Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Chapter 28


Rich was finishing up a meeting when he got the call from his friend, Senator Kade. At first when his friend told him that he wanted to meet with him over dinner, he was going to decline until he heard that Senator Cruz would be there. Hearing that changed Rich's mind. He has wanted to actually meet the guy outside the committee and here is his chance.

As soon as he wrapped up the meeting he was in, Rich let his secretary know that he was going to have a working dinner before heading home for the night. When his secretary asked who was going to be at the meeting, and what the meeting was about, Rich had no problem telling her. He had nothing to hide because it was an actual meeting to go over a bill.

All the way to the restaurant, Rich kept looking in the mirror. Even though he made sure he was presentable before he left his office, he kept rechecking. The fifth time he pulled down the mirror, Rich laughed at himself. He leaned back in his seat and started to try and remember the last time he was this nervous, which has been quite a while.

When he pulled up to the restaurant, he told his driver to stay in; he was okay to open his own door. As soon as he got out, the limousine drove away from the curb and headed to the back. Rich stood there watching his car drive away while at the same time he was trying to settle himself down. He didn't want to walk in and look out of sorts.

Once his heart beat slowed down to almost normal speed, Rich started walking towards the door. When he got there, the doorman opened the door and Rich walked in, smiling. Looking around, he didn't see his friend or Senator Cruz. He was about to go to the bar to get something to drink when he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder.

He turned around and Senator Kade and Cruz were standing there smiling at him. "Rich thank you for coming on such a short notice! I'm sure your plate is full right now as you get ready to be sworn in." Kade turned to the hostess that was standing there and told her that he wanted his usual table. "I understand you are going to be sworn in on Wednesday, is that correct?" Rich answered in the positive. "I also understand you are going to do it on the senate floor." Once again Rich answered in the positive as they made their way to the table.

All three sat down at the same time and gave their drink order to the hostess. None of them ordered alcohol because they didn't want someone in the restaurant to snap of picture of them and then sell it to the tabloids. Knowing the tabloids, they would make a story out them taking one drink of alcohol and make it as if they were alcoholics.

Once they settled in, Senator Kade started talking about the bill he wanted to put on the floor. He went through the details of it and then handed Rich a copy. Before Rich was able to take a look at what was handed to him, the waitress walked up and took their orders. When she left, Rich started to glance through the bill as Senator Kade went explain how it would work.

"You know Governor Lopez wants to get the taxes as low as he can. If you have a way to get that done, and keep everything properly funded, he will sign onto your plan and support it." Rich laid the book down. "Any bill can't be light reading. I need to take it and really go through it with a fine tooth comb. If this bill is something I feel Governor Lopez will support, I will take it to him. He will follow my recommendations without question. However, before I do recommend anything, well I have already said what I need to do before I make a recommendation."

"Yes and I wouldn't have it any other way." Senator Kade turned and flagged their waitress back over to them to get a refill of his soda. "Please, by all means take the bill and go through it like you said. I know I won't get an answer from you this week because of everything that is going on, so I will be patient." All three of the guys laughed.

"No lie, this week will be more hectic than last week and I didn't think those words would ever come out of my mouth." Once again they laughed, knowing what Rich meant. "We knew my swearing in was going to come, but not this soon. Not after how the confirmation hearings went. We thought that the Republican Leadership was going to keep the floor from casting a vote."

Senator Cruz knows since he is a Democrat, he has to be careful with what he says about the other side of the aisle. Even though Rich was complaining about his own party, it is his own party, so he has the right to do so to a point. Cruz on the other hand knows if he says one thing wrong about the Republicans, he might lose out ever getting a chance to be with Rich.

So far he likes everything he sees and hears from him. Putting aside the political talk this evening, he already knows that side of Rich from the confirmation hearings. He is now getting to know the Rich that doesn't have to always be looking over his shoulder, worried about who is there to get some dirt on him to hurt him or the Governor. Now he is seeing the laid-back Rich and he really likes what he is seeing so far. From the way he presents himself to the way he thinks, Alberto likes what he sees, indeed.

"Look Rich, I know it seemed like the vote was never going to come, but eventually the Republicans had to allow the vote to happen. Lucky for you and us Democrats, the party not in power, that the voters pressured them to stop delaying the vote. They want work to be done here in Austin and holding up the important work that will benefit them. Delaying your confirmation wasn't sitting well with the voters."

"That's no lie." The table once again got quiet when the waitress walked up with their food. They waited for her to leave before they continued. "Since we have talked about the bill, I say we don't talk about work anymore. I know it's going to be hard for all of us, but I know we can do it." Rich looked Alberto in the eyes. "Plus I want to get to get know you, not the senator part of you, but you, the person."

Cruz turned all shades of red, which was hard for Rich and Kade to see since he is a Hispanic, but they saw. Neither of them wanted to embarrass Alberto, so they looked down to their plates and pretended that they didn't see Cruz get blushing like a school girl. It didn't take long for Cruz to collect himself and start telling Rich and Kade a little bit about himself.

Before Alberto ran for the state senate, he worked on his family's cattle ranch after getting his degree in economics at The University of Texas in Austin. The reason he returned home instead of getting a job in his field of education was his family needed his help. The farm was about to go under and his father needed all his boys to return home to help him from losing the family farm. Working long days, and nights, they were able to save the farm, which is now running in the black and in no danger of being taken away.

Rich wondered how Alberto was able to go to college, and it seemed like Alberto was reading Rich's mind. He was able to get his degree with a football scholarship. He was good enough to play college football, but not good enough to go into the NFL.

Between Rich and Kade, they asked Alberto almost every question that a person could think of, and Alberto answered them all. From how many bothers he has, which is six, to him being out to his family, which he's not. That didn't surprise Rich or Kade because if you would take one look at the guy, you wouldn't ever think he was gay.

First, he doesn't talk, move or sit like a person that is out of the closet. He presents himself as a man, that there is no doubt in anyone's mind that he worked a physical job for a good percentage of his life. In Alberto's case he was out on the family farm beside his others working wherever his father placed them since he was first able to walk.

Second, he's built. Not like one of those body builders. Rich imagined how Alberto looked without his clothes and at just the thought, he got hard instantly. When the guy takes off his suit jacket, the dress shirt fits him snug in all the right places. It isn't tight, it's just he has pecs and muscles, not huge but defined muscular arms that are oblivious when he takes off his jacket and even when he has it on.

Along with his upper body Rich loves his lower body as well. Once again he could tell his lower body is built as well. Alberto didn't ignore that part like most guys do when they go to the weight room. Then again, Rich thought, this guy probably doesn't go to the weight room. He gets all the exercise he needs working on his family farm. His legs match his upper body, and the bubble butt, well, that is making Rich crazy.

Then there is his looks, women would throw themselves at his feet for him to marry them. His hair is black as black can be, which matches his beautiful brown eyes that, when he looks directly at you, makes you melt. Every feature on his face is just perfect. There isn't one thing that is off from head to toe except maybe his five o'clock shadow. Some may think that a public servant shouldn't have a five o'clock shadow, but it doesn't look bad at all on Alberto. Plus the guy probably shaves in the morning, but it grows pretty fast.

And finally the last reason; no one would ever think the guy is gay. All through high school and college he had a cover girlfriend. She is the only other person he has let in on his secret other than Rich and Kade. She loves him so much, so she has no problem covering for him whenever he needs a girl at his side for family functions and political events.

"Do you ever think you will ever tell those that don't know what we know?" Rich tried to be as cryptic as possible just in case someone was listening. "It's okay if you don't want to answer that question. I know if someone would have asked me that question several years ago, I wouldn't have answered it and it might have gotten me mad."

"I'll probably do the same if it wasn't you or Kade asking the question, so no, I have no problem answering the question." Alberto looked around to see if anyone was listening or watching. Even though they were whispering, he wanted to make sure no one was able to hear them. At the same time, he looked around for recording devices. Not sure if there wasn't any or there was someone in the restaurant that could red lips, he raised his napkin to his face as he continued.

"As of right now, I don't think I will ever tell anyone except those I have already told. Texas in this day and age isn't ready for their politicians to be gay. They will accept you because of the support you are getting from the most popular governor this state has ever had. However, they won't accept another one of their politicians being gay."

"You are right on that one." Rich knew why Alberto raised his napkin over his lips, and he did the same thing. "If Governor Lopez wasn't as popular as he is and I didn't have his support, I wouldn't be where I am right now. It's taking a lot of the Governor's popularity to move the gay rights bill through the houses. I'm afraid if we don't watch it, he might use up all the goodwill the voters in this state have for him and he won't get re-elected."

"Okay guys, I don't want the conversation to become too heavy." Senator Kade interrupted Rich as he was about to continue. "We all know how the voters of this state think and hopefully with the grace of the man above, we can get them to think differently. Governor Lopez is already pointing us down the right path. It's up to everyone else if they want to come down that path or stay back looking like the bigots that they are. With that said, let's not continue this line of conversation because we will never be able to get out of it."

Rich and Alberto agreed with Kade, and dropped the subject. "Now here is a question that might get you mad Rich, so before I ask it, please understand that isn't my intention." Rich nodded his head. "I know you weren't out to the public about being gay until the Republicans pulled it out hoping to hurt you. When that happened, I thought it was shitty, but I know you were prepared for it. Now the question; was that when Governor Lopez found out?"

"No, I told the Governor about my sexuality around the time we started working on the gay rights bill. Before then he had no idea that I was gay because just like you, I don't show any signs of being gay. I feel I was born a man, I will act like a man. If I was intended to be a girl, the guy up there..." Rich pointed to the ceiling, "wanted me to be a girl, he would have made me one. I really do believe he doesn't make mistakes and he made me who I am."

The answer put not only a smile on Alberto's face, but as well Kade's. "I hope you never run against me for my senate seat, because man the way you talk, you will have no problem winning whatever post you want." Alberto laughed, making Rich go a little crazy. Not just because he loved Alberto's laugh but the smile; it was unbelievable. "Make sure you stay where you are and only run for the post that you were just confirmed for."

Once again Alberto started to laugh, driving Rich even crazier than he already was. "I promise to never go after your seat as long as you vote for the Governor's bills." Rich looked at Alberto with an evil grin on his face. "I'm just kidding. I want you and everyone on the floor to cast their vote for the right bills, not just because it was presented by a friend or a member of your party. But that is neither here or there right now. Let's stay away from the politics or our mutual friend here is going to blow a gasket."

At the same time, Rich and Alberto started laughing. Just then, the waitress walked up to check to see if everything was alright. Once they all got their refills, she asked if they wanted anything for dessert. They looked at each other, and then down at the menu. To each other's surprise, at the same time they ordered the Dutch Chocolate Cake.

The rest of dinner, Rich and Alberto talked among themselves. Kade didn't mind because that is why he brought the two together, to get to know each other. Every so often, he would get into the conversation but for most of it he stayed out of it. He sat back and just watched these two men and he saw that they were really hitting it off.

By the time they finished their dessert, they learned a lot about each other. Neither Rich nor Alberto wanted to leave, but knew it was getting late. Reluctantly they got up from their table and made their way out of the building. As they stood there waiting for their cars, they talked generally because there were too many people around that could hear what they were talking about. Even a couple of them walked up and asked for autographs from Rich.

The first car to drive up was Rich's. When the driver got out and opened the door for Rich, he didn't want to get in. He turned and extended his hand for Kade to shake and then Alberto. Although he wanted to hug him, he settled for the hand shake. Rich felt something in Alberto's hand, like a folded paper when their hands met. He looked into his eyes and saw them looking down to their hands telling him to take the paper.

Not questioning what Alberto wanted, Rich took the paper as he let go of Alberto's hand. "I really enjoyed dinner, I hope we can do it again." Rich spoke softly as he climbed into the back of his car. "It's good to show that both sides of aisle can and will be able to work together on all bills. The voters deserve us to unite and stop all this bickering back and forth."

Both of the senators agreed with Rich. "I can't speak for my entire party but for me, I will support what we talked about here tonight." Alberto spoke in his normal voice so where anyone around them could hear. He understood where Rich was going. Play off their dinner like it was originally about, business. "However, I will try and do what I can to get it pushed through."

Kade mimicked what Alberto said, knowing what the two guys were doing. Once they felt they sold why they were doing there, they said their goodbyes again before Rich closed the window and his driver pulled away from the curb. Rich kept looking back, and didn't stop until he couldn't see Alberto anymore. Once he couldn't see him, he turned his attention to the note.



I hope you are able read this. If not I am sorry ahead of time. I asked the waitress for paper and pen so I could write this and believe it or not I'm writing this in the stall so no one can see what I'm writing. That is why it looks like a third grader's writing.


The reason I am writing this is to let you know I really enjoyed getting to know you tonight. I hope in the future we can figure out a way that we can to spend time alone with each other so we can get to know each other even more. Not in the sense that some might take what I just said. Don't get me wrong, I think if things go where I hope between you and me, one day we will get to the physical part of a relationship. I think that is going to be hard because of whom we both are, but if things unfold the way I hope, we will make it happen.


I will never be able to come out of the closet, at least that is the way I'm thinking right now, but who knows. If I fall for someone, hoping it's you, I will go to the ends of the earth for that person. If that means coming out of the closet, damn my career. True love is all that matters, and for that, I'm willing to do anything.


Here I am rumbling on, please forgive me for that. As you get to know me, you will see I do that lot. What I am trying to say is that I hope tonight isn't the only time we get a chance to talk with each other. I really got a sense we hit it off, but I'm knew to all this since I never have never done what you call real dating. Like I told you, I have a fake girlfriend, which keeps me from really dating.


I need to end this because several people have walked in and I'm sure they might start to wonder what the world I am doing in here. So let me just end this by saying please call me at the number below if you want to meet with me again. If you don't, I will understand, hate it, but understand. Thank you for a great evening and letting me into your personal life.


Friend and hopefully more

Albert (656-0789)


Like a high school kid, Rich read the letter several more times before folding it back up the way it was and putting it neatly in his pocket. By the time he did that, he'd memorized Albert's number and the fact he signed it Albert. He now knows Alberto likes to be called Albert. Something he will do in private when they are among themselves.

Meanwhile back in El Paso, the family was still digesting the news Josh had just told them about the tour. They knew that something was being put together for Josh over his Spring Break, but they didn't think Ivan had gotten this far. On top of that, they thought the tour was going to be in the states boarding Texas, not Nashville, Colorado and California. When Barbara heard where the tour dates were at, she told Josh she had to make sure it was okay with his father, which Josh had no problem with. In fact, he was prepared for either her or Isaac to want to run it by his father.

After eating their dinner, the boys headed to the theatre room and relaxed in front of the television like they normally do. Barbara tried to get through to her husband, but by then, she had given up. He was unreachable due to back-to-back meetings. The secretary asked Barbara each time she called if she wanted her to get him, but she `no'. What she has to talk to him about can wait, unlike the business of the state.

The boys had gone upstairs when she walked out of the study. Before checking on them, she checked on the twins. She was worried about them because they have been refusing to eat. At first she thought that maybe the twins didn't want any kind of liquid, but they had no problem accepting a bottle with water. However when she tried to feed them her milk, they refused.

Seeing that they were still awake, Barbara tried once again to give them their bottles. Once again, they just looked at the bottle after tasting what was in it. After a few seconds of looking at the bottles, they would toss them and start playing with whatever their little hands could grab.

Barbara got more worried, but she knew it wasn't yet time to hit the panic button. Even though the twins refused to drink her milk, they don't look sick or out of energy. They are behaving normally, playing and full of energy. She knew wouldn't last if the twins don't start drinking their milk. Water doesn't have what her milk has, which that is what has her worried since that is all the twins are willing to drink right now.

As Barbara was watching over the twins to make sure everything was okay, Josh and Cesar were in their room planning what they wanted to do in each of the cities they are going to. Neither of the boys has been to Nashville, Denver or California for that matter, and they wanted to make sure they have a list of everything they wanted to do in each of their stops.

"Didn't Ivan say he was going to make time for you to have fun?" Josh shook his head. "I don't understand that. We are going to have at least two days in each city. That should give you plenty of time to do what you want and have some fun. At least that's the way I see it."

"I think besides making sure everything works right when the stage is set up, which we have to do before each show, Ivan has other things planned for me." Cesar looked at Josh with a confused look on his face. "One of the times we talked about the tour, he mentioned something about interviews. Since I haven't really gone out there to sell my CDs he wants to take full advantage of this tour to sell more CD's."

"What, it isn't enough that your first CD went gold overnight? What more does Ivan want; you to spend every second of every day of your Spring Break promoting your CD? You know as well as I do, it isn't Ivan that is pushing the interviews, it's the label. You need to sit and talk with Ivan about this and tell him that you want to enjoy yourself a bit on this tour, not just work."

Josh knew where Cesar was coming from, but at the same time he knew where Ivan was coming from. He does need to go out there and do interviews in order to sell more copies of his current CD and ensure he's not be forgotten. After all he is only hitting four cities and then nothing until the summer. That isn't anything compared to those that do this full time Josh thought and tried to explain to Cesar. It looked at first Cesar didn't understand, but Josh was wrong.

"Okay, okay, I certainly understand why Ivan is doing what he is doing. Just do me a favor and talk with him about giving you some private time in each city. I want us to do this..." Cesar picked up the list he and Josh just made and shook it in the air. "I don't want to do this stuff alone. I want to do it with the guy I'm madly in love with, okay?"

Josh agreed, and with that, they crawled into bed. It wasn't long after that they fell asleep in each other's arms. Back in the twins' room, Barbara was watching of the twins. They had fallen asleep without eating a thing all day long. Now she is debating whether or not to call Daniel and let him know what was going on. She decided against it because she didn't want to worry her husband over something where she might be over reacting.

Barbara didn't leave the twins' room at all that night. She dozed off a couple of times in the chair she uses to feed them, but only for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. Whenever she heard one of the twins wake up, she jumped to her feet and tried to give the twin a bottle, but they just pushed it away. By five in the morning, both of them were awake and crying. Barbara had tried everything to get them to stop, but nothing worked.

Finally Rose walked in and tried to help, but she couldn't settle the twins down either. By six, the entire Lopez clan was in the twins' room trying to settle them down, but nothing they did worked. At that point, Barbara was panicking. She knew something was wrong, but what, she had no idea. All she knew is that she needed to get the twins to the hospital and quick.

As she was gathering the twins diaper bags, Rose left the room and returned with two fresh bottles. She handed the bottles to the twins and they started drinking them. Barbara just stood there in the middle of the room with a bag in each hand looking at her mother in law. She couldn't understand why the twins took the bottle from Rose, but not from her.

"Don't feel bad that they took the bottle from me, it's not your fault. You're new at this and I have already brought up my kids. So I learned all the tricks of the trade." Rose looked down at the twins and brushed her hand through their hair. "They are not sick and they were hungry, it's just they don't want your breast milk anymore. It happens."

"I don't understand what are they drinking then?" Barbara dropped the bags on the floor and walked over to the crib to see two smiling faces looking up at her with bottles in their mouths.

"Daniel bought a couple of bottles baby formula in case you got sick or were unable to produce milk for some reason. He didn't want any of us rushing out in the middle of the night trying to find a store that was open to buy formula." Barbara had no idea her husband had done that. "He wanted to cover all the bases on anything that might go wrong."

"I understand what you are saying, but I wish I knew that we had the formula. I might have tried it last night." Barbara looked at the boys. "Thank you boys, but you need to go and get ready for school. We can't afford you being late." The boys headed to the rooms, leaving Rose and Barbara in the room. "I had a rough night! I know it comes with being a parent, but I might have had an easier night if I knew about the formula! Who knows?"

Barbara shrugged her shoulders as she made her way back to the chair. "Does this mean that they will not drink my breast milk?" Rose nodded her head. "I don't understand any of this. I thought breast feeding was the best thing for the child, not the formula, but yet here you are telling me sometimes a baby refuses to drink it. I just don't understand any of this."

"I know it sounds strange, but it happens. In fact, it happened with Daniel about the same age as your twins are now, maybe a little older. So don't put yourself down for something that isn't your fault." Rose walked over to Barbara and started to rub her shoulders. "As I said before, you are learning and you are going to find out things that will shock and amaze you. So chalk this up to a learning experience and move on to the next thing that will go wrong. Trust me something will happen that will make this situation look like a cake walk."

Rose could see that Barbara was dead on her feet. "Why don't you go on and get some sleep, I will take care of the twins. If anything comes up that needs your attention, I will wake you up, okay?" Barbara nodded her head as she got up from her seat. "Don't call Daniel about this. You know as well as I do, he will worry and come back. The next time he talk with him, let him know you had a little scare, but it wasn't anything big."

Barbara agreed with Rose, but wasn't about to keep anything from her husband. The first thing she did when she walked into her room was pick up the phone to call him. When his secretary told her that he was in a meeting, she asked her to get him for her. The secretary put her on hold and the next voice she heard was Daniel's.

"What is going on Barbara? Are the kids okay?" Barbara could hear worry in her husband's voice.

"The kids are just fine, they are getting ready for school, and mom is with the twins. But before I tell you why I'm calling you, you need to promise me that you won't have your plane pulled out and you come back home as soon as you possibly could." There was did silence on the line, which worried Barbara. "Promise me Dan, please promise me!"

A shaky voice came back at Barbara. "I can't make any such promise. If any of my kids are in trouble or hurt, I will drop what I'm doing here and head back home. So you better just tell me what is going on and then we will discuss if I should come home or not."

Hesitantly Barbara told Daniel what was going on with the twins. When she was done, the uncomfortable silence was there. "Dan, I know you so I know what you're thinking, stop it. Before you left, you made sure we had everything we needed for anything that might come up, including this. Because of you covering all the bases, we had formula in the house and now the twins are okay, so there is no need for you to come home."

"I don't understand why you didn't have me pulled out when the twins stopped eating. Is that why you were calling me all evening yesterday?" Barbara was only able to get out a one word answer, `no'. "Then why were you calling me. According to what you just told me, the twins stopped eating in the morning. Don't you think that is something I needed to know when it was happening?" Daniel's voice went from worried to sounding angry really quick.

"Honey, I wasn't trying to keep anything from you. I just thought that they were just being picky and didn't want to eat when I was trying to feed them. That was all." Daniel didn't respond to what Barbara just said, which got her worried even more. "I promise from this point on that I will call you whenever anything happens, no matter how small it is. I just didn't want you to get worried and come home. You know you would have done that yesterday if I would have had you pulled out of one of your meetings. That isn't fair to you or those that put you in office. They need you there doing what you promised, not here over something I can handle."

"Sorry for getting angry with you about not telling me the minute the twins stopped eating." Daniel spoke in a lot calmer voice than he was talking in before. "You're right, if you would have called me and told me what was going on, I would have jumped on the plane and headed home. That wouldn't have made my job up here any easier and right now I need to not give those that want to kill my bills the upper hand."

Barbara talked with Daniel about what was going on in Austin. Overnight, Al found out that the Republicans were going to keep The Stan Dudley Gay Rights Bill in committee indefinitely. They were starting to dismantle the crimes bill. Neither Barbara nor Daniel could believe was happening as quickly as it was.

"Honey, let them hang themselves with the rope you gave them. Get out of Austin and take your case to the voters. The more they hear from you, the more you will get them to back you and the bills as they were when they were sent down to the houses. The one thing politicians can't afford is pissed off voters. It is very hard to get that voter to come back once they leave because the voter doesn't trust them anymore."

"That's the same thing Al has been telling me to do. He wants me to get out of Austin and hit the road; go to the districts that support the killing of the gay rights bill and talk with them. He believes I have the ability to sell the voters anything as long as I believe in what I'm selling and I do believe in these two bills.

"Then do what he is suggesting. Don't get stuck in Austin fighting this fight because you will lose. Get out of there and take this fight to the people. They will respect you more for doing that and will back you. If you try and fight it out in Austin, you will come out of it with a loss and a bloody nose. Maybe not as much as the others, but you will. You might even suffer a blow to your polls that you will never be able to recover if you get down in the mud with those guys in Austin."

Daniel and Barbara spoke a little longer before he was called back into the meeting. Before hanging up with Barbara, he apologized once again to her for flipping out over the news of the twins. He reassured her that he trusts her judgment and there was no need for her to call him about every little thing that goes wrong in the house.

Meanwhile, the boys were heading to school as Barbara finished her call up with Daniel. Josh was staring out into the distance thinking about what he and Cesar talked about the night before. He wanted to do the things he and Cesar wrote down to do, but he also understood he had a job to do on this tour. If he messes up, it will haunt him for the rest of his life.

When they arrived at the school, they saw the guys running Jacob's campaign standing on the steps talking to the students that stopped to hear them out. Josh, Cesar and their brothers walked over to see what they were saying before heading in to grab breakfast.

It wasn't anything knew. They were going over what has become Jacob's stump speech in this campaign that they heard over a hundred times. However, the students that stopped to listen were actually doing that, listening. They seemed to be very interested in what Jacob's campaign guys had to say because they were really getting into the speech.

"If you guys want things to be the way they have been ever since we started attending this school, vote this Friday for the jocks favorite, Markus. However, if you guys actually want things to be equal, then you need to vote for Jacob. You have heard already what Jacob will do if he gets a chance to do it, give him that chance. I promise you will not regret it."

Jacob's guys started to go into more detail, and that was when Josh pulled Cesar away from the speech. They headed into the cafeteria, followed by their brothers. After grabbing their breakfast, they headed to their normal tables with their friends. Josh was stunned to actually see Chris sitting there chatting with the guys as if he was never gone.

Cesar saw the look in Josh's eye that he was way too familiar with. He reached over and grabbed Josh's hand and held it tight until Josh turned his attention to him. Once he did that, Cesar loosened his grip. Josh knew why Cesar did what he did and tried to convince his man he wasn't going to do what Cesar was thinking, but Cesar wasn't buying it.

"Look Josh we have talked about this the last couple of days. I don't know why we need to talk about it again." Cesar whispered to Josh. "When Chris is ready, he will come and talk with you about what is going on in his life. Until then, you need to let him be. Let him do it on his own time table or you might lose him as a friend and I know you don't want that to happen."

Josh looked down at Chris and back over at Cesar. "I honestly wasn't going to say a thing to Chris. I might have had the look as if I was, but I wasn't. I decided to stop smothering him and the rest of the guys here and start acting my age. So stop worrying! What you have been pounding away on the last couple of days has sunk in. I know at times it looks like I don't listen to you or any of the guys, I really do."

Cesar looked into Josh's eyes and knew he was telling him the truth. Seeing that, he dropped the subject and they joined into the conversation at the table. Everyone got into the conversation, they lost track of time. Before they knew it, the first warning bell rang, surprising the guys that they didn't make it outside like they normally do every morning.

The day didn't drag on for any of the boys. Before they knew it, the final bell of the day rang, and they were heading to their lockers to grab what they needed to do their homework that evening. The day was pretty much like any other Tuesday. The only big difference on this Tuesday was everywhere you turned, there was someone asking for your vote.

For the very first time that Daniel Jr. and Carlos could remember, their fellow jocks were actually worried about losing come Friday. In the past, they normally sit around doing nothing on the week of the election, not this time. The students running for a position were out there with their friends and all their fellow team members were out in full swing asking for votes.

They were everywhere. No matter where you turned or went, you ran into a jock reminding you who you should vote for come Friday. It got so bad by lunch time, there were traffic jams in the hallways. Students heading to their next period classes almost got there late because of the jocks stopping them and handing them a flyer or talking to them to vote for their friend.

When Daniel Jr. met up with his brother Carlos on his way to the SUV, they expressed the same concern that things were going to get even worse as the week rolled on. It's only Tuesday, and they are out there in every corner. They both wondered what is it going to look like come Friday when it's time to vote. Both of them agreed to stay away from the mess because they don't want to be caught in the middle of their friends and Josh's friendship with Jacob.

Carlos knew it was too late for him since he already struck his nose into all this. He now is seeing Josh's prediction coming true. With one less candidate in the race for student class president to split the jock vote, the chances that Jacob was going to win are fading. When he originally decided to talk with Victor and ask him to drop out of the race, he really thought it was going to work in Jacob's favor, but now he sees how wrong he was.

The whole ride home, Josh gave Carlos the silent treatment and everyone in the SUV knew why. They all saw the same thing at school throughout the day. The jocks were out there blanketing the halls. The few that were out there trying to get the students to vote for Jacob weren't even heard. They weren't even seen except for the speech in the morning on the stairs. After that, they were silenced by the jocks.

By the time they drove up to their house, Carlos felt like crap. He wanted to do something to fix his screw up, but what he didn't know. He got down and walked into the house with his head hanging down. When Rose and Barbara saw him, they thought he was sick at first but when they heard what happened at school they knew exactly what was going on. They tried to talk with Carlos and explain to him what was going on wasn't his fault but he wasn't listening.

Finally after trying for over forty minutes to get Carlos to see it wasn't his fault, Barbara suggested that Carlos to call his dad and see if he has any suggestions. That put a smile on his faced as he got up and walked over to the phone. Barbara walked over and dialed the number, and when the secretary answered and said he was in a meeting, she asked her to pull him out.

When Daniel got on the phone, he thought things had turned for the worse dealing with the twins. It took some fast talking for Barbara to settle him down but once he did she explained why she was calling. After giving him the little bit she knew about what was going on with Carlos, she handed the phone to him so his father could try and help him.

"Hello dad, I hope I'm not disturbing you, taking you away from important matters." Carlos nervously spoke into the receiver, hoping he didn't get his father at the wrong time.

"Son you or your brothers never bother me. Whenever you need to speak with me, just call, no matter how small you think the thing is that you need to talk about. I'm here for you day or night, all you have to do is pick up the phone." Daniel sat down in his seat, breathing a little easier for the first time since his secretary came and got him. "I understand that you did something at school that you're not proud of. Tell me what it is, and maybe I can help."

"Well dad, last week I got involved in the school elections. I thought I was helping, but now I see I might have screwed things up for the guy I want to win." Carlos went on to tell his father what he did with Victor and why he did it. The whole time while he was talking, Daniel Sr. listened, not interrupting his son. "So you see dad, I didn't mean for things to turn out the way they are turning out. Now I'm afraid that Josh is right. Come Friday, Jacob is going to lose because of me taking away the split vote between the two football players."

"Carlos, first you did get involved in this campaign with good intentions, even though it's come back to haunt you. With that said, it's not over until the last vote is cast. Did you bring the jock vote together, yes, but that isn't the end for Jacob. The regular students way out number the jocks and those are the ones Jacob needs to concentrate on going after. Forget the jocks."

"Yes, you see what I have been seeing, but no one else sees that. All they see right now is all the guys in sports out there in the halls and around school trying to get votes for Markus. None of Jacob's guys are there doing the same thing. I think the main reason for that is Jacob isn't at school right now because of what happened this last weekend."

Daniel had forgotten all about what Jacob did and he is kicking himself for it. All day long he has noticed that Al hasn't really been here. He was about to call Al in and asked him what was going on, but now he is thankful he is having this talk with his son. Because if he didn't he might have stuck his foot in his mouth when he confronted his Chief of Staff on something he should have remembered and asked about when he saw Al in the morning.

"Okay Carlos, this is what you have to do. Starting tomorrow, get as many students as you can and blanket the hallways, the cafeteria and everywhere else the students hang out. Let them know Jacob is still in the running. Let them know why he isn't there. I know it might sound wrong to use a bad thing like the accident Jacob and his friends were in but trust me, when the other students are reminded about what Jacob did, they will stay in his camp. Those that have left his camp will rethink that decision and come back. They will realize that Jacob is a leader, a leader they want in their corner fighting for them."

While Carlos was going over what needs to get done to help Jacob win on Friday, Josh was called downstairs by Rose. He thought that the band had arrived early but when he reached the front door, he was surprised to find Ivan standing there. With a big smile on his face, Josh invited in his manager and showed him to the dining room.

"Josh I'm sorry for showing up two days in a row unannounced but something came across my desk today that needs immediate attention." Ivan sat down in the chair and nervously looked at Josh, not wanting to have this conversation he is about to have. "I know the spring break concert tour is your first time out on the road, so you don't know how things are done. So please understand what I'm about to tell you is something I tell all my clients."

Just then Barbara walked in and sat down next to Josh. "Please don't let me interrupt. Talk as if I am not here." Barbara smiled at Ivan and then looked over at Josh.

"As I was telling Josh before you walked in ma'am. The tour he is about to embark on in a couple of weeks is his first in his career. He will have a lot more before his career is over. By the third or fourth one he will be an expert on touring. However, right now he isn't, and it is showing. I know what I'm saying sounds rude, but let me finish." Ivan noticed the angry look on Barbara's face. He didn't want her to explode before he had a chance to explain himself.

"An artist normally has a few people that tour with him or her. Their wife or husband and a couple of friends, but nothing near this list of people." Ivan pulled out the list Josh filled out with all the names of those he invited to go on the tour with him. "This list is why too long and needs to be shortened up as soon as possible. You don't want to wait till the last minute on this."

Ivan handed Josh back the list he turned in. "Don't get me wrong here! There isn't anything wrong with this many people going. It's just that I can't be the person responsible for making all arrangements. My hands are full taking care of you, your band and making sure no problem arises out there while you're on the road. If something does come up, I need to be free to take care of it, not tied up dealing with things that have nothing to do with the tour."

Josh was completely confused with what Ivan was saying. The little he did understand about what Ivan was telling him is that he could have all his friends and brothers go, but as long as Ivan wasn't the one making all the arrangements for them. When he asked Ivan what he was thinking was right, Ivan confirmed it. That was when Barbara spoke up.

"So let me get this straight so there is no misunderstanding. You are telling my son that he can have all these guests, as long as it doesn't fall on your shoulders to take care of them, am I right?" Ivan nodded his head. "That's fine. I will talk with Josh's uncle and his partner. We will take care of everything dealing with those on the list."

"Ma'am, I'm getting the feeling that you took what I just said wrong. My hands are full taking care of what I already am responsible for. Whenever one of my clients goes out on the road, I don't get a night's rest until that client makes back home safe and sound. So much can go wrong out there on the road, and it's up to me to be there when it does. Please understand that is why I can't take on any more responsibility."

"Ivan, I completely understand where you are coming from and I want you to do your job. You can't be expected to play tour director for a group of teenagers that are out there having fun. I completely understand that your hands are full with making sure the tour goes off without a hiccup. So you concentrate on making my son's first tour one that he will never forget. My brother-in-law and I will take care of everything else dealing with those that Josh invited on this tour with him."

Ivan liked what he was hearing from Barbara. He saw in her body language and in her eyes she got exactly what he was trying to get across and nothing more than that. If it was any other client, they would have read way too much into what he was saying, but not Barbara.

"In the first folder I am handing you has the hotels where the band and Josh are going to be staying." Ivan handed Barbara several folders. "The second one is the flights. And finally the third is the backstage passes and passes to the theme parks like Dollywood and Disneyland. Make sure you book the rooms you are going to need at the hotels where the band and Josh are going to be staying. Also make sure you get booked on the same flights I have Josh and the band booked on. Right now they are not filled, but that won't last long."

Barbara cleared up anything she didn't understand before she and Josh walked Ivan to the door. After they said their goodbyes, Josh went back upstairs, and Barbara went to the study to see if Daniel was still on the line. When she made it to the study, she caught Carlos in the nick of time. He was already saying his goodbyes to his father and she stopped him.

Carlos thanked his father for all the help he had given him and told him that he loved him before handing the phone over to Barbara. "Dan something has come up, do you have a few more minutes to talk?" Daniel said `yes'. "I just finished talking to Ivan, Josh's manager. He had a problem with everyone that Josh had invited on the tour, which I understand. The guy has..."

Barbara walked Daniel through the meeting she and Josh just had with Ivan, not leaving a thing out. "So as you can see, he is right on what he is asking of us. It's not his job to book rooms, flights and everything else that comes with taking care of Josh's guests. Those responsibilities are on our shoulders. So I was wondering how you want me to go about handling all this. Do you want me to un-invite Josh's friends, and just have the boys go?"

"No don't do that because that isn't fair to Josh. It's also not right to you to have everything fall on your shoulders to do. Taking care of the twins is a full time job, and we both know that. So get with Isaac and ask him if he wouldn't mind booking the rooms, the flights and everything else that Ivan left you to do. I'm sure Isaac won't mind helping us out on that. If you run into anymore problems, please call me and I will see what I can do from here."

"Thanks sweetie, I will talk with Isaac this evening so he can start working on this first thing in the morning. While he is working on what Ivan left us to do, I'm going to try and get a couple more parents to come along on the tour. There is just way too many going for just me, Isaac and Troy to be able to keep an eye on. I know none of those that are going are troublemakers or are the type to take advantage, but they are teenagers. When teenagers get together their common sense sometimes goes out the window."

Daniel started to laugh as he agreed with Barbara. They talked a little longer about the tour before talking about the twins. Once Daniel felt that everything at the house was okay, he gave his love to his wife. Then he asked her to tell the boys and his twins that he loved them as well before hanging up. Barbara didn't move from where she was sitting for a couple minutes. She was thinking about who she could ask to help out along with Isaac and Troy on the tour.

While Barbara made her way to Isaac's room, Daniel walked back into the meeting he was in when his son called. It was wrapping up when he walked in, which didn't bother him at all. He stayed at the door and thanked everyone as they walked out for giving up their evening to talk with him on how to get his bills through the houses.

Once everyone had left and Daniel and Al were the only ones left in the room, Daniel asked Al to join him in his office for a night cap. Al didn't turn down the offer to sit and talk with the Governor. They walked out of the conference room making small talk all the way to the Governor's office. As soon as the Governor shut the door, he got down to the reason he asked Al to stay behind and have a drink with him.

"Please forgive me Al. I forgot about what happened to your grandson and his friends. It took my son Carlos to remind me what happened this last weekend." Daniel poured himself a drink and then one for Al before sitting down in his chair. "So much has been going on these last couple of days, I'm surprised that I haven't forgotten a lot more than that."

"Don't worry about that Governor. I know you are a very busy man..." Daniel interrupted.

"There's no excuse for me not remembering a thing like what happened to your grandson. I understand everyone got out okay and no one died, am I correct?" Al nodded his head. "I also understand that your grandson is okay, just a few scratches and that is all. The ones that did get hurt really badly are the two boys that were in the truck that got crushed by the semi. By any chance do you know how badly hurt they are?"

"When I talked to my grandson when he was first taken into the ER, I was left with the impression that he was okay. But I have found out since that he was hurt more than he led me to believe." That grabbed Daniel's attention. "He refused to leave his friend in the truck, and when he finally got his friend free, the semi was on fire. My grandson walked through the fire to get his friend help. In return, Jacob's lower legs were burned severely."

"Al I didn't know any of that. When I asked about your grandson, I was told he was already home. I didn't know he actually walked through fire to get his friend to safety. Where in the hell were the emergency workers at through all this? Forget the EMT'S and police for right now, where in the world was the fire department? They should have been there putting out the fire."

"That is exactly what I want to know, but haven't gotten any answers yet. Right now I have had it with all the BS going on down there in El Paso. To me it seems like no one knows what the hell they are doing. And to make matters worse, the new police chief just took over and when he did, he had a few officers go rogue on him. When it rains, man does it pour!"

"That's no lie!" Daniel laughed as he got up and got himself a soda from the refrigerator. As he turned, he saw confusion in Al's face. He looked down at his the soda and back to Al and knew what had confused his Chief of Staff. "I know it looks weird that I grabbed a soda instead of pouring me another drink, but I have never been much of a drinker. I really don't much like the taste of any liquor no matter how weak it is, but I drink every so often."

"All through the election and once you got elected, whenever I saw you at an event that had liquor, I saw you with a glass in your hand. If you don't like to drink, why do you do it when you are at those events?" Al felt bad that he had asked that question of his boss, but he couldn't help it. He can't remember ever seeing an adult not liking liquor unless the adult was a recovering alcoholic or had religious reasons.

"Well I have my staff make sure I have a drink in my glass, usually ginger ale, matching the color of an alcoholic beverage. I might not like to drink, but I'm not going to stop those around me on doing so. It is up to them what they want to put in their bodies and how much of it. Me, I just never took to it. And no it's not because something happened to me in my childhood, before you ask. I just don't really like liquor of any kind."

Still a little surprised that he didn't know that about the Governor, Al moved on. "Anyways, as we were saying, I don't know what is going on down there in El Paso. All I can say is that the last lawsuit I did against the city will be pennies compared to the one I am gearing up to do dealing with this accident. Not only on behalf on my grandson, but Alex and Tom as well."

The Governor knew he was supposed to be trying to talk Al out of suing a city in his state, but he couldn't bring himself to do so. He agreed with Al and knew that the only way the city of El Paso will make sure that something like what happened this last weekend won't happen again. It has to hit them where it counts. Sadly that is always the pocket book.

"Let me ask you Al, when you sued the city the last time, did things change?" For the second time that evening, Al was confused by something that the Governor said or did. "What I mean is that you sued the city and got your grandson a lot of money, but were there changes made? And if so, were the changes beneficial to everyone one, or just to make sure they couldn't get sued again if something like your case came up again."

"Well the school district did make positive changes that worked out for everyone. First they fired the principal at El Paso high and then put in Mr. Michaels. That guy has been a god send." Daniel agreed with Al on that point. "Then they went and made many more changes in their school district that were to the positive. As far as the city, they did nothing; nothing to protect them from future lawsuits or to try and make sure things was corrected that were wrong at the time."

"Then you need to sue the city and this time, make sure that what they pay this time is so huge, it wakes them up. I mean it Al, don't settle for pennies on the dollar for the kind of lawsuit you have here. Put aside the fact the city emergency departments didn't do their jobs like they should have, but they also put one of the boys in mortal danger. Alejandro Garcia almost lost his life because of the dirty police force. They need to be reminded that that kind of stuff can't go on."

"I think the Mayor down there finally sees that and that is why they hired a new police chief, and a damn good one I might add. However, everything that happened to my grandson and his friends happened before he took over. So the lawsuit won't name him, but will name the city as a whole and all those that didn't do their jobs like they were supposed to."

"I agree with you about James Falster; he is a damn good man. Now back to your grandson. You were saying that he tried to play off that he was fine, but you later found out that he actually wasn't. What are you planning to do about that? Do you want to go home and take care of things down there? If you do, I completely understand and will not hold it against you."

"Well sir, to be completely honest with you, I do want to go home, but that isn't what Jacob wants. He wants to show he can handle things when things get rough, and I need to let him try. If there comes a time that I see he can't handle it, I will be on the next plane back to El Paso. Until that happens, I will be watching, making daily phone calls to check up on everyone down there."

As Al got more comfortable, he thought of something Jacob had told him the last time they talked and started to laugh. "Plus my grandson wants me to stay here and help the greatest governor this state has ever had getting the bills through." That put a smile on the Governor's face. "He really respects what you are doing up here, and believes in you. Because of that, he made it clear that I'm more needed here to help you than playing bed nurse with him."

The Governor cracked up laughing as he imagined Al playing bed nurse. It wouldn't be a pretty sight to see Al in a nurse's uniform. In fact it would be downright ugly, but at the same time funny because of how he has come to respect and know Al. This guy is a leader, not a guy that runs after people with a bed pan making sure they don't make a mess all over the floor.

"I just had a conversation with my son Carlos about Jacob and his run for student council president. All of my kids want to help out Jacob, but they really don't know how since they are on the football team and the other guy running against your grandson is also on the football team. So I tried to give him advice on what to do and he took it. I really think Jacob has a real good chance of winning this Friday with the help from all those that support him." Daniel winked at Al as he went in detail what he told his son to do.

When Daniel finished, Al liked everything he told his son. "You are right! Jacob really has a chance to win this thing. Come Friday those football players are in for a real shock when they lose that major seat to not only a person that isn't part of their group, but a kind of person they hate and have tormented in the past."

The two older political men sat there talking for hours about how it was nice to see their kids and grandkids following in their footsteps. Neither of the two older gentlemen got into their school politics, unlike Jacob and the Lopez boys, which made both men very happy. They look as if they might go into politics when they get older or they might see how ugly it is and never step foot into it when they get out of college. No matter the ultimate outcome, both men would be very happy.

Back in El Paso, Eric and Bernice were just ending their shift. They were happy that their shift was over because they had a lot of homework to do. Both of them tried to do some of it during their break but each time they got into their studies one of their fellow coworkers walked up to them and started talking. They only had a fifteen minute break unlike those that are scheduled to work an eight hour shift.

As soon as they clocked out, they were out the door before anyone still left behind the counter knew they were gone. Father Gomez was there in the parking lot waiting for them, as he is every night when they get off. And like every night, on their way home, Father Gomez asks them how their day went. They answered him as they have done the nights before, `very good'.

However, this time when Father Gomes got the same answer, he didn't believe it. It was the way they said it that told him that something was wrong. But before he was able to dig more into what was going on they had gotten home and Eric and Bernice jumped out of the car as if the car was on fire. All Father Gomez could do was make a mental note to ask them what was going on before the night was over.

He turned off the car, got out, and checked all the doors before making his way into the house. As he opened the door he was met by Patrick, Antonio and their sister. By the looks on their faces, he knew whatever was on their minds that they needed to talk to him about was important. So without saying a word, he followed them into the living room and let them get whatever they needed off of their chests.

"We have been hearing these weird things about our father and we were wondering if you know anything about the things we are hearing." Father Gomez stayed quiet. Not because he didn't want to answer Patrick. No, he had no idea what Patrick was getting at. "Please Father Gomez, is it true that our father has been charged with child molesting?"

Father Gomez sat up in his seat the second the words `child molesting' came out of Patrick's mouth. He had no idea how Patrick, Antonio and their sister found out about the new charges but now he has to deal with the aftermath. The only problem is that he has no idea what to tell them. He doesn't want to say anything that might make it seem as if he is talking ill of their father. No matter how he says what he needs to tell them, it will come out bad because of what their father is being charged with.

"I should have known sooner or later you three would find out about the new charges against your father. Before I go any further I need to make clear to you three that he is just being charged with the crimes. That doesn't mean that he is guilty. Unless you know something that I don't, he doesn't strike me as a man that does that kind of stuff. Hitting and beating his kids, yes, but not child molesting."

By the look on the three faces, Father Gomez knew he'd hit a nerve. His gut is telling him that more happened in that house when these three were younger that he knows. And now seeing their faces is making him sick to his stomach realizing his worst thoughts of their father might actually be fact, not his imagination getting away from him.

"Well is our father going to be put away for a long time, or is he going to get out in a couple of years?" Antonio nervously asked.

"Son, I can't tell you because I don't know. It all depends on what happens in his court proceedings. What I can tell you right now is that he isn't getting bail. That means he is struck in jail until he either makes a plea bargain or goes through the court process and gets found either guilty or not guilty." Antonio started to shake really bad. "What aren't you guys telling me here?"

No one answered! They just sat there trying to calm down Antonio. "I don't know what else I can do to prove to you three I am here to help you guys, no one else. If something happened in that house when you guys were younger, I need to know about it. I need to know so I can ensure the past doesn't repeat itself." None of the three looked up at Father Gomez. "Let me protect you guys! Please!" Father Gomez pleaded. "I have come to really care about you three and I want to protect you guys from any harm. So let me do that."

"We aren't eight year boys that can't stand up to their father. If he gets out and comes near any of us, we will put him back in his spot." Patrick looked at the father with anger in his eyes. "If he dares come near us again, he'd better come with more than just his fists because we won't be able to control what we do to him."

"Patrick, think about what you are saying! Be the better person and turn the other cheek like the Bible says to do. Don't lower yourself to his level and end up spending the rest of your life behind bars for something that wouldn't have happened if you just walked away. Your father, scratch that, no one is worth you losing your freedom or worse, your life over."

"Father we have been living by the Bible all our lives. There were nights we screamed out for God to help us; to get us out of that house, but where was he when we needed him the most? He surely wasn't there to protect us from our father. Now that we can protect ourselves from him, we are going to make sure he never hurts us the way he did when we were younger."

Father Gomez could hear the anger and hurt in Patrick's voice. He also could see the anger and hurt in his face. He wants to help him, but he really doesn't know how to. Never before has he been in the situation that he is in now and if he is not careful, he could do more harm than good here. Even more so with Patrick because the guy is still seeing his therapist!

"You may not see it right now Patrick, but God was there when you were hurting. He did get you out of that house and brought you to me. Then he brought your brother and sister to me to help and protect. He does care about his children and protects them. I know you don't believe me, but it's true. Now let me continue doing his work and help you guys. Let me protect all of you from your father and every other bad thing that is in this world, or at least try."

Patrick wanted to reach out to Father Gomez and tell him what had happened to him, his brother and sister, but he couldn't. He didn't even want to remember that time in his life, and even less to say it out loud. He and his sister helped Antonio up and started to walk out of the living room. When they got to the door, Patrick turned, apologized to Father Gomez, thanked him for everything and wished him a good night.

Father Gomez just that there lost for words. He thought he was getting through to Patrick, but now he sees he isn't even close. If he was, Patrick wouldn't have had any problem telling him what has them so scared about their father getting out. Now all he can do is try and make sure that doesn't happen, without having the facts of what happened in that house that has Patrick, Antonio and their sister so scared that if they see their father again, they will likely kill him.



{Welcome one and all back to another filled chapter of `Shadow of My Father'. A lot happened in this chapter in such a short period of time. Some old plots were covered, and some new ones came out. This story is one of the ones I really enjoy writing because of the politics in it. If you would ever meet me in person, you would see right away I love politics. And in this story I can live out my fantasy of a politician that actually works for the people and no one else.

Anyways, let me get right down to why this corner is here and that is the summation of the story. I picked right up with the meeting, or should I say first date of Rich and Alberto. It really looks like these two hit it off, what do you think? They quickly got through the business part of the dinner, and got to getting to know each other.

It looks like Alberto is willing to come out of the closet if he falls in love. I really hope that Rich is the one for him because these two deserve each other. At the same time, they do need to be careful. After all they do live in Texas in the early nineties. Even now you don't hear about very many openly gay politicians here in Texas. It's just something that is not heard about, but I am sure is there. What do you guys think?

Barbara got her first real scare as a mother dealing with the twins. Being new at motherhood, she really didn't know what to do when the twins stopped drinking her milk. All she knew was to stay with them and try and get them to drink the milk. Lucky for her, and the twins, Rose was there and knew what to do and WE were lucky because we didn't see the inside of Providence Hospital again! I don't know about you guys, I am tired of being in that hospital because every time we are there, something bad is going on. Even when Barbara had the twins because Martha tried to kill her, but ended up being shot to death!

Let's leave that subject, its old news and move back to the chapter. Carlos is finally seeing Josh's worries coming true with the election. The jocks are now united behind their candidate and are now trying to get the student body behind Markus as well. He got so worried that he went to his father for advice on how to help Jacob win the election.

I really think that was a wise choice because his father was never supposed to win the governorship of Texas, but he did. So if anyone knows how to come from behind and beat out the popular person it's Daniel Sr. I'm just wondering what was said between Carlos and Daniel after Barbara left the room and joined Josh who was talking to Ivan. I guess we will have to wait and see in the next chapters what was said and what Carlos is going to do.

Ivan has his hands full dealing with Jacob, his band and making sure everything dealing with the concerts goes off without a hitch. So I understand why he went to Jacob and Barbara to tell them they need to deal with those Jacob invited. It isn't really his job and I'm glad that Barbara or Josh didn't make a big deal out of his request. They agreed with it and moved on.

I also like how Daniel was able to help in all the things that were going on in his house in El Paso from his office in Austin. He was able to help with the twins when that came up. Then he was there for his son Carlos like he promised he would be when he was first elected. And then he helped his wife by advising her to seek his brother to help on the matter that Ivan brought up.

Many of you asked where Al was. You guys couldn't believe that he didn't jump on the first plane and head home to be there for Jacob and the others. I hope I was able to put all your thoughts and worries to rest in this chapter. However, I will bring one worry up for you guys to worry about. Al didn't mention at all during his talk with the Governor about the beating Jacob got from Mr. Rawson. I wondered if he knows. If he does, why didn't he mention it? If he doesn't and if he finds out, what will he do? Stay tuned for those answers in the coming chapters.

Now the ending of the chapter! I know it came out of left field, but you guys have to wonder what happened in Patrick's childhood. In one way or another, Patrick, his brother and his sister are screwed up. They got like that because of what happened in that house. I really hope that sooner rather than later, Patrick opens up to Father Gomez and tells him what happened. If that happens, I know I will be brought to tears, anger and I will want to kill the guy. What about you?

So much going on in this story and not enough paper to write it all on! I know if I forgot anything in my writer's corner about this chapter, Rick will take care of it in his corner. There are still a lot of open plots out there that I have not even touched on, and many more new plots are to come. I hope that you all didn't forget about any of those plots. If you did, well then it will be a lot of fun when they come back up again. So hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, the ride is just beginning!

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I won't. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacob@jacobmillertex.com, Thanks!}


This chapter had a little bit of everything for anyone reading! We got a bit of politics and then got to see many of the people outside their professional roles and demeanors.

Watching Albert and Rich finding that magic chemistry was a lot of fun. It's sad that their professional lives are going to make it difficult, at best, for them to date as regular folk can. Both men seem to be keeping it very much on the intellectual level but there's that lust bug running amok too albeit very well leashed. I wonder when that leash will break. Now THAT will be a love scene! (That's a hint, JPG!) I also think that Senator Kade is having a "cat and mouse" sort of good time playing Cupid!

Before I forget...in the Writers Corner, I made an edit. In the line that reads; helped his wife by advising her to seek... I changed one word...JPG had the word `directed' in that line. I changed it to `advising'. Now, I don't know about you, but I would expect an event of thermonuclear proportions to occur if ANYONE `directed' Barbara to do anything! Even the Governor wouldn't step across that line. He's smarter than that! He might take on the whole of the state legislature or in his past, confront the enemy in war, but he's not fool enough to "direct" Barbara in any way, shape or form! Do you agree with me? JPG ?

Barbara discovered how inconvenient it is that babies don't come with an instruction manual! She has now weathered her first crisis with the twins. Infants can do that like the flip of a switch; go from perfectly normal to frighteningly ill. Barbara is a good mother. She let the scenario play out but she was right there, vigilant and ready to take action should things get too bad. Bless her heart; Rose came riding to the rescue! Perhaps Barbara needs to have some detailed talks with Rose since the twins didn't come with a manual!

I'm glad that Josh and Barbara realized that Ivan was being totally reasonable when he explained about his not being able to be concierge for all Josh's family and friends that want to go with him on tour. I wonder if everyone thought the label was going to pick up all the expenses for everyone too. If so, that would have been quite an unrealistic expectation and even more unrealistic to think Josh himself would. Daniel Sr. was thinking on his feet and readily agreed with Ivan's perspective and very wisely suggested that Isaac, being the "house manger" of the family, be the one to make the travel arrangements. It wasn't stated, but I got the impression that Daniel Sr. expects that he will pick up the expenses.

My blood runs cold when I imagine what secrets Patrick and his siblings are keeping. I'm getting a sense that they went through a nearly unimaginable hell during their childhoods that went past physical abuse. I hope that Fr. Gomez is able to find a way to get the truth to the surface. Those kids are deeply injured and those injuries will never be able to heal until the history comes to the surface to be dealt with. They are young and don't realize that they will continue to suffer until they get all the history on the record. When and if the facts come to light, I agree with Jacob; we will all have a very tough time reading those details.

Until Next Time,

"Daddy" Rick