Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Trevor

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Edited By: Trevor

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Chapter 20


Even though Eric and Bernice are on the outs, they sat together to watch their best friend perform. When he was introduced by his father, they were one of the first on their feet applauding and yelling out Josh's name. When they realized the song Josh was singing, they quickly sat down like everyone else in the stadium.

Just as they did, the other Glee Clubs started to sing, but not down on the field or on the stage with Josh. Eric turned around and couldn't believe that they were all evenly split up around the top of the stadium. He has never seen anything like that before in person. He'd seen similar things on television in concerts or award shows, but never in person.

It wasn't long after they started singing that they started their way down to the field, getting everyone on their feet. When they reached the field joining Josh, the television screens turned on and started to flash the words of the song over pictures of Stan Dudley. Eric couldn't help it; it gave him goose bumps.

When the song came to an end all the other Glee Clubs, except Los Tigres, made their way back to their seats. It took a few minutes for Los Tigres to get set for the second song, but boy when it started, it surprised everyone in the stadium. They all heard that Josh wrote a new song for this rally, but never expected it to be like this.

It was upbeat; a little faster tempo than `True Colors', which got everyone in stadium moving along with the song, It didn't take long for everyone to get back on their feet. When Eric and Bernice stood up, they both kept stealing glances at each over. Slowly they moved closer and closer. Before long they were holding hands tightly, letting the song Josh and Los Tigres were singing wash their anger away.

All of a sudden, the students, teachers and staff rushed onto the field. Neither Eric nor Bernice needed to be asked, they followed the others hand in hand. When they joined Patrick, Immanuel, Chris and Angel, they were a little stunned seeing them holding hands and smiling. Not wanting to ruin the moment, they turned their attention to the others and started to sing along with Los Tigres and Josh.

Eric turned to Bernice and just as the song was coming to an end, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. He half expected her to slap him after pushing him away, but she didn't. Instead, she wrapped her arms around Eric and pulled him into her. They stood there in each other's arms with the students of all the middle and high schools around them screaming and applauding.

It took hearing Josh's voice to bring them out of their own little world. They looked around to see where Josh was at, but he wasn't in front where they last saw him. When they heard him speak again, they looked to their right and found him standing on the stage trying to get everyone's attention.

"Thank you all so much for all this! Really, thank you!" Josh looked out to the sea of students, teachers, staff and politicians. The majority of them were applauding and yelling, but there were a few faces in the crowd that were angry. Seeing the hate in those students' faces gave Josh the creeps. He knew it would only take a few to destroy everything he and others like him are trying to do.

"I would like to echo a few words my father said up here when he spoke. The hate that is out there for the gay community didn't happen overnight. It took generations to get to this point. I'm not dumb enough to think that the problems can be fixed overnight. It might take a generation to get started, but the point is that we need to get started here and now.

We need to stop the hate and stop thinking the worst of what we don't understand." Josh looked over at his uncle Isaac. "As I was helping to put this rally together, my uncle came to me and told me something that stuck in my mind and seeing your faces I feel I should share what he told me.

What we are doing here today reminded him of his younger years in nineteen sixty nine and the Stonewall Riots. That is when the gay community came out, stood up and told the world `No More'. They marched the streets of New York City yelling out "We're Queer, We're Here! We're Gay and Won't Go Away!" Without that generation doing what they did, we wouldn't be able to do what we are doing here today.

It always takes a first step. Now we must pick up where they left off. I'm not saying we march the streets saying those famous words of the Stonewall Riots. No, that was their way to get the gay issue out in the open and to stop horrible injustices gays were enduring at the hands of police. We must now do it our way, and that is by first stopping the hate." The stadium broke out in loud roars.

"The hate that is in the hearts of many out there is causing the problems we are facing today. They hate what they don't understand, they think it's wrong and in return feel they must rid this earth of the wrong. I am here to say that not only are you wrong, but you can't rid this earth of us. The lord didn't make a mistake with me or anyone else like me. We were born this way, and I'm proud to be who I am." No one in the stadium heard the last words Josh said because it was way to loud with all the chants.

"I'm going to take the first step here by donating all the proceeds of the song I've written for the rally to the Trevor Project. So, by you buying the single, you're helping out. If you want to do more, you can. Just ask, and I promise any questions you have will be answered. Thank you all for being here. To those that are here, but are against what this rally is about, thank you for keeping your dislikes to yourself and allowing this rally to go on without a problem."

Josh put down the microphone as he joined his family on the field. The security moved the Lopez family and the Dudley's through the crowd, making sure the past doesn't repeat itself. Whenever they saw a person that might be a threat, they called it in, and in seconds, a security agent removed the person from the area.

When they reached the limousine, security breathed a sigh of relief. They were all worried about what might have happened and were glad it didn't. The crowd was a lot closer to not just the Governor's family, but the Governor himself than the crowd was when Cesar was stabbed. The only difference here was that they were ready for anything.

As the Governor's limousine pulled out into the side street, the Governor, his family and the Dudley's saw for the first time that they were not as lucky as they thought they were on a peaceful rally. The EPPD and the Governor's security kept the protesters away from the school. They were pushed off to the side streets, but were being heard.

Not only were they yelling out hurtful words like `all fags must die', `all fags go to hell', `fags are an abomination' and on and on, they were also holding up signs saying either the same thing or worse. To make matters more worse the press was videotaping them. The protesters were taking full advantage of the press.

The Dudley's couldn't understand why the protesters wouldn't give them just one day without hate. When they put their son in the ground, they were there. The day their son was found dead, they were there. Every time they turn around, they see the hate that drove their son to take his own life.

Governor Lopez saw the Dudley's hurting with what they saw, so he started talking to them about the bill he named after their son. Over and over again as he talked, he made clear that once the bill is passed, these haters would receive a major blow to their movement; a blow that would set them back or even stop them cold in their tracks!

"Do you know what should make you two take comfort in this bill?" The Dudley's shook their heads. "The bill now holds your son's name. The Stan Dudley Gay Rights Bill is going to bring equal rights to all gays under the law. That is something those out there holding up the signs have been successful for years in keeping from happening."

The Dudley's loved hearing that the bill holding their son's name is the bill that will make real change. Seeing that he got what he wanted, a smile out of the Dudley's, the Governor changed the subject to where they should eat. They went back and forth on it, but finally agreed on going to The Texas Road House.

Meanwhile back at the high school, Eric and the others were slowly making their way out of the stadium. With so many students, teachers and guests, it made it hard to move. They barely took a step every fifteen or so seconds. Then with security all over the place, it was even harder because they were being checked once again as they left the school.

Once they were out of the stadium, on a public road, they were able to walk normally. No one talked about what was on their minds, Eric and Bernice holding hands. Instead, they talked about the performances and loved what Josh said at the end. They were worried that maybe he went a little too far, but no one in the stadium raised objections.

All the way to Father Gomez's house, they talked about the rally. When they walked in, Father Gomez was nowhere to be seen. Just as they settled in front of the television, Father Gomez walked in with sweat on his face. Everyone looked at him and wondered where he was that got him all sweaty.

"Good all of you are here, I was getting worried." Father Gomez spoke out of breath as he walked over to his chair and sat down. "By the Governor's invitation, I was at the rally. I had hoped that I would find you guys there, but it got a little crazy at the end. Never before in my life have a seen anything like I saw today."

Everyone nodded their heads. "I know there were a few students and even adults that hate gays and want to rid this earth of them, but with them not acting on or even voicing their beliefs stunned me. It had to take a lot of will power on their part not to do so unlike those that were outside the school holding up signs and protesting."

"Yeah that's true." Eric looked around at his friends. "I know there were a few that were sitting near Bernice and me that really didn't want to be there. The looks on their faces said it all, but like you said, they didn't act, and in return it let our school hold a peaceful rally for the parents of Stan Dudley and all the families like them."

The others didn't need to be prompted to give their opinion. They all jumped in, and before they knew it an hour had passed without them once looking at the television. The only thing new was that Father Gomez had to go to church and do his evening sermon. Once he left, they watched television for another hour before the group started to leave. Eric was one of the last, but he didn't want to leave.

Bernice knew they need to talk, so she told Patrick to tell her uncle that she was going to the movies with Eric and will be back by curfew. She didn't check to see if Patrick got it all before heading out the door with Eric.

They knew they weren't going to the movies, but at the same time, they had no idea where they were going. Making small talk, they walked down the street in the general direction of the small one-dollar movie theatre and Eric's house. When they reached the fork in the road either going to Eric's house or to the movies, they stopped.

Neither had to ask, they both turned and walked down Eric's block. When they reached his house, there was no one home. They liked having the house to themselves so they could talk about what is on their minds without anyone overhearing.

After grabbing a soda from the refrigerator for each of them, Eric joined her in the living room. They sat down, opened their sodas and took sips from them. No one said a word; they just stared out into the distance. Both were thinking the same thing, but neither was willing to be the first to talk, until Eric gathered enough nerve to do so.

"Bernice I know we've had a rough week, the roughest to tell you the truth." Bernice turned to look at Eric nodding her head. "We've been so lucky that we haven't fought that much. The fights we have had have been small up until this last one. It really tested us! I know your true feelings, but I didn't like seeing what I saw."

"I know and I should have pushed him away when he wrapped his arms around me in the break room. Don't ask me why I didn't because I don't know why. All I know is that I don't want him or any other guy out there except you. You breaking up with me made me really see that." Bernice was holding back her tears.

"The more and more I thought about it and after talking to Josh, I realized you would never cheat on me. Like Josh said, you got attention that you didn't know was out there. Let me tell you, it is out there. Every day I see other guys looking at you and I mad dog them to get them to stop. Trust me when I say there are plenty of guys out there that want to date you. I'm the lucky one that actually has that honor."

"You're lucky! No, I'm lucky to have you! You made me see what I was thinking was wrong and I'll never forget that." Bernice moved closer to Eric and placed her hand into his. "The day we got together I promised that you are the only one for me. I still believe that and as I said nothing or anyone will ever change that."

Eric looked down at his hand and loved seeing what he was seeing. He had missed Bernice's touch. He'd missed holding hands, her smell, the way she makes everything seem good, even when it's not, and most importantly, her lips on his. He has missed everything about Bernice and it took another guy's advances to confirm to him that he really does love her.

"I know we have a lot of work ahead of us to fix what happened in the last week, but I would like to get started. I promise whenever Miguel comes around me, I will make it clear that I don't want to even be his friend. That way we don't fight for something that will never happen between me and Miguel, or any other guy for that matter."

"I trust you and always have!" Eric leaned in and started giving Bernice pecks on the cheek, moving slowly towards her lips. "I will always love you and trust you no matter what. There are going to be times when I'm going to be jealous, but I'll work on that, I promise. All I want right now is you and no one else."

Without giving any warning, Eric picked up Bernice and carried her to his room. When he walked in, he gently placed her on his bed kissing her on the cheeks and lips. Slowly he made his way down her neck, but stopped at the top of her blouse. He looked up at her to make sure she was okay with what he was doing. Seeing that she was, he returned his attention to her blouse and started to undo the buttons. Once all the buttons were undone he reached behind unclipping her bra, once the blouse was open and the bra gone he continued moving his lips slowly down her chest till they reached her beautiful soft round breasts. He took each brown nipple into his mouth nipping and gently sucking until they stood out hard as bullets. His hands moved down to her jeans undoing the small belt and gently tugging at the zipper pulling it down. Reluctantly he moved away from her breasts so that he could pull her jeans and tiny panties away from the Promised Land.

Bernice started working to remove Eric's clothing and soon they were both naked. He looked in her eyes noting the lust and want in them begging him to take her. He resumed his journey down her body with his mouth kissing and nipping her flesh all the way down until he reached her hairy mound. Parting her legs he moved his mouth closer so that his tongue could do its job. Bernice began to softly moan as Eric skillfully brought her to a climax, the first of many. Eric stood up getting a condom from his bedside table and putting it on his solid as a rock cock. Bernice reached up hungrily pulling him down, her tongue seeking his lips as he gently guided himself into her. The feel of his hot cock entering her sent her into a frenzy pulling him down. Their pubic hairs meshed together as Eric skillfully began to move in and out with his girlfriend matching his movements, both in perfect harmony with each other.

It had been some time since they had made love, and both of them wanted it to last as long as possible but the frenzy and excitement stirring within them brought Eric to a thundering climax and all too soon he filled the condom to capacity, both of them wishing that the barrier wasn't there so they could feel his love juice gushing into Bernice's body. Covered in perspiration and totally spent they clung to each other occasionally, kissing proclaiming how much they loved each other, as they luxuriated in the afterglow of making up.

Isaac got up before anyone in the house. He still hasn't told anyone that he is dating for several reasons. The main one of is that he doesn't know if he and Troy are going to be long term. He has fallen for two other guys, like he has for Troy, in the past, and just when he thought nothing would separate them, it happened.

Therefore, he decided to take a different approach with this guy. He is going to date Troy like any couple would and when he knows one hundred percent that Troy isn't like the other two guys he has fallen for, then and only then will he introduce him to the family.

When that day comes, he knows the family will love Troy as much as he does. Not just because he is kind and very lovable, but also because he is down to earth. He isn't in politics, he's the total opposite. Troy holds down a blue-collar job. He is a licensed plumber, just like his father before him and his father before his father. In other words, being a plumber runs in Troy's family just like politics is beginning to be the trend in the Lopez family.

As quietly as he could, Isaac walked out of the house and over to his car. His small security detail met up with him just as he opened his car door. Trying has hard as he could to talk the security out of not going, he couldn't get them to budge. Reluctantly he told them where he was heading and who he was meeting. That is when the head of his detail spoke up.

"Mr. Lopez we can't tell you who you can or can't see since you're not bringing them anywhere near the house. However, since you have been seeing a lot of this individual we need to do a background check on him." Isaac let it be known he didn't like what he was hearing, and didn't try to hide it. "I know that. Look sir, we have no other choice. When you meet with him today, you need to gather this information from him."

Isaac's head of security handed him a folder. He opened it to see what was in it before tossing it in the car. "If the opportunity presents itself, I will ask him to fill it out. I won't make it my mission since I don't even know if we're going to be long term or not."

"Again, I understand your thinking on this matter, but you must get these forms filled today or we will have to follow protocol and ask you to either stop seeing him or move out of the Governor's house..." The head of security stopped in mid-sentence. He could see that he was angering Isaac more than getting him to understand why he is asking for the forms to be filled out.

"Mr. Lopez when your brother was elected you sat in every meeting dealing with security. You agreed, in fact you pushed for this protocol to be part of the procedures when it comes to new people that the immediate family meet. When you pushed for this, you argued that a new person could be using the family member to get to the Governor. Well here we are, with a new person that has not yet been cleared by us. So we..."

"Okay, okay I understand and will get the forms filled out and back to you today before the day is out." Angrily Isaac got into his car and slammed his door. He didn't wait for his security detail to get to their SUV before speeding out of the drive way.

He was fuming mad and knew that he had to settle down before he met up with Troy at the Village Inn. Just when he was settling down, he saw his security detail drive up behind him. Seeing them just brought back his anger. He feared that the moment he asks Troy to fill out the forms, Troy would be out of there faster than the speed of light.

Trying once again to settle down, Isaac started to think about spending the morning with Troy. The more his thoughts were filled of Troy, the happier he got. Before he knew it, he was smiling and singing along with the radio. By the time, he drove up to the restaurant he had forgotten all about what had gotten him angry in the first place.

Grabbing the folder, Isaac got out of his car and walked into the Village Inn. He looked around for Troy and saw that he hadn't arrived yet. The greeter asked him how many were in his party, and he told her a table for two, but he had to wait for his guest. She smiled as she wrote down his name and then turned her attention to Isaac's security who just walked in. They told her that they needed the table next to Isaac when he was seated. A little confused on the request, she didn't ask, just wrote it down.

About ten minutes later, Isaac saw Troy pull up and get out of his car. He stood up and met him at the door. Although they wanted to kiss, they just shook hands. Troy asked if Isaac has signed them in yet. With a half grin on his face, he nodded his head as he turned to let the greeter know that his guest has arrived and they are ready to be seated.

It only took her a few minutes to get them seated in a booth, and the security detail at the table across from the booth. Troy every so often looked over at the other table. He knew who they were, but didn't want to make eye contact with them. Isaac saw that. He figured since Troy is already uncomfortable he should hand him the file to fill out.

"Troy I need to ask you for a favor, but before you say anything please hear me out." Isaac said softly, grabbing Troy's attention. "I need you to understand that I wouldn't ask you to do this if I had any other choice. However, since I don't have a choice in this matter, I need to ask." Isaac laid the folder on the table and pushed it towards Troy. "I need you to fill out what is in that folder for me please. Again I wouldn't ask you, but since I live at my brother's house, who, as you know is the Governor, I have to."

Troy took the folder and opened it up as he looked up at Isaac. At first, Isaac couldn't figure out if Troy was offended or not. The look on his face didn't say much. Then he cracked a smile, which told Isaac that the guy sitting across from him didn't get offended.

"I was wondering when you were going to pop something like this on me." Pulling out a pen from his pocket, Troy started to fill out the paperwork. "I knew it was coming because I knew who I was dating. I also figured this was probably one of the reasons you haven't taken me to your home to meet your family."

Isaac was left speechless by the way Troy took it. He just looked at his boyfriend. He feasted his eyes on this man who stands five foot, eleven, dark blond hair, brown eyes, has the body of a man that works for a living. Then there is the thing he loves the most. He always has at least a days worth of growth on his face. Isaac really likes how it looks on him and the feeling when he kissed him for the first time.

"Thank you for doing this for me. I know the information they are asking for is kind of personal, but they need to know it." Troy looked up with a smile on his face. "I need to warn you. They are going to do a background check and it's going to be detailed. So if there is anything in your past, it's best you list it."

"No worries there Isaac, I'm going to put down everything from now to the day I was born. There's nothing they're going to find that I didn't put on these forms, I promise you that." Troy reached over the table and patted Isaac's hands to calm him down.

It took him a little over twenty minutes to fill out the forms. When he was done, he handed them to Isaac, which Isaac then handed to his head of security. Once they got the forms out of the way, they ordered their breakfast and enjoyed each other's company. They talked about things that they have never told each other.

As they were finishing up, they discussed where they were going to go from the restaurant. Both of them at the same time asked the other to choose! Neither of them said anything for a few minutes, and then Isaac threw out an idea, which Troy liked. Isaac turned to his security and told them that they were heading to the Bronco Flea Market.

On their way out to the parking lot, they decided to leave Troy's car since he really didn't know his way around the lower valley, which Isaac didn't either. Instead of admitting that, he got into his car and headed off. When they reached Alameda, Isaac turned left, when he should have turned right. It took him to reach downtown to realize he was going in the wrong direction. Chuckling about it, he turned around and headed back the way they came. They got lost a couple more times, but after almost two hours of driving around, they found the Bronco Flea Market.

Even if you were not from El Paso, you couldn't miss it, and that is why Isaac was kicking himself in the butt for missing it several times. There was a big white horse head on the top of the billboard that would grab the attention of the astronauts when they were landing in Houston.

As they walked to the entrance, Troy teased Isaac for getting them lost, but let it go the minute they were past the main gates. Both of them wanted to hold the others hands, but since they were on the edge of the gang area of town, they decided not to. Every so often, they would brush up against each other and interlock their little fingers together for a couple of seconds and then let go when they thought someone was looking at them.

Not really looking for anything particular, they walked from stand to stand. Whenever they saw anything that caught their eye, they would spend a little more time at that stand. Halfway around the flea market, they found a stand that sold boot legged CD'S and movies. Neither Isaac nor Troy were interested in the boot legged items, so they kept walking, but something caught Isaac's eye.

He quickly stopped and walked over to the television that was showing the concert of his nephew from a couple weeks ago. The guy that owned the stand walked up to Isaac and introduced himself. Isaac didn't turn away from the television as he shook the guys hand until the guy told him that he had everything the fag has done so far.

"Excuse me what did you call this young man?" The owner of the stand once again said the F word, but this time he yelled the word. "You know something I was going to ignore this stand because I know every flea market in this town and every town for that matter has one of these, but not anymore."

Isaac reached out to the VCR and pressed stop. "You have some balls on you. Here you are making money off my nephew, yet you hate him. You're a fucking hypocrite that is what you are!" The tape ejected and Isaac grabbed it and threw it on the ground.

"What the hell man, you're going to have to pay for that." Isaac just looked at the guy with a big grin on his face and then turned his attention to all the other boot legged copies of Joshua's stuff. He went to grab for them, but the guy placed his hands on Isaac. Before he could do anything else, security pulled him away and threw him face first into the sand. He had no idea what just happened.

"Sir you shouldn't have touched that man." One of Isaac's security agents yelled in the guy's ear as he knelt down. "Now I'm going to have to place you under arrest for assault on top of illegally selling counterfeit merchandise."

"That's okay Nick, let him up." Isaac patted Nick, his head of security on the shoulders. Not liking it, he did what he was asked. "Like I said earlier, stands like this are in every flea market all over this country. It wouldn't do us any good to shut you down because another person will be here next week doing the same thing.

However, let me tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to take all your copies of my nephew's stuff. If I find out that you are selling anything of his again, I won't be so nice the next time. So let's make sure there is no next time, do I make myself clear?"

The owner of the stand nodded. Isaac walked back over to the stand and grabbed everything that had Josh's name on it, threw them in several bags. Before leaving, he asked the owner if he had anymore in his vehicle, which he owner said no. Then Isaac asked for the owner for his originals, which surprised him.

"I don't have..." Isaac interrupted the owner. "Don't go and tell me that you don't have them here with you. I thought we had an understanding, but I guess we don't." Isaac looked over at Nick. "You are in a business to make money. I know you carry all the originals of everything you have out here just in case you run out and a customer wants to buy a copy. So go back to wherever you have the originals and get them for me."

Reluctantly the owner walked back to his camper and grabbed all the originals copies that he had of Josh's stuff. When he walked over to Isaac, he handed them to him. With a smile on his face, Isaac thanked the guy as if they did a legal transaction and then walked away. The owner still stunned on what just happened, he just stood there watching his biggest moneymaker walk away.

Troy had no idea what to say. He has never seen or been part of anything like what happened between his boyfriend and that owner. "Um, don't you think you kind of overstepped what you're allowed to do as a regular person?"

"You know me Troy! I was going to walk on by. Heck even when I saw the video and walked over to the stand and saw what I saw, I was still just going to leave. Then the guy went and opened his mouth. He wants to hate my nephew that's fine. He has the right to do that. However, he doesn't have the right then to make money off stolen merchandise like he was doing."

"I understand everything you are saying, but you took stuff he paid for. He was wrong for boot legging, but he bought all this stuff." Troy lifted the bags he was carrying into the air. "If someone would have walked up to me while I was working and took my stuff I make my money on, I would have done more than put my hand on the person's arms."

"Yeah I probably would have done the same thing, but neither of us would be breaking the law by selling stuff that is illegal. I could have been more of an ass and let Nick do his job, but I felt for the guy because I knew this is one of the ways he puts food on his table." Isaac stopped and put his packages down.

"Look I feel for the guy, I really do. I didn't want to do what I did, but he pissed me off when he not only once, but twice used that word. I got angry and did what I knew would hurt him the most. Hopefully from now on he will think twice before saying that word to any one else that walks up to his stand and shows interest in his merchandise."

Troy understood where Isaac was coming from and dropped the subject. He looked around to make sure no one was watching before leaning in to kiss his boyfriend on the cheek. Isaac picked up his bags and he and Troy finished walking the flea market, buying a few things on the last couple of stalls they saw.

On their way out, Isaac snuck away from Troy when he went into the restroom. Quickly he made his way to the stand where he took the bootleg copies of Josh's stuff. He found the owner finishing up a sale as he walked in. The owner saw Isaac through the corner of his eye and started to freak out.

Not saying a word, Isaac walked up to the owner, handed him a wad of bills, and turned back around. As Isaac walked out, the owner wondered why he came back and paid for the stuff he had taken earlier. If only he knew, it was because Isaac had a conscience, unlike him. After the talk he had with Troy, he felt bad that he took the stuff. Even thought the guy was in the wrong, he knew he had no right to just take what wasn't his in the first place.

Back at the Lopez residence, Josh, Cesar and Brandon spent pretty much all Saturday and Sunday working on Josh's next CD. Between all the sound tracks Josh's label sent and the songs Josh has written, they had plenty to go through.

When they started working on the project, those at the label weren't happy. They felt that Josh should work with them and his manager to pick his songs for his next CD, but Josh held his ground not bending to their request. He kept throwing at them if they wanted another CD like the first, they must let him do it the way he did it the first time. That is with his brother and boyfriend's help.

As soon as the label hung up with Josh early Sunday afternoon, they recalled Josh's manager. They tried once more to get him on their side, but he made it clear he was going to follow his client's request. Seeing that they were not going to move Ivan to their side on this matter, they changed the subject over to the upcoming tour.

"Ivan we've been trying to get Josh the biggest venues as possible. As far as his first concert, we're not having a problem since he is a native of Texas. We got what we wanted in Dallas, but we're not getting what we want in Nashville."

"Nashville? You want Josh to sing in Nashville?" Mr. Forbes confirmed what Ivan heard was correct. "Okay, I don't believe Josh is ready for Nashville right now. He is young and still making a name for himself. He doesn't get the normal following that many country singers out there have since his audience is made up in the majority of young kids."

"I hate to disagree with you Ivan, but I am. As far as Josh's audience, you are right, he is bringing in the younger generation that normally wouldn't even try country music, more so follow a singer. At the same time, he also has the older generations following him since George Strait, Dolly Patron and Kenny Rogers have sung with him on stage.

That's why I'm trying very hard to get him on the Grand Ole Opry. He has outsold every country singer that has ever been in the business with his first CD on its release day. We're still having problems keeping his CD in stores. If sales keep going the way they are going, he is going to go diamond around the time he gets out there on the road. I would like to get the country music industry to acknowledge him and the best way to do that is letting him sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage."

"I understand what you are trying to do, but you won't succeed and let me tell you why. First, to sing on the Grand Ole Opry is the highest honor a country singer can get. It's like the Super Bowl and World Series. It's hard, very hard, for a country singer to make his or her debut on that stage.

And second, Josh is not established yet. I'm pretty sure those that you have spoken to over there have used words like he might be a `one hit wonder' or he is young and might not make singing his career and on and on. They are right to a point because of what they have seen in the past." Ivan took a deep breath.

"What I suggest is let go of the idea of Josh singing on the Grand Ole Opry this time out. Schedule him to sing at a venue that more suits him. A venue that can get tens of thousands of people in attendance! That we know he will not get at the Grand Ole Opry. Then we'll try to get him on that stage after he releases his second CD."

Mr. Forbes not only didn't like what he was hearing, he was not in agreement with Ivan at all. "Look you may think it is impossible, but we need Josh to sing on that stage this time out. That is the only way the country music industry is going to take this sixteen-year-old kid seriously. So I'm going to keep trying and nothing is going to stop me from getting Josh on that stage on this tour."

"The country music industry has already taken notice of this sixteen year old kid, trust me on that. On his first CD he went gold overnight, he's already platinum and as I said before on his way to diamond any industry will stand up and take notice of that artist no matter their age. And, when we do it again on his second CD, we will get everything we want, not have to settle like you will have to do if you even get him on that stage on this tour.

However, you do what you feel you need to do. I'm not going to tell you not to try and get Josh a place there or anywhere else for that matter. Just be aware of my thoughts on this issue. If you give up more than it's worth to get Josh on that stage, I'm going to recommend to my client to turn it down. You and I know he will listen to me over you guys any day of the week since I haven't tried to screw him over."

Once again, Mr. Forbes didn't like the way Ivan was talking to him. So the conversation didn't end up in an argument, he ended the call set on proving Ivan wrong. Not only will he get Josh on the Grand Ole Opry, but he will do it without giving up anything. He has been in this business far too long now to not know what to do with those that book the shows.

Completely unaware of what was going on with his manager and label, Josh called it a day on working on selecting the songs for his next CD. He, Cesar and Brandon made their way to the theatre room to watch a movie before bed. When they walked in, they found their brothers already had started a movie. They just sat down and started watching what was on TV without asking for it to be started over.

The next morning in Austin, Al was called into the Governor's office. He half expected to run into Rich either on the way or in the office, when he walked in and didn't see him, he was surprised. The Governor right away informed him that the meeting was only going to be those two as they sat down on the couch in the office.

"Look with Rich now in front of the confirmation committee, a lot of is work load is going to fall onto your shoulders. His assistant is running the day-to-day operations of the Chief-of-Staff's office, but he is not ready to actually take on the job permanently. That leads me up to my next question, or you can say concern more than question."

The Governor leaned forward. "I can't leave that office without a person in it for too long. Rich wants you in that office and so do I. He never presented another name, which means it is you or Rich's assistant. I just told you what I think about the assistant and I will tell you again. He needs more time and mileage on him before he could take on that job permanently. You are already a seasoned man, so what do you say? Will you become my next and hopefully last Chief-of-Staff?"

Al looked at the Governor and saw in his face that he only wanted one answer. "I understand why you need the answer now, but I just can't give it you. Give me a couple of days to think about it and talk it over with my family." Al leaned forward to look the Governor straight into his eyes.

"If I decide to take this position, there is the matter of the fifty percent of the company I own. As you know being Chief-of-Staff to the Governor of Texas, I can't own something like that. The press would have a field day if I took the position and still own the percentage of the company I own right now.

In other words, there are a lot of things I need to think about and weigh up before I even give you my answer. Give me a couple of days and you will get your answer. In the meantime, I will take over every thing Rich was doing. I don't want to leave you in the lurch without anyone in there that actually knows what he or she is doing."

Not only did the Governor understand where Al was coming from, he accepted it. He handed Al a list of things that Rich was working on when he left. On top of that list was working out the final kinks in the Governor's gay rights bill, now known as The Stanley Dudley Gay Rights Bill, and the Governor's crime bill that hasn't been named yet.

"There is one thing that is not on the top of that list, but you will need to take care of it right away since you have a meeting on it tomorrow." Al looked at the Governor trying to figure out what he was talking about. "Rich had a meeting set to speak with the right hand man of the President of Mexico. As I told him, I will tell you. The only way this standoff will end is if and when the two wanted criminals are handed over."

"I understand and have no plans to bend on that. If they refuse or just hand over one, it will be a no-go." Al got up from his seat. "I need to leave you Mr. Governor if I'm going to make it in time for my meeting with the leadership of the houses. You know them as well as I do. They will not let it go if you run in late for their scheduled meeting."

"That's no lie!" The Governor chuckled as he stood up and shook Al's hand. "I know you are playing catch up. So if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call on me or Rich. We will be here to make sure you get things done with the fewest headaches." Al chuckled as he shook the Governor's hand.

Since there was nothing more to say, Al quickly made his way to Rich's old office. When he walked in, Rich's secretary was there in one hand a cup of coffee and in the other the day's schedule. She took what Al had and informed him that Mr. Westrick and Mixson were already waiting for him in his office.

With a half smile on his face, Al thanked her and walked in. Both the republican and democrat leaders of the state senate stood up when they saw Al. They greeted each other before sitting back down. Al made his way around the desk, shuffled a couple of things around before turning his attention to the two middle aged men sitting in his office.

"Gentlemen I may be playing catch up as far as the position of Chief-of-Staff, but I'm not on the subject you are here to talk with me about." Al took a drink from his coffee as he opened the file that contained the outline of both of the Governor's bills. "I also know you set up this meeting with Rich, but, well we all know what is going on there. There is no need to even get into that. You are stuck with me, so let's get down to business."

Senator Westrick, the Republican Leader, spoke first. "I am glad that the Governor got back to Austin safe and secure, but his little trip back to his hometown isn't going to change the minds of the Republican senators. We are going to make sure this bill doesn't pass the senate and we have the majority to do so."

"I suspected you were going to come in here and say that." Al pulled out a couple of sheets from his folder and handed them to both leaders. "This poll was taken over the weekend of registered voters. As you can see, they talked to ten thousand voters around our state and asked them three simple questions.

The first, how do you think Governor Lopez is doing as Governor? They answer ninety-five percent excellent, three percent good, one percent fair and one percent bad. The second question that they were asked is, do they support the Governor on his decision to take on the Mexican government. Ninety nine percent said yes and only one percent said no. And the final question they asked the registered voters is, if the state congress doesn't pass The Stanley Dudley Gay Rights Bill, will you vote for its passage if given a chance. Sixty nine percent of the voters said yes and only thirty one percent said no."

Al put down his sheet and looked straight into Senator Westrick's eyes. "You know the Governor as well as I do. He hasn't even begun yet to sell the bill and he already has the votes to pass it if it is handed to the voters. Those numbers will change when he actually gets out there and starts selling the bill, but not in the direction, you are hoping for.

Therefore, let's stop playing this game because you have nothing to stand on Senator Westrick. If you and the rest of your party stand firm on not passing this bill, it will get passed by the voters. However, at the same time, the voters will throw you guys out of office on that same election cycle since they are doing your job. You know as well as I do, they don't need any more reason to do so after what has happened up here in the last year. They are tired of the way you guys do business."

"Mr. Serna, the Democratic Party is behind this bill and thankful that finally a Republican Governor has taken up the gay rights cause. We never thought we would see the day that not only a gay rights bill would be presented on the floor, but from all people a republican Governor. He really isn't at all the person we expected him to be when he was elected." Senator Mixson said with a smile on his face all the way through.

"I agree with you Senator Mixson. I never thought I would see the day a Republican Governor would champion such a huge gay rights bill as this one, more so a Governor from the state of Texas of all places. He knows he has an uphill battle on this and his crime bill, but at the same time he is taking comfort in the fact he has the people of this state completely behind him."

"If we are done kissing each other asses, I would like to get back to why we are here." Senator Westrick looked over at Senator Mixson and then at Al. "You're right when you said that the Governor hasn't begun to go out and sell this bill, but I don't think he is going to get the chance to do so. Let me tell you why I'm saying that.

No matter what the polls say, he is a Republican. As it has been said in this office this morning, this issue is not a Republican issue. That means if he wants his party support when he goes for a second term, he will have to fall in line and drop all this nonsense. If he doesn't, he will not get party support. There is no way this state will elect him as a democrat after serving for years as a Republican."

"Party support or not, the Governor is going to hold his ground on this bill and every other one that comes out of his office. He isn't like you and the others when threatened to lose support, and him bending. No sir, it will just make him more set on getting the bill passed." Al shot daggers at the senator with his eyes. "If you have nothing else to say that will help move this bill through the state senate, then there is no need to waste any further time."

"I promise you this much! If the Governor doesn't back off of this bill and his crime bill, he will not only get a defeat in the state houses, but he will be defeated in the general election. Just like him, we haven't gone out there and started to say why this bill is bad. You know there is a lot more of us and we will blanket the news. His message will be drowned out with all of us saying the same thing."

Senator Mixson jumped in before Al was able to respond. "Fine you and the members of your party take to the air waves and say what you want to say. However, at the same time the state Democratic Party will be out there full swing doing the same thing. Right now you know we are better established to get our message out, which means you will lose the PR battle when it's all said and done."

"Gentlemen this was supposed to be a productive meeting and it isn't." Al jumped up from his seat. "I have way too much on my schedule to play games with you Senator Westrick. Do whatever you think you need to do in order to get what you want done. But, fair warning, we are going to do the same thing."

Al walked around his desk and extended his hand. He started to thank the senators for coming by when Senator Westrick took one lost shot. "You are going to wish you had your own party on your side. From this point on, we are going to vote everything down that the Governor sends to us, including his nominees.

Not one thing will pass the houses, which will make the Governor look like he is not doing anything for the voters of this state. That alone will make them think twice before reelecting him for a second term." Westrick walked with his fellow senator to the door as he threatened. "As you know the voters will put aside how much they like a person when they see him or her in a position were nothing is getting done. They will vote that person out and put a person in that will get thing moving again."

"Senator, do whatever you think you need to do. At the end of the day, Governor Lopez will win. No matter how much you and your colleagues try to make him look bad, you will fail. Not only will he get a second term, but you will hand over control of both state houses to the Democratic Party. So go out there and destroy what you have."

Al didn't give the republican leader a chance to respond. He wished him good luck and turned his attention to Rich's secretary. Both of them walked back into the office discussing what was next, leaving the senator with his mouth wide open in the outer office. The Democrat Leader saw it and couldn't help but laugh to himself as he turned and made his way down the hall.

Meanwhile back in El Paso, Josh, Cesar and their brothers were just starting their day. They had just driven up to school and were getting down when a couple of school reporters from the Tattler came running up to Josh and Cesar. They started throwing out questions to Josh, but they were going so fast, Josh didn't understand a word they were saying. All he could catch is election and support, but everything else was noise.

He tried to ignore the students as he walked into the school, but they kept on him to answer the questions. After trying to dodge them in the hallways on the way to the cafeteria, Josh gave up and asked the two student reporters that were able to keep up with him to repeat their questions.

"You are now the most popular kid in our high school. The readers of our school newspaper would like to know who you support for student council president and on down." Not meaning to, Josh laughed at the question.

"I am sorry I didn't mean to be rude to you, but the question you asked you already know the answer to. When it comes time to vote for our class's representatives, I am going to vote for the right person for each position. For student council president I will be voting for my good friend Jacob Hernandez and hopefully everyone else would do the same."

"Do you think by him donating what he did to the rally last Friday should make him step down?" Josh looked at the student as if she was out of her mind. "Come on! It looks like he is buying votes, and boy he can afford to do that."

"I have gotten to know Jacob really well and there is no way he would lower himself to that level. What he did last Friday, he did out of the kindness of his heart, not to get votes! He did it because I went to him and asked him to help me out. So stop trying to find things to make him lose this election. He already has two other guys out there beating him over the head with lies. Don't give them more to throw at him."

Josh turned and walked into the cafeteria, ignoring the other questions that were being thrown at him. He didn't like what these two were getting at. If he gets a chance to help Jacob with his election, he will do it. It is high time he felt that a non-jock be elected and really do what he says he is going to do.

When he joined the others at their table, they were already in the mix of conversations. Josh sat down and listened in to see what they were talking about. As he did that, he looked around the table to see almost everyone with a happy face with the exception of Angel. Chris once again was nowhere to be seen, as it has been for the last week or so.

He knew what was getting Angel down, so Josh decided not to get into that heavy conversation so early in the morning, not after getting hit right off the bat with the school reports asking him serious questions. The questions he was asked started to flow back to him. He looked over at Jacob's table and saw him getting up.

Knowing that Jacob was always on a schedule, Josh decided not to bother him. He really wanted to return the favor for what Jacob did for him last Friday. If that means throwing his support behind Jacob and do whatever it takes to get him elected, he will do that.

Eric calling out Josh's name brought him out of his mind and back to the conversation that was going on at the table. Eric laughed when he saw Josh's blank face. He has known Josh far too long to not know that his friend was in his mind thinking about something not all related to what was being said at the table.

After repeating what was asked, Josh answered. Eric then turned his attention back to Bernice and grabbed her hand. Seeing that, Josh knew that those two had patched things up. The only question left now is if the patch would last. After all they are still working at the place that has the guy that started the whole thing.

Not wanting to think about anything so serious, Josh got out of his mind and got into the conversation. They were so much into what they were talking about they didn't get up and go out to the stadium. None of them minded because it was little colder this morning than it has been the last couple of weeks.

They talked, laughed and joked around with each other all the way up to the bell and then some. It didn't stop until they separated in the halls to go to their lockers. Once Josh and Cesar were alone, they were quiet, but the silence didn't last that long! When Josh got their locker open, Cesar broke the silence.

"Hey have you noticed that no one has come up to you and told what a great job you did on Friday?" The minute the words left Cesar's mouth, several of their fellow students walked up and patted Josh on the shoulders, telling him he did an awesome show. Josh smiled at Cesar, and he knew what the smile meant.

All the way, to their classroom almost every student they passed in one way or another patted Josh on the back for is performance. "You have just jinxed me." Josh started to laugh. "I was enjoying all the silence from everyone when we got here. Something that they haven't done in the past, but you had to go and jinx it."

Cesar knew that Josh was playing because he was laughing, barely able to get the words out of his mouth. He was feeling bad that no one had come up to Josh and told him that he did a great job because he knew Josh liked it when they did. Even though he says he doesn't, Cesar knows that Josh does.

As soon as they settled down in their desks, the final bell rang. Josh kept talking until his teacher walked up to his desk and told him to pay attention to the announcements. Josh turned away from Cesar and looked over at the television. Pretty much everything that was being said was boring. It didn't really affect him.

When the screen went dark, Josh thought the announcements were over. He was wrong. Principal Michaels came on behind his desk once again. "Good morning students, I have a very important announcement to make. After what has been going on at our school over the last several weeks, the school board met on Friday and finalized some new rules.

You will be handed these new rules in your homeroom today, but I'm going to go over them really quickly. So please follow along with me as I read them out loud." Josh looked around to see if anyone had the rules. That is when he saw his homeroom teacher handing out the dittos.

"New policy enacted on February 15, 1992, dealing with the gay students in the EPISD schools. There is zero tolerance with any kind of mistreatment to another student or faculty member in our schools. If an individual is caught saying the following words in a hurtful matter, the student will be suspended for three days. The words are faggot, gay, lesbian or any other word that means the same thing, slang or real.

If a student hurts another student because the other student is gay, the student will be expelled from school. The student could take their case to the school board, but until the school board rules, the student will not be allowed on school grounds. If the school board rules in the students favor, the days the student was expelled will go against their allowed excused absences." Principal Michaels looked straight into the camera.

"From this point on, there will no longer be zero tolerance for this type of behavior in this school or any school in the district. I plan to execute these new rules to the fullest. So be warned, if you break any part of this new policy, you will no longer be allowed to attend this school. The hate and the misunderstanding about a way of life must end. In one way or another, at least on school grounds, we are going to learn to live with each other with mutual respect. I am not asking you to love each other, but to at least respect each other.

We can't let last week's rally go to waste because of hatred and the wrong upbringing. So if you have views that homosexuality is wrong, leave those views at the door. Don't act on them, because if you do, it will be the last thing you do at this school. I hope I made myself clear on this new policy.

One last thing before I leave you to your classes. I would like to thank all those that made last week's rally a success. Los Tigres for putting on a great performance, the Governor and all the other special guests for coming down here to speak and finally you my students. The way you acted really made me a very proud principal. Thank you all for showing your school pride to every school in the district. I know they all are talking and wishing they were a Tiger today."

The screen went blue and at first, the classroom was quiet, but that didn't last long. Almost everyone was talking about the rally last Friday and those that weren't, eventually did. It took the teacher a little longer to get her class under control, but when she did, she went over Friday's assignment. Once they got through with review, she assigned them the next pages in the book to read while she finished taking attendance.

Pretty much the entire day the students either talked about the rally or the new school policy. Whenever Josh and Cesar walked by, the students that were talking about the policy clammed up. Josh knew what they were talking about, but didn't care. He and Cesar walked past them ignoring the stares they were getting from those students.

When the school day was over, Josh couldn't be happier. As soon as he got home, he changed and jumped into the pool surprising everyone. Ever since he quit the swim team, he has not been seen in the pool. Everyone thought that Josh was never going to get back in the water, but now seeing that not only he has, but is really enjoying it, they were all happy for him.

Back in Austin, Al worked late into the night, trying to play catch up. When he finally called it quits, he was nowhere near finished. He wanted to stay longer in the office, but his eyes were hurting. He needed to get a couple of hours of sleep to be ready to have a war of words with the representatives from Mexico, his meeting first thing in the morning.

Trying to get all the facts straight in his head as he fell to sleep, Al was no closer to knowing what to say to the Mexican Government than he was when he started thinking of the meeting. All he knew is that they had to hand over the two fugitives. He knows that's going to be an uphill battle to try and get them to agree to do that.

When he woke up, he was more tired than he was when he went to sleep. Forcing himself out of bed, he made his way to the bathroom, showered and got ready to go in. As he left his room, he called for his car to meet him out front. Not really liking the idea he was being driven around town, he accepted it since he had no idea how to get from his hotel to a local restaurant to eat and then to his office.

To his surprise, Rich's secretary was there to meet him with a cup of coffee in one hand and the day's schedule in the other. He thought that he had time to ask her the question that has been on his mind since he walked into the office yesterday, but he didn't. She pointed to the waiting room where the representatives from Mexico were waiting. Al pushed the question to the back of his mind as he greeted his guests.

"Gentlemen thank you for making the long trip to Austin. Can I get you guys anything to drink or eat while we talk?" The representatives said yes and gave their order to Rich's secretary as they walked into the office. Nothing was really said until the secretary came back with the order and left again.

"Right now I know our respective governments are not seeing eye to eye on how we should deal with the issue at hand. I am hoping that by the time we are done here today, we walk out with a solution to our differences. Both sides are hurting and I would like to stop the hurt and move on to good relations between our two leaders."

"There will be no moving on if your Governor doesn't stop what he is doing." One of the representatives said in broken English. "We have the support of your Federal government and because of that we're not going to budge on what we have decided on. The two individuals in question will not be turned over to your Governor or any Governor for that matter as long as Governor Lopez continues to hurt our people by his new policies."

"Then we have a long morning ahead of us."



{Welcome back one and all to another chapter of "Shadow of My Father". I know this chapter was not as exciting as the last chapter, but not all chapters can be that exciting. I promise you that I will try and make them all exciting, but I have to take a few of them here and there to set up for the exciting chapters.

Before I move on to the summation of the chapter, I want to let you all know that "Jacob Finding His Way", "Beneath the Mask" and "Regrets and Heartaches are coming back this coming week. I thank you guys for your patience. I have finally gotten this story pretty close to the time line of my others. At the end of this chapter, the story is on the 18th of February, only ten days off the other stories. That is a lot better than a year and half like it was when I started book two of this saga.

Now enough with the announcements, let's get back to the chapter. I picked it up right where I left off, as usual. The only difference this time is that I went back a little in time and let you guys see some of the concert through Eric and Bernice's eyes. I needed to do that so you guys could understand the next parts of the chapter.

Songs like Josh, Los Tigres and the rest of the glee clubs sang can touch each person differently. It depends on what is going on in their lives at the time. Well in Eric and Bernice's lives it was their fighting. I am not only glad that they were able to get past their fight, but later in the evening talk it out.

Now as far as the sex scene, I cannot tell you much about it since I didn't write it. Trevor wrote the sex scene. I know it is a sex scene between a straight couple, but we do have straight couples in this story and the others. I promise you it won't happen that often, but it needed to happen here to show that these two do really love each other.

Back to the concert! Let me say one more thing about Josh's speech at the end. I know some of you have written me and told me I am really getting way out there, but I don't believe so. This story, from the get-go has been pure fiction. I know back in 1992 things that I have written in this story wouldn't have happened. Trust me I know that because I grew up in that era. So to those that think I have lost all sense, this story is fiction. I know I have readers out there that like to escape into a better world for a few minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I only wish that we were able to have rallies like the one I wrote about. I only wish that we were able to be totally in the open and talk like Josh did at the rally. I only wish we had a Governor like Lopez who would do what's right, but we don't, so I write it in my stories so at least in fiction we can live out our dreams.

Enough with that, let's once again get back to the story. We got to see Isaac and Troy again in this chapter. They are getting a lot closer with each other and security has taken note. They had Isaac give Troy the forms to fill out to be around the first family of Texas. I'm glad that Troy took it well and filled them out immediately without questioning.

The flea market incident with the boot legging, what do you all think? Would you have reacted the same way that Isaac did or would you have ignored it all and just walked on by? I am glad Isaac has a soul and went back and paid the guy for his merchandise, even though the guy didn't deserve one red cent of that money.

We got to see Al for the first time in Austin. In "Jacob Finding His Way" we all know that Al left for Austin, but nothing else. Well here we are finding out what he was assigned and let me tell you, it is going to be a roller coaster ride. Not only is Al playing catch up, but he hasn't accepted the job yet.

From the Texas leadership to the Mexican government Al's first days in Austin have been very busy. The republican leader made it clear that the gay rights bill is not going to get passed. The democrat leader promised to help fight them on that, but they do not have the control in the houses. There will be a fight there and let me tell you guys you better buckle up for this one because if I know Governor Lopez, if he goes down, he is going to go down fighting.

There is a new policy now in effect in the EPISD. What do you guys think about that new policy? I don't see a way for Principal Michaels to make sure that everyone is going to follow the new policy. There is going to be a few students and teachers that are going to test it. Let's see if Principal Michaels follows the policy and the school board backs him.

Josh had a weird day on Monday. For those that are keeping track of the stories, I dropped a clue about what is coming very soon in this story. Back in "Jacob" sixty nine, Jacob went to Josh for help, Josh gave it. We are there already and you guys will see it through Josh's eyes now. So don't miss the two most popular gay kids at El Paso High School join forces to potentially take down the jocks.

Finally the end! Many of you have been asking me what about Beth? Well here we go. You guys are about to get your answer on that and how Dominic, Joey's uncle, was turned over. It was dropped from "Regrets and Heartaches" because the plot is now political and between the characters in this story now to get it resolved.

So much going on in this story and not enough paper to write it all on! I know if I forgot anything in my writer's corner about this chapter, Trevor & Rick will take care of it in their corners. There are still a lot of open plots out there that I have not even touched on, and many more new plots are to come. I hope that you all did not forget about any of those plots, and if you did, well then it will be a lot of fun when they come back up again. So hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen; the ride is just beginning!

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A sort of catch up round this chapter is, giving you all the chance to get your breath back after the great rally. It looks like Josh is going to have a battle with his record company and those that have different ideas than him on how his career should be run. It's good to see Ivan his manager in his corner sticking up for him. If I was his label I'd let him be and just sit back counting all the money rolling in.

My, what a dream situation that would be; zero tolerance to gay bullying and comments. It's such a pity that this is fiction and just wishful thinking on Jacob's part. Where's Chris? It appears that he hasn't been around since the rally. His he avoiding Angel or is something more sinister afoot or am I writing too much into him not being around?

Finally Al, he's got his work cut out with the Mexican standoff and hopefully he has a mega win for the Governors sake.

It will be good to get all the other stories back up and running at last. I suggest that you all read the last chapter posted to get back up to date on what's happening. I know I've started doing that all ready. Some mind boggling plots coming up so stay with us.

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Pillow Talk With "Daddy" Rick

I'm very glad to see Eric and Bernice back on track. I hope that they learned from their brush with the `green monster'. Trevor did a smash-up job on the love scene. I'm glad Jacob and Trevor included it. There's nothing better than make-up sex, be it straight or gay!

Speaking of (and to) Trevor, thank you for the "welcome back". I'm very glad to be back. I truly missed my work on the stories and the camaraderie with the team. You would be amazed at the goings on it takes behind the scenes to get the stories out each week. Jacob is the most consistent and prolific author (in the gay literature genre) that I have come across.

I'm very glad to see Isaac and Troy are beginning to find some solid interest in each other. Isaac has been so dedicated to his assumed responsibilities for the Lopez family and I have been wondering what life the man had for himself. It appears he's had some false starts. Now he's found Troy, a very average guy on the surface, but, from what I've seen so far, he's a prince in mind and spirit. When Isaac was forced into having to get Troy to fill out the security questionnaire, Troy responded in good humor and immediately started filling out the forms. To me this is an indication that Troy has nothing to hide and he has no alternate, underlying agenda.

It looks like Al has walked headlong into a hornet's nest. He's facing having to juggle three hotly contested issues; the, I'll call it, Mexican standoff, Rich's confirmation as Lt. Governor and the Gay Rights Bill. I hope he has the political capital to deal with the two domestic issues. I am not optimistic that he will be able to succeed on the issue with Mexico. Political capital won't be something he has to come to a successful resolution on that. It's going to be old fashioned statesmanship. I hope he can find some vulnerability in the Mexicans he can use to apply the needed pressure. I don't see compromise being viable.

We had the escape from reality with the rally in El Paso in the story. Here's a snap back to reality.

(From the Dallas Voice) There was another hideous hate crime that happened on Sunday, in Reno, Texas:

BurnBurke Burnett said he was at a private party at about 1 a.m. (Sunday, Oct. 30) when four men suddenly attacked him, stabbing him at least twice with a broken beer bottle before throwing him onto a fire. His attackers yelled things like "pussy-ass faggot," "gay bitch" and "c*ck-sucking punk," Burnett said.

Burnett said it took 30 stitches to close stab wounds to his back and forearm, as well as a cut above his left eye. He also sustained second-degree burns and severe bruises.

"They knew I was gay," Burnett said Monday. "I'm convinced they were trying to kill me."

Read more: http://www.towleroad.com/2011/10/gay-man-stabbed-beaten-burned-in-hate-crime-in-rural-texas.html#ixzz1cja3efnR

I found out about this incident on my local news channel. I saw an interview with revealing shots of Burke's injuries.

Here's a link to the news story I saw: http://www.wfaa.com/news/crime/East-Texas-man-says-he-was-assaulted-because-hes-gay-133210343.html

In this real world, how can we stop the hate?

Until Next Time,