The Lone Wolf

Part 4

This is a work of fiction; some events are of my own history.  Any characters with similarities to people are purely coincidental.


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It is always peaceful walking home from the club; I passed and listened to the water rumble over the waterfall along the path and heard the bird's chirp and the occasional gust of window rustle the palm trees as well. Walking always helped me see things clearly, sometimes a good thing other times bad. Some things are better being left alone and not continuously analyzed. But today I didn't have the issue, I was just strolling my way home listening to some music I had downloaded recently to my already packed iPod.

After crossing the bridges over the lake and passing two clusters of houses, I could finally see the back of my own. The tiki torches I had found to keep bugs away were all lit, guess it was a special occasion to them. I mean come on it's just a box, we'd live in the house for ages already. But whatever, why dampen their happiness, I'd rather them be excited about all of this than stressed.

Less than a mile of a walk left now, two of the security cars had already passed by checking up on the residents. Something about them passing by me completely without a second glance but stopping the other kids made me happy. I guess it was because I looked like I belong whereas the kids wearing clothes hanging off their ass, trying to look awesome, weren't accepted. It also made me feel safe, something Dad doesn't know about is that I like to go for a walk every night around 12:00-1:00am and just look at the city from the island surrounded by the lake, the only access being one of the two wooden bridges over the waterfalls.

From that viewpoint, it looks like there are ninety to a hundred story buildings in our neighborhood when in reality a small desert separates us from the outside world. I guess I should explain why I'm surrounded by water yet the desert surrounds the neighborhood. The area I live in is a self-sufficient neighborhood; we have our own seawater treatment plant, gardens made with plants from all around the world, a wide variety of animal life, ranging from geckos to doves to some random types of fish in the lake. The lakes are self contained and filled with seawater, to keep them from being stagnant they have generators that simulate current. In the grand scheme of things it's pretty amazing that it's 110 during the summer and we have lakes filled with fish, animals, and vast gardens.

I saw dad waving at me from the backyard of our house. Our house is on the brink of a small beach on the lake; from the road you can see the house for a few seconds before the bushes cover the view again. I waved back to dad and kept walking.

But I saw something that made me do a double take, across the road was a parked white Toyota land cruiser, not uncommon in Dubai there, sand bashing cars. But the man driving it... it couldn't be... how did he find me?


How did he find me? This is impossible!

He doesn't look the same, he's skinny, his hair looks fuller, he's wearing normal cloths not a fuckin suit for once. I'd say I'm just a bit taller than him now. I could actually defend myself this time...

He's talking to a security guard; there is a woman with him and a boy that looks around my age. The boy has whitish skin, just like his mother; they must be mother and child. At this point I'm more confused than I've been in a long time. He found me; he looks normal, there's a woman and a boy with him... did he come to show them off?

How did he get away with all he did to me, and was better for it? The guard points over in my direction; shitting myself doesn't cover it. But I can't seem to move as his head turns and he sees me. His face is just as shocked as mine.

I, I have to run! I bolt towards my house; uncle Andy will kill him if he sees him again.

"CONNOR, STOP!" he yells at me, I ignore him and keep running. I look back at him to see the woman looking just as shocked as I was. The boy had gotten into the car. The boy just stared at me as I stared at him, he's pretty cute... NOT THE TIME FOR THIS, JESUS CONNOR! You're being chased by the devil and your thinking about boys still?!?

"PLEASE, CONNOR, STOP!" The man continued to yell at me, I'm only half a mile from the house now, I try to see through the bushes if uncle Andy's on the deck, but I don't see him.

"CONNOR LOOK OUT!" I heard uncle Andy yell. I look to the right of me where a big red GMC truck coming towards me.

"Shit!" I yelled at the truck that stopped a foot from hitting me. Phew that was a close one, I thought. My mind kicked back in and I continued to run home. I ran right past Uncle Andy straight into the house and into my room, locking the door behind me.

I can hear the doors in the house opening and closing.

"Conno-" I hear him calling me, but than my uncle tells him to leave me alone for now. one look at him and it brings back everything I want to forget.

Fleeting memories of us all together, the abuse, Ashley, everything. He isn't meant to bring horrible memories along with him; he's meant to protect me.

I hear the doors open again and Uncle Andy saying "goodbye." Safe to come out now I guess, why did he even let that monster into the house? Doesn't he know how much I hate him?

Coming out of my room, I turn left to go down the stairs, from the stairs I can see the living room. There he sits, staring right back at me.

"Son, please talk to me, I've been looking for you for the past year, please just talk to me!" he begged.

"Where's Andy?" I wanted to make sure that if I needed him he'd come to help me.

"He took Jane, Tyler, and Talon to the club up the road, while we talk." My father said to me.

"Who's Talon?" I said knowing it must be the boy who was there.

"He's my step-son, Jane's real son. I married her a year after your mother kicked me out." He said with a slight tear in his eye.

"Why'd you come here, why'd you find me! I was happy, I was getting better!" I yelled at him, I didn't wanna side step around this.

"I heard what happened to Emily (Emily was my mothers name), when I found out I was in tears in the living room with Talon and Jane staring at me. When I told them what happened they became worried about you, I'd already known Andy would take you in," he continued, "But I couldn't let it go, Jane and I talked about it and came down to the conclusion I needed to find you, to make sure you are ok. As luck would have it we weren't actually even here to find you, my company is moving Jane, Talon, and I here." He said.

He saw me just staring at him, I still didn't understand what changed him, he sounded different, looked happier, seemed actually regretful.

"Your wondering what changed, aren't you?" I nodded. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a pill bottle, at this point I'm in a "What the fuck?" state of mind. "These changed me, I have clinical depression. After your mother kicking me out, I drove around looking for hotels, but they were all booked. I slept in the car that night, and for a few nights following. On fourth night, I was eating in a little restaurant before returning back to the car to crash for the night. While eating I started to feel really tired, my arms felt like they were a thousand pounds." I nodded to continue, "as I started to black out this angel of a woman came over to me. Jane, she would later tell me was her name. She was a nurse at G-docs you remember them? I took you there when you were 11 and got hit by a field hockey stick in the lip." He remembered that?

Dad continued "before I blacked out she said `every things gonna be ok,' I always hated when people say that but at that moment it was like a beacon of light. I woke up at the G-docs center. Jane, sitting right beside me, was on her phone having a bit of a heated conversation with someone. She saw me and immediately said she had to go, snapping her phone shut. She began giving me the whole `do you know what caused this etc.' I didn't obviously, and they ran a heap of test, because I couldn't seem to find the energy to even get up.

After a week of being in the hospital, Jane came in and informed me that my brain chemistry was heavily out of whack. Since than I've been taking these little magic pills that make me feel like a completely different person, in a good way of course. I started dropping weight like crazy, my hair starting growing back, and most of all I fell in love again."

I don't know why, but that last thing made me angry. At least while he was in pain mum's memory was still in him, now it seems he's forgotten about her completely!

"So you didn't love mum? Is that it? Or you didn't love me when you hit me? I don't even know why I care anymore! You may be my father by blood but that's it!" I yelled at him before breaking into tears. Nothing I said was true, I still wanted his approval, and still wanted to be loved by him.

"No that's not it! I loved you, as I do now and as I always will. I had major problems back than and because of it did things that were unacceptable even so. I was like the moon to your mother; I was so near yet a million miles away.

During this speech of his he'd gotten up from his chair and wrapped me in his arms. God knows I want to hurt him so badly, but I can't it just isn't what feels right at this time. I reserve the right to do it later... but right now this is what feels right.

To Be Continued...

I'm sorry it took so long, I was in the hospital for a bit, had a bout of exhaustion then became sick... long story short I'm better now and will be back to writing again, hopefully getting more chapters up quicker.

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