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Chapter 9


Patrick and Immanuel were able to sneak off to a different section of the stadium, away from their classes and sit together during the concert. They held hands and when Josh came out and sang his last song, it brought tears to Patrick's eyes. It felt like the majority of the song was written just for him.

Not knowing everything about Patrick's relationship with Frank, Immanuel didn't say a word to Patrick. He didn't want to put his foot in his mouth by saying the wrong thing, especially knowing what he knows about the man that shadows him all the time. So, he did what he could, and that is hold Patrick's hand, to be there if he was needed.

As soon as Josh finished, Patrick and Immanuel shot to their feet and stayed standing with the rest of the students applauding even after being told that the bell had rung and they are released for the day. George Strait, Josh and Los Tigres remained on the stage while their fellow students stayed. They just looked out to their friends and fellow classmates, astonished that they are refusing to leave.

George leaned over to Josh and spoke in his ear. "Look over at your right hand side." Josh looked over and at first did not understand what George wanted him to see. Then he saw it, several cameras were pointed at them and several more pointed at the students in the stadium. "You can't beat free press. I will take that any day over paying for it."

Josh started to laugh and agreed with George. "I wonder if they are aware of the concert at the end of the month, or just this one." Josh scratched his head. "Forget that for a minute, we should be asking who called these guys over. After all this performance was put together at the last minutes, so how did they find out?"

George shrugged his shoulders as he turned his attention back to the stadium. The students finally started to file out in an orderly fashion. That was Josh, George, and Los Tigres cue to exit off the stage. As they made their way back into the building, students were lined up with pen and paper in hand asking for George Strait's autograph. He gave the time of day each of the students that asked for an autograph. Not only did he sign what ever they asked him to sign, he talked with them for a couple of seconds.

Due to George talking with the students and signing autographs on his way, it took him and the others a lot longer to get into the building then it normally does. When they did finally got in, the halls were clear. Josh, Los Tigres and George went back to the smaller auditorium to wait out the students and anyone that may have come to see what all the hubbub was all about.

Meanwhile Principal Michaels stayed out on the top of the stairs of the stadium, in front of the main doors. The press gathered around him and he waited for all of them to settle in before saying word one. Once they all settled down and stopped asking Principal Michaels questions, he spoke in a commanding voice.

"Ladies and gentleman thank you all for coming on such a short notice. I am Principal Michaels, the principal of El Paso High School. Over the years, we have gotten our name of being the best high school in the city, and I take great pride in that. My teachers, staff and I stride everyday here at El Paso High School to continue to make this school the best, not only in the El Paso School District, but also in the state.

In the last year and a half, this school has been honored to have the children of our current governor enrolled here. We know due to them being here at this school, the security is a lot tighter here than in any high school in the city, and even the state. Some students and parents may take offense to this increase in security here. Some of them have even said that the security here is worse than in prisons and they are not sending their kids to school in a prison or reform school, which I agree. A couple of them have even threatened to sue the school, the school district and myself for this heightened security.

But, let me ask you, the great people of El Paso and those all over Texas. Wouldn't you rather have this kind of security around the children of the governor of our state? We all know there are plenty of crazy people out there that would like to do them harm just to get their five minutes of fame. It is sad, but the God's honest truth.

I am sorry to those students and parents that feel the security here is too tight, but as a father myself, I am glad my kids attend this high school right now. I can rest assured that my kids are safe when they to go school here and they will come home getting an education, not dodging bullies in the halls or gun fire in the streets.

I am sorry for going on like this. I know you came here to watch our Los Tigres perform with the great George Strait. The only reason I bring this issue up to your attention at this time is because it is at the forefront of a huge debate here at the high school and school district. I am asking the parents of the students here to call up the school district and tell them not to change the security at this school. It is already in place, and there is no difference in cost on running the security here at this high school than it is at any other high school. The burden of the higher cost is being paid by either the governor himself out of his own pocket, or concerts like the one we are going to have on the last Friday of this month.

On Friday, January 31 there is going to be a concert held at the UTEP Center. As of right now the concert performers are going to be those who you saw for free here this afternoon. The tickets will go on sale this coming Monday and I truly hope that every seat is sold. Some of the money is going to go towards paying for the heightened security here at the school, as well for other items, we are in dire need of, but don't have the funds. So please go to your nearest Ticket Master or to the UTEP Center and buy a ticket to the show." Principal Michaels cleared his throat and opened up for questions.

"Was this small concert planned or was it put together at the last minute?"

"You can answer that question on your own by how I started my comments this afternoon. I thank you guys for coming over with such a short notice. If this concert was planned out, we would have given you all more notice and had more than just the students of this school attending the concert, like the governor of Texas."

"Principal Michaels we have found out through sources at the El Paso School district that you were ordered to bring down the security level at this school. If that is true, are you planning to follow that order? Also have you notified the governor about this order or is he finding out about it by this news conference?"

"Boy do you all work fast on getting the scoop on things. I had hoped with my comments here this afternoon I would beat that story before it came out. The answers to your questions is yes I was ordered to bring the security of this school back to the way it was before the children of the governor started to attend here. And yes, I have already talked with the governor about it. Therefore, he is not finding out about this through the news conference we are having here today."

"Are you going to follow the orders or are you going to keep the security the way it stands right now Principal Michaels?"

"As I told the governor, I have no other choice but to follow the orders that are given to me by my boss. That is why I asked the parents of the students here to call up the school district and let them know this order is wrong and they must change it. Who knows what will happen without the heightened security here. Not only are the governor's kids in danger, but all the students here are too."

Principal Michaels fielded many more questions concerning what they have heard from the school board. The superintendent had already released a press statement, to be aired on the six o'clock and ten o'clock news about all the changes. Michaels walked a very thin line as he fielded the questions, but when it was all over and done with, he got his point out and felt that the change he has been ordered to do will be changed.

Before ending the press conference, Principal Michaels once again plugged the concert on January 31, asking viewers to quickly buy their tickets. When he walked into the building, the local channels summed up their reports and sent it back to the studio. The interview was the first story on the six o'clock news and ten, which made the governor happy.

While the principal was dealing with the press, George thanked the members of Los Tigres and told them he could not wait until they perform together again. After shaking each of their hands, Josh walked George out of the school to his convoy of cars. They stayed there talking for a few minutes, but they knew they had limited time.

"Josh I really hope that if my label does want to take you on, you will do it. If you do, I will be there every step of the way for you. Any questions, concerns or you just need someone to talk to, I will be there for you. Maybe in the summer you and I can tour together around the states, if of course the governor says it's okay."

Once again, George put a smile on Josh's face. "I do not see why my father won't say yes to me touring. The only request I have is that Cesar is able to go. I want him to enjoy every thing I am enjoying."

"That I have no problem with. You can bring who ever you want to on the tour. For the meantime, you get back into the recording studio in your spare time and get some more songs put away. I have a few more that have been sent to me that I think are right for you. I will send those your way as soon as I get home."

"George can I ask you one more question before you leave?" George nodded his head. "Do you think if your label picks me up they are going to want me to re-record my CD?" George looked at Josh a little confused. "You have heard it! It is nowhere near like yours. I think your label, or any label for that matter, will want me to get back into the studio and re-record the songs with a real band backing me up."

"Look, for it being your first CD and you recording it yourself, it is a great sounding CD. With that said, yes they will have you re-record every song with a real band backing you up. It won't take you that long to get done since you have already done it. You can knock out the songs in no time flat, so don't worry about that."

Josh thanked George again for making him a hero here at school as he shut his door to his car. "I had nothing to do on making you a hero here. That you were already, before I even came on the scene." George reached for and shook Josh's hand. "You take care young man and I will see you again in a couple of weeks, so be ready."

George waved at Josh as he rolled up his window and the car pulled away. Josh stood there watching George's car until it disappeared, thinking what a day he has had after one of the worst days in months. His mother's funeral was not the place he wanted to be, and more so with her family looking at him with dirty looks.

Then to make matters worse, he knew what they did at the old house. He didn't intend to listen in on his father's conversation the day before, but he ended up doing so. Originally, he went down to get Barbara to help him and his brothers out, but when he reached the office door, he heard his father talking loudly.

Being respectful, he stood at the door waiting for his father to stop speaking before he knocked, but his father never did. That is when he heard what was being said and couldn't believe it. When he heard them mention pictures, he wanted to see them really bad, but he was not about to sneak into his father's office like a thief in the night.

After hearing a few minutes of the conversation, Josh headed back up stairs. He had heard enough and felt bad for even hearing what he had, so there was no way he was going to listen into the rest of the conversation. If it is something he needs to know, he knows his father will take him to the side and talk with him in private.

As Josh stood there thinking, Patrick and Immanuel were making their way home. They stuck around with Bernice, Eric and the others as long as they could, but they had to get home. They had a lot of homework to do and they still wanted to spend a little time with each other before Immanuel had to get home in time for dinner.

When they walked into the house, Patrick was stunned on who was sitting in the living room with Father Gomez. He stood a few seconds at the entrance of the living room frozen. It took Father Gomez to bring him back when he stood up and walked over to him asking him why he hasn't said hello to his younger brother.

"I am sorry, um, I just didn't expect to see him sitting here on the couch when I walked in." Patrick walked over to his younger brother and pulled him into a hug. "I have been thinking a lot about you lately bro, how have you been?"

"I've been okay with everything that is going on." Antonio broke the hug and sat back down on the couch. "It looks like things have worked out okay for you since you left mom and dads house." Patrick sat down next to his brother while Father Gomez and Immanuel left them so they could talk by themselves.

"Why did you leave me with them Pat, why? You know how they are and when you left, they turned all their anger on me." Antonio tried to hold back his tears, but couldn't, they started to flow down the side of his face. "I tried to get away from them. I even ran off to Marlene's, but after a few weeks, she sent me back to mom and dads.

She felt I was getting in the way with her living her life. On top of that, she thought I was making most of things up on what mom and dad was doing to me. I begged her not to send me back, I even told her I would stay in the hall when ever she wanted me to, but she didn't want none of that. All she wanted is her freedom and with me being there, she felt tied down. Those were the last words she said to me when she sent me back."

"She has never had to deal with what you and I have to from mom and dad since she is their little baby girl. Not once did mom and dad raise their hand at her, but boy did they raise their hand at me." Patrick cleared his throat, barely holding it together.

"I never meant to leave you there to take what used to come to me. When I lived at home, I tried to keep you away from that part of them, and most of the time I was successful. Still, there were those times I wasn't and they really laid into you. Those days I really wanted to kill our parents, but something kept holding me back from doing that.

Antonio I really am sorry for what you had to go through in my absence. I should have known that, with not only me gone, but also the way I left, made it hell for you. I just couldn't live any longer in that house, I just couldn't. If I would have stayed in that house, I would have ended up either killing them, myself, or both."

"I know Pat and you don't need to apologize to me for anything. I would have probably done the same thing if I saw a way out like you did. That is why I am here today, asking you, begging you to help me. Help me get out of that house. I don't care where I go, just as long as I am not living at home with mom and dad."

Patrick had no idea what to tell his brother. He wants to help him, but he is not on his own and the house he is living in is not his. Therefore, he knows that he can't just invite his little brother to stay with him. Then a thought popped in his head, Josh's dad. Maybe if he could talk with Mr. Lopez, he might be able to help his brother.

For now though, he can't let his little brother go home. He got up from the couch and asked Antonio to stay there while he goes and talks with Father Gomez. Antonio nodded his head as he wiped the tears from his face. Patrick walked out of the living room, and went looking for Father Gomez. He found him in the kitchen with Immanuel.

"Sir, um I was wondering if I could ask you for, um, a favor. I know I don't have the right to ask this, but I don't have anyone else to go to tonight. Can my brother stay the night? He will not be a problem, I promise you. And tomorrow I will go and talk with Governor Lopez to see if he knows of a place where my brother can go."

Father Gomez turned around from the stove and looked Patrick in the eyes. "Of course you brother can stay here is long as he needs to. As far as you talking to the governor, there is no need. Between you and me, we would figure this whole thing out. Even if that means your little brother stays here. In fact, I'd rather have that than him being sent off somewhere else far away from his older brother."

Stunned with Father Gomez's answer, Patrick was able to get out the words thank you before heading back to his brother. When he walked back into the living room, Antonio hadn't moved from where he was. He looked up at his brother as Patrick walked over to him and sat back on the couch.

"Antonio I got permission from father Gomez to let you stay here while we figure this whole thing out." Antonio smiled for the first time. "If things go the way I think they are going to go, you are going to stay here at least until you graduate from high school. You are still going to high school aren't you?" Antonio shook his head no.

"Come on little bro, you know you need that if you ever want to really get away from mom and dad. First thing tomorrow morning we are going to register you at El Paso High and you are going to hang out with my friends and me. That way I can spend time with my little brother and make sure nothing happens to you anymore, okay?"

Antonio liked what he was hearing, but there was still one thing they have not figured out yet. "Everything sounds great, but what about my clothes they are all at moms and dads house. You know they are not going to let me walk in and just pack up my things and leave. Without clean clothes, I really can't do anything."

"Stand up little brother..." Antonio stood up, letting Patrick get a good look at him. He has had a growth spurt since the last time he saw his little brother, which has been almost seven months. He now stands as tall as he does, maybe a little bigger. His hair is jet black and shorter than his is, but it matches Antonio's face, which is not bad at all. Any one can tell by just looking at his little brother, that he treats his body like a temple.

He has a chiseled face, which matches the rest of his body from head to toe. By the looks of it, his little brother goes to the weight room or at least lifts some weights at home. How ever he does it, he is getting built. Right now the muscle on his body works for him. Hopefully, Patrick thinks, his brother doesn't go all crazy in the weight room.

"Antonio don't worry about clothes for now, mine should fit you." Patting his little brother on the back, Patrick started to walk out of the living room. "Follow me to my room so we can get you showered and ready for dinner." With a big smile on his face, Antonio followed Patrick up to his room.

After getting his brother a clean set of clothes, Patrick showed him where the bathroom was at and then headed down stairs. When he walked into the kitchen, he found Immanuel at the table already doing his homework. Feeling bad that their plans went to hell, he walked over and sat next to his boyfriend.

"I am sorry for everything that has happened tonight. We had plans, which we aren't going to get to at all."

Immanuel looked up from his books. "Don't worry about that Patrick. Neither of us knew that your brother was going to be here when we walked in. You need to take care of him and make sure he is safe. By the looks of it all, he hasn't had a good night sleep in a while. Has he been living in the streets by any chance?"

"I really don't know the answer to that and I don't plan to ask Antonio if he has been living in the streets. All that matters now is that he is here, safe and I plan to keep it that way. I left him in that house of hell, and now that he is out of there, there is no way I plan to let him go back. He is my little brother I am the one that should be looking out for him from those that want to harm him, including our parents."

"I understand all that Patrick, but I am worried about your parents. They lost you to Father Gomez. They are not going to lose their other son to him as well. With what I have seen with my own eyes, they are crazy. Please be careful when you deal with them. In fact, don't deal with them at all, let Father Gomez do it."

Patrick agreed with Immanuel and quickly changed the subject to what they need to do as far as homework. As soon as they finished up with their homework, they headed up stairs to check on Antonio. Just as they walked into the room, Father Gomez yelled up to them that it was dinnertime.

Neither Patrick nor Immanuel wanted it to be so, but when they heard Father Gomez say it for the second time, they knew it was. Patrick looked over at Antonio and waved at him to follow. He got up from the bed and followed his brother and Immanuel, who he has not met. When they got down stairs, Patrick realized that.

"Hey little bro I want you to meet Immanuel, Immanuel meet my little brother Antonio. Please don't shorten his name, he doesn't like that." All three guys started to laugh as Antonio and Immanuel shook hands.

"Are you my brother's new boyfriend?" Immanuel stunned on the bluntness of the question. He looked over to Patrick for help, but all he got from him was a creepy smile, which spooked him even more. Looking back over at Antonio, Immanuel cleared his throat and spoke softly, uncommon for him to do.

"Yes, your brother and I are boyfriends; I hope you are okay with that?" Antonio just looked at Immanuel, not showing any emotion. "I know you probably really liked Frank and I don't want you to think I am trying to replace him in any way. All I ask is that you give me a chance and if you do, you will see that I am not a bad person."

Shaking his head, Antonio extended his hand out. "If my brother sees something in you, then there must be something there. Just let me say one thing; don't hurt him in anyway. I may be his younger brother, but I can take you on if I have to. Patrick has been there when I needed him, and I will be there when he needs me. That includes guys that break his heart." Antonio shook Immanuel's hand and stepped to the side.

Patrick smiled at his younger brother before walking out the door with his boyfriend. A few minutes later, he walked back in. Together they walked to the kitchen, and were greeted with smiling faces. Right away Bernice accepted Antonio as part of her extended family before they started eating dinner.

At the Lopez house, they had just finished dinner and were called into the sitting room by Daniel Sr. Reluctantly they all followed their father knowing what ever he has to talk about is not good. They sat down in their normal spots and waited for their father to speak. He just looked at the boys for a few minutes with a look that they have never seen on his face before. That look got them to worry a little more.

"Boys first I need to let you know what is going on at your school. The school board ruled today that the security at the school is way too tight and wants it brought down some. Until I get a chance to talk with the school board, I have no other choice but to do as they asked. That doesn't mean you guys are in danger in anyway.

What it means is that the security detail around you guys is the only security that is going to be there. All the extra security that has been posted around the school is going to get pulled out for now. The school will have their school security still, but nothing like it has been since I got elected.

I have already talked with Mr. Benedict about these changes and his has assured me that you guys will be safe with the security detail around you. No one will get close enough to you guys to do you harm. At the same time, there are going to have be a few changes in your routine in order to make sure it stays that way."

Daniel Sr. handed his sons a piece of paper that has all the changes on it. As the boys skimmed through the changes, they could not believe what they couldn't do anymore. They cannot go outside of the school at anytime except when they are arriving for school and when they are leaving.

"Dad come on, this limits us to only being inside the school, and that is not fair." Daniel Jr. spoke first. "My friends like to be outside when ever they can, and so do I. When we are done eating, we always go out to the field and talk about things. You are taking that away and I know for sure my friends won't want to stay in the building with me and the nerds in the library."

"I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do about this for now. By the request of the school board, I have to pull out all the extra security around the school. That means the sharp shooters on the rooftops and extra security on the streets and in the halls must go. Without those being in place, Mr. Benedict can't keep you guys safe outside from those that can shoot, and will try and shoot you from a nearby roof top or mountain."

Josh jumped up from his seat. "Wait a minute dad, the school district can't keep you from putting security on the streets or the Monument Hill. Those areas are not under their jurisdiction to say what can and can't be done there, it is the cities. To tell you the truth, I don't think they even have the right to ask you what they asked you to do in the school since the school is funded by tax payer's dollars."

Daniel Sr. looked over to Mr. Benedict, who just shrugged his shoulders. "You are right on the street and Monument Hill. Therefore, we are going to keep security in place there, but for now, the field is off limits until one of two things happens.

Either we find out you are right Josh that the school board doesn't have the right to request us to remove the security from the school grounds, or I talk with them to change their minds. Until one or the other happens, you boys are going to have to listen to your security detail even more. Since we are going to be able to keep security on the streets and on Monument Hill, I don't see why you guys can't go outside."

The governor looked over to Mr. Benedict to see what he thought. He gave thumbs up, which Daniel Sr. took that there was no objection to what he had just said. At the same time, Josh, Cesar and his brothers were celebrating their win. They were hi-fiving each other and smiling, which didn't last.

"Boys, boys don't celebrate until you hear everything I have to say." The room got quiet instantly. "You guys can go outside like you are doing right now, but if the security sees a threat, you must do as they say without any objection. If you guys object even once, no matter if it was a false alarm, these original procedures will go back into effect."

Daniel Sr. held up a copy of what he gave the boys and pointed to it. They all shook their heads at once before turning their attention to each other with big smiles on their faces. Thanks to Josh, they are still allowed to go outside. Yes, with some restrictions, but that is fine with them as long as they are able to roam around the school as they always have.

"Once last thing boys, I need to head back to Austin tomorrow." That threw the boys into a bummer mood. "I know you guys don't like it when I am gone, but I have to go back. There is way too much going on and the last time I was gone for only the weekend, there was attempt to do things I didn't approve of.

I will be checking in on a daily basis as I always do. Isaac here is going to have the meeting with the school board and hopefully I will get conferenced into that meeting. If that doesn't happen, I know your uncle will get the school board to change their mind, especially after what happened at school this afternoon."

Daniel looked over to Josh and winked at him. "I wish we were told that that concert was going to happen. Your mother and I would have loved to be there to watch you perform with George Strait once again. We do understand it was all put together at the last minute and it didn't give my security enough time to get into place.

However, when you, Los Tigres and George Strait perform at the end of the month, we are all are going to be there." Daniel pulled out an envelope with tickets in it. "I pulled in a few favors and got the closest seats to the stage to see my son perform with the great George Strait again. I know you are going to be the shining star of the concert."

Josh's brothers dog-piled on top of him and started tease him. Daniel Sr. didn't break it up since they were just playing and no one was getting hurt. He let it go on until they got tired and got off Josh. Once they did that, Daniel finished up what he had to tell the boys. Before letting them go, he knew they were going to ask him if they could stay home from school and see him off. So he took care of that before they were able to ask and told them they had to go to school no matter what.

The rest of the evening went as the rest of the evening went before this one. The only difference that was going on in the house was Daniel Sr. packing to go back to Austin and Josh was in his recording studio working on some new songs. He felt sad that his father was leaving, so he wanted to put the emotions he was feeling at the moment to paper. By ten, he had his first song for his second CD already written.

The next morning when they got to school, it was obvious the security in the school was a lot lighter. On the streets, security was about the same, maybe a little more. Also, if you looked up at Monument Hill, you would have seen the sharp shooters. However, the sharp shooters and security was gone from the roof of the school.

As Josh was making his way to the cafeteria, Principal Michaels stopped him and his friends. "Gentleman I know you are on your way to get breakfast, so I am going to make this fast. Garrett and his mother had an appointment with the school board yesterday and they were able to get them to overturn my decision to expel Garrett.

That means he is back in school today and I need you guys to be better than he will ever be. There is no doubt in my mind he is going to try to egg you on to get into a fight, don't let him. Right now he thinks he is untouchable since what his mother was able to get done, but that will not last for much longer."

Josh could not understand how Garrett and his mother were able to get the board to over-turn Principal Michael's decision to expel. "Sir I don't understand any of this. You made a decision to expel a student, but they were able to go and have a meeting and get the decision over turned. What power do you really have if that can be done?"

"Not all my decisions to expel gets over turned. Sadly, though, this one was one of the ones that was over turned. They were able to get it done since you Josh were the one that took it from verbal to physical. If he would have done that, he would not be in this school right now. So, I'm asking you Josh and the rest of you to just not let what happened at the beginning of the week happen again. I have no doubts with kids like Garrett in the past, they always mess up again, it's just a matter of time."

Josh, Cesar and their friends agreed before leaving the principal. Josh felt like crap after the conversation he just had. It is because of him that Garrett is back in school to cause him even more trouble. If only he would have kept his cool as he always has done in the past, none of this would be happening now.

When they reached their table, Patrick, Immanuel and Antonio were already sitting there eating breakfast. Josh and the gang just looked at the new kid and then over to Patrick a couple of times. There was no doubt in their minds that the new kid at their table is somehow related to Patrick. They looked way too alike not to be.

"Hey guys I'd would like you to meet my younger brother Antonio." Patrick went down the table introducing everyone by name. Before he was able to finish, Russ walked up and polity asked Antonio to follow him. Everyone looked at Russ wondering what was up, but no one said a word.

Patrick got up and went with his brother and Russ. They walked to the security office, and on the way, no one said a word. When they arrived at the office, Benedict was sitting there at one of the desks doing paperwork. He looked up and looked at Russ with a confused look on his face.

"Sir this young man is the brother of Patrick here. He appeared at the table this morning, but has not yet been cleared through security. That is why I am bringing him to you so you can either clear him or let him and his brother know he can't be near Josh."

Mr. Benedict opened one of the drawers to his desk and started going through the files. When he reached the file he was looking for, he pulled it out and closed the drawer. As he went over the file, Patrick and Antonio stood there by Russ watching and wondering what he was reading.

"Mr. Petrillo..." Both Patrick and Antonio answered. "I am addressing the young Petrillo, Antonio." Antonio answered yes sir before Benedict went on. "When ever we let anyone near the governor's family and the governor, we investigate their entire family. Even after they have been cleared, we keep tabs on their family. We need to know if at any time a family member of a person that has been cleared is going to become a threat.

You young man, have had a troubled last year. Not only have you been bouncing around from home to home, but when ever you are at home with your parents, you really don't stay there. According to the reports that I have, you either stayed with a friend or stayed out on the streets. I am concerned about all this and need to know what your living arrangements are."

Clearing his throat, Antonio took a couple steps closer to Benedict's desk. "Well sir right now I am staying with my brother at Father Gomez's house. As far..." Patrick interrupted his younger brother. "And he will be staying there for good. Father Gomez has already said so! At the same time there is no doubt that, the courts won't change that. In fact, they will make if legal if my parents choose to take it that far."

"Okay boys the other concern I have is your parents. They are going to make noise and we all know that. That is something the governor can't have happening around him or his family. As you know they are always under a microscope and the press and those that are against the governor are always looking for them to mess up."

"I understand that sir, but rest assured that my younger brother and I will never do anything that will hurt the governor. If my parents start to make noise, we will separate ourselves from Josh and the others until everything blows over. There is no way I am going to let the crap in my life hurt Josh and his family in anyway."

That put a smile on Benedicts face. "That sounds like a very good plan Patrick." Benedict pulled out another file and opened it up. "Antonio we have enough back ground on you that I don't see you as a threat to the governor or his family. Therefore, I am going to clear you and let you have the same clearance that Patrick has to the family.

However before I do that, you need to sign a couple of things." Benedict pulled out paper after paper and had Antonio sign each of them. He explained to Antonio what he was signing, and before he signed any of them. He looked at his brother for guidance, which Patrick told him to sign. He had signed the same paperwork when Josh's dad was elected and nothing has come back to haunt him.

"Okay boys you can go back and rejoin the others in the cafeteria. Sorry for taking you away from your breakfast." Benedict closed the files and filed them away as Patrick, Antonio and Russ walked out of the office.

When they got back to the table, no one asked what had happened, because they knew. They went on with their conversation as if what happened earlier didn't happen, which confused Antonio. Patrick saw that his brother was confused and he told his little brother there is nothing to be confused about or worry about.

Being that it was is big brother telling him not to worry, he let it go and joined into the conversation when he was able to. Most of what was being talked about were things that happened at school before he had arrived, so he sat back and just listened. He figured that he would take this opportunity to get to know everyone, or at least try,

As soon as Patrick and Antonio finished eating, they all headed out of the cafeteria. On their way to the stadium, Garrett and his friends were standing where they normally stand, by the doors that lead out to the stadium. The minute Garrett saw Josh, he started throwing things at him and this time it was worse than the last time.

It was taking all of Josh's will power to not answer back, and keep going, but when Garrett threw out that his mother has more power here in El Paso than his father that was it, Josh could not bite his tongue any longer. Just as he turned around one of the assistant principals turned the corner and got into the middle of the conflict.

"Garrett you and your friends need to either go outside, to the cafeteria or the library, but you can't stay here. You are blocking the exit which is a fire hazard." Garrett stared down the assistant principal, refusing to back down. "If you think I am afraid of you or your mother, you are mistaken. Move or I will have the school security move you off of school property and I would like to see your mother get you back into school after that."

It took Garrett's friends to pull him away from the assistant principal. When they started to walk away, Josh and his friends turned and made their way out to the stadium. As they made their way to their normal spot in the stadium, Daniel Jr., Carlos and their friends came running up.

When they caught up to Josh, Daniel Jr. pulled Josh away from his friends. "What is this I hear you were about to get into another fight with that fool Garrett?" Josh looked at his brother, not answering him at all. "I don't know what it is with that guy that he is able to get under your skin, but you need to not let him."

"You were not there Dan! You didn't hear what he was saying about me, dad and you guys! There is no way I could let him keep talking crap without any response. If I did that, he would think he could always walk all over me."

"You are right I wasn't there and I didn't hear what that stupid ass was saying. Even if I was there, I wouldn't let an asshole like that get me angry. He and those like him are not worth the time of day, even less get under my skin. Somehow Josh you are going to have to figure out a way that he doesn't bother you."

Josh stood there shaking his head. He didn't agree with his brother. At the same time, he didn't understand why his brother was telling him to walk away. In the past, Daniel has always told him to stand up against bullies like Garrett, but here he is now telling him to do the opposite. Something he can't do because if it gets around that Garrett walked all over him, others at the school will do the same thing.

"Josh you know we are barely holding here at school. If you get into another fight, no matter if it is yelling or punching, dad is going to make us follow those damn procedures he wanted us to follow last night. You saved us from that, but by you letting that asshole get to you, you can lose it for us as well.

Let Carlos and me handle that kid from this point forward. We know students here that are waiting for a chance to take Garrett down. All we have to do is go and tell them what he is doing and they will be more than happy to give him a talking to."

Josh saw where his brothers were coming from and agreed to let them deal with Garrett. Before he returned to his friends, Daniel Jr. and Carlos made Josh promise to stay clear of Garrett from this moment on. Reluctantly, Josh agreed as he headed back to his friends, who were waiting for him before continuing what they were talking about.

Daniel Jr., Carlos and their friends made their way back to the field. On the way, Daniel mumbled how he is going to get Garrett one way or another. No one said a word or tried to settle Daniel down, including his girlfriend. They all knew it was best to let him deal with what he needs to deal with without them trying to stop him

When they stopped on the field, Daniel had a plan. "No one, I mean no one screws with my little brothers and gets away with it. This Garrett kid has stepped over the line once to many and it is time for him to realize what he is doing will not stand. So here is what we are going to do to send him that message."

Daniel went into detail on what he planned out in his mind. As he told his friends what he wanted to have done, they put their two cents in. By the time the bell rang, they had a plan in place and when it was going to be executed. The only thing left was getting the students to do the deed and it not coming back at them.

All morning long, all Josh heard was how awesome the concert was the day before. Students he has never met or talked to before came up to him in the hall and told him that he was awesome. Then they asked if he knew any other famous people. Not wanting to be known as a person that thinks he is too good for the others, Josh answered them simply, just two others, Dolly Patron and Kenny Rogers.

When they heard that, the students asked more questions and he tried to answer them, but there was not enough time between classes. Because he tried to answer every question that was asked, Josh barely made it to his classes before the tardy bell rang. Each time it was because of Cesar pulling him away from the others, and Josh was thankful for that.

During his third period class the teacher could not get her students to settle down. They kept turning to Josh asking him how he met George Strait and the others. Finally after trying several times to settle down her class, she called Josh up front to talk with to the class and answer any questions they may have left to ask.

He got up from his seat, and unlike last time this happened to him, he was more at ease doing it. Making his way to the front of the class, he thought about what he was going to say. He did not want to look like an idiot or stutter as he spoke, so he put together his thoughts and was ready when he faced the firing squad, his fellow students.

"All of you know who my father is and through him I have been very lucky to meet so many different people since he became governor." Josh stopped and looked up at the roof of the classroom. "Wait, I met a few famous people when he was still in the military when he was called to Washington by the president.

That day my father got a couple metals and I met President Bush, the queen of England and several members of her family. Then when my father was elected governor, I met Dolly Patron when he and my mother got married. Soon after that I met George Strait and Kenny Rogers. I actually have had a chance to sing on the same stage with them a couple of times already. Then when my father retired from the military, I met Garth Brooks."

Before Josh could open up for questions, one of his fellow classmates stood up and asked him one. "What about all the other performers that performed the day your dad retired? Didn't you get to meet them as well?"

"Yes and no, I mean I shook their hands, but that was all. Garth Brooks was the only one that I really talked to and got to know a little. The Judd's also, but none of the others. They were too busy getting ready for their part of the concert, they didn't really have the time to talk with me."

"How was it meeting all these people? Were you nervous when you first met them and how long did it take you to settle down?"

"Every new famous person I meet I am really nervous at first. I stutter and at times look and act like a fool, but after a few minutes being around them, I get back to normal. The main reason it only takes me a few minutes to do that is because all these famous people are just like you and I. They act like you and I and treated me no different than how we treat each other here at school and at home."

Question after question was asked, and Josh answered them. After twenty minutes of throwing questions at Josh, the class had no more to ask. Their teacher got up from her desk, thanked Josh for coming up and talking to the class before asking everyone to open their books and start writing.

Meanwhile Father Gomez was heading over to Patrick and Antonio's parent's house. He was very reluctant on going because he knew that they could demand that their son to be brought home and he would have to do it. Therefore, he has to watch what he says and how he speaks to the Petrillo's.

When he drove up to the house, he stayed in his car and just looked at the house. He could not believe how bad it looked. The paint was peeling, the shingles on the roof were falling off, the grass hasn't been cut by the looks of it for months and the screen door looked like it was about to fall right off.

Taking a deep breath, Father Gomez got out of his car and walked over to the house. Being careful as he stepped on the steps because he did not want to fall through, he walked up to the front door. Lightly he knocked on door and stepped back a couple of feet. After a minute or so, he knocked again and waited. Just as he was about to give up and leave, the door opened.

He turned around and saw Mr. Petrillo standing there. He looked like he had just crawled out of bed and was not happy doing so. His hair was a mess, the clothes he was wearing looked like he has had them on for days and he hadn't shaved for about the same amount of time, if not more.

"Mr. Petrillo I do not know if you remember me, but my name is Father Gomez."

"I know who you are! My wife and I will never forget your face or name because of what you did to us. What the hell do you want?"

"Well sir do you know where your other son Antonio is at right now?" Mr. Petrillo looked into the house and called for his son. After a few seconds, he called for him again, but this time threatened him to get out of bed and get up front or he would have his hide. When he did not get a response, he slammed the door shut on Father Gomez and went to Antonio's room to tear into him, but got a surprise.

Father Gomez could hear Mr. Petrillo yelling and threatening his son all the way out on the porch. Then his tone changed after he found out that his son was not at home. Then he heard things being thrown and a door being slammed. That was his cue to leave, but as he turned around and headed to his car, Mr. Petrillo walked out of the house yelling for him to return. He tried to ignore him, but when a rock came flying at him, and barely missing, he knew he had no other choice but to turn around and go back.

As he turned around, Mr. Petrillo walked up to him. They stood in the middle of the road facing each other down, not saying a word. Father Gomez made a decision right there and then not to back down from this bully. He knows if he does, he will be backing down from him until the day one of them leaves this world.

After they stood there in silence for almost five minutes, Mr. Petrillo spoke. "Isn't it bad enough that you took one of my sons away from me, and now here you are at my house telling me you have my other? You need to bring Antonio home and I mean now, not tomorrow, next week, NOW!" Mr. Petrillo yelled.

"Sir with all due respect I didn't take any of your sons away from you, the state did. They found you unfit to be a parent and I know if I go in front of the judge about your other son, they will do it again. With that said, I didn't go looking for Antonio. He appeared at my house asking to speak to Patrick.

He was dirty, hungry and tired when he showed up at my doorstep, which I took pictures of it all to show the courts. I am hoping it will not land up going that way, but that decision is up to you to make." Mr. Petrillo scratched his head a little confused on where Father Gomez was going.

"Your son does not feel safe here living with you and your wife. He ran off to his sister, but she couldn't take care of him, so she sent him back. Then he tried again to live here at home, but he eventually found his way to my house. Let him stay at my house until he is ready to come home. At least by doing it that way, you know where he is and that he is safe. We both know if he comes home, he will run away again. If that happens again, he might not come to my house knowing that I will send him back home."

Mr. Petrillo lowered his shoulders and took a couple steps back thinking to himself about what was being said. He couldn't figure out how things have gotten this bad between him, his wife and his children. It has gotten to a point with his boys that they no longer want to live at home. What kind of parents they have become, he kept asking.

"Mr. Petrillo I know I have no right to talk to you or anyone for that matter on this, but I am going to go out on the limb with it anyways and say it. You and your wife need help, and I don't mean a couple weeks of therapy, I mean a lot of therapy. Not only have you messed up your lives, but you have messed up your sons lives as well.

The abuse you have done to your kids is going to follow them for years to come. I really don't think they will ever get over the abuse they got from you two. The only thing I can hope and you should be hoping for is that they don't make it a family tradition. If it is, let's hope they break that tradition. No kid deserves to be brought up in a house that is filled with abuse, no kid."

Mr. Petrillo looked at Father Gomez with hate in his eyes. "You are right; you have no right to talk about that subject with me or any one for that matter." Taking a deep breath, Mr. Petrillo settled down. "I love my boys and I don't care what you think, I do love them. I love them so much I am willing to let you have your way here to show that they will come back home. Antonio will stay with you for a couple of weeks, but he will come back home because he knows we are not that bad."

Not wanting to get Mr. Petrillo angry again, Father Gomez agreed with him. He promised that if that day comes, he will drive him over immediately, but he had no intention on doing so. He did this visit to buy himself time to get in front of a judge and have Antonio moved out of the care of his parents and into his. Any judge in his or her right mind would just have to look at the court records, the pictures he took last night of Antonio and his school attendance to see the Petrillo home is not safe for him.

As Father Gomez was dealing with the Petrillo's, Daniel Sr. and Barbara Lopez were heading to the airport with the twins. Barbara was not going back to Austin with Daniel; she was just going to see him off. At the same time, talk with him about a couple of things she knows is weighing heavily on his mind.

"Sweetie, you know everything about me, which includes my past before I started working for you. As you know before I got married to my first husband, right after I graduated from college with my degree in political science, I helped a friend to get elected to congress from this state. I even went up with him, to help him set up his office.

The reason I am reminding you about all this is because I want you to be able to come to me when you need more advice on a subject. You are doing so many wonderful things and I know the voters of this state see it. They are going to ignore all the negative stuff that is being said, because they know it is nothing but mistruths.

You need to keep going down the track you started going down. If you falter now, it will haunt you for the rest of your life. The voters will never forgive you and they will think you have become the very thing you hate the most, the political machine. That will happen if you fold and let the nay sayers beat you when the things get hard."

Daniel turned and grabbed his wife's hand. "I know you are right on what you are saying and I have no plans on detouring in anyway on what I am doing. Even if that means I am a one-term governor. If that happens, I will be able to leave Austin with my head held high knowing I never folded and I delivered on the promises made to the voters.

The only thing that is worrying me is the kids. I know if you ask them, they will tell you that they did sign up for this, but they really didn't. Poor Josh, his life is all over the front pages of the newspapers. He doesn't deserve that. His life is already hard as it is without what my job adding to it. On top of that, my other boys, their lives have been turned upside down. I never wanted that to happen. All I wanted is for them to live as normal of a life as possible under the circumstances."

"And they are honey, they are. You have given them as normal a life as you possibly could. Any other person in your shoes would have moved them to Austin when you moved there. You didn't do that. Instead, you let them stay here in El Paso, a place they knew, where their friends are at and the school they started at. That is a good father, and if you ask anyone out there, they will tell you the same thing."

Daniel started to respond, but Barbara cut him off. "Now when you said that your boys lives have been turned upside down, you are right on that, but wrong at the same time. Yes, they have to adjust to the security, the press and everything else that comes with your job. At the same time, they get to meet people they would never have met if you weren't governor. Maybe as a general, but I don't think so."

"You are right on every point you made, but Josh doesn't deserve all the crap that is being thrown his way. His life is already hard as it is being gay, and it being front-page news all the time is making it even more difficult for him. I wish I could find a way to shield him from all that and just let him be who he is. A wonderful son, loving boyfriend to Cesar, great brother and all around great kid!"

"He is already all that and more, all because you have shielded him from the ugliness that is out there. Knowing him and the other boys, they will hate themselves if they ever find out that they are keeping you away from doing what you love doing. You go back to Austin and do your job. Get those bills that no other governor before you was willing to even entertain, much less put forth. I will stay here and make sure our sons have as normal of a life as possible."

Barbara leaned over and kissed her husband. "Then when I have a chance, I will fly up to Austin and spend time with my handsome husband. Until then, there is the phone, pick it up and call me whenever you need to talk with me. I don't care what it is, call me and I will be here for you to blow off steam, to ask for advice or just to talk."

"I know you will always be here for me no matter what. Thank you for being the mother to the boys that Martha wasn't. They need that right now and when they get older, they will never forget what you had done for them as they grew up. Not replacing their birth mother, but being the mother that they wished their birth mother was."

Just then, the limousine drove up to the governor's plane and the door opened. Barbara and the twins got out first, and then the governor. Daniel held Victoria as Barbara held Abraham as they walked to the stairs of the plane. When they got there, Daniel didn't want to let go of his daughter. He didn't want to leave El Paso, but knew he had to.

After standing there for while, he turned, kissed Victoria on the forehead and handed her to Barbara. He grabbed Abraham and whispered something in his son's ear, kissed him on the forehead and handing him back to his wife. Before getting on the plane, he kissed his wife, daughter and son once more. This being the hardest goodbye he has had since he became governor, he didn't turn back once to look at his family.

Back at school the final bell of the day rang; bringing the students into the hallway, heading to their lockers. They were all talking to their friends about what they were going to do after school, except Garrett and his friends. They were causing havoc up and down the hallways with any student they ran into.

They were so busy making others students' lives miserable; they didn't notice that they were being followed. After they had their fun, they headed to their lockers and tossed in the books, but didn't bother to get the books they need to do their homework. They didn't need to since they had other students doing it for them.

Slamming his locker door, Garrett spun his combination lock, tugged on it to make sure it was locked before joining his friends. When he turned around, his friends were standing there waiting for him. All the way out of the building, they tossed books or bags on the ground of the students they ran into. The teachers that saw them causing problems didn't interfere. They did not want to be sued by Garrett's mother and lose their job. So they just ignored what was going on before them and went on with their business.

As they made their way outside, they continued across the street as if the whole world was there just for them. They didn't bother to look both ways for cars on Schuster Street, they just walked across, causing the cars to come to a screeching halt. The drivers of the cars honked their horns, but got a middle finger from Garrett and his friends.

On the other side of the street, a group of other students was just watching Garrett and his friends act like fools. The more and more they watched, the more they hated them. The more they wanted to hurt them, but held back. They did not want to do anything on school grounds because they did not want to be suspended, or worse, expelled.

So they just watched and followed Garrett and his friends as they walked down Schuster. They turned on Florence Street right behind Garrett, but kept their distance. When they turned on East California Ave., they knew they had to make their move. If Garrett and his friends would turn around and see them, they would know something was up.

They started to walk fast and were on top of Garrett and his friends before they knew it. Garrett did not show any fear in his face. In fact, he looked like he was expecting it. His friends though showed a different look on their faces. They actually looked scared and just wanted to get as far away from them as possible.

"What the fuck, do you little shits think you can take me and my friends on?" Garrett barked. "If you think you can, go for it, but when it is all done. You guys will be on the ground begging for us not to keep kicking your asses."

The students that had followed Garrett and his friends didn't say a word to what Garrett had said. They figured that their actions will speak louder than words. Looking at each other for a few seconds, they turned and charged at Garrett. Garrett got into his stance and was ready for anything that was thrown at him, except one thing, his...



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