Written by: J.P.G.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scene by "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 31


The jocks continued to sing, totally pissing Josh off, and everyone else who's not a jock in hearing distance of them singing. Josh was about to get up and go out to find those that were singing and shove his fist down their throats when the students started to leave the class room. At first Josh thought they were going to do the same thing he was thinking, but as soon as he walked into the hallway and saw where they were heading, he knew his wrong.

Instead of following the other students down the stairs, he went looking for those that were singing the song. The closer he thought he was getting, the further off he was. The school is an old school and every loud noise echoes up and down the halls. So when you think you are heading towards where the noise is coming from, you are actually wrong because the noise could be coming from another floor. And that is where Josh was. He reached the room he thought the singing was coming from, but not only was it locked, but the lights were off.

Frustrated with not finding the jocks that were mocking him, Josh turned and headed down to catch up with the other students. The singing stopped by the time Josh got to the first floor, and he didn't see the huge crowd he was expecting to see. Looking around, Josh scratched his head trying to figure out where the students had gone. As he looked down one side of the hall, a figure caught his attention on the other side of the hall.

He looked to see who it was, but the figure ran out the middle doors to quickly for Josh to actually get a good look him. Just as that student ran out the door, several other students followed, telling Josh that is where everyone else is. Quickly he ran towards the doors, followed by his security detail, and when he walked out, he stopped dead in his tracks.

All the students were out on Schuster St. protesting the outcome of the election. Principal Michaels was trying to get the attention of the students, but they weren't paying any attention to him. Josh looked at Jonathan to see if it was okay for him to go down to join the others, but without getting a word out he got his answer by the look on Jonathan's face. Knowing it was pointless to ask, he turned back to his fellow students.

As he scanned the crowd, he spotted Eric, Bernice and the others in the back of the group. Smiling he continued looking over the crowd to see if he could find his brothers. Instead of finding them, he saw something that looked out of place. Several of Jacob's friends were off in another corner of the crowd looking at another corner of the crowd. That wouldn't be unusual, but in their case one of them had their hands on the head of the other showing him where to look.

Josh turned and looked at Cesar to see if he could make heads or tails out what was going on down there. Cesar couldn't, so he just shrugged his shoulder and looked in the direction that Matt was pointing Chase's head. He didn't see anything out of place at first, but the more he looked he did find something else out of place down there.

He couldn't place their names, but he knew they were Jacob's friends. He tapped Josh on the shoulder and pointed where he saw two students sneaking around the crowd. "I don't know their names, but aren't they friends with Jacob as well?" Josh nodded his head. "It looks like something is going down, what I don't know, but it doesn't look good."

"That guy is Alex's best friend, um, what the hell is his name?" Josh started to tap his head as if he was trying to knock out the answer he was looking for. "Oh yes I remember now, it is Carlos, and his girlfriend I think, um, Kimberly. What in the world are they doing down there sneaking around the crowd as if they are hunters zeroing in on their prey?"

Caesar shrugged his shoulders as he looked on. He wanted to know what they were up to, and just like Josh, he had no idea what it was. Down in the crowd, Carlos and Kimberly didn't know that they were spotted. They thought they were being stealth moving around the crowd towards the person that Matt pointed out to them. Just like Matt and Chase, they were surprised to see this girl back on school grounds, at least this school's grounds that is.

Just as they reached the girl, Principal Michaels walked out and started to speak, giving Kimberly the cover that she needed. Reaching out, she grabbed a hold the one they came to get and pulled her to the side by her arm, almost pulling it out of her socket. The entire way, she yelled for help, but there was so much noise going on around them, her shouts was drowned out by the chants and Principal Michaels trying to speak over his students.

When they finally got her to secluded corner of the building, Kimberly tossed her against the wall as hard as she could. "What the hell are you doing back here again Patricia?" Patricia stood up straight, standing her ground. "If you don't want me to kick your ass here and now, you will leave and never again come here or anywhere near Chase and his friends again."

"Why don't you just cut the bitch act Kimberly! The only reason you were able to get me the last time was because you caught me off guard, but this time I'm ready for anything you throw at me. So unless you are willing to back up those words with actual physical violence, you better step off and let me go back to my friends."

Kimberly pushed Patricia against the wall again, but this time a lot harder than the last time. "I'm not going to ask you again Patricia, why are you here? As far as we all know, you are expelled from this school, which means you aren't allowed anywhere near it or those that attend it." Patricia started to laugh a wicked laugh, making Kimberly even angrier."

"You aren't as smart as you think you are Kimberly." Patricia stood up straight as she brushed off her clothes. "The school board decided to let me come back to this school after my parents served them with a lawsuit. The minute they got that, they realized how wrong Principal Michaels was to expel me. I wouldn't be surprised that in a week or two he is replaced. Besides almost getting sued on wrongfully expelling me, he has this little mess going on right now. Things don't look too good for our dear old principal."

Patricia started to laugh, but it wasn't a normal laugh, it was a wicked laugh that sent chills up and down Kimberly's spine. She looked over at Carlos who was playing lookout for her. He also had chills going up and down his spine hearing the wicked laugh coming from Patricia. To make matters worse; she had a look as if she was untouchable.

Kimberly got the same feeling, and was not about to let Patricia walk around thinking that she was untouchable. If she did, she would make trouble for everyone they knew. No, she knew it was either now or never to put Patricia in her place or deal with her cockiness and her thinking that she can do whatever she wants to whomever she wants.

Instead of verbally arguing with Patricia, Kimberly swung at her. She hit her right on the cheek, causing her to fall back against the wall. The laughing stopped, but it was replaced with yelling. Patricia used the wall to lunge at Kimberly. Before either of them knew it, they were rolling around the ground pulling at each other's hair with one hand and with the other they were trying to claw out the others eyes. It was a true, first rate cat fight.

Realizing that she wasn't getting the upper hand, Kimberly stopped pulling at Patricia's hair and instead she slugged her in the gut with her free hand. Patricia fell to the ground, grabbing at her gut in pain. Not wanting to give her a chance to catch her breath, Kimberly jumped on top of her and started whaling on her. Hit after hit connected on one part or another of Patricia's body.

As the punches connected, Kimberly yelled at Patricia. "You leave this school on your own free will and never come back. I don't care what you tell your parents, the school board or Principal Michaels, just get the hell out of this school. If you don't, you will have a lot more days like this! By the time this year is over, you will be lucky if you can walk!"

Patricia was too busy trying to protect her face, she couldn't come back at Kimberly. After repeating her demands a couple more times, but in a different ways, Kimberly stopped hitting on Patricia and got off of her. She looked down at the girl that who just minutes ago had a cocky attitude and a wicked laugh, but now is bleeding and cowering in a fettle position below her.

Kimberly looked up at Carlos who was looking at her with a stunned look on his face. She stepped over Patricia and started straightening out her clothes as she walked towards him. When she reached him, he reached out to her and started to remove the blood from her face with his hands. Once he cleaned what blood he could, Carlos brushed Kimberly's hair out of her face before leaning in and kissing her on the lips.

They broke the kiss and both looked back at Patricia, who was still on the ground. "Let's go! If she didn't get the message you will have to send her another, and then another, and then another until she does get the message. She is not welcome here and if she ever again comes near any of us, most of Chase, she's a dead woman walking."

Kimberly agreed with Carlos as they walked back out into the crowd of students that was already breaking up. Just as they blended into the crowd, Patricia came out yelling all kinds of words, most of them no one understood. But they did see the blood coming down her face and her clothes all messed up, so they went running to her.

The school security broke through the students that came to Patricia's rescue to see what all the noise was about. When they saw it was Patricia and that she had been in a fight, they helped her to her feet and walked her through the few students that were there surrounding her. The students thought it was odd that the school security was taking her through the side door, the longer route to the nurse's office, instead of the front door, doors that were almost right at the nurse's office.

A couple of them ran up to see why they were taking that route, but the school security guards told them to go back to whatever they were doing before they saw Patricia. They tried several more times to get an answer, but were unsuccessful. When they reached the doors, the security didn't allow the students that were asking questions to follow them in.

Once they weren't followed any students, one of the school security guards radioed for the nurse to meet them in Principal Michael's office. When Patricia heard that, she started to struggle to get free. The security guards that were guiding her down the hall didn't try to keep a hold of her. They let go and let her try and go her own direction, but she didn't get far.

"Patricia! Where do you think you going young lady?" Principal Michaels yelled out as he walked toward her. "I warned you when we talked in my office this morning the first sign of trouble, you are out of my school. It looks like you are back to your old tricks causing trouble among the other students that are attending here. Did you think I didn't mean what I said this morning?"

Patricia turned around and walked up to Principal Michaels. "Look at me sir! Does this look like I am the one making trouble?" Principal Michaels took a good look at the young lady before him. She looked like she was ran over by a truck, and then whoever was driving the trick put it in reverse and drove over her again and again for the fun of it.

"If you aren't the guilty party in this whole thing, why wouldn't you want to come to my office to put in a complaint on who actually did this to you? I promise you if you aren't at fault for this, I will punish the person that is. So why don't you just come to my office, let the nurse take a look at you, and you tell me exactly what happened to you, okay?"

Patricia didn't believe that Principal Michaels would believe her, so she didn't accept his help. She turned to walk off, but Principal Michaels had his school security stop her and bring her back to him. They didn't put their hands on her, but they didn't let her exit out of the building. After a few minutes trying to go around the security, she reluctantly gave up and let them escort her back over to where the principal was standing.

"Fine you don't want to lodge a complaint on who did this to you, why they did it and when, I can't force you. But I can make sure you get seen by the nurse. If you refuse that, I will have to send you home because I don't want my school or the school district to be held liable for anything." Patricia looked at Michaels as if he was at of his mind. "Don't give me that look young lady. Not after what you and your family have shown already to get you back in this school. If they were willing to sue the school district to get you back into this school, there is no doubt they will be more than willing, in fact licking their chops to sue us if we don't attend to you."

Principal Michaels started to walk down the hall, but stopped when he realized that Patricia wasn't behind him. He turned around and waved her over. "I'm not going to play this game with you young lady. You don't run this school. Follow the rules that all the students at the school follow, and that includes listening to me and all the staff here, or you will be expelled. Don't think I won't do it, because I'm just biding my time till you mess up, which you will."

Patricia tried to respond, but Principal Michaels wouldn't let her. "I don't want to hear anything coming out of your mouth unless it's you telling me what happened out there." Patricia turned away, shaking her head. "Have it that way, I can't force you to talk. But I won'te this on your record that you refused to talk and what I believe what happened. Because of your past, I am going to put that I believe you were the one that started the fight."

Screaming out `NO', Patricia stomped her right foot hard on the floor. "Stop acting like a two year old child Patricia, I have no time for this. You took me away from the student council that I need to talk to because of the mess they created. These childish games you are playing are taking time that I don't have." Principal Michaels looked at the security. "Make sure she gets seen by the nurse and cleaned up. If she refuses to go or walks out before being released by the nurse, bring her to my office and I will send her home."

Before heading to back to his office, Michaels made sure the school security understood. Once he got the answer he wanted, he didn't bother to check in with Patricia to see if she understood, he just turned and walked off. When he reached his office, the current student council was sitting there waiting for him. Giving them a disappointed look, he pointed them to the conference room and walked that way.

Meanwhile in Austin, Al had just walked back into his meeting when there was a knock on the other door that leads to the hallway. Everyone looked at Al as if he knew who was knocking and then back at the door. Not giving them response, he walked over to the door and opened it to see who it was. To his surprise he found the Governor standing on the other side.

Before slipping out, he told those that he was in the meeting with to continue with the meeting as if he was there. They nodded and went back to what they were talking about when Al walked in. Neither the Governor nor Al said a word to each until Al shut the door and they were walking down towards the Governor's office. It was the Governor who broke the silence.

"I'm sure you have heard what is going on down in El Paso at our kids' schools." Al shook his head. "I don't know if I should make a statement about it or just stay quiet. After all the school that is all over the news is the school where my kids go to and the story they are reporting is about the grandson of my chief of staff. I'm thinking I should say something before a huge thing is made that I haven't said anything about what is going on in El Paso."

"Governor if you go out there and say something, the press could easily turn it around that you are trying to interfere in matters that you shouldn't. No sir, you stay away from it and let your press secretary deal with it. Even then, he doesn't go into a lot of detail. He simply says that you have spoken with your kids and they are okay, but everything else is in the hands of the local police, school district and elected officials."

The Governor could see the logic in Al's response. They kept talking about what the press secretary should say as they walked into his office. As soon as the Governor closed his doors, there wasn't much left to talk about. So Al decided to take this chance to talk with the Governor about a subject that he has had on his mind for several days now.

"When I first came to work for you Governor, I told you that my daughter and son in law were planning to remarry. The only problem at that time was I had no idea when that was going to be. Well, I got a call from my daughter and she told me that they decided to take their vows this Saturday and asked if I would be able to attend. Before answering her, I checked your schedule and saw there isn't anything scheduled. So I was wondering if you would like to attend my eldest daughter's wedding, I mean renewing her vows this Saturday. It isn't going to be anything as huge and fancy as your wedding, but my family would be honored to have you and your family attend."

The Governor smiled at Al! "I would be honored to attend your daughter and son in laws renewal of their vows. It would give me chance to go home and see my boys and the twins. That I have wanted to do ever since I left them the last time. This will give me that opportunity, plus I will have to honor to be part of a joyful occasion."

The Governor got up and walked over to his small refrigerator before turning around asking Al what he'd like to drink. Both of them wanted a Pepsi, so he grabbed two sodas out and joined Al on the couch. They talked a little bit about the wedding, but not long since Al didn't really have that much detail about it. He believed his daughter really didn't have any more than she let on, which means he would have to get in contact with his grandson if he wanted to know more.

"Al let me ask you, is your family still living in that hotel?" Al nodded his head. "What is has been about two or three weeks since the house burnt down." Al confirmed it was two weeks since the fire. "Don't get me wrong, I don't know what the hotel looks like, but knowing you and your taste, it is a nice hotel. I mean I have seen the building from the freeway, and it looks nice, but I haven't seen the inside of the building.

Anyway, where I'm going with this is that your family is going to be stuck in that hotel at least another three months, if not more. That isn't a good place for any family. More so a family like yours that is used to living in a house. Again let me make clear there is nothing wrong in living in a hotel, but I don't think it's for your family.

Let me move on before I put my foot further down my throat." The Governor laughed as he took a drink of his soda. "As you know I have a house near El Paso High School just sitting there with no one living in it. It isn't a huge, but I think it is better than living in a hotel. I have wanted to do this since the first day your grandson's house burnt, but I didn't want to offend you. The house I am talking is yours to use while your new house is being built."

Al didn't know what to say; he was dumbfounded. He was speechless for the first time since he could remember because it has been a while that someone else has reached out to help him and his family. Normally it is him that does the reaching out, something he has gotten used to over the years. He's the person that those that are close to him come for advice and help!

When he finally found his tongue, the Governor told him that he wouldn't take no for an answer, which threw him for another loop. But this time he got his senses back and was able to speak before the Governor said another word, asking him how many people could fit in his old house. At first the Governor didn't understand why Al was asking that question, and then when Al explained his reason behind asking, he understood.

"That's a lot of people to be living in one house! Now I understand why your grandson is not only building a huge main house, but a house added to the side and two separate other houses on the property. Are all these people, or should I say kids, going to live go in live in the new house you and your grandson is building once it is done?"

"Yes sir, my grandson wouldn't have it any other way." The Governor didn't understand why Jacob was making all the calls, after all he is still in high school. Al saw the confusion in the Governor's eyes, but he had no idea what the Governor was confused about. "These kids have no other place to go Governor. Some of them have been kicked out of their homes, and yes some of them could go back home if they wished, but they have made Jacob's house their home. A home Jacob doesn't want to take away from them since it is the steadiest thing in their lives right now."

"I understand all of that Al, but you're letting your grandson, who I understand is just seventeen years old, make all the decisions in your house. I heard through the grapevine that you signed over your business to him, which I thought was weird, but I didn't pry because it wasn't my business. Now this, you need to start making the decisions in your house before you lose complete control of it. Once you lose control over something, you'll never get it back. Just look at what is going on right now with both of my bills in the state houses right now."

"With all due respect Governor, you don't know the set up in my household in El Paso." Al's comments threw the Governor off balance. "Yes, Jacob is still in high school and is only seventeen, but he is more of an adult than many of those that work here with us. The kid has his head screwed on right. And even if I wanted to make him be who he is, a teenager, and trust me I have tried, I wouldn't be able to. He was forced to grow up too quickly and now he is, in fact, a grown up. That's something I wish wouldn't have happened, because he has been robbed some very good years."

Before the Governor could say another word, his secretary came over the intercom to inform him that his next appointment had arrived. He looked at his watch and couldn't believe that he and Al had talked already for over an hour. Looking over at Al, the Governor apologized. Al told him he didn't have to before they got up to greet the leadership from the senate.

"Mr. Governor, thank you for the invitation to come down here today." Senator Westrick said as he walked to Governor Lopez with his hand out. "There is a lot to talk about and I think if we sit down and put everything on the table, we might be able to reach a comprise on the remaining bill you have down on the senate floor."

Governor Lopez shook Senator Westrick's hand and then turned and shook Senator Mixson's hand before walking them to the seats. "Senator Westrick you have to know me by now, I don't comprise on what I think is right. You and many like you have sold your souls to the devil in order to stay in your seats, and that is something I won't do. I will lose this office before I ever sell my soul to the devil and betray those that put me in this office."

Senator Westrick didn't expect the Governor to say what he said. He was thrown off a little, but was able to come back pretty quickly. "Governor Lopez we have shown you nothing but respect, so I ask you show us the same thing in return."

"You have to be kidding me!" Governor Lopez started to laugh as he looked at Al and then over to the democrat leader, Senator Mixson. "From the first minute I took this office, my own party has been against me on everything I have tried to do. Every time I turn around, there you guys are stabbing me in the back with the nearest reporter you can talk to. I'm tired of it, and let me tell you here and now the days of me being nice are over.

No other Governor in the history of this state has ever kept as high in the polls as I have. I plan to use my popularity and throw each and every one of you that have stood in my way out of office. If that means turning over control to the Democrats, I'm going to do it. At least with them, things are going to get done that helps every Texan, not just those that supported you guys in your election campaigns for your offices."

Senator Westrick tried to put in a word in edgewise, but the Governor didn't let him. "I know many people in this office have threatened that before. Hell I think I muttered those words a couple of times, but this time I mean it. You guys have held up progress for the very last time.

Let me tell you how I plan to defeat you guys. First I am going to send out every person that works in this office to the press. Anyone willing to listen and willing to put my person on the air, they will talk to them. They will air out every dirty peace of laundry we have on each of you. It will get so bad for you the only thing you'll be able to talk about is defending yourselves against what has been said about you guys in the press.

While you guys are busy trying to defend your dirty records, my staff and I will hit the road and talk about the policies you are trying to kill. Since you guys will be too busy defending all your asses the voters will only hear from us. The result will be that they will support the bills and do your jobs come Election Day in ninety three. While they are at the polls doing your jobs, they are going to think about why they should keep you in your seats since you guys aren't willing to do what you were hired to do. So instead of filling in the oval next to your names, they are going to fill in the dot next to the name of the person running against you."

Stunned on how much thought has gone into the Governor's plan to get his bills passed, Senator Westrick didn't know what to say. He has seen the Governor's poll numbers, which were very good. He and his fellow republicans don't want to have a pissing match with the Governor out in public with the voters. They know if they do, they will lose, plain and simple. Plus, they have way too many skeletons in their closets that they don't want out, unlike the Governor. Each of them tried to find at least one, but couldn't, which is odd for politicians this day in age.

"Governor Lopez there is no need to go where you are going. As I said when I walked in here today, I was glad that you invited me and my counterpart here today so where we can sit down and see what we can do to get your crimes bill through the senate. I know you don't like to comprise, but I think after hearing what we would like to change, you won't have a problem."

"Senator you aren't hearing me, or you are choosing to ignore me. Either way, I don't like to repeat myself. When I put those two bills on the floor, I made it clear that I wasn't going to change one thing in them. What part of that did you or your fellow republican senators not understand? I meant what I said. Nothing you say here is going to change my mind."

"Sir, all we want to change is these few items." Senator Westrick handed a folder to the Governor and one to Senator Mixson. "As you can see, we aren't asking for much. Just a few tweaks here and there, which if you don't mind me saying will make your bill a better bill over all."

"I'm not going to make any changes to this bill." Governor Lopez handed the folder to Al. "I told you that several times, so stop wasting your breath and my time trying to convince me to do otherwise." Just then the Governor's personal cell phone rang. "Hold on gentleman, I need to take this call. Please go out to the waiting area until I call you back."

As the Governor got up and walked to his desk to answer the phone, the two senators got up and left the office. The only one the Governor asked to stay back was Al, which Al didn't understand why. The phone that was ringing was the Governor's personal phone, which means it has nothing to do with running the office of the Governor of Texas. However, instead of asking the Governor why, Al sat back down and looked over the changes the republicans wanted to do.

"Ivan, you are a very hard man to get a hold of." Governor Lopez spoke in a stern voice as he sat down in his seat behind his desk. "As you know I am a very busy man and we agreed that when I call, you will get back to me as soon as you can. Not an hour later, day later or a week later. You need to call me as soon as humanly possible after you find out I have called."

"Sorry sir for not calling you back as we agreed. Things just have been a little crazy here these last couple of days, with Josh's concert and all. Anyways, what is it that you needed to talk with me about sir. I know you are a busy man and you need to get back to what you were doing."

"Yes I do! I was in a meeting with leaders from the senate when you called, so let's make this as fast as possible." Ivan agreed. "I understand you talked to my son about adding more shows on his schedule" Ivan confirmed that was true. "My son is only sixteen, just kid still in my eyes. He needs to take his first tour in, not working every minute of every day. I don't think you should add anymore shows in his already booked schedule. I'm sorry the shows are sold out and there is request for more tickets, but this is a sixteen year kid we are talking about who needs to rest."

"I understand your concerns about adding more concert dates, but I promise you if you agree to let me add these shows, I will make sure it won't tire out Josh. After all he is my client and I don't want to burn him out before he actually gets a chance to be out there doing what he loves to do full time." Ivan sneezed, but quickly came back. "And of course that is after high school."

"No sir, that is after college. All my kids are going to get college degrees if it kills me. Things that they love to do, like playing football, basketball, or in Josh's case, singing, might not be there all their lives. If things don't go the way they hope they will have a college degree to fall back on. And in Josh's case, the music industry is very unpredictable. One day the singer is riding high, making all this money. The next day they don't have two pennies to rub together. I won't let that happen to my son Ivan, no I won't."

"Sir, no one can predict the future, but I promise you I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen to Josh. With that said, I agree with you that Josh should get a college degree, but that is still a couple years off before he even has to start thinking about that. Right now we need to think about and plan out is Josh's upcoming tour. He has no problem doing the extra shows, but I need your permission since he is under age."

Governor Lopez didn't respond immediately. He leaned back in his seat and thought about what Ivan had said. He doesn't want to be one of those fathers that micromanages his son's career. Whenever he hears about those parents, he gets sick to his stomach. At the same time, he wants to protect Josh. He knows Josh likes to please everyone. His son would say yes to anything that is asked of him because he doesn't like to see disappointment in people's faces.

"Ivan you already have him doing four shows, which as you know I objected to those at first. Now you are coming back asking me to give my consent to double those shows." Ivan explained that they were in the same city and how it was going to work. "I understand all that Ivan, but he still going to do eight shows. That is going to kill him, and you know that.

And my other concerns are is where is he going to find time to do the interviews you have scheduled for him already? Plus time to practice with the band and be a kid hanging with his friends? This tour is taking my son to places that he has never been to before. I want him to come back from it saying that not only he had fun on the stage, but off it as well. By doubling his shows, he won't have time to do anything else except what you have him scheduled for."

Ivan tried to explain the best as he could to the Governor that he had it all wrong. Yes he wants to double the shows, but it won't take away from Josh's free time. The more Ivan talked, the more he heard in the Governor's voice that he wasn't getting anywhere with him. Just as he was about to give up and bend to only the four shows, the Governor surprised him.

"Ivan, I'm very displeased with the way you handled this whole thing. You should have come to me first to see where I stood, before you went to Josh. But that is neither here or there anymore since you already went to my son and he is all excited about these extra shows. I don't want to be the bad guy that Josh hates for not getting the other shows you have mentioned to him.

With that said, I don't want to disappoint my son, even though I think having that many shows scheduled is a bad idea. So go ahead and schedule them and I will let Josh learn by doing. Once he sees how difficult it was to pull off those many shows in such a short period, he will think twice before doing it again and I won't come out looking like the hard ass."

Ivan tried to reassure the Governor everything was going to be fine, but the Governor wouldn't hear it. "Ivan I gave you the answer you were seeking. There is no need for you to keep trying to sell me something I have reluctantly bought." The Governor looked over at Al and asked him to bring in the senators. "Look I have to go Ivan, my day is already behind schedule and continuing this call is putting me further behind. Go ahead and schedule those shows, but you'd better not even think about coming back and asking for more. The answer will be no!"

The Governor hung up his phone just as the senators walked back into his office. They were about to take their seats again when the Governor stopped them. "Gentlemen there is no need for us to get comfortable since there is really nothing more to discuss. We have said what we wanted to say to each other and there is no need to waste our valuable time."

Governor Lopez walked over to the senators and presented his hand. He shook Mixson's hand first and thanked him for coming, but when he got to Westrick, he had more to say to him than just thanks for coming down to seeing him.

"Senator Westrick, you go back and tell those that are waiting for a full report on what happened in this meeting that neither of my bills is dead. You may have defeated my gay rights bill, but it is not dead. It is going to go to the people, but before it does, the Governor of California is going to put my bill down in his state houses. What do you think the voters of this state are going to do when they see another state pass the very bill you killed?"

Westrick couldn't say out loud what he was thinking. If what the Governor was saying was true and another state passes a bill that was theirs first, the voters will be very upset to those that killed the bill. The citizens of this state don't like being second at anything particularly on something that was put out first in their own state.

"The bills aren't dead. They will become law either by the state houses picking them up and putting them to a full vote, or by the voters. One way or another, these two bills will be law before the end of my first term." The Governor smiled as he patted the senator on his back. "So tell the others if they want to save face and have a chance keeping their seats, they will pass the crime bill I sent down as-is and try and look like they are doing the work of the voters."

The last part Senator Westrick didn't understand and then when the Governor explained what he meant, he knew it wasn't going to happen. The gay rights bill is dead and there is no way they are going to allow it to get a second life. No matter if it means looking bad for awhile in the eyes of the voters. They will weather the bad storm and because when the seas do calm down, the voters will see they were right and put them back in their seats.

The Governor could tell that he wasn't getting anywhere with Westrick. So he bid him goodbye and then asked Maxson to stay. It wasn't to talk about anything that was discussed in their meeting. It was to make Westrick think that, but actually they just made small talk for about ten minutes before the Governor had to move on to his next meeting.

Back in El Paso, Angel wanted to talk with Rusty, but didn't know how to approach a conversation with him. All he knew is that he wanted to get to know him better. He also wanted to see if the rumors that he heard of him being loner are true. Everyone he has ever heard talk about Rusty has echoed the same thoughts about him. He is a loaner that will more than likely not end up with anyone serious in his high school years.

However, each time he tried to go up and talk with Rusty, someone blocked him. Angel knew it wasn't on purpose because he knew they didn't know that he wanted to talk to Rusty. Finally between fifth and sixth period, Angel saw his chance. Rusty was all by himself drinking water from the water fountain. Angel knew this was best he was going to get.

Not running, but walking faster than normal, Angel made his way to Rusty in a hurry. When he reached him, Rusty had finished drinking water and was wiping his mouth with his sleeve. When he looked up and saw Angel standing there, he smiled. Both of them froze, not saying a word for what seemed like hours, but was only a few seconds. Everyone around them moved in slow motion, at least until one of the students in hurry to get to her sixth period class bumped into the boys, bring them out of their thoughts.

"All day long I have seen you try to talk with me, but something happened to stop you, or should I say someone." Rusty started to laugh. "I know I should have tried to make an effort to talk with you the third time I saw you trying to come up to me, but I was embarrassed. I didn't want to sound like an idiot. I know if I did go up to you and try and start a conversation, I would have sounded like an idiot."

"I think we both were thinking the same thing." Angel started to walk towards his sixth period class. It took a few seconds for Rusty to get moving, but when he did, he caught up to Angel really quickly. "Every time I tried to talk with you today, I had no idea what I was going to say. One thing I was certain of is whatever did come out of my mouth was going to sound stupid, but I wanted to try and get a conversation going so we could actually meet."

Rusty looked over at Angel with a confused look on his face. "You know what I mean Rusty. We were introduced, but not." Angel stopped in the middle of the hallway. "Hi, my name is Angel and I like you. I hope you like me too or I am looking very foolish right now." Several students walking down the hall and almost ran into Angel and Rusty, but at the very last moment they saw them and moved either to the right or left. A couple of them threw out a few choice words.

"I my name is Rusty and I like you too." Rusty took Angels hand and started to shake it. "I hope that helps you from thinking that you look foolish right now. If that is the case, we both are looking like fools." Rusty started to chuckle. "When you first joined us at the table, I liked you, but I wasn't going to interfere with what was going on between you and Chris." The look in Angel's face changed quickly to serious. "That leads me to the questions that has been weighing on my mind, are you over Chris?"

"I am completely over Chris!" Angel started walking again because the warning bell rang. "The question back at you. We both dated Chris, or at least tried to. But you actually made it a long longer than I did and what I heard you went a little further with him than just talking. Are you over him, or if we actually get together, will I be your rebound guy?"

Rusty really didn't know how to answer that question. He has heard that there is always a rebound person after you break up with one that you were serious about. Since he hasn't really dated anyone since he and Chris broke up that would make Angel his rebound guy. He doesn't want that. Not just because Angel is hot as hell in his eyes, but because he can see a future with him; something that he never could really see with Chris since Josh casts a huge shadow.

Just as Rusty was starting to answer Angel's question, the final bell rang, making them both late for their sixth period class. He turned and started to walk across the hall to his classroom, but turned several times to see Angel still standing there with a baffled looked on his face. Even though he knew he should go back and put Angel's mind at rest, he didn't. It was like his body was on auto pilot that he couldn't turn off.

All through sixth period, both of the boys couldn't stop thinking about the conversation that had before class. Both of them kept coming back to the last thing that was said between them. Angel couldn't figure out why Rusty couldn't answer the question. Rusty across the hall couldn't figure out why he couldn't get what was on his mind to his lips and put Angel's mind at ease.

About halfway through the period, Rusty had enough. He got up and asked to go to the restroom. At first his teacher was not going to let him since he was late, but Rusty sold that he really needed to go or he was going to make a huge puddle in front of the classroom. The teacher didn't want that, so he gave Rusty the benefit of the doubt and gave him the hall pass.

As soon as he walked out into the hallway, he walked across to Angel's classroom. He peeked in to see where the teacher was. When he saw that she was busy grading paperwork, he looked around for Angel. At first he couldn't find him because Angel had his head down on his desk. When he saw him like that, Rusty felt like crap. Now more than ever he wanted to talk with him and answer the question that he was unable to do before the bell rang.

He walked down the hall to the door to the back of the room, which was closer to Angel's desk. Softly he tapped on the window, but when he didn't get anyone's attention, he tried the door knob and found it unlocked. Slowly he cracked the door as he fell to his knees. It screeched a little but not loud enough that it got the teacher's attention.

Several of the students that were sitting in the back row looked over and when they saw Angel on his hands and knees they were baffled. Then when they saw him pointing to Angel, they understood that he wanted; Angel's attention. One by one, they tapped each other's shoulders until the student sitting behind Angel tapped Angel's shoulder and got him to look over at Rusty.

At first, Angel tried to wave off Rusty, but Rusty refused to go. He kept pointing to his hall pass. Finally Angel understood what he wanted. After a couple of times trying to wave him off, Angel gave up and went to get the hall pass in order to see what Rusty wanted. When he asked to use the restroom, unlike Rusty's teacher, Angel's handed over the pass without questioning.

The meantime Rusty got up and closed the door to the classroom. He waited for Angel, and when Angel came out they walked in silence to the restroom. Once they walked in, Rusty checked the stalls before walking back up to Angel. He softly pushed him against the wall, and then slowly leaned in until their lips met. Angel at first didn't return the kiss, but that quickly changed. Before the boys knew it, they were playing tongue hockey in each other's mouths.

Hesitantly Rusty broke the kiss. He looked Angel straight in the eyes and softly spoke. "Did Chris and I go further than you and he did, yes. I don't regret what I did with Chris, but I will never think about going back to him. Even though I liked him a lot, we were not a match at all. So in other words, I'm over him, just like you. And no you won't be my rebound guy if we wind up being an item. In a sense I think Chris was my rebound guy and now I'm looking for the guy that I would like to at least see if we can make a relationship last more than a couple months." Rusty grinned from ear to ear. "I really hope it's you, I really do!"

As he walked to the stalls, Rusty reached down and gave Angel a soft squeeze, causing Angel to jump. Even though he wanted to go over and stand next to Rusty, Angel stood there against the wall and just watched as he used the restroom. When Rusty was done and walked over to the sink. That was the first time Angel moved since Rusty pushed him against the wall.

The two boys stood there with their hands under the water looking at each other. After a few minutes of just staring into each other eyes, they turned and walked to each other. When they met in the middle, they leaned in and once again kissed. This time, Angel didn't fight the kiss like he did the first time. He opened his mouth and let Rusty's tongue in. They broke the kiss when they heard voices outside the door. Turning off the water, they walked out as if they were in there doing what they were supposed to be doing, but the students standing out there knew better.

Both Angel and Rusty had goofy grins on their faces and they had a glow to them that gave them away. If that wasn't enough, the middle regions gave them away. Both of them were sporting hard-ons that could be seen a mile away. Neither of them cared, they walked to their classes, sporting the big grins on their faces.

While the boys were finishing up their day at school, back at the Lopez house, Isaac and Troy were sitting down about to start to discuss Josh's tour when the phone rang. It was Ivan on the line, who informed them that the Governor had given the green light for the added shows. Isaac was surprised that his younger brother agreed, but didn't question it. He jotted down the information Ivan gave him and then hung up the phone.

As he and Troy were mapping out every detail of the trip, Barbara walked in with the twins in her arms. She walked over to the cribs in the room, out them down and then went over to see how far along her brother-in-law and his guy has gotten with the plans. She was a little surprised to see that they had pretty much had everything done already.

"There are a few blank spots here." Barbara pointed to the chart where there was something written but it was scribbled out. "Why did you guys change your mind on some of this? I think the boys and the few girls that are going would enjoy these things you had planned." Barbara picked up the chart and looked at it closely.

"Well first sis, we want to give all the kids unscheduled time to do whatever they want to do. After all it is their spring vacation and they should be able to enjoy themselves." Barbara put down the chart on the table as she nodded her head. "And the other reason we just got a call from Ivan who was able to talk to Daniel about the extra shows he told Josh about the other night. It seems Daniel gave his okay"

"What?" Barbara stunned hearing that Daniel Sr. had actually given his okay. She thought for sure after talking to him about it just the night before that he was going to say no. Now she is being told by her brother-in-law that he was told Daniel agreed. "There is no way now with the schedule Josh has, he is going to be able to enjoy his spring break like he should."

"I know sis, I was stunned to when Ivan told me I had to have him repeat himself. My little brother actually folded and gave the green light for Ivan to double Josh's shows. I don't care how short the first show is going to be, Josh is going to be so tired at the end of the day, all he is going to want to do is sleep, which isn't right. He should be able to enjoy himself and have fun with his friends and Cesar, but that is not going to happen with this schedule."

Isaac picked up the folder that contained Josh's schedule for the week. He opened it, and all three of them went over it to see if they could knock something off to make up for the extra shows, but they didn't find anything. Everything that was scheduled, Josh's radio appearances, interviews and meeting the fans needs to happen if Josh wants to be taken seriously.

"Well there has to be a reason why Daniel did what he did. So we are going to have to leave it at that and just do what we can to get Josh some free time." Isaac and Troy nodded their heads. "I just wish I knew what was going through Daniel's head when he gave permission to double the shows. Whatever it was, he is the only one that understands."

Once again Isaac and Troy agreed with Barbara before moving on to other issues that were not yet solved. "I know Josh made it clear that he wanted to pay for everything for his friends, but does that include their spending money? I mean that should at least come from each of their parents don't you think?" Isaac got blank looks back from both Tory and Barbara. "If Josh is going to give them spending money to buy whatever they want, I think we need to set an amount and not go over that amount."

"Well I think we should throw out numbers, but don't set them in stone." Barbara interceded. "I think we need to talk to Josh and Daniel on that first. If they both say that Josh is going to give out spending money to his friends, then we will set the amount in stone. And whatever the amount we decide on, it can't be high because Josh invited a lot of people. I don't want this trip to bankrupt Josh before he actually gets his singing career going."

Barbara, Isaac and Troy worked on the details of the trip all the way up to when the boys walked in from school. When they heard the front door open, they put everything away so Josh wouldn't get involved in the planning stages of the trip. He already has his hands full with his rehearsals and then getting ready to be on stage. They didn't want to add any more pressure.

After putting everything away, Barbara went over to the twins and checked on them before going to the kitchen to help get super ready. Isaac and Troy didn't want to spend the night in with the family, so they went around saying their goodbyes and took their leave to have a night to themselves. Asthey left, they had no idea what they were going to do, but that didn't matter to them. All they wanted was to be alone and get to know each other even more.

Josh had another busy night at the house. As soon as he finished dinner, he was out in his recording studio practicing with the band. When the band called it quits and left, Josh stayed practicing another hour. He wasn't comfortable with how many times he was off que and he knew there wasn't that much time left to correct the mistakes he is still making.

Meanwhile as Josh was nailing down his new songs, Eric and Bernice were getting ready to go out on a date with each other. This was the first Friday they have had off since they started working, and they planned to take complete advantage of it. However, just like Isaac and Troy, they didn't have any set plans, at least that's what Bernice thought.

Eric found out before Bernice did that they had Friday off, so he made a reservation at the most expensive restaurant in El Paso. He wanted to rent a limousine and give Bernice a night that she wouldn't forget, but he didn't think that after dinner, he would have enough money for everything else he wanted to do. So instead he borrowed his parents car so they didn't have to bother Father Gomez for a ride to and from the restaurant.

Before leaving for home to get ready, Eric told Bernice to wear something nice, which got her curious and asking why, but Eric didn't answer anything she asked. Then when he drove up and knocked on the door, she was surprised to see him in a coat and tie. She did put on a dress, but nothing as nice as what Eric had on. She felt under dressed, but Eric settled her nerves by telling her that she looked beautiful.

He opened the door for her when they got to the car before getting in himself. The whole time Father Gomez looked out of the window watching the kids heading off on their date. He could see in Eric's face how much he loved Bernice and how he would do anything to make sure no harm would ever come to Bernice. After he couldn't see the tail lights of Eric's car anymore, he walked away from the window and settled in for the night. He picked up his bible and started to jot notes that would eventually become his Sunday sermon.

Back with Eric and Bernice, Bernice wouldn't stop asking where they were going and once again Eric wouldn't tell her. The only thing he let slip out is that they were going to eat at the nicest restaurant in town, which got Bernice thinking. Putting two and two together, the direction they were going and what Eric let slip out, she was able to figure out where they were heading.

"Eric, come on, that place is way too expense! Let' just go somewhere else that isn't as pricey, please!" Bernice pleaded with Eric, but Eric wouldn't listen.

After trying several more times to talk Eric out of going, she gave in and sat back for the remainder of the drive making small talk. When they arrived, Eric pulled up to the curve, got out of the car and quickly made his way around the car to open the door for Bernice. However, when he got to Bernice's door, she had already opened it and was getting out.

Tossing the keys to the parking valet, Eric escorted Bernice into the restaurant. The maître d' immediately greeted their young guests and once he confirmed that they did have a reservation, they were seated right away and asked for their drink order. Since they were under age, alcohol wasn't offered, which Eric and Bernice didn't even think about asking for.

Once the drink order was taken, the waiter left the young kids to decide on what they were going to eat. As they went looked over the menu, they both couldn't believe how expensive the plates were. There wasn't a plate on their menu that wasn't under fifty dollars. Eric knew that it was going to be expensive, but he didn't think it was going to be that expensive.

Trying not to be noticed, Eric pulled out his wallet and started counting the money he brought with him. Once he had his count, he quickly added the drinks and what he thought Bernice would probably order, leaving him what he could spend on his plate. It wasn't much, but he wasn't about to tell Bernice and ruin a night that he wanted to be special.

While Eric was figuring what the bill might be, Bernice was able to read him. She knew he was worried about the expense of the meal seeing the look on his face and him pulling out his wallet to count his money under the table. Knowing her boyfriend the way she does, she knew he was not going to admit he might have gotten in over his head.

"Eric, I keep looking over this menu and there is nothing I like. Everything has this price or this side, but nothing I like. No matter how hard I try and find something, I just can't." Bernice looked up from the menu and batted her eyes. "Come on I don't want to order something that I know I am not going to enjoy eating. Why don't we just leave and go somewhere we have been before and know that whatever we order, we are going to enjoy."

Eric looked down at the menu, trying to find something that Bernice might like. Each time he thought he found something, Bernice found something wrong with it. By the time the waiter came with their drinks, he had gone through almost the entire menu. She placed the drinks down on the table and asked them if they were ready to order, Eric looked over at Bernice and back over to the waiter and asked her to give them a little more time.

"Look over there at that table." Bernice pointed to the table with an older couple eating what looked like shrimp. "You can't tell me that plate is worth what they are charging for it. I won't even get filled with it, which means I will be leaving this place as hungry as I was when we walked in. Please Eric, let's get out of here and just go somewhere that we will enjoy ourselves."

Eric finally gave in. He waved the waiter over and asked for the check. While the waiter was getting what he asked for, they quickly drank their five dollar Pepsi's. By the time the waiter came with the check, they had drank every drop of soda from their glasses. Eric smiled at the waiter, took the check and thanked her for everything as he gave what they owed, plus tip.

All the way out of the restaurant, Eric and Bernice were joking around about the place. From the maître d' to their waiter, they teased how they were with them. They looked down to a point at Eric and Bernice as if they were in the wrong place, which they were, but they didn't have the right to be that way Bernice commented several times.

When their car was brought up to them, even the parking valet looked at them as if they were out of their minds. Eric gave him a tip for doing his job before opening the car door for Bernice and then getting in himself. He sped off, not looking back even once. When they reached the freeway, Eric broke the silence asking Bernice where she wanted to go out and eat.

"I really don't care, as long as it is with you." Bernice reached over and grabbed Eric's hand and held it tight. "You should know by now all I want is to be with you. I don't care where, as long as we are together. So promise me in the future that you won't take me to a place like that again. It isn't a place we are comfortable with, and more importantly I don't need to be treated to a place like that as long as I have you at my side." Eric blushed as he promised her to never do what he did tonight again or anything close to it.

They held on to each other's hands as they made their way back to their side of town and to their kind of restaurant. At the end, they ended up going to Whataburger, and enjoying every second they were together. After finishing their meals, Eric took Bernice up to Scenic Drive. When they reached the top, he pulled off to the side. Ignoring the signs posted everywhere. They got out of the car and walked over to the walk wall overlooking El Paso. Neither of them said a word. Bernice sat on the wall, with her legs dangling with Eric's arms tightly around her. They looked down at their city and couldn't believe how beautiful it looked all lit up at night.



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There is no need to go over what the jocks were doing because after reading the last chapter of `Jacob Finding His Way', we all learned that they ate a lot of crow. What I would like to talk about at from the beginning of the chapter is the plot I started in the last `Beneath the Mask', but brought it over here in this chapter. I felt you guys should at least get the conclusion to that cliff hanger in this chapter, but not the one that ended the last `Beneath'. For that you will have to tune into the next posting of that chapter and see how that turns out.

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I think Principal Michaels handed the situation with Patricia correctly. She didn't want to tell him anything, and because of that he couldn't help her. So since she refused to report the ones that beat her up, Michaels did the next best thing. He covered the school's ass by making sure that Patricia was seen by the nurse.

From there we went over to Austin and man there was fireworks there as well. First, it started out nice with the Governor offering Al his old house for Jacob and the guys to move into. Do you think Al is going to take the Governor up on his offer? I really hope he does because the hotel is getting a little filled right now. Plus don't forget that Joey and Alex had a run in with each other. I really don't think that is over and if they stay in the hotel, it will come to a boil.

After talking about the couple private things, the Governor and Al sat down with the two leaders of the state senate. Boy, when the Republican leader walked in and thought he was going to be able to push the Governor around, he got a real surprise. Not only he had his lunch handed to him, but he learned that the Governor wasn't going to give up just yet on his two bills. I would like to be a fly on the wall when he goes back and reports back to his party members on what happened in the meeting he had with the Governor.

In the middle of that meeting, Ivan returned the Governor's call. Daniel Sr. wasn't too happy with Ivan and he let the guy know it. I understand why he was angry, he is Josh's father and he is looking after his son. However, at the end of the day, he gave in and gave his permission for Ivan to double Josh's shows. I really hope it doesn't wear Josh out like the Governor thought.

Talking about surprised that the Governor gave in, Isaac and Barbara were. After getting off the phone with Ivan and repotting what he discussed to Barbara, they were both stunned. They couldn't figure out why Daniel Sr. did that, but they didn't dwell on it either. They continued doing what they sat down to do and that is plan out the trip for the ones Josh invited to go.

It's been a while since we heard from Eric and Bernice and when we did hear about them, it was always about work. It was refreshing to see these two outside of work, going out spending some of the money they are working so hard for. Even though the first place Eric took Bernice fell apart because of the high prices and the feeling they didn't belonged, their night came together. They ended up at a restaurant they love and then up on Scenic Drive looking over the city.

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Wow, a first class cat fight! Patricia didn't figure Kimberly into her plans to return to El Paso High! Kimberly is loyal to her friends and will defend them, even to the point of putting herself at risk. I noted that Carlos didn't intervene. He let Kimberly do her thing. I'm sure he was ready to step in should things not have gone in Kimberly's favor, however. When it comes to Patricia and her parents, my thoughts are that you just can't fix stupid.

Yes, Josh is a pleaser personality. I can totally relate to that, but he's going to have to stand his ground here and there; chose his battles wisely, but be able to say `no' when he needs to. Daniel Sr. is right in his thinking. The added shows are too much, but he's a wise father. He's going to let Josh deal with the consequences of being a yes-man. It could turn into a very valuable life lesson. I'm interested to see how it plays out.

Barbara was sure not happy about her husband's caving in on the issue. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when she expresses her point of view to her husband on that one! Unlike Josh, Barbara knows how and when to stand her ground, even facing her husband's powerful persona.

Josh needs to pace his rehearsal and practice time. He's a perfectionist, but, like cramming style studying, his overworking his practice can actually make things worse rather than better. It's a type of stress and it's not ever good.

I can't imagine that Josh's friends expect him to provide their pocket money for the trip. I hope that they will all, individually, or as a group, step up and let Josh and his family know that they are appreciative of the generosity of the trip and will foot their own personal expenses. Perhaps there's a person with the leadership qualities coupled with good ethics that will step up and focus the group on what's fair and right.

I really like seeing the fantastic relationship that Al and Daniel Sr. have, state business aside. I think the Governor has it right; Al's family does need their own residence. They were most fortunate to have the hotel as an available alternative residence, but it is a good idea to have their own, stand alone, interim place to live.

Like JPG said, I'd like to be privy to the conversation the republican leadership will have as a result of the meeting with the Governor. I don't think they ever saw the bus that hit them coming. It was out of the blue. I can't believe how idiotic they are being. They have a very popular governor. They can't reasonably expect to fight a governor that is so favored by the voters. If they had any brains at all, they would realize the value of the Governor's coattails and ride them! Of course, why would I expect them to exhibit any common sense when, in real life, we see our politicians consistently operate with a total absence of common sense? A real dream come true would be politicians that truly serve their constituents rather than being totally self serving.

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