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The Circle

Chapter 19

Twin Perils

two weeks ago

The Circle was meeting at the twin's place, where their parents weren't wild about them having their poor friends stay the night, but they rarely refused to let us have the Circle meetings there from time to time. The twins had so many interesting things to do, that we should have stayed there every Friday, but their parents were cold and rude. The first thing Saturday mornings after any Circle sleepover would be them, or more often the staff, waking us all up over the intercom, telling the twins to be ready for breakfast in a few minutes and for their friends to be leaving. The twins ate every meal on time, prepared, served, and cleared away by the servants. No guests.

Circle meetings at the twins' mansion also meant certain isolation from their parents. The family lived in one wing, and the twins had picked the rooms on the top floor at the end of that wing as their own. In fact, that entire floor of that wing of the house had nothing but their bedrooms, their playrooms, and empty bedrooms. The staff lived in the other wing, across the garden area between the two wings. I had no idea where their parents' rooms were, but they were obviously far enough away that the twins weren't worried about any noises we made, and we often made considerable noise. The twins' matching drum sets, amplified and playing through the six powerful speakers, and the synthesizer playing through yet another powerful amp and speaker, never raised a single complaint, even when we played into the morning hours.

Intercoms connected every room in the house, and the phones could be used to call any other phone in the house. No one had ever come to the door to any of the twins' rooms during a Circle night, except one of us arriving. Even the staff left us to our own and stayed out of our way during the kitchen raids.

A pool table, ping-pong table, an entertainment center with an enormous collection of movies on the new laser discs, a snack bar built like a space ship half sticking out of the wall, and numerous arcade games filled the large game room. Even the floor was used; a basketball key and end was painted along one wall so that the regulation height net hanging from the wall was in the right location. A tabletop foosball game was in one corner, complete with Bears versus Giants paint scheme. The twins' parents obviously wished the boys stayed at the mansion rather than leave it. Even having friends over was somewhat frowned upon, and having us 'lesser' boys as friends was on the edge of being tolerated.

That Circle meeting, everyone but Jon had made it. Tom and I had biked over, Eric, Jeff and Todd had gotten a ride from Eric's mother. We assembled and covered the important business first; I rolled two large joints and the guys pointed out where they had seen Tim's van recently. As the joints made their way around, we discussed matters that mattered. Music, bands, movies, girls, fights at school, sports, video games, movies, and television; in no particular order.

Next, the twins spent considerable time impressing us all with their new musical compact discs. They were incredible! Right out of science fiction. The recent development of Laser Disc movies had been a huge advance, and the almost immediate follow-up of musical compact discs seemed logical, but almost backward. The sound was beyond anything I or the others had heard. The fact that an album could be completely silent between tracks, or that it could be so quiet during the quiet parts of songs seemed unbelievable despite hearing it. I had heard the system before, but the twins had treated us for the meeting of the Circle at their place; The Wall.

We were all speechless during it, but it was easy to share our reactions silently among us. Being so isolated, we smoked a great deal of pot and had the music turned way up. The long couch in front of the wide projection screen barely fit us all. Sometimes some of us took turns trying to play a game, but they would sit back and smoke the joint perpetually going around and fall back into the music.

After The Wall, it was games, video and otherwise. I took control of the music and the joints, as always, when I wasn't playing pool with someone taking a break from their other activities. Eric and Tom played one-on-one basketball for a while. The twins, Todd, and Jeff switched around playing Coleco and Atari.

For the late night entertainment, I had brought the magazine that Jon had loaned me last week. We had seen it already, but we went over it from cover to cover again as another joint was passed among us gathered around the snack bar.

As usual, Todd and Jeff were the first to leave consciousness. They were soon followed by Tom and the twins. Eric and I played Pong for quite a while, giggling stupidly at the simpler game as we kept a joint burning between us. We finally gave up and stood up to stretch. We both saw that we were the last awake. Tom had announced that he was off to one of the guest rooms to sleep a few minutes earlier. Everyone else lay about on a couch or a beanbag chair, obviously oblivious.

He looked at me and grinned that grin before he shrugged and asked, "So, we're last awake, wanna go find a room?"

I'd hoped beyond hope, knowing that it was never going to happen, that Jeff would have asked me that. Knowing that that was out of the question, and knowing that having that long-wished three-way with the twins was about as likely, I had hoped that Eric would show his usual interest. As the others had begun to drift off, Jeff one of the first, Eric had became more likely. By the time he and I had began our game of Pong, I was certain that Eric was only staying awake to be alone.

I had liked Eric's appearance the first time I had seen him. His bright, flaming red hair was impossible to miss, and already liking real red heads, I certainly didn't overlook it. He was averagely built, but squarely so. His jaw was wide, his brow wide, his hips and shoulders were stocky, even back then at twelve. At fourteen his dimensions had increased in proportion. His intensely red hair had only gotten redder, his freckles remained as large and dark as ever against his pale skin.

He had started growing fast nearly two years ago and was well along his way. He was taller than most guys his age, and nearly as tall as Tom and I. He barely stood an inch taller than the twins. He had no body fat to speak of, yet he was certainly stockier than anyone else in the Circle.

Looking at him then, he had the first signs of a mustache across his upper lip, and I was intensely jealous of it. Even his cheeks showed a downy fuzz. I knew he also had hair growing everywhere else. Eric had always been the most willing, even more than Tom. While Tom would often bring it up, Eric seemed to do so every time that we had any opportunity; and a few times it would have been risky to say the least. Eric was also insatiable. Once was never enough, and three times was barely so.

"I'd really like to blow each other, man. Come on!"

He was nearly bouncing on his ass, almost begging like a boy for a toy in the store.

"Come on!"

I flipped off the projection set, as I always remembered to do when I was the last awake at their place; it was one of the very few things the twins asked of us. Eric and I snuck down the hall to an open door to a guest bedroom. When one of us went to sleep in a guest room, we always closed the door, as they were always open otherwise. I locked the door behind me, and before I had turned, Eric's hands were on my waist and closing in on my groin.

"Sixty-nine?" he asked, grasping my hardness and grinding his into my ass.

"Unless you brought some Vaseline or something," I answered.

"Nope. We should hide some here!" he said enthusiastically.

I started backing up, pushing him toward the bed in reverse. He complied, and when his legs hit the bed he let himself fall backward, pulling me with him. I landed right on top of him, letting my full weight come down on him. He grunted deeply and wheezed in his next breath.

I rolled over and slid down in one movement, then was opening his jeans. He pulled his shirt off, then mine, then kicked his legs as I removed his jeans and boxers. We'd not turned on a light, and I wished that I had thought of it, but I wasn't willing to stumble my way in the dark to find one. Instead of that, I stood still as he pulled my jeans and shorts down my legs and off my feet. I intended to go back to my knees and warm him up with some oral first, but he pulled my hips forward and I felt his mouth close around my cock.

Eric was always enthusiastic, and his oral efforts never fell short of that expectation. He slid quickly up and down my cock, sucking, licking, nibbling, and jacking. I never lasted more than a few minutes with Eric if I let him go along as he liked; I doubted anyone could. He pulled the skin of my cock forward enough to tighten the skin at the base, pulling me forward nearly every time. I grabbed his head and tried to hold him back, but he was very enthusiastic.

"Eric, we better get started on you or I'll be done alone!"

He laughed and pushed himself up the bed. I knelt on the bed and turned over him, then backed up. We went directly to work on each other. With Eric there was no going slow to make it last. We turned over, with him on top a while, then side by side. Eric was slightly built, but squarely so, and so were his naughty bits. He still had some years ahead to grow, luckily, as he was built squarely between his legs as well. By the time I had turned fourteen, I was approaching five inches long; not Eric. He was rather thick, though, so it wasn't all small. His balls were small, still, but they hung nicely and already had a fuzz of his nice red hair all over them. His bush wasn't done growing in and was still short and sparse, but so red. In the dark, I could run my fingers over it, feeling it, and knowing how wonderful it looked.

As enthusiastic as Eric was, neither of us lasted long. Eric began showing the usual signs; he pumped so hard he slammed into my face, and he did so very quickly, then tensed deep in my mouth. He held there momentarily, then pulled out and then thrust back in quickly and deeply and held there again. His cock pulsed, swelled, then I felt and tasted his cum as he groaned softly. He repeated the movements; out then back in quickly, tense, pulse, cum. Five times, then he held and shook as I sucked and cleaned him as the last of his cum ran out of his cock and over my tongue. He didn't cum much, but his body surely tried to. I was sure that by adulthood he'd be cumming huge loads.

I was only a minute behind him. I stopped licking his balls long enough to say, "About there." He continued sucking me. I slowed, often holding inside his mouth. I let it build slowly, dragging it out. He didn't lose his enthusiasm. His tongue tickled under my head in the sensitive spot and he sucked harder. I pushed deeply and held. I came hard. I held as still as I could, doing my best not to scream out a loud yes. I grimaced and groaned a bit as I filled his mouth.

When I relaxed and withdrew, Eric cleaned me up decently and slapped my ass.

"Miss doing that," he said a bit breathlessly.

"Miss what? Getting it or giving it? Or slapping my ass?" I asked a bit snidely.

"Both to be honest," he said with a small laugh, shocking the hell out of me. "Not the slap though."

Is everyone gay or is no one gay or what? I know Eric likes chicks, but he likes this that much? Too? Why? Why do I care? He does! And he's getting good at it. And I bet he's up for seconds!

I asked, he was, we did. Not long after, he was ready yet again. I was extremely sensitive and finished rapidly, well before Eric. We played around even after that third time, and Eric came yet again, though it was a mere single drop at a time, and it seemed that each one was pulling his insides out.

We almost fell asleep together. Not cuddled, but still in the sixty-nine position with each other's cocks in hand, heads resting on each other's thighs,. We dressed and snuck back into the game room. No one had moved, and we took our positions on the Atari for a few games. I eventually stretched, slapped him on the shoulder, and called dibs on the empty room, to which he warned me not to expect to wake up alone; all as was usual even with others awake. I headed back to the bed we had just used. Laying in it, I wished Jeff would come sneaking to me. I wasn't horny, and probably couldn't have done much, but I wished it all the same. Even if he just came to cuddle and hug and fall asleep together, I wished.

I woke alone.


Circle meetings at the twins' also meant early morning rides were to be prepared in advance. Jon hadn't stayed the night, instead going out with his girlfriend, though telling his parents that he was staying overnight with us. He arrived early the next morning, on time. That morning, though, he was taking only Tom and Eric home, at first. Tom was due to go clothes shopping with their mom, and Eric was due home for his grandparents' visit. Jeff was going to stay that night at my house, so he stayed behind with me, hiding in the twins game room. Jon would return later, against his will at first, to pick up Jeff and I; we had the goods on him, and he knew it, and we weren't asking very much in return - not to our eyes.

Once Jon had picked the others up, Jeff and I hid in the game room, watching television, expecting the twins back from breakfast in nearly an hour. Until then, we had free run of the room, and we both continued to lay about lazily watching cartoons. Jeff and I both liked the hour-and-a-half long Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Hour on channel two. We watched and laughed at the old familiar hijinks. The best thing about that strange conglomeration of cartoons was that they were all the older, often more violent, and usually far more hilarious ones.

I was thinking of somehow managing to keep Tom from coming to stay at my house that night so that Jeff and I could be alone. Todd wouldn't be around, as he had other plans. After Jeff and I had jacked off together two weeks ago, for only the third time, he had stayed around, seemingly normal. Jeff had been as relaxed and seemingly into it as anyone had. I woke the next morning to find that he had slept in the spare bedroom with the door shut. He was quiet and distant the entire morning, and had called for a ride home before lunch. During the next week, on the bus and at school, he had been a bit quiet, but by the end of the week and the Circle meeting on Friday, he was back to being the same, fun Jeff. For the first time since then we could possibly be alone overnight, and Jeff seemed interested in doing so.

As we sat watching television, I thought of reaching over for his groin. His jeans were baggy, as usual, but the pair he was wearing had a way of displaying his package well. I was growing hard considering making a move and trying to do something before the twins returned from their breakfast.

Jeff turned to see me looking at him and asked, "What?" with a cute grin.

My heart stammered several times, almost melting. I smiled without thinking, doing so whenever Jeff talked to me. I knew I was falling for him, and so soon after Toby, I feared nothing more than falling for someone and losing them. I knew that Jeff wasn't gay, everyone knew how much he liked Sally, and how much time he tried to spend with her. He used to make the effort to meet me or one of the guys between classes, but then it was only Sal.

I sighed rather shakily and replied, "Nothing, just having a good time is all."

He nodded and turned his attention back to the cartoons. I sighed again, wishing that I could lean over and kiss him. Kiss him deep, hard and long. Run my hand down his chest, down his tummy, down to grasp and cradle his package.

Fuck man! I want him so bad! I really think I love him! He's fucking so perfect. So fucking cute! He's the best! I wish I could have him as my boyfriend so bad! I'd do anything to make him happy!

I let myself dream of days with Jeff, days like I had experienced with Toby. Days of sex and love, and touching in private, alone with just each other. I fantasized, letting myself enjoy the thoughts. When a rarer episode of the Pink Panther ended, along with my dreams, I asked Jeff if I could get him a juice. When he didn't answer, I looked at him.

I paused then, seeing that he had dozed off completely. His mouth hung open just a tiny amount, and his tongue was visible between his teeth. He was clearly asleep. I smiled and sat looking at him. I let my hand rest on his stomach, ready to pretend to be waking him up at the first sign of him doing so. I let my hand rest firmly, feeling him breathing under it. I let my eyes wander over him, from slightly tousled blond hair to stocking feet.

You're fucking perfect! I marveled. You're hair is so cool, so just you. Other guys might have blond hair, or hay-colored, honey, or wheat, but your blond hair is really blond. Golden-yellow, thick, and like they were really smooth, gold threads. But so soft, so silky, and smooth!

Like your complexion! How can you northern Europeans have such wonderful skin? The cold should make it rough! But no! Like cream. And those eyebrows, so light they're nearly hard to see! Even then, smooth and even on your strong brow. That nose, like a sculpture, poised just above the reddest, plumpest, smoothest lips in existence! That strong jaw belongs below them!

And your fair skin and hair continues all over you, doesn't it? I just know it. All over you. Your wide chest, your sturdy trunk, your wide hips. Those ass cheeks must be as perfect as well! They're sure shaped right from what I've seen! That's been easy to tell! Those smooth, fuzzy legs. Those big feet tell the truth, too, don't they! You're thick, and bulky, and sturdy, in all ways, aren't you, Jeff? Nothing like the Jeff I first saw, and first fell for. But still so cute.

I heard the twins arguing, and realizing that I had leaned very close to Jeff, I bounded back into position not too close to him. I was watching cartoons when they entered. We watched cartoons for a few minutes, during which I had to convince the twins not to prank the sleeping Jeff.

 Jeff was a heavy sleeper, and even waking him intentionally wasn't easy, so we weren't exactly being quiet. We knew Jeff would snap awake when he did, and not before. As he was asleep in front of the projection television screen, we sat at the flying saucer bar and watched the television there - which was still much larger than the one in my bedroom. After a few minutes, Brent got a serious look on his face and a nod from Ryan.

"Can you tell us the story with the chick at the lake?" he asked me rather softly.

"Again?" I asked, sensing a plot.

"Well, like, it's a good story!"

The twins had heard the story more than once, as I had told it in the Circle many times, like when we had visitors who hadn't heard it yet. I didn't know why they wanted to hear it then, but I liked telling it, so I did.

"Well, when I was twelve, I was reading a magazine I found when I was at this lake for the summer. Part of the summer anyway. I was behind an old shack in the woods with my hand in my pants, and she caught me. She laughed and said she was cool about it. Asked if I had a girlfriend. I so got embarrassed. She said not to be. So I told her no. She asked if I wanted to learn some stuff for when I do. Well, duh, yeah!

"So she came over and knelt and like rubbed over it in my shorts. Then she pulled them down and started licking all over it. Then my balls. Then she used her hand to play with it all and then she started sucking on it. It was the best thing ever. And she did stuff I just don't know what with her tongue while she was giving me that bee-jay!

"When she stopped, I was all, like, get back down there, but I didn't say it. And she asked if I wanted to check her out. Well, duh, yeah. And I did say that. So she stood up and grabbed my hand and put it right up her swim top and told me how to play with her tits so it felt good. Then she said use both hands, so I did. It was cool!

"Then after that she took my one hand and slipped it in her bottoms. She was so hot down there! She said to help her take them off so I did, and she leaned up against the shack and said to play around with it with my fingers. So I did and found the way in and she said to keep going. She showed me how to finger it and use your thumb, like this, to get the spot out front."

I held my hand up, index and second finger out straight, the two smaller ones curled up and closed, and the thumb over and above the outstretched fingers a small amount.

"She told me to keep at it, she was close, and how I was going to feel a woman cum! I was so hard! And her hands kept playing with mine and my balls and it was way so cool! And she started panting and going, "Yes" a lot and then she shook and squealed and it got even hotter and wetter down there! Slick and sticky, just like guys cum. And she smiled and said I was a natural."

I paused for effect.

"Then she got back on her knees and put both my hands on her boobs and sucked me again. That was great! And she kept going and it was way too ticklish so I had to stop her. We talked and she told how to tickle arms, nibble ears, kiss necks, and to always pay attention to their nipples. Almost always the best place to play with your fingers and your mouth, remember that!" I emphasized.

The twins obviously enjoyed the story again. Ryan was least obvious, as his already generous, red lips became darker and seemingly more swollen, as if they were his more obvious sexual organs. Brent was fairly obvious, as all you had to do was watch his hands; if they were toying around in his groin area, he was horny. Both exhibited their affectations glaringly.

"So, like, did you cum, then, at twelve?"

"Nope, I don't think so, but I didn't see, ya know?"

"Yeah. I didn't know I came any first time I got sucked, too. Just sure felt like it I think!"

"When did you get sucked the first time?" Brent asked.

Ryan blushed brightly and glanced around aimlessly. I blushed a bit, too, as I was sure that I had given him his first blow-job. I was also sure I had given Brent his.

"I, uh, you know, I told you."

"No, you told me about Carrie Uster! You said it wasn't as good as you had before, but I never remembered to ask who before was."

"Just, someone," Ryan said, trying obviously to evade answering.

I wasn't going to make him answer, as I was sure of his answer, and I didn't want his brother to know that I had given him his first head, like I had him.

"Where did you get your first one? You never said anything about your first either. You just brag about Dana Furrow and say she wasn't as good!"

The twins faced off, and I knew there was no way to stop them. Both were red, both were casting furtive glances around without finding anything to settle their eyes on. Ryan pushed his glasses up his nose with one finger on the bridge, while Brent, never having worn glasses, instead clucked his tongue as his tell.

The twins looked at each other momentarily, seemingly using telepathy to communicate again. More than once that topic had been offered seriously in Circle meetings when the twins were not present. The fact that they seemed to nod and change facial expressions in time with each other only made it creepier.

For twins, they looked very little alike. Looking at them, it was hard to believe they were even brothers. Both had the same sandy-blond hair, but wore it differently, but still messily. Their gray eyes were their only other feature in kind, and those were identical. Even the shapes they made with them and how they moved them seemed the same. Brent, however, was slightly thinner, slightly more angular, and had slightly crooked teeth and a thin upper lip that rarely covered them. Ryan had softer facial features, perfect teeth, fuller lips, and a few more pounds. Now as they entered the real throws of puberty, they looked even less alike. But as always, as I saw them both together, their paired eyes seemed to be mirror images of the same soul.

When both of them looked at me at the same time, I felt an icy shiver. While looking at me, they suddenly half-smiled in unison, mirroring each other. My shiver factor shot through the roof.

"You. . . " both boys said simultaneously.

"You first," Ryan said out of habit; as he always did, and without looking at his twin.

"You got head from Alex first."

"So did you!" Ryan shot back.

They both still looked at me. I swallowed, hoping to God, if there was one, that Jeff was still soundly asleep over by the television.

They glanced at each other in perfect timing, like almost always, then back at me with changed expressions. Now they shared a plot.

What had been a shiver factor quickly became an intense, noisy internal intestinal spasm threatening the cleanliness of my briefs.

"What?" I eventually asked them both at the same time.

"Why don't we all do it together some time?" Ryan asked.

There was a wash of cold that traveled through me, from my scalp to my toes.

Together? All of us? Did Ryan just ask that? Did I just really hear that? I thought they might beat each other off sometimes, and I even like thinking about it when I beat-off alone, but I wouldn't have the guts to ask! How does Ryan? Wow! Guts fucking galore!

YES! I wanted to scream, and then jump them both right then. That was my initial reaction once I had processed Ryan's question, and I wished that I had whatever it took to say it, but I didn't.

I looked at Brent, wondering if I'd see him nodding or shaking his head in horror. He was staring a bit at his brother, surprise still evident on his face even though he saw me looking toward him and had closed his gaping mouth. Ryan was still staring at me, obviously waiting for my answer, grinning widely and blushing a lot.

"D-d-do what?" I squeaked.

I coughed to clear my throat in the hopes that I wouldn't squeak like that again, then dropped directly into rhythmic breathing to prevent another stutter. There was nothing I could do about the heated blush.

Brent snickered and grinned wider before claiming, "Ryan and I beat each other off a lot. Even suck each other sometimes when we want. Now we know why we both know the same things."

Suck each other? Did I just hear that? Adventurous bastards! But wow! I thought. So I taught the same things to both of 'em, and that left a large enough clue to undo me. Should I admit it? They know. They so know.

I grinned guiltily and shrugged.

They smiled wider and laughed.

"It was showing off that thing with your fingers and thumb that got around and got us famous," Ryan said with a laugh.

"Yeah! And kissing their nipples, neck, and ears! Man, that got me a long way!" Brent said with boundless enthusiasm, his gray eyes glinting.

"We gotta all do it together some time!"

I was agog.

"Come on! We could sneak into-"

I cut him off immediately, not even willing to entertain the thought of taking that kind of risk. I glanced meaningfully toward the still sleeping Jeff. They shrugged. Obviously the twins were far more adventurous than I had ever thought.

"Forget it. No way! Sure, sometime, but not even now!" I said firmly and quietly.

They rolled their eyes in tandem and then Ryan moved his stool closer to me. He leaned closer and reached into my lap, finding what he was looking for quickly. Brent moved to the stool on my other side and copied his brother's actions. To say I was surprised would be one of those massive understatements you hear so much about.

Wow! This is insane! I thought with intense pleasure as they rubbed my dick into hardness.

"Hope it's alright. I mean, we both did things with you, and we all know it, so we think it would be cool to do it together," Ryan repeated.

"It's alright. I've kinda thought about it more than once, ya know," I said without any questioning tone in it. "You guys really do it with each other?"

The twins nodded their heads and Ryan answered, "Sometimes have speed-offs. See who cums first. Sometimes farthest or the most."

"Who wins the most?"

"Ryan!" Brent said with a bit of jealousy.

"I just know what I'm doing!" Ryan shot back.

"Wow, you guys really wanna do this?"

They nodded and grinned again. I reached out to both of their crotches, finding that they were both quite hard. Ryan's larger one was easier to find, but Brent's shorter one was by no means difficult. Now one had my cock, the other my balls, both massaging and grinning at me.

"I'm getting seduced by two freshmen!" I said with surprise.

Brent snorted as Ryan said, "Yeah, right, whatever."

"What if Jeff wakes up?" I asked softly, very worried of that very possibility.

Jeff rarely woke slowly, he was the type that once he came awake, he opened his eyes, stretched, and moved; usually heading for the bathroom. We all knew that if Jeff woke as we were occupied, that he would sit up, stretch, maybe yawn loudly, then look around him. We would be nearly behind him, but there was no doubt that he could wake and see us long before we knew it. Using the bathroom was too obvious. If he woke and found the three of us were locked in the bathroom together...

In response, Brent shrugged and Ryan said, "Come on."

I followed them to one of the guest bedrooms; coincidentally enough, the room Eric and I had used and that I had slept in last night. Brent locked the door behind us. The door to the bathroom between that and the other guest room was still locked as Ryan checked it.

They met at the bed, motioning me over. I was hard as hell, dizzy with sex hormones, and smiling like an idiot. There was no way to know how many times I had thought about, even fantasized about, a three-way with the twins. I always saw it as later, a couple of years down the road, when they got drunk and stoned at a Circle meeting with just the three of us. I thought it would take me that long to even wear down the horror of the thought they both would have at the idea.

Their admission earlier of having jacked-off together, even sucked each other, had been a shock. That was nothing compared to the intensity of the shock I felt at seeing them both on the bed, smiling, blushing, and getting undressed.

I didn't know what to do! Two cute, sexy, hot guys, twin brothers, friends I'd known for over two years, whom I hung around everyone else with, guys I had played around with a little bit separately, were there together on the bed, waiting for me to join them in a three-way. I knew kissing and hugging was probably out, so was anything anal, but oral was a certainty.

I wanted to throw myself between them, pull them down, kiss them, lick them, and have them. I wanted more than the guys would be willing to give, or that they wanted. I knew that, and it threw a slight damper on the moment, but I knew, even at two weeks shy of sixteen, that you couldn't have emotional sex with everyone.

"So, like, what you guys wanna do?"

I knelt on the bed and played it cool as my guts churned and my cock jumped. I stripped off my shirt and threw it behind me. They were taking their slacks and shorts off, unabashedly and quickly.

"I want head, a lot of head! Lots and lots of head!" Ryan said, grinning.

His cock was longer and slightly thinner than his brother's; around four inches. It was more regular, almost like Toby's, smoother, the head not as prominent. It's head wasn't as large as Brent's, but it was pinker, brighter, drew more attention. His balls were small, like his brother's, their sacks smooth and up high. Their hair there wasn't a triangle yet, mostly still a ragged, narrow circle around the bases of their cocks. They had no body hair, and their chests were still smooth. Their nipples were puffy, large, and dark pink.

"You'll come too fast for five minutes worth!" Brent challenged.

His smooth, thin, peach lips grinned widely around his white teeth. His long, narrow face was blushed, his gray eyes glinting. His little cock, probably just under four inches, was wider than Ryan's. It's head was wider than the shaft, and almost seemed oversized. I felt a little bad for him, but I knew that everybody's was different.

I didn't know where to reach first, so I reached for both. They walked closer on their knees, grinning and reaching for me. I didn't know who did what to me, as I watched what my own hands were doing, but the twins knew what they were doing as they traded working my cock and balls.

"I think I could make it last longer than that," I bragged. "But I want back before Blackstar starts! It's pretty good and I like it so far."

"Oh no way Ryan's gonna last that long!" Brent said laughing. "He always wins for speed!"

"And other stuff!" he shot back. "Besides, if I don't wanna, I don't have to cum, not like you!"

Brent blushed further and told his brother to shut up. I told them both to shut up and show me what they do together first. They were both surprised, and obviously bashful about it.

"Oh, come on. You said you guys do together, so I just wanna see what." They remained quiet, sharing glances at each other, embarrassed. "What? I wanna see you guys sixty-nine! Come on!" I almost whined.

I really did want to see them together; it was a frequent fantasy, and asking them was very embarrassing. I wanted it badly, though. And I knew that I could add a few new things to it for them. They shrugged and lay down, and began awkwardly sucking each other.

I dripped pre-cum in an instant. I moved to see better. Both lay with their legs together and bent at the knees, feet behind them. I moved them so that their upper leg was bent up, knees bent, that foot flat on the bed, and their bottom leg bent at the knee so that the other could use it to rest his head on. I caressed as I arranged, enjoying the feel of them at least as much as they seemed to enjoy my touch. Their nipples were sensitive, indeed, and Ryan seemed to appreciate the attention far more. As they worked on each other, my hands roamed to buttocks, occasionally sliding between, into the twins' warm cracks.

Their bodes were closer matches than their faces, but even then it was easy to tell the taller, only slightly heavier Ryan from the shorter, slightly leaner Brent. Brent's head moved further than Ryan's, sliding up and down a longer cock. Ryan only had to barely bob to cover Brent's length. They were noisy and obviously doing well. Shivers ran through one then the other as I began circling sphincters.

Once I did find and begin toying with their holes, small gasps and groans began. Both were liking it, Ryan even pushing backward, pulling from Brent's mouth from time to time in order to get more from my finger. They began to sweat, and Ryan stopped sucking his brother to warn him to stop. Brent complied, saving his brother from reaching orgasm, then Ryan returned to his brother's cock.

Brent lay back and pumped his brother's face, and said, "You do better, Alex. No biggie Ry, but he does."

"I know," Ryan agreed between bobs on Brent's cock.

I was very flattered. I spit on my fingers and began sliding them into them both very gently. Brent seemed impossible and I relented, but Ryan pushed, opening. Brent lay with his eyes mostly closed, slowly jacking Ryan's cock as Ryan continued to blow him. I was merely circling Brent's hole, which twitched back when I pushed; he clearly wasn't into it. Ryan, though, seemed to be fucking himself with my finger far more than fucking Brent's mouth.

Noticing, I rotated my finger inside him, slowly, until I could bend it and search for that hard roundness behind his balls. When I found it, Ryan jerked away, groaned and gasped, then pushed against my finger, demanding more. I gave him more, and soon Ryan was hissing in his breath, quickly and deeply. His body was becoming covered in sweat, and his hair was beginning to plaster to the sides of his face. By then he wasn't being blown any longer, he was being jacked loosely by Brent's fist. It was my finger he was enjoying.

Brent increased his speed and moaned a warning. Ryan was too far into my finger, or rather, my finger was too far into Ryan, for Ryan to notice. Suddenly Brent held rigidly still and ground a low moan. He grunted softly several times, quivering visibly. Ryan's mouth never left Brent's cock, and from my angle above them both I could see him swallowing. My own cock tensed and throbbed, pushing a large drop of clear pre-cum from itself. It tingled and tickled, and wanted to be paid attention to as well, but I knew the advantage of making it wait.

Knowing that Brent was done, and obviously not doing as good a job on his brother any longer, I tapped my finger inside of Ryan. He gasped, shuddered, and exploded onto Brent's face. Gasp after gasp I felt his prostate swell and shrink, pulsing again and again. His body shook as he went rigid, still shivering, his hole clamping down on my finger in matched timing. Ryan squealed with each wave.

Ryan's dick spat little drops of white onto Brent's face. Brent closed his eyes and lips tightly and grimaced. Another group of droplets spattered Brent's face. Brent jerked as he felt it hit him across the nose and his cheek. Ryan pushed forward then back onto my finger, and his third spray of white was barely visible, spraying tiny spots of white on Brent's chin. Ryan shook and groaned several more times as his cock shot dry.

Brent wiped his face on the blanket under him with a grimace. Ryan began gasping in post-orgasmic bliss, his body melting into a tensionless mass as I slid my finger out of him very slowly.

"Oh shit," he whispered three times before I was out of him.

"So, not bad, eh?"

"Fuckin'-a, not bad, yeah!" he said enthusiastically.

"Now move out of the way and I'll show your brother something I think he'll like," I said, grasping Ryan's sides gently and rolling him.

I pushed him up toward the headboard like that, brushing along his sides as I let go. He was smiling widely, and I couldn't resist tickling his sides some. He laughed and collapsed into a giggling heap. I let him go immediately, not wanting to overdo it. He grinned even wider, his dark lips wet. I made a mental note that Ryan was even more ticklish when horny; or at least right after sex.

I turned to Brent, who was slapping his cock with his hand. I had already began to suspect that he was like Roger, and liked a more rough approach. I began kissing his cock, just at the tip, while I rolled his little balls in my hand. Soon I slid further down, licking along the contours of his head then the short shaft. As I sucked harder and pulled up, I let my two front teeth brush across the top of his head. He reacted as I thought he would.

Soon I had my hand planted palm-down on his bush, his cock between my thumb and first finger, and was bobbing and sucking, nipping along the top of his head from time to time and dragging a tooth now and again under his head. Soon he was shuddering and groaning, pushing firmly against my lips that were tightly around my teeth and making a tight, firm hole for him.

I felt a hand creeping up my thigh, and I knew it wasn't one of Brent's. Looking, I saw Ryan grinning as his hand grabbed my cock. I returned to Brent's cock as Ryan began sucking mine. I knew I wasn't going to last long unless I wanted to delay it, so I worked Brent furiously. I knew some guys needed more, so I scratched his thighs with my fingernails; he groaned in ecstasy. I sucked his head, letting my teeth settle above and below his head, and he began experimenting with moving himself between my teeth. Brent began fucking my mouth, dragging the shaft of his short dick over my teeth. Soon he groaned that he was about to cum. I was glad, because if I was better than Ryan, then I was very good, because Ryan was doing a remarkable job on me. I was feeling that powerful tingle building quickly to a high level when Brent sharply shoved his hips into my face and came.

His cum was thin, and there wasn't a lot of it. He grunted his breaths gently with each wave of his orgasm, jerking upward and slamming his groin into my face. I swallowed his cum without even trying. It had a very mild taste, but stronger than the last time I had tasted his cum. It wasn't long ago at all that he and his brother didn't cum at all, and the taste of their cum was still new to me.

Sighing, he fell onto his back with a wide grin, panting like a dog in summer. His flushed face looked pale, and I wondered again why he looked so pale after an orgasm when everyone else looked blushed. While his face was pale, his dick wasn't. It was deeply red, almost purple on the edges of the head, and deeply, almost angrily red around at the hole.

That wasn't as important as what Ryan was doing to me, though. His tongue left nowhere un-scoured, again and again, in varying intensities. He sucked hard and long, then softly and with his fist moving on me. Then maybe just my head with his lips locked tightly around it, his tongue licking at the hole.

I groaned that I was ready and he deep-throated me. Ryan, the shy, skinny, geeky, little guy, took my entire six inches and sucked for all he could. I felt his throat around my head and his tongue sliding underneath my head and shaft. The sensation of the suction waves through my cock was incredible! I blew, unloaded like I rarely had. His face was buried deep in my bush and I could feel his throat as it worked to swallow my huge wad.

Holy fucking shit, Ry! Oh fuck! FUCK! I screamed inside, wishing I could with my voice. Fucking shit! Ry! That feels incredibllllle!

He kept sucking and swallowing, sliding up and down just the tiniest amount as my dick pulsed deeply and I was sure I was releasing blood as well as semen into his throat. My legs locked out straight and my ankles popped loudly - the only sound in the room other than my tiny hiccups of stuttered, held breath.

As the waves ended and my breath returned, his lips slip up my shaft slowly, only sucking so softly that I could barely tell at times. How I could stand his lips sliding over the edges of my head and over the head itself I didn't know, but I did allow it.

I shivered all over, my feet and ankles sore. I shuddered through my next breaths, feeling my body seemingly cooling off after being radiantly hot.

Ryan seemed pleased with himself, and smiled his widest at me. He sat cross-legged, his cock semi-hard and bouncing.

"I think I got it right, huh?" he asked, wiping his lips on his arm.

"Holy, fucking, shit, Ry. If Brent thinks I'm better than that then I must fucking rock at it! That was amazing!"

I was still having occasional shudders and trembles. I wondered at the combination of waiting and teasing, Ryan's skills, and my first three-way.

Whatever, I hope I get that feeling again! It wasn't a big deal coming on, but it was fucking awesome when it was cumming! That was almost as good as the best I ever had! Cripes! Ryan can fucking blow a cock, though, no doubts!

I looked at him sitting just a foot away from me, Indian-style, his cock rising slowly, still bouncing with each heartbeat. His right hand was absently playing with his left nipple. He was grinning as widely as I'd ever seen him, blushing deeply and fighting to meet my eyes.

"Ever gone twice?" I asked, grinning.

He looked unsure, so I clarified.

"You ever cum twice, real close together?"

"Not sure. Why? How close? Why?"

"I'll show you," I said, sliding to him on my belly.

I slid my mouth over his cock, hoping he was capable of a second round so soon. He had been interested enough to suck me, I figured. I loved the taste of his cock then, and the smell. He turned out to be quite capable of an immediate second round. He was sensitive, so I took it slow. I sucked gently, only barely licked, but I roamed all over his body with my hands. He enjoyed it immensely and moaned louder than ever. He was shivering and shuddering in no time.

I gently stroked his entire body with my hands. He showed the most interest when I played with his balls, his thighs, his ass, and his nipples. His sides were a bit ticklish, and I was sure he didn't mind being rubbed anywhere. He squirmed and twisted under my hands, moaning when I was playing with his favorite places. At one point, he brought both of my hands to his nipples, and I took the hint. I tried twisters, gently and more. I pulled, rubbed, and tickled them. Then I then licked my fingers and swirled around them. His back arched and he pushed deeply into my mouth.

"Oh my gawd!" he groaned several times, each louder that the one before.

His little dick easily moved all the way in and out of my mouth. He could push himself entirely into my mouth, crushing my nose into the soft skin above his little dick. The sparse circle of hair at the base of his dick tickled my nose, and I could barely feel more short hairs beginning to sprout above them. His dick didn't touch the back of my throat no matter how deeply he pushed in, so he was getting the equivalent of a deep-throat almost constantly.

I sucked, licked his head, his hole, his shaft. I wrapped my tongue around the bottom of it as he slid in and out. His body tensed, but I didn't speed up. I stayed slow and gentle. He pushed at me, wanting more, I gave it, but slowly, in small stages. Sweat was making his entire body slick. I pinched and played with one nipple or the other with one hand, and his balls and between them and his hole with the other. I licked, sucked, and bobbed on him. He enjoyed it immensely; so did I!

I was slowly humping the bed and the crumpled sheets and had found a nearly prefect fold of material. I worked Ryan slowly, myself as slow as possible, but I filled that fold in the blankets with another load before Ryan came again.

 Finally he came, nearly screaming. His body jerked around my face, twitching as his cock pulsed in my mouth. He held there as he tensed, whining. I loved how his cock felt as he came. It danced, arched, bent, swelled - again and again. Nearly nothing came out of him with the first convulsion, but the second wave pushed enough out that I tasted and felt the slippery, sticky stuff. His third convulsion also produced enough to feel and taste, but the following several only seemed dry, though he didn't seem to enjoy them any less.

Finally he fell back and pulled me off himself. I relented slowly, cleaning him as he went. I traced my fingers along his inner thighs and down his legs. He shivered and smiled at me, his lips making me long to kiss them.

"Well, how fun was that?"

He took several deep breaths before being able to say, "That . . . was . . . the best . . . thing . . . ever!"

His face and body was covered in sweat, and his hair was stuck down in places. His gray eyes glowed and sparkled. His red lips again seemed to need me to kiss them. I could smell their sweat, and my own. And our sex. It was pleasant.

"Seconds for you?" I asked Brent, expecting a yes.

He shook his head slowly, never opening his eyes, smiling slightly. His brow furrowed momentarily after I had asked, and I wondered what thought had caused it, and if it had been the beginnings of a grimace. As I wondered, he rolled off the bed and began gathering his clothes. I had to watch him, his body was very nice, and I had just experienced it at the same time as his brother's.

I know why I like it, but why do they? Not everybody's gay, and I can't be able to seduce everybody I try to. What about them coming up with it to me? Were they gay? Or just liked it? Roger? Just liked it. Terry? Just liked it I think. Kevin? Just liked it and wanted to. He probably did with everybody, though . . . hmm. No, not gay.

All the guys can't be gay, and none of them are, so am I just a pro seducer? Those statistics said almost every guy will do something considered gay before they turned twenty-five, most by twenty, a majority by eighteen, half by sixteen and quarter had by fourteen. What was defined as gay was rather vague, though. The most reliable ones put it at a quarter had by eighteen, more by twenty, and nearly a third by twenty-five. I can recite them all, and more, to convince a guy to try it. I already did many times! And they always claimed one-in-ten are gay, another bisexual. I got to meet a couple more real close friends to compare that one.

I don't think the statistics made a big diff with the twins. They did it pretty easy first time, both of 'em. I think they'll do anything for the thrills. Ryan always likes it more, though. Yes, he does. And he's really into the oral stuff! And he was so into the anal stuff I was doing! Could he be? No way! Just more adventurous, like they both are. That's all.

I considered a new column in the data book. A column titled, "why". Under it I would place a letter, a code for the reason a person gave when asked why they did it. I envisioned it, and decided to collect the first data for the new column.

"Why do you guys like to do it?" I asked, getting into my clothes.

"Better than alone! Feels way better And it's fun!" Ryan proclaimed, still laying naked on the bed, tickling his own nipples absently.

Brent, less enthusiastically, "It is a lot of fun, does feel better."

"What about you?" Ryan asked, sitting up.

"Me? Because it's fun. Better than alone. I like to and why not?"

"Yep," he said, sliding off the bed to get dressed as well.

Within the minute we were back in the playroom, and Ryan said, "That was pretty cool. I never thought getting head twice like that would make it so much-"

He covered his mouth, blushing further and looking guilty as hell. I was dreading that any second Jeff would pop up and ask where we had been, and ask what Ryan had meant.

Brent made as if to slap Ryan, giving him an evil eye as well. "Stupid fucker! If Jeff heard . . ." he warned him in a whisper.

We waited in silence, finally relaxing when the long moments ticked by in silence without movement from near the television.

Brent dropped his arm, ending the threatening gesture, and whispered, "Idiot! It's not like Jeff is like To-"

That immediately put me on guard. There was no doubt what name he was about to say; the fragment didn't rhyme with 'ta', as if it was Tom, it rhymed with 'toe', as in Toby.

Brent slapped his hands to his own mouth in shock. He obviously hadn't meant to say what he nearly had. I feared momentarily that he had done that on purpose, as a prank. His reaction was real, though, I was certain.

"Okay, with who?" I asked, wanting to know what they knew, or thought they knew, or I had to convince them that they didn't know.

Both boys blushed and looked guilty as hell as we stood together at the space saucer bar.

"Who?" I asked again, dragging the one syllable out over the period of three full seconds as I grabbed both of their packages and squeezed tighter and tighter.

"Toby," Ryan squeaked.

"What do you think you know about Toby?" I asked, almost furious.

They both retaliated by grabbing at my package. After a moment of fumbling, one had a grip on my cock, the other one of my twins. They began tightening their grips. I knew I would lose any such battle, beside not wanting to fight any such kind of war. I released them and they released me before things got too tight.

"Uh, well, man, the Circle is pretty tight, ya know? I mean, we all tell each other things we'd never tell anyone else," Ryan explained.

"True, and I suppose it just got around to ya, huh?" I asked, my hands rubbing my thighs, head down.

"Yeah. We just know you had a boyfriend before To . . . "

"Before Tom, I know. But Tom isn't a boyfriend. Not at all. He just, does, more often than you guys. He lives next door for fuck's sake." I said, looking from one twin to the other. "Imagine if you guys did. He lives closer, so we, uh, you know. He's no more my boyfriend than either of you guys. Get it?"

"Yeah. Okay. But Toby really was?"

"He was, like, way more than a friend. And we did this kind of stuff, but it was different. And he was special. So . . . yeah."

I could not believe that I had just as much admitted that I was gay.

"Okay. You know it's cool with us, if you are, right?" Ryan asked.

"Thanks, guys. Really. But it's eleven o'clock and time for Blackstar, okay?" I said with a wide grin that I was surprised I didn't have to force.

"It's an old one," Brent said, and I saw his gears turning.

I looked at his brother and saw the same machinations occurring. Something was up.

"We got something better, anyway," Ryan said with a grin that told me there was more than a little something going on in his head.

They gave each other a quick look, grinned, and looked back at me, their grins widening.

I only had one thought...

Uh-oh, now what?

Friday Night: Toga Party