Written by: J.P.G.

{"The Shadow of My Father" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scene by "Daddy" Rick

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{RECAP: I will put in this small recap at the beginning of each of my chapters so you don't have to reread the last chapter. A lot is happening in this saga. Patrick's father is on the run after kidnapping his daughter. The Senate is about to finish their voting to remove Governor Lopez. Bernice and Eric are still working at Taco Bell after school. We found out that Patrick's mother is a battered wife. Don't forget that Bernice still has to answer why she was late for curfew. Josh is preparing for his spring break tour with his new band. There is the starting of two new relationships, Rich and Cruz, plus the Governor's brother. There is the former police chief's cousin on the loose. He's the one that gave Martha the gun. Plus there is probably a lot more that I probably didn't put in here, but are out there. So let me stop talking and let you get to what you came to do and that is find out what is going on in the lives of the characters of this story. Kick back, grab a nice cold Pepsi, and enjoy this new installment of this saga.}

Chapter 35

Just when it looked like there were no more miracles to be had, the chamber doors flew open, stopping the proceedings. The room went quiet immediately as all eyes were on the man making his way into the chamber. Westrick and his followers were astonished to see their Lieutenant Governor walking towards them. They thought he was far enough away that by the time he got back, they would have gotten the votes they needed to unseat the Governor. Now they see how sadly they were mistaken assuming Rich wouldn't make it back in time.

As the Lieutenant Governor got to the front, he looked at Westrick with a look of astonishment. However, his astonishment wasn't the same as Westrick and his followers. He couldn't believe that any senator in this chamber would even think of moving to unseat Governor Lopez, let alone putting it in front of the senate a motion and try to get it a full vote. Now he sees anything is possible with a person that has as much hate in his body as Westrick does for the Governor.

He didn't say a word to Westrick, the current Republican Leader or Democratic leader as he walked to the podium. He just shot them a look of disbelief as he walked past them. They wondered the same thing, what is Rich going to say and do. However, like all the rest of the senators in the chamber, they knew they were going to have to wait and see which wouldn't be long.

The chamber was dead quiet when Rich reached the podium, so he didn't have to wait for the room to calm down in order to speak. "As you all can see by the look on my face I'm not happy about being here this morning. I was out talking to those that put each and every one of us in the seats we hold right now on critical matters of our state. But I had to stop what I was doing and rush back here to deal with our state senators that are acting like spoiled children. Come on, we are all adults here so let's start acting like it." Rich yelled, stunning senators, which he didn't care. He wanted to grab their attention immediately, which he did by his words and his volume.

"What you are doing here today will cost each and everyone one of you that voted yay your seats. The voters of this state do not take to kindly to those that try and hijack their government. All the proof you need on that is what just happened to the man that sat in the seat where I'm right now. The voters demanded accountability and they got it in the form of many losing their positions, which will happen here." Rich looked around the chamber, not wanting to show his anger, but not knowing it, he actually was.

"I am the president of this body, and being so, I'm the only one that can call this senate into session. What right did you all have convening this senate here today?" The senators looked at each other before all eyes made their way to Westrick. "He is not the Lieutenant Governor." Rich saw where the senators were looking. "I am and being so, I'm the only one that can call this house into session."

Taking a few steps back from the podium, Rich gathered his thoughts before continuing. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are elected leaders for our districts in this state. We are here to do the bidding of those that put us here. We are not here to override the voters' decisions because the majority in this chamber were talked into it being right. No ladies and gentlemen, that is not our job and I know each and every one of you knows that!

Put aside convening this senate illegally like you all did, you don't have the right to impeach a sitting Governor without hearings; hearings where evidence can be produced that the sitting Governor has broken his oath of office or the laws of this state. It also gives the sitting Governor a chance to defend himself. What you all are doing here is lynching, plain and simple!"

That didn't get a good response from the chamber, but Rich didn't care. "Yeah you do not like it when you are being told the truth, but what I just said is the truth. You elected officials feel that you know better than the voters know and have decided to overturn their decision when you have no right to do so. If a person in any elected position should not be there, or was given a chance, but didn't come through on the promises he or she made, that is what elections are for. Let the voters out there come to that decision, not you in this chamber."

Rich looked over at Westrick. "You sir and those that followed you here today will be ousted by the voters. That I promise here and now! The voters will know about the underhand things you pulled here and I can promise you that they will not take too kindly to the news. They will pull you out of your positions before your next election, and I will be a major supporter of it." Rich turned and looked forward to the other senators.

"For rest of you, well you better hope that the voters in your districts will forgive you for what you have done here to today. As I said before, the voters in this state do not like their government being hijacked by those that think they know better than they do. You all will have a lot of work before you to sell your voters that you slipped and will not do it again.

As far as this illegal session that was convened, it does not need to be closed. It will go down in the record, but I will not certify it by adjourning it. The minute I do that, I would give it the seal of approval and that I will never do. It was wrong to convene this session and I know without a doubt many, if not all of you know that.

I truly think you thought that since the Governor, his senior staff and I were not in town, you were going to get away with it. Well if the past has not taught you that you can't cheat, I hope this does. No one is bigger than the voters out there are. No matter what position the person holds we serve the people and only the people, not the special interest groups or for our own personal gain! Every two and four years the voters can replace us. Sometimes they can actually remove any of us, at any time during our term if they feel we aren't doing our job."

The chamber was so quiet that the only thing that could be heard is the person next to you breathing. Most of the senators didn't object to what their Lieutenant Governor was saying. Those that convened the session didn't verbally object, but in their minds they didn't like being spanked the way they were getting spanked. They objected to not only what was being said by Rich, but how he was saying it. They are not little kids. They don't like being treated like such.

All while as Rich talked to the Senate, Westrick was devising a plan on where to go next as far as removing their Governor. Even though he and those that agreed to follow him was stopped here, he had back up plans. Learning from the past, he knew the possibility on actually succeeding on his first try was next to impossible. So he devised several plans in case each of them fell apart, in hopes that one of them would actually succeed.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your attempt to overturn the decision of the voters has failed. I say you all call it quits. Go home to your loved ones and explain to them how you might be leaving Austin a lot sooner than planned. Once you do that, I suggest you begin collecting boxes and packing materials. It will be only a matter of time that constituents of the senators who voted to remove the Governor become aware of what you did and recall you."

That filled the chamber will huffs and puffs, but Rich didn't care. "Moan and groan all you want, but you know what I just said is the truth. You made a play that is now going to cost you your jobs." Rich looked quickly over at Westrick and then back to the other senators. "Some of you may have nine lives, but I truly believe those lives are all used up. And maybe most of you might escape a recall, but when you go out for reelection, you won't be coming back."

Once again the senators filled the chamber with moans and groans. This time their moans and groans were louder and then turned into words. It didn't take long for those that voted to remove their Governor to start pointing fingers. They wanted time on floor, but Rich denied each request. However, that didn't stop them. They got louder and louder, which put a halt on Rich's speech for several minutes. Once they settled down, Rich retook to the podium.

"Go ahead and start fighting amongst yourselves like you always do. The voters of this state and really the voters around the nation are tired of the bickering. They want the bickering to stop and the work to begin. If that means in order for that to happen they have to fire each and every one of us, they won't hesitate to do so.

So instead of fighting with each other, let us work with each other with what over time we have left in our positions. Stop trying to figure out ways to circumvent the election process and bow to the will of the people. Even if it is not a law that you like, but the majority of the voters want it, pass it. Stop pushing the blame, get off of your asses, and let us get to work."

That got the senators to stand up and applaud. The first thing the majority did together since Rich entered into the chamber. There were those handful of senators, the ones that started this whole process that didn't applaud. They just looked on as their fellow senators applauded and reached out to shake their Lieutenant Governor's hand as he passed them on his way out of the chamber.

Seeing that, Westrick knew he lost this one. Right then and there it also hit him that a couple of his back up plans won't work since he would need the majority of the state senate to go along with him. It leaves him now with just two other ways on getting rid of Governor Lopez. He didn't like having just two plans, but the two he was left with were the two he figured would more than likely work of all his plans he came up with.

While Westrick was making his way out one of the side doors of the chamber, back at El Paso High School, Rusty was off in his own little world while the guys were chatting away. No one noticed which wasn't a surprise. The guys haven't invited him back into their circle of friends after he and Chris broke up.

After the break up, Rusty left the group for this main reason. He didn't want anyone in the group to feel they needed to talk to him. In return they might lose their friendship with Chris, which Rusty never thought that would happen knowing Chris the way he does. The only reason he returned to the group was because Josh asked him to, and nobody really says no to him.

Since his return, he has noticed how the guys have been keeping him an arm's length away from them. He doesn't believe it is being done intentionally, but it is happening. That leaves only one thing to do; go into his own little world and that is where he is at. He daydreams about things that he doesn't remember, then he snaps out of it when the bell rings.

However, today something besides the bell has pulled him out of his day dreaming, or should it be said, someone has. On top of the stadium, Rusty noticed a very good looking boy for the first time. He looks lost, which means only one thing, he is new to the school. He's sure hasn't seen this guy around the school until today, which confirms to what he first thought of the guy; he's new.

Looking over at the guys, he saw that they were deep into their conversation that they wouldn't even notice him gone. Getting up, he made his way slowly up the stairs towards the young kid. The closer he got to him the clearer look he was able to get. The kid couldn't be more than a freshman, if even that. All he knew, the kid could be here looking for his older brother or sister.

As Rusty reached the top of the stadium, he was only about five feet away from him. The young kid he was looking at maybe stood five, five, maybe a little taller. But the things he liked most of the kid was his blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a sucker for white guys with blonde hair and blue eyes and this kid has those features plus he is very good looking.

Snapping out of it, Rusty wiped away the drool from the right side of his mouth and started to make his way over to the kid to see if he could help him. When he got about two feet to him, he chickened out and walked past him without saying a word. Every couple of feet, Rusty would look back and see the kid looking around as if he was lost or at least looking for someone.

Finally, after making his way halfway towards the staircase leading back into the building, Rusty pulled together enough courage and turned around. This time he was determined not to chicken out and at least find out the name of this hot guy and if he attended this school. Hopefully by them introducing themselves to each other, he might get the information he wants the most; if the young kid is like him, likes guys and not girls.

The closer he got the shaker Rusty was getting. Five feet, his legs felt weak. Four feet, his knees started to buckle, but he forged on. Three feet, he started to sweat, but ignored it. Two feet, his hands started to shake, so he put them in his pockets of his jeans. One foot, sweat beads started to form on his forehead, which he wiped away.

When he got to him, something happened. All the things that were going on with his body went away. The courage he gathered up to make him this far got even stronger, so he reached out and tapped the young kid on his shoulder. When the kid turned around and looked at him with those beautiful blue eyes, Rusty's heart skipped a beat.

Taking a dry swallow, Rusty presented his hand. "Um, hello, my name is Rusty." The kid glanced down at Rusty's hand and then made eye contact back with Rusty. At first Rusty thought the kid wasn't going to shake his hand, but two seconds later, the kid did, putting the biggest smile on Rusty's face. The softness of the kids hand in his made his heart skip another beat.

Breaking their handshake, Rusty nervously started to talk again. "I was down there with my friends," Rusty pointed to the guys. "And I noticed you up here a little lost. I was wondering if there was anything I could do for you." Looking down at his friends, scratching his head nervously. "You know, find someone or maybe a teacher or room."

The young kid smiled at Rusty, which once again made Rusty's heart skip a beat. "Nah, I was looking for my friends. I thought that they came this way, but I can see they didn't." The kid took another quick glance around the stadium before he realized he was being rude. "Oh I'm sorry Rusty, where are my manners. You introduced yourself, but I didn't. My name is Cody."

With a twinkle in his eye, Cody extended his hand, and Rusty took it. Since their conversation has been short so far, Rusty has been unable to read Cody. So he still doesn't know if Cody is straight or gay, but is leaning towards straight. With what Rusty has seen so far, Cody doesn't act gay in anyway or show any other signs that he leans that way.

"Um, so you were saying you were looking for your friends." Rusty reluctantly let go of Cody's hand as he looked out to the stadium. "If you don't mind me asking, who are you friends? I mean, I might know them. If I do, I might I have seen them walk by and I could point you the right direction of where they went."

Cody chuckled, which got Rusty's blood boiling. "You might not know them since they are new here too." Cody looked in the direction Rusty was looking, confused at what he was looking at. "Joey, Caleb, the other guys that came up with us from Alamogordo and the four friends Joey knew at Austin High School before he left El Paso."

Rusty knew the guys Cody was talking about. He hadn't met any of them, but he has heard the rumors around school about them, like every other student has. Depending on which rumor you want to believe, it was good or bad. Rusty has chosen not to believe any of the rumors since he doesn't know the guys. He has gone by his parents' motto to not judge a person by a rumor. Only judge a person when you know the person and what the person does to you personally through the friendship you have with him or her.

"I have heard about you and your friends." Cody looked at Rusty with a nervous look on his face. "Don't worry; I'm not one of those guys that will hurt you. In fact, I don't think there are too many of those kinds of students at this school. Don't get me wrong, there are a few of them, but since they are the minority at this school, they keep their comments and hate to themselves.

On top of that, I'm like you and your other friends." For a few seconds Cody didn't show any emotion, which got Rusty worried. He started to think that he might have spoken out of turn and that Cody wasn't gay. Then when Cody smiled that smile that gets Rusty heart to skip a beat, it put Rusty's worries to rest. "Man you got me worried there for a few seconds." Rusty chuckled as he slapped Cody lightly on his back. "I thought I might have found one of those few."

That got Cody to laugh, not chuckle, but full out laughter. "I'm sorry! I don't mean to be laughing, but look at me. Do you think I could hurt anyone?" Cody turned his hands sideways and moved them up and down his upper body. "If I would ever get into a fight, I would be the first person to go down, not the last person standing."

That got a chuckle out of Rusty. "Well you and I are in the same boat." Making the same motions that Cody did, Rusty moved his hands up and down his upper body. "If I would get into a fight, I would be one of the first to fall. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't put up a fight, because I would." Rusty took a boxing stance and started throwing punched in the air. "I will get in a few good hits on who ever picked a fight with me."

For a few minutes the two boys pretended to box with each other without connecting once. When they saw a couple of the school security guys walking towards them, they stood up straight and tried to walk away but were asked to stop. Nervously they stood there, not saying a word, as the school security walked up and asked for their school ID'S.

"We witnessed from where we were standing that you two were fighting." One of the school security guards said as he looked at the ID'S. "You guys know the zero tolerance rule about fighting. Even if we suspect that there was fighting going on, you are suspended, which we do. So what do you two have to say for yourselves?"

Rusty was the first to speak up. "I'm sorry that you guys feel that we were fighting. As you can see..." Rusty pointed back and forth between him and Cody. "There isn't a scratch, bruise or a torn piece of clothing on either of us. There isn't even a piece of hair out of place. Seeing that, you should know that we were not fighting and let it go at that."

The guard didn't like being spoken to in that tone by this student standing before him. He felt belittled, something he had never allowed anyone to make him feel in the past and he won't let a kid do it now. On top of that, this kid who probably doesn't have hair number one between his legs is doing it with a co-worker looking on that is probably laughing in his head at what is going on.

"Who in the hell do you think you are?" The security agent yelled at Rusty as he grabbed on his shirt. "You may not respect the position I have, but you will respect me as a person. On top of being a person, an older person, you will respect me. If me, or him...," the security guard pointed to his fellow co-worker, "or anyone in authority position comes up to you and questions you, you will not back talk them and just answer their questions."

The security guard looked over at Cody. "Since you didn't back talk me and just stood there, you are free to be on your way." The security guard returned his attention to Rusty. "But you sir, you are not free to go. In fact you and I are going to take a trip to the principal's office. Let's see what he thinks about this whole thing."

Not giving Rusty or Cody a chance to object or even say a word, the security agent grabbed even harder onto Rusty's sleeve and pulled him towards the staircase leading into the building. Cody had no idea what to do. He doesn't even know the guy that was getting almost dragged away, but he felt bad because he was part of the play fighting that was going on and he wasn't being taken along to confirm Rusty's story. Nothing was going on between them except playing.

Several feet away, Rusty couldn't believe what was going on. For the first time in his life he got up and followed his heart to get dragged off like he was hurting Cody. He thought the yelling he was getting from the security guard was embarrassing. It was nothing compared to the embarrassment he is going through now with what feels to him all the eyes of the student body are watching him being dragged into the building.

When they got through the double doors, Rusty had enough. He didn't do anything wrong, so he felt that he shouldn't be treated this way. Not wanting to be embarrassed anymore, Rusty wiggled free, angering the security guard even more. The guard saw it as a threat and treated it like such.

He quickly grabbed a hold of Rusty and body slammed him against the hard cold floor, face first. Holding Rusty's face down, he grabbed for Rusty's arms, which Rusty wasn't allowing him to get to easily. Once again angering the guard even more, he pulled out his nightstick and started to hit Rusty on the legs, getting the attention of the students in the hallway.

Seeing the situation quickly getting out of control, the other security guard got on the radio asking for help. By the time he radioed in where he and his partner was at, the students had surrounded them and were yelling. The yelling they were doing was bringing in students from the outside. At first the students that were coming in wanted to see what was the yelling all about, but when they saw what was going on, they joined in.

The situation was quickly spiraling out of control. The students that surrounded them started to close in. Many of the students had closed their fists as if they were getting ready to hit. A few of them had books, their book bags and even a couple of them came out of the cafeteria with their food trays in their hands ready to use as a weapon.

Just when it looked like they were going to be engulfed by the students, the hallways filled with whistling and yelling from the other guards. It wasn't long after the other security guards arrived that another set of them got there, along with Principal Michaels. When the students saw their principal walking down the hall, they moved away from the two guards that closed in on.

"I would really hate to suspend half of my student body!" Principal Michaels spoke in his mild manner voice as he made his way towards his security guards that were in trouble. "If you want to continue attending this high school, you will go back to what you were doing before all this started. If you want an extended spring break, keep doing what you are doing and I will make sure you will have an extended spring break; one that you will not be allowed to return to school from!"

The students knew that they better take their principal at his word by his past actions. They stepped back, allowing not only Principal Michaels through, but also the other security guards in. When Michaels and the other security guards made it to Rusty and their two fallen co-workers, they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Here was two men that were each almost double the size of the student that was under them, a student that they couldn't control. Putting that aside, Principal Michaels couldn't believe one of his security guards had a night stick in his hand. He glanced up and down the student on the floor and knew with being told that the security guard had beat him.

"You two get off of this student!" Principal Michaels yelled at his security guards, who quickly did what they were told. He then turned his attention to Rusty and extended his hand. "Young man please let me help you off of the floor so we can get you to the nurse's office and get you checked out." As Michaels pulled Rusty from the ground, he looked over at his most trusted members of his staff. "Please take this student to the nurse and have him checked out. If he needs to go to the hospital, see to it that he gets there. If the nurse clears him, bring him to my office."

The security guard that pulled Rusty into the building didn't like what was going on and he wasn't afraid to voice his disgust. As he was yelling at Michaels, the students that stuck around started to boo and throw waded paper at him. Michaels knew things could escalate again and he might not be able to stop it if it does. He asked the security guard to shut up and follow him to his office, which got a mixed reaction from the students.

Not another word was said between them as they walked down the halls, but when they got behind the doors of Principal Michael's office that all changed. The security guard that had the nightstick started yelling, because of that, Michaels was unable to understand most of what he was saying and he didn't care anyway. His attention was on getting his secretary on the phone to call the police. Once he hung up, he turned his attention to the security guard.

"Shut the hell up and sit your ass down in that seat!" Principal Michaels pointed to the chair behind the guard as he slammed the night stick on his desk. "Where in the hell did this come from?" The guard for the first time since he walked into the office was lost for words. "Who gave you permission to carry this weapon on school grounds? Forget that question, who in the hell gave you permission to actually use this on a student?"

"Sir, please let me explain. The student in question was being disrespectful and was unwilling to follow the simplest instructions when given. When my partner and I first saw him, he was fighting with another student. We pulled him off, and that is where most of the injuries he has come from, not from me. He refused to listen, so we were bringing him to you when he started to lash out at my partner and me, leaving me no other choice than to use that nightstick. You..."

"Stop right there, please just stop before you dig yourself you dig the hole you're in even deeper. I don't even have to investigate what you are saying to come to the conclusion that I know you are lying to me here and now. You are all over the place, making it up as you go. Maybe a small percentage of what you said is true, but I don't even think that." Principal Michaels took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts before he continued.

"Even if what you are saying is true, you had no right pulling out any kind of weapon on any of our students. If things were getting out of control as you said they were, you call for back up like your partner did. You don't pull out a weapon and start beating a student silly with it. You broke the rules by even carrying this weapon, which then compounded your disrespect towards the rules by actually using it on a student."

"Sir with all due respect, you are stuck behind this desk all day long. You are not out there like we are. The students think they run this school and they let us know that every second of every day. That is your fault from your past actions siding with the students with almost all their grievances. They have you in their pocket, leaving us in the cold."

Michaels didn't like what the guard was saying and didn't believe it to be true. Yes, he listens to every complaint a student brings up, but he feels that when he makes his decision on the complaint, it is the right decision. Sometimes it is in the favor of the student, sometimes it is in favor of the staff. Whichever way it goes, he believes the decision was the right course of action.

"I spend almost equal time in the halls of my school as I do behind my desk. For you to sit there in front of me telling me otherwise is just flat out wrong. As far as how I lay down the rules in this school, it isn't any of your business. You were not hired to keep tabs on me. You were hired to keep this school a safe place for the students, which you did not here today.

Like I said, even if your story checks out there isn't a thing I can do to that student now because of you pulling out this nightstick." Michaels held up the nightstick and then letting it drop down to his desk. "You assaulted that student with a deadly weapon and that sir is not only breaking the rules of this district, but the law as well."

Just as the last words left Michaels mouth, there was a knock on the door. Michaels knew who it was, and in a sense so did the security guard. Neither of them said a word as Michaels got up and made his way to the door. The security guard watched and as Michaels got closer, the more nervous he got. When he saw the uniformed officers on the other side of the door when Michaels opened it, he knew who they were there to get.

Michaels opened his door all the way, allowing the four uniformed officers to walk in. As they made their way into the room, one by one they switched off their radios. Once the final radio was turned off, Michaels explained to them what he saw when he reached the conflict. Since he didn't witness the security guard actually hitting the student, they asked if there was another adult that may have, to which Michaels answered `yes'.

Leaving one officer with the security guard, the other three followed Michaels out of his office and over to the conference room where the other security guard was asked to wait. As they walked in, he stood up knowing why they were there. He had enough time to come to a realization that there was nothing he could say to help out his friend and keep his job at the same time, so decided to tell the truth.

Once the officers got the facts of what happened, they walked out of the conference room with Michaels. Michaels wasn't surprised to hear a totally different version of the story from what he was told by the guard that had no problem hitting a student. He knew from the moment the guard opened his mouth that he was being lied to. Maybe not all the way, but being lied to just the same, which is one of Michaels' pet peeves. He doesn't like being lied to.

"Principal Michaels I'm sorry that this happened here, but you have to understand that every on duty officer and off duty officer is currently being called into a high pursuit chase. Just down the street from here a kidnapping has occurred. We need to make sure to put an end to this pursuit before the individual is able to make it into an international issue by crossing the border."

"Okay I understand your hands are really full right not, but this gentleman..." Michaels pointed to his office, "assaulted another individual. To make matters worse, he did it to student at this school, the school where the Governor's kids attend. I am sure he would not be happy to hear that you guys left a person like that walking free. It could have been one of his kids he did it to."

"First of all that guy isn't a gentleman. Anyone that would raise a hand to hurt a defenseless kid should be taken out and given a hundred times what he gave that kid. No matter what the student said or did, a hand shouldn't be raised, let alone a weapon used. This guy shouldn't have never been allowed to step foot on this campus or anywhere near underage kids.

And second of all, he would have never gotten anywhere close to the Governor's kids with the kind of security they have." Michaels looked at the officer with disgust in his face. "I know that isn't an excuse, but it is the truth. The Governor's kids will never be in danger from something like this happening to them, particularly after what has happened in the past with them."

The officers started their way back to Michaels' office. "With that said, you are right! No matter what is going on, we can't allow a person like this to be ignored. There are four of us, so we will take him into custody and book him for assault and anything else we can think of. That only takes one of us, leaving the rest to join in the pursuit."

Michaels didn't care who did what as long as they arrested this guy who assaulted one of his students. At the end of the day the safety and the wellbeing of each and every one of his students is his number one priority. He had enough to worry about with threats walking off the street aiming for the Governor's family or the well-to-do kids. With his plate filled there, he needs to have people in place in the school that he doesn't have to worry about.

As they got to Michaels' office, Michaels held the officers back in the hall. "Look I would like it if you can walk this guy out of the building without further interruption to my school." The officers nodded their heads as Michaels turned to open the door, but stopped. "Oh one last thing I almost forgot." Michaels turned and looked at the officer that was doing all the talking. "The student this former security guard assaulted is one of the Governor's son's friends. He didn't get to the Governor's kids, but he got to one of their friends. That means if you didn't do anything, you would have heard from the Governor, trust me."

That bit of news knocked the officers off their feet. They had no idea the kid that was assaulted was a friend to one of the Governor's kids. Even if they had known that information, it wouldn't have changed what was going on as far as the pursuit and the need of all available officers to join that pursuit. However, it would have changed what the officer that was doing the talking had said. Now he regretted speaking without checking out all the facts.

Not another word was said. As soon as they walked into the office, the officer that seemed to be in charge ordered the security guard to stand up. At first the security guard hesitated, but the hesitation didn't last long. He stood up and allowed the officers to put on new pieces of jewelry around his wrists. Just as he started to walk towards the door, Michaels called out for him to stop.

"Sir with all due respect, you are fired!" The security guard knew that was coming. "Even if you somehow get out of this, you longer have a job here at this school." Michaels walked over to his former employee and looked him straight into the eyes. "I promise you I will do everything I can to insure you never again work as a school security guard or around children again and don't think I can't do that. I have connections to very high placed people who can make sure it happens."

With that Michaels had nothing more to say to his former employee. He moved out of the way and let him and the officers pass. Once they were in the hallway making their way out of the building, Michaels parted ways. He was worried about Rusty. Not because Rusty had good grounds to sue the school and the school district, but because when he sent the young man to the nurse's office he didn't look like he was in good shape.

Half suspecting when he walked into the nurse's office not to find Rusty there, Michaels was surprised when he saw the young kid sitting up in the bed. He looked around for those he sent with him to the office, but didn't see them anywhere. It took a few seconds, but Michaels knew where the staff members went. The lunch hour was over and they needed to get back to their respective classes and their students, leaving Rusty all alone. He didn't want his teachers sitting there while the classrooms were left unattended.

Not giving it another thought, Michaels walked over to Rusty. Before asking him for his version of the events that occurred before and leading up to the incident in hallway, he asked how Rusty was feeling. After getting the all clear from the nurse, Michaels started asking questions on what had happened, and Rusty told the truth, not holding one thing back.

"I'm sorry for what happened in the hallway sir, but I felt it was wrong the way he was treating me. Yes, he had the right to take me to your office if he felt I broke a rule or was back talking him, but he didn't have the right to grab me by the arm and drag me to your office. I would have gone without causing a scene, please believe me." Rusty spoke in a pleading voice.

"Young man I do believe you." Michaels pulled up a chair and sat down. "There isn't anything in your school record that would make me think otherwise. There are only two concerns I have right now. The first, and far most important, how you were doing. Seeing and hearing you are okay, I can rest a little easier." Rusty saw in Michaels' eyes that meant everything he was saying. There was so much caring in them, he couldn't believe it.

"Believe it or not, I treat each and every one of my students as if they were my own kids. I try to impress that same thinking into all of my staff, but as you witnessed today, a few of them think differently. I can't force them to think my way, and until they show me their true colors, I'm stuck with them as much as you guys are.

With that said, you know the rules and you broke one of them. Due to the past incidents that happened here at this school, we had to put in place very strict rules that just cannot be broken. You and your friend were observed play fighting, pulling my security away from their areas to make sure it was just that, play fighting. Once they found out that you guys were play fighting, they should have left it at that and went back to their areas.

I also agree with you that you should not have been treated the way you were. Being pulled by your shirt into the building was wrong. No staff member on my staff, or any adult for that matter, should every lay their hands on a student. I wish that didn't happen, but it did and I have taken appropriate steps to insure it doesn't happen again."

Michaels stood up. "Again with all the wrong that was done here to you, you and the other student did break a rule, but I can't punish you any more than you already have been. But let me be as clear as I can here. If my staff did everything by the book, you and I would have had a different conversation. You would have been suspended at least for three days, if not more and the incident would have been written into your permanent school record. Are we clear on that?"

Rusty nodded his head as Michaels started to walk towards the door. He stopped as he got to it and made his way back to Rusty. "I recommend that you tell your parents exactly what happened here today. If they need to follow up with me, I will be completely forthcoming with them on what my staff member did. Do not lie one bit, or what can happen will not. Do you understand what I am saying?"

Once again Rusty nodded his head and nothing else was said. This time when Michaels turned and left the room, he didn't turn back leaving Rusty a lot to think about. His mind kept going back to Cody and what Cody might be thinking of him right now. No matter how he replayed the incident in his mind, he kept arriving at the same conclusion. He lost any chance he might have had on at least going out with Cody on one date.

While Rusty was getting his note from the nurse to return to class, on I-10 a full on pursuit was going on with every news channel covering it from the street level and the sky. Patrick's father was able to escape the UTEP campus police. They were not set up for anything like what was going on at their campus. All they could do is try and stop it from happening, while calling in the E.P.P.D. and they did follow protocol.

They did give chase since they were warned that this might happen, but Patrick's father didn't care if he lived or died. He ran through the roadblocks that the campus police set up by either actually ramming into the cars or driving onto the sidewalks. Either way, he was able to evade capture and was able to get onto I-10 since the college was right off the freeway.

Just as he got moved from the ramp onto the freeway, he was met by two police cruisers. Pushing his car to its limits, he pressed on the gas, speeding down the middle lane of the freeway, hitting several cars that got in his way. The two police cruisers that were right on Mr. Petrillo's tail radioed ahead asking the other officers that were about to join the chase to close off the downtown off ramp and try and get as much of the traffic off the freeway.

As they approached the downtown exit, Petrillo jumped over two lanes to get on the far right lane in order to exit. When he saw the off ramp blocked by several police cruisers, he prepared to ram them. It wasn't until the officers opened fire on him that made him change course. Just before he ran out of room to stay on the freeway, he crossed back over to the middle lane.

By then, the E.P.P.D. had already started to close off all the off ramps, leaving Mr. Petrillo only one choice, stay on the freeway. At the same time, other officers were trying to get as many cars as they can from the freeway. By the time Mr. Petrillo made it through the downtown area, the E.P.P.D. was successful getting most of the traffic either off the freeway, or on the far left lane where they wouldn't be hit by Petrillo or any of the police cruisers giving chase.

Even with the off ramps being blocked and being forced to stay on the freeway, Patrick's father wasn't ready to give up just yet. There were two more exits ahead that he could take that leads to Juarez and he was ready to do anything to take one of them. On top of that, he filled up his car just before he got to the college. He wanted to be prepared for anything that might happen..

With almost the entire E.P.P.D. and several state troops joining the chase behind him, it didn't faze Mr. Petrillo one bit. He actually reached down and put his favorite cassette into the tape player. When the first song started to play, he raised the volume of his radio to drown out the sirens of the police cruisers behind him.

As he approached the second exit that led to Juarez, he jumped over to the right lane and prepared himself to ram any one that got into his way. Just like before, the officers opened fire, blowing out the windshield, the right head light and mirror, causing Mr. Petrillo to jump back onto the freeway. The officers that were behind him couldn't believe that none of the bullets actually hit the driver. They thought that at least one of them would have hit the mark.

In frustration, the lead cruiser sped up and made contact with Mr. Petrillo back bumper. He had hoped with the speed they were going and the tap on the back bumper, he would have been able to spin Petrillo's car out of control, but he didn't. It did cause Petrillo to temporarily lose control of his car, swiping several other cars on his left side, but he quickly regained control.

For concern of the other vehicles still on the freeway, the officers were ordered not to try any trick maneuver without clearance. That didn't make the officers happy at all. They wanted to end this chase before it either got out of control or they couldn't end it on their own terms. There were too many variables that could go wrong and the officers didn't want this chase to go on any longer than it already had.

Back in Petrillo's car, he knew he had the officers where he wanted them. With cars still on the freeway, he had the green light to go as far as his car could take him, which was far. He also knew that the police were planning other ways to stop him, like putting out spikes. So he kept a close eye on the road for them and just before he got to the last exit to Juarez he saw several officers throwing down the very thing he was looking for on the off ramp of the exit.

Knowing what the spikes can do to the tires of a vehicle, he once again jumped over the two lanes to the middle lane, hitting several cars on the way. Just when he thought he out smarted the police, the glare of the sun gave away the other set of spikes that were laid down directly in front of him. He looked both directions and saw he was blocked in.

Still not ready to give up, he sharply turned his wheel to the left and then to the right, hitting the cars that were blocking him in. When the first hit didn't move them, he did it again and again until he was able to slam the car on his left into the median of the freeway. This gave him just enough time to get on the far left lane, barely missing the spikes.

Knowing it was just a matter of time before the police that were behind him tried again to ram him off the road, he had to get off the freeway. He didn't plan for the chase to make it to the far eastside of town, but it had and he needed to outsmart the police.

As he sped past the George Dieter exit, he looked around, but saw every escape route blocked. The off ramp had police cruisers and on the left hand side of the freeway had the cement median. He had no other choice but to stay on the freeway and try for the Joe Battle exit, which would be the most dangerous because once you exit the freeway onto the gateway, it wasn't a straight road. It has several curves that meant he would have to slow down.

Going for broke, he jumped over several lanes to get ready to take the Joe Battle exit. However, like the other exits, this exit was blocked, leaving Mr. Petrillo no other choice but to get back to the far left lane. Once he passed the Joe Battle exit, the freeway turned into a two lanes, giving the police a better chance of ending this pursuit, and less of a chance for Petrillo getting away.

Petrillo came to that same conclusion and knew that if he was going to escape, he had to act fast. It didn't take long for him to come up with a plan. Now that they were on the outskirts of town, there were no more cement medians on the left side. The police tried to block any chance for Petrillo to cross over, but they just didn't have enough cars to do so.

Looking to his right, and then back to his rear view mirror, he saw the police cruisers gaining. He knew it was either now or never for him to make a move the way the police were lining up. They were evenly spreading their cruisers on the two lanes, with one cruiser at the lead. There was no doubt in Petrillo's mind the lead cruiser was going to try and hit his back bumper again in hopes that he would spin out of control and flip his car.

He thought they would not make that kind of move due to the fact he had a hostage in the trunk of his car. Everything he has studied and learned about the police before committing to this action he took earlier is that the police would do everything they could to try and get the hostage out alive. If they succeed flipping his car, the chances of that were very slim.

Not wanting to find out if the police were willing to put the life of the hostage at risk, Petrillo prepared himself for his next move. He checked all his useable mirrors, and just as he saw his chance to execute his plan, he did. Turning the steering wheel to the left as sharply as he could and slamming on his brake at the same time, he spun his car around. Now instead of the police behind him, they were coming at him by the front at high speed.

Quickly he pressed on the gas and headed at the police. The first cruiser decided to play chicken with Mr. Petrillo, but at the very last minute, he veered off to his left, leaving a cloud of dust as he drove onto the dirt median. Confused by what Mr. Petrillo was doing, several of the other cruisers behind the lead cruiser veered off either to the right or left, like the parting of the red sea, allowing Petrillo to go through unchallenged.

Seeing that remainder of the cruisers were not budging from their lanes, there was only one last option for Mr. Petrillo to take. Not bothering to look behind him, he quickly made a move that the police didn't count on. They figured if he was cornered, he would do what he has done so far, but not jump over the dirt median over to the other side of I-10.

They quickly slammed on their brakes and turned their cars around. By the time they got themselves on the eastbound lanes of I-10, Petrillo got a jump of them. The lead cruiser radioed ahead for the cruisers that were blocking the off ramps on the westbound lane to move and block the off ramps to the eastbound lanes, but it was too late.

Petrillo made it to the George Dieter exit and took it. If it wasn't for the eyes in the sky, the police wouldn't have known he had done that. They were communicating with the cruisers on the ground, letting them know every move Petrillo was making. But by the time they informed the cruisers on the ground that he had gotten off the freeway, the lead cruiser had already passed the exit, leaving no other choice for the cruiser behind him to take over the lead.

The cruiser that took the lead presented a whole lot of new set of problems for the E.P.P.D, on top of the ones they gained when Petrillo took the chase off the freeway. Not only this was his first high speed pursuit, but it was his first day out of the academy. You couldn't have had any less inexperienced officer leading the chase than they had at that very moment.

Instead of bringing the speed of the chase down, he stepped on the gas, not watching out for pedestrians or people in their cars. As he approached the intersection of the gateway east and George Dieter, he didn't slam on his brakes or slow down. He took the turn at a speed that no car should be going. To the disbelief of the officers behind him, he somehow was able to complete the turn without flipping himself over or hitting anyone or anything.

The cruiser behind the rookie radioed in that he was going to be taking over the lead. There was no objection from the command post or the rookie. However, each time the veteran officer tried to take the lead, something happened. A vehicle got in his way, a light was not in their favor or Petrillo made a move that made it impossible for the lead to change.

Not wanting to hurt, or even worse, kill an innocent pedestrian, the veteran officer stopped trying to take the lead. Instead he got on the radio and started to walk the rookie through on how to be the lead cruiser in a high speed chase. It was hard, but the rookie was listening and doing everything the veteran officer was telling him to do. In no time, the rookie mistakes were stopping.

Just as the rookie and the veteran officer behind him got into a rhythm, Petrillo surprised them yet again by doing another sharp turnaround at the lights of George Dieter and Pebble Hills, hitting several cars in the process. Both the veteran and rookie officer knew if they didn't stop this chase and soon, Petrillo was going to end up killing someone as he tried to make his escape. There was no doubt in their minds they were going to catch him, but at what cost?

Maneuvering around the hit vehicles, the police cruisers got through and began to pick up speed in the other lanes of George Dieter that led back to the freeway. It didn't take them long to catch back up with Petrillo because all lanes going both direction on George Dieter were cleared of all traffic. It was a double edge sword though. There were fewer chances of any innocent bystanders getting hurt, but it also gave Petrillo a chance to go even faster, which he did.

A quarter mile from the on ramp to the freeway, the police were right on the bumper of Petrillo. They were going at speeds of over eighty miles an hour, speeds that this road wasn't built for and more so, the part they were approaching. The road started to curve and there were a lot of businesses they could easily crash into.

The veteran officer realized this and called in for instructions. Just as they were ordered to fall back, Petrillo did another surprising move. He didn't slow down at all and he tried to take the curve going even faster. All the police could do is sit there and watch in horror of what was unfolding before their very eyes.

Petrillo tried to take the turn by moving to the middle of the three lanes, but he didn't see the tow truck that was stopped in the middle lane. This tow truck was one of those that had a bed, and the bed was actually down. Petrillo's wheels caught the bed just right, causing his car to go flying into the air. It was like a scene from the old "Dukes a Hazard" series when the General Lee somehow always seemed to fly over cars or a river and land on the other side safe and sound.

Well the car Petrillo was driving wasn't the General Lee and this wasn't television. When the car landed, it didn't land safe and sound. As the front in hit, the wheels flew off and the engine was pushed inward, but that didn't slow the car down much. Since the car was going at such a high speed when it hit the bed of the tow truck it kept going after it hit the ground right into the Chevron gas station, bursting into flames.

As the police, fire and rescue rushed to exploding fire balls from the gas station, Rich walked into his office for the first time since he got back to Austin. Alberto was there to meet him, which was a sight Rich loved to see. He quickly shut his office door before pulling Alberto into hug and a kiss. Neither wanted to let go, but they knew they had to because of where they were. The wrong person could walk in and catch them.

While they were out on the road selling the gay rights bill to the voters of Texas, they did a lot more than they had the first night they spent together. Nothing like love making. It was more getting to know each other and to see if they could click as a couple. Just the night before heading back to Austin, they decided to try and make a go of dating in secret.

Doing it in secrecy wasn't for Rich's benefit since he was out, but for Alberto's, he wasn't out. He still had to keep up the ruse of being straight because of the district he is from. There is no way he would be reelected to his seat if he was found out. Rich had no problem with it as long as at the end of the day he could be with the man he loves.

Breaking the hug, Rich walked over to his mini bar and poured them each a drink before joining Alberto on the couch. The two men sat there in silence as they drank their drink. It wasn't one of those uncomfortable silences. It was one of those silences that everyone involved enjoyed because it gave them time to settle in and gather their thoughts.

It wasn't long before the silence was broken by Alberto. "I was in the chamber earlier as you spoke and let me tell you how proud I am of you." Alberto reached over and grasped Rich's hand. "Everyone thought you were a lame duck because of you never holding or even running for a political office before in your life. Boy did you show them today that you are not a lame duck. You are a person not to be challenged when it comes down to the letter of the law!"

"Thanks for saying that, but I believe what I did here today was just a temporary fix." Rich spoke in a low voice as he got up with his and Alberto's glasses and headed to the mini bar. "You were in the back of the chamber where I was at the podium getting a good look at Westrick's face. He isn't ready to give up trying to unseat the Governor. There isn't a doubt in my mind the guy is going to keeping trying even if it means he loses his own seat."

"Come on, do you really think he is willing to destroy his own career over this?" Rich turned around nodding his head. "Wow, I wouldn't think anyone was that crazy. He lost this one! I figured he would go back to his district, lick his wounds, and come back ready to do what the majority of the voters want to have done, but you believe otherwise?"

"Yes and I don't think he is going anywhere. The guy has nothing TO LOSE!" Rich raised his voice at the end of what he said as he handed Alberto his drink. "He is no longer the majority leader, which he held longer than any leader from either party. Westrick is hurting and he blames the Governor for everything he has lost, which means a lot of trouble still to come."

Hating it, Alberto saw where Rich was coming from and agreed with him. He never wanted to think this way about a fellow senator, but he does with this one. Everything Westrick has done to this point is telling them that he is willing to lose everything to get done what he feels is the right thing to have done. He put it all on the line when he was the majority leader. There is nothing stopping him now that he has lost everything else except his seat.

The two men didn't say another word to each other. They quietly sat on the couch, drinking their drinks, staring straight ahead, lost in their own thoughts. It wasn't long before Alberto found himself cuddled up against Rich's chest with Rich's arms around him. Loving the feeling of Rich's heart beating against his back, it soothed him. He can no longer see a day without having this guy at his side. That's something he would have thought impossible just a couple months before.



{Welcome back one and all to a very action packed chapter of "Shadow of My Father". Before I start with the summation of this chapter, I would like to say a few words about the last chapter of this story that was posted. I got several negative comments on how the chapter was written. I know I have to take the good and the bad comments if I continue to post on the site, but I would like to clear a few things up about the last chapter.

First, let me re-clarify to those readers who forgot how this story started or might be thinking this story might not go back to how it started. It started at the White House, a political scene and eventually that is where this story will be. I have tried my best to find the right balance right now between the political plots and dramatic plots, but sometimes the political plots need to have more time because they need to be developed more intently where they are understood better. We all know about love, relationships, and growing up, but some out there don't know a lot about the political world. So nobody is lost, I try to draw a straight line in those plots as I do in all my plots with as much detail as possible, but not going overboard.

Secondly, in all my stories I have several things going on at the same time. That is how life is. There's not just one thing is going on in our lives at one time. Yes, we do handle one thing at a time, but there are several things on the back burner waiting for our attention. And whenever our lives seem boring, trust me there is something else going on less boring in our family and friends' lives. That is how I write and will continue to write with several plots going on at the same time because there is more than just one character in my stories.

And final thing I am going to say on this is the last chapter I wrote was the first chapter I had written since the passing of my mother. I'm not making excuses, but my mind wasn't all there as I wrote the last chapter. Just as I was getting into the groove of writing, my second mother ended up in the hospital and then six days later she passed away. I actually wrote a few of those pages of the last chapter in the ICU waiting room. So that is probably why it seemed that the last chapter was all over the place. I wasn't all there when I wrote it.

Please understand, I love all comments, good or bad, but I wanted to take this chance and explain to you what was going on at the time I was writing that chapter. Again I'm not making excuses. I should have held back or at least reread the chapter before posting it. Maybe I would have seen what you my readers saw and not posted it and junked it and started all over again. However, I didn't and for those I let down, I apologize. I hope I didn't lose you as a reader and scare you off on telling me your thoughts about my stories. I want all my readers to feel free to give me their comments, no matter if they are bad or good. I learn from them. I take from them and make better chapters in the future. Hopefully this chapter is an example of that.

Enough with that, let's get to the summation of the chapter. It picked right up where it left off at on the last chapter with one small twist, Rich. Rich showed up right at the nick of time and stopped the voting. He followed the law to the letter and made it clear the only one that could call the senate into session is the president of the senate and that is him. I'm glad he made it in time because if he didn't, Westrick would have succeeded.

Talking about Westrick, I agree with Rich at the end of the chapter, he is done. Now of course we know the thinking of Westrick because we are the readers, but Rich doesn't. He knows Westrick isn't done and he needs to be prepared for anything that Westrick might throw at him. The only question left is what that will be? We know there are several plans, but what are they?

For the first time in a long time we got to read about Rusty. Now for those that are not following all my stories, Cody is from `Regrets and Heartaches'. So if you want to get to know the young freshman, you need to go back and read that series. Now back to Rusty. He liked what he saw in Cody and actually got up enough nerve to talk with the young kid. That first meeting didn't turn out real well.

Although the two were not really doing anything wrong, they shouldn't have been play fighting since it was against the rules. The Rusty we all know isn't a person that is outspoken. I guess the break up with Chris has changed that part of him. However, it hurt him here to the point that he was embarrassed in front of the student body and was pretty much beaten.

Michaels came in and once again did the right thing. Before even knowing all the facts, he knew his employee was in the wrong by seeing the nightstick. So he had his staff call the police and had the employee arrested. The police got the facts, and agreed with Michaels that this security guard was in the wrong and should be charged with assault.

Man oh man Petrillo has really done it now. In the last chapter we knew he had kidnapped his daughter and went on the run, but we had no idea how it was going to go. Let's be honest, how many of you thought he was going to escape to Juarez? Come on; tell the truth, how many thought that was going to happen? Well I'm glad it didn't. However, I'm not at all with how the chase ended. Did Patrick's father get killed in the explosion? Did Patrick's sister get killed as well? Or did either escape or just one of them? For answers to those questions and many more, you will have to come back and read the next installment of this story.

Oh one last thing, I know Josh and many of the other characters in this saga haven't been mentioned much in the last couple of chapters. That is going to change in the next chapter since the next chapter is going to be the wedding between Gloria and Andy Sr. I have plans for that plot that will mess with all our emotions. So again please come back and check in.

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I will not. I warn you though! Do not skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}


The chapter sure started off with a bang! The Lieutenant Governor's timing was so spot on and Rich sure showed his brass dealing with the senate. He knew the law and applied it to the letter and defused the movement to impeach the Governor and remove him from office. The Governor is sure going to have to give Rich a ton of appreciation for his handling of the situation. The only thing I didn't see him do was employ the press to get the word out to the electorate about the illicit behavior of Westrick and his cronies. The press would seal the fate of the bad legislators in a heartbeat.

Wow! That car chase made me run for the Dramamine! Jacob really nailed it with his very animated description of all the action. Mr. Petrillo must be totally psychotic. No rational person could kidnap his own daughter and cause all the mayhem of that chase. I know that those sorts of police chases do happen being the avid news watcher that I am. I really hope that somehow Marlene comes out of the ordeal whole and healthy, but with the cliffhanger left the way it was, I'm more than a bit doubtful.

I hope that Rusty is given a full and fair chance by Cody. Rusty didn't do anything wrong in standing up for himself and he really deflected the heat off Cody completely.

Principal Michaels once again proves that he's a totally stand up guy. His head and heart are in the right place and he is very wise. He sees past the surface and what appears to be and gets down to the underlying story in any given situation. So many school administrators could learn from the example this character puts forth.

Until Next Time,

"Daddy" Rick