Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Trevor

Edited By: Trevor

Edited By: Jack

Edited By: Ed

Chapter 3


Josh got into the limousine and sat down in between Cesar and Brandon. Before his father got into the car, he wanted to let Brandon and Cesar know what is going on. He tapped them both on the shoulders to get their attention. When they looked at him, he waved his hand for them to get closer and then started to whisper.

"Just like both of you thought the president asked me to sing this evening at the Lincoln Monument." Josh smiled at his boyfriend and brother, he could not hold it in. "I never thought what you guys were saying was going to come to reality, but it has. To say I am nervous is an understatement."

"We told you Jacob, aren't you happy that we pushed you to have several songs ready for tonight?" With a big grin on his face, Josh shook his head. "Okay then we already know the first two songs you are going to sing, but what about the third. It has to be your closing song and it has to be one that shows how much you love dad."

"I know Cesar, but that is the one we can't agree on." The smile disappeared as Josh started to go through the songs he knows in his mind. "I think what we need to do is find out who is singing tonight for dad. According to the president there is at least a singer from each area of music, even rap." Josh laughed at the thought of his father sitting there listening to rap music.

Just as Brandon opened his mouth to give his opinion, Barbara got in, followed by their dad. They clammed up and sat back in their seats as the limousine started to pull away from the White House. As the limousine pulled onto Pennsylvania Avenue, the car phone started to ring. The governor looked down at it and over to Rich to see if he knew whom it might be calling the phone right now.

Rich picked up the phone and not even a minute into the conversation, he laid it down in his lap and leaned over to the governor. In a very low whisper that only the governor could hear him, he informed him that it was his ex-wives attorney on the line. The governor told Rich to take a message, but Rich stopped him in mid sentence explaining he needs to take the call. Reluctantly, the governor took the phone and answered it.

"Unless there is a death, this can wait until I get back into El Paso or even Austin." The governor spoke in a forceful voice.

"I am sorry to bother you on this day that should be a day of celebration, but I feel I should inform you what was just finalized." The cockiness of the voice of the attorney on the other end told Daniel Sr. whatever the news is, it will not be good for him. "Your ex-wife had just signed and finalized a new plea agreement. This plea overrides..."

"By the sounds of it sir there is nothing I can do about it since it has been finalized. You have made that clear several times already." Daniel interrupted the attorney angrily. "Also by your tone whatever the plea she got isn't good news for me or my family. If you do not mind, I would like to enjoy this day without the headache of my ex-wife. There is plenty of time after today that I can do whatever I can to correct the screw up you did."

The governor handed the phone back to Rich without saying goodbye to Martha's attorney. "Get whatever news he has to say and then hang up with him. Don't tell me or my family what it is because I simply don't care anymore." Rich shook his head as he brought the receiver up to his ear. "When we return to Austin, do whatever you can to fix what they did. I don't want any more problems with that woman!"

The boys looked at each other and knew whom their father was talking about. Josh looked over to Cesar and as they both looked at each other, the same thoughts went through their minds, the discussion they had the night they returned from the hospital after seeing Martha. They made a promise to each other not to tell anyone what had happened between Martha and Cesar, and this is why, neither of them wanted to upset their father.

As soon as the Rich got off the phone, the governor leaned over to him. "Call whoever you have to call that deals with transferring calls to me and tell them they made a mistake on this one. I do not want calls being transferred unless they are a matter of state that has to be dealt with immediately. This call should have never been transferred."

"I agree with you sir and I will get right on it." With that, Rich re-picked up the phone and called the switchboard that deals with the governor's calls. While he was taking care of that, the boys were looking out their windows at the people that have lined up on the side of the streets to get a glimpse at the president, their father or both of them as the motorcade passed. None of the boys got over excited seeing the turn out. They have become immune to the crowd their father brings out whenever he leaves Austin.

When they reached the Lincoln Monument, the crowd that was there had to be in the hundreds of thousands Josh thought. He looked around trying to take a stab at guessing, but gave up as the motorcade came to a stop. Soon after they stopped, the doors were opened and they climbed out of the limousine to the chants of the crowd.

At first, no one was able to make head or tale of what they were chanting, but as they started walking, they were able to hear what the crowd was actually saying. None of them said anything because they were not sure if they were hearing the chant right, but that all changed when they saw the signs that many of them were holding up.

They all said the same thing. "Four years of Bush and Lopez!"

Daniel Sr. ignored the signs and the chants as he made his way to the monument. When he and his family reached the steps, a big smile went across his face. Not only was Johnny there, but also the rest of the officers that where part of his staff. One by one, he shook their hands and thanked them for coming. They all informed the governor it was their honor and that they would not miss this event for anything.

When the governor and his family got to the top of the stairs of the Lincoln Monument, they turned and looked down at the sea of people that came out to see him retire. Daniel Sr. did not know if he should take this turn out as a good or bad thing. Then when he saw all the signs, he knew it was a good thing.

The Lopez family stood there waving at the sea of people. As they stood there, the crowd got louder and louder. It got so loud no one was able to hear themselves think, more so hear the person standing beside them talking. The crowd did not get any quieter even when the governor and his family stopped waving and took their seats.

When the president and the first lady started their way up the stairs of the Lincoln Monument, the chants grew even louder. The troops that were lined up all the way to the top of the stairs went to attention the moment the president came into view, just as they did when the governor arrived. They brought up their salute before the president and the first lady reached them and did not bring it down until the president was at least six feet away from them. The same treatment that the governor got, the president got from the troops as he made his way up to the Lincoln Monument.

As the president and the first lady got to the top, the governor, his family and anyone else that was sitting down got up. Those that were in uniform went to attention and brought up their salute before the President reached them, including the governor. This will be the last time he will ever put on his uniform. After today, the governor is just that, the governor, no longer in the military.

President Bush shook hands with each person he and the first lady passed as they made their way to their seats. Those that were in uniform he saluted them and then shook their hands when they brought their salute down. When he reached the governor, he stood in front of him, saluted him and then leaned in and whispered. "Hear that, the people love you! There is no doubt one day you will be where I am, and I am glad it is not this November." President Bush laughed as he patted the governor on his shoulder.

As soon as the first speaker started to talk, the crowd that gathered there to see Daniel Sr. retire quieted down. They listened as each speaker went up and spoke about their experiences they had with Daniel. Not one of them spoke ill of him. A couple poked a few jokes at him, but it was all in good taste.

An hour into the speeches from Daniel's closest and personal friends, it came time for him to officially hand over his position as commander of ground troops. The President got up, followed by General Lopez and the four star general that was going to be the new commander. President Bush went through the proceedings and in no time, the handover of his position was done. Now all that is left is for the president to make his speech and then Daniel Sr. and he will then be officially retired from the army.

General Lopez and the new commander of ground troops made their way back to their seats as the President made his way to the podium. He looked out at the sea of people and could not believe that these many people turned out to be present for this. As he cleared his throat, President Bush looked over to the Teleprompters to see if his speech has been queued up ready. When he saw it was, he looked back out to the crowd.

"Today some may say is a sad day for this country; we are losing a great leader from our military ranks. Others they will say it is a new beginning and only the sky is the limit for General Daniel Lopez. I myself believe in the second thought of what today means, a new beginning. A new beginning for all Americans, and not just those who live in Texas.

General Lopez served our nation with pride and honor throughout his military career. Achieving honors beyond many of those that came before him. Redefining how our leaders should lead not only in peacetime, but also when our nation is at war. He brought back an old tradition that disappeared in the late seventies.

Our leaders have become leaders who believe that they can lead from behind, instead of being on the battlefield with their soldiers, not General Lopez. He was the first on the battlefield and was the last to leave. He was willing to give his life so the youth of our nation did not have to.

This is a man who believes in peace, not war. This may appear strange because of the career path he chose to go down. If all nations lived in peace, there would be no need for a military, which he didn't mind." The president looked over at General Lopez. "One day, a couple years ago I sat down with General Lopez and I asked him a question that had been bothering me ever since I heard what he believed in. The answer he gave me at first stunned me, but the more and more I thought about it, I came to understand his thinking.

We as leaders need to find peaceful solutions to the problem that are facing us instead of quickly turning to our militaries to solve our problems. Even though this nation has never gone into war without first being attacked, we could still try a little harder to bring out a peaceful resolution without spilling the blood of our youth. As General Lopez explained to me, we need our youth if we are going to stay a dominant fixture in the world.

General Lopez not only has been given the highest medals and honors that our nation can bestow on him, but he is the first American soldier to be honored by the Queen of England. That alone is an accomplishment all its own." The place erupted into applause so loud it could be heard miles away.

"Our Nation is losing a military leader here today, but is gaining a political leader for tomorrow." Applauds broke out again, followed by chants calling Daniel for president. "I am with you on what you are saying. There is no doubt that he is going to reach the highest office of this land and what a day that will be for our nation."

The chants got louder and louder for Daniel to run for president that President Bush had to stop talking until they were done. He rarely goes off script as he just did, and this is why. It is hard to get back control of how the speech is going. After almost close to ten minutes of chanting it got quiet.

"General Lopez, although we are losing you from our military, we are not losing you for good. Right now, you are making the state of Texas a place that all Americans want to live in and when you are done there, you will set your eyes on the seat I am holding today. If anyone is more suited for this job, it is you.

You are leaving the service of your nation here today, but when you are called upon to serve her again, I know you will not hesitate to answer the call. The love you have for this nation tells me that, and I cannot wait until the day that happens. Our nation will be better off that day as it was the day you joined the service.

Ladies and gentleman will you please help me bring to the podium General Daniel Lopez." The president stepped away from the podium and started to applaud with the crowd. General Lopez got up from his seat, hugged, and kissed his wife. As he made his to the podium, he hugged each of his kids, his brother, and then his mother.

As they held each other, Rose spoke softly into her son's ear. "You deserve all this Danny, you really do. Take it all in and never forget that in one way or another you touched every person's life no matter if they served under you or not. They have their freedom partly because you and all the other men and women in our military are willing to give their life."

Daniel broke the hug and looked down at his mother with a smile, barely holding it together. He saw that his mother was not having any such luck. Pulling out his handkerchief, Daniel wiped away the tears rolling down his mothers face. As he leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek, he told her that he loved her, which got her crying again.

Once more, he wiped away the tears from his mother's face; Daniel turned around and started his way to the podium. As he made his way, he turned and began to wave at the people that came out to see him. What seemed like an eternity to Daniel was only a few minutes' walk from his mother to the podium. As he stepped up to the podium, the president shook his hand after returning the salute to Daniel. The president took his seat as Daniel turned and looked out to the people that came out to see him retire.

Clearing his throat, he leaned in a little to the microphones and started to speak. "Thank you so much for coming out here today to see me off." The crowd got louder, making the general stop until they quieted back down. "You all being here is a great honor to not only me, my family, but the soldiers that I have been honored to serve along side of. I am here today because of them and I will never forget that.

Not once in my military career did I think I was more than anyone else that I served with, even when I was promoted to the rank of four-star general. One man cannot run the military, fight a war, keep our nation safe, and protect the freedoms we all have been given as Americans. It takes everyone person that puts on a uniform to do that and we as leaders cannot forget that. We must remember where we came from and that is from the ranks where all soldiers start.

To all those young men and women that I had the honor to serve with, thank you and I will never forget the hard work you do every day of your military career. After today, I may no longer be a general in the US Military, but that does not mean I will stop being a soldier. As long as there is a breath in me, I will always bleed red, white, and blue." The crowd erupted into applause, giving Daniel a chance to drink some water.

"I will always be here for the troops no matter what position I hold. The troops I served with gave me the chance to come home each time I went out on the battlefield, and I will do everything in my power to do the same. If it is equipment you need, more benefits for your families, better pay, or just a person to talk to, I will be here for you. I will fight for you to always have the best our nation can give you, and your families. The American soldiers put their lives on the line everyday for us here at home. We should at least do what we can to give them the best as they serve our nation.

Today I leave a post that I have been honored to hold. As I do so, I feel as if a part of me is being ripped out. Although in time I will fill that void, but I will never forget the days I served in this nations military. I will never forget the young men and woman that I had the honor to get to know and be with over the years. Moreover, I will never forget the love that was given to our military by you, the American people.

I came to Washington as a four-star general this morning and I will leave as the governor of the great state of Texas. A job that I have been proud to hold over a year now and will be honored to hold as long as the people of the great state of Texas gives it to me." The crowd started chanted president repeatedly.

"As long as there is work to be done in Texas and the voters of Texas believe in me as the person to get the work done, I will stay where I am. If the day ever comes that my nation calls upon me to serve as its president and the people of my state release me from my obligations to them, I will be more than willing to come here to Washington to serve the entire nation once again. In fact, I would be honored to do so."

Daniel turned to look at his family. "And without my family's support, I would not have accomplished what I have in my life. I know I lost many years with my boys, but I plan not to lose anymore. I know, more so now than ever, without family, a person is nothing." Daniel turned back to a quiet crowd. "If you all take anything from me here today, take this. Never take your family for granted, because you will never know when you are going to leave this world. Love your family, your friends, and your neighbors each day. If you see a person in need, and you can help without going without, give a helping hand to that person. You will be rewarded for the kindness that you show others.

Thank you one and all for coming down here today on this special day in my life. I will never forget the response I got from you today and throughout my career." General Lopez took a breath as he looked out to the crowd that began to cheer again. "I will always be your humbled servant and be here whenever you call upon me to serve you once again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

The general took a couple steps back from the podium and looked out as everyone took to their feet and started applauding once again. It did not take long before the chant started up again. Daniel soaked it all up, but knew it was not his time to run for the highest office in the land. Maybe years down the line, but not this election cycle.

Before he could turn and make his way back to his family, his family had made their way to him. They engulfed him into a family hug and held it for as long as they could. It took the president and first lady to break their family hug. Once the family stepped back behind the governor, the first lady walked up to him first.

"Enjoy this moment because these kinds of moments are far and few between." The first lady whispered as she hugged Daniel. "Take it from an old politician's wife this doesn't last. Once this wears off, they are back looking for everything you are doing wrong and they hit you over the head with it whenever they get a chance."

As they broke their hug, Daniel looked down at the first lady and smiled at her. "I know what you are saying ma'am. The president has a lot more years on me in the political world, but this last year has been hell. A day does not go by without the press beating me over the head about one thing or another."

Both of them cracked up laughing. "What are you two talking about?" President Bush smiled as he shook Daniel's hand. "Let me guess, my hair." The first lady and Daniel looked at each other and as they looked over at the president, then started laughing again.

As they turned to face the audience, they stopped laughing and just smiled as they stood side by side waving. After a few minutes, the governor's family joined them and started to wave. Josh, his brothers and Cesar felt weird standing their waving. They know that they are no more important than anyone else standing there is. That alone is why they feel weird standing at the top of the stairs of the Lincoln Monument waving as if they are royalty or something.

They stood there over ten minutes waving, letting those that wanted to take a picture. The governor wanted to leave after five minutes of standing there, but did not budge because the president was not ready. He knew his kids were bored and wanted to eat and relax a little before coming back here in a couple of hours for the concert.

On the way back to the motorcades, the president and the governor took turns shaking hands and signing autographs to those that made it to the rope line. They pretty much echoed what they were chanting as the leaders shook their hands. They wanted the president to change his ticket to have the governor as his running mate. Neither the president nor the governor responded to them.

When they reached the motorcade, the president turned and called the governor over to his limousine. "You know what they were saying on you being on my ticket isn't a bad idea." The governor could not believe what he was hearing. There is no way the president really means what he is saying. "Think about it and let me know before you leave." President Bush started to get into the car when he called the governor back over. "What I just said stays between the two of us."

The governor agreed with the president as he turned to make his way to his car. Josh and the others asked their father what he and the president was talking about the minute he got into the car. Be true to his word, he made up a lie and the kids dropped it. All the way back to the hotel, the governor could not stop thinking what the president just offered. He needed to talk to someone about it, so when he and Barbara were alone in their room, Daniel opened up on his discussion he had with the president as they were leaving.

Barbara had the same reaction that Daniel did when she heard what was offered to him, stunned. "Do you think he was being serious or just saying it because the people out there had been chanting it all morning?"

"To tell you the truth, I don't know." Daniel started to pace around his room. "He already has a vice-president and there is no way he is going to drop him from the ticket, not after serving with him already for four years. It would look like the president is flip flopping on his choice for a running mate and that he doesn't need right now."

"Plus honey you and he don't see eye to eye on major issues. You are a leader and you will voice your opinion even if he does not want to hear it. Still at the end of the day, he will make the final decision on what course to take. You do not want to be tied down to his policies because you will not get a term of your own. By the looks of it, he is finally seeing what you have seen all long, he is in trouble."

"Yes, that is true, but if the president is actually serious on this offer, I cannot pass it up. There are ways a vice president can be his own person while serving the wants of his president. It is hard, but it can be done."

"It can be done, that I agree with. At the same time how much of his policies will be tied into you no matter how hard you work to show you do not support the policies. When it is all said and done, you have to go out and support whatever decision the president makes. Really, think about that. Can you honestly do that even though you know the policies of this president will do more harm than good?"

Daniel sat down next to Barbara on the bed and started to think about what is being offered to him. The more he thought about it, the more he realized what Barbara was saying was right. There is no way he can really set himself apart from the president's policies, not as long as he is serving as his vice president.

"You are right on what you said Barbara. Moreover, I was elected governor of Texas less than a year ago. On top of that, I just retired from the military. I need to stay where I am and do the work that I promised to do. Maybe after serving the state of Texas as their governor for a while I might re-look at a run for the White House."

Nothing more was said about the subject. Daniel had made up his mind and was going to let the president know when he and his family return to the White House later this evening for dinner. Until then, he will relax and not think about anything except the concert that is being held in his honor tonight.

Meanwhile in the other room, Josh, Cesar, and Brandon were gathered in the corner discussing the songs that he should sing tonight. Each of them had their favorites and wanted Josh to sing them. After thirty minutes of going back and forth, they agreed on all the songs he is going to sing except one, the one that would honor their dad.

"Josh I still think the song that Brandon and I are suggesting for you to sing is the right one for tonight. It brings everything you think and feel about your father to the forefront and lets our dad know how much we love him. He needs that right now. We all know the call he got in the limousine has something to do with Martha. Whatever it is, it is not good news for any of us."

"I agree with you Cesar on the last part, but not on the song. The song you guys want me to sing seems to me as more of a love song than honoring a parent." Josh got up and walked over to his bag to get the sheet music. As he walked back to Cesar and Brandon, he handed them each a copy of the song. "Really look at the lyrics of this song and tell me the truth, is it the right one for dad?"

Both Brandon and Cesar skimmed through the sheet music several times before answering. When they finished and answered Josh, they had not changed their mind, which did not make Josh happy. He got up, took the sheet music from them, and headed over to where his brothers are sitting. Without telling them any detail, he asked them to read the lyrics and give their opinion on what kind of song it is.

Just like Brandon and Cesar, Daniel Jr. and Carlos skimmed over the lyrics several times before telling Josh what they thought. "It is a very nice love song if I don't mind saying so myself." Daniel Jr. said as he handed the sheet music back to Josh. "It is a general love song, but still a love song all the same."

Immediately Cesar jumped in. "Yes you are right the song can be used as a love song, but it can also be used as a song to pay tribute to another person no matter what sex they are, or who they are, right?" Cesar looked at Daniel with a death stare.

Daniel Jr. took the music back and re-read it several more times. The more he read it, the more he saw where Cesar was coming from. It was a general love song. Nowhere in the verses does it say anything about a guy or girl and their love. The lyrics are so generic that it can be used as a song to honor their father tonight. Almost every verse of the song hit right down the middle of what their father has done for them.

"Look I can see now where Cesar is coming from. This song would be perfect for you to sing to our dad tonight. He was there when everything was at its worse for you and all of us. We got through it all because of his love and because of his support. Because of that, we are stronger people today than we were a year ago."

Daniel got up and walked over to Josh. He started to go through each line of the song and point out how it does work for their father. Repeatedly Josh tried to explain it would not work because of the tone of the song. The way the music was written and the way he actually sings the song, it would not work. After seeing he was not getting through to his brother, Josh went and got the CD and played the song for them.

When it was done none of the boys changed their minds. "I don't understand why you are having a problem with the song, it is perfect for dad." Daniel went to play it again, but Josh stopped him. He did not want his father to hear them. "Look, sing it exactly like the way you put it on the CD here and it will bring everyone to tears, trust me."

"I was thinking of not singing one of my songs for dad, but one of George Straits. He has a song out there called "Love without End, Amen". That song is perfect for dad and I am leaning more towards that song this one."

"Even I heard that song and I don't like country music." Carlos spoke for the first time since the conversation started. "The song is a great song for dads, but it has been worn out. You need to do something that has never been done. Dad only retires once from the military and you should honor him with a song that has never been sung before."

"Josh, I agree with our brother on that one. Let me speak on one more thing that Carlos said, I am sure Brandon and Cesar will agree with me. The song that you just mentioned is a great song, but not for you to sing to dad. The beginning of the song hits right at home, but after that, the song does not. It gives a year, I think nineteen eighty-two or three and he became a father. Both of those things will not work for you or any of us for the matter to sing to dad. The year is wrong, which you can replace, but we are still in high school."

Josh listened to every word his brothers and Cesar said. By the time they were done discussing it, Josh knew his song was the best song to sing to his dad. He truly does love him and when he saw the song they are talking about in the pack of songs that George sent, it reminded him of everything his dad did for him in the last year and then some.

With the song selection out of the way, Josh and Cesar snuck off to their room to be alone. At first, they sat on the bed and just talked. Eventually being teenagers, they could not keep their hand off each other. Before they knew it, they were tumbling around in their bed, pulling each other's clothes off.

They thought they were being quiet, but they were wrong. Daniel Jr., Brandon and Carlos heard them having fun in their room. They tried to ignore it at first by turning on the television and talking, but no matter what they did, they heard them. It got to the point that they started talking about what was going on in that room.

"I really hope that they don't go as far as actually screwing because whoever gets screwed will be walking funny all night long." Brandon and Carlos cracked up laughing imagining their brother Josh walking on the stage all bow legged. "Man those two are lucky that they can have sex whenever they want to and not worry about getting each other pregnant. Can any of you imagine our brother waddling around with a bun in the oven?" Unable to answer Daniel, Brandon and Carlos were laughing too much.

They were too busy imagining and laughing at what it might look like when their father and mother walked into the room. Daniel Sr. smiled at his sons and wanted in on the joke, but they stayed quiet. They had no idea if their father would take it wrong, so they did not say a word. Even though they know, they were not being mean in any way.

When Daniel Sr. asked for the third time what was so funny, Josh and Cesar came stumbling out of their room, catching everyone's attention. They tried to play it off what they were doing, but no one was falling for it. They were sticking in their shirts and buttoning up their pants as they were walking towards them.

"I see what all the laughter was all about." Daniel Sr. laughed a little under his breath as he brushed his hand through Josh's hair as he passed him. "I know you two are hungry after the workout you just had. At least if I was in your shoes I would be." That did it for the boys, they stopped laughing, and their smiles almost disappeared. They did not want to hear about their father having sex. With their stepmother pregnant, it is proof enough.

"Okay since I sucked all the air out of this room with what I just said, I guess we should be going then." Daniel smiled at his sons feeling good that he was able to wipe the smiles off their faces. He knew that there was only one thing that will, without a doubt, gross out his kids and he played that card.

On their way out the door, they grabbed everything they needed for the evening since they knew they were not coming back until after the concert. The ride to the White House was loud because everyone was speaking almost at once. At times, there were several different conversations going on at once in the car, but that did not matter. They were all enjoying their time and that made Daniel Sr. happy.

As soon as their motorcade drove up, the president and the first lady met them. All the way to the private residence, they all talked in general, nothing about the question that the president asked the governor earlier in the day. When they were alone talking about what was going too happened at the concert, Daniel Sr. took that opportunity to let the president know what he had decided.

"I respect your decision and I know you thought long and hard on it." President Bush took a sip of his drink as he sat down. "I meant what I said this morning about one day you holding this office. As surely as I am sitting here, I am certain in ten years or less you will be here. When that day comes, out nation will be better off with you at the controls."

"I don't understand why everyone thinks that sir. I am barely able to run the state I am running now. There is no way I can sit where you are sitting at."

"Trust me Daniel you will be here and you will do this job better than any man that has come before you. I know you feel lost right now, but you need to keep in mind you are barely starting your political life. After a few years under your belt, you will be running your state as if you were doing it all your life. It will become second nature."

The governor thanked the president for his kind words and changed the conversation back to the concert. As they were getting into the details of the concert, they were called in to eat. The president grabbed his drink and walked with Daniel to the table. Before sitting down, the president told Daniel that he would remember this concert for the rest of his life. When he heard that, Daniel could not stop wondering what the president meant.

All through dinner, the president asked the governor's kids what he needed to do in order to gain voters. None of them held back and told the president what they thought. By the time dessert was on the table, the president got an ear full. He tried to take as many mental notes as possible on what he was being told, but he gave up somewhere in the middle. The kids were just throwing too much at him that he could not keep up.

Right before they headed back out to the Lincoln Monument, the president and first lady pulled a surprise for the Lopez family. "By the time the concert is over, your stuff will be brought from the hotel over here. The first lady and I will not take no this time on you all spending the night here at the White House as our guests."

Josh, his brothers and Cesar looked at their father and mother with pleading eyes. The way they were looking at them, Daniel and Barbara could not say no. So when they gave in and said yes, the boys high fived each other and thanked the president for inviting them stay the night. They know when they go back to school; they will be the envy of their friends, classmates and in Daniel Jr., Carlos, and Brandon's case their girlfriends.

All the way to the Lincoln Monument, the boys kept asking their father if he knew who was performing tonight. He threw out a few names, which did not catch the older Lopez boy's attention. They understand why they bring singers like those that they do for events like this, but they should occasionally try to bring in a band that might interest the youth of this nation.

When they arrived, the band that was performing ended their song before it was over. As everyone got out of the limousine, Josh could swear that the crowd got bigger since this morning. When they started cheering, it confirmed it to Josh that indeed the crowd is a lot bigger than it was this morning during their father's actual retirement.

It felt weird to the boys as they made their way to the front where they seats were. The crowd grabbed onto them as if they were the performers. Being as polite as they could, they shook hands and removed the hands of those that would not let go of their arms. About midway to their seats, the secret service pushed the rope line further away from the governor's family. Not only was it getting unsafe for the governor and his family, but also it will be unsafe for the president and the first lady when they make their way through.

As soon as the first family of Texas made it to their seats, the president and the first lady started their way to the front. Once they got there, they turned around waved for a few minutes and then took their seats, followed by the Lopez family. The band that was playing welcomed their new guest, wished the governor good luck on his retirement and resumed the song they were playing when they arrived.

The band that was playing was not a famous band, just the opening act for the stars of the show. To Daniel Jr. and Carlos' surprise, the first famous band to hit the stage was Prince. They looked at their father surprised, but did not say a word. Instead, they turned around, sat in their seats, and enjoyed the show.

When Prince finished his part of the show, he said a few words to the governor and the president before leaving the stage. The next singer on was a country singer, Vince Gill, one of the president's favorite singers, then followed up by another country group, The Judd's. Surprisingly to the older Lopez boys they were not boring at all. They put on a very exciting show for them and all the people that showed up to be entertained tonight.

Once the Judd's walked off the stage, a rock band, Motley Crue, followed them up. Even the governor and the president got into the music by their second song. They were careful on what they picked to sing, but at the end of it all, it was great. They sang their most popular songs that got the crowd energized.

As Motley Crue was performing, Josh was rethinking his song selections. So far, all the entertainers sung up beat songs, getting the crowd into it. His first song and last song he plans to sing might actually do the opposite and put the audience to sleep. His middle song is more energized, but it might be a little too late when he gets to it.

Cesar saw the look on Josh's face that always gets him worried when he has that look. He grabbed Josh's hand hoping that he could pull his boyfriend out of his own mind. It took a few seconds, but Josh did come back to reality. Cesar leaned over and talked into Josh's ear. Not having to whisper because the music was so loud even his normal voice was hard for Josh to hear.

"What ever you're thinking, stop it. Get it out of your mind and get ready to perform after the next singer. You are going to be great and I know dad is going to remember this night. Not because of all these others stars, but because of you and what you are going to sing, He is going to see firsthand all the hard work you have been putting in to..."

Josh leaned in and kissed Cesar. Once Motley Crue finished and started their way off the stage that was Josh's cue to make his way to the back stage. He told his father that he and Cesar were going to the restrooms and then to go and get something to drink. Daniel's only comment was to make sure his security detail was with him. Josh nodded his head and he and Cesar made their way down the row and to the side of the monument.

As they made their way, Josh could not believe who came out onto the stage, Garth Brooks. The fans went wild the minute they saw him walk out. Seeing that he was going to have to follow Garth Brooks made him even more uneasy than he already was. Garth not only sells out concert after concert, but his performances are legendary. The man knows how to put on a show that keeps people talking for weeks after they see him in person.

Josh watched Garth perform as he and Cesar made their way up the stairs of the monument. When they reached the top, the security stopped them, but once they saw it was Josh, they let them through. Josh stood there with Cesar at his side as Garth gave another excellent show. Although he only sang three songs, like the others, he sang his number one hits that kept the audience on their feet.

After several encores of The River, Garth finally ended the song. He waited for the audience to settle down before he started to speak. "What an honor it is for me to be here performing for you all today. Not only for the great turn out we got, but because of what today is. Thank you Mr. President and Madam First Lady for inviting me to perform here tonight, and you Governor Lopez, what an honor! Although I never met you while you were in the military, by what I have been told and read. I know we did indeed lose a great military leader here today with your retirement. There is no doubt that this is not going to be the last time any of us see you here on the big stage."

The audience broke out in applauds and cheers. "The next performer that is going to come out on this stage really does not really need any introduction, but I am going to go ahead and give him one anyway. He has not performed in many venues, but the ones he has, placed him in the forefront of Country music and the American people. With his unique voice, he is able to bring his audience in for the ride of the songs he sings. I am sure tonight will be no different. Singing his own songs for the first time, please help me welcome on the stage the son of the Governor of Texas, Joshua Lopez."

The lights went dim as the audience went to their feet. Daniel looked over at the president knowing he was part of this. President Bush smiled at Daniel Sr. before he turned his attention back to the top of the staircase of the Lincoln Monument. Before the music started to play, Garth made his way off the stage. A blue spot light was turned on and Josh appeared with his guitar strapped to his shoulder.

As the music started to play, Daniel Sr. knew the song. He recognized it as one of the ones that his son has been working on ever since they moved into the new house. At first, he could not remember the name, but after the first verse, it came to him; "Best Things in Life" was the name. Daniel really loved the song, and he was not the only one.

By the middle of the song, the audience was into the song as well. Just like Garth Brooks said when he introduced his son. Josh somehow is always able to pull the audience into the song with him. He makes them feel what he is feeling, the meaning of the song.

When Josh finished his first song, the audience was on their feet. Neither the band nor Josh rested between songs; they went right into the next one, which stunned Josh's family. They knew he was working on this song, but never thought he was going to play it here tonight in front of the president and the first lady.

The song was far from his normal choice he always goes for whenever he performs in front of his father and the president. It was more like rock n roll, and the audience loved it. Josh pulled out the song called "Livin' La Vida Loca". The trumpets started to play and then Josh crowded the microphone and really got into the song, which got the audience on their feet.

The girls Josh's age and even some older jumped out of their seats and rushed up the stairs as far as they could go. Stunned at the reaction their brother was getting, they could not believe the girls were doing what they were doing. They all know the person performing is gay, but they are screaming at him to be their boyfriend.

As Josh sang, he really got into the song he was singing. For the first time he was actually moving around on the stage, dancing and really giving the audience a show. The girls that rushed the stairs were pushing and clawing at each other to get a better position. Towards the middle of the song, several panties and bras were thrown towards Josh, only making him get more into the song he was singing.

Daniel Sr. looked around to see if anyone was taking offense to what his son was singing, but there was not anyone. They were all enjoying the performance, including the president and the first lady. As the song was coming to the end, several of the performers that came before Josh made their way down the stairs to get a glimpse of a performer that will be breaking records that some of them hold very soon.

It took a few minutes for the audience to settle down and even longer for the girls that rushed the stairs to make their way back to their seats. Once it got quite enough that Josh was certain that his father would hear what he was saying, he started to speak.

"Thank you ladies and gentleman for coming out here tonight and celebrating with me, my brothers, mother, and the rest of my family. My father is a great man and is always there whenever we need him. Without going into detail, my father was there for me when I needed him the most. Last year when I thought my world was ending, he was there to pick me up and hold me whenever I needed him to. He is not only a great general, a great governor, but as well, the greatest father a son or daughter could ask for. The next song I am about to sing is for you dad, and it is not only coming from me, but from all your sons. We love you!"

Back in El Paso, Martha was watching and when she heard one of her sons call the woman at her ex-husbands side his mother, she almost blew her top. In her mind, she is nothing but a little whore that stole her family. Now seeing that she has actually taken her place not only in the home, but also by title, made Martha even more determined to get her out of the house and life that should be hers.

By this point Josh made his way halfway down the stairs and sat down. All the lights except one went off. The only light left on was the blue spotlight shining down onto Josh. The music started to play, which Daniel Sr. did not recognize this time. For the first time Josh did not have his guitar on for a slow song. He was sitting there in the middle of the stairs with just a microphone in his hand.


You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me


Closing his eyes tight, Josh started to sing from his heart, and immediately everyone felt the emotion in his voice. They sat there in silence and listened to the son of the retiring general, the governor of Texas sing. He was spilling out his heart for the world to see how much he truly loves his father.

For all those times you stood by me,
For all the truth that you made me see,
For all the joy you brought to my life,
For all the wrong that you made right,
For every dream you made come true,
For all the love I found in you,
I'll be forever thankful.
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through it all.


As the band started to play, many in the audience were already getting misty eyed and Daniel Sr. was one of them. Not once did he stop looking into his son's eyes from the moment he started to sing. Everything Josh is feeling, the unwavering love he has for his father was showing on his face, which was breaking through his father's armor once again. Daniel is trying to fight it, but he knows if this song does not end soon, he will not last and the whole world will see him crying.


You were my strength when I was weak,
You were my voice when I couldn't speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn't see,
You saw the best there was in me.
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach,
You gave me faith 'coz you believed,
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me.

You were always there for me,
The tender wind that carried me,
A light in the dark shining your love into my life.
You've been my inspiration,
Through the lies you were the truth,
My world is a better place because of you.


Just like the times before when Josh sat singing the way he is singing right now, from his heart, the audience felt it completely and started to cry. No matter who they were, a secretary, a stay at home mother, construction worker or soldier, they were all in tears at this point. Even Martha back in El Paso was fighting back the tears. She did not want to cry, not for the son that she feels has let her down. Nothing that she was doing was able to keep her from breaking into tears along with everyone that is sitting in front of their television watching Josh perform.


You were my strength when I was weak,
You were my voice when I couldn't speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn't see,
You saw the best there was in me.
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach,
You gave me faith 'coz you believed,
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me.

Because you loved me.

You saw the best in me

Ooh because you loved me.

You saw the best in me

Because you loved me,

Because you loved me.


Josh closed his eyes as he sang the last few words. He belted them out as if they were the last words that he will ever speak. He was barely able to get the final words out before he fell apart on the stage. Tears started to roll down his cheeks as he sat there with the spotlight on him and the music finishing. Daniel Sr. saw that and that was it, tears started to roll down his cheeks as well. Barbara already was crying, so when she saw Daniel, she grabbed his hand and held it tight.,


The audience there in person, and at home that was not in tears yet, were, when Josh finished the song. When the music ended, there was complete silence. The last time Josh had that happen to him was when he finished singing at the base the day he was trying to honor the troops that gave their lives for this country.

Although it was quiet when the music ended, it did not last long. The audience jumped to their feet and started applauding and cheering. As Josh got up, his father who immediately got up from his seat met him when the music stopped playing. He pulled his son into a hug, something that is becoming a norm for this family after Josh's performances. Josh can hit where it counts when he sings, the heart.

"Thank you son for this, thank you..." Daniel Sr. is barely able to choke out the words as he held his son. "When everyone kept telling me this concert I will never forget, I didn't know what they meant until now. They were right; I will never forget this concert. Not for the stars that came before you, but because of the performance my son honored me with."

Before Josh could reply to his father, the rest of the Lopez clan had made their way up to them and joined into the hug. As they stood there in the middle of the staircase of the Lincoln Monument, the audience there and at home looked on. Not for one second did the audience that was in person stop applauding. Just like the governor, they will never forget this concert as long as they live.

Back in El Paso, Martha was going crazy when she saw her family out there on national TV without her. On top of that, her replacement was right there in the thick of things, which got her going even more. The nursing staff and doctors on her floor knew this might happened and when it did, they ignored her and kept watching the TV.

Bernice, Eric, Patrick, Immanuel, and Chris watched the concert together with the rest of their school at the UTEP Center. Their local businesses donated the big screen televisions that were put up all over the stadium, the drinks, and the food that was there. Not only the students of El Paso High School showed up, kids and parents from all over El Paso and the surrounding areas made a night out of watching the concert there with everyone else.

Bernice not only had tears rolling down her cheeks, but she was crying, not because she was sad, but because she was happy. One of her friends is out there on the national stage performing for the world. Not just for viewers here in this nation, but the concert is being televised around the world to those who wanted to pick it up and show it to their viewers. On top of that, Josh gave one the greatest performances she has ever seen. That includes all the mega bands that sang before him. In her eyes, he was the show tonight.

Eric, Patrick, Immanuel, and Chris were misty eyed, but they were able to keep it together. It was hard, but they got through the song. When Daniel Sr. and the rest of the family joined Josh, they turned away knowing if they watched they will fall apart. When the Lopez family broke away from their moment, the audience in El Paso and in Washington went crazy. Both of them chanted for Josh to sing another song.

Seeing that the chants were not going to stop, Daniel and the rest of the family stepped to the side and let Josh do one of things he is great on, and that is sing. He belted out a couple more songs from his own CD before calling it a night. The crowd still wanted him to sing some more, but he did not feel right to have more stage time than the other performers had. The final performer of the evening made her way out and started her set. The fans jumped to their feet when they saw Reba McEntire coming out.

Just like the other performers when Reba ended her set, she thanked the president and the first lady for the invite to perform tonight and said a few words to the governor about his retirement. When she exited, the president and first lady got up and started their way to the motorcades, followed by the Lopez family. The audience refused to leave when Reba got off the stage. They stood there and watched as the two motorcades make their way out of the area. Once they were no longer in view, they started their own little concert.

It was after one in the morning when the motorcades drove up to the White House. The boys were shown to their rooms while the governor and his chief of staff were given the use of one of the conference rooms. Rich had several things he needed to talk with the governor about, and he did not think it could wait until they got back to Austin.

The president walked the governor, Rich, and Johnny to the conference room and bid them goodnight before leaving them to do their business. The first items they talked about were housekeeping things that they got through quickly. Then they got to the subject none of them wanted to talk to the governor about, Martha.

"As you know Governor Lopez I fielded the call from your ex-wife's attorney. The news he delivered me was not good. Once again, she somehow wiggled her way into a deal that will make you sick in your stomach. The only thing I can figure how she was able to do that was because it is election year and no one wants to deal with her."

"It can't be worse than the deal the state gave her." The governor said as he got up and grabbed himself a Pepsi. "At this point I don't care what happens to her, as long as she is out of my hair and away from my children. The state deal got that done by sending her back to Mexico and not allowing her to ever come back."

Rich looked over at the press secretary, trying to figure out how he was going to break the news that he got to his boss. He knows no matter how he says it; it will not go over well. Therefore, he decided to throw it out there and maybe the governor will not yell loud enough to wake up the entire White House.

"I don't want to be the person to give you this news, but the deal that she signed is being thrown out." Governor Lopez slammed his fist on the table as he leaned forward, giving Rich a death stare. "The judge and the district attorney felt that due to her getting a stroke and landing up in a coma, they will go a little easy on her."

"What the hell were they thinking? They cannot go easy on her because she will take that as a sign a weakness and use it to her advantage. So what did they give her in return if it was not being sent back to Mexico, five, ten years in prison? Please tell me they gave her prison time and didn't let her walk out completely free."

"I am afraid not sir, she actually got no jail time. She is going to walk out a free woman under house arrest for ten years. As long as she follows the rules of house arrest, she will get off in ten years and be a free woman. On top of that, she will be able to stay here in the US for the rest of her life as long as she doesn't break the law."

The governor was filled with rage. He was boiling over with anger and did not know what he was going to do. One thing is for certain, he cannot have his wife out in the free to make trouble for their kids. Yes, she is under house arrest, but that will not stop her from causing him trouble over their kids.

"Okay the district of El Paso failed my family, but what about the Federal charges, they are still pending? When are we expecting to see her in court for those?"

"Never sir, they dropped the charges as well!" That was it the governor had enough. His ex-wife keeps coming out on top and he cannot figure out how she does it. No matter what he does or says, she somehow wiggles her way into great deals.

"Get me the district attorney of El Paso County and the judge that ruled on this case on the phone right now." Mr. Governor it is after two in the morning, they are... "I don't care what time it is. If I am going to have a restless night, I am sure as hell going to share it with them as well. Get them on the phone right now or..."

The governor did not have to finish his sentence. Rich picked up the phone and made the call. While he was waking up the judge and the district attorney, the governor asked Johnny to find out what he has to do to endorse someone else to run against them for their positions.

It did not take Rich more than five minutes to get the two people on the phone that the governor wanted. Before the governor got on the line, he told Rich to get his ex-wife's attorney on this call as well. He does not want anything thrown at him later that he broke a law or got very close to breaking the law. Once the three were in conference, the governor joined the call with Rich.

"Of all things I did not need this today gentleman. I wanted one day, just one day without drama to enjoy with my family and friends, but you people could not give it to me. You figured I was away from Texas so you snuck in this deal. Let me make this clear here and now, you messed with the wrong person on this."

All three of them tried to interrupt the governor, but they were shot down. "You were too chicken shit to take this down because you didn't want to spend any more time on it than you already had. It would pull you off your election campaigns and that you could not do. Well you just woke up a sleeping giant that is going to rain hell on you two.

Mr. District Attorney when the outgoing district attorney, the now State Attorney General, left, I am sure he told you it is better having me as a friend, not a enemy. You sir made me an enemy. As we are speaking, my staff is looking into the people running against you for your position. If I do not like any of them, I will bring in a new person that I can endorse and I will. I will spend every waking minute of my time from here until Election Day in your county going door to door talking to the voters. When Election Day comes around, you will be out and there will be a district attorney in the office that has balls to prosecute their cases.

You your honor, I cannot even figure out why you signed onto this. Yes, you have to run for your seat, but that does not stop any judge from doing their work. You two do not campaign as a candidate does. All you do is make a few commercials, put up signs, and billboards. That is your campaign and that is why I am confused that you of all people did this. Therefore, I am going to do the same thing I promised the district attorney I was going to do to him. Come Election Day you will join him."

"Sir you do not have to do that. If I knew you were going to take it the way you are taking it, I would have never entertained the idea of a new plea bargain. Let..."

"Your honor there is nothing you can do about it and my ex-wife's attorney knows that. That is why I can hear him chuckling as you try to back paddle there. The forms are signed and that is all she wrote. You should have known how I was going to take you giving my ex-wife a slap on the hand. Even if I was not governor, you should have respected the law and thrown the book at her for what she did.

You, my ex-wife's attorney, I am not going to bother to learn your name. If you did not show me respect, I am not going to show you any in return. What I am going to do is what I did to the last law firm that screwed with me dealing with my ex-wife. They are not around today because of what they did. Therefore, in six months or less, you will not be around as well. Enjoy this moment! Keep laughing, because this is the last time you are going to smile." The governor was about to hang up when he remembered something.

"Oh, if any of you are recording this conversation, I would think twice before using it. I will look bad when it comes out, but when it does, you will be slapped with a lawsuit. No one is allowed to record an elected official unless there was a warrant issued to do so. I know there was not one in this matter."

Governor Lopez hung up the phone and looked over to his chief-of-staff. "Have the State Attorney General meet me in El Paso at the airport when I land tomorrow. Inform him I want him to be ready to file state charges against my ex-wife. I am not afraid or a pussy to prosecute her for what she has done, unlike the feds and the district of El Paso."

The governor left the conference room, leaving his staff stunned on his request. They thought it was settled. He was not going to go after his ex-wife because of who he is. The voters may take it wrong if he does. They may look at him as a scorned ex-spouse trying to use the power of his office to get back at his ex-wife. All that Rich and the other staff members could hope for is that the governor will change his mind after getting a goodnights rest.


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The final song, `Because You Loved Me', was sung originally released by Celine Dion, written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster. I did not use her version of the song; instead, I used Clay Aiken's, the runner up of season two of American Idol. I like the kid's voice, it matched Josh, and how he rearranged the song was just right.

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We saw that Daniel Jr., Carlos, and Brandon were able to have fun about Josh and Cesar having a roll in the hay. They have come a very long way from the day Josh came out. If the two older brothers were the same as they were back then, without a doubt they would have busted through the doors of the hotel room and gave Josh and Cesar hell. Nevertheless, they are not, and instead they loved it that their brother was happy.

What can I say about the concert that you guys did not get by reading the chapter? It was a great concert with all those artists. The younger generation and the older generation were able to enjoy themselves there because of the great mixture of music that was being performed. Josh, well he did what he does and sings from his heart and brings everyone along for the ride. I wish the story was true and we were able to see Josh break out of his comfort zone singing the Livin' La Vida Loca.

If any of you thought that the governor was going to react any different than he did when he heard the news about Martha, you were wrong. He reacts the way we all knew he would have and I am glad. I hope that he does not change his mind on what he threatened from outing those that made the deal to prosecuting Martha at the state level.

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When I heard Andrew Mahony's song for the first time recently, I could picture in my mind Josh singing it and Andrew willingly gave me permission to pass it on to Jacob. He has several other songs, which I am sure will be suitable for the CD.

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Back to the story, I think President Bush realizes that he is on the way out and by inviting Daniel as his running mate he is clutching at straws.

Martha, The Bitch Witch, will never give up until she is dead and it appears Daniel senior will do anything he can to stop her. I hope he succeeds. I noticed that a lot of you are sick to death of hearing about Martha so maybe, just maybe Jacob will finally finish her off.

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