Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scene by "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 33

{RECAP: This story is going in many directions right now. Remember in the last couple of chapters the Governor's crime bill passed and was sent up for his signature. Something is going on with Bernice and Eric going past curfew; something they have never done. Do you think it had something to do with Patrick's father being outside? We also found out what was Patrick's deepest secret about what happened in his house as he grew up. Talking about Patrick's father where is he? Remember when we left him he was on the run. Rich and Cruz went out on the road to sell the gay rights bill, but a few fireworks went off there between them. And much, much more is going on in this story, so let's get started.}

As the song came to an end, and there were no incidents and Michaels was able to breathe for the first time since he followed the press out here. Not only was he keeping an eye on his student body, but the press as well while Josh and Los Tigres were performing. He felt he did a good job of putting his school in a good light during the news conference he had with the press before going out there. So there was no way he was going to allow them to witness something that would destroy all the work he did to put his school in that good light.

However, Principal Michaels had nothing to worry about. Every student, no matter where they stood as far as who should have won, enjoyed themselves. They all joined in with Josh and Los Tigres and the press videoed taped it all. Even when the song came to an end, the students kept singing as they applauded.

It took a few minutes before the students started to disperse. The press didn't move until the field was pretty much emptied. The only time when the press budged was when Josh, his brothers, Los Tigres and Jacob finally got the all clear from their security to leave the field. The press followed them, asking them question after question, which none of the boys answered. They whispered among themselves as they entered into the building.

Once they reached the building, Jacob's security held the press back. Unlike Josh's security, they didn't have to worry about how it looked since Jacob's father isn't the governor. Josh's security puts up with a lot with the press that a normal person outside of politics wouldn't. So when Jacob's security held the press back, they couldn't help but smile as they walked down the hall toward the changing rooms.

Principal Michaels saw the press wasn't happy about being held back, he stepped between them and Jacob's security. Doing his best, he tried to calm them down by reminding them of the rules that were put in place the minute the Lopez boys started to attend El Paso High. The one rule he highlighted several times as he spoke with the press was the one that stated that they were never allowed inside the school. By the third time he said that, the press got the hint that they weren't going to be allowed in and left.

As the press was making their way to their news trucks very happy with the footage they had gotten, in Austin the Republican junior and freshman senators and congressmen had called an emergency meeting. They didn't inform their leadership members because the meeting was about them and how they have been handling things with their current governor.

It took awhile for all the members that were called in to show up. The meeting was supposed to start at eleven, but by two they were still waiting for a few members. At two fifteen, the final members finally walked in. When they walked in, the doors to the floor were closed, and one last check of the gallery was done to make sure there was no one else in the room that wasn't supposed to be there. Once they completed their check list, the senior of the sophomore senators called the meeting into order.

"Thank you all for coming!" Senator Slaughter looked around the room at his fellow senators to try and read what they were thinking. "I know for many of you coming into this meeting today are putting your careers at risk." Several of the senators and state congressmen nodded their heads. "So the subject of this meeting is going to be uncomfortable to those I'm talking about, but we must have this talk before things get any worse."

Senator Helms got up and joined Senator Slaughter. "I echo some of Senator Slaughter's concerns about some of you, but I don't echo all of what he said. Yes some of you guys rode here to Austin on the coattails of one of our leaders, but you don't owe them anything. If you think you do, you will be a one termer no matter what you do."

"Yes Senator Helms is right, so please try and be open minded in this meeting. If you give us that, I'm sure when it is all said and done, you will see how right we are." The two senators scanned the gallery to see if they had at least gotten the senators and congressmen that feel they owe the leadership to at least keep an open mind. Those they knew for sure had walked in owing one of the leadership looked like they were willing to listen.

"Senator Helms and I felt this meeting needed to happen outside the leadership because we didn't want them to reach out and try and scare you guys to stay with the status co." Senator Slaughter moved away from the podium and started to walk up and down the front of the gallery. "You know as we do that they love to use scare tactics and arm twisting to keep us in line and going their direction, which is the wrong direction.

For the first time in a very long time we have a governor from our party that has been able to get the Democrats to fall behind him and vote on Republican issues. Yes he has given some things to the Democrats, but most of the items that have been forced through the two houses since he has become governor are Republican issues. But they have been passed without Republican support, which gives the Democrats a chance to claim our issues their own. You all know if they are able to do that what will happen in the next election."

Little did the other senators and state congressmen knew was that Senator Slaughter, Helms, Cowan, Congressmen Webber and Farris had a meeting with the Governor's Chief-of-Staff in the early hours that morning. Al called them in and asked them to meet him outside the public offices of theirs so they could talk freely.

At first when they got that call from the Chief-of-Staff, they were very skeptical. They thought it was going to be a come-to-Jesus meeting, but it was nothing like that at all. Al found a restaurant outside the city limits of Austin where nobody would recognize who they were. Plus the press wouldn't be there or even follow any of them if they were camping out at their offices.

The first to arrive at the meeting point was Al, who had to play cat and mouse with the press. After fifteen minutes his driver was able to lose the press and make his way to the meeting point. The other five men didn't have that problem. A couple of them figured the reason for that was because they were so low in the rankings the press didn't care about them.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they found it empty with only security and Al. Al was sitting in the back at the largest table they had. They quickly made their way to the back, scanning the room to make sure they weren't going to be blindsided. When they finally reached the table, they we certain that the meeting was on the up and up!

After giving their drink orders and what they wanted to eat, Al asked the waitress not to bother until the food was ready. As soon as she left, Al got right down to business. "Let me start off by saying this is in no way a meeting between the Governor's Chief-of-Staff, three senators and two state congressmen. No it is a meeting between six friends that are very concerned on where our leadership in Austin is going."

All five men nodded their heads. "The Republican leaders are stuck in the past, unwilling to budge from values that are no longer what the voters want. If they keep trying to run those values through the houses, the Republican Party will lose control of both houses come election time. That would be a difficult feet since it has never happened, but `we the voters' are tired of what is going on in the state houses in Austin;" Al said with a melodramatic wink.

"I agree. As a voter I don't like how things are going." Senator Slaughter jumped in. "From the scandals that is plaguing the Republican Party to their refusal to adopt the values of us, the voters, they are going to be unseated come election day. With that said, I don't see any avenue that will take the Republican Party down the right track. Not with the leadership that is in power now and there is no chance in hell that is going to change anytime soon."

The other Republican senators and congressmen agreed with what Slaughter said. "I agree with almost everything that everyone at this table is seeing except a couple of things. First, you're wrong. There is an avenue I see our Republican Party can take that will put them on the right track and keep them in power come election time. And second, it can be done without the current leadership's concurrence and it can change now."

Everyone just looked at Al as if he was out of his mind. "Now before I explain what I mean, let me make it clear I am just saying what I am saying as a concerned voter. You all can take what I say here and talk to the others, or not. It is up to you. You don't have to. I am just speaking as a concerned voter." Once again the five men nodded their heads.

"The leadership in both houses is leading your party down the wrong road. Everything our governor is doing, wants to do and has done has the full backing of the voters. His poll numbers haven't gone down since the Republican Leadership chose to take him on. Quite the opposite; they have gone up. This morning we got the newest polls from a Democratic firm.

They have the Governor's approval rating among Democrats at eight one percent, the highest any Republican Governor has ever had with voters outside his party. With his party, his approval rating is at ninety six percent. If he would run for reelection today, he would win the governor's mansion back in landside victory by better than eighty nine percent. That is putting him against the most popular Democrat out there right now in this state. If the election for your seats were held today all of you in the state houses, you would all lose your seats, handing the control of to the democrats! Sixty nine percent of the voters want you guys out!

It is not too late to change each of your direction." All at once the five members of the state houses asked Al how they could. "The answer to your question is easy and I know you guys know it; send the leadership packing. They were voted into their leadership positions by you and you have the power to take them out. Move to a procedural vote of no-confidence on the floor."

"Al we all know what you're talking about and there is no doubt in my mind we all have thought about doing that. The only problem with that, we don't see it working without the complete support of the members of our party in both houses. It would be hard to move on that idea first of all, and second they would want to see who is going to replace them. It has to be someone that won't go running when our current leadership comes down on them."

With a big grin Al looked straight at Slaughter. "Why do you think I just asked to speak with you five?" They looked at each other and back at Al. "It wasn't because two of you're my representatives from El Paso. No gentlemen, I called upon you five because you're the strongest five in the houses that can take on the current leadership.

Since they are very weak right now, you must hit them now and hit them hard. They are out there defending what they have done and the voters aren't buying. While they are out there, you guys call in every Republican and sit them down, Lay it out to them if they don't make a change now, they will be sent home packing come election time. The Governor will be reelected and he has shown he can work with the democrats, but he wants his own party in power.

So again, call in all the Republicans today and lay it out to them. Don't let them leave the chambers until you guys are certain they are going to vote to remove the current leadership." Al scratched his head. "No, don't let them leave until the vote has been done. Once you guys are certain that you have them all, call up the leadership and let them know what you're about to do. As long as they are notified, you can do the vote. Once they have been removed, you all team up to help each other and put each other's names forward for those positions."

"Okay let's say all this goes off without a hitch, we are going to burn a lot of our juice." Farris spoke for the first time. "At this point I need you to put on your Chief-of-Staff hat and assure us that we have our popular Governor's support. Once the move is done, he goes out and supports what we have so where we don't lose any more ground with the voters."

"I don't have to put on my Chief-of-Staff hat and let me tell you why. If you do what we are talking about here as regular voting Texans, the other voters of this state will back you guys. They know the problems in the houses aren't the majority of the Republicans, but its leadership. However, they feel that the only way to get rid of the current leadership is by getting rid of you all since it looks like you support the leadership.

But with that said, if things don't go as I expect they will, there is no doubt in my mind that you will have the complete support of the Governor. As a friend to our current governor, I know him very well and he will support the right side. You guys are standing on the right side if you make this move, but you will have to do it today."

The five legislators talked among themselves, leaving Al out of it, which is the way Al wanted it. At that table in the early hours in the morning, they put together a plan how they were going to go about getting all the Republicans in the state houses to go along with them to unseat their leadership. By the time they left and gave their thanks to their concerned voter Al, they knew exactly how they were going to remove the current leadership and put new ones in place without ruffling anyone's feathers, except, of course, those that were going to be unseated from their leadership positions.

As Senator Slaughter spoke with the other junior, sophomore and freshman senators and congressmen, Senator Helm looked on thinking back to the meeting he and the other four had with Al earlier that morning. Immediately they all agreed that it should be Senator Slaughter who spoke because he was the strongest and he had a commanding presence. He is one most able to get their point across in a way that would garner support most successfully. Everyone there at one time or another has either whispered or said it out loud to the other that Slaughter was the future of the party.

It doesn't hurt that he is from the same region of Texas the Governor is from. His district includes El Paso. If they want to rebuild relationships with the Governor it would be a lot easier with a man that the Governor respects and has openly said he has voted for. These two men are cut from the same cloth, and that is why they get along so well.

Senator Slaughter, like the Governor, is a no nonsense kind of guy. He doesn't play politics with others' lives. He doesn't flip and flop around on important issues. His mind isn't made up by what direction the political wind is blowing. Like the Governor, the two men do what is right for the state no matter how popular the bill is.

He is the only one in the entire room that has voted for every bill the Governor has sent down. Even after he was called to the leadership offices, he stood his ground and voted for the bills that he thought were right. The other senators thought he would have changed his tune after the leadership scolded him on the floor with every senator from the both parties present, but he didn't. In fact, it renewed and confirmed his belief that he was doing what was right for the voters.

Now here he is trying to make every Republican senator and congressman understand that their leadership is poison and they need to get them out of the leadership roles. The more and more he walked the gallery through what they have done to their party, Senator Helms was able to see his fellow senator was getting through to the rest. By the time he wrapped things up there wasn't a doubt in Helm's or the other four legislators' minds that they had them all on board.

"Make the call!" Senator Slaughter whispered to Helms as he walked away. After taking a couple of steps, he turned and winked at Helms as Helms made his way to the door leading the outer office. All that was heard coming from the chambers was applause and yells of `let's do this'. Unable to still believe they got it done, they got everyone to see the truth, Senator Helms picked up the phone and started to dial the number to the first of the leadership.

Just as he pressed the last digit of the phone number, the doors to the hallway beside the gallery flew open. One by one the Republican leadership walked in dragging their suitcases. The current Republican leader of the senate, Senator Perez, looked up and saw Senator Helms standing there with a telephone in his hand. Just then, his cell phone started ringing. He looked down and saw it was from the state capitol building. Ignoring the ring, he looked up and knew exactly who was calling him as he looked at Senator Helms.

Senator Helms hung up the phone and made his way down to the Republican leadership. Before he made it to them, all at once they started asking what was going on. Senator Helms tried to explain what was happening, but none of the leadership stopped talking or asking questions. After a few minutes of trying to explain, he gave up and let the leadership talk away as they made their way to the entrance of the gallery.

Just as they reached the door, the new speaker of the state house held everyone back at the door as he turned his attention to Senator Helms. "Before we walk in there I would like to know what we are walking into. I understand by the call I got, you all convened both houses without us to talk about us, is that true?" Helms answered `yes'. "I also understand the conversation involved removing us from our leadership positions."

"Yes sir and no sir!" The state speaker of the house looked at Helms with a confused look on his face. "Several senators and congressmen, including myself, called our fellow senators and congressmen in to talk about removing our leadership, but it didn't include you because you're new. Even though your first actions were the same as the old leadership we believe you won't follow the old ways and do what is right, lead our party."

The other Republican leaders gave Helms a dirty look and they pushed by him to walk into the gallery. The minute the first one walked in the gallery went dead quiet. All eyes were on the front of the gallery as the rest of the Republican leadership followed and made their way to the front of the room. When they got there, they all turned and faced their colleagues.

"Good afternoon everyone!" The senate majority leader spoke as he took a couple steps forward. "I understand, I mean..." He turned and looked at the rest of the leadership. "We understand you have been in here all afternoon. It is now what..." looking down at his watch, "..after four, which means you have been here over four hours. There must have been a lot to talk about, or a lot of objection on the subject matter."

The gallery was dead quiet, so quiet you could hear a pin drop on the floor. "I figure out of respect for us, some of you would have had common courtesy to call one of us up and tell us what was going on. But no we had to hear that you guys convened from our secretaries. What kind of respect is that to us with everything we have done for many of you?"

Several freshman senators jumped up at the same time and started yelling. When they realized they were talking over each other, they stopped talking and looked at each other. There was a few seconds of silence before every junior senator that jumped up sat back down except one. He turned and looked at his leadership.

"What my colleagues and I were trying to say was, what kind of respect are you owed? What sort of respect is leadership showing us when you twist our arms to vote against our own governor? Come on now, we are being pressured into voting against bills that are the cornerstone of our party. Why is that? There is no way I can go back home and face my constituents on the track record we have here. We have become the party of `no' on every single thing, and I'm tired of it, plain and simple, tired."

The gallery broke out into applause as they stood up. The applause was accompanied with chants of `hit the road jack, don't come back no more, no more, hit the road jack'. The leadership looked at each other, struck with fear with what they are seeing. What they once had, complete control of their fellow senators and congressmen is no longer there. It is plain as their right hand being waved in front of their faces.

Senator Slaughter walked in front of the leadership waving his hand to trying to quiet the others down and get them to take their seats. It took awhile, but he was able to. One by one, the senators and congressmen took their seats. When the last one finally sat down, the back door opened and several Democrats popped their heads in to see what was going on. As quickly as they popped their heads in, they popped them back out.

"All of you have the right, as you know, to address this body!" Senator Slaughter said as he looked at the leadership. "You know why we are all here, so this is the time for you to address the entire body before we move forward with the vote. Whatever you think you need to say about what is going on here, this is the time to say it."

The leadership looked at each other before one at a time stepped forward to the podium to talk to the joint session of the state republican congress. They all listened to what their leadership said when they were at the podium, which surprised the leadership. When they were done, they stepped back and sat down as Senator Slaughter and his fellow colleagues that met with Al earlier that morning put the vote forward to remove their leaders from their leadership posts. In a surprise move, the request was seconded by several other senators and congressmen that weren't in the group that spoke with Al.

As the votes started to get cast, the leadership sat there watching and knew where it was heading before half of their colleagues voted. Once it passed the half-way point and there was not even one vote against removing them from their leadership post, they surrendered. They stopped the procedure by announcing that they were stepping down and become just a regular state senator or congressman.

Once they did, they joined their fellow colleagues in the gallery. At that point, Senator Slaughter asked for anyone that wants their name to be considered in the open leadership positions to put their names forward. At first no one did, but after a few minutes of silence, several senators and congressmen stepped forward and put forward a name of one of their colleagues. By the time all the names were put forward, there were ten for the senate leadership positions, and eight for the house leadership positions.

It took several voting rounds to get a majority for one person, but by six they had their new leaders. Senator Slaughter was voted as the majority leader, Senator Helms was voted in as the senate whip. On the house side, the newly elected speaker of state house narrowly kept his position, giving him a wakeup call the old ways weren't going to be accepted or tolerated anymore. The only position that was left to feel in the leadership was Republican leader in the house, which Congressman Farris won. With these newly elected members, it made them the youngest leadership in the state house on either side of the aisle.

Senator Slaughter was not about to let his party go after they had done what they came in to do. Before continuing with what he had on his agenda, he called for the Democrats to join them. It took a little over thirty minutes to get every Democrat that was there in the state house to get to the floor, but once they did, Slaughter moved the gay rights bill to debate.

While the floor was debating the gay rights bill, Senator Helms left it to make a quick phone call. "Yes Al, this is Senator Helms, thank you for taking my call. I just wanted to let you know that after speaking with a very concerned voter this morning, several of us on the senate side and several on the house side realized there was time for a change in leadership. It happened late this afternoon, the old leadership has been voted out, and new leaders have been voted in."

"Senator Helms, thank you for informing me. It is good to hear that our representatives in the statehouse listen to their voters. I will let the Governor know what has happened." Just as Al was saying goodbye, he remembered one thing. "I would like to also let the Governor know who is in what position. So if you could, please tell me who is where."

As soon as Senator Helms went through the list of the new leadership, Al let him go and went straight to the Governor's office to inform him of the situation. Together they went one by one through the list of the new leadership of the Republican Party to see if it was going to be much of the same or things were going to change. Right away, they knew things were going to be a lot different with those that are now in charge in the statehouse.

Meanwhile back in El Paso, Josh and his brothers had been home for awhile. They had completed their homework and Josh was heading to the studio to practice with his band. Just as he passed the front door, it flew open and a security agent walked in. The minute their eyes met, the security agent smiled and flagged Josh over to him.

"You are just the person I was just walking in to find." The security agent turned to the door and waved whoever was outside in. "This gentleman is here to see you. Do you have a few minutes to talk with him or do you need him to come back another time?"

Josh didn't like how the security agent dealt with the whole thing. Even if he didn't have time to speak with Jacob's brother Andy Jr., he couldn't say it now that he is standing in front of him. So with a smile, he thanked the security agent for escorting Andy into the house before taking Andy to the recording studio where he was going before he was stopped.

On the way they made small talk. Andy didn't go anywhere near why he had stopped by until they walked into the studio and went to the room where all the magic is done. On their way, Josh asked the band to begin practice without him, which they thought was odd because they needed to their main singer be there singing along. However, none of them said a word, just did what they were told to do.

As soon as Josh shut the door to the control room, Andy got down to the reason he had stopped by in the first place and it wasn't to make small talk. "I know I have no right to make this request since you and I don't know each other. The friendship between my family and your family is the one you and my younger brother Jacob have."

"Andy, even though you and I don't know each other, you're Jacob's brother and for that reason and that reason alone we are standing here talking." Andy was knocked off his feet a little after hearing Josh's response. He has seen the young Lopez speak on television on behalf his father and he didn't speak like a teenager. Then the way his younger brother talked about his friend Josh, it sounded like Jacob was describing a lot older guy than Josh.

"Well I still feel bad asking this, but I promised to ask and here I am." Andy leaned against the console of buttons, bringing the sounds in the other room into their room. Josh reached over and lowered the row of buttons Andy pushed up with his butt as he leaned back. "Sorry about that dude, I didn't mean to do that." Josh just smiled and told Andy that it was okay.

"Anyways dude as I was saying, I am here on behalf of a friend. Well not really a friend, more like a family member." Andy went into as much detail he was allowed to go into about Seth and how he came into Andy's life. Josh never once interrupted Andy, he stood there listening and keeping an open mind about a kid he has never met.

"So as you can see, he made one small mistake in his life that he will be paying for the rest of his life. I don't want him to feel that the world is against him because of that small mistake. Too many times already in my short life I have seen to many people judged by one mistake and never get a second chance. I don't want this kid to fall into a world where he doesn't belong. A world once you're in, it is very difficult to get out of.

That brings me to why I'm really here. The other day Seth and I were over checking on Jacob's house when one of you band members arrived." Andy turned and pointed to the keyboard player. "Seth really loves the keyboard and somewhat knows how to play it. When he saw your keyboard player walking with his keyboard his eyes lit up.

Since then he hasn't stopped talking about what he saw here. Every word out of his mouth since then is how cool it is that there is a key board player next door. How he wonders if the guy would teach him to play once we move in. The list of things he keeps saying over and over again goes on and on." Andy Jr. could see that he was losing Josh.

"Let me cut to the chase dude. Would it be okay if I bring Seth down to meet your keyboard player? If they hit it off and your keyboard player is willing to teach him that would be cool. If not, well I tried and I will leave it at that. Neither you nor I will step in once the introductions are made. We leave the rest up to them after we bring the two together."

Josh didn't respond to Andy Jr. right away, which got Andy Jr. very nervous. He stood there taking it all in what Andy Jr. had just said, trying to think of any foreseeable problem bringing these two together. When he finished going over everything he could think of might become an issue, he looked Andy Jr. in the face and started talking.

"I have no problem doing the introductions." That put Andy at ease, at least until the next word that came out of Josh's mouth that got Andy all tightened up again. "But if your friend Seth has a bad background as you have said, I don't think the security here is going to let him anywhere near the house. So we might have to do the introductions away from the house." Josh stopped quickly, thought for a few seconds and then started again. "Wait a minute I don't think that will work either. If Seth has a criminal record, my security won't let him anywhere near me. So I don't see how we will be able to do the introductions."

Andy didn't think about the security. It never dawned on him that would be a problem as far as Seth meeting Josh's keyboard player. He thought since the security cleared Seth to pass the gates, there wouldn't be any problem for Seth to actually come up to Josh's house and he explained what he was thinking to Josh.

"I really don't know what the procedure is when it comes down to clearing people to come through the gate to being near me, anyone in my family or stepping foot on the property. All I know for sure is that my friends all had to jump through hoops when my dad became governor. And these guys have been part of my family since I could remember. So if they had to jump through hoops, what do you think they are going to ask of Seth?"

Andy Jr. shrugged his shoulders. "It doesn't hurt to ask and try and get these two together." Josh started to laugh as he hit Andy on the back. "Let's not mention anything to either of these guys until we know that Seth is able come up to the house and be around me and my family. Once we know that, we will do the introductions."

Seeing where Josh was coming from, Andy Jr. didn't put up any objections. He agreed with him and let him get back to what he was heading to do before he showed up. Standing there, Andy watched as Josh and his band went through their songs that they were going to sing in concert. Many of them he has heard, but there were a few new ones in there that he hasn't heard yet. In spite of being a hard rock kind of guy, he was really getting into Josh's country sounds.

Just as he headed out, Josh called it a night with his band. As they packed up their instruments, Josh took the opportunity to pull his keyboard player to the side. At first, Huntley thought he had done something wrong, but not too long into the conversation he knew he was wrong. It was a social conversation and a conversation that his boss was asking him a favor. He couldn't help but think it couldn't help to have the boss owing him one.

"Well I don't see it hurting anything." Huntley said with a big smile on his face. "Why don't you try and bring him down in the next couple of days so he can sit in our rehearsals. Afterward I will stay with him here and give him a few lessons, if that is okay with you of course, Josh." Huntley's smile disappeared from his face.

"I don't see a problem with you spending time with him or having him come down here sitting through our practices, but my security might." The keyboard player looked at Josh with a confused look on his face. "Give me a chance first to talk with my security and get him cleared to come and sit in. If he doesn't get cleared, we are going to have to figure out something else like you going to him."

Once again Huntley had no problem with Josh's suggestions. He talked a little more about what if the security doesn't clear Seth. By the time they ended their conversation and were saying goodbye to each other, they agreed that if they didn't meet at Josh's house, the hotel was the next best place to meet and give lessons.

The next couple days flew by fast for the Lopez family. Nothing really happened with the Lopez boys at school besides their normal day-to-day routine. Up in Austin though was a different story, things were happening. Not only in the governor's office, but also on the state Senate and House floors, things were really moving along.

On Tuesday evening when they finished electing their new leadership and the new senate majority leader called forward the governor's gay right bill, the two houses broke apart. The senate stayed in their gallery and the house convened in their gallery. They debated late into the night, came back the next morning and picked up right where they left off just a few hours before.

The biggest issue the Republican senators and congressmen had about the bill was the one piece of language in the bill. The language about marriage was one of the biggest hurdles that were keeping the bill from getting to a vote. When Senator Slaughter brought in Al and the Governor on what was holding up the bill, he was given a revision changing the word marriage to civil unions. That satisfied the Republicans, but the Democrats began to object.

While the Republicans were trying to get the Governor's response to their major concern about the bill, the Democrats met privately. For the first time since Governor Lopez was sworn in they were plotting against him. They have had his back, but they weren't about to let the most popular governor the state of Texas has ever had steal one of their issues.

The Democrat Leadership wheeled in all their representatives and made it clear that if the Governor did hand down what Rich and Senator Cruz were out selling that they would have to block the passage. They sold it to their members of their party that the Republicans were stealing one of the issues on their platform. If they were successful stealing that issue, there would be no stopping them when they set their sights on other issues that were theirs.

By the time Thursday evening came around, the state senate was in deadlock. The Democrats were able to pick off enough Republican senators to split the senate and keep the bill in limbo. The ones jumping over to the Democrat side, jumping ship from the Republicans were the Republican former leadership.

Even though just a few days before they were recalled as the Republican Leaders, they still had enough clout to pull over their faithful followers to vote against the bill. Representatives who fear if they would vote yes for the bill, they would be thrown out in the next election even if their popular governor campaigned for them.

By nine Thursday evening, Governor had enough and called in the leaders of the Senate and in the House, along with the former Republican leaders who caused the gridlock. They knew once they were requested, they were going to be walking into a spanking. So they prepared themselves for what they thought was coming, but were surprised by what did happen.

They were allowed to walk straight into the Governor's office, where they found the Governor and Al in jeans and polo shirts, something they had never seen before. Governor Lopez asked them all to take a seat, but didn't immediately start the meeting. He and Al spoke in the corner in whisper, and when they were done, they joined them.

"Gentlemen I understand the House and Senate are deadlocked?" The old Republican Majority leader tried to answer, but Governor Lopez didn't let him. "I just threw out that question, but I never meant for any of you to answer it." Governor looked at the former majority leader with daggers in his eyes. "While you're in my office and I'm talking, you're not."

The former Majority Leader didn't move or say another word. "As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. You all somehow dead locked both houses on the Stan Dudley Gay Rights Bill. I'm not even going to ask how that is possible because I know the answer. The only thing I'm going to say is that I'm sad and extremely disappointed.

For the first time in the last year of so I got the Republicans to bring forward a bill that you Democrats have been going all over the state complaining that the Republicans wouldn't even bring to a vote. All the goodwill you built over these last several months has just evaporated with the stunt you're pulling on the floors these last couple of days. You could have gotten one of your key issues passed under a Republican Governor. That alone would have been a huge win, but not anymore. By your political wrangling you have lost any chance you had to drag the Republicans through the mud come election time."

The democrats didn't blink. They knew the governor was dead on with what he was saying. "I am tired of both parties playing politics with peoples' lives! This bill needs to pass and become law immediately. The homosexual community in our state have waited far too long to get equal rights under the law already, and they will get it if it is the last thing I do as governor, I promised you that!"

The way the Governor said it, put both sides on an alert. "It is already late and I know without a doubt that you Democrats are going to keep the gay rights bill in limbo. So I recommend to you Senator Slaughter to pull the bill and move onto other legislation that is pending before you houses. Let the voters do your jobs and pass the bill come election time."

"Governor Lopez I am not ready to give up on the bill just yet. Give me a couple more days to try and bring back the Republicans and then the bill will get passed."

"With all due respect that won't happen with these three still in the senate." The governor pointed at the former Republican Leadership. "While they are still in their seats, they will do everything in their power to keep this legislative session from doing anything productive. I don't like it, but if we keep trying to pass this bill, we will be hitting our heads against the wall and I don't feel like doing that."

Governor Lopez turned and faced the Democrat Leadership. "And you guys, I'm really disappointed in you. We have been able for the last year or so put our differences aside and work for those that put us in our seats. The games you're playing are the very games you sat in this office promising me you'd never play. I can see now that your words are as worthless as the Republicans were just a few days ago."

Once again the Democrat Leadership didn't say a word. They just kept looking forward, not even making eye contact with the Governor. Governor Lopez saw he wasn't getting anywhere with them, so he got up and walked over to the door. As he opened it, he wished the two leaderships, and former leadership of the Republican Party a goodnight.

As they were walking out the door, Governor Lopez called back the former leadership. They looked at their colleagues for a couple of seconds and then turned around and walked back into the governor's office. The governor didn't say a word until the door shut and Al had walked back to the side of the desk to join into the conversation.

Governor Lopez was sitting in his chair behind his desk leaning back. "I'm going to be spending a lot of time in your districts over the next couple of months looking for potential candidates to face you guys in your primaries. Once your primaries start, I will return to your district and spend every waking moment I can to make sure you guys don't get another term."

"Governor Lopez if you chose to do that, you will be doing more harm to yourself!" The former majority leader spoke in a commanding voice. "Our voters are fully behind us, and more so now that we have been unseated from our leadership positions. They will come out and make sure we get another term and then come out and do what they can to make sure you don't get a second term." Former Majority leader looked at Al. "We know it was you who had a hand into getting us recalled. If we can prove it, we will come after you. You and Governor Lopez broke the state constitution by reaching out and interfering in the legislative branch of this state. You of all people should know that you broke the law."

The Governor gave the Former Leader a wicked grin. "Do whatever investigation you feel you have to do because when you're done you're going to find out that my guy was on the up and up. So try and deflect all your wrongdoing onto my staff. The voters of this state aren't stupid like you guys think they are. They will see right through what you're doing.

As far as who is going to hurt who, you better rethink what you just said. The voters in your districts are tired of the political games you guys are playing are ready to throw your asses out. All they are waiting for is for the right person to come around that they can trust to replace you. I promise you I will find that person. So do what you think you have to do, but at the end of the day, I will be here and you guys will be taking jobs in the private sector, if you will be even able to find one!"

The Governor got up and extended his hand, which confused the senators. "You guys know where the door is. Take one last look at it because it will be the last time you will see it as senators; that I promise you." Hesitantly the senators shook his hand. "Enjoy what is left of your political careers because there is now a count down on it."

Al escorted the senators to the door of the office, opened and let them walk through. As they looked at the Chief-of-Staff, they saw a grin on his face that got under their skin, a grin that they were determined to wipe off, but had no idea how to do it. All they knew for sure was that they indeed had a fight on their hands for their reelection.

Once the senators left, Al turned and looked at the Governor. "Are you all set to go sir?" With a big grin on his face the governor nodded his head. "Good, I will meet you at the airport as planned so we can return home on time hopefully for once." Al opened the door, but then quickly shut it. "I will make sure that the press secretary is on time for once as well."

The Governor didn't say a word; he nodded his head as he stared out his office window. Al turned and walked out of the office in a little bit of a hurry. He wanted to have at least a day to relax before the big day that was ahead for his family. The day of his eldest daughter's marriage or second marriage to the same guy that she married so many years ago will happen.

Back in El Paso, Josh was setting up the meet between his keyboard player and Andy Jr.'s friend Seth. It took some doing, but he got his dad to talk with the security to let Seth into the house with his past criminal record. At first, the security flat out said `no' when they saw that Seth had recently been in jail. Normally if it was for something small, they would let it go, but it is a felony case pending in the courts, they couldn't let it go.

In their eyes it was a threat to the family and a threat to the Governor's future political career. By their past experience guarding political family members, they knew that things like a friend with a criminal background can be used against the one in that family that is in the political arena. Knowing that, they try their best to keep their political figure safe from potential public ridicule and embarrassment.

Still after being briefed on all that by his head of security, the Governor asked them to let the young man into the house. He wanted to keep the promise he made his kids the day he decided to run for political office. It is his choice to be in the public eye, and his family shouldn't be. However back then, as he knows now, he knew it was a foolish thought. His family is fair game and he has to take extra precautions to try and keep them out of the public eye, which for Josh it is hard because of where he has already gone and will go with his music career. On top of that, Josh is his gay son, which is talked about a lot in the press.

Once the approval was given for Seth to be able to hang out at the house, Josh informed Andy Jr. and his keyboard player. They all agreed that Monday would be a great day for them to start practicing, but to meet they should do it at Gloria's wedding. The only thing these two guys didn't know is that the two guys they thought they were setting up to be teacher and student and maybe friends may one day might become more than they ever imagined.



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From there we headed over to Austin where the Republican legislators voted to remove their leadership. They had a big debate, but at the end of the day they voted to change leadership because they wanted to have a chance at reelection. The only way they saw that happening was by voting out the old leadership and putting in new one. I really hope that happens, but at the same time we saw in this chapter the old leadership will make trouble.

Senator Slaughter pulled the gay rights bill onto the floor for a debate, but the old leadership had enough clout to pressure a few other Republicans to vote against the bill, or keep it in limbo along with the democrats. What they did as you saw in this chapter didn't make the governor very happy because he called them up to see him.

Although he can't force them to pass a bill, he can talk to them about a pending bill like he did. I love what he said to everyone in the meeting, but more so the old leadership after the meeting. I truly do believe that if it came down to the Governor or one of the old leadership, the voters in Texas will take the Governor's side. However for us to all find out you'll have stick around and see how this drama unfolds in the future chapters.

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Al's handling of the meeting with the five legislators to orchestrate the change in leadership was masterful. Of course, that's Al's true value to the Governor and the system.

Even though the leadership got changed the problems didn't fade away. There's now a whole new set of dynamics in play and still what was two and is now three factions each has a unique agenda. The Governor called the three factions together and shined the bright light of day on the situation. He let those involved know that if they are to pursue their political agendas rather than doing their jobs they do so at their own political peril.

Josh's response to Andy Jr.'s request regarding Seth was exactly what I would have expected of Josh. His loyalty of friendship with Jacob was extended to Andy Jr. as Jacob's brother and his request was taken seriously. He also thought pragmatically looking at the obstacles his own circumstances throw in the road. He gave Andy, Jr. a thought provoked answer. Of course it wasn't an all out `yes' but and `I'll do what I can' answer. Daniel Sr.'s response was also predictable when he instructed the family security to allow the contact.

JPG alluded to something that might spark between Huntley and Seth. We know what Huntley's sexuality is from the situation where he watched Josh and Cesar making love. I don't recall hearing what Seth's sexuality is. Did I miss something? Did JPG give us a clue there?

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