When he got to the coaches office, he didn't find him. He stood at the door for almost ten minutes before giving up and heading back to class. As he walked through the pool area, he heard the coach calling out for him. He looked around and found him on the far side of the pool hanging a banner on the wall.

Not knowing what the coach wanted him to do, he just stood there. The coach finished what he was doing and walked over to Josh. He didn't say a word at first, he just patted Josh on the shoulder. The silence was playing tricks on Josh's mind. He just wanted the coach to say what he wanted to say so he can get this over with.

"Josh I understand that there are a lot of things going on in your private life right now, but that doesn't excuse missing an entire week of practice. This is a team sport and each of your team mates depend on you to be here practicing with them. By missing so much practice, you are not ready for our first meet."

"Coach I have been practicing. Not with the team, I do grant you that, but I have been practicing at home. I am ready for the next meet, truly I am."

"You may have been practicing at home, and that is good, but that is not the same. If you were just in individual events, I might let you get away with practicing at home, but you are not. You are on team events and you need to be here practicing with the teams. You must be in sync with them. The only way to get there is by practicing together.

I'm afraid I have to do something I don't want to do. You are not going to suit up for our next meet." Josh looked at the coach stunned on the harsh decision he made. "I don't want to do this, but you have left me no other choice but to. You father has already received a call from me on this decision and he didn't sound too happy."

"Come on coach, don't you think you are taking this a little too far. Okay you are right as far as the team events, so don't let me swim in those. But at least let me swim in the individual events that I always swim in." Coach Montoya kept shaking his head. "Come on coach, please don't do this. My father is going to punish me for this, please let me at least swim in the individual events."

"Again I am sorry Josh, but you should have thought about that last week when you were not coming to practice. I understand what is going on with Cesar, but it is going on with Cesar, not you. You are not the one that got stabbed and landed up in the hospital. So there is no excuse you can give me that excuses you for last week."

Josh just stood there, stunned on what was going on. He never wanted to be treated differently, but what happened last week should have excused him. The coach is right, he wasn't the one that was stabbed, he agrees, but he was not going to leave his boyfriends side when he was needed the most. And, for anyone to say he should have done that is completely out of their mind.

"Since you have nothing else you can say that will excuse why you felt you were above the others on this team, I have get back to what I am doing." Coach Montoya started to walk away when he remembered something to tell Josh. "You are not allowed to suit out for tomorrows meet, but you have still to be here. Show me and your team members that you are a member of this team and come down here and support us."

Josh looked the coach in the eye. "And if I don't come tomorrow, what are you going to do, suspend me for another match?"

"I don't know what I would do because I have never been put in that situation before. That could happen yes, or worse." Josh wanted the coach to explain what he meant by what he said it could be worse and he did. "I must show no matter who the swimmer is, no one on this team is above the other. Every team event in high school holds the same standards. If you choose not to come, I might suspend you for a couple more meets, or kick you completely off the team. The decision is yours on what will happen."

The coach headed back into his office, leaving Josh standing there in the pool area stunned on what he just said. It took a couple of minutes for him to find his feet. When he did, he walked back to his sixth period classroom, not saying a word. Just as he walked in, the bell rang excusing school.

Dragging his feet, he grabbed his books and threw them into his book bag before heading to his locker. Jonathan watched Josh as he fumbled with his lock on his locker. He saw the hurt in his face. Even though it may not have seemed in the conversation between him and the coach, he was hurt by what happened. There should not have been any doubt in anyone's mind that if swimming was taken from him, it would hurt him.

After grabbing his books that he needed to do his homework, Josh slammed his locker door, spin the dial on his combo lock before heading out. He had no zest in his walk. Jonathan never seen Josh so crushed and it is starting to worry him. But, before he could try and cheer him up, they reached the SUV.

All the way home, Josh looked out the window. Not really looking at anything, just out into the distant. Every so often Jonathan looked back at Josh, but couldn't really see anything. Then when they turned onto their street, Jonathan saw tears rolling down Josh's eyes. He wanted to say something again, but he had no idea what to say. He was afraid that he was going to stick his foot in his mouth. On top of that, they are only a few blocks away from the house, leaving them no real time to talk.

As they drove into the driveway of the house, Josh wiped his face and gathered himself. Once the SUV came to a complete halt, Josh grabbed his book bag and got down. He looked at the door, half-expecting to see his father standing there, but he wasn't. Slowly he walked across the drive feeling like he was walking to his death.

Slowly he turned the doorknob and opened the door. As he walked in, he looked around and breathed in a sigh of relief when he didn't see his father standing there. For the first time since he was told about his suspension, he walked fast. Throwing his bag by his brothers, he started to head up to see Cesar. Just as he stepped on the first step of the staircase, he heard his father calling for him.

"Joshua Lopez you need to come and speak with me in my office right now!" Josh slowly walked to his father's private office. Knocked first and waited to hear his father to invite him in, which didn't take long. Gathering himself for the second time in the last five minutes, Josh walked into the office and took a seat where he normally does.

"You know son I don't like getting calls from your school, from any of your teachers, more so your coaches." Daniel Sr. looked up from his desk and looked at his son sitting there in front of him, scared to death. "What were you thinking about missing practice last week? Did you think the coach was not going to suspend you?"

"Um, no, I mean, um, I really, um was not thinking!"

"That is right you weren't thinking. If you would have come to me and told me what you were doing, I might have been able to help. But, when I get a call out of the blue like I did today about something I had no idea about, it caught me off guard. You know how much I hate being caught off guard." Josh nodded his head.

"Listen son, I am not angry with you. I just wish I knew what was going on so I could have helped you. I sounded like a bumbling idiot when your coach called me." Daniel got up from his seat and took the seat next to his son. "I tried to talk him out of his decision, but he had his mind made up already when he called me. No matter what I told him, he wasn't going to budge one inch.

It seems to me that he is being pressured from his higher ups, more than likely the school board, to get tough on you. I think after what happened with the security issue, the school board told the teachers at your school to be hard on you boys." Josh looked at him with confusion on his face. "I know I'm confused about all this as you are. The only thing I can think why they might have done that is to get me to pull you guys out of that school.

The way I see it, either we let them win or we fight back. You know me! I don't like to give up on anything, even if I am in the wrong." Josh cracked a smile for the first time since he walked in. "So this is what I think we need to do here. You and I have to sit here and decide what is best for you, not the school, you.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you really want to do. School, Los Tigres, swim team, starting a music career and everything in between is way too much for you. One if not two of those things you will need to drop, which one of them won't be school." At the same time Josh and his father laughed.

"Starting any kind of career is hard as it is. You have a lot against you from the get go and I know you know that. Your age, still being school, being part of this family and who you are to name a few that is making things a lot harder for you! You have to finish a school and who you are you can't change. As well as being part of this family.

The reason I am saying all this is to help you figure out what you want to do from this point. Maybe it's too soon for you to start a career. You may need to reconsider starting a music career right now. Put it on hold until your graduate from high school. That doesn't mean you can't do these concerts, but the whole CD release and everything that comes with that is what is breaking the camels back."

Josh didn't know what to say. He wanted nothing to change at school, but at the same time he wants the CD and everything that comes with that. Still he wasn't stupid, he knew he didn't have the time to do everything he wanted to do. Something had to give, but what he had no idea at this very moment.

"This decision is yours son. You are the only one that can make it. With that said, I would like you to stay on the swim team. I really feel school team's puts more structure in a teenager's life. Structure I feel a teenager won't get anywhere else. Plus, I already gave in on the ROTC thing. You need to give me one!"

"Dad I know you're right and I don't want it to seem like I am selfish. I want to do everything I am doing right now in school. At the same time I want to do this music thing. I don't know where it is going to go, but I would like to find out. That is why I am still going to go to college." Josh looked down at the floor and started to mumble a little bit. "I read that if a singer takes a break in his or career, it is hard to get the career going again when they return from their break."

"Josh you know how I feel on this, but again the decision is yours to make and no ones else's. If you choose to drop swim team, which I won't be to happy about that, I can live with it. As long as you are happy and can handle the things you decide to keep. You have a lot of thinking to do, so before I lay my other thoughts on you. Go up stairs and think about all this. What ever you decide, I will back."

Josh got up, thanked his father as he hugged him before walking out of the office. When he got to his and Cesar's room, he put on a smile, even though he was feeling like crap in the inside. He didn't want Cesar to get down because of what was going on.

All evening long, Josh was in his own little world. He was weighing all the pros and cons of everything that is going on. By the time he and Cesar crawled into bed, he still hadn't made his decision. All night long, he tossed and turned, really not getting any sleep at all. The next morning, he and Cesar sat at the pool, but none of them got in.

That surprised Cesar and he asked, but Josh didn't give him much of an answer. All he said was he was saving his energy to rut for his team later in the down. After the third time asking Josh, Cesar let it go, but promised himself that he is going to get to the bottom of why his boyfriend isn't happy.

When it was time for Josh to go to school for the swim meet, he and Cesar walked out saying goodbye to their brothers and parents. All the way to the school, just like the day before, Josh starred out the window to the distance. Not only getting Jonathan's attention, but Cesar as well. Neither of them asked or tried to talk to Josh about what he was thinking. They just kept to themselves.

Josh went with Cesar to get their seats when they arrived at the swim meet, but didn't stay with him. He excused himself and went to the locker room. His fellow teammates said hello and told him that they all tried to talk the coach out of suspending him. Josh thanked each and every one of them as he wished them luck on the meet.

Coach Montoya was walking out of the office when Josh walked up. He looked over at him and nodded his head. Josh nodded his head back at the coach, but continued walking up to him. When he was a couple feet away, he asked the coach if he could spare a few minutes, which the coach had no problem doing so.

"Coach I was up all night struggling with this decision. When I woke up this morning and was sitting at the pool with Cesar, I finally got my answer to what I needed to do." Josh took a deep breath. "This is not any more fun for me. When I started doing this, you made it fun. Even when things were blowing up all over the place, it was fun. Not anymore. You have made it like book camp, and it isn't. It's just a high school team.

I Guess what I am trying to get at is that I am not having anymore fun coach. You told me yesterday if I didn't come and rut my team on, I might either get suspended for another couple more matches, or worse, kicked off the team. Let me make it easy on you, I quit." That got Coach Montoya's attention.

"Josh what I did isn't personal. I would have done it to any other member on this team. So, if you're making this decision thinking that I am like others teachers here, you are completely wrong. You just have to follow the same rules as every other student here at this school and are on the school teams."

"Excuse the way I am going to say this, but that is nothing but a bunch of bullshit and you know that. Not only you and those that keep telling me that line you just said, is wrong. Not only are you trying to hold me to that standard, but on a higher level of standards than any other student here at school and on the teams.

I honestly don't know why you guys are doing it, but I can guess and will probably be right on my guess. You guys don't see me as another student. No sir, you guys see the son of the governor. A kid that is succeeding a lot sooner than he should. So where the other students around here don't tell you guys that you are giving me and my brother's special treatment, you hold us to a much higher level of standards. That is wrong and you know it. So don't stand there and give me that tired old line that I have been hearing ever since my father became governor. It has been way over used."

Josh turned and left the coach standing baffled on what just happened. The more he thinks about what Josh just said, the more he sees how right he was. The only sad thing at this moment is it's too late to correct. There is no way he can go to Josh now and tell him that he is right. He would to lose too much creditability as a teacher.

Although Josh left the swim team, he and Cesar stayed rutting them on to victory. Even the events he was going to race in they won, which was no surprise to him. One thing is certain, this team this year is certainly going to go all the way. As long as the past does not repeat itself like the walk out last year.

The rest of the weekend Josh stayed at home. When he and Cesar got home from the swim meet, he went straight to his dad and informed him what he did. Daniel was disappointed a little on the decision because he wanted all his sons to be in sports, but he supported Josh. After, he believes in his sons and trusts them when they make decisions.

As soon as he finished with his dad, he went up and told Cesar everything. They talked it out, and when they were finished, Josh felt a lot better than he did before speaking with his boyfriend. They spent the rest of the day in their room, cuddled up with each other on the bed. Not moving an inch unless they had to.

That is how the rest of the weekend pretty much went. Josh and Cesar were only seen out of their room when they were called down to eat. Other than that, they did what they did the day before. Stayed locked up in their room, in each other arms, enjoying one another. The rest of the family knew what was up, and stayed away. Leaving it to Cesar to get Josh through what they believe was one of his darkest moments.

The first day back to school for Cesar was a lot better than he expected. Most of the students minded their business and didn't go up to him. Those that did, well he took it in stride. He answered questions that he was comfortable on answering and those that he wasn't, he didn't answer them.

Bernice, Eric and the others flanked Josh and Cesar the first couple days back. Not because they were afraid that one of their fellow students were going to hurt one of them. They did it because they didn't want anyone to accidently bump into Cesar and rip open his stitches. They knew that there was no way that either of them could go through another bad moment. Not now or not ever if that was possible.

By fifth period on Tuesday, the school was humming about the upcoming concert on Friday. That is all any one was talking about from teachers to students. Even thought there were plenty of seats still left to be sold, wherever you were in the high school, you would here the group next to you talking about how awesome the concert is going to be.

George Strait flew in late Tuesday evening to help promote the concert on the local radio and television stations. When he got to his hotel, he called up the governor and asked him if Josh could join him on the promotion tour after school. At first, the governor was hesitant on allowing it, but he gave in.

He figured this would be a true test on how well the new setup with his son's security would work. Also, he knows that George will do what ever he can to ensure that Josh and Cesar are safe with him. After all he is a parent himself and knows how much a parent worries about their children being out there.

Josh and Cesar met George at the FOX station after school on Wednesday. It was a zoo when they arrived, but the big difference this time from the last time was how well the security had everything under control. Not only were there rope lines, but the rope lines were pushed ten feet back on both sides. Not only was Josh and Cesar's security in plain sight, but everywhere you turned, you would have run into a uniformed officer.

The mayor made it very clear to the police-chief that there can't be another repeat of what happened less than two weeks ago. He didn't care how much it cost. He wanted the governor's kids and George Strait safe. The thing he didn't tell the police-chief is the amount of money the city is already earning with this concert and will earn the day it is going to be held. They are going to make out as bandits.

Meanwhile Father Gomez asked Isaac to drop by so he could talk with him. He got to know Isaac very well when he was the only Lopez in town during the summer. When he was not out checking on the progress on the house, he was at the church with him. At times Father Gomez thought that it was not him Isaac was coming down to see.

There were several new volunteers at his church during the summer and it looked like Isaac was getting really close to one of them. Every time he got close to them when they were talking, they stopped, but the looks on their face and their body language gave it away. It told on them on how they felt about each other.

Whenever he tried to approach the subject with either Isaac or the volunteer, they would always change the subject, which gave them away because of the line they used. It was obvious that they talked about what to say if ever asked because they used the same manner to change the subject. At the same time, they changed the subject to the same new one.

So, when he set up this meeting with Isaac, he called up the volunteer to see if he could come in and help him out in the church. At first the volunteer was hesitant, but when the father explained why he needed him in, for the meeting with Isaac, he quickly changed his mind. When he got the positive answer, the father felt good.

To ensure he was not giving himself away on what he was doing, the father asked the volunteer to come in an hour earlier than the scheduled meeting with Isaac. When Isaac arrived, he took him directly to his office, which meant walking through the church where the volunteer was.

Not trying to be noticed, Father Gomez glanced over at Isaac and then over at his volunteer to see if he was right. Every time he did, he saw them stealing glances at each other. With the confirmation, he decided to try and get through the meeting as fast as he could so these two could have a little time together.

As soon as Isaac and Father Gomez walked into the office, the father got right down to business. He told Isaac what was going on with Patrick's parents from the first time they talked to Patrick and Antonio to the last one last Friday. He told him about what he thinks was going on in that house before asking Isaac what he thought.

Isaac was stunned on what he was hearing, so it took him a little while before he could respond. But when he did, he pretty much told Father Gomez what he already has done or was planning to do is good. When he was done, he promised the father that if he needed any help from him or the governor on this, it would be there, which he knew.

Once they wrapped their meeting up, Father Gomez walked Isaac back out of the church, but stopped where the volunteer was. He pretended that he forgot that he had a call to make and asked Isaac if he was okay from there. They said their goodbyes and the father walked back to his office.

Giving it a few minutes, the father walked back out to the church and he didn't see either Isaac of his volunteer anywhere. He was happy that he was able to make that connection and give the two guys a chance to see each other again.

Back at the house, the governor was storming up and down the halls holding a tabloid in his hand. Barbara was the first to run into him, and she was thankful that she was. Never before has she seen her husband this angry. Even when Martha and her family was the topic, he never got this mad.

"Look at this, just look at this trash that is written in this trashy magazine." The governor slammed the magazine on the table. "Not only the trash that is written is wrong, but how in the world did they get those pictures. How in the world did they think it was right to print those pictures for everyone to see?"

Barbara couldn't believe her eyes. She has had a low of low blows in her life, but this one takes the cake. The tabloid not only quoted the facts wrong, but the pictures they used was so wrong, A blind man can see that. She tried to gather her thoughts, but nothing that she was thinking of saying would make her husband less mad.

"Honey, I think this story and pictures of..."




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At first I thought Josh was in trouble with his father, but the governor keeps surprising me when ever I see him with his kids. He sat with Josh and discussed with him what he thought. Then he left it up to Josh to make the decision, but letting him know how he felt about sports. And when Josh made his decision to quit, he backed his son, even though he didn't really support his son on leaving the team.

Oh boy, we found out something new here in this chapter. Is there a love interest at the church for Isaac, the governor's brother? We all know that he is gay, but that is it. What is his background? What does he do for a living? More importantly, who is this volunteer that we are barely hearing about?

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(Wednesday, January 29, 1992, the governor is with Barbara angry about a article that he read in a tabloid.)

Poor Josh, but I think it was the right move to leave the swim team because if his career as an entertainer takes off and I can't see why not he just won't have time to fit everything in. Plans need to be made for a possible tour during the holidays, new sings written and put down for a possible second album and so on. Add schoolwork, Los Tigres and everything else he's not going to have a lot of spare time. It was good to see the juices flowing between the two boys again after a week or so of abstinence and what about the good old father Gomez, playing cupid with Isaac and the volunteer.

I hope the new security detail works out all right. There has been so much controversy over security that its getting a bit sickening. Back to father Gomez and I believe he should guide the boys into taking action against their father because that man is an animal and needs putting away for a long time.

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