Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes by "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 32


The Governor had just fallen asleep when the phone ringing woke him up. He looked over to his nightstand at the alarm clock to see that it was a little after three in the morning. Seeing that he was that early in the morning, he jumped out of bed and quickly picked up the phone dreading the voice that is about to come over the line. He thought it was going to be either his wife or his brother calling him up to inform him something had gone wrong.

With a shaky voice, the Governor said hello. When he heard a voice he wasn't expecting to come over the line, he breathed in a sigh of relief. "Mr. Governor, I'm sorry for waking you up so early in the morning, but you asked me to give you a call if anything changed in the state legislature." It was the Governor's personal assistant's voice came over the line.

"Yes, yes I did ask you to call me if anything changed." The Governor reached over to the lamp on his nightstand and turned it on. "Since almost three thirty in the morning, the state Senate must have voted on my crimes bill. Let me hear it, give me the bad news."

"Mr. Governor, believe it or not it isn't bad news at all. The Republican Party kept the committee in session for over five hours before allowing any vote on your crimes bill. When the bill was put finally to a vote, every single senator that sits on that committee voted to put the bill as-is on the floor for an up or down vote."

The Governor couldn't believe his ears. He knew after speaking with the Republican leadership the day before, he moved them, but he had no idea which direction. At first, he thought he moved them to stand their ground and keep his crime bill buried. Now he can see how wrong he was on that assumption. They didn't stand their ground but rather they moved his direction on the crimes bill, at least the Republicans in the committee.

"That is very good news that I don't mind to be woken up to hear." The Governor grabbed his personal book of numbers and started going through it. "By any chance do you happen to know when they plan to do the up and down vote on the floor?"

"The whispers I'm hearing in the hallway are that they plan to take it up first thing this morning during a special session. As you know the Republican leaders that aren't on the committee are hoping to move this bill to a quick vote that will kill this bill. By the last count that I have, they are right as far as where your bill stands with the entire Senate."

"If they knew the bill was going to die on the floor why did they even get it out of committee in the first place?" Governor Lopez didn't give his personal assistant a chance to answer the question he threw out there. "Never mind that, you did a great job and thank you. Now it's time for me to call upon another to help me out here."

The Governor thanks his personal assistant again before hanging up the phone. A couple seconds later he re-picked up the receiver and dialed the number he was looking for. After several rings, a sleepless Lieutenant Governor's voice came overline. Governor Lopez apologized to his second-in-command for waking him up so early before going into the reason he called him. Not leaving anything out, the Governor told his Lieutenant Governor what he had just been told.

"Mr. Governor, there is no doubt in my mind that they plan to humiliate you on the floor of the Senate, and that we can't have. I plan to be there this morning when the Senate is called in to order and make clear to them that if that is what their plan is, they are going to fail."

"Rich I was thinking the same thing when my personal assistant told me what was going on. The only problem I have with what you plan to do is that we are lowering ourselves to their level. You know I don't like getting down in the mud with them. I despise the way they do things here and I had hoped by now I moved them to do what's in the best interests of the people they represent, instead of the special interest groups."

Not meaning to, Rich started to laugh. "I am pretty sure you have heard this old saying and probably have used it many times yourself, but I'm going to say it anyways. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. We can do everything in our power to lead them to the right decision, but they are the ones that have to choose what direction they're going to take. By the looks of it, they are choosing to go down the wrong path."

"When you're right Rich, you are very right. We can't force them to do something that they aren't ready to do. So you get down there and try your best to move enough Republicans to vote yes on this bill. If you're able to persuade twenty-two Republicans, the bill will pass as long as none of the Democrats jump ship and join the naysayers."

Rich promised the Governor that he would do everything he possibly could do to move as many Republican senators to vote yes and to keep every Democrat on their side. Once they laid out a the plan, they said their goodbyes and hung up. As the Governor crawled back into bed, he felt at ease that the right outcome was going to happen now that his Lieutenant Governor was going to go down to the state Senate to twist some arms.

Back in El Paso, the Lopez family was still snuggled in their beds, sound asleep. Several blocks down in the Gomez household, the story wasn't the same. Father Gomez hadn't fallen asleep yet because he was waiting up for Bernice, Patrick and his younger brother. As each minute passed, he was getting angrier and angrier because they were past their curfew.

When he heard the door open, he got up to meet wherever was walking in. "Young lady, do you know what time it is?" Bernice didn't make eye contact with Father Gomez. "If I would talk to you right now about how late you are on your curfew, I'm afraid I might say something I can't take back. So I think it is best that you head up to you room and go to bed. We will talk about this in the morning!" Father Gomez turned to walk away, but stopped. "I hope you enjoyed yourself with Eric tonight, because you aren't going to have a night out in a very long time."

Bernice nodded her head, still not making eye contact as she started her way up the stairs. Once she disappeared into her room, Father Gomez went back to his chair and sat down. Before he could relax, he heard the door quickly open and then slammed. He jumped out of his chair and ran to see what was going on.

When he reached the hallway, he found Patrick and Antonio leaning against the door, out of breath. The first to look up was Patrick. He straightened up, turned around and looked out the window of the door before explaining to Father Gomez what was going on. The silent pause was making Father Gomez very nervous.

"Boys you need to explain to me what is going on and I mean now!" Father Gomez walked over to the door and looked out to see what Patrick was looking at. At first, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but when he scanned the street a second time, a car caught his attention. He went to unlock the door, but Patrick stopped him.

"Please don't go out there and do what I think you're going to do! It's going to make things worse, trust me!" Patrick's voice quivered in fear as he whispered. "We hid out across the street as long as we could, but after several hours, we realized he wasn't going anywhere. So we ran up to the house, but he got out of the car and stopped us when we reached the curb!"

"I don't understand how your father got out of jail with the kind of charges he was charged with first of all. And second of all..." Father Gomez started to pace up and down the hall." Why didn't anyone from the courts warn us that he was getting bail? They know that he is a threat to you, your brother and sister, but yet they didn't say a word and let him out."

At the same time Patrick and Antonio shrugged their shoulders as they started walking into the living room. They didn't notice that Father Gomez wasn't behind them until they heard the front door open. Patrick quickly turned around and ran after the Father, but when he reached the stairs, he realized it was too late. He wasn't going to be able to stop him.

When he saw the lights on his father's car turn on, Patrick started to worry even more. He thought that his father was going to try and run down Father Gomez. Then when he saw his father speed off when Father Gomez reached the truck, he breathed in a sigh a relief. His father must realized he was in a lose/lose situation and decided to cut his losses.

However, Father Gomez wasn't willing to let sleeping dogs lay. As his father drove away, Father Gomez was yelling at the top of his lungs in the middle of street with his arms in the air. Some of the things the Father were saying, Patrick understood. But most of it, he didn't. Father Gomez was yelling with such anger, his words were running together.

Even when the neighbors started to turn on their lights, it didn't quiet the Father down. He ranted on for several more minutes, kicking at the street and pointing to the air before he gave up and headed back into the house. In silence, Father Gomez made his way to his chair and sat down. No one spoke a word until Father Gomez broke the silence.

"It looks like no matter how big of a threat your father is, our court system will let him out. They don't care because they don't have to deal with all the trouble and chaos he causes. But we do and that is something I am not willing to put you two boys through or anyone in this house for that matter. First thing Monday morning, I'm going to get an order of protection against your father. I just hope that nothing happens between now and then."

Patrick looked over to his younger brother and placed his hand on top of his knee to try to calm him down. When he saw that by putting his hand on Antonio's knee didn't calm him down, he moved closer to him and wrapped his arm around his younger brother's shoulders. Little by little, Antonio started to calm down and relax.

"Father Gomez is there any way that we can get the order now, not Monday?" That grabbed the Father's attention. "I'm not asking for me, but for my brother. As you can see my father showing up here has really shaken him up. Plus I know my father and he is not going to give up on whatever he had planned to do here tonight. We need to get the order now!"

Father Gomez didn't need to be asked twice. He quickly got up and walked over to the phone and dialed 911. Patrick and Antonio could hear the Father on the phone explaining to the 911 operator what was going on. They didn't hear what he operator was saying or asking, but they heard Father Gomez's side of the conversation and came to the conclusion the operator wasn't happy that he was calling them for nonemergency issue.

When Father Gomez hung up the phone, he returned to the guys and sat back down. "They're going to send a couple cruisers down to take you guys' statement. Once they do that, they will give us a case number that we will take that to court on Monday. But other than that, they can't do anything else except drive around the neighborhood a bit more than they normally do.

Patrick didn't like what he was hearing, but he didn't blame Father Gomez. He blamed the court system that is father out and the city for not doing what they could to protect him, his brother and everyone else in this house. He knows without a doubt the next time his father returns he won't just take off like he did tonight with his tail between his legs. He will come back with whatever he thinks he needs to get what he wants to and that is him and his brother. After he gets them, Patrick fears that he will go after his sister next.

A knock on the door brought Patrick out of his thoughts. Immediately every one jumped up and just stared at Father Gomez as he walked towards the door. Just as the knocking began again, Father Gomez opened the door to find two police officers standing on his porch and another two standing behind them on the lawn.

Before the officers could ask to be let in, Father Gomez stepped aside and waved them in. "I understand that there was a problem here earlier this morning, is that true?" The sergeant looked the Father straight in the eyes as he pulled out his notebook. "Dispatch informed us that you had an unwanted visitor who was told that he wasn't to come around here again, is that correct?"

Without having to think twice about what he needed to say, Father Gomez went over with the two officers what had happened earlier and why he felt the police needed to be informed. As he spoke, the two officers that were on the porch took notes, and the other two went back outside to walk the neighborhood. As soon as Father Gomez finished telling the officers what was going on, the officer radioed back in to dispatch to see what he could do for the Father.

"Sir according to dispatch, they informed you that they couldn't do a thing as far as what you want. If you want an order of protection against these two young men's father, you will have to go to court. However, I am going to red flag this police report. I want to make sure that it isn't lost and this gets to the courts first thing Monday morning."

Father Gomez looked over to the boys and saw in their eyes fear. "I understand that your hands are tied as far as getting me an order this evening, but can you step up your patrols in this neighborhood until Monday? I know without a doubt that this guy is going to come back and when he does he is going to do what he came here to do."

The sergeant walked to the corner and radioed back to dispatch for as much a information he can get on Patrick, Antonio and their father. After getting what they had available, he walked back to the Father, but didn't speak immediately. He kept going through his notes, which started to get Father Gomez very nervous. With his past experience, silence means bad news.

"With what I understand Father Gomez, you have legally taken custody over these two boys. Their father can't speak with them or even get within a hundred yards of them." The second part of what the sergeant said confused him. He had no idea that Patrick's father was already under a restraining order from the courts.

"By the look on your face you had no idea that a restraining order was already put in place." Father Gomez replied in the affirmative. "The court was aware of his past and when they granted him bail, they put in several stipulations, one of which was an order of protection. He broke that restraining order by being here this evening and we are going to go and pick him up."

Father Gomez breathed in a sigh a relief when he heard the good news. He looked over once again to Patrick and Antonio and winked at them before turning his attention to the officer. He kept thanking him over and over again as he walked him to the door. When the officers stepped out to the porch, the sergeant made it clear to Father Gomez that he should keep his front doors locked and the two young boys in the house until they have their father in custody.

Not questioning the wisdom to that request, Father Gomez agreed and thanked him once again as he shut the door. He turned it walked back to the room and quickly explained to Patrick and Antonio what was going on. When he was done, he was expecting a different reaction from the boys than he got. Antonio looked over to Patrick and gave him a look that only they understood. Patrick looked at his younger brother and nodded for him to go upstairs. Not questioning why, Antonio got up, said goodnight to Father Gomez and did what he was told.

"I think it's time that I told you what happened in our house when we were younger." Patrick started to tremble as the thoughts of the past that he had deeply buried came rushing back. "I know you were surprised to see that me, my brother and sister weren't surprised to hear the news that our father was arrested at an underage boys sex club." Father Gomez nodded his head. "Well he didn't just start liking young boys. Since I could remember he has always liked young boys."

Patrick leaned forward and wiped the tears from his face. "My father didn't only go into my sister's room late at night. He came into mine and then when my brother got old enough, he started going into his room as well." Father Gomez leaned forward and took Patrick's hands to try and console him as he told his story.

"At first I thought that by pretending to being asleep was going to keep him from doing the things he did to me, but I was wrong. He loved it even more because he thought I was role-playing or something like that with him. And when I didn't go along with his role-playing, he would grab his belt and start hitting me over and over again on my back." At this point a steady stream of tears was rolling down Patrick's cheeks.

"No matter how much I cried out for my mom, she never came. I knew she heard me but she just let my father do what he wanted to do to me. The next morning when I would get up and go to the kitchen table for breakfast, she couldn't even make eye contact with me. But as soon as my father left, she would take me to my room and have me take off my shirt so she could clean out the cuts that I got from my father beating me with the belt the night before."

Wiping the tears from his face, Patrick cleared his throat and tried to get control of his feelings so he could get through the story. "A night does not go by that the words my mom would tell me would ring in my ears." Patrick stopped speaking, causing Father Gomez to ask what she told him. "She actually told me to behave myself and stop fighting my father. The less I fought with him, the easier things would go when he would pay his visits to me.

I couldn't believe that she would actually tell her own son that. I just couldn't believe that she told me that the first time and kept telling me it every time after that when I fought my father. She just let him do those ugly things to me and my sister on the nights he was bored with me. All she did was sit back and allow our father to hurt us."

Patrick couldn't go on at this point, the tears were coming down to quickly and the frog in his throat was getting to the point he couldn't swallow. He got up and walked over to the window and just looked out to the empty street in front of the house. Father Gomez sat back and didn't say a word because he didn't want to upset Patrick any further. He felt that when Patrick was ready to continue, he would return to his seat and finish the story.

It took Patrick almost thirty minutes to get control of his feelings, and when he did, he walked back to his seat and told Father Gomez every detail of what his father did to him all the way up till he moved out. Nowhere in Patrick's story had he mentioned his younger brother, unlike the many times he mentioned his sister. So when he had a chance, Father Gomez asked if Patrick's father did the same thing he did to Patrick and his sister to Antonio.

"He tried, and unlike my sister, I didn't allow my father to hurt Antonio the way he was hurting me and her. The first time he tried, I pulled him off of Antonio, which didn't make my father happy at all. I got a beating that night that I still can feel, but I didn't care. The next time he tried to force himself on Antonio, I went in and pulled him off of my younger brother.

It got to a point my father stopped going to Antonio's room and just came into my room whenever he wanted a young boy. It still bothered me, but I'd rather have him do those ugly things to me instead of my brother. I wanted to keep my brother as far away from that hell that I could, but I didn't succeed on that. Antonio eventually saw the hell I was in."

Looking away from Father Gomez, Patrick felt ashamed with what he was about to say. "I started to think about nothing but of myself. I left Antonio alone in that house, knowing full well what was going to happen to him after I had left. My father finally was going to get what he wanted, the younger Petrillo boy, the forbidden fruit." Patrick looked up and made eye contact with Gomez.

"This part is hard to explain and it might even sound unbelievable, but it did happen. Even though my brother and I aren't twins and were born almost a year apart, I felt things I was in a different house, I swear to you it happened." Father Gomez assured Patrick that he wouldn't ever question anything he tells him, which relaxed Patrick a little.

"When I went to Austin to stay with Josh in the summer, I could swear I heard my brother yelling out for help. I know that couldn't have happened since I was hundreds of miles away, but I swear I heard him screaming for help. Every night before I went to bed, I heard him. And even sometimes I was woken up from a sound sleep by his cries.

But that isn't everything. I could actually feel my brother going through the pain he was going through when my father paid a visit to him at night. I could feel it when my father laid his hands on Antonio and when Antonio tried to fight back, I could feel the whip hitting my on the back as it hit him on the back. I felt his pain all the way over in Austin.

I tried to call Antonio, but each time I did, my mother or father would answer. When I heard their voice come over the line, I would quickly hang up and try again several minutes later. But I never got a hold of Antonio the whole summer. So when I got back here to El Paso, the very first place I went was to the house to check up on him. I found my nightmares were true.

Not only did my father pick up with him where he left off with me and my sister, but it was worse for Antonio since my father didn't have two to choose from. When I asked Antonio to see his back, I almost flew to go after my father for what he had done. But Antonio held me back and begged me to not do anything. When he cried out that it would make things worse for him is when I settled down and stopped trying to get into the house."

At this point Father Gomez was feeling the pain Patrick was going through. He couldn't help but think about all the bad luck the young man has had so far in his life. First, having the kind of parents he has. The father, well Father Gomez didn't want those words to cross his mind, but he knew the father was a rapist. No matter if it those that he harmed was his own blood, in Father Gomez's eyes, and he is sure in the eyes of the law, he would be a rapist.

And second, the mother, Father Gomez chuckled to himself, if you could call her a mother. She sat back and allowed her husband to do the things he was doing to their kids. Not only was he raping them, but beating them as well. No one person should ever have to fear going home, the Father thought to himself. That is a place where they should feel secure, but that wasn't in Patrick's home. None of the Petrillo kids were safe from the moment they were born.

Then, Father Gomez's mind wondered, when Patrick found a person that took him out of that hellhole, that person was taken away from Patrick. Not by an illness or an accident, but by more bad luck. An evil girl that couldn't take rejection went after the one that rejected her, an innocent person got killed, Frank, a name that hasn't crossed Father Gomez's mind in a long time. He didn't want to remember the incident that took Frank's life. But by trying to forget the incident, Father Gomez kicked himself that he'd started to forget about Frank.

"Well Patrick..." Father Gomez voiced cracked as he whispered. "It has been a long night for all of us, especially for you. I can see that you are drained, physically and emotionally." The father reached over and placed his hand on top of Patrick's. "There is no need for you to continue, I got the picture of what was going on in that house before you came to me. So I don't need you to rip yourself apart recounting things that bring up the worse days of your life.

But I do want you to talk with your therapist about all this. He is the only one that can really help you get through all those skeletons in your closet." Patrick promised. "If there comes a time, like tonight that you feel the need to talk to someone, I'm here. No matter what I'm doing, I want you to come up to me and we will go somewhere in private to talk, okay?" Once again Patrick promised the father as they got up from their seats.

"Come Monday I will talk with an attorney to see what we can to keep you and your brother safe from your father. Until then, you and your brother need to stay inside this house. The sergeant told me they were heading down to pick up your father, but he wasn't certain that he was going to find him. I'm not either since your father knows he did wrong and broke the restraining order. He is going to be running for the hills. Because of him going on the run, he isn't going to allow anything or anyone to keep him from getting what he wants."

"I have no doubt about that sir, but my brother isn't the only one I'm worried about." The two stopped at the bottom of the staircase. "As you know my father already went after my sister and hurt her. Now that he has nothing to lose, I fear that he is going to go after her again, but this time he will kill her if he can't have her."

"No matter what I say, you are going to worry about that. But with that said, I'm going to say what I have on my mind anyways. Don't you worry about your sister. First thing in the morning we will drive down to the UTEP campus and try and talk her into coming down and living here until your father is caught." Patrick opened his mouth to say something, but Father Gomez stopped him. "I know what you are going to say! She won't do it, but there is no harm in trying. When she refuses, which we both know she will, we will talk with the campus security and tell them what is going on. I'm sure once they are aware of the situation, they will buckle down."

Hearing that, Patrick was able to breathe a little easier, not a whole lot, but a little. He thanked Father Gomez for everything as he turned and started his way up the stairs. Father Gomez stood at the foot of the staircase until Patrick disappeared. Once he did, the father made his way back to the living room and sat down. He got lost in thought on trying to figure out solutions for what he was told by Patrick, without Patrick having to repeat the story again.

Meanwhile back in Austin, Rich had just arrived at the state capitol building. The few senators that saw him in the hall were surprised to see him. They bid their Lieutenant Governor good morning, and once he was out of sight, they went running to their leadership.

Rich knew that was going to happen, in fact he was depending on it. That way the leadership was put on notice that he was there and whatever they had planned wasn't going to work. However, knowing them the way he does, they were going to still try and follow through with their plans, even if that means doing it behind closed doors, in secret.

When Rich reached the gallery, the democrats that were already there got up and met him at the door. They thanked him for coming down and then briefed him on what they thought was up the Republican's sleeves. As they went through their thoughts, Rich saw it wasn't much different than what he and the Governor were thinking.

Before Rich could respond to what he was being told, the doors flew open to the gallery and the entire Republican caucus made their way in. Rich wasn't about to be stepped on or looked down upon, so he made his way to the front of the gallery and sat down in his seat, as the senators sat down in theirs. The last to arrive were the Democrats, but once they saw their President of the Senate sitting there, they lifted their heads a little higher.

The majority leader of the state senate called the session into order, and read off the bill they were going to debate. He went through the rules of the debate before opening the floor. Immediately members of the Republican caucus took to the podium and started to denounce the Governor's crime bill and promised that they weren't going to vote for it.

By the third Republican State Senator started to speak, Rich figured out what the plan was to destroy the crimes bill. They were going to tear it apart on the floor, making it a bill that if a senator were to vote yes, they were signing their own political death warrant; making it impossible for anyone that did vote yes to get reelected again in their current seat or any other position.

When the third senator completed his remarks, Rich had enough. He stood up and hit the gavel several times, grabbing everyone's attention. "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I see we are all up, bright eyed and bushy tailed very early on this Saturday morning." One side of the gallery broke out into laughter. "To those that didn't find my comments a little amusing is telling me that you are the ones that stayed up all night getting the Governor's crime bill out of committee.

For that the Governor and I are thankful." Once again the only side of the room that Rich got a response from was the Democrat side and they were agreeing with him. "This crimes bill is very important to the Governor. But it shouldn't be only important to him, it should be important to everyone in this gallery, in this state, hell in this country!

Three Republican Senators have already taken to the podium and denounced this crimes bill." Rich held the crimes bill in the air. "A bill just several hours ago got out of committee without one negative vote against it. I find that very strange because the Republicans on the committee were the ones most out spoken on this bill. Can any of you explain that to me?"

The Republican's looked at each other, but none of them stepped forward to answer. "No problem, I already have my answer to my question." The Democrats broke out into laughter again. "Not only does your silence on this matter answer my question, but what has been said by the three Republicans that have already taken the podium confirmed my thoughts.

You guys planning to try and dirty this to the point that anyone that is considering voting yes on it will change their mind if they want to keep their seat. Well gentleman I'm not going to allow that to happen. I'm going to talk about what this crime bill actually does. Once I'm done, if anyone that votes against the bill will be ensuring the end of their political career."

The majority leader interrupted the Lieutenant Governor. "Sir with all due respect, you have no standing here. The only time your presence is required is if the senate is in dead locked, and at this moment, we aren't. So you should..." The left side of the gallery stood up and demanded to let the Lieutenant Governor speak. After seeing he wasn't going to get the left side of the room to settle down, the majority leader bowed to pressure and sat back in his seat.

"Senator Westrick, you are wrong as far as what I can and can't do. I'm the Lieutenant Governor, which gives me power over the state houses. In the past, the lieutenant governors may have not taken to the podium on debates, but that is just not me. If I feel the need to stand up and debate a bill or whatever is being debated, I will and I have the right to do so. No one, no matter who the person is, will muzzle me and keep me in the corner."

The left side of the room broke out in cheers. "This crime bill needs to be passed. It is not only the right time for it, but it is the right bill for this state. It makes it clear what can and can't be done from the judges all the way to the wardens of the prisons and their prisoners. Far too long we have allowed others to do our job when it comes to our prisons.

First, this bill puts an end to the way our prisons are being run. Those that sit in prison on the tax payer's dime get treated like kings. Why should they? They broke the law and should be treated as such. They shouldn't get more than what they would have if they were in the free. Hell if I got what they have, I wouldn't want to leave the prison system either."

Both sides of the aisle broke out into laughter. "The prisoners actually get steak, fish and yes believe it or not sometimes lobster. Hell, I can't afford to eat like that, but we feed those that are inmates a lot better than we feed ourselves. Why should the tax payer pick up those bills? They shouldn't, and this bill before you guys ensures that. It ensures that they get their three hots, but it isn't steak and lobster. They will also get adequate medical care.

This bill also makes a few more changes in the prison system that are needed. The prisoners already outnumber the guards. We need to do everything we can to make sure the guards have the upper hand. Giving the prisoners a weight room, doesn't do that. In fact, it does the opposite. A good amount of the prisoners are bigger than the guards are. If the guards ever had to restrain one of those prisoners, it would take several guards to do it. That we can't have and you guys know that. This bill takes out all the weight training equipment in the prisons. Prisoners shouldn't be bigger than the guards that they could gain control of our prisons!" Rich raised his voice, getting every senator in the gallery to their feet, applauding him.

"It doesn't stop there, it does a lot more with the prison system. We are going to bring back to good old days when the prisoners had to go out every day and work eight hours a day to pay for their room and board. From digging ditches to cleaning the sides of our highways, the low risk prisoners will be out there in the old chain gang set up. The high risk prisoners will work within the prison at the cannery's or farms. We won't put the incent public at risk by putting the high risk prisoners on chain gangs." Once again the senate broke out into applause.

"Inside the prison, not only in this bill takes away the weight rooms, but it takes away cable television, or satellite TV in some cases. They broke the law and were found guilty, so they shouldn't live like kings. Their lives should be as miserable as we can make it, without breaking the laws of this state or this country.

Prisoners will no longer have all the extras they have at this time. They will have a bed, three meals a day and a shower and adequate medical care. Anything else, it's gone. The high risk prisoners, they will be put in a cell alone with nothing more than their thoughts to keep themselves occupied. Their wrong doings that got them where they are should haunt them as long as they are guest of the state. That is the only way when the day comes they do get out, we can honestly say they meant when they said at their parole hearing that they are regretful and have learned from their mistakes. Right now when those words come out of their mouths, its lies, they only say it because they know that is what the parole board is looking for it."

Both sides of the isle jumped up from their seats and applauded. It gave time for Rich to gather his thoughts on the other items that are in the bill that needs to be brought out. When they settled back down in their seats, Rich spent a little more time on the changes in the prisons, and then moved onto the changes that the bill will bring within the laws of the state.

He concentrated a lot on the over turning one size fits all in each crime. The bill would give judges a little more latitude in sentencing when it comes to certain crimes. As the laws stand the judges have to give the same sentence to each defendant who breaks the same law, but some of them didn't use any kind of weapon when they broke the law. The Governor felt that those who didn't use a weapon while they were committing the crime shouldn't be sentenced as harshly as those that did. He wants to make it clear when using a weapon while committing a crime, the person will go away for a lot longer than those that didn't.

When Rich finished taking the senators through the crimes bill step by step, he took his seat waiting to see who would dare come up and try to make the bill look evil. No one from either side made their way to the podium. Instead they broke off into their little groups and discussed the pros and cons of the bill among themselves.

Rich scanned room to see if there was a group of Republican senators that he could go to and try and change their minds. As he went from group to group, he looked at the senators' body language. The first four groups, Rich knew they were set on voting no, but when he got to the fifth, he saw his opening. The senators kept looking back at him with a look on their face of help.

He got up and slowly made his way to that group. So as not to attract any attention, he stopped and spoke with as many senators along the way. When he finally reached them, they had already made up their mind that they were going to change their votes to yes, but wanted assurances that they had the Governor in their corner when the shit hits the fan. Rich promised them that they would, but asked for one thing in return besides their vote.

Rich wanted them to try to persuade as many of their fellow senators to vote yes on the bill. They had no problem trying, but made it clear to Rich that their chances on changing any of the other Republican senators' minds were slim to none. Rich was willing to take that chance. He felt it wouldn't hurt to at least try because there was that slim chance.

By the time majority leader called the state senate into order, Rich and the others senators he got to change their minds had made their rounds around the gallery, talking to every Republican senator. Since Rich didn't talk with every one of them, he didn't have the head count on where the senate stood. However, the majority leader didn't have a head count either.

Even though Senator Westrick was as lost as far as if the bill was going to pass or not, he still called for the vote. He felt that his party was going to stay true to him and the other leadership and vote no. If only he knew how wrong he was, he might have held back the call and give himself a couple more days to get his party back into line behind him.

When the votes were placed, Senator Westrick got a surprise that he didn't see coming. Not only a few Republicans jumped ship and voted yes for the crimes bill, most of them did. A dozen Republicans voted no, and the rest of them sided with their Governor and the Democrats in the senate and voted yes. When it was all said and done, the Governor's crime bill passed with the largest margin than any other crimes bill did in the past.

After placing the final count into record, Senator Westrick adjourned the senate and left the floor without saying a word to any of his colleges. Once he was gone, the room broke out into cheers and congratulations. Senators patted each other on the back for a job well done and then did the same too Rich as he made his way of the gallery to inform the Governor what happened. They knew where Rich was going, and asked him to pass along their congratulations.

The weekend was full of celebrations in Austin for the Governor, his staff and his staunch supporters who never wavered on their support. As the news of his crime bill passing hit the news, the dozen Republicans that stood their ground and voted against the bill were being crucified. The press didn't let up a bit once they got the detail of what the crime bill does and what the Republican leadership tried to do to kill the bill.

Governor Lopez decided to take advantage of the free positive press he was getting off of the crimes bill and went out to try and breathe life back into his gay rights bill, with a very noticeable change. He replaced the word `marriage' in his gay's rights bill, with civil unions. By doing so, it left nothing for the Republicans that killed the bill in committee to fight against.

The Governor went one way in Texas, and Rich went the other with Senator Cruz and several other high profile individuals around Texas. As they hit the road, they didn't leave one question about the gay rights bill or the crime bill unanswered. All those that worked hard to kill the gay rights bill could do is sit there and watch as the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and the others that jumped on the bandwagon talk about the bill and garner support for it.

They wanted to go out there and scream at the top of their lungs that the bill was wrong, but they couldn't with what the press was doing to them with the crimes bill. Fighting that battle already, they didn't want to take on another huge batter they would more than certainly lose since the press has a bad taste in their mouth over what they had just tried to do with the Governor's crimes bill. No matter what they said, they would be doing themselves more harm than good. So they decided to keep to themselves and let this storm die out.

Rich and Cruz got to know each other even more as they traveled around the state. It was hard in public to talk about what they wanted to talk about, so they stuck with their mission. However in private was a totally different story. Since there were no one listening in and taking apart every word they said, they were able to be themselves, or at least they thought they were alone.

In each of the cities they stayed the night in, Rich made sure he and Cruz had adjoining rooms, but made sure it was done by mistake. He didn't ask for the joining rooms straight out nor was he in charge of room assignments. He left that up to a very close member of his personal staff. A member he trusted with his own life and knows nothing would leak to the press.

When their days of speeches were over, they would return to their hotel rooms, wash up and eventually end up in one or the other's room. At first it would be nothing but business talk, but those subjects didn't last long. They quickly moved into matters of a much more personal nature to get to know each other even more.

Unlike Cruz, Rich had no surprises. Everything he talked to Cruz about his personal life, Cruz knew already knew. Much of it was in the briefing papers he got during Rich's confirmation for Lieutenant Governor. What little he didn't know didn't change his feelings for Rich. In fact, he was falling more and more for him as they spent time together.

However when Cruz opened up to Rich about his personal life, everything that he said was a surprise, not nothing was said to make Rich think twice about the man he also was falling for. He understood why Cruz chose to live the life he is living, and won't hold anything against him. If he would have done anything different, he wouldn't be where he is right now. Or if he would come out, he would not return for another term as a senator. Rich knew with one hundred percent certainty that the citizens of Texas won't accept another gay person in their state government.

"Alberto I won't be one of those guys that will demand that you come out. I don't want to be out, but I am and I have to live with it." That grabbed Alberto's attention and Rich saw the confused look on his face. "What I meant by what I just said was it does me more harm in my job being out, than being in. I wish we lived in a time that being who we are wouldn't be held against us, but we don't. Everyone out there is looking at me and waiting for me to make mistakes so they could blame my failures on me being gay."

"You are wrong there Rich, and I think deep down inside you know that. Everyone out there isn't looking for you to fail because you are gay or to blame any failure on you being gay. They are looking for you to fail so they could somehow take that failure and use it against the Governor. When it is all said and done, all the other side wants is to take Governor Lopez down."

Rich of all people knew what Alberto just said was one hundred percent true. "I know, and that is why I have to walk a fine line." Alberto nodded his head. "Anyways let's not get lost in politics and get back to us." Once again Alberto nodded his head, but this time he had a big smile from ear to ear. He also didn't want to get drowned into political talk.

"Before we somehow got the conversation over to politics, I was telling you that I will never be one of those people that will make you do something that you don't want to. You need to stay in the closet in order to keep the job you have. When the day comes that you decide to step back from public view and come out, and of course if we are still together, I will support you. Hell if we are still together, no matter where we are, I will always be at your side supporting you."

Alberto couldn't believe how Rich could get him to smile so much. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth makes him smile. He has never felt this way before in his life, which he blames on going somewhere he's never been before. He's in love that he has never allowed himself to feel for another guy. At least not true love that is with another guy for fear him being gay would get out. He has had women as girlfriends for appearances all through high school, and he is about to marry one so he is never found out. However, none of the women has ever made him feel how Rich is making him feel right now, a school boy in love for the very first time.

"All I want is a guy that I can settle down with and spend the rest of my life with." Rich reached over and took Alberto's hand. "I don't know yet if you are that guy, but I'm willing to give it a try if you are." Alberto looked down to the floor and then back up to Rich.

"I am willing to give it a try too, but there is one thing we haven't discussed." Alberto slowly pulled his hand away from Rich as he got up from the bed. "We haven't touched the topic of me about to get married to a woman. This has to be bothering you and you can't tell me it isn't." Rich didn't respond immediately. "Come on Rich, it has to. It would me if things were turned around and you were the one getting married and asking me to accept it."

"It would be a lie if I would tell you that I'm not bothered about you getting married. Simply because once you are married, your wife will be with you on any of the trips you make. We will never be able to spend time together like we have last night and tonight. Even when we are back in Austin, she would want to know where you are when you aren't home when you should be."

"No you are wrong there." That peaked Rich's interest. "The young lady I'm about to marry knows all about me. She loves the limelight and what a person of my stature can give her. In other words, she is coming into this marriage for the fame my position can give her and hopefully any higher position in the future I might get can give her.

So she will be coming along with me on any of my trips to maintain our image of a marriage. But that doesn't mean if we are out on the road together and our relationship develops, we can't spend nights like we have together. In fact I think having her along with us on our trips will keep the press from ever looking into what they might think is going on."

Everything Alberto said made sense to Rich. He didn't like the idea of a wife being there, but it will keep the press at bay. Something no speech or musical rooms can do. As Rich thought about what Alberto was saying, Alberto could still see that he still wasn't comfortable with the whole idea of him getting married. He tried to clear up any misgivings that Rich had, but the more he tried to clear things up, the more he felt he was making things worse.

After digging his hole even deeper, Alberto gave up and changed the subject. Little did he know that he hadn't dug himself into a hole. He was successful putting Rich's mind at rest, but since he didn't really know Rich, his facial expression and body language he how no idea he was successful. To make matters worse, Rich never told Alberto he understood and was okay with everything.

They talked late into the night on Sunday. When they finally called it quits, they only had time to get in about four hours of sleep before they were back up and out selling the gay rights bill. As they said their goodnights, Rich made the stunning move and kissed Alberto on the lips. At first, Alberto pulled away because he was surprised, not because he didn't want to be kissed. He has been trying to get up enough nerve to make the move all evening long.

In the door way between the joining rooms, Alberto relaxed and fell into the kiss, which they held for a couple of minutes. Neither wanted to break the kiss because they loved the feelings they were feeling, so they held it as long as they could. Alberto somewhere in the middle of the kiss reached around Rich and wrapped his arms around him to pull him in even closer.

When they finally broke the kiss, they didn't say a word to each other. They just stood there looking down at the floor, brushing their feet across the carpet. A couple of times their socked feet would swipe against each other, which sent tingles through the others body. After ten minutes of standing there in silence, they said goodnight to each other once again. However, before they headed into their own rooms and shutting the door that joined the two rooms, they both at the same time leaned in and gave each other a quick goodnight kiss on the lips.

Back in El Paso the only excitement, or drama happening was at the Gomez household. When the police went to go and pick up Patrick's father he was nowhere to be found. He wasn't required to be in his house at a certain time, and the judge did allow him to go back trucking. That was the way he made a living, and the judge wasn't about to keep him from doing so. But that made picking him up even harder for the police.

When Father Gomez was informed that Patrick's father was still at large, the Father was more worried than before. As he promised Patrick, the two of them along with Antonio went down to UTEP to try and talk Patrick's sister into moving in with them until their father was in custody. However, she said no just like Patrick knew she would. No matter how much they said or try to say, she was dead set on not having her life uprooted once again by her father.

Seeing that they weren't making any headway, Father Gomez stopped Patrick and Antonio trying to get their sister to move in with them. After leaving her, they stopped in at the campus police to inform that what was going on. They promised to do what they could, but made it clear it wasn't going to be much since they weren't a big force and they couldn't follow her if she would leave the campus, which she is allowed to do since it is an open campus.

Reluctantly the three men accepted what help the campus police was able to give and headed home. Most of the way back to the house, it was dead quiet in the car. At least until they were a few blocks away that is. Patrick showed his anger that he had for his father for the first time. It wasn't long before Antonio joined in. Father Gomez let them go at because he felt it was healthier for them to let it all out than to keep all that anger bottled up inside them.

They cursed their father for all the things he had done to them as they arrived at the house. Father Gomez put the car in park and sat there letting the two young boys get everything out. As they went through the list of the ugly things they went through, their anger turned into sadness. Almost at the same time, their voices started to crack and then give up all together. When they had no more to say, or the strength to say it, they got out of the car and headed in not saying another word. They went to their room and stayed there for most of the weekend.

At the Lopez house, it was the most boring weekend they have had in a very long time. The only excitement they had is when their father had called them to inform them that his crimes bill had passed. They spent an hour or so on the phone with him to celebrate that success, but once they hung up, the boredom of the weekend came right back.

Josh figured they were so bored because they are just a few weeks off of their Spring Break. All that is on their minds is what they were going to do that week. For the first time they weren't going to be spending it at home, bored. No they are actually going to be out going to different places in the country thanks to Josh's tour. Because they were thinking so much about their Spring Break and all the fun they were going to have, the weekend dragged on.

When it was time to go up and turn in for the night, the boys were more than willing to do so. They wanted their most boring weekend since they could remember to end so they could go to school and get even closer to Spring Break. They figured at least at school their days would go faster since they would be doing something instead of thinking of Spring Break.

They were right on their thoughts. Monday flew by in a blink of an eye. Before they knew it, they were heading back home. Since there was no more football practice or any other sports going they were in practicing, they were able to leave school right after last period. That's something that rarely happens and will only is happening for a couple of weeks.

Just like the day, the evening flew by. Between homework and practice, Josh couldn't believe that is was time for dinner when he heard his mother calling for him. He and Cesar made their way to the kitchen talking about how practice sounded, but stopped talking about it when they sat down at the dinner table. They joined into the conversation that was already going on.

After dinner, they headed to watch TV, but they didn't find anything they liked on, so they headed to the pool to swim. As they were playing around the pool, Carlos got a surprise visit from Markus. Their mother walked in with Markus right behind her. When Josh saw him, he wanted to punch him for all the ugly things he has said about his good friend Jacob, but held back and just left the pool area with Cesar at his side.

Markus looked at the corner of the room, not wanting to make eye contact with Josh as he passed him. He knew he did wrong with the things he said, which most of it did come too close to home for Josh because it was demeaning who Josh is. He didn't mean a word he said, but knew if there was even a shot to beat Jacob, he had to get his fellow students to hate him for being gay. Other than that, there was no way he was going to beat him because he couldn't deliver what Jacob can if he was given the office.

As soon as Josh and Cesar left the room, Markus walked over to Carlos, Daniel Jr. and Brandon, who were sitting on the edge of the pool. Brandon looked up at Markus, gave him a dirty look before looking back at the pool. He decided to stick around rather than follow Josh out the door like he wanted to do. He wanted to hear what Markus was going to say. If it was something bad or against Josh or even Jacob, he would do what he could to stand up for them.

"Carlos I'm sorry for just coming down without checking in with you, but I have a lot weighing on my mind and you and Daniel here are the only two that will tell me like it is." Carlos and Daniel looked up at Markus and saw he had a serious look on his face. "Tomorrow Principal Michaels is going to announce that Jacob actually won the election, not me."

That not only grabbed the boy's attention, but Barbara's as well. She was straightening up the pool area, not meaning to overhear the conversation, but anyone in ear shot Markus would stop what they were doing when they heard those words. Trying to respect the boy's privacy, she continued to clean up, but stayed in the room in case she was needed.

"I don't understand what you just said." Carlos said as he got up, followed by Daniel Jr. and Brandon. "Are you telling us that you know the election was actually fixed in your favor?"

"I'm not one hundred percent certain it was, but I am almost there." The four boys walked over to one of the tables in the pool area and sat down. "The days prior to the election I knew I was going to lose. No matter what I said or did, Jacob had the majority of the students behind him. They even came up to me and told me that I was wasting my time because there was nothing I could say or do to make them change their minds on electing Jacob.

So when Principal Michaels announced I won, I was more surprised than anyone in the entire school. I was certain I had lost, but when our teammates started to sing the song your brother sang when he showed his support for Jacob, I let myself believe I won. Then when everyone walked out of their classes, the feeling returned. Seeing that I knew something was up."

"Have you talked to the student council since the election? I mean if the election was fixed in your favor, it could have only been them who did it," Daniel asked.

"Daniel trust me I have tried several times to approach them on the subject. They keep telling me not to worry that I did win the election fair and square. But I just have this feeling in my gut that they are lying to me and I didn't win. Come tomorrow Principal Michaels is going to make the announcement I was the loser. Every student at our high school is going to think I had something to do with the fixing of the election, but I didn't, I swear I didn't."

Markus pounded his fist against the metal table. "Don't beat up our table!" Carlos said, causing everyone to laugh, which is what he wanted. The conversation was too dark for his taste. "If it comes out that the election was fixed, we believe you that you had nothing to do with it. I know you, and I know you wouldn't go that far. Even though you really wanted to win, you wouldn't go as far as rigging an election to get the position."

"Trust me even if I won this election, I will never have the respect because of the way I did it. I am no Jacob and everyone is going to always say if only Jacob had gotten the position how much things would be different." Markus looked out to the pool that was sparkling due to the sunset shinning on it. "I don't know how I'm going to come out of this if things go the way I fear they are going to go tomorrow. I'm thinking about not going to school altogether."

"Don't do that because that will make you look guilty, which you're not." Daniel Jr. spoke for the first time. "You need to go to school tomorrow and hold your head up high because you didn't do anything wrong. If things do unfold like you fear, you need to be one of the first to stand up and throw your support behind him. Tell him what you are telling us and do it in the fashion in which you are doing it now." Daniel pounded his fist over his heart. "From the heart!"

"Yeah I thought about that too, but the minute I stand up and try and say a word, everyone at school is going to throw things at me, or at the least boo me until I sit back down. No one is going to let me say a word because they are going to think I'm going to say something bad and I wouldn't blame them. Not after what I have said in the past to try and get elected."

"If they throw things at you, stand your ground. If they boo you, stand your ground. Eventually they will run out of things to throw and get tired of booing. When that happens, talk from the heart like my brother said and tell everyone how you really feel, except the part that you think they will always compare you to Jacob. If you need to get that off your chest, say it privately to Jacob. Knowing him even the little I do know him, he would tell you are wrong, but still just tell him."

Markus thought of the advice he was being given to him by Carlos and Daniel Jr. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense to him. He wasn't the one that rigged the election, if that was the outcome, so why should he bow his head and go off and hide. Instead he decided to take the Lopez boys' advice and be one of the first to congratulate Jacob if indeed the election is over turned tomorrow and Jacob is the actual winner.

There's a part of him wants that to happen. If the election wasn't rigged and by some miracle he actually did win, he wouldn't be able to do the job, like if he was going to do it from the beginning. Like the others before him, all he wanted the job for was to put it on his college applications, but not if he actually didn't win honestly. He knows that if a college calls to verify what he put on his application, there is a good chance they would be told of what happened in the election. He knows no college would accept a student that is anywhere near a scandal this big. They all pride themselves on their honor codes, and this blows away any honor code.

"Look, I know what Carlos and I are telling you is easier said than done, but you have to do it if it turns out that Jacob actually did win the election. Show that you can lose with dignity, just as you showed that you won with honor. If the others see you doing that, they will fall into place and follow Jacob next year. He is going to need all of us supporting him is he is to accomplish what he promised he is going to do."

"You guys are right, one hundred percent right, thank you!" Markus got up and went around the table shaking Carlos, Brandon and Daniel's hands. "If it turns out the way I think it's going to, I will be the first to extend the olive branch to Jacob. After all I really do believe that he is much more suited for the job than me. Knowing that, he should get it."

Even though the guys wanted to verbally agree with what Markus had just said, they kept their thoughts to themselves and walked Markus out. Once he left, they headed upstairs to get ready for bed. Barbara stayed downstairs to straighten up before heading up herself. As she went around the downstairs rooms, the advice the boys gave their friend kept going through her mind. No matter if they like it or not, they have their father in them and she saw that tonight.

No one stirred through the night until the alarm clocks went off the next morning. Josh was the first to get out of bed before Cesar, which surprised Cesar when he finally crawled out of bed. He normally has a battle on his hands every morning trying to get Josh up, but not this morning. He found his gorgeous boyfriend in the shower singing a song that he hadn't heard him sing before.

"What is that song you are singing?" Cesar asked as he joined Josh in the shower. "I have never heard you sing that song before. Is it something that you and Los Tigres are working or is something you and your band are working on for your tour?"

"No it's something that Los Tigres and I have been working on all last week preparing for today when Jacob is certified the winner." Cesar started to soap Josh's back down when he told him that he might be jinxing Jacob. "No I'm not jinxing anyone by speaking the truth. Jacob won the election and everyone, including Markus and his friends knows that."

"Yes, yes I know, you have been saying that ever since Markus was announced the winner. I can't wait until Principal Michaels announces today who actually won so this worn out subject can be dropped." Josh turned around and started to soap up Cesar's back.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were tired of hearing me talk about what happened to Jacob? If you would have said something, I would have kept my thoughts to myself." Cesar gave Josh an evil smirk. "What is that for? You don't think I can stop talking about something that another doesn't want to talk about, do you?" Cesar nodded his head as he pulled Josh into a kiss. "Come on don't butter me up with those sweet lips of yours. You know whenever you do this to me, I melt in your hands and do whatever you say."

Cesar felt Josh's hard dick between his legs. He gave it a couple of squeezes before turning his attention back to Josh. Both of them were hard and they knew if they didn't stop what they were doing, they were going to be late for breakfast. So Cesar released Josh and they finished taking a shower, not saying another word about what is going to happen later on at school.

No one at the table said a word on the subject they knew was on each other's minds. They sat there in silence eating their breakfast. The few times that one of them did talk, it nowhere near school activities. It was questions about Spring Break and what they were allowed to do, which Barbara didn't answer because she hadn't gotten those instructions for Daniel Sr. yet.

When they got to school, everyone was talking about the very subject Josh promised not to talk about. Cesar could see that Josh wanted to talk about it like everyone else, but he stayed true to the promise he made. All through breakfast with their friends, Josh stayed quiet. The only time he did speak was when he whispered to Patrick and Antonio. He saw they were down and wanted to see if he could do something to make them feel better, but they were closed lipped. That got Josh wanting to know even more what was going on, but he dropped it.

When the bell rang for first period, Josh couldn't wait to get to class. Josh and Cesar were the first to walk in and take their seats. As soon as everyone else had taken their seats and the final bell had rung, their attention was on the blue screen in front of the classroom. When it went live and they saw it was the normal students that made the morning announcements, they started to boo. None of the students wanted to hear them, they wanted to hear the recount results.

Finally when Principal Michaels took the seat in front of the camera, everyone applauded. The applause quieted down as soon as their principal started to talk. He went through how the recount was done, which bored the students. However when he got to the results and announced it, the students came to life with cheers and applause that could be heard all the way outside.

The celebration didn't end when the televisions went off. It was hard for the teachers to get control of their classes, and just as they did, something triggered the students to break out in cheers. The instructors hoped it would die down by second period, but it didn't. All morning long the students celebrated the outcome of the recount and couldn't wait to see their newly elected student council president to congratulate him and that is what they did.

When the lunch bell rang and they saw Jacob, they went up to him and congratulated him. When Markus stood up in the cafeteria and invited Jacob over to him and his friends, they thought Markus was up to no good, but boy were they wrong. After he finished his speech, every student in the cafeteria was stunned by how well Markus was taking defeat.

Outside in the stadium Josh and Los Tigres were preparing to tell Jacob congratulations in their own little way. It wasn't long before the stadium started to fill up. The only one that was missing was Jacob, but Josh knew he wouldn't be much longer now before Jacob would be making his way across the street to the ROTC building.

So in order to keep the students entertained until Jacob arrived, he started to give a speech. Soon after he started, Jacob and Chase had found their way into the stadium and were guiding him to where Josh was. When they reached him, Josh looked over to him and saw a surprised look in his face.

"Hey you guys, the man of the hour, Jacob Hernandez!" Josh yelled out, causing the students to start yelling at the top of their lungs. Jacob thrown off by what he was seeing unfolding before him, all he could do was stand there scanning the audience. He didn't expect this at all, and because of that, he was frozen where he stood.

Josh gave a small speech, nothing like Markus and Jacob did earlier, but it was long enough for the press to make their way over to them after leaving Principal Michaels office. "You might be surprised that I'm not that good with words. I know that is hard to believe with who my father is, but it's true. I'm better with song and Los Tigres and I have put something together that we feel is perfect for this moment.

Jacob just looked at Josh as he and the Los Tigres pushed the sea of students back to give them enough room to be together. Down below at the bottom of the stadium was the band preparing to start playing. Once Josh gave them the signal, they started to play Ricky Martin's `The Cup of Life'. It was loud, but it got all the students into the song immediately. Then when Josh started to sing, the students went wild.

The Cup of Life

This is the one

Now is the time

Don't even stop

Push it along

Gotta be strong

Push it along

Right to the top

Josh knows how to bring a person into what he is singing and he did just that once again with this song. Every student in the stadium started to clap their hands and move to the beat of the music. Those that weren't there yet, heard the music in the building and made their way out and joined in with the others. The press didn't know what to do. They couldn't decide to pan their cameras on the students or keep their cameras on Josh and Los Tigres. So they decided to try and spend equal time between the two.

The feelin' in your soul

Is gonna take control

Nothing can hold you back

If you really want it

I see it in your eyes

You want the cup of life

Now that the day is here

Gotta go and get it


At this point every student and teacher in out there in the stadium got into the song. Even the press started to go along with the students when they yelled out YEAH!


Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)


Here we go! Ale, Ale, Ale!

Go, go, go! Ale, Ale, Ale!

Tonight's the night we're gonna celebrate

The cup of life... the world is ours today!

Then when Los Tigres joined it and started to sing the chorus, the students got even louder as they sang along with Los Tigres. It got so loud in the stadium that they could be heard several blocks away from the schools. Those in the houses and businesses around the school stepped outside to find out where all the singing was coming from.

The cup of life

It's do or die

It's here it's now

Turn up the lights

Push it along

Then let it roll

Push it along

Go! Go! Goal!


And when you feel that heat

The world is at your feet

No one can hold you down

If you really want it

Just steal your destiny

Right from the hands of fate

Reach for the cup of life

Cause your name is on it

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)

Jacob wanted to get into the song, but his legs just wouldn't let him. The burns were already hurting him since he has been on his feet longer than he should be, but he didn't let that stop him. With help from Chase and Josh's brothers, he was able to stay on his feet and dance a little along with the others in the stadium. The students that saw that he was unable to really get into it didn't hold it against him. They knew why and just went back to celebrating with the others.

Here we go! Ale, Ale, Ale!

Go, go, go! Ale, Ale, Ale!

Tonight's the night we're gonna celebrate

The cup of life... the world is ours today!

Josh and Los Tigres had made their way down to the field at this point, and the students followed them. They were all dancing around the field, throwing their arms into the air as Josh stood there in front of the Los Tigres dancing. He let the music move him just like Ricky Martin does whenever he sings the song. At times he moved almost exactly like Ricky Martin, which got the girls all riled up wanting him to date them.

The feelin' in your soul

Is gonna take control

Nothing can hold you back

If you really want it

I see it in your eyes

You want the cup of life

Now that the day is here

Were gonna go and get it

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)

Do you really want it ... (Yeah!)


Here we go! Ale, Ale, Ale!

Go, go, go! Ale, Ale, Ale!

Tonight's the night we're gonna celebrate

The cup of life.. the world is ours today!


Un, Dos, Tres... Ole, Ole, Ole!

Un, Deux, Trois... Ale, Ale, Ale!

Tonight's the night we're gonna celebrate

The cup of life... the world is ours today!


As the song came to the end, the students didn't care. They kept going as if the music was still playing. The band saw that and started playing again as Jacob made his way up to Josh. They stood there side by side shaking hands as if they had just won a huge election. In their eyes and their fellow students they did. They, the regular student, finally took back their school.

As they looked out to the sea of students celebrating what they had just accomplished. Neither Josh nor Jacob could believe what they were seeing. They knew that started something here that hopefully will last far after they graduate, but who knows. For now they are going to bask in what they had accomplished together and think about that another day.



{Welcome back one and all to another filled chapter of `Shadow of My Father'. I know there was a big delay on getting this chapter out, but I wanted to make sure this one wouldn't disappoint those that were disappointed with the last chapter I wrote in this saga. I went through several drafts before settling on this one and I hope you guys like it. I like the final result and I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

Well the Governor was woken up with mixed news about his crimes bill. The good news was that it was out of committee, but the bad news was that the Republicans were planning to destroy it on the Senate floor. I love how the Governor reacted by calling Rich into service. He knows when he should be on the front lines and when he needs to have another take the lead.

Rich did a very good job by getting out there and making sure that the Republican Party didn't get away with what they had planned. He stopped them dead in their tracks and spoke honestly on what the bill actually does. When he was done, he got enough Republican Senators to switch their votes. Then those senators went out and worked on others to do the same. When it was all said and done, the Governor got his crimes bill passed with huge backing from both parties.

However Rich's weekend didn't end there. As soon as he delivered the news to the Governor on the passage of the bill, he headed out to sell the gay rights bill with Senator Cruz. Even though it was a business trip so to speak, the two guys got to know each other even more. They even kissed for the first time. Boy, am I glad that awkward moment is done and they put everything on the table about each other. I see them making it even with Alberto getting married to a woman.

Okay guys you knew this was coming. The plot about what happened to Patrick, Antonio and his sister when they were living at home was hanging out there. Now we know what happened and man let me say Patrick has had a hell of a life so far. I really hope that things do get better for him. No one deserves that much bad luck in their life, more so in such a short period of time.

I don't know how Patrick's father got bail except that he must have gotten himself a good attorney. What I don't understand is that this guy is in the free, why go and make trouble? Even if he likes young kids, why go to his kids. He knows he was playing with fire and now he is on the run. But I won't be surprised to find out he somehow wiggles out this and stays out on bail.

The ending of the chapter was fun for me to write. Ed, Daddy Rick and I threw back and forth a lot of songs for Josh to sing in this chapter and we settled on this one. I hope you guys agree with us that it was the right song for Josh to sing at that moment. It was a celebration for them because they took back their school. Now that they got it, they must keep it. Yes celebrate tonight, but come back the next day and be ready to get to work fulfilling the promises that were made. That is the only way the regular students can keep that office and gain many more.

To those that wasn't happy that this saga wasn't up with `Jacob Finding His Way'. Well now it is on the exact same day. Jacob's story is a couple of hours ahead of this one, but they are on the same day. With that said, there is going to be times that one saga is going to slow down and another is going to be ahead, but they won't stay apart in time for too long.

One last thing I need to do all the legal things about the song I used in this story. The actual singer of "The Cup of Life" is Ricky Martin. Neither he nor the producers and writers of the song had any input in this story or the uses of the song. If you want a copy of the song, you can more than likely find it on line or a local store by Ricky Martin.

So much going on in this story and not enough paper to write it all on! I know if I forgot anything in my writer's corner about this chapter, "Daddy" Rick will take care of it in his corner. There are still a lot of open plots out there that I have not even touched on, and many more new plots are to come. I hope that you all didn't forget about any of those plots, and if you did, well then it will be a lot of fun when they come back up again. So hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman, the ride is just beginning!

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I won't. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}


It was quite a revelation Patrick made to Father Gomez. I think we all suspected that something like what Patrick revealed was the case. We now know more about how serious the abuse of all three Petrillo siblings was. It was sexual, physical, and needless to say, it was emotional. I can't begin to understand a mother standing by and enabling such abuse to go on. Of course, she was also probably terrorized by her husband. If he abused the kids, it's a good bet he abused his wife. The man must be crazed to have tried to get in touch with his kids when he was bound by an order of protection.

Speaking of happenings at the Gomez home, I wonder what Bernice being so late arriving home was all about. What were she and Eric up to? Something tells me there's going to be a good and reasonable explanation coming when Father Gomez has cooled down. If not, I expect Bernice is going to be very lonesome not being able to see Eric!

Rich is proving himself to be a powerful leader. He has the insight to read political landscapes seeing all the aspects. He knows how to define and clarify contentious matters and distill them down where any person of reason sees what's right with absolute clarity. What Rich pulled off in the state house on the crimes bill was a victory only he had the ability to achieve. He did what the Governor couldn't do on his own. He dealt with the issue head on with complete transparency. He didn't work the back channels like Al does. He was the right man for this task and he came through.

When I read about Markus congratulating Jacob for winning the election in `Jacob Finding His Way', I wondered how that came about. Now we saw what brought that to be. Daniel Jr. and Carlos had a conversation with Markus and helped him see his way clear to throw his support behind the duly elected candidate and do so with honor and dignity. The Lopez bothers certainly did show what they are made of as Barbara observed.

Until Next Time,

"Daddy" Rick