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Chapter 8


As Daniel and his family drove away, he saw Martha's parents talking with the only friend that stuck around Martha. No matter if his life depended on it, he could not remember her name. What he could remember is what the police have told him about the gun his ex-wife had. The gun could only have come from three people, the attorney, a staff member on the floor or this woman that is now talking to Martha's family. There is not a doubt in Daniel's mind that it came from that woman.

Daniel leaned over to Rich and whispered his concerns to him. "Do not worry sir I'm already on it. I will make sure they are out of your old home by the end of the day and that the rentals are turned in. If they choose to stay, that is on them. At the same time, I'll have someone from the security detail stop in and give them the only warning they are going to get. There is no way we are going to allow this to get out of control like Martha.

Your governorship can't handle another scandal or shooting. Not if you don't want to be a one term governor that is, or that you don't want to run for higher office one day. These scandals may be forgotten by the voters of Texas, but trust me if you run for higher office, the scandals will be used to hurt you."

Agreeing with his chief-of-staff, Daniel thanked him and left everything in his hands. He turned his attention back to his sons. He was concerned on what was said at the funeral might be bothering them or worse, hurting them. Trying to word his sentences right, he got into the conversation slowly. Before he could really ask the question, his boys surprised him again.

"Dad there is no reason for you to worry about us. It's you that we need to be worried about because mom's parents aren't going to go away." Daniel Jr. said in a commanding voice. "I don't know what they told you, but by the looks on their faces, they are going to be here for a while making trouble for you. We don't want that because we know how much you love being governor."

"I do love what I'm doing, but your welfare is more important to me than any job. If they come after you guys, damn the job. I will do whatever it takes to keep you boys safe." Daniel looked at his kids and saw worried looks all around. "I don't want you guys worrying about anything except school and the things you do in school, and that's all."

"Dad we know they want something from you and if I am to guess it is us." Carlos pointed to himself and then to his brothers Daniel Jr. and Brandon. "They think since mom is dead they have her rights as our mother, which they don't. If I am wrong there, I don't care. We are not going to ever go with them. We are not ever going to leave this house until college of course." Carlos started to laugh, causing the other boys to laugh.

"Look boys I don't want you guys worrying about all that. I want you concentrating on school and girls." Looking at Josh and Cesar, "you two concentrate on each other and just enjoying your lives right now. There is plenty of time for you guys to be adults when you are adults, okay?"

Everyone nodded their heads and that ended the conversation. The rest of the way home they talked about different things, nothing earth shattering. They got home, with the boys jumping out of the car, running inside. Just as Josh reached the front door, his father called him over to him.

At first, he thought his father wanted to talk with him about what was said at the funeral, which it was, but it was not only that. When he walked up to his father, Daniel asked him to walk with him. That got Josh to worry a little since they have never had this type of conversation before. Neither said a word until they were halfway down the driveway and it was the governor who broke the silence.

"What happened at school yesterday morning Josh?" Josh looked over at as his father surprised on the question. "Principal Michaels called me after dealing with the young man that you almost got into a fight with and told me what happened. As well, I read it on the security report that was filed last night. So once again, what happened at school yesterday between you and that boy?"

"Dad he was saying nasty things about what happened between mom and me when she first found out that I was gay. I couldn't let him keep saying what he was saying to me without letting him know he was wrong."

"Letting him know he was wrong is one thing, but you guys got into a physical fight over it and that I can't have son. Not because how it would look in the press, but because the taxpayers of this state don't pay for your security to get you out of schoolyard fights. They are there to protect you on everything, but when the fight could have been avoided, they should not have been put in that spot."

Daniel stopped walking and turned to face Josh. "You didn't do that when it first happened and that is why I am confused why you did it now. It is old news, everyone knows about it. That was not worth getting into a fight and almost being suspended over. Are we going to need to send you to a therapist to deal with anger issues that you have buried from what had happened to you at the hands of your mother?"

Kicking the rocks at his feet around, Josh mumbled his answer. "No dad there is no need for me to see a therapist for that. I'm fine and promise that will never happen again."

"Son look at me please, look at me!" Josh looked up at his father. "If you need help please don't be afraid to ask for it. I don't want you to become the person you hate the most. Your mother buried all her anger inside and then it came out. It came out when she found out about you and that wasn't right. If you don't deal with the anger you have from that, you are going to resent yourself and everyone around you. I love you kids too much to see you guys hurt yourselves like that."

Josh didn't say a word, but the look on his face told his father that he was getting through to him. "You are a smart kid and I will trust you to know when you need help. Just don't get into any more fights at school over something so stupid. If another guy comes up and tries to steal your boyfriend away, that is another story. You better show that guy who the man is and that Cesar is spoken for." Daniel started to laugh as he brushed his hand through his son's hair as he started to laugh.

"You need to get a haircut and before I leave for Austin you and I are going to get one together. I don't know what is going on with you and Brandon and this longer hair, but I don't like it. Trust me when you get older you will thank me for saving you from yourself on this. Long hair went out when the seventies ended, thank God for that."

They started laughing again as they made their way back to the house. "On a serious note son, I don't want you to give what was said at the funeral today a second thought. Your mother's family was just venting their anger and they picked on you when they were actually angry with me. They want things their way and when they don't get it, they act like children."

Daniel stopped again and knelt down in front of Josh. "They don't hate you; they are just lost souls like your mother. When they see that they are wrong, they will apologize to you for what they said. Until then I need you to make me a promise and stay away from them. They are going to stay in town for a little longer and might come up to you and say things that are wrong. Do not lower yourself to their level, just ignore them."

There was no doubt in Josh's mind that his father was dead set on what he was saying. Never before had he let anyone under his skin like he let Billy yesterday. He does have thicker skin, it was just he let this guy do something that really no one else has ever done. Not anymore, he won't give another person that satisfaction again.

Josh and his father were heading up to the house when they saw Rich racing out to his car. As he got in, he nodded his head and Daniel nodded back. Josh just looked at the two as if they were crazy. They had secret signals they were giving each other that no one else knew. When Rich drove past them on his way down the drive way, he waved and both the Lopez's waved back at him.

He stopped at the gate as the guards marked him off the property and opened it. He drove down the side street leading to Mesa and once there it was a straight shot to the old Lopez house. When he got there, he waited for the security detail that he asked to come with him. They drove up and Rich got down from the car. As he gathered his paperwork, the guards met him at his car and followed him over to the door.

Rich didn't bother to knock, he just walked on in. He found the house a mess, not the way Daniel and his family left it when they moved out. Right away one of Martha's family members approached and demanded Rich and the security agents that walked in with him to leave, but they didn't budge. Nicely he asked to speak with Martha's parents, and once again the guy that greeted them at the door asked them to leave.

"I am sorry but I'm not going to do that. I am here on behalf of the governor and I need to speak with Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza." The guy was about to speak again when Mrs. Mendoza walked up. She tapped him on the shoulder, whispered something in his ear and he walked over to the couch and sat down.

"I am sorry for that, these young kids do not have any respect." Mrs. Mendoza spoke in a heavy Spanish ancient. "It has been a very long day! Well I should say a very long couple of weeks since my daughter was killed. He didn't mean to talk with you the way he did. What can I do for you sir?"

"Mrs. Mendoza, my name is Rich Kewl, and I am the governor's chief-of-staff. These men behind me, and those outside are the governor's security agents. They came with me to make sure I don't have any problems from you or anyone in the family. By the looks of how I was greeted, it wasn't the wrong choice to make, bringing them with me.

The reason that I am here is to make sure what the governor and Mr. Mendoza spoke about earlier at the funeral today is happening. You and your family have to vacate this house immediately. He doesn't care where you go, but you can't be in the house anymore. These agents will take you where ever you want to go, but again you or your family can't stay in this house any longer."

"Sir we have nowhere else to go in this town and my former son-in-law knows that. Why is he throwing us out in the street like this, why?" Mrs. Mendoza started to turn on the water works, but Rich saw right through it.

"Ma'am if your husband, you and your family didn't do what you did at the funeral today, the governor would have let you stay here as long as you needed. In order to get respect, you must give respect, something none of you did today. I was there and I saw what you guys did. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves, ashamed on disrespecting your daughter on the day that should have been used to say goodbye."

"Don't you walk in here and tell us what we should be ashamed of and what we shouldn't be." Mrs. Mendoza stopped crying and started yelling. "Our daughter died because of that evil son of hers, we all know that. If that sin was never born, things would not have happened the way they did. My daughter would still be alive today, happily married to my former asshole of a son-in-law."

"First, the young man you are speaking of is not a sin. He is a very nice, intelligent, honest young man and you would have seen that if you were not blinded with all this hate you have. And second, your daughter would not be happily married to the governor today no matter if Josh was not born. If it was not him, it would have been something else that would have brought out who she truly was, a woman rotten to the core."

Rich could see the last thing he said touched a nerve by the color Mrs. Mendoza was turning. He took a couple steps back from her just in case she goes after him, he would be able to move away and she would fall to the ground. Before either of them could say another word, her husband came in cursing in Spanish!

"Sir, I have no idea what you are saying, but by the look on your face it is not good, which I don't care. You and your family need to pack up your things and leave this house immediately. I will give you twenty minutes to do so. If you are not done in that time, these gentlemen will help you along."

"Oh no senor, we are not leaving this house, you are. My former son-in-law is the governor of this state and he will not be happy hearing what you are doing to his family. Trying to kick us out on the streets, when he himself gave us the keys to his house, allowing us to stay here while we buried our daughter, who was murdered."

"Sir, I work for the governor and he is the one that sent me down here to take care of this. Yes, he did bring you down here out of the goodness of his heart, but you guys took that goodness and just tossed it down the drain. You disrespected him and his family during the funeral and you went up to him and threatened him after the funeral. No sir he doesn't take kindly to the way you have treated him and he wants you guys out."

"Where are we to go? We do not know anyone else here except my former son-in-law."

"Like I explained to your wife sir, neither he nor I care where you go, as long as you are not here. You have now seventeen minutes to pack and leave. If you need a ride somewhere, like a cheap hotel, these guys will take you. Or if you want to go somewhere else, these guys will take you. You and your family just can't stay here anymore."

"What about the rental cars he got for us, we can use them. There is no need for your people to take us where we want to go since we have them."

"There is no way I am going to allow you to leave this house with those vehicles, not after the way you have treated the governor and his family." Rich walked over to the stairs to see what was going on up stairs. He heard weird noises and so did the security agents coming from up there. A couple of agents went up to see what was going on and Rich returned to Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza.

"Did you guys think you could do what you did at the funeral today and the governor was going to take it lying down? He is the governor of the largest state in this Nation. He has fought wars and faced down uglier people than you guys. He knows people that you guys only could dream of shaking their hands. No sir, he is not taking what you guys did lying down and he wants you gone. He wants you out of his life and his family's life.

On that note let me make this part very clear. You or anyone in this family, which includes friends of the family, are to stay away from the Lopez family. Do not go near them at school, at their new house or anywhere else. If you stay here in town and you see them walking down the street, don't even look at them. Cross the street and act as if you do not know them from Adam. If you choose to disobey the governor's request on this matter, or go near his house or this one, you will be shot on sight. This is your only warning in this matter. We are not going to allow this family to be a problem anymore."

Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza stood there shocked on how Rich was talking to them. Not only are the words throwing them through a loop, but the voice level he is speaking in. They have never been spoken to in the manner in which Rich is talking to them in right now.

"I know I have been clear on what I need to happen here, so I am wondering why you guys are still standing down here. Please go up stairs and get your things before your time runs out. You have only nine minutes left and counting." Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza stood their ground, refusing to budge.

Rich did not give them another warning. He looked over at the guards and they knew what he wanted to happen. They got on the radio and told the agents that went upstairs to clear out what ever room that is not being cleared out. Hearing the agent give the agents up stairs the order to pack their things, Mrs. Mendoza went running up, followed by her husband cursing once again in Spanish.

Five minute later, they came down stairs with their suitcases and bags. As they walked to the door, they were stopped and asked to open their suitcases. They objected at first, but it didn't take long for them to realize they had no other choice. One by one, they were searched and one by one, the security agents found things in their stuff that did not belong to them. They were stealing it from the house, which didn't make Rich happy.

What surprised Rich the most was the item Mrs. Mendoza was trying to carry out of the house, the old family portrait. The funny thing was is the portrait use to hang on the wall in the den, which means it is huge. Not one of those small pictures you see on desks in your offices. She could barely hold onto it, more less carry it.

Once everyone was checked and out of the house, the security agents and Rich walked out to see if they needed to be taken anywhere. They tried one more time to get the rentals but Rich was not going to let them take the cars. When they realized they were not getting anywhere with that, they asked to be taken to an affordable hotel.

The security agents started to split the family in small groups to fit in the rentals when Rich stopped them. "I am sorry, these guys are paid by the state, not the governor, they cannot play taxi on the tax payer's dime. I will call you guys' taxis and they will take you where ever you want to go."

Rich did not wait for an okay from the Mendoza family; he walked back into the house and returned a couple minutes later. He informed them the taxis are on their way, and to wait there for them he then walked back into the house.

As the Mendoza family waited outside for their taxis, Rich and a couple of agents walked around the house and secured it. As they went room to room, they could not believe the condition in which the house was in. It was all torn up, it is going to cost the governor a pretty penny to get it back to the way it was.

When Rich walked into what used to be Josh's room, he could not believe his eyes. Not only did it look like the rest of the house, but it was worse. Not only the furniture was all torn to shreds, but there were holes in the wall and what looked like crap all over them as well. The closer Rich got to the walls, the more he was sure it was crap. The smell in some parts of the room was so bad, he had to cover his face with his shirt.

To make matters worse, the words that were written on the walls of the room. Rich being gay himself, it hit a nerve. As he read what they felt about Josh, he was sick to his stomach, but at the same time angry. There is no way he is going to let Josh see this room, no way. Bad enough he had to see it, but not the young eyes of Josh.

He quickly made sure the windows were secure after reading everything on the walls, took pictures and then got out of the room. Not wanting to, but knew he had no other choice but to, Rich closed the door. He made his way downstairs and waited for the agents that were helping him to finish.

As he waited, the taxis arrived to pick the Mendoza's family. Rich was going to pay for the taxis, but he changed his mind after seeing what they have done to the house. There is no way he is going to show them an ounce of respect when they have none for anyone else. Proof of that is all over the wall in Josh's old room.

Once the last agent joined Rich in the living room, they walked out of the house together. Rich was the last one to walk out, so he set the alarm. When the alarm activated, Rich walked over to his car as some of the agents got into the rentals. The other agents that did not get into the rentals, got into their cars and they all followed Rich.

The first person Rich went and talked to when he walked into the governor's house was the governor himself. After going through the events of what happened between him and the Mendoza's, he started to tell Daniel about the condition of the house. It bothered him, but not as much as when Rich reached the part of Josh's room.

"Sir I really hated to be the person to deliver this news to you, but one way or another you would have found out about it all. The house is a mess and the worse room as I said is Josh's old one. Put aside the damage that was done to the room, the words I am telling are not for the weak." Rich pulled out the pictures he took. "Stopped in at a One Hour Photo and told them who I was, and they rushed the development for me."

Daniel Sr. started to go through the pictures, but halfway through them he tossed them on his desk. At that moment Barbara walked in and saw the look on her husband's face. He looked like he wanted to kill someone, and there was no doubt in her mind it was Martha's parents. She walked over to Daniel to console him, try to settle him down, but she got a glimpse of the pictures that got Daniel angry.

She started looking at them, and just like her husband, she stopped about halfway through. "Josh or none of the boys can ever see these pictures. Knowing Josh's brothers the way I do, they are going to want payback and that is not what we want them to do. So instead of worrying about that, these pictures stay here in this office."

Rich and Daniel Sr. agreed with Barbara. "Now as soon as we can, we hire a construction crew to get down there and fix all that was done to the house. Once they get it done, we then put it up for sale unless one of the boys wants it for their family."

"Barbara honey, trust me none of the boys want that house. I agree we get the place fixed back up and just sell the damn thing. I wanted to keep it just in case, but not for this. Not for family members to come in and do this to the place." Both Barbara and Rich looked at Daniel surprised that he called Martha's family, `family'. "I know, I know, but like it or not, Martha's parents and siblings are family to my sons. I will never keep my sons from my ex's family if they want to visit with them."

"To tell you the truth sir, there is no way that is going to happen, not after today's performance." Rich spoke in a soft voice as he settled down in the chair. "That side of your son's family lost any chance they had to being part of their lives."

"I agree with you on that and I really didn't want it to go that way. I really wanted the boys to have a relationship with Martha's side, but I can't do anything about it now." Daniel looked at Barbara. "Speaking of the boys, where are they right now?"

Barbara smiled at her husband. "They wanted to feed the twins, which I had no problem with that. What I want to see is what they are going to do when the twins are done eating." Daniel looked at his wife confused on where she is going. "You know honey after they are done eating what normally happens?"

Finally, he caught on and started to laugh. He got up from his seat and walked out of his office, followed by his wife and Rich. They slowly and quietly walked up the stairs and down the hall to the nursery. When they reached the door, they peaked in and could not believe what was going on in the room. It took every ounce in their body not to drop to the floor laughing at the scene that was unfolding.

Daniel Jr. and Carlos had Victoria on the changing table trying to get her diaper off. All the boys had their shirts over their noses, trying to help, but none of them knew what they were doing. It took a few minutes, but they finally got the diaper off, and when they did, all at once the boys stepped back, waving their hands in the air, making sounds.

Carlos was holding the diaper by his fingertips, looking around where he was supposed to toss it. He found the wastebasket near the changing table and tossed it in, and quickly closed the lid. Once that was rid of, he rejoined his brothers at the table and boy were they lost. None of them knew what to do next.

Josh yelled out to use the wipes first, but at the same time Brandon was yelling to take Victoria to the sink and put her butt in water. All the while as the boys were trying to figure out what to do next, Victoria laid there on the table looking up at her brothers laughing as she played with her feet.

Finally, after a couple minutes of going back and forth, they settled on taking the wipes and cleaning their sister's butt. Brandon picked up the box and tried to hand it to Carlos, but Carlos pushed it away. He tried to hand it to Josh, and once again, it got pushed away. When he looked up at Daniel Jr., he knew to not even try. Giving up, he opened the lid and pulled a couple of wet sheets out.

Putting his shirt over his nose, he lifted his sister's legs in the air and started to wipe her butt. Once he got it clean, Carlos grabbed the baby powder. He opened the lid, pointed it down at his sister's butt and started to shake the can, but nothing came out. He turned it upright and looked down at it as he squeezed the bottle. A puff of white power came out and hit him directly in the face, making the rest of the boys laugh, including their sister.

Wiping the powder off his face, Carlos pointed the bottle back down at his sister and squeezed it a couple of times. Just as they thought they were in the home stretch, they found how wrong they were. It was a lot harder for them to put the diaper on, than it was to take it off. As they finished, they put their sister back in her crib and started to clean up, but out of nowhere, they smelt the smell of dodo in the air.

Looking at themselves first, thinking they got some of their sister's poop on them. Once they were sure they got nothing on themselves, they looked over at Victoria. She was sitting there quietly playing with her toys. They then looked at their brother Abraham, and they knew it was him giving out the scent by the look on his face.

Daniel Jr. looked at his brothers and smiled. "Come on guys it can't be any harder than it was with Victoria. In fact, it should be a lot easier now that we kind of know what we are doing. So Josh why don't you grab Abraham and get the diaper off and the rest of us will split the other duties among us."

Josh hesitantly picked up his little brother and gently put him down on the changing table. He reached to the sides of the diaper and pulled the straps off. The diaper at that point just dropped off Abraham, which put a smile on Josh's face. He lifted him up and Cesar pulled the diaper completely off and tossed it in the wastebasket.

As he laid Abraham back on the table, Abraham held on to Josh's neck, not wanting to let go. Josh, with the help from Cesar, gently got Abraham to let go, but once he lay completely back on his back, Josh and Cesar were under attack. Abraham started peeing, but it was shooting straight up at Josh and Cesar, hitting them smack on the face.

Daniel Jr., Carlos and Brandon looked over to see what was going on, and when they saw that Abraham was peeing on their brothers, they started laughing. They were laughing so hard, they fell on the ground. At the same time, Daniel Sr., Barbara and Rich couldn't hold it in anymore! They cracked out laughing as they made their way into the room.

Barbara walked over to Josh grabbing a towel on the way and started to wipe his face off. She turned her attention over to Cesar as soon as she was done with Josh and did the same thing, as for their clothes; there was nothing, she could do about that.

"Why don't you boys head on over to your room, grab some clean clothes and take a shower." She said between laughs. "Unless you want to walk around the house the rest of the evening with the gift your brother gave you. He seems to be very pleased on what he just did." They all looked at Abraham and saw he had a big smile on his face.

"If it's okay with you guys, I think we would like to go and clean up. There is no way I want to walk around the house the rest of the evening smelling like pee." Josh looked at his brothers with a stern face, but couldn't hold it. A few seconds looking at them laughing, he cracked up laughing as well.

He and Cesar left the rest of the changing to their brothers and headed to their room. Carefully not to touch anything with their wet clothes, they grabbed a clean set of clothes and jumped in the shower together. A few minutes later they stepped out, dried off, got dressed and went back downstairs to join their brothers.

As they passed the sitting room, they looked in and found their little brother and sister sitting there on the floor playing with their toys. Their dad and mother were sitting on the couch together, every couple of minutes looking down at the twins.

Josh was about to walk away when he saw Abraham look at him and had a weird smile on his face. It was if he was trying to say I got you. Josh smiled back at him and put his fingers in a cross playfully. That got Abraham laughing, which got Barbara's and Daniel's attention. They looked over their shoulders to where Abraham was looking and saw Josh playing at the door with his younger brother.

Daniel smiled at Josh and turned back to what he was doing, work that Rich brought with him from Austin. Josh stayed at the doorway and played with his younger brother for a couple more minutes before heading down to the theater room where his other brothers are watching movies.

They spent the rest of the evening watching movies. The only time they left the theater room was when they were called up for dinner, but right after they finished eating they went back to continue the movies they put on pause. By nine, they were all making their way to their rooms to get ready to go back to school.

The next morning, Garrett and his mother were at the school district for an emergency meeting that Garrett's mother was able to get. They did not have to wait long. Since it was not a regularly scheduled meeting, they convened it when they normally were in their morning meetings, going over what they had to do through the day.

The superintendent of the El Paso School district quickly called the meeting into order. He then called Garrett and his mother forward to discuss why they felt what Principal Michaels did was unjust. When they sat down at the desk in front of the board, Mrs. Buchanan started to speak in to the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the school board thank you for taking this meeting with me this morning. I know you already have a full day ahead of you and adding another meeting to your schedule is not helping any, but again, thank you." Mrs. Buchanan cleared her throat as she looked at each member of the school board.

"The reason I asked for this meeting this morning is because the principal at my son's high school, Principal Michaels, El Paso High School, has a personal vendetta against my son. He expelled my son for no real reason on Tuesday and I am here to ask you to overturn his decision and put my son back at El Paso High."

The board just looked at Mrs. Buchanan, catching her by surprise. She thought that she was going to get questions right off the bat, but did not get any. She figured that they were still half-asleep and went on with her prepared speech.

"My son simply said a few words to another student at the school and because of whom that student is, Principal Michaels expelled my son. I am not saying that my son was not wrong here, but what he did was not bad enough that it warranted him to be expelled. I am asking this school board once again to overturn Principal Michael's decision in this matter. In addition to that, this school board should at least suspend him without pay to send a clear message that this kind of discipline will not be tolerated."

"Mrs. Buchanan you say Principal Michaels was picking on your son and expelled him with really no good reason. You don't think this student file has any reason for what he did." One of the school board members held up Garrett's file. "It is as thick as a bible. I think Principal Michaels; wait scratch that, I know Principal Michaels was fair here.

I am getting sick and tired of parents running here kicking up a storm over what Principal Michaels or any of our principals do to their child when they did wrong. You son was wrong ma'am, not only for Tuesdays incident, but many, many more. I don't see a thing that warrants us to step in and over turn Principal Michael's decision in this matter."

"Hold on just a minute, let's not rush to any decision yet." The superintendent interrupted his fellow board member. "Let's ask a few questions and let them answer. Once we get the answers to the questions we have, then we make our decision on what we should and should not do in this matter.

Now ma'am you say he was unfair to your son, how do you come to that conclusion?"

"Well sir, first of all my son was wrong by saying what he did, but those were just words. The other kid in question, who wasn't even pulled into the office by the way, was the one that took it further than words. He is the one that took it to the physical level and it got to the point his security agents pushed my son all the way to the end of the hall, and hurt him. You guys are lucky I am not suing for that. All I am asking is to undo the wrong that has been done here."

"Let's not go there with the court. There is no need for all that. We have gotten a few complaints concerning the security at El Paso high and how tight it is. That is something we are working on right now to get corrected. That will happen in the next couple of days. For this meeting let's stay on point, which is your son."

The superintendent looked over at Garrett. "You mother had been doing all the talking here, but it should be you since it is you that needs to get back into school. Tell this board what Joshua Lopez did when you spoke those words to him please."

"Well he turned around and walked up to me and my friends. I tried to take back what I had said by apologizing to him, but he wouldn't hear any of that. Before I could finish my apology his fist came flying at my face. I moved in time and begged him to stop, but again he wouldn't hear of it.

Before I knew it, he came after me and just started punching me. His security detail walked up and I thought thank God, they are going to pull this crazy kid off me, but I was wrong. They instead pulled me up from the floor and pushed me all the way back against the wall, slamming me really hard. The agent that was holding me hit me a couple times and then twisted my arm as the other agents walked up. That is when Principal Michaels arrived and took over everything."

"Do you and the other students at El Paso High think that Principal Michaels has handed over control of his school to the governor and his security staff?"

"Come on, Principal Michaels and the governor are not the ones here that started the whole thing that resulted in this young man being expelled. He can't answer that question and he should have not have been asked it. He is a student at that school, or was, and doesn't know what is going on in the back end. That school needs to have the kind of security it has due to the students that are going there."

"No sir it does not. If the governor wants his kids to go to public school, he then should send him to another school district in this city. He can pick from several others. They can afford the expense that it is taking us to secure that school. Putting that aside, the agents that are assigned at that school are over using their power and hurting the students there. We have one right in front of us that is testifying to the abuse at their hands."

"Bullshit and you know the words that are coming out of your mouth are just that, bullshit. This kid is clearly lying to us, and a blind person can see that. He is lying through his teeth just to get back to school and I will not have any part of that." The only friend Principal Michaels has on the board looked over at Garrett and put the kid on the spot by asking him to take a lie detector test.

"There is no way I am going to allow that. My son is not lying and I am tired of hearing you say that sir. If you continue down this line, I will leave here and go straight to my attorney's office. Before the day is up, you will be served with a multimillion dollar lawsuit." Mrs. Buchanan got up to leave, but the superintendent stopped her.

"Ma'am again there is no need for any of that. Let's all settle down here and decide what we are going to do in this matter." The superintendent called his board members around him and they discussed the matter for a few minutes quietly before breaking and returning to their seats. "The board decided, with one member against, to reinstate your son back to El Paso High School, effective immediately. Furthermore, we are going to take care of the security issues at the school as soon as we adjourn this meeting."

Mrs. Buchanan had no comment to say. She got what she came for and was thrilled with the outcome. As she and her son up got from the table and started their way out of the boardroom, she looked back at Principal Michael's friend on the board and gave him a dirty look. She knew that it was him that voted against letting her son back into El Paso High and for that she is going to make it her life mission to get him off the board.

Once Mrs. Buchanan walked out and the double doors closed, the superintendent called El Paso high school and demanded to speak with Principal Michaels. Less than a minute later, Principal Michaels got on the line, and was greeted with hostility.

"We are getting very tired over here of cleaning up your mess. Mrs. Buchanan was just here with her son threatening a lawsuit against you, El Paso High School and the school district. You know as well as we do how you became the principal over there. Just like the one before you, we will remove you if we are sued and the lawsuit is won."

"Sir, I really have no idea what you are talking about here. Garrett Buchanan has been a trouble maker at my school from the first day as a freshman. His teachers have had enough of him and plainly, I have as well. He disturbs his classes and just makes trouble here at this school every minute he is here. Mark my words; if that kid doesn't get some discipline soon, he is going to push it to the boundaries and then some. Whoever is in his path when that happens will probably not make it out alive."

"I don't care at this moment what you think might happen. All I care about is what has happened and what we were being threatened if we didn't act. Garrett Buchanan will be back in school first thing tomorrow and I am ordering you to stay away from him. I do not need him going home and telling his mother that you are picking on him."

"Sir I don't agree with your decision on this matter. This kid is going to be trouble I know it and I don't want that trouble in this school."

"Damn it! I don't care what you want and what you do not want. If you don't obey what I am telling you to do, I will fire you. Garrett will be back at your school tomorrow and I don't want to hear another word about it. Is that understood?" Principal Michaels reluctantly agreed with the superintendent.

"Now that we got that out of the way, let's move on to the security issues at your school." The superintendent went into detail on what Garrett told them on what Josh's security did to him. Principal Michaels tried to object, but his boss would not allow him to. In the superintendent's mind, Garrett was not lying and changes must be made.

"As of this moment you are going to take over all security of your school. The governor's security details are just guests at our school and must take orders from your head of security. They can no longer carry guns on school grounds, deal with our students in any way or be in the classrooms like they are."

"The governor is not going to allow these changes. He is going to..."

"I don't care what the governor is going to do or accept. He does not have the right to tell us how to deal with security at our schools. It is way too tight and it needs to be lightened up. These kids are not at reform school and shouldn't be treated like that. Your school will return to the way it was before you allowed the governor and his people to make decisions for you. If he does not like it, he can always pull his kids out."

Being careful on how he spoke, Principal Michaels chose his words wisely. "I will notify the governor the minute we get off the phone of these changes you want me to put in effect. If he has objections, I will send him your way to clear those objections up. As you said, you are the one making calls on this.

On a personal note, if you don't want to be sued, you'd better stop threatening that you are going to fire me. I have not done anything wrong and if those words come out of your mouth again, you don't have to worry about Mrs. Buchanan suing you, because I will be doing so. I am tired of you treating me the way you have been since I took this job. I earned it and I deserve this position and until the day I break the law or the rules of this district, you can't take it away from me."

Principal Michaels was about to hang up the phone when he remembered something that he wanted to say. "One last thing, remember this day. Mark it down on your calendars because when things hit the fan, I will be out talking to the press telling them it was you sir that made the changes with the security. You'd better hope nothing really bad happens because of your changes. If it does, you are the one that will be out of a job. Also there is no doubt in my mind this is not the last we hear from Garrett."

Principal Michaels slammed his receiver down and waited a few minutes before asking his secretaries to call the governor. When he did place the call, he got right through to the governor. He explained what had happened, which didn't make the governor happy at all. As promised, he told the governor there was nothing he could do at this point and then gave Daniel Sr. the superintendent's personal office number before hanging up.

Meanwhile, the bell rang ending lunch. Josh, Cesar and his friends made their way to their lockers. On the way, the Principal Michaels pulled aside Russ to speak with him for a few minutes. By the time Josh and Cesar got what they needed from their lockers, Principal Michaels was done speaking with Russ and was heading back to his office when something came over the radio that made him turn around.

He walked up to Josh and asked him to follow him to his office. Josh looked at Cesar and then over to Russ, but neither had any idea what was going on. They had the same look on their faces, confusement. Josh kissed Cesar goodbye and headed off with Principal Michaels, followed by his security detail.

When they walked into the office, Josh was escorted to the conference room, getting a surprise he was not expecting. Standing there was George Strait in his normal Stetson white cowboy hat, dress cowboy shirt, Wranglers jeans and cowboy boots. He made his way towards Josh with his hand extended. Josh took it with a big smile on his face.

"I am sorry for just popping up on you like this Josh, but I was passing through and decided to stop in and see how things are going for the concert. Also I wanted to tell you in person that I have already got us the use of the UTEP Center for January 30th, Friday. It took some doing, but I know we are going to sell the place out."

Josh laughed as he shook the hand of the man that is fast becoming his mentor. "Thank you for doing all this for us. I do not know if we can ever repay you for what you have done. It is really making the day of all the others on the Show Chorus. They have never met an actual famous person like you and they can't wait until the concert."

"Why should we make them wait any longer then?" George winked at Josh. "I'm already here, so why don't you take me to your class and introduce me to everyone. That way I can also tell them in person that things are moving on schedule with the concert and it's my honor to meet them. They are the future of the music industry and I hope to see them all on the road when they graduate high school."

"Sure I have no problem with you going down meeting the kids. In fact, it is a great idea." Principal Michaels smiled as he opened the door. "Why don't you let Josh go into the Show Chorus room and let the class know you are here and then you walk in, how does that sound to you sir?" George shook his head as he looked over at Josh.

"I thought your group was going to change your name since two singing groups in this school joined together."

"Yes we are, but we haven't yet decided on the new name. Hopefully when we walk in today, the name has been decided on." George looked at Josh a little confused on what he just said. "I was out yesterday at my mother's funeral, so I have no idea if Mr. Franklin and Mr. Edgar had already decided on the name since Monday."

George understood now why Josh didn't know if the name had been decided on. He walked aside Josh asking him about the history of the school. He had never seen a school built the way El Paso High was and he's interested on how it was put together. By the time they got to the fourth floor and to the door of the old auditorium, Josh told George everything he knew about school, ending it with its nickname, The Lady on The Hill.

Josh left George in the hallway with Principal Michaels while he went in to let everyone know about their special guest. Josh walked up to Mr. Franklin and whispered in his ear who was standing outside. All his classmates looked on, thinking that Josh was explaining to their instructor why he was late, but when Mr. Franklin jumped out his seat really fast, they knew that wasn't it.

They have never seen Franklin move that quickly, but he surprised them on his speed as he made his way to the door. The only time he stopped was when he whispered something to Mr. Edgar, and he as well moved quickly behind Franklin and Josh. They walked out the door, closing it behind them.

"Mr. Strait what an honor it is to meet you in person." Mr. Franklin extended his hand and George took it, followed by Mr. Edgar saying the same thing as they shook hands. "The students are going to be overwhelmed with your visit. Ever since Josh told us about your offer that is all they have been talking about."

"Well as I told Josh on our way up here, it is my honor to be here talking with your students." George once again looked at Josh and winked at him. "If you guys don't mind, I would like to a take a few minutes with Josh before he introduces me to the class." Mr. Franklin, Edgar and Michaels agreed, and walked into the auditorium, leaving only Josh, George and security in the hall.

Russ pushed the agents away to give Josh some privacy. "Josh while you were informing your instructors that I was here. Principal Michaels was telling about what the school board is doing. I suggested to him that some of the money we make with this concert is put towards the cost of the security at this school. What do you think?"

"I think it's a good idea, but I don't want any special favors here. The school board has had a problem with the increase of security at the school from day one. They have been looking for an excuse to drop the increase of security, but haven't found one. At the same time, neither me nor my brothers plan to give them that excuse."

George knew Josh had no idea the school board had found their excuse. He dropped the subject because he didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. Josh thanked him again for his offer before walking into the auditorium. His fellow classmates just looked at him as he made his way to the middle of the stage.

"If you guys are like me, you are excited about the concert at the end of the month with George Strait." The class broke out in a huge roar. "Well then you are going to love what is about to happen. Standing outside that door is the man none of us can wait to perform with. Let's give a huge welcome to the great George Strait."

At first, the class didn't believe that George Strait was standing outside their classroom, but when the door opened and he walked in, they jumped to their feet. They started cheering and yelling out his name so loud, it actually echoed down the hall, disturbing the other classes on the floor. The other classes looked at their doors wondering what was going on. A couple of teachers walked out of their classrooms to see if they could see anything, but they couldn't see a thing.

As soon as the students settled down, George started to talk. "First I am honored to be here today and to sing in concert with you guys the last Friday of this month. When I got here, I informed Josh that I had rented the UTEP center for us to have the concert. The city doesn't think we will fill the seats, but I know we are going to prove them wrong."

The class started to cheer again. "All right, now I understand that this class is made up of two singing groups." George looked over at Josh as he said the names. "One of you is the Show Chorus and the other group is the Glee Club. My question to you guys is have you figured out what name you are going to now call yourselves?"

Mr. Franklin stood up and walked over to the middle of the stage. "There were close to a hundred names submitted between everyone here. Mr. Edgar and I have nailed It down to the best three and were waiting for Josh to come back so we can pull the name out of hat. Since you are here, I was wondering if you would do us the honor of pulling the name."

"Not only would I be honored, I'll let you use my hat." George took off his hat and handed it to Mr. Franklin. The girls in the classroom went gaga over seeing George without his hat on. They always thought he was bald underneath, at least most of them did, but he isn't. He has a full head of black hair.

Mr. Franklin walked over to his desk and pulled out a sheet of paper that he has the three names he and Mr. Edgar chose. He wrote the names on a paper, and then tore the paper into three, each piece having a name. Once he folded the papers evenly, he put them in the cowboy hat and walked back over to George.

"Okay in the hat are the three names Mr. Edgar and I have chosen. Once George, pulls the name out of the hat that is going to be our new name. I don't want to hear any of you ask him to choose again, okay?" Mr. Franklin looked at each of his students and they all were making the same motion, shaking their heads.

He then turned his attention to George and put his hat in front of him. George put his hand in the hat and started to mix up the three sheets of paper. After a minute or so of mixing up the sheets, he pulled out one of them. Before he opened it, he looked out at the students and saw they were about to jump out of their clothes.

"The new name of your singing group is..." George again looked out at the students, teasing them with a delay. "Drum roll someone please." Several of the students tried to make drum sounds with their voices. "From this day forward, you are going to be known as 'Los Tigres'." The class jumped up applauding, which told everyone on the stage they like their new name.

"Okay everyone let's settle down and show Mr. Strait here what we have been working on for the concert?" Mr. Franklin yelled over the applause.

"Mr. Franklin if you don't mind, I would like if it is possible to have a warm up concert with the student body here. I know it's short notice, but this school has to have a gym or another room like this that can fit all the students that attend this school." Mr. Franklin looked over at Principal Michaels.

"We have over two thousand kids that attend this school. There is no room in this school to fit them all at once. Our best choice to have this warm up concert is on the football field." Principal Michaels looked at his watch. "There is about fifteen minutes left of fourth period, which gives us two hours before school is out. Take an hour of that to set up the field really quickly and the last hour to have the concert how does that sound Mr. Strait."

"That sounds great to me, if you can do it?" Principal Michaels nodded his head as he headed to the door. The class once again started to cheer, but the cheer didn't last long this time. They started to remember that they have not really had that much time to work on the new songs, and they don't have any of that down yet. None of them wants to go in front of their fellow students and make fools of themselves.

George saw their faces and knew what they were thinking. "What, you all have been back to school a week at the most." All at once, the students said yes. "That isn't enough time to get a new routine down to perform. What I suggest you guys do is perform something that you have done in the past together, how does that sound."

The students agreed with George and Mr. Franklin and Edgar had no problem with that as well. While the instructors went to their desks to pull out what they have done in the past, George walked over to Josh who was talking with several of his classmates.

"Josh, can I speak with you for a few minutes please?" Josh nodded his head and followed George to the far side of the room. "First before I say anything else, thank you for sending me your completed CD. If you don't mind, I would like to send it to my record label and get them to sign you up. Your CD will do the talking, which means there will be no need for me to say a word, what do you say?"

Josh really had no idea what to say to George's question. He didn't expect him to be here today, more so offer him a chance to actually get a label to pick him up. All his thoughts were just running rampant in his head, he didn't know if he was coming or going. Close to a minute of silence, Josh found his tongue.

"That would be cool sir, thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing for me. I really don't know what to say than what I have already. Thank you, I..."

"There is no need to thank me Josh. I see myself in you when I was younger and first starting out. I wish I had someone to show me the ropes, maybe then I wouldn't have made as many mistakes as I did. I want to be that person for you. I want to make sure you don't make the same mistakes I did when you take this singing on as your career, because I know if you do this for a career, you will go very far."

Josh turned all shades of red. "Now if I have embarrassed you enough, let's move onto the other reason I pulled you to the side. All the songs on your CD hit me one way or another, but there were a few that were just excellent. If you don't mind, can you sing one of those songs here today during the warm up concert."

Josh nodded, at the same time wondering what song it was. "I think the song `My Heart Has a History' would hit so many of your classmates as it hit me. That is the song I would like you to sing if possible." Josh once again nodded. "Good that part is settled. There is another favor, I would like to ask you to do for me.

There is a song Alan Jackson and I did called `Murder on Music Row' recently and I was wondering if you would sing the Alan Jackson part of the song with me."

Josh heard the song before, but he never thought George would ever ask him to sing the song with him. "Sure I will, but I will need a little time before the concert to memorize the lyrics. I'll need to talk to Principal Michaels to see if I could be excused from fifth period along with sixth period class."

Mr. Franklin walked up at that moment. "There is no need for you to talk with Principal Michaels on getting out of your last two periods. He just called down and told me that he already excused everyone in this class from their last two periods in order to get ready for the concert. So why don't you take this time and go off with George and get the song right so we give the students here a very good show this afternoon."

Josh thanked Mr. Franklin before turning his attention back to George. They walked out of the class and quickly made their way down to the large auditorium on the first floor. They almost ran because they didn't want to get caught in the halls when the bell rang and they barely made it.

Thirty minutes into fifth period, Principal Michaels got on the intercom and announced that there was going to be an emergency assembly and he needed them to follow his instructions to the T. He first told them where the assembly was going to take place and then he explained how he wanted the classes to make their way to the football field. Starting on the first floor, he called out one classroom at a time. It did not take him long to go from the first floor all way to the fourth floor. When he was done, he had ten minutes to spare, which was Los Tigres cue to make their way to the field.

Josh and George were the last to show. When Josh walked up, Mr. Franklin took him to the side and told him what they were singing. He had one solo performance with Los Tigres, two other songs as a group, then George will sing, and he will close off the concert. Before agreeing with it, he ran it past George. When George gave thumbs up on it, Josh went back to Mr. Franklin and told him it is all good.

Just then, Principal Michaels walked up to the microphone. He waited, until all the bells rang, once the final bell sounded, he began to speak. "The reason I called this emergency assembly is to give you guys a treat. We have back stage a special guest that will be introduced to you by Los Tigres."

The students had no idea who Los Tigres were and Principal Michaels knew that. He quickly explained what happened with the Glee Club and the Show Chorus before he brought them onto the stage. They performed the songs they did in their last performance, which brought the students to their feet.

When they completed their group songs, Josh walked to the front of the stage and did his solo song with Los Tigres. When he was done, he brought the students to their feet. It took a few minutes, but they settled down. Allowing Josh to introduce George Strait.

"The last Friday of this month we are going to have a concert at the UTEP Center with the great George Strait." The students broke into applause. "Today is just a warm up to that concert, which we hope you all come and watch." Once again, the students rose up from their seats and applauded. "Without further ado, I'm honored to bring out the next performer of this afternoon, the great George Strait."

The students were stunned when they heard the name, but when the music started to play and George Strait made his way onto the stage with his guitar strapped on his shoulders, the students got up and went wild. Knowing that he had no time to spare, he went right into his songs, keeping the students on their feet. By the time he started his third song, Los Tigres made their way to their seats, all except Josh.

When George finished his fourth song, the music for `Music on Murder Row' started to play. George started to sing and a quarter way through the song, Josh made his way back on the stage with one of George Strait's guitars, getting the students on their feet again. Not missing a beat, Josh jumped in where he was supposed to and sang the song with George as if they had been singing the song together for years.

When it ended, they both stepped back from their microphones and pointed to each other as the students applauded. When they settled down, George walked back up to the microphone and informed the students that Josh was going to sing the last song of the show. The stadium went quiet as Josh walked back up to the microphone and the band started to play one of his own songs, `My Heart Has a History".

All the eyes in the stadium were on Josh as the music started to sing. Cesar knew right off the bat what song it was, so did his brothers and friends. Originally, the song was thought up when Josh broke up with Chris and first got together with Cesar. He had a history and hoped that Cesar understood that and knew that given a chance, he would love him as much, if not more, than he loved Chris.

My heart has a history
Of hurtin' those who mean the most to me
Before you get too close to me
I think you oughta know
While other hearts are holdin' on
While other loves are growin' strong
My heart has a history of lettin' go

Josh looked at Cesar and sang this next verse directly to him, but it felt like to everyone else in the stadium Josh was singing the song to them. They felt the love he has for Cesar and could see it in his eyes as well as he sang the song.


The first time I looked into your eyes
I knew this moment would arrive
I got a feelin' you're the one
But my heart keeps tryin' to turn and run
The problem is this happens every time


Turning a little to Cesar's left was Chris, which Josh looked straight into his eyes and continued to sing the song. He has always felt bad on how things ended between them, and always wondered if he would have given Chris more time, would things be different. Then he always remembered Cesar and never wished for any of it to change. He cares for Chris, but he is madly in love with Cesar and that will never change.

My heart has a history
Of hurtin' those who mean the most to me
Before you get too close to me
I think you oughta know
While other hearts are holdin' on
While other loves are growin' strong
My heart has a history of lettin' go

If we can take this one kiss at a time
Maybe we can tame this heart of mine
I'm telling you the cold, hard truth
I ain't ever been loved by the likes of you
And I ain't ever had this much on the line, but


By this point every student and teacher knew who this song was written for. The two guys in his life, which each part matched each of them. They listened and for many of them that have been through what Josh has been through, this song hits them right at home. They all have a history of hurting those that mean the most to them and they knew they were doing it, but couldn't stop themselves from doing it.


My heart has a history
Of hurtin' those who mean the most to me
Before you get too close to me
I think you oughta know
While other hearts are holdin' on
While other loves are growin' strong
My heart has a history of lettin' go

Yeah, my heart has a history of lettin' go.


As soon as Josh finished, the student body were on their feet applauding Josh's performance. Many of them had tears in their eyes. The guys tried to hide the tears, but the girls let their tears show as if it was a badge of courage.

Los Tigres made their way onto the stage, followed by George Strait. They all stood there taking their bows as the students were still on their feet applauding. They started to chant two names, which neither of the names was Los Tigres. It was Josh and George Strait. Their chants were so loud; no one heard the bell ring, ending the school day.

Josh stood there arm and arm with George Strait and another Los Tigres member looking out at everyone. He got lost in his mind for a few moments thinking how he could get used to all this. How he could do this for a living and love doing it. It would be a good life. A life that he wouldn't trade for anything.



{Hello, one and all. Welcome back to another exciting filled chapter of "Shadow of My Father". This chapter was filled with a lot of excitement, it was hard for me to find a stopping point. I hated where I stopped the chapter, but I had to stop it so I can start the next one and you guys aren't kept for hours and hours in this one.

It started out a little interesting when the Lopez family left the funeral. Daniel Sr. as always, concerned about his kids so he checked in with them and made sure they were all doing fine. Although they say they are doing fine, I think something might come out of what was said at the funeral towards Josh and his father. Not physical, like a fight of some kind, but something. Josh is a strong guy, but come on. The poor kid keeps getting knocked down every time he turns around.

A one on one talk followed up that talk, between Daniel Sr. and Josh. Daniel Sr. is concerned about Josh and wants to make sure he doesn't turn out like his mother. We don't need a male version of Martha down the line. I don't think that is going to happen since Josh does have his head screwed on right.

Boy o boy what can I say about what was going on at the old house except WOW! What balls the family of Martha has. First, one of her family members demanded for Rich to leave when he walked in. Come on he is one of the faces of Daniel's administration. He knew whom he was talking to. No question about it.

Second, what did Martha's family think they were doing when they approached Rich and tried to get rid of him? Rich is not dumb. Heck he is the one that helped get the governor elected. There is no way they would have pulled anything over his eyes, anything. I am glad how everything there ended up.

Finally, Josh's old room, what is up with that? None of us got to see what was said on the walls, in this chapter, but who knows maybe in the future it will come out. Remember ladies and gentlemen, there are those pictures. Although Barbara asked to have them destroyed, sometimes that never happens.

The school board what can I say about them except what they did should have not been a surprise to any of us. They seem to not like Principal Michaels, yet, they went to him when the old principal was fired to fix the school. Now they are trying to tie his hands, Monday morning quarter backing him. Many of you wondered how Ashton got into the school two months later, well this is how, the school board had the security downsized by a lot. It caused problems just months later if you are keeping up with all four of my stories.

Talking about stories, we now know how Garrett landed up being in school to hurt Davey again two months later, the school board. You all know what is going on there because you have been keeping up with "Rebirth", by Trevor. If you have not, please go on over to Rebirth and see what is going on over there as well.

What a surprise the kids in the former Glee Club and Show Chorus got with the visit of George Strait. I know none of them didn't believe what Josh said, but with George's visit, it confirmed it. They all met George Strait in person, and what an experience that must have been for them.

Although I haven't met George Strait in person, he just strikes me as a person as I am writing him out to be in my story. A man that will nurture an up and coming artist to make that artist the best he or she could be. After all he is now the King of Country Music. He didn't get that title for just standing out on the stage in those Wrangler pants and Stetson cowboy hats.

Finally, the ending of the chapter, what about that warm up concert? We now know the new name of El Paso High Singing group, Los Tigres. The name came from one of my readers, thank you to that reader for his suggestion for the name and to all the readers that sent me suggestions for the new name. I am not going to give the name of the reader that gave me the suggestion because I have not gotten his permission, but he knows who he is and please after reading this, let me know if I can let everyone know it was you, at least first name only. Thanks again and I hope all my readers keep giving me suggestions for my stories.

I love how things unfolded in this concert with Los Tigres singing first, then George Strait, George and Josh together and finally Josh closing off the show. I'm glad to see that George did the show free of charge. And I don't know about you, I love the song Josh sang. It showed off his low voice and it explains how he was feeling at the time when he and Chris broke up and when he got together with Cesar.

The original singer to `My Heart Has a History' is Paul Brandt. He is a country singer from Canada, who has won many awards. I love his voice from the first moment I heard him. I ran out to the store to buy his CD, which I played over and over again. I have not seen his music here in the states for a while, but I know he is still singing since I have seen a lot of his songs on YouTube. Paul send your CD'S to the states for your fans here in the states please!

So much going on in this story, with not enough paper to write it all on! I know if I forgot anything in my writer's corner about this chapter, Trevor will take care of it in his corner. There are still a lot of open plots out there that I have not even touched on, and many more new plots are to come. I hope that you all did not forget about any of those plots, and if you did, well then it will be a lot of fun when they come back up again. So hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman, the ride is just beginning!

I could stay here all day long, with all the open plots already in this story, but I will not. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacob@jacobmillertex.com, Thanks!}



This chapter made me wonder in amazement, made me laugh and made me cry. I know many of you have said Shadow of my father is their favorite out of all of Jacob's stories and I'm inclined to agree.

When I was editing the bit were the boys were feeding and changing the twins I laughed so loud someone sitting two rooms away came to see what was going on.

That Dr. Buchanan and her boy Garrett are both nasty pieces of work. Which, you will already know if you have read my latest chapter of Rebirth. Rebirth is a few weeks in front of Shadow and we hope that doesn't confuse you.

Jacob mentioned not having met George Strait, but he imagines that he will be a hell of a nice guy. I work in radio here in Australia and a couple of years ago I interviewed Alan Jackson and he is one of the nicest guys around. Since then we have become fairly good friends and we chat on the phone from time to time and swap e mails. What I'm trying to say is most famous people in the entertainment industry are great people and from experience I can tell you country music entertainers are the friendliest.

I would love to be in the audience when Los Tigres and George perform, but I can't afford the air fare right now.

One other point I would like to mention. Have we heard the last of Martha's family? Somehow, I don't think so.

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Hugs Trevor