Written by: J.P.G.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Trevor

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Edited By: Trevor

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Chapter 23


Since the family arrived in El Paso late Saturday night, and didn't get into bed until close to two in the morning, Daniel Sr. and Barbara let them sleep in a couple more hours than they normally are allowed on the weekend. When they woke up, they had breakfast and were about to head to the theatre room to watch a movie when Daniel stopped them.

They thought that their father had stopped them to give them their allowance, but they got a shock. Instead of getting their allowance, they were sent outside to do the chores that they have been skipping for the last couple of weeks. When Daniel woke up in the morning and went out to get his newspaper, he wasn't too pleased with how the yard looked.

Nothing the boys were supposed to do had been done. When he saw them heading to the theatre room, he made it clear that their chores came first. When they were done, they went to clean up before watching a movie. Surprise two of the day; when they walked in Daniel Sr. and Barbara where sitting there watching a movie that none of the boys liked.

They hoped standing there looking frustrated would get their father to give up the control, but he didn't. After a couple of minutes trying to get the control, they gave up and trudged back up to their rooms. An hour later, they were all called back down to join their father and mother in the study for what they thought was getting their allowance. Surprise three for the day.

"I am very displeased with how you guys have been ignoring your chores over the last couple of weeks." Daniel spoke in a low voice, but it was still stern. "No matter if I am here or not, you will do your chores. You can't collect your allowances and not do anything for it." Daniel looked over at his wife, sitting in the chair to the side of the study.

"I was set on not giving you guys your allowance this week, but your mother talked me into doing so. However, let me make this one thing very clear, you all have assigned chores to do and I expect you to get them done without being asked. If I see that any of you didn't do what you are supposed to do once more, you won't be getting an allowance for a month. Is that understood?" The boys nodded their heads all at once.

"Good, come on over so I can give you your allowance." Hesitantly the boys got up and walked over to their father. One at a time got their normal allowance and retook their seats. "As you all know we are going to have a special dinner tonight. Your uncle has a special someone in his life that he wants for us all to meet. I know I don't have to say this, but I am going to just to be on the safe side.

You will be here and on your best behavior. Whoever this guy is, you will treat him with respect as you do anyone else that comes through those doors. Your uncle is already nervous about tonight. Not because of us, because he knows he doesn't have to worry about how we are going to react. He is nervous because he feels this is the guy he wants to make a life with."

"Dad I know you're giving us this speech because you feel it's needed, but it isn't." Daniel Jr. spoke up for his brothers. "We have come a long way from when we found out about Josh. We respect Josh, Cesar, Uncle Isaac and everyone like them. So don't worry about us. When we meet Uncle Isaacs' boyfriend, we will treat him like we treat Uncle Isaac."

What his oldest just said put a smile on the Governor's face. "I'm sorry; I should have never even gone there. I guess I thought I was still out there dealing with those that don't understand that there is nothing to be afraid of or hate about homosexuality." Daniel looked over at his eldest son. "You were right when you said you all have come a long way and I should have remembered that. Thank you for reminding me and please, when you see me do a mistake like that, or anyone for that matter, politely inform me or them."

Daniel Jr. and his brothers nodded their heads. "Well that's all I have to say, so get on out of here. You guys don't have a lot of time before you have to be back for dinner, so make sure wherever you go, you don't go far. Also, make sure that you don't spend a lot of time in the stores that will make you late for dinner."

The boys promised their father that they would be back in time for dinner as they made their way out of the study. Daniel walked over to his wife and sat next to her, taking her hand. Sitting there with his wife they watched their boys running out the door. He couldn't help but think how they are growing into very good men. Men that are going to make a positive mark on this world, when they get out there and live their lives!

Getting that out of his mind, Daniel looked down at his watch and then over to Barbara. "It is still early, so do you think the store manager to Taco Tote where Eric and Bernice worked is there?" She shrugged her shoulders. "I am going to call and ask for Mr. Jackson, right?" Barbara nodded her head as she got up and headed out to check on the twins.

Daniel picked up the phone and dialed the number he got from the phone book. A couple rings later, an employee answered and Daniel asked to speak with Mr. Jackson. Not asking why he is calling, she put him on hold. A couple minutes later an older male's voice came over the line. Making up a lame reason for calling, Mr. Jackson answered the question and they hung up.

As soon as he completed the call, Daniel got up and informed his security staff that they were going out, but he didn't want them to send a forward team this time. They didn't like the idea, but after he explained why, they understood. So, while he went up to get ready and tell Barbara, the security detail prepared for the outing.

The whole ride to the restaurant, Daniel Sr. and Barbara went back and forth, on what they should do as far as helping out Eric and Bernice. She wanted to help, but at the same time she also wanted to respect their wishes. Daniel understood his wife's dilemma, but he couldn't let this go without putting his two cents in to help a longtime friend of his son Josh.

They hadn't decided on what they were going to do by the time they drove up to Taco Tote. Barbara believed that her husband was going to do the right thing, so she stopped objecting. They got out of the car and walked to the front doors. The security agents staying very close to the Governor and his wife since they didn't secure the area like they normally do.

When they walked in, those that were sitting at the tables by the door looked up and immediately recognized the Governor and his wife. With all the noise in the lobby of the customers getting up to shake the Governor's hand, the staff in the kitchen started to make their way out. Mr. Jackson and his assistant manager were the last to make their way to the lobby. When they got out there and saw who was there, they knew they were in deep trouble.

Mr. Jackson walked up to the Governor and greeted him and then his wife. Before he could say another word after his greeting, the Governor stopped him. "Out of respect to the customers here, I would like it if we can speak in private if that is at all possible?" Mr. Jackson knew by the tone of the Governor's voice that he wasn't playing around.

He moved to the side and pointed towards the double doors that led to the kitchen. A couple of security agents walked into the kitchen first and moved all possible weapons out of the way. As soon as everything was secure, they radioed back to the agents in the front and gave the all clear. Once that call came in, the Governor and his wife walked to Mr. Jackson's office in the kitchen.

"I know why you are here and why you are asking to speak with me in private. As I told your wife, your son and the two employees in question that I have to investigate what exactly happened that night, before I can do anything." Mr. Jackson started to explain in a very nervous voice. "I wish I had more news for you, but I just don't have it since the investigation is still on going and not all the facts are in."

"Okay I understand all that, but let me ask you something. Is the other employee in question, the one that Bernice is claiming that pushed himself on her, suspended?" Mr. Jackson looked at his assistant manager and back at the Governor. The look on his face is all the answer the Governor needed. "I thought so! Please call your boss and get him down here so we can get this fixed here and now."

"Hold on sir, there is no need for us to involve my boss. The issue can be handled in the store since it happened here. Let me just..."

"With all due respect sir, I don't trust you. One thing I have learned since I been in Austin is how to spot a person that is trying to save his or her own hide. That is what you are trying to do right now." The Governor walked over to the door of the office and looked out into the kitchen. He knew which employee was hitting on Bernice because he was the only one not working with a look on his face that can only be described as a duck in duck hunting season.

"Sir, you promised Eric and Bernice that you were going to give them a call no later than yesterday morning, but you didn't. That is telling me that you are sticking to your original decision, which is wrong. I have known Eric almost his entire life. One thing I can say for certain is that I can take that young man at his word. As far as Bernice, I have only known her for a little over a year and a half, but she has not lied to me yet.

With that said you have to see where I am coming from. The employee that you have decided to back is the wrong choice and you know that as well as I. So once again let's go ahead and get your boss down here so we can get this all sorted out seeing as you can't."

Mr. Jackson reluctantly walked over to his phone on his desk and called his boss. Those in the office knew that he was getting a mouth full from his boss by the way he stood there saying only yes sir and no sir. The call only lasted a few minutes. When he got off, he explained to the Governor that his supervisor is on his way and should be there in less than fifteen minutes.

True to his word, the supervisor came busting through the kitchen door exactly fifteen minutes later. He was an older man than Mr. Jackson was by about ten years. The way you could tell that is by the miles on his face and the white hair he is getting. He is not severely overweight, but he isn't at the weight he should be. That told the Governor that this guy has worked in the restaurant industry probably his entire adult life.

When he reached the office, he quickly introduced himself. "Governor and Mrs. Lopez my name is William Brown. I am the district manager of Taco Totes." William extended his hand and Daniel shook it, then Barbara. "I understand that you are concerned about a termination of two of the employees here at this store. Is that correct?"

The Governor answered yes while William was settling in. He walked over to Mr. Jackson and whispered something in his ear. As soon as he was done, Mr. Jackson walked over to his assistant manager and did the same thing. The assistant manager left the office while Mr. Jackson went to his filling cabinet and pulled out three folders and then handed them to William. Just as the district manager opened one of the files, the assistant manager walked back in with an employee that Daniel Sr. figured out was the guy in question.

"Thank you for coming, please take a seat." Nervously the employee sat down. "We have a big problem here and I am going to get to the bottom of it. However, before I go any further I need to look over the employee files to get the facts straight."

What William said was more of a fact than a question, Daniel and the others had no other choice but stand there while he went through the files. He spent more time looking at one of them than he did the other two. That told Daniel that the other two were Eric and Bernice's. It wasn't because the amount of time he spent looking at the files, but they were thin.

"Okay the first thing I see here is that Eric Martinez was not fired. He walked out with his girlfriend and didn't return to work on his next schedule day. That is job abandonment, plain and simple. As far as Bernice Gomez, she was offered her job back, but she stomped out of the office like a little kid not getting her way. Due to these facts, they can no longer work for this company."

"Okay for the sake of argument let's say you are right about Eric, but what about Bernice? You know as well as I do that unless you dealt with this young man..." the Governor pointed to the employee sitting in the chair... "... that Bernice would never have felt comfortable working here. She had no other choice but not to accept her job back due to the fact your managers here made it clear to her that they weren't going to do anything with the employee that was harassing her.

Procedures weren't followed that night and you know that by looking at the files. You are trying to cover your own ass by saying job abandonment and other things that Eric and Bernice did wrong." It took a lot out of the Governor to keep his cool, but he did. "You know as well as I do that an investigation should have been started. While that was going on, this young man should have at least been transferred to another store, if not suspended."

"I won't stand here sir and be told what my procedures are. If they were broken by any of these managers, I will deal with them in private." William stood up and got into the Governor's face. "You are a regular person here, not the Governor, so don't think you can scare me. If you have a problem with the way things were dealt with here, lodge a complaint."

Daniel laughed! "Oh boy you have no idea who you are talking to." The Governor pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. Whomever he was speaking with, they didn't stay on the line too long. He got off and looked at the three managers standing together. There was fear in their faces, not matter how hard they tried to mask it, Daniel saw it.

The office phone started to ring, but none of the managers moved. Daniel walked over to the phone and put it on speaker. "Mr. Caballero thanks for calling so promptly. I am here with the store manager to your store on Mesa Street, Mr. Jackson and his boss Mr. Brown. I had hoped by speaking to them things would have been settled without getting you involved like I stressed to you earlier this morning when we spoke, but they didn't."

"Mr. Jackson and Brown is what the Governor is saying is true?" The owner's voice came over the line, striking fear in the faces of the two managers. "I am going to take that silence as my answer. Governor Lopez I am sorry for what has happened at one of my stores involving your family. As I promised if I got involved, I will take care of things immediately.

Mr. Jackson is the employee that is being accused of sexual harassment working today?" In a very low voice, Mr. Jackson answered yes and added the employee is in the office. "Good, tell that employee that he is longer employed by us. I have before me copies of several complaints lodged against him by other former female employees and female guests. His employment should have been terminated with this company a long time ago."

Mr. Jackson walked over to his filing cabinet, pulled out termination paper work and filled it out. Once he was done, he got it signed by the employee and then escorted him out of the building through the back door. When he returned, everyone was just standing there. Mr. Brown informed the owner that Mr. Jackson had returned.

"By keeping an employee on staff like the one you two did has opened my company up to so many lawsuits, I can't even imagine how much it is going to cost me. Therefore, this company no longer employs the store managers of this branch as well. I won't be sued because my managers are unwilling to do the job they are being paid to do. Please Mr. Brown fill out the forms that are needed and get those two out of the store."

Mr. Brown didn't even try to defend his employees. He went to the filing cabinet where Mr. Jackson pulled out the termination papers and grabbed out two of them. After filling them out, he got them signed and then escorted them out of the building. While Mr. Brown was doing that, the Governor and the owner talked about Mr. Brown's attitude.

When Mr. Brown returned, he had no idea what he was in for. "Mr. Brown I understand you disrespected the Governor when you got there. Is that true?" Stuttering Mr. Brown answered in the positive, but tried to explain it away. "There is no excuse for showing one of our customers that kind of disrespect. If you did that to the Governor, I can't even imagine how you talk to our other customers that are not influential people."

The line went dead for a few minutes. "Due to you being with my company for a long time, I am not going to fire you on the spot like you deserve to be. However, I can't leave you in your current position. I currently have opened a store manager's position that I am going to demote you to. If I hear one complaint from an employee or a customer of you disrespecting them, you will be fired on the spot. Do I make myself clear on that point?"

"Yes sir you have made yourself crystal clear."

"Governor Lopez I would like to offer Mr. Martinez and Miss. Gomez to return to their jobs, but something is telling me they are not going to take them back."

"No sir they probably won't, not after hearing about what happened here. These two young people are very nice kids that will blame themselves for those that have lost their jobs. Even though they shouldn't, they will! But, I will tell them of your offer and we will see what their answer will be. It will surprise me if they come back to work here."

Nothing more was said about the subject. The Governor thanked Mr. Caballero before hanging up the phone. He made sure he had everything he came with before making his way out of the office into the kitchen. On his way to the lobby, Mr. Brown tried to apologize to the Governor for the way he talked to him earlier. At first, the Governor wasn't going to take the guys apology, but decided to be a bigger man that he is and accept it.

On the way home, Daniel could see that something was bothering his wife. When he asked her, he didn't expect to get the answer he got. "I don't understand people at all honey, I really don't. First, those two managers who lost their jobs today knew that they were backing the wrong person, so why did they do it?" Barbara looked at her husband with a concerned look. "I don't like seeing what I saw today. I don't like anyone losing their jobs no matter what."

"I agree with you on almost everything you said at the end. I don't like seeing people lose their job, more so being the one asking for those jobs. That is why I tried to reason with them first; to give them the chance to correct the wrong they did. You know I could have gone in there with guns blazing with the owner at my side, but I didn't. I wanted everyone that deserved to keep their jobs to do so. Those that did a little wrong, would get punished, but not lose their jobs."

"I know, but it just feels so bad seeing their faces when they were fired. Their entire lives changed within a matter of seconds. Even that Mr. Brown, his life changed in seconds by being demoted. That is going to hurt him in the pocket book." Barbara looked out of the car window. "I just don't understand why these managers didn't change their position. They had to know that they were on the wrong side."

"They knew it, but weren't about to admit it. Had they fired the employee Bernice said sexually harassed her, that was like admitting it. They couldn't even suspend him. Now the one that surprised me was Mr. Brown. I thought he would have been the one to walk in and have a calmer head, but he was worse. He made things a lot worse because he refused to do what was right, I had to bring in the owner, which I didn't want to do."

The rest of the way home, Daniel and Barbara went back and forth on their thoughts about what happened at Taco Tote. Both of them felt really bad that three people lost their livelihoods because of them, but at the same time they knew they gave them all the chances they could give them to correct the mistakes they made. Instead of correcting things, they dug their hole even deeper.

Meanwhile, Chris was outside in his yard cleaning up all the trash that the wind blew into it from the neighbors. He hated cleaning up other people's trash, especially the neighbors to his right. Several times the coach and Chris himself had gone over to ask them to try and keep their yard clean, but it got worse each time. They didn't care how their house or yard looked by the way they just tossed everything around and refused to do the upkeep that was needed.

With his mind on what he was doing, he didn't notice Angel walking up to him. When Angel patted him on the shoulder to get his attention, he almost jumped ten feet in the air, dropping the shovel and bag of trash to the ground. Angel couldn't help but laugh at Chris. Then Chris was clutching his chest and that made Angel laugh harder.

"You dumb asshole; you almost gave me a heart attack!" Chris yelled as he slapped Angel on the shoulder. "Don't be sneaking up on people like that because the next person you do it to, might know some kind of martial arts and kick your ass." Chris waved his hands in the air as if he was throwing karate blows to Angel's mid-section.

"I'm sorry, really I am!" Angel said between laughs. It took a few more minutes before he was able to speak in full sentences without breaking into laughter. "I saw you out here working on the yard and figured that I would have scared you if I'd yelled, but I see I was wrong. Maybe I should have yelled instead of walking up to you the way I did."

Chris knelt down and scooped up the trash that fell out of the bag when he dropped it. Angel joined him, and between the two of them, they had the entire front yard cleaned up in no time. The whole time while they were picking up trash and dead weeds, they talked about school and things like that, but not what Angel wanted to talk about.

After tossing the trash bags in the garbage barrels at the side of Chris's house, they made their way in, stopping in the kitchen to get something to drink and munch on. Once they got everything they wanted, they headed to Chris' room. Angel looked around for Coach and his wife on their way, but didn't see them anywhere. He figured they were at church being Sunday.

They played video games at first when they walked into the room but, when Angel saw it was getting close for him to leave, he sat stopped playing. Chris looked over to him and knew something was up. With the look on his face, he knew whatever it was, was going to be serious. He put down his control after pausing the game.

"Chris I know I've been an idiot when it's come to dealing with you and I, for that I'm sorry. If you were trying to go out with that other guy to make me see what I'd be missing, you did. I see now as clear as day what I would be missing if I lost you." Angel moved his body until he was facing Chris so he could read his facial expressions. "Please tell me that it's not too late and I still have a chance with you."

Chris had no idea how to respond. Even though things didn't work out between him and Ethan, he really doesn't see Angel the way he saw him before. He knows that sounds weird because he was in love with the guy, or at least he thought he was. Now when he looks at Angel, the only thing he could see happening between them is being very good friends, and not even the kind of friends that have benefits.

"Let me clear something up first before we go any further. I wasn't trying to go out with Ethan to try and make you jealous. When Jacob came to me and introduced us, I thought I had a real chance with the guy, but I found out quickly I didn't. He isn't ready to be with someone like me, a person that is already out to all his friends and family.

Therefore, as you can see, I wasn't doing that to try and make you jealous. I don't work that way." Chris reached over and took Angel's hands. "I tried so hard to become your boyfriend for weeks, but you weren't interested in that. At times I felt you were more into me because of what I was able to bring to the table as far as things to do and places to go." Angel tried to jump in, but Chris stopped him. "Let me finish please!

However, I learned that you're not that type of person. In your own way you wanted to be with me, but just like Ethan, weren't ready for the kind of relationship I'm looking for. I want something serious like Josh and Cesar, not just a fling. I had those and to tell you the truth, they're not all that they are cracked up to be. I got a name around the school of being a male slut. It took Josh pulling me to one side to open my eyes to what I was doing."

Chris let go of Angel's hands and got up from the floor. "Don't get me wrong here Angel; I am really messed up still. I am nowhere nearly as solid Josh! Maybe one day I will be at his level, but that day is not today. I have a lot of baggage and problems I haven't resolved. Most of the time I act like a spoiled little kid! I throw tantrums whenever I don't get my way. The list goes on and on."

Angel got up from the floor and walked over to Chris. He knew where Chris was going and feared the next words that were going to come out. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that Chris was going to tell him that all he wanted was a friendship, something he can do, but doesn't want to do. Not now, not after he has come to terms on wanting to be with a person like Chris.

"There is so much I can go on about myself Angel, but I don't want to bore you to death." Chris turned to face Angel. He wanted to say the things while looking at Angel. "Two of the same don't make a good couple and that's what we are; the same. There has to be a strong person who has already come to terms with most of their demons while the other one is still fighting theirs. You and I are still fighting through all of our demons, so we won't make it as a couple, there is just no way.

I love you and I wish things were different, but they're not. We have to play the cards that we've been dealt. They are shitty, but that is what they are." Chris wrapped his arms around Angel and held him tight. "I love you Angel and boy I wish we could be together. But, I'm afraid if we tried, we would end up hating each other. That's something I don't want to happen because I care too deeply for you."

Holding back his tears, Angel spoke in a very low voice that Chris was barely able to hear. "No matter how much I don't want what you are saying to be true, it is. It hurts, but heck the truth often hurts. You are a great guy and it is too bad Ethan didn't see that. It took me a while to see it, but now I see it as clearly as I see my hand before my face."

Breaking the hug, Chris guided Angel over to his bed. They sat down almost on top of each other. "You will find someone Angel, trust me. I fell for you so quickly it is unbelievable how fast I did. There is no doubt there are other guys our age, like us, that are falling for you right now, but afraid to come up and tell you.

When that day comes, make sure you open yourself up to them. Don't make the same mistakes you made with me when we first got together because that will torpedo any relationship you try to get into. It's going to be hard, and you are going to make mistakes like I have. But when it's all over, you're going to be glad you did because if that guy sticks by you, you will know that's the guy you're going to spend the rest of your life with."

Angel listened very closely to every word Chris was saying. Everything that he said made sense. He promised himself to do exactly what Chris is recommending him to do. If a guy comes up to him, or he sees a guy he likes, and that guy is willing to go out with him, he will open himself up and not do the same things he did with Chris.

They talked a little more, but had to end their conversation in the middle because Angel had to get home. He thanked Chris for being completely honest with him and made it clear that no matter what, they are always going to be friends. When Chris agreed with that, it put a smile on Angel's face the entire walk home.

Just as Chris and Angel went their separate ways, Isaac arrived with Troy. Troy was very nervous the entire trip over to the house. He has wanted to meet Isaac's family, but now that the day is here and he's thinking twice about his desires. It wasn't because he had things he was hiding. It was because of the very man that his boyfriend's brother is. Not only is the guy a very popular Governor, but he is a retired four star general who is very close to presidents and leaders from around the world.

When they walked into the house, Troy looked around and was surprised to see what he was seeing. He thought that the house was going to be this fancy mansion with all fancy art on the walls and butlers at the door asking for his coat. It was not that all. In fact, it was down to earth, like normal people.

A few feet into the hall, several young teenage boys came walking down the stairs. Troy looked over at them and smiled as Isaac introduced them as his nephews. "Troy I would like you to meet my older nephews, Daniel Jr. and Carlos." Troy extended his hand. "Daniel and Carlos I would like you to meet Troy, a very dear friend of mine."

With smiles on their faces, Daniel Jr. and Carlos shook Troy's hand and welcomed him. Isaac looked at his nephews and knew by the looks on their faces, that they knew Troy was more than just a close friend to him. He should have known not to try and lie to them because they always see through a lie, it's a family trait.

"I know you guys know that Troy is more than just a close friend to me."

Daniel Jr. looked over at his uncle and smiled. "Uncle Isaac, we know Troy is the one you have been spending a lot of your time with lately. We are happy that you have found someone that you can spend time with because we were starting to worry that you were never going to find someone special; a person you want to spend the rest of your life with."

"We are getting close, but it's still too early to tell if that is where we are heading." Troy looked at Isaac with a funny look on his face, but before he could ask what he meant, three other young males came walking down the stairs. "Troy these other three dashing young men are my other nephews, Brandon, Josh and his boyfriend Cesar."

Right away Josh shook Troy's hand, followed by Cesar and then Brandon. After everyone had shaken hands, they made their way to the dining room where they found Daniel Sr. and Barbara sitting at the table talking. The minute they walked in, their father and mother went very quiet. Daniel Sr. right away stood up and made his way over to his brother and Troy. On the other side of the table, Barbara was doing the same.

"Troy, I know there is no need for me to tell you who this guy is, but I am going to anyway." Isaac pointed to his brother laughing. "He is my younger brother Daniel and this lovely young woman his wife Barbara."

Daniel Sr. and Troy shook hands, but Barbara slapped his hand away when he turned towards her and hugged him instead. As soon as the introductions were done, they made their way to the table and sat down. Before they could start talking, Rose walked in. Just like Barbara, she slapped Troy's hand away and hugged him instead after introductions were made.

"Troy, tell me a little bit about yourself." Daniel Sr. asked as they all settled in their seats. "I mean, tell us something that Isaac hasn't told us, which is pretty much everything."

A little nervous about the question, he started to tell everyone about himself. How he was a plumber, his father was a plumber and so on and so on. When he was done talking about how he made a living, he went into where he lived in El Paso, which isn't very far from Daniel's house. In fact, his house is in the same neighborhood where they used to live, which surprised Daniel. He prided himself on knowing everyone in his neighborhood, so he doesn't know how he never met Troy, or at least saw him around and about.

Figuring there was nothing he could do about it now, Daniel Sr. didn't mention it. "Our father, God rest his soul, was a labor working man as well. I think it was my brother and me who broke away from the labor work and went into political careers. If we didn't do that, we probably would have followed in our father's footsteps." Troy looked at the Governor with a weird look at his face that could only mean one thing, disgust.

"Don't get me wrong, there's not a damn thing wrong working physical labor of any kind. My father did everything he could to make sure we didn't have the same life like him, and for that I am very grateful. He worked himself to death so we didn't have to. So I hold a lot of respect for all those that actually work, I mean work for a living, not sit behind a desk pushing papers."

"Governor Lopez I don't think that is what you and Isaac do. Hell I look up to you because you were willing to give your life for this country in order for people like me to do what we want to do. I never wanted to be in the military like you because I didn't want to put my life on the line. So if we were to say who at this table has had the hardest job, you sir would have that hands down with your time in the military."

"Well thank you very much. I did what I loved and I would probably be still doing that if I wasn't called upon to do the job I'm doing now." Daniel Sr. looked around the table and saw a lot of bored faces. "Let's change the subject to something we all can get into. Do you agree?" Both Isaac and Troy nodded, but before they could start talking, Isabella came in with dinner.

"I really don't know how you guys met except that Father Gomez had a hand in it. Can you tell us more on how it happened?" Daniel looked at his brother with a look that only those two knew what it meant. "Isaac has been very hush, hush on all that so I'd like to know since all Isaac does is work and help me here at the house, which is like a second job."

This time Daniel Sr. got Troy to blush. "Well I don't even know where to begin on how we met. I guess I should start from the beginning." Troy moved around in his seat to get a little more comfortable. "Isaac here walked into Father's Gomez's church like a bat out of hell. He was running around in a hurry like the world was going to end. That is what caught my eye first.

Then when he slowed down enough so I could actually get a good look at him, I immediately fell for him. I guess you can say it was love at first sight." Everyone at the table said `oh!' "I didn't know that he was the brother of the Governor at first. I didn't even know if he was going to come back to the church after that day.

I volunteer at the church and that is what I was doing when he walked in last summer. I froze that day and I kicked myself for days afterwards. Every time the door flew open at the church, I looked up hoping it was Isaac, but it wasn't. The days turned into a week and just when I was about to give up, Isaac walked in again. The only difference this time was that he wasn't in such a hurry like he was the last time.

He actually stayed and started helping out. Father Gomez put him to work almost on the other side of the room, so I had to figure out how I was going to get close to him so I could strike up a conversation. After giving it a lot of thought, I just threw caution to the wind and walked over to this guy, extended my hand and introduced myself.

Isaac looked up at me as if I was from an alien planet, but he didn't leave me hanging. He shook my hand and went back to what he was doing, going through the clothes. I stood there trying to figure out what to do next, and finally I just came out and asked him if he was married. Boy did that question get me an even weirder look."

Everyone at the table started laughing as they looked at Isaac. "He answered me, but there were a couple of uncomfortable moments of dead silence. Thinking that I blew my chances, I walked back over to where I was, but I couldn't stop looking over at Isaac.

Every minute or so I would glance over and see him separating the good clothes from the bad, but by the eight or tenth time I looked over, he had disappeared. I started to freak out and started scanning the room, but didn't see Isaac anywhere. All of a sudden I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder, and when I turned around and saw Isaac standing there. I almost lost it.

I thought he came over to kick my butt for eyeing him the way I was. He actually made me sweat for a few minutes. The guy just stood there looking me up and down as if he was deciding where he was going to hit me first. When he finally spoke and asked me to join him for lunch. Well all I can tell you is that I was a nervous wreck.

We grabbed a couple of burritos and cokes from the roach mobile near the church before sitting under a tree. That was when I found out who Isaac was. We talked and got to know each other that day a little bit while we ate. Before we headed back in, we made plans to see each other the next day, which didn't stop there as you can see."

"Yes, I can see that because you are sitting here with us. I can say with certainty that my brother thinks a lot of you because you are here meeting the family." Daniel Sr. looked at Isaac and winked at him. "He's never introduced me to someone he was going out with. You are the first, which means you mean a lot to him."

Before Troy could respond, Daniel Jr. spoke. "This might sound strange coming from me, but I need to ask. What are your intentions toward my uncle?"

The table went dead quiet as they all looked at Daniel Jr. The only noise you heard was Isaac and Troy dropping their forks onto their plates. Isaac couldn't believe his nephew would ask a question like that. He was between embarrassment and anger, turning all shades of red, just like Troy, but at the same time, he was angry that his teenage nephew had the guts to ask a question he would expect his mother to ask his boyfriend.

"Well Daniel, I have nothing but good intentions toward your uncle. We both love each other very much and have agreed to take it slow. We have spent a lot of time together over the last couple months. There have been nights he has stayed over, and yes, we have done more than just kiss, but neither of us pressured the other into doing what the other didn't want to do. I love your uncle very much, and I hope we will commit and be together for a very long time."

Satisfied with the answer, Daniel Jr. went back to eating. The others just kept looking at Daniel, wondering what made him ask that question. There were a few more minutes of dead silence after Troy answered the question, but no more than that. Barbara was the one that kicked started the conversation again, and it was nowhere near the question Daniel Jr. asked.

The rest of dinner, Isaac and Troy took turns telling stories about things they did on dates. When they got to the weekend they went to the flea market, it grabbed everyone's attention. Isaac thought he might have gone somewhere he shouldn't have. However, when Daniel Sr. didn't ask for more details than Isaac and Troy gave, he thought differently.

After getting through dessert, the boys were excused to watch television while the adults stayed at the table having coffee. They talked some more, but the conversation wasn't about Isaac and Troy any more. It was general, which made Isaac happy because he was able to sit back and relax. He saw his younger brother and boyfriend getting along better than he had imagined. Even his mother and Barbara were getting along with Troy.

When the evening came to an end, everyone was reluctant to say their goodbyes. Daniel Sr. and Barbara walked Isaac and Troy to the door and when they were saying their final farewell, Daniel made it clear to Troy not to be a stranger now that they have been introduced. Troy promised not to and thanked them for a great evening.

Hearing how his uncle met his boyfriend, Josh got all frisky. He couldn't stop teasing Cesar while they were watching TV with their brothers. Although the only light in the room was from the big theatre screen on the wall, if anyone would have looked over their direction, they would have figured what they were doing and that their weren't focused on TV.

Trying to fight it, Cesar gave in about an hour into the movie. They got up and made a lame excuse why they were leaving, which their brothers didn't care. They just nodded their heads as they kept watching the movie. Josh and Cesar ran upstairs. The minute the door was closed and locked, they started stripping each other's clothes off.

Moaning and panting Cesar whispered, "I've been waiting for this all day lover, please love me and love me hard, I want you inside me pounding away, filling me up with your love juice."

All the talk was getting Josh harder and harder as he pushed his lover back towards the bed, falling on top of him their cocks grinding together as their tongues acted as if they were welded together. They continued kissing and grinding their bodies together until finally Cesar broke off pushing Josh back and over onto the bed, his head going immediately down on his boyfriends rock solid cock. After licking around the tip and teasing his lips along the slit, he took the whole seven inches into his mouth, causing Josh to jump at the suddenness of his actions. It felt as if Cesar was trying to get his balls into his mouth at the same time as his cock. Finally he pulled off took a deep breath before going back down, this time not pausing but coming straight back up and then down getting a frantic rhythm going. Trying so hard to make the moment last but couldn't Josh had no option but to blast wave after wave of spunk down his lover's throat, who lapped up every last drop. Once he had been milked dry. Josh lay back his eyes closed totally satisfied but Cesar wasn't finished, not by a long way.

He began slowly kissing his lover softly and tenderly, while gently stroking Josh' cock bringing it back to hardness once more which surprised Josh because he had never been able to get hard so quick like that before. Once he was hard and ready again, Cesar lay on his back with his legs in the air silently inviting his partner to help himself. Josh moved his head down between Cesar's legs, pulling his cheeks apart, exposing that beautiful pink hole. Extending his tongue as far as it would go he began rimming that tantalizing entrance probing deeper and deeper until he could reach no further. His boyfriend was softly moaning as Josh continued to tease his hole finally replacing his tongue with two of his long fingers which went inside up to the knuckle. Cesar began to moan even more before begging his lover to fuck him. Neither of them used that word very often but this was one time when he couldn't stop himself he wanted his man's cock inside him. Removing his fingers, Josh retrieved the KY from the night stand. He put a liberal amount on Cesar's hole and worked it in deep. He then fully lubed his cock. Josh positioned his cock at the entrance, slowly pushing in then pausing waiting for the silent signal from his lover before going in some more until he was fully inside of him. He paused before starting to slowly push in and out of his lover gradually increasing his speed until he was pounding away while Cesar was working on his own cock moving his hand up and down in rhythm with Josh's. Because Josh had already cum once, he was able to keep going for a lot longer than normal which suited his boyfriend who was in the mood for all he could get that night.

After close to forty five minutes of filling his lover with his cock Josh felt the juices beginning to rise once more. Cesar sensed that Josh was close and began to increase working on his own cock until the both of them shouted out at the same time, "I'M CUMMING!" And, cum they did with Josh filling his lovers hole and Cesar himself blowing all over his body from his hair right down his face, chest and stomach. Totally spent they collapsed in a heap gasping for breath.

Both of them lay totally immersed in each other's love, until the smell and stickiness of wanton sex forced them off the bed and into the shower. Washing each other carefully they spent a lot of time on certain parts of their bodies. It was two tired but sexually satisfied young men who fell asleep in each other's arms.

It was hard for the boys to wake up in the morning. Not because of the night before when they were making hot, sweet love. It was because they still hadn't completely recovered from their quick trip down to Brownsville and back. Josh forced himself out of bed, wondering how his father was able to do what he and his brothers did on Saturday. He was so tired, his head hurt even more by trying to think about something that deep so early in the morning.

When he joined Cesar in the shower, under the nice cold water, he started to come alive. It didn't take long after getting completely wet for him to actually be able to speak in complete sentences. Once they were both awake, they washed the other, having a little fun while doing it. They got out of the shower with both dicks pointing straight up.

It took a while before their dicks got soft. As soon as they did, they finished getting dressed. After looking each other over for any clues that would give away that they had fooled around in the shower, they headed downstairs for breakfast. Even though their hard ons were gone, their brothers knew they had had sex, not only by the glow in their faces, but by the way they were acting before heading upstairs the night before.

They didn't say anything, but Josh knew they wanted to tease by the looks on their faces. It was taking everything they had not to. Josh waited for the first one to start, but it never came. When he was certain that his brothers weren't going to say a word, he started to eat breakfast. Every so often, he would reach over and squeeze Cesar's leg.

The whole ride to school, Josh was waiting for his brothers to start in, but they never did. When they arrived, they went their separate ways. Josh, Cesar and Brandon went with their group of friends and Carlos and Daniel Jr. went to their group of friends. Although the two older boys were in football together, they didn't hang out with the same group all the time or sit at the same table. Sometimes the senior players would take off and do their own thing. Today was one of those days, leaving Carlos with his fellow junior team members.

He decided to take this opportunity to talk with Victor Valenzuela, one of the kids running for student council president, who is also Carlos' fellow team member. Carlos has wanted to talk with Victor since Josh helped Jacob out the other day out in the stadium. He was going to vote for his friend on the team, but after hearing Jacob talk, he's changed his mind. Now he wants to see if he can help Jacob out by getting him some jock support.

Carlos got up and walked over to Victor. He sat in the chair next to him and waited for the conversation that Victor was involved in to end. "Hey, I have a question for you my friend." Victor turned his attention to Carlos. "I was wondering if you knew what your numbers were in the election. I mean, do you know if we voted today, would you win?"

"I really don't know!" Victor started to laugh. "I'm not running for Governor or President of the United States, so we don't track those kinds of numbers, right guys?" Victor looked at their fellow team members as they nodded their heads in agreement. "All I can say right now is that Markus and I know one of us is going to win, not that other guy that is unknown around school."

"You would be surprised how many of our fellow students actually know who Jacob Hernandez is. I'll bet you a week's worth of lunches that nine of ten people in here would not only know who Jacob is, but are leaning towards voting for him." Victor looked at Carlos with an evil grin on his face. "Go ahead, walk around this cafeteria and choose anyone you want and ask them if they know who Jacob Hernandez is and if they plan to vote for him."

Victor looked at his friends and stared and then he looked over at Carlos and took the bet. They all got up from the table and walked over to the table across from them. The very first person they saw, they asked her if she knew who Jacob was, and she said `yes'. When they followed it up with the other question, they were surprised by the answer, yes.

Thinking it was a fluke, Victor and the guys walked over to the next table, asked the two questions and got the exact answer they got from the girl at the first table. Not willing to concede, Victor went to the next table and the next until he got to the tenth person. All of them knew who Jacob Hernandez was and were planning to vote for him. They were students that Victor and Markus thought they had completely in their corner.

Walking back over to their table, Victor conceded defeat to Carlos. "Okay you're right, everyone knows Jacob, but that still doesn't mean that we've lost our foothold in this arena. All it means is that we have to actually work harder than we ever had to in the past to keep what has always been ours. It's that plain and simple."

Carlos didn't mean to, but he cracked up laughing. He never thought he had stupid friends until now. There is no question that Jacob not only has a big chance to win this election, but win in a landslide victory. This is a defeat he knows his friends Victor and Markus can't take on their transcripts. As Victor just said, student council president has always been theirs.

"Look Victor, there's no question that you guys are going to lose!" Victor quickly turned and looked at his friend with daggers in his eyes. "Wait a minute here, don't kill the messenger. After what I saw the other day out there in the stadium when Jacob gave his speech, I knew right then and there that he opened up the eyes of those that normally vote blindly for the jock on the ticket. They are now really giving each of you guys a hard look before they vote this time."

"Are you guys stupid or what? C'mon on now!" Victor, Carlos and the others turned around to see who was calling them stupid. Standing there was Fierro, the guy not only in charge of the ROTC unit at their school, but the entire school district. "I know the presumption that jocks are stupid isn't true because I started out with you guys. Maybe you got hit one too many times out there on the football field. Yeah that explains it all, you guys got hit one too many times."

"Come on Arturo don't be ditching us like that. You know we're not stupid, so stop calling us stupid." The right guard of the junior squad spoke up.

"If you heard me right, I didn't call you guys stupid. What I said is that you guys might have been hit one too many times out there on the field because I know you guys and you're not stupid." Arturo squeezed in-between Carlos and Victor and sat down. "Listen for a few minutes and let me tell you a few things here.

Before Jacob got all rich and stuff, he was lining up donors for our ROTC programs. He felt that our little candy drives weren't doing what we needed to get what we needed and where we wanted to go. Therefore, he went on his own and started to talk with local business to donate all the funds we needed for the upcoming school year. Not only was he successful getting it done for us, but he did it for all the schools in the district. Can you guys imagine what you will be able to do with the kind of money he can get from local business for the football team?"

"Yeah, I can imagine and let me tell you what I see if Jacob wins this election." Carlos looked around the table at his fellow teammates. "Come on you guys, you know as well as I do we need a lot of new things like uniforms, weights and other equipment that is falling apart. Whenever I start to bench press, I'm afraid the bar is going to break or the bench. I don't know about you guys, but I am tired of walking into that death trap we call our clubhouse."

"Carlos man you're hitting the nail on the head. Jacob is the man that can get you guys that and much more. I know jocks have always had control of all the higher student council positions, but nothing ever really gets done." Arturo looked directly into Victor's eyes. "Tell us the truth, can you do what Jacob has already shown he can do if you win?"

Victor looked down at the table and thought about his answer before giving it. He knew full well that he would never be able to deliver what Jacob can. There is no doubt in his mind that if Jacob couldn't get the local business to give up the cash. Jacob could do it himself since he now owns quite a few of business around town.

"Look you guys I know I can't do what Jacob will be able to do if he wins, but do we really want to lose this seat to him? He is no longer a jock like he once was. At least if he was still on the track team, it would be in our hands, but he isn't. He has no intentions to rejoin that team or any other team for that matter. We can't give up this seat to him because if we do, we may never get it back."

All the guys started to shake their heads in agreement. Arturo figured they were only agreeing with Victor because they're all friends. If it wasn't for that, they would have jumped aboard the Jacob train because they know what he and Carlos are saying is true. On top of that, they want the same thing, new uniforms, weight room and everything else Jacob could get for them.

"You guys, I know we want to support Victor here, but let's say if he isn't running would you support Jacob." Everyone nodded their heads with more energy than they did before. "Okay then, let me and Carlos talk with Victor for a few minutes to see if we can talk some sense and reason into him. He needs to drop out of the race and throw his support behind Jacob."

Not waiting for an answer from the guys, Arturo got up tapping Victor on the shoulder. As he got up, Carlos was getting up as well. Together they walked across the cafeteria to an empty table and sat back down. At first, no one said a word. They just sat there looking each other up and down like the old Wild West shootouts. Waiting to see who was going to draw first.

"We all want to keep the student council leadership in our control, but I think it's high time that we realize there is another out there that can do the job better and he's not a jock. Well not a jock like you and Victor. He may not be on the teams we consider to be real sports, but what he does is just as hard if not harder."

"Carlos I'm not disagreeing with you guys that Jacob can do a better job than Markus and me, but he is simply not a jock. That I can't let go, but then there is that other thing everyone thinks about him." Carlos and Arturo looked at Victor with a confused look on their faces. They had no idea what Victor was hinting to when he said `that other thing'.

"You know, he walks around this school all high and mighty. We all know the guy is loaded, but he doesn't have to shove it in our faces with his fancy cars and the clothes he wears. Simply put, he gives off a vibe that he is better than everyone else here and that's going to hurt him in the end no matter if I'm in the race or not."

Carlos never once got the vibe that Victor is talking about from Jacob. He has only spoken to the guy a couple of times, but each time the guy has been down to earth. In fact, he has never shown off his money. He has done the exact opposite since he came into his money.

"Look Victor, I think you are grasping at straws here. I've talked with Jacob a couple of times and not once did I get that kind of vibe. Arturo here works with him every day I'm pretty sure he would tell us that Jacob isn't what you say he is. This guy is more down to earth than most of the kids here that are from well-off families."

"I agree with Carlos on that. Jacob has never given me the cold shoulder. He has never talked about his money or showed it off. As far as his clothes, I can tell you I have more expensive clothes on than he does. He doesn't dress in fancy clothes or even drive fancy cars like you said. The guy has a Camaro and a new ford truck I think. He doesn't have a BMW or anything like that. So don't even go there."

Victor couldn't come back with anything to the guys. He has never met Jacob, so he can't say that when he met the guy, this and that happened. Because of that reason alone, he was dead quiet sitting there staring at the guys, hoping this conversation would end soon.

"Since you don't see it my and Arturo's way on dropping out of the race and throwing your support behind Jacob, let me put it another way. With two jocks running, you guys are splitting the jock vote and the popular kids vote. Jacob has the rest of the student body. So by you guys splitting the vote, you pretty much ensure Jacob a victory in a couple of weeks."

"Yeah that's right. If you both stay in the race, you are handing Jacob the victory. One of you should drop out in order for the other to have a chance to win. Plus, you can then go to him and knock out a deal before you announce that you're dropping out of the race. He promises if he wins that he won't forget the football team, and in return when you drop out of the race, you throw your support behind him."

Victor started to see the logic behind Carlos and Arturo's arguments. "I see where you guys are going with all this. If I get Jacob to agree to get us not only the funds to completely upgrade everything with the football programs, but as well get us funding so we don't have to sell things, I can look like a hero with the guys. They won't rag on me for dropping out. In fact they'd actually praise me for doing that."

At the same time, Carlos and Victor said `exactly'. Once they got Victor to start seeing things their way, the rest of the conversation was easier. Victor agreed to drop from the race if Jacob would give him what he wants for the football team. Neither Carlos nor Arturo thought that Jacob wouldn't agree to that request because he made such promise when he spoke the first time to the student body, when he was introduced as one of the choices for student council president.

While Carlos and Arturo were getting Victor to agree to drop out of the student council race, Josh and his group of friends were having the same kind of morning they normally have. They were already outside in the stadium talking about Josh's little trip over the weekend to Brownsville. As they talked, Josh kept looking over at Eric and Bernice. He could tell that they weren't into the conversation. They looked like they had matters that are more pressing on their minds. He's concerned and wants to know what's bothering them.

About fifteen minutes before the bell rang, Josh pulled Eric and Bernice to the side to see what was going on with them. He had hoped it was about Taco Tote, not them fighting again. It seemed they have fixed things and was back the way they were before they broke up. However, the way they are acting is giving Josh the creeps.

"What's going on with you guys? You seem to be in your own little world somewhere, getting the guys worried. So tell me what's going on here."

Eric looked over at Bernice to see if she wanted to tell Josh. When he saw that she wasn't going to say a word, he looked back over at Josh and started spilling the beans. "Well you know what happened with us at Taco Tote and what your father did for us. Don't get us wrong, we are thankful for all of what you guys did, but we can't ever show our faces over there again."

Josh was confused by what Eric just said. He thought his father not only got rid of the guys making his friends' lives a living hell, but he got the owner himself of Taco Tote to offer their jobs back. That is a lot to have done in such a short amount of time not really knowing the facts.

"Excuse me, but I'm a little confused here. Didn't the new store manager call you guys and offer you back your jobs?"

"Yes he did, but we can't go back after everything that happened. All the other employees will look at us as if we're from a different planet. They will always think we're protected and never trust that we are being treated equally. Plus, to be completely honest with you, I don't think the new manager will treat us equally. He'll be afraid for his job, so he'll never call us on anything we do wrong. That won't go well with the others we have to work with."

"Hell you guys have had it bad pretty much from day one, so would it be so bad to have it a little easier?" Eric and Bernice looked at Josh as if he was out of his mind. "Okay, okay I see where you are coming from. If I were you guys right now, I'd probably be thinking the same thing you're thinking." Josh started to laugh as he thought where he was.

"I am where you guys are right now. Every day I wonder if I am being treated equally, because of who my father is. I know it's all in my mind and that is why I just blow it off, but there are those few times that I really believe things are going my way because of my dad." Josh looked around and found the person he was looking for. "Hey follow me!"

Eric and Bernice stood there wondering what Josh had up his sleeve. They didn't move right away but when they saw that Josh was not going to stop, they ran after him. Just as they caught up to him, he stopped. They looked around and saw a few people they knew, and a few people that they didn't know standing around talking. One of the ones they knew, the entire school knew, was Jacob and that is the one Josh is patting on the shoulder.

"Hey Josh, what's going on?" Jacob turned around and smiled as he shook Josh's hand. "Man I can't tell you how thankful I am for the help you gave me the other day with you backing me up. That speech and song were awesome. It put several people in their spot. Those that we didn't reach, well I don't think I'll ever reach them."

"I'm glad I was able to help you out." Josh looked back at Eric and Bernice. "You know my two friends Eric and Bernice." Jacob nodded as he extended his hand. "I need a favor and you're the only one I can ask. So when I saw you standing here with your friends, I counted myself lucky since you are never out here during the morning."

"Yeah, normally I'm at the ROTC building, but today it felt like the walls were closing in on me. A lot happened over the weekend, and I really don't know if I'm coming or going right now." Jacob looked over at Eric and Bernice and knew they were the ones needing help. "Heck, forget about me, what can I do for you my friend?"

Josh explained to Jacob what Eric and Bernice went through at Taco Tote. As Josh went through the events, Jacob couldn't believe what was being said. He started to think if things were going on like that in the store he owns, what he would do. The only thing that was certain that he would do is terminate the employee if it was proven they were sexually harassing his or her fellow employees. There is no way he would allow them to stay on the job, friend or no friend.

"Anyway, I was wondering if maybe you had openings at your stores or maybe at your office for my friends. They're hard workers and won't let you down. Plus, they learn quickly." Josh looked at Jacob with pleading eyes.

"I do have openings all the time." Jacob looked over at Eric and Bernice. "Why don't you guys stop by after school today and fill out an application. I might be busy, but I will have Ana there to help you." Eric and Bernice looked at Jacob with a shocked look on their faces. "She is my vice president of operations for the McDonalds branch of my company. Whatever is open, she will know and will get you guys into that position."

"Thank you very much Jacob, you really don't know how much this helps me out." Josh patted Jacob on the shoulder. "Now I'm the one that owes you. So whenever you need my help, just call on me and I'll be there."

"Heck, I am doing this because you're my friend, not for any favors. In addition, what good is it to own the things and not help out my friends when they need it. You didn't think twice when I asked you to help me out, so I won't think twice now that you need my help."

Eric and Bernice were whispering to each other while Jacob and Josh were talking. They were grateful that Jacob was willing to help, but they really wanted to find their job on their own with no help from anyone. If they would accept Jacob's help, they figured they might as well go back to Taco Tote. They got their jobs back there with help from Josh and his family. That is one of the many reasons they didn't want to return there.

Bernice stepped forward and was about to say something when Carlos and two other guys walked up calling Jacob's name. She recognized one of them as running for student council president, but the other she had never seen before. Jacob walked over to them to see what was up. Less than a minute later, he walked back to Josh, Eric and Bernice.

"I'm sorry, but I need to go with your brother and the other guys." Jacob spoke as he shook Josh's hand. When he leaned over and shook Eric and Bernice's hand, he promised to have Ana waiting for them at his main office after school. Bernice tried to tell Jacob what she and Eric decided, but he was in a hurry. He shook their hands quickly, said his goodbyes and headed over to Carlos before she was able to get a word in edge ways.

Neither Eric nor Bernice was happy that they were unable to thank Jacob for his offer, but respectfully decline, before he left. Now they have to find a way to his downtown office and somehow tell him. They didn't want him to look like fool, and now it looks like they have no other choice but to do that.



{Welcome back one and all to another chapter of `Shadow of My Father". I tried to push the time line through, but I got stuck in several of the plots that needed some closure or more explanation, so I didn't get where I wanted to go. However, this book is about six days behind the others, which I think is good since no one will any longer get confused with the time lines between all the stories.

I am going to do my best not to share too many timelines with all my stories, but there is going to be occasions when it will happen. Most of the time, the stories will stand on their own. Right now, I'm moving `Beneath the Mask' to be on its own and I will be doing the same with `Regrets and Heartaches'. If any of you have any suggestions for where you want to see a story go, a certain plot or a certain character in the stories, drop me an email or put a comment on the site about your idea. I have used many readers' ideas in the past and would love to have your input. So please send in your thoughts.

With that said, let me get to the summation of the chapter. It started out with the Lopez family already back in El Paso. The boys got into a little trouble with their father by neglecting their chores. How many of you remember chores. Hell, I had a lot of them since my mom was working all the time. If we didn't do the chores we were assigned, we would get punished. Money was so tight since there was only one income coming in the house, there was no such thing as allowances when I was growing up. You all know that by reading "Jacob Finding His Way".

Anyway, I am glad that Barbara talked Daniel Sr. into giving the boys their allowances. They are teenagers and all that is on their minds is girls, (in Josh's case Cesar) sports, video games and movies. Chores are the last thing they think about. At the same time I hope the boys got woken up and don't make the same mistake, or they will lose their allowance.

From there we jumped back over to the Taco Tote plot. Many of you wrote in last week that you believe the fireworks weren't over with and boy, were you right! The employee in question was fired and the assistant manager and store manager went out the door as well. Let me know what you think about that outcome. Did things go too far, or not far enough?

The dinner was nice. We got to know a little more on how Isaac and Troy met. I thought it was cool how that happened. Then Daniel Jr. and his question; what was up with that? That came totally out of left field. Did it blind side you guys as well? After the dust settled with the question, the dinner went very well. Daniel Sr. said earlier that day he had nothing to worry about as far as the family accepting Troy as an equal.

Well we now know that Chris and Angel are not going to get together. We saw Chris admitting that he has a long way to go still. He knows he has a lot of things going wrong and he needs someone strong to help him through it all. The only question is, who will be the strong guy to come along and help Chris get stronger? The other thing I am wondering is who is going to snatch up Angel. If you guys have any suggestions there, please drop them on the site or send me an email on your thoughts. Again, I really do look forward to all the suggestions you my readers give me on my stories.

Um, what can I say about Carlos and what he is attempting to do? I wonder by Victor dropping out of the race is it really going to help Jacob, or Markus. As Arturo and Carlos said themselves, by two football jocks in the race, it is ensuring Jacob the win. With one of the jocks out of the race, it's now going to make it even harder for Jacob to win.

I see where Eric and Bernice are coming from as far as not wanting handouts and doing everything on their own, but they need to get over that. The way things are today, if you don't know the right people, you won't get a job. I know that sounds sad, but it's true. I surely know the anguish of not having a job and not being able to find one!

Back to the story, I hope that Eric and Bernice don't turn down Jacob's help. Right now, they need things to start going their way. By going to work at Jacob's company, they'll be treated right. Jacob and his management team run a tight ship. What happened to them at Taco Tote won't happen to them if they go to work for Angel Corp.

Well you guys I know there was no cliffhanger in this chapter. I thought I'd give you guys a break. There is so much going on in this story that you will return to see what is going to happen with the open plots out there. There are so many of them, you guys are probably pulling out your hair wondering if I will ever close off some of them.

So much going on in this story and not enough paper to write it all on! I know if I forgot anything in my writer's corner about this chapter, Trevor will take care of it in his corner. There are still a lot of open plots out there that I have not even touched on, and many more new plots are to come. I hope that you all did not forget about any of those plots, and if you did, well then it will be a lot of fun when they come back up again. So hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman, the ride is just beginning!

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I won't. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacob@jacobmillertex.com, Thanks!}



I'm bitterly disappointed in Jacob, NO CLIFFHANGER! Well, no chapters perfect. I did really like this chapter because without prior warning as I was editing I came across writing highlighted in yellow that said `insert love scene here' and that made my evening. I love writing love scenes especially between guys like Josh and Cesar who are so much in love and also horny as hell.

I hope I did their love making justice, please let me know what you think. Like Jacob I can remember the chores on a Saturday we had to do them. In fact, my chores are also mentioned in the very early chapters of Cliff & Derek book one.

My father was very strict and made me always do them but mother being the only one in the family who knew about Derek and me used to let me off if we had a date. I loved my mom.

Back to the chapter, Troy and Isaac look as if they are going to make a go of it and I hope they do. I wonder if they will live in the house with Barbara and the guys or at Troy's place? Daniel Jr's question took me by surprise. I think he was practicing what to say when he has teenage daughters LOL. Anyway Troy gave an honest answer more than hinting that he and Isaac have gone a lot further than kissing, (Maybe a love scene with those two Jacob ? Hint, Hint).

If I were Bernice and Eric I'd think about that old saying `Never look a gift horse in the mouth', or a McDonalds in the bush is better than a Taco Tote in the sack or something like that anyway you know what I mean.

Jacob asked the question who's going to get Angel? Pick me, Pick me.

I'm still not sure which way the student council president vote is going to go. While Jacob looks like being the first past the post. Now this is a two horse race who knows, I Think it might be a tough call but as they say Money Talks.

Well I've managed to fill half a page with clichés today and not really said very much at all, but please let us know what you think of the real chapter and as Jacob says if you have any ideas or plot lines for "Regrets & Heartaches" or "Beneath the Mask" let us know. We love getting emails or comments.





I'm glad to see that the Lopez young men have some typical teen-boy behaviors! Slacking off on chores...what teen boy doesn't if he's able to get away with it? Jacob is right about teen boys; they focus on what's fun and live for their next sexual experience, be it solo or a duet! Daniel and Barbara playing "good cop, bad cop"; that tactic worked for me raising my two.

I can understand Bernice and Eric's point of view of taking a job they get by association with Jacob. Back in the day this story is happening, "networking" was not a professional concept. Today, that is how GOOD jobs are often gotten. I can say that from experience. I have a wonderful job and I would have never known about the position had I not been referred by a friend. I hope that the kids will be backed into a corner, offered a job and take it. Once they have it and go to work, apply themselves and prove to be "good hires", they will soon forget how the door was cracked open for them. They will know in a short time that it's the quality of their work and their dependability that EARNS them the privilege of being gainfully employed. Learning such things is part of the rite of passage.

Chris just might come out OK in the long run. He's doing some honest and serious introspection. He's beginning to see where his shortcomings are. The first step in solving problems (or fixing things that aren't right with oneself) is identifying the issue. Chris is there. He is also gaining wisdom it appears. He realized he and Angel aren't truly a good match. He backed things off before anyone got seriously involved and ended up getting hurt. I'm glad the two can remain friends. Chris is going to have to ride the current solo for the foreseeable future until he trips across a good match. I hope he and Angel won't focus on trying to hunt down "Mr. Right". Love never seems to happen when a person is on the hunt. Chris and Angel both need to back up and just be teens; have fun, date around (with it kept in their pants) and see what the future holds.

Daniel Jr. asking the "intentions" question was a mix of things for me. I'm not sure if he was being precocious (being a smart a$$) or if the question came from a deep love and concern for his Uncle's welfare and happiness. I wonder if one of the other characters might wonder the same thing and inquire. It would be interesting to find out just what his thoughts were behind the question. It was sure a bomb dropped at the dinner table! Sounds like something I'd do.

I want to say thank you to those that dropped me e-mails. You know who you are! Those notes are always treasured. Again, thank you!

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