The Sleepover


Throughout my school years I've been to numerous sleepovers and house parties, but none quite like this one. I'm Alex and I'm 17 years of age. While I'm not exactly average, I don't consider myself strange. But I have always been aware of a particular quirk in my personality that has made me a bit different to my peers. Only recently have I come to realise that this may lie in my sexuality.

I have never had a serious girlfriend, and always thought I would eventually start liking girls. But now that I'd turned 17, I began to question myself. I think it's always been there and I've always known deep down, that I may well be gay. I suppose I've avoided the issue because I thought it would pass, or it was just something I'd overcome with time. Wrong!

That's enough of me; let me tell you about my friend Liam. I have known him since the start of secondary school (age 11) and I have always taken a liking to him. We were very close friends last year until he got a girlfriend. They had been inseparable until last month, but they broke up to everyone's amazement. Liam is slightly flamboyant but he manages to use it as humour. He's a good looking boy and along with most of my friends, sport takes care of his body. He has trendy brown hair, a great body with a six pack, muscular legs and a great... ass.

With our exams just finished, the school summer holidays had just begun. One of my close mates, Scott, had arranged a sleepover for the first week of the holidays. This was a sleepover for boys only, because we didn't want any of the boyfriend/girlfriend couple mushy crap going on. This was a chance for us to hang out, have a few drinks and a great laugh.

Well this is the background info, now for the story...

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