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Someone to Save Me? Part 1

The day was rainy yet again in that cold November saturday. As the wind blew towards his bedroom windows, the impact of raindrops made the windows shake. And as it was getting more and more darker outside, Ozan lost almost every will to go outside for a while. Not that he liked to go out more. He usually preferred to sit in the safe environment of his room, where he didn't have to hide from anybody and be himself but he knew that to prove his sanity to his parents and grandparents, he had to go outside of his room.

He started going down stairs to the living room, where most of his family sat down and watched TV or talked to each other most of the time. Well, whenever they were all together. His father worked a lot so did his grandfather. The reason I refer them as "father" and "grandfather" is because of their family. A very strict family as a matter of fact. Ozan never in a million years was allowed to call them as "dad", "mom", "grandma" or "grandpa". He had to use proper and formal language with them. It was how he was brought up. It was how he was used to. Did he like it so much? Of course NOT! What kind of a 15 year old likes to use "proper language" at his own house? Just because of these stupid rules, people thought he was a geek, a neurotic "I know it all" type of guy. And with the money he has, people just assumed he was this selfish and rich bastard who wouldn't care about anybody else.

Yes, he has money. No, I mean he has his own money in the bank that he can actually spend. That's another thing he doesn't like. Just because he's a member of an unbelievably rich family doesn't make him a selfish and rich bastard but because of the family rules, he couldn't spend time outside home with friends or whatever. No, really. His family even controlled his friends and relationships with them. He was never allowed to speak to a person if his parents or grandparents didn't approve.

"Ah, there you are son. I wondered when you were coming down." said his father.

"I was just reading a book and looking outside. What are your plans for today?"

"We don't have one. We just sit down and talk with your grandfather. Want to join?"

"No, thank you. I really don't understand what are you talking about most of the time."

His father smiled to Ozan. "Suit yourself then" he said and turned towards one of the maids and asked for a glass of Scotch and moved towards his study. Ozan thought his grandfather was there and that's where they were going to talk.

His mother was sitting down on an antique couch which was probably older than her age and reading a magazine full of rich people and about what they were doing. That was her thing, care about what other people's lives and gossip about them. Or try to be better than them. Well, she obviously thought her family was better then everyone just because of the money and the family history.

Ozan always thought that his mother was this crazy driven woman who could do anything to spoil someone's life. After all, after what she did to those poor people when they refused to come one of her pointless parties was more than enough for him to think like that. She had to have the best possible at all times, no matter if it was a cell phone, a car, or a meal outside. Ozan swore that one time she actually purchased a dress and its every size so that nobody could buy the same thing with her and wear that stupid dress. Of course, Ozan could never say anything to anybody. If he did, he'd probably be grounded for the rest of his life, not to mention his whole family being mad to him and that's just something he can't cope with. He has his own problems to deal with.

Just as he was thinking that he was going to be bored to death, he heard a car driving into the garage. That was the relief Ozan was looking for.

His older brother Kerem or Kerem Mehmet for the elder of the house was Ozan's best friend, hero and part-time driver. Kerem and Ozan got along pretty well ever since Ozan was born. Kerem was 3 years old when Ozan was born so he doesn't remember most of their baby times but the first instinct Kerem got was "protection at any cost". Ozan and Kerem went to same schools and since Kerem was 3 years older than Ozan, he'd always protect his baby brother from the bullies at school. Kerem was always the popular kid. Very outgoing, always had a girl in his arm, used his money in a very sensible yet effective way and for some reason, everybody just liked him for some reason. Kerem was also the perfect rebel for their overly strict family. He would always do something to piss their parents and grandparents and even because of that, Ozan simply hero worshipped his older brother. With all that going on, Kerem never really was mean to Ozan as they were growing up. Sure, there were those brotherly fights like who would get the better seat at the plane or who would have the bigger ice-cream but apart from that, they always got along really nicely. And his brother being in the house even for a brief time was definitely a source of joy to Ozan.

When Ozan heard the newly bought, shiny Mercedes SLK-200's engine shut down, he ran downstairs to greet his brother. Just as he was trying to open the door, something skinny and pale jumped up and hugged Kerem.

"I missed you! You've been away for a while man." said Ozan, taking his brothers breath away with his death grip.

"Hold on, bro. You're choking me." Kerem said trying to laugh and breathe at the same time.

"Oh, sorry. I just missed you so much. This place is so boring without you around."

"Oh, I know, believe me. Why do you think I moved my cool ass to Italy? Do you really believe the crap excuse of not being able to study my major here? I thought you were the smart one." Kerem said, laughing.

"Of course I'm the smart one, you dumbass. Nice car by the way. When did you buy this one? Never saw it." said Ozan as they were climbing up the stairs.

"It's been a while since I came to Istanbul. I bought it then." That was awkward and Kerem was supposed to be in Italy, not in Istanbul.

"You came here and didn't even call me? Oh, that's so gonna get you into trouble."

"Really? Well, how about I'll let you drive it around and you'll forget me? And I think we gotta talk sometime soon because you're the only one who can know what's going on."

That made Ozan uncomfortable. There was something going on with his brother and he said Ozan was the only one who can know the truth? That's just not right, he thought to himself and two brothers stood outside of the living room door, getting ready to face their parents and grandparents.

'It's going to be a hard one' Kerem thought to himself.

'Please don't do anything stupid Kerem' thought Ozan.

And they walked in.

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