Sweet Tragedy

Roberto Quezada Trueba

This story contains various sex scenes between boys so please if you are offended by this please do not read it

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When my mother died everything turned out grey for me , Without any family members  wanting to adopt me I was left alone, even my aunt which I loved with all my heart decided to abandon me, my father; well, I never met him, according to my mother he was a coward and abandoned us when I was little.

I seriously thought 6 years ago that they were gonna take me to a foster home to spend my days, If my friend wouldn’t have supported me at that time I don’t know what I would have become , each day that pass I cannot thank him enough ,thank you Austin

This is my story my name is Joey  and I am a 17 year old boy who lost his mother in a car accident 6 years ago and was adopted by his best friends widow mother, this is the story about how I fell in love with him, with Austin.

Austin is this cute boy who is 18 years old, both of his eyes green like emeralds, tall ,thin literally he is beautiful , he is the definition of pure perfection,  for a moment it seemed that Michelangelo shaped him and made him to match absolute perfection.

6 years ago my mother and I suffered a car accident, we were in the highway a sunday night, it was raining, thunders were falling down the sky. We saw a sudden light and everything went black for me ,when I woke up from my forced sleep,bleeding almost fainting, I could barely walk , I remember seeing her lying there on the floor not moving, I touched her hand and it was cold, cold as winter, cold as death. I laid there crying on the floor until a policeman pushed me away, she was dead,  they took me to a foster home, I thought it was all over, I thought I was doomed , when to my surprise next week I saw a face I clearly recognized.

Green eyes that looked like emeralds, thin but nice body with slim legs , his beautiful face smiling at me saying.

“Guess what I convinced my mother to adopt you, we are gonna live together. “ , He was so happy at that moment and well so do I mean I was finally going to get out of this hell and live with my best friend.

My blue eyes filled with tears and my thin body started trembling, I rushed out to hug him with all the love I had .

Life continued , it was weird adapting at first, I mean I was living with my best friend, sleeping with him, eating with him, I did everything with him, of course over the pass of time we had some fights but we endured them and continued with our life.

That leaves us today, I study with him last year of High School and it has been one hell of a ride, but as I said this is my story, the story about how I fell in love with Austin, with my best friend .

“Hey dude we are gonna be late for school “ Austin said to me with his sweet voice.

I nodded with my sleepy head and said almost yawning.

“Sure let’s go “ .

You can imagine us running to catch the school bus, classes were boring as usual you can imagine me being in algebra class drawing cartoons in my notebook waiting for class to end.

Walking down the big main hallway heading my way down to the bus I noticed him Austin , talking to his usual gang of friends , Let me be clear about this I was not jealous but this last year he literally ignored me, I mean yeah we slept together and ate together but he spent his days with his gang of friends leaving me alone.

After seeing this I decided to walk instead , in this moment I prefered to be alone without his company, I arrived at home and I was surprised to not see him there, I took a good and long shower ,changed into my pajamas and went to bed, the last thing I remember is waking up at 4:00 am in the morning being hugged by Austin arm, his scent, his warm self surrounding me, making me sleep with a huge smile on my face.  

Next morning I woke up and as usual we were late for school, classes as I said were boring enough to make me sleep through most of them, this time I decided to walk instead since I preferred to be alone besides I was sure that Austin was going to be with his gang of friends, While I walked down the street I felt a knife down my stomach, I was bleeding , a man who face I don’t remember took my phone and wallet and left me there to die, I blacked out


“Yeah take care see you tomorrow “

I said to my usual gang of friends and head home, In my head I just couldn’t stop thinking about Joey, his sweet smile , his blue eyes and his perfect body, god I am so thankful to have him live with me , Walking down the street I saw an ambulance take a body I clearly recognized, it was him, it was Joey, my heart raced, my whole world ended in that moment, I rushed down to him I saw the blood on the streets, an officer stopped me before I reached him

“Sorry boy you cannot pass “ the officer said to me in a cold way

“But he is my best friend and he is my adoptive brother so please let me go with him “

He stayed silent for a moment but after a brief moment he letted me go with him in the ambulance, I called my mother with my panicked and shocked voice , We arrived to the hospital and she was already there waiting for us ,they checked Joey’s wounds and even though they said most of them were not severe , it would sure take some time to heal all of them, I remember how he opened his eyes that night he was in pain and drugged by all the medicine , I remember him crying, being delirious about things but the thing I remember the most is him saying that he loved me with all his heart being scared this entire time of losing me forever.

While he slept in the middle of the night I closed the distance between us and kissed him, god if he ever finds out about this , he would sure hit me and abandon me  , I had loved him since I was 9,  and even to this day he made me crazy but , but I know this is impossible but I but I, I was crying ,loving him was torturing me every day, I needed to be away from him, every time,every single time  I was with him my heart raced so much it hurt and I hated it, my love for him was killing me.

Little by little my eyes started closing falling into dreamland with him.

Next day he was there watching t.v, my mother was nowhere to be seen, his eyes looked tired but the moment he saw me he smiled so much giving me like always one of the best days in my entire life.

“Hey Good Morning Austin  “ Joey said to me with his blue eyes shining in my own green eyes looking at me

“Good Morning dude how are you feeling “  I asked to my sweet prince in bed

“I mean I am fine , the doctor visited this morning and told me that I could go by tomorrow lucky for me they didn’t hit any vital organs  so I should be good by tomorrow of course I can’t do any exercise at all and I need to stay in bed besides from that I am fine, of course I need to go get a new phone “

We stayed silent for a minute both playing with our thumbs

“I’m surprised you didn’t go to school I mean I thought you wanted to spend some time with your friends”

“What no!! I mean you are more important that any of them “

“The why don’t you spend more time with me “ Joey asked almost shouting to me , tears fell down his face, my heart raced and my voice broke down

“Because I am too afraid of messing things up with you “ I said almost whispering however I knew he had heard me.

“What I don’t understand you how are you afraid of messing things up !!!!!?“ Joey asked looking surprised and almost shouting.

“You are my best friend and well I don’t want to lose you ever, I am afraid of saying something wrong or messing things up, every time I am with you my heart suddenly accelerates and I and I start shaking , Joey you live with me and I love that so please don’t get angry at me “

Without noticing I started shouting , tears fell from my face and I started sobbing , I just couldn’t control myself anymore

The moment I opened my eyes Joey was standing up barely walking, my jaw hit the floor but it didn’t last long, with his last moment of strength he hugged me and said to me

“I will never be angry with you, never, you will never mess things up , You are my best friend now forever and ever but you don’t know how much it hurts to miss you everyday at school, Austin  “

He dismayed in that moment so with all my strength I carried him to bed

I feel like such an asshole right now he was right, I carried him slowly to bed while I said “I’m sorry “, the moment I place him on bed he fell asleep.

I sat there crying, weeping in my own sadness, no I was not going to weep, I got up and decided to spoil my angel my prince at least today.

I ordered a nice teddy bear online, I checked with the nurse the possibility of him eating donuts today and well I ordered them and I call my mother to bring him his favorite food the homemade lasagna that my mother made.

He slept all day literally it was already 8 :00 and he was still sleeping, according to the doctors he wasted a lot of energy standing up, just looking at him, it was beautiful his cuteness when he is sleeping, he looked so cute, I couldn’t control myself I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek, In that moment he woke up saying the following

“God you kiss so well “

I became red my god was he awake, thank god I didn’t kiss him on the lips this time.

“Sorry is just that you look so cute that I couldn’t resist myself ,here take this I bought it for you today “

I got up and gave him the huge teddy bear his eyes opened wide , his jaw hit the floor his eyes became more teary than usual and slowly hugged the cute bear.

“I thought also that you might be hungry so I told my mother to bring you her lasagna “

If he wasn’t already a little kid now well he was way worse now,he started jumping in his bed, grabbed a fork and started eating like he hasn’t ate in years.


“But wait save some space because today we are having chocolate glazed donuts for dessert “

Today was the best day of my life he smiled so much and eat with so much love I guess tomorrow will be another day right now he has fallen asleep hugging his teddy bear and drooling a bit.


OMG, OMG, OMG ,OMG,He gave me a teddy bear, and bought me lasagna and donuts, OMG , OMG and he even gave me a kiss on the cheek but hey it still counts, that night I could feel him hugging me and my heart just melted on spot it has been years, years since the last time he treated me like that.

That night I slept so wonderful feeling amazing that night.

The next morning I woke up feeling much better noticing how much Austin drooled over me on my neck, I was in heaven, literally in heaven.

The doctor came that morning and allowed me to leave the hospital, Austin’s mother came payed the checks and told us that we could leave already, I woke up Austin and told him that we could go already. He woke up and with the nicest

“Good Morning “

Of my entire life.

We arrived home and I went directly to bed while Austin went to bath, I sincerely was too tired to even try and bath even though I hadn’t bathed 3 days ago, I took off my dirty socks which I have been wearing since the day I was assaulted god I was tired ,however when I woke up they mysteriously disappeared strange isn’t

I asked Austin about it but he just bluntly answered

“Nope I haven’t seen them “

“Weird I swear I left them at the floor of the room”

I swear in that moment he was trembling like he was anxious or something.

“Anyway why don’t we order something to eat I mean my mom left for work and we are here alone so …”

“ Pasta, please let’s order pasta please please “

He saw how insistent I was I think so he agreed with me “

“Fine , sure let’s order pasta if you want Joey”

“Thank you , thank you, thank you “

I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek without noticing it , he just turned red and said almost joking.

“Well I guess that from now on we will order pasta especially with those kisses from you “

What was wrong with him, was he alright I mean a few days back he ignored and barely talked with me and now he wants more kisses from me, weird.

We finished eating and both of us went to play videogames, I beat his ass at FIFA and like the looser he is he decided to leave to sleep of course I didn’t let him, I caught him and tickled him till he begged me to stop.

His eyes were beautiful I get lost in them everyday and now they were piercing my heart in a way I didn’t know it was possible.

That night he hugged me like there was no tomorrow, I don’t know what insect bite him but I am definitely liking it.


We were in the car heading to our home and my lover was looking into the window lost in the view, I swear to god I just couldn’t resist to grab his hand, he didn't even notice and I was glad for that, when we arrived he went straight to our room and laid in bed I mean it was obvious he was assaulted two days ago and almost died in the process. I went to see him and god was he cute, He laid there with his feet uncovered his socks on the carpet ,with my foot fetish this was too much to bear , I smelled both of his feet and they smelled delicious, I couldn’t resist literally I couldn’t , I grabbed the dirty socks from my lover and started smelling them like there was no tomorrow,  I went to the bathroom and started touching myself pumping little by little my shaft it felt amazing all the sensations , the smell god I came so hard drenching all my underwear, how I wished it was him in front of me, I throwed the dirty pair with the other dirty clothes , I waited till he got up where he asked me for his socks , of course I lied imagine if I said “I was jerking off with them “ he would have hit me no questions asked, we decided to order pasta where to my surprise he gave me a kiss on my cheek thanking me for the food, I literally touched heaven and came back in less than a second my god that was amazing, that night I hugged him and waited for him to fall asleep so I could give him another kiss followed by a sweet “I love you “


I woke up next morning still being hugged by Austin, his scent was just amazing, if I could describe it he smells exactly like caramelized apples on a cold day in winter, simply delicious, He drooled all over my neck at night, he could be so cute sometimes, I walked to the kitchen and started preparing myself a grilled cheese sandwich when I felt someone hugging me from behind it was him, it was Austin,

“Don’t worry I’ll make it for you “ and with that he started preparing me the grilled sandwich I left at the frying pan

“I waited in our room while I watched t.v, suddenly he came knocking the door with the delicious grilled sandwich.

“Here you go prince”

He called me prince my god, I am his prince, my legs went numb my brain became white, god I am falling more and more in love with him every second.

Tears fell down my face and before he could speak I told him how thankful I was for having a friend such as him , I love him but I don’t want to know what will happen if I ever told him , if he knew I was gay he would sure abandon me.

He stayed with me watching t.v I just couldn’t contain myself I hugged him and let my head rest on his stomach, I swear for a moment I thought he was getting a hard on from all this physical contact but I didn’t mind I loved him from all my heart and without noticing I fell asleep. I woke up and he was snoring in a way that looked so cute, I stood up and entered the showers I mean it has been awhile since I last showered, the hot water coursing through my body, it felt amazing, I finished bathing and again my socks and underwear were missing weird,  my clothes were mysteriously disappearing .

I exited the bathroom took a fresh pair of clothes and head to the living room where I never imagined to see something like that in my entire life.

I saw Austin jacking off smelling my underwear moaning my name over and over again, my god what was happening with Austin please tell me he liked me please god please please . ….