Sweet Tragedy

Chapter 2

Roberto Quezada Trueba

This story contains various sex scenes between boys so please if you are offended by this please do not read it

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 What was going on was I seeing right, Austin was there jacking off furiously to my underwear moaning over and over my name, I just couldn’t stop looking at him, his thin, smooth body , his hazel hair moving in a frenetic way and the sweat coming down his forehead and arms, his eyes closed while his nose smelled the pouch of my underwear,his body shaking , his dick was twitching so much until he moaned one last time my name then a gusher of white liquid came down his penis, bathing him in viscoquicity, his eyes still remained closed after that huge orgasm he clearly had , even though I was shocked and paralyzed by this, with the little strength I had left I ran to our room and pretended to be asleep, I needed at least some time to think in my next move, should I tell him I saw him masturbating to my underwear or did I just let it be, I needed time, I needed to think this slowly , what if he just , what if he just, I really can’t think of any other reason of why was he masturbating to my underwear he was clearly in love with me ,  I needed to clarify this one way or another.

While I was pretending to be asleep I heard footsteps in the hallway, it was clearly Austin heading to our room, I needed to face him now, he entered our room and sat on the other side of the bed, laid down and started checking his phone, it was now or never.

“Hey Austin can we talk for a minute “ I said while I got up and sat on the bed

Austin just looked at me with a nervous look and said

“Y-y-eah sure what’s up “

His eyes looked down at the floor trying to avoid seeing me at all costs

“ Well is just that I saw you moments ago … “

I didn’t even need to finish my sentence Austin just stood up and started running , I chase him but it was too late he was already out of the house, It was raining so it was harder and harder to follow him

“Austin wait!!!!” I shouted to him while I tried to reach him.

He tripped and fell down, he tried to stand up but clearly he had injured his ankle, when I reached him he just pulled his head down and refused my help, he didn’t say a word . he remained there crying like a little kid .

“ You know I am not angry, you should know by now that I really like you a lot”

Austin’s slowly tilted up his head showing those beautiful eyes, I kneeled and gave him one kiss on his cheek with all the love I had.

“ Come on let’s go I don’t want to catch a cold “

He nodded and gave me his arm , of course I helped him to walk again, while we were walking to our home I could still hear his sobbing echoing through my soul, my heart was in pain just from hearing him like this but I couldn’t do anything else.

“So y-y-ou are not angry”

Austin said to me almost whispering with his words mixing with the sound of rain and wind.

“No of course not , I mean wait until we arrive home, I really prefer having this moment at our bed “

He nodded with his long hair covering his head.

We arrived our home we went straight to our room, took of our clothes and changed into more comfy and dry clothes and sat on bed, Austin was laying with his face buried in the pillow, I touched his elbow and slowly he turned his sight of view to my face.

“Please sit down Austin I want to see those beautiful eyes that you have”

Again without saying a word he sat on the bed looking at me with his puffy eyes from all the crying, his head was still tilted downward.

Ok this is the moment I have been waiting since I fell in love with him, I needed to show him my love , I needed to give him my heart now, this is the perfect moment, breath Joey just breath, you can do this, I gathered all the air I could, I placed my hand on his elbow and aimed for those puffy and sweet lips of his, I closed the distance between us and it happened it finally happened .

I was finally kissing Austin.


Was this real, my mind paralyzed in place, my eyes blurred out and let even more tears come out, my body trembled, I was hyperventilating however I could feel my soul in heaven no in paradise.

“Joey was finally kissing me”

I can’t remember how many times I have dreamed of this moment, since the moment I met him in the hallways of our elementary school , I have dreamed of hugging him and kissing him, when he became an orphan I cried so much in the fear of losing him, that my mother just adopted him , she knew that I couldn’t live without him , my angel , my prince, my love.

Although the kiss only lasted for a few seconds for me they were like eternity.

“Austin let me tell you that I love you, I missed you so much when you left me and leaved with your friends , that’s why I was happy I was assaulted because you were finally there with me. “

I kissed him again , both of us returned the kiss it was better to tell our feeling this way instead of words.

“Joey could you be my.”

He kissed me again interrupting me, I was melting on his arms .

“Of course prince”  

“We stared at each other looking into our eyes , feeling our love “

We could have stayed that way but Joey just told a little joke to make this more of a casual moment.

“And tell me how does my underwear smell”

Joey said to me joking about it , I couldn’t avoid to blush while he laughed at me .

“Anyway wait for me we need to tape that ankle wait here angel “

I totally forgot about my ankle, but now I couldn’t feel any pain at all, he returned and taped my ankle. then slowly he crawled to bed with me hugged me and cuddled with me saying wit the cutest voice I have ever heard.

“ Can I sleep with you “

I looked at the time , it was 4.00 p.m however I didn’t care this was worth my entire life.

“Sure let’s sleep together “

We went to dreamland together, he smelled so good and his scent just relaxed me instantly.

“Joey I love you “ I whispered to him before falling asleep


I know is a short chapter but to be honest with you I prefer it this way, a small chapter with tons of love in it, I will try to have the next chapter published this week along with Sweet Love, take care and see you around my friends.