Sweet Tragedy

Chapter 3

Roberto Quezada Trueba

This story contains various sex scenes between boys so please if you are offended by this please do not read it

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Joey and Austin were both in dreamland sleeping together, both of them remembering the precise moment where both of they met, they returned to the hallways of their elementary school , where Joey was taking out his things from his locker and Austin was just passing by heading to his next class when suddenly both of them crossed paths.  

Austin 12 years old

Ugh!!, I had just finished having Biology with Miss Hertz and as always it was awful, I hated Biology, next was History and god did I hate that class too.

I was walking fast,  I was already being late for History when without noticing I crashed into a boy I have never seen in my entire life.

Both of us tripped and all the books that the other boy was carrying fell to the floor.

“Sorry I didn’t see you”

“It’s okay don’t worry”

When he showed me his beautiful blue eyes I just lost it, they were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, he started picking up his things but I was just lost in him,  could feel my heart pumping faster and before I knew it I realized that I had fallen in love for this boy

“W-w-hat’s  your name “


Did I just stutter , what was happening to me? ,

“ Joey ,what’s your name ”

His cute and sweet voice was like an angel to me, who was this kid, I tried to regain a moment of self-confidence to avoid stuttering again

“Austin nice to meet you “

“Cool hey I need to go to Math but see you around “

“Yeah see you around “ I said waving at him while he ran to his class remembering me that I should also run for History.

I was like a little kid in love and maybe I was, I started drawing his and my name surrounded by hearts along with plenty sketches of his beautiful angelic face. I was lost in my mind thinking about him until the ring of the bell woke me up from living a fantasy with him.

It was time for me to have lunch , sometimes I wish had friends to talk or hang out at this time whatever I was used to it.

I headed to the cafeteria and sweet we were having pasta, I grabbed a tray and got served by the chef , I paid for it alongside a chocolate cookie.

Like always I searched for an empty space to eat where I saw Austin eating alone in the garden, I guess he saw me staring at him because he just waved me at me  to go with him and I did.


Joey said greeting me looking happy to see me

“Hey can I sit with you “ I asked

“Of course “

I sat alongside him and suddenly we started talking like we have know each other since we were babies or something, he liked the same things I liked, he was a very sweet and nice person, I just knew that I was really in love with him.

“Hey want to come to my house after school I mean it’s friday after all “

I needed sugar, something, was he inviting to his house ?!!??!?!?!, OMG of course I would love to go, I mean I can’t imagine myself being in his house and in his room.

“Yeah I would love Joey , I would really like too”

“Cool meet me at the exit we can walk there “

We finished eating the pasta both of us, I gave him half of my cookie and both of us eat it , he was really enjoying by the look in his face.

He stood up and offered me his hand to help me stand up, his soft touch , his firm hand was so wonderful.

“Thanks “

“You are welcome anyway I gotta go I still have Biology today “

While he ran to his classroom I shouted to him

“Good Luck with Miss Hertz she is in a very bad mood today “

He gave me a thumbs up while he ran into the hallways.

I still had Computing class left so there I was wondering myself why did such a wonderful guy like him ate alone in the garden,maybe he had no friends  like me.

Class finished and I run to met him at the entrance, there he was seeing the beautiful blossom trees .

“Hey” I shouted to him sounding like a little kid already he turned around and saw him looking at me with his piercing beautiful eyes.

Joey 12

Today at school I met this boy called Austin while I took out some things from my lockers, even though our meeting wasn’t the best he seemed like a nice guy, maybe he is the friend I have been searching for all this time. At lunch I saw him  wandering around in search of a place to eat so I waved at him to come eat lunch with me and he did , we talked about all kinds of things, videogames , movies , and we were already like brothers, he was so nice to me,  I think I have finally found myself a friend, it was friday so why not invite him to my house and that’s exactly what I did, he seemed so excited by the offer and started jumping all around the place, at the end of the school I met him at the entrance and there he was running at his max speed towards me, once again he was so happy to see me and I was glad for that.

“Hey “ He shouted to me sounding excited and definitely anxious to get to my house

“Hey are you ready to go “I asked with one of my biggest smiles

“Yeah let’s go “ .

“Ok I live a few blocks down the street “

We started walking toward my house, I was so happy that I had finally found a friend like him, I turned around to look at him and his face was looking down to the floor, his mind wandering off somewhere.

“Hey are you ok “I asked him trying to see what was on his mind.

“Nothing Joey is just that I am nervous of being in your house you know “

“Oh come on there’s nothing to worry about besides you are already my friend”

His face brighten up and smiled at me with his cutest smile he was just too cute to watch

We arrived at my home and headed to my room where we spent all day playing video games and eating junk food, at night I forced him to stay the night convincing him and his mother to stay the night and he did, we slept that night together like we were some kind of brothers and believe me I loved every second of it .

The days passed and we continued to hang out like brothers together, everyday we would do our homework together, every friday we would have sleepovers and literally did every together, he became my best friend and only friend.

Days passed and our friendship grew even more every second it passed , on sunday I was going to visit some cousins within our neighbor city so I couldn’t see Austin that day , it was late at night and we were heading back to our home , it was raining, when a light surrounded us , next thing I knew my mother was dead, I was taken to a foster home where not even my aunt wanted to adopt me.

My first night in the foster home I cried all night, of course I missed my mom , I missed my life but above all of those things I missed Austin my only true friend

My phone was destroyed in the accident so really I couldn’t call him to say that I missed him so much. Days passed and every night I cried to the image of my only friend.

I thought my life was finished, I thought that I would be stuck in this place forever, when they called my name, At first instance it was weird why would they call me that’s when I saw him, Austin.

He rushed and hugged me crying saying he missed me, I wasn’t listening at all to what was he saying the only thing I knew was that for the first time in my life I had fallen in love, true love.

What happened after that is history, Austin’s mom adopted me, within a few days my mother’s lawyer contacted us giving me her testament which of course included the house I lived in and all of her bank accounts which believe me they contained more money that I could count.

 I was finally living a happy live when I heard the sound of a door being opened that’s when I blacked out.  

Austin 18

I can’t believe what happened today, really I can’t, today my biggest dream has become a reality, I kissed Joey, OMG , I kissed him and he became my boyfriend, I opened my eyes after the beautiful dream I just had remembering the moment that I met him, I turned around to look at him while he slept and god was he cute when he slept, my urges to kiss him where gaining control over me however I didn’t want to interrupt my angel sweet dreams so I let him rest there.

I grabbed my phone and started looking at all of our pictures together, after every swipe I gave and every photo I looked I fell more and more with him, was that even possible?

I heard my mother opening the door in the entrance , I looked at the time and to my surprise it was already 10, Joey slowly opened his eyes while moaning and yawning at the same time, he opened his beautiful eyes , looked at me , closed the distance between us and kissed me making me jump a little however I was quick to answer him.

“ Hey how did you slept “ He asked me using the cutest and most lovable voice I have ever heard.

“Awesome I slept thinking about you my love “

“Really me too “

My mother walked straight to our room and after seeing how swollen my ankle was he just screamed asking me tons of questions.

We just answered in unison

“ It’s a long story”

My mother became insane within a few seconds asking me if I wanted an ambulance or something really is was too funny to see, if it wasn’t for Joey offering himself to carry me my mom would sure had called an ambulance.

Joey carried me in his back and we head directly to the hospital where the doctor checked my swollen ankle and determined that I wouldn’t be able to walk for at least a week lucky for me we were already in vacations, yeah I know we missed school our last days of school because of Joey but I didn’t even care , thanks to all this my dream has finally come true , being Joey’s boyfriend.

Joey left to get something to drink leaving me and my mother alone for a brief moments.

“Hey mom I wanted to t-tell you something” I was shivering, sweating cold, I was going to come out to my mother and I was shivering crazy, I shutted my eyes and some tears fell from them.

“Mom I am gay and and “ My voice cracked more and more until I couldn’t even speak properly , more tears fell from my eyes until I was crying for my life when I felt my mom’s loving arms and loving self hugging me.

“I already knew my prince believe me the way you look at Joey, those were the looks that I gave your father once “

I kept crying with her hugging me until he held my face up and with the sweetest voice a mother could have said.

“And let me guess your boyfriend  is “

I nodded silently in agreement with her.

Joey returned and when my mother looked at him he just giggled in silence, what was she planning?, Joey once again carry me on his back and headed to the car where I closed my eyes and let myself rest for a second.

When I opened my eyes I was expecting to see my home but instead I saw a nice and fancy restaurant and was shocked as hell, I mean why we were here, I looked back to see my angel on Earth and he was smiling to me, god I can’t get enough of his smile.

“Good Morning Prince how did you slept” He said to me with his lovable and cute voice I fell in love years ago.

“Wonderful Joey” I looked around once again “ What are we doing here “

“Well your mother suggested that we had dinner here and well here we are “

Weird what was my mother thinking, whatever I was hungry and I wanted to really spend this dinner with the love of my life.

Joey helped me stand up and reach the chair at our table, he was so nice , cute , handsome and hot , god I definitely struck gold with him.

My mother stayed silent at first giggling in silent, what was happening with her?, I gotta know

“Mom are you ok you are barely talking and well you are giggling like a mad scientist or something “

“Is just to cute to see both of you being boyfriends and everything “

The moment I heard the word boyfriend come out of her mouth both me and Joey started blushing but I kinda like that I was definitely in love with him.

That night I definitely had a blast with my mom and Joey at the restaurant , that night when we went to sleep we gave each other a kiss and slept while we hugged each other.