The Sleepover
Chapter 2

The Wonders of Alcohol

As the room lit up, my eyes snapped shut by reflex. Squinting them open, I could see it was Drew and Jonesy. My heart was raving inside my chest. Part of me was relieved to see them here to untie us, and a large member of me was disappointed this `situation' had come to an end.

"Fuck me, it's boiling in here isn't it?" Jonesy remarked as he saw our sweaty faces within the puddles of shaving foam.

"Yeah, fucking hurry up and let us outta here." I responded, with sweat dribbling down my forehead.

Drew cut the duct tape around us, and as we separated I tried to make sure the boys couldn't see my cock proudly standing firm after an encounter with Liam's ass. I sat on the bed, leaning forward slightly until my cock could get to a calmer place.

"Try this out mate, not a bad attempt really!" Jonesy smiled as he passed me his glass of punch they had made when they went downstairs.

I took a good mouthful of the drab burgundy coloured liquid. It wasn't half as bad as I was expecting. That's not saying much though; I was expecting nothing tastier than petrol. Apples, grapes and maybe blackcurrant were the vibrant flavours, with a firm alcoholic kick behind it.

"Woah, decent effort! What's in it? Wine, vodka... apple juice?" I guessed.

"Nah, well yeah. Apple juice, nope. It's cider, wine, vodka, blackcurrant squash and some lemonade. Fucking awesome." Spoke a proud Jonesy. I guess he made it...

"Right, gotta get me a big glass of that! As soon as I clean myself up" I glanced down at the shaving foam on my clothes. Messy.

I went to the bathroom to clean myself. I wiped the foam off my clothes and hair with a towel, then took my t-shirt off and quickly washed my sweaty arm pits with cold water from the sink. Liam walked in at this point and gave me a smile when I glanced up at him; I couldn't have looked too graceful at this precise point. Liam copied my actions by wiping the foam off his clothes first before taking his t-shirt off. I watched as he did so, impressed by his physique. He has a fairly slim waistline and a clean tail of dark hair coming from his pants leading to his belly button. He has a great six pack, each muscle is clearly defined and stretches as he pulls his t-shirt over his head. His chest isn't huge but has enough shape to impress even when he is fully clothed. Well, enough to impress me anyway.

As he pulled his t-shirt off, he looked straight at me. I was caught eyeing up his body. Shiiit. I switched my gaze straight away to pretend I wasn't watching, but it was obvious. Just like when you look a stranger in the eyes, the very micro-second they look back at your eyes, you can never look away quick enough, no matter how ninja you think your sneaky peeks are.

His face was lit up by a beaming smile and he cheekily patted me on the ass before going to sink to wash. If only he knew. I class that as being spanked. Does he think I'm gay or is he simply being friendly here? Once Liam had cleaned up and dried with a towel, we put on plenty of deodorant, wore our t-shirts and made our way downstairs. I walked behind him and I couldn't help but watch his wonderful ass casually work as he took each step. Ah no, behave cock. Think of that cup of tea again. Soggy biscuits. Okay that's better.

I grabbed a pint glass and filled it with the punch. No half-measures, thanks. Besides, they had made plenty. And it wasn't going to drink itself. The boys were sat in the front room gathered around Scott's huge TV, watching stand-up comedy. I joined them and we laughed ourselves silly at Dara O'Briain. The programmed finished within half-hour to our collective disappointment. We then made a unanimous decision to get some food. Rather than do the decent thing and raid Scott's house for anything edible, we opted to go down to the local chip shop to get our grub. Besides, it wasn't far - less than half a mile and I could do with some fresh air. We all quickly finished what remained of our drinks and left for the chip shop.

We got to the shop within ten minutes and ate our food outside the shop. I had sausage, chips and gravy. For some reason I seem to get cravings for chip-shop gravy all the time, so any time I go to a chip shop I have to order something with gravy or I'll regret it next time I get the craving. We binned our rubbish and made our way home. On our way, Jay was in an excitable mood. He ran in front of us and pulled down the back of his bottoms to reveal his bare ass. Yum. He did some enthusiastic star jumps and a few of the passing cars beeped their horns at him. We collectively laughed at him before Scott pulled his joggers down to reveal his ass too, then ran up to Jay and slapped his ass so hard I think he tattooed his hand mark on his butt cheek. Scott ran off almost in tears of laughter and Jay chased him, not laughing quite as much...

We got back to the house and immediately got ourselves drinks. I refilled my trusty pint glass then we tried to figure out what to do next. Scott said he has a good porno, and a couple of the boys immediately thought it was the best idea in the history of mankind. I wasn't up to the task of whacking off to lesbians, so I introduced the possibility of playing games. On the PS3 of course. Drew, Scott and Jay insisted on staying downstairs to 'watch' the porno. Calvin, Jonesy and Liam all agreed my suggestion was better than the best idea in history.

Jonesy and Calvin were the first to go on the PS3, simply because they were the most eager. They decided to play Black Ops, and wasted no time in starting the game. I undressed to my boxer-briefs and jumped in the bed to watch them from there. Liam did the same and jumped in the other end of the bed. The TV was directly behind him though, so he had to lie on his stomach to see them. Calvin and Jonesy were having a whale of a time on the PS3, and after their game they asked me and Liam if we wanted a turn, but we both let them continue by themselves. I'm pretty shit at COD anyway. The only thing worse than my aim on that game is my language when I'm playing it.

After a few minutes Liam jumped under the duvet and popped his head up next to mine.

"My neck's killing" He panted as he readjusted my pillow so he could share it.

The bed was in the corner of the room, and our drinks were on the floor next to the bed. Liam was on the inside of the bed, and when he went to get his drink, he just lay across me and reached down to get his glass. His crotch pressed into my belly. Wow, nice to meet you too. I could literally feel all of his cock buried into my stomach as he casually drank his punch. It was not small. Far from it. It was thick. He must have had a semi, that's the only explanation for its size. As he moved slightly, I could feel his balls gently rub my skin at the base of his cock. He wore tight-fitting boxer-briefs, and I was presented with the delicious sight of his ass raised across me.

He finished his drink and put it back on the floor, before raising his body off mine and lying back down next to me. That was kind of... gay. I like it.

I then finished my drink and as I got back into position in bed Liam had turned onto his stomach and was facing away, as though he was going to sleep. No way, not in a sleepover. No-one goes to sleep this early. I reached under the duvet and got a good grasp of his cute ass, gave it a playful squeeze and pushed his body into the wall that the bed was next to.

"Haha, prick!" He laughed, as he then reached around to grab my ass to return the favour and tried to push me off the bed.

I gripped his arms as he tried to push me and managed to stay on the bed, I then twisted one of his arms behind his back, pushed him face-first into the bed and sat on his back. He tried bucking and kicking to get me off him but he couldn't manage it as I grabbed both his arms and held them behind his back.

"Hu da man!?" I laughed to him.

"I da man!" He giggled, refusing to submit.

I pushed his arms further behind his back and he twitched, so I knew that was painful.

"Come on, who's the man?" I demanded for him to submit.

"Your mum is a bigger man than you" He laughed back at me, though he was clearly in a lot of pain.

I readjusted my position so I was now lying on top of him with his arms still behind his back. My cock pressed against his ass, just like it was earlier. I playfully thrust my hips into him and the muscles in his ass gave plenty to push into. Oh, how I wanted to do that over and over.

"Say that again, because from where I'm lying, I DA MAN!" I smirked, but I could feel blood rushing into my cock and it was quickly starting to harden, as only our thin boxer-shorts separated my growing manhood and the crack of his ass.

"You da excited man hahaha!" He laughed back at me, and thrust his ass back into my crotch.

Fuck! I quickly rolled off him and lay on my stomach to hide my package. He laughed again and slapped me firmly on my back before lying back down next to me. I caught my breath and watched the boys on the PS3 for a few more minutes. Liam then repositioned himself and cuddled right up to me, as he lay on his side facing me and the TV. As he did so his hand rested on my lower back.

I loved the feeling of his warm, loving hand caressing the small of my back. It felt reassuring and somehow made me feel relaxed. He moved his hand slightly and as he did so, shivers shot right through my body. I must have twitched slightly, because he seemed to pick up on it. He then began to move his hand around my back, almost like he was exploring every contour. Wait, was I getting a back rub here? Fuck, I hope so.

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