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The Journey Begins

Chapter 29

Senior Trip


Steve and Eric are leaving school and headed to Eric's house to see Sarah and Mark. They need to get their permission so that Eric can go on the senior trip, and this year it's at an amusement park that is an hour away from their home. Eric has been there twice in his life, and Steve goes two or three times a year with his family, but he's looking forward to this trip with Eric. There is only stumbling block, and that is getting Sarah and Mark to say yes. Eric thinks that they'll permit him to attend the trip, but he also knows that it's their money paying for the trip, unless they get money from Mom and Dad. He's got his fingers. Steve could tell that Eric was nervous as they discussed the trip at lunch so that he could turn on the charm and speak with Sarah and Mark on Eric's behalf. As they pull up to the house, Steve can feel the butterflies dancing around in his stomach. One wrong move could cause Steve to miss out on the trip because he won't go unless Eric goes with him. The car stops and, they get out of the car and head for the house. When they enter the house, they can't see or hear Sarah or Mark, but since the vehicles are in the driveway, Eric knows that they are home.

"Sarah, Mark?"

They hear Sarah calling from the basement, so they head downstairs to see her. When they arrive downstairs, Steve takes a big gulp of air and approaches Eric's sister.

"Sarah is Mark home? I need to talk to you; I mean we need to talk to the two of you."

As Sarah looks at the teens with their fingers entwined, her thoughts immediately go to an early engagement. All she sees is the possibility of them getting married, and that scares her. Seeing the worry on her face, Steve quickly speaks up to ease her fears.

"Sarah, it's okay. I don't know what has you worried, but it's not what you're thinking."

She doesn't need Steve to tell her not to worry, because she used to tell her mom and dad the same thing that was said to her, and each time that she said it, there was a reason to worry.

"I think, we need to head upstairs so we can talk."

Sarah wants to be comfortable when the bomb is dropped. Sarah points to the stairs; they start walking up the stairs. When they reach the top of the stairs, Sarah calls out for Mark, and he comes into the living room, and then turns around walks into the dining room. He takes a seat at the table and then waits to hear what his wife has to say.

"What's going on Sarah?"

Mark asks because right now, things aren't looking all that great.

"I don't know; you should ask Eric and Steve. They need to tell us what is going on with them."

Mark looks at the guys hoping this doesn't take long so he can get back to cleaning and watering the animals. Eric is worried because Sarah isn't smiling, and if she isn't happy then this Steve that wants to give may not help their case.

"I'm not sure why Sarah is all upset, but I wanted to speak to the two of you. The senior trip is coming up, and I want to spend it with Eric, but Eric needs your permission to go on the trip. So can he go?"

Eric hands Sarah and Mark his permission slip and then takes Steve's hand for support.

"Wait, wait, you mean this is all about your senior trip?"

Sarah gets up and grabs the dish towel from off the dish drainer and throws it at her brother.

"What did you think, we wanted to ask you?"

Sarah shakes her head and doesn't want to answer the question.

"No, I want to hear this Sarah, what did you think they were going to ask you?"

Mark knows that Sarah wasn't on the same wavelength as the teens.

"I thought that Steve was going to ask for Eric's hand in marriage."

Sarah says as her face turns a light shade of red.

`Sarah someday, I will be asking for his hand but not today.'

Steve says to himself as he looks at Eric and grips Eric's hand a little harder and then smiles.

"It's okay Sarah. I think Steve is holding off on that question for a couple more years at least, right Babe?"

Eric looks at his boyfriend as he waits for an answer.

"Yeah, I'm am not ready to marry anyone yet."

Steve looks into Eric's eyes wanting to let him know that they are getting married at some point in their lives. Mark silently questions the interactions between the boys, but he'll have to wait to get an answer.

"So can he go on the senior trip?"

Steve asks hoping that all this didn't cause Sarah to hate them.

"Course he can go."

Mark says as Sarah stares at Steve in shock.

"Sarah are you okay?"

Eric asks his sister as he tries to figure out why she is staring at Steve.

"I can't believe you guys went through all this trouble over your senior trip. I would have signed the permission trip and given the money without all of this; you know that right?"

Steve and Eric feel a little silly, but at least they got permission. Mark gets up and walks away from the table returning to the animals.

"Thanks, Sarah thanks so much."

Steve says as he gets up and hugs Sarah.

"You're welcome Steve, but can you let go of me so I can go back to the laundry?"

Steve immediately breaks his embrace.


It's finally the day of the trip. Eric and Steve are already loaded up on one of the buses that the school has chartered for the day. They made sure that they were sitting next to each other on the bus. Maybe they can't cuddle like they would if Sarah were to take them, but perhaps they can sneak in some quiet moments while on the bus. Nothing is going to make them happier today than to just being able to be themselves on this trip. The entire class knows that Eric and Steve are a couple and few people would mess with them with Steve nearby. While on the bus, the guys spend time looking over the map of the park and planning their day. Eric ends up falling asleep, and his head ends up resting on Steve's shoulder. Steve kisses one of his fingers and then places it on his boyfriend's lips. He also snaps several photos of Eric as he's sleeping, and one by one he sends them to Eric. After a while, Steve ends up falling asleep. When the bus pulls up to the amusement park, one of their friend's jabs Steve. Steve wakes up and then wakes Eric up as well. Now, they have to wait their turn to get off the bus.


After waiting for forever, the guys get into the park, they listen to the rules that school has for them, and then they head off towards the first of many rides that they plan on riding today. Eric isn't sure that he wants to ride the beast that Steve has picked out for them, but he'll go for it at least once. He's doing it because he loves and trusts Steve. Steve takes Eric's hand, and they proudly walk off through the park. It's when they get to the first ride, that Eric's stomach drops. Steve is watching Eric, and he can see that Eric is a little nervous. Instantly, he reacts to what he sees in his boyfriend.

"Are you sure that you want to ride this roller coaster?"

Eric takes a moment to give the coaster a serious look.

"Yeah, I'll ride it. I may not like it, but I'll ride it with you."

They get ready to enter the car of the coaster, and as they do, Eric takes a deep breath, and then Steve sits down next to him. They exchange a kiss, and then a few minutes later the car takes off, and Eric's stomach and heart feel like they've been left back at the start of the ride. For as much as Eric didn't' want to be on this ride, there is something okay with the situation. He's loving the fact that Steve is helping him relax as much as possible. Without any warning, the ride takes a turn that causes Eric to scream. The ride flips them over, and then a few minutes later, it flips them again. When the loops are over with, Eric realizes that he's fine and he can't believe it. When the ride is over, Eric immediately kisses Steve before they exit the car. Eric may have screamed a few times, but he did pretty well because he isn't' the only one who screamed.


Knowing how Eric reacted on the last ride made Steve decide that maybe they should walk around for a bit and then see about riding something that won't stress anyone out. They move out from the roller coaster and move deeper into the park. As they walk, the guys take each other's hands and engage in people watching. Eric catches sigh of what he thinks might be a gay couple holding hands way ahead of them.

"Steve is that a gay couple in front of us?
Eric says as he points to the couple who is at least 100 feet away from them. Steve looks at where Eric is pointing. There are two people up ahead of them, and they are walking close enough to each other that they might be walking hand in hand, but it's hard to say for sure. It's hard to tell exactly where the couple is going and it's hard to see what's happening between them. Who knows, they might come across the couple again later in the day.

"It's hard to say but their butts look like male butts, and they're tall too just like two guys might be."

The couple in question disappears into the rest of the crowd. They pass by food stands, several people in cartoon costumes, and a few rides here and there, but none of them feel right to either of the guys. They ignore all of the rides that they pass by until they reach one of the water rides. It's guaranteed to cool them off just a bit and something that they can both enjoy. They talk, to waste time a bit, and find time just to be themselves as they wait to get in line for the ride. Loading up into the raft, they made sure to sit next to each other, and when the raft launched, they were the first ones to get wet. The ride was great, and the guys did get wet a couple more times, and there were wet spots on their clothes, but the heat of the day would help to dry them out.


Knowing that Eric would be expecting a souvenir, Steve decides it's time to show off a bit. They head off towards some of the games that they saw up ahead of them. It didn't matter to Eric, but Steve wants to win something for his boyfriend. If the other guys can their chance at the games and win something for their girlfriends, then he can win something for his boyfriend.

"I'm going to win you a teddy bear or a unicorn. What do you want?"

"Honestly Steve, I don't need anything."

Eric can tell that Steve didn't hear anything that he just said. Steve starts shooting balls at a basketball hoop trying to get so many baskets in three minutes. He didn't win at that game, so he moved to another game. This time, Steve knows that he'll make good on his promise to win his boyfriend a prize. Not only does he try to win a prize, but he does end up winning a prize for his boyfriend.

"Here you go, Babe."

He hands the bear over to his boyfriend and then kisses him.

"Thanks, Steve but you didn't have to do this."

"I just wanted to show these straight guys, that a gay guy can be just as strong as they are."

Eric smiles and hugs the little bear that Steve won him. As they leave the game and head towards the next ride, that they plan on riding, Steve catches sight of the couple from earlier.


Steve immediately tugs on Eric's sleeve and points to two guys ahead of them. It is most definitely two guys holding hands. They appear to be in their mid-twenties. They grab each other's hands and tun up to the couple.

"Sorry for disturbing your day, we just wanted to say hi. You're the only other gay couple that we've seen since we got here and we just wanted to say hi. I'm Steve, and this is my boyfriend, Eric."

The taller of the two guys introduces himself and his boyfriend.

"I'm Jesse, and this is my boyfriend, Christopher. How old are you guys and where are you from?"

"We are 17, and we're from Lake View, Indiana."

Jesse smiles at hearing the familiar city's name.

"We're from Denton, Indiana. I'm 26, and Christopher is 21 almost 22. So what are you guys doing here? Are you ditching school?"

Jesse laughs as he finishes his question.

"Well, we're taking advantage of our senior trip by having a little date."

Christopher smiles at the two younger guys.

"You guys want to tag along as we ride this beast in front of us."

The ride is 315 feet tall straight up. The guys aren't sure that they want to ride, but they are excited over the idea of sharing the ride with the older guys. They get strapped into the ride and after a few minutes start to move up the tower. For Eric, it seems to take forever to get up, but once they do, they can look over the entire park and more. Then it happens, the ride instantly drops them. Eric and Steve scream and find themselves enjoying the ride. When the ride stops, they are unbuckled, Eric and Steve take a moment to take a deep breath and then continue walking with Jesse and Christopher. After talking with Jesse and Christopher, they decide to ride one more ride together before separating for the rest of their day at the park.


They choose to ride the train that circles through several sections of the park. Steve and Eric sit facing Jesse and Christopher. Eric notices that Jesse is wearing a wedding ring and Christopher isn't wearing a ring at all. Eric is curious but doesn't say anything about it.

"How did the two of you meet?"

Jesse's question causes the younger guys to smile as they look back over the years.

"I saw Steven for the first time in 8th grade in our 1st hour gym class. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I was terrified of anyone finding out because I was raised Mormon, and I knew my family wouldn't take it well. Steve was my excuse to take gym class each year. It wasn't until our junior year, that I came out to Steve and before I knew it, we were dating and here we are in our senior year and still going strong."

Steve's face looks so serious as Eric is speaking, but then his expression brightens.

"We've been through hell and back to heaven, and I am so proud of this guy. He was outed by a supposed friend and ended up being kicked out of his family home. Luckily, his sister and brother in law took him in because I didn't want to lose this guy. Eric, I have to admit that I knew that you were into me. I didn't want to be wrong and then end up getting myself in trouble and end up hurting you in the process."

Steve seems to always find a way to surprise Eric with his sweet, kind words, and actions.

"We wasted all those years that we could have been together, but I'm glad we didn't know because who knows what our lives would be like if we did."

It may even rival that of Michael's, Jesse's step-son, maturity.

"It sounds like you guys have some experience behind you. My step-son is still struggling a bit, I should hook you guys up, and maybe you can share some of your wisdom with him."

"We would love to talk to with you."

Eric says as Steve nods his head in agreement. He's seen the pain that Eric has gone through since coming out, but he's privileged to see the way that other's have supported them since becoming boyfriends.

"What about you guys, how did you meet?"

Jesse pats Christopher on his back before letting him know that he can Eric's question.

"Well since it seems that Jesse is putting the burden of answering your question on me, here goes nothing. Before we started our relationship, I was working as Jesse's nanny. Unknown to both of us, we had developed a crush on each other, but it was bleak. I couldn't just date Jesse because of my job, but it ended up that he came to me. He told me that he liked me. I was floored, and it took me a couple of days before I felt I could admit that I liked him, then I had to figure out how to address it. I spoke with my boss, and we agreed that I couldn't be his employee and be his boyfriend. After a week, I decided to tell him how I felt, and we talked for a long time. I decided to tell my boss that I wanted to pursue Jesse. She was so sweet about it, and here we are three whole months later."

Christopher smiles as he takes his boyfriend's hand. Eric loves their story, but Steve is still curious.

"So you quit your job to be with Jesse?"

Christopher looked at Steve for a second as the teen tries to understand the end results of Christopher quitting his job.

"Yeah, I was a little afraid to take that step but once I did, things were incredible. We had to adjust our spending which wasn't all that bad."

"What was the hardest thing about going from employee to boyfriend?"

The older guys put their heads down as they think back to the days before they became boyfriends.

"For me, it was the kids. It was knowing that the kids knew me already as their nanny and then all of a sudden, I am now their dad's boyfriend. I went from having my own room to sharing their dad's bedroom. It was important to me that they have an easy transition. After all, there was a 16-year-old and a four-year-old that was in my care, and I cared about what they would think about me, and it was important to let them know that I did love their dad. In the end, the kids were fine with us being together."

Steve is honestly touched by Christopher's concern for the kids.

"I think Christopher was too worried about what the kids thought about him being my boyfriend. The 16-year-old knew something was going on before we even announced the relationship to him and his little brother. The four-year-old loved him already, and he accepted us pretty easily. He had nothing to worry about at all."

The guy's conversation quiets down, and they enjoy their boyfriend's company.

`This feels amazing; I wish we could just sit here for another hour or two.'

Eric thinks to himself as he looks at Steve and their new friends. He's had so many moments with Steve that he wished, he could pause time around them so that those moments would have lasted a lot longer. The ride continues, and the guys enjoy it. They watch the park go by, and the guys love checking out the rides as they pass by them.

"When is graduation?"

Jesse asks out of curiosity. The guys smile, but there is also hints of sadness as well. Eric and Steve are happy for graduation day to come, but they're sad about leaving high school behind for good. It is incredible to think that they are about to enter the adult world in just a few days.

"It's in just three days."

Jesse and Christopher are both excited for Steve and Eric.

"What are you're plans for the future?"

Steve speaks up first.

"Well, I want to go to college for physical therapy and massage and then I want to marry this guy."

Steve reaches out and hugs Eric, and he follows that with a quick kiss. Jesse wishes that his son, Michael; could meet Steve and Eric and see their relationship and their openness.

"What about you Eric?"

"I had a teacher who helped me come out and helped me get together with Steve. I could go into zoology but I enjoy history, so I might go into teaching and teach either zoology or history."

Eric gives his answer and then Steve gives a response to it.

"Eric is always trying to help people out, so I am not surprised that he wants to go this route for education and work."

Steve's pride in his boyfriend comes through in his voice. He's excited and makes the older guys happy. The train ride ends, and the guys go their separate ways. Eric and Steve head off towards one of the coasters that Steve is hoping to ride.


As they arrive at the ride, Eric decides not to ride this particular coaster. Steve has never been here when this ride has ran backwards, so when Eric doesn't want to ride it, Steve decides to go ahead and ride it. It's a little boring just to be sitting here in line for Steve, and for Eric, it's boring also because there no one to talk too. Even though there are people all over the place, Eric finds it difficult to speak with strangers, and he finds it rough just sitting here. He finds some enjoyment in just watching the ride itself. Eric watches as Steve gets into the coaster's car. It doesn't take long for the ride to be over once it starts moving. In fact, it took longer to wait in line than it did to ride it. Steve runs for his boyfriend and hugs him.

"It was awesome and a bit scary a couple of times, but I would so do it again, but let's get walking."

Steve says as he looks at Eric with an excited look on his face.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let's go walking."

They do just that, the guys take each other's hands and start walking.


They ride other rides, but one of the last things that the guys do is watch a show. Singers are doing a bunch of pop songs, it's Eric's music of choice, while Steve listens to it, Steve prefers country. Steve does find himself singing with along Eric a couple of times. Overall the show was great; they spent the entire time holding hands and cuddling. It's perfect. No one commented negatively at all to the guys. Now it's time to head out and meet up with the rest of the group from school.


Overall, it's been an awesome trip. The guys enjoyed themselves at the park. They sleep for the entire ride back to school. No one says a thing when their heads rest on each other's shoulders. When they reach their destination, the guys wake up and head out to Steve's car.


Steve wants to sleep; Eric wants to sleep, but they have to get home first.

"Did you have fun?"

Eric asks Steve hoping that his boyfriend enjoyed himself. Steve gets a huge smile on his face.

"Heck yeah, but you know my favorite part of the day was our first roller coaster ride. I don't know why, but it was the most important part of the trip, and then we met Jesse and Christopher, and that topped even the coaster ride."

Eric shakes his head and agrees that it was indeed an excellent trip. Meeting another gay couple was incredible, and the guys got a lot out of talking with them.

"You think, we'll ever be like them?"

Steve isn't sure how to respond to Eric's question because, there is no way of knowing what the future is going to bring, but he is trying to keep things very positive.

"I want to be Eric, but time will be the judge of that I suppose."

Eric is glad that Steve wants the same thing he does given time.

"I want to be too."

Eric dreams of a day when he can be with his boyfriend like Jason and Shaun and Jesse and Christopher can.

"Someday Eric, we'll get married but until we do let's just enjoy today."

Eric leans in and kisses his boyfriend on the cheek.

"I want today, tomorrow, and whatever else may come."

Eric says with a smile as they pull up to Eric's house. Steve can't wait to get inside for a second so that he can use the bathroom. He parks the car, and then the guys get out, and they head inside the house. Sarah is sitting on the couch when they come into the house.

"Hey guys, how was the senior trip?"

She asks as she looks at Steve and Eric as they sit on the couch.

"It was awesome. We rode a couple of roller coasters, played a few games, rode a couple of other rides, met another gay couple, and rode the train."

The only thing that Sarah heard was "met another gay couple," and it made her smile.

"What has you smiling?"

Eric asks looking at her questioning what has caused a smile to break out across her face.

"I'm just happy, that you had a great time."

Sarah's smile is amazing, and it makes Eric and Steve feel great.

"Sarah, are you sure that you aren't curious about the couple that we met?"

Her brother teases her just a little bit.

"Okay, you got me. I'm curious about the couple you met."

Sarah smiles as she talks to Eric.

"Well there are names are Christopher and Jesse. Jesse is older than Christopher. They met while Christopher worked as Jesse's nanny. Jesse was married to the oldest kid's father who died of cancer which left the son who is 16 and Jesse's son who is 4 with leaving Jesse as the dad and step-dad."

Sarah can tell from Eric's voice that this couple made an impression on Eric and Steve's as well.

"I think, we need to have them at the house."

At first, Steve thought, she was joking, but she looks at her brother and wonders if she should have her brother contact Jesse and Christopher."

`I'm being silly. I doubt Eric even got his number.'

Sarah knows her brother and knows he sometimes gets shy at times.

"Did you get their number?"

Eric takes out his phone and checks his contacts. Finding their entry, he shows her Jesse's number and Christopher's number.

"Do you mind, if I added them to your open house invite list?"

Eric nods his head, and then he stands up and walks over the door.

"Are you coming with me or not?"

He asks Steve as he opens the door to walk outside.

"Hold your socks on dude."

Steve tells Eric as he gets up from the couch.

"Where are you guys going?"

Sarah asks as Steve gets ready to walk out the door.

"I want to go see Jason and Shaun to tell them about the trip."

Sarah isn't going to stop them from leaving. She just wanted to know where they were going. Not wanting to hold them from going, she signaled them to go ahead and leave.


The couple walks to their friend's house. They knock on the front door, and it doesn't take too long for someone to answer the door.

"Hey, guys come inside."

Shaun invites them inside. Two loving cats are quick to discover the teens. Jason walks out of the kitchen and finds Shaun sitting down with Eric and Steve enjoying a small conversation.

"I didn't hear you guys knock. What's up?"

Jason asks the guys as they continue to play with the cats.

"We just got back from our senior trip."

Steve replies to Jason's question as the cat on his lap and jumps off and goes to Jason.

"I wanted to come over and share our trip with you."

Jason admitted and honestly, he doesn't like heights. It's never been an issue because Jason and Shaun discussed their biggest fears before they got serious. The guys smile as they hear about the couple that the guys ran into at the park. They're glad that the guys took the time to talk with Steve and Eric. From the sounds of things, they were so lucky to run into people who were willing to speak with them and share their life with them.

"Well, I'm glad that things went well. What did Sarah and Mark say?"

Shaun asks the guys hoping Sarah wants to meet the couple.

"Well, they want to have Jesse and Christopher over for dinner at some point. I think they're kind of curious about who they are and the story behind them."

Jason and Shaun understand why Sarah and Mark want to meet the guys.

"When are you going to have them over?"

Jason asks Eric.

"No date seat for the dinner or lunch just yet, but I want to do it soon."

Eric says as he looks at Jason.

"From what you guys have told us, Sarak and Mark are going to love them."

Shaun is right about Jesse and Christopher and Sarah and Mark.

"Steve and I need to head out.

Eric says just as they head out the door. Jason and Shaun say goodbye and watch the guys open the door and then walk out. Jason closes the door behind the guys, and then they go back to making dinner.


A week has passed since their senior trip and graduation has come and gone, and now Jesse and Christopher have joined them for the family for dinner. The meal is over, and everyone has joined Eric in the family room. Jesse and Christopher brought the kids with so that Michael could meet Eric and Steve.

"How does it feel to be graduates?"

Christopher asks as he remembers back to his graduation day both from high school and college. Eric and Steve quickly answer the question. It turns out they scared for the future, but it excited as well. Sarah and Mark were happy to see the guys already talking about the future, even if they are scared. Michael is bursting at the seams at the moment.

"I was wondering if coming out was hard for you?"

Michael came out to his step-dad and Christopher not too long ago and of course that went exceptionally well, but he's worried about school.

"At first, it was very brutal. My parents kicked me out, I had a friend who caused me a ton of stress, and yeah it's was not fun. The friend who I mentioned, caused me to be kicked out of the church, threatened me, and even had me attacked, which all sucked, but I had two great teachers who supported me. I had Sarah, Mark, Steven, and two awesome neighbors who stood by me, and in time my mom and dad came around. It was rough, but it's getting better every day."

Michael's worry is stamped on his face.

"If you want to come out do it, you have a step-dad and his boyfriend, and I know they will buoy you up."

Steve says as he looks and talks directly to Michael.

"We told you, that you could count on us for anything. We meant it, Michael. If people say something to you about being gay or if you have questions then know that we're here for you."

Jesse says as he reaches a hand and places it on his son's back. Michael feels so much love pouring out from everyone in the room.

"Thanks, everyone, I appreciate it. I was worried sick what my friends would think, but it helps to know that my family supports me, and thanks for your support as well everyone."

"Anytime dude."

Steve says smiling at Michael. Eric and Steve get up and exchange hugs with him. Michael isn't crying but he can his heart swelling in his chest. The conversation continues, and it's certainly a day that Michael will never forget.


Everyone has gone home except for Steve. Sarah and Mark have given Eric and Steve a few moments alone to talk. Most of the conversation is focused on the amusement park and the conversation tonight. They are also thinking about their time in high school. When Sarah and Mark return to the living room, they find Eric and Steve cuddling on the couch. The adults keep their mouths shut. They figure it's time that boys are allowed a bit of freedom while also keeping their eyes on the teens. The adults walk back into the kitchen so they can bring Steve and Eric some lemonade. Eric at the moment if very thankful for this time with his boyfriend. It feels incredible to be in his boyfriend's arms. Don't worry Steve is enjoying himself too.


Eric's phone goes off alerting him to text. When he checks the phone, he sees that there is a text from Jesse. It contains a message as well as a bunch of photos taken at the park. Eric reads the message to Steve.

"Eric, can you please share this with Steve. I want to let you know that today was awesome. You made an impression on Michael. He wants to come out at school, but he's been too scared to do it. Tonight after we got home, he called a good friend of his and came out. Everything is fine. I have a happy step-son right now."

It made them happy to hear that for now, Michael's coming out process has been a good one. They hope it continues to go good for him. Steve steals the phone away from his boyfriend. He quickly types up a message and clicks send.

"Tell Michael that we're proud of him and I hope everything continues to go good for him."

It's time for Steve to head home, but before he does, he delivers a quick kiss to his boyfriend.

"Love you, but I need to run."

"Okay Babe, I love you."

Again, they share another kiss and then Steve leaves.



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