The Lone wolf

Part 6

This is a work of fiction.  Any characters with similarities to people are purely coincidental.


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"Oh, shit Connor you feel so good! Oh baby, harder please!" Talon whispered in my ear as I rammed into his ass again and again. His inside are like lava the heat is so intense, his anal muscles are doing things to me that I didn't know possible, as my cock glides in and out of his soft asshole. "You like that baby?" I ask him, "Oh god yes, it feels so goooood!" he said drawing out the last word seductively. "faster baby!" Talon said. I slowly picked up my pace not wanting to end this too soon, but the end was approach rapidly.

"Eh shit, that's it Connor, plow my ass!" he whispered into my ear, as I began long dicking him. "I'm close!" I whispered back, "I want you to come into my mouth!" he said to me.

I slowly pulled out as to not hurt him, the girth of my dick being seven inches around, 8 inches long and uncut. The head hurt him going in and even more coming out. "shit I can't believe that fits into me," he said gawking at my cock. "But it does, and you love it" I said smirking; "Damn straight!" he replied grinning back at me.

After wiping my dick off a bit, I crawled up and sat on Talon's chest as he began sucking what he could of my dick. He started by licking the slit trying to get pre-cum out of my dick, I don't produce a lot so what he can get he savors. "Been eating pineapples?" he asks, "nah just drinking the juice, thought you'd like it this way." "I guess I should say thanks? Albeit it offensive, you thought I'd be sucking you off on our first date." He said jokingly.

"Quiet and suck!" I said sticking my dick back into his mouth; I swear I could see him grinning around my dick.

His tongue slowly traced the head of my dick, than worming its way into my foreskin, making my shudder. "oh shit! I'm cumming... aww! Shit" I yelled out suddenly unloading as he took my cock out of his mouth. Then he let my load coat his face, shaking from my orgasm, my dick was painting his face, two shots got into his hair, another two coated his forehead, and the final two splattering his nose and lips, equaling a total of six body shaking shots.

All through this, he'd been slowly tugging on his ridged cock, the head slight revealing himself as his long foreskin goes back and forth. His hand starts to speed up a bit as he moans in my ear and I pushed his hand away, and swiped some of his pre cum off his foreskin. "His precum is so sweet, he must be eating pineapples too" I thought.

"Tighten you grip a bit please..." he moaned into my ear as I beat his cock. The head started getting darker as he neared the edge. I slowly down a bit, putting him on the edge of pleasure. It was moments before he moaned into my ear "I'm cumming," I pushed myself up to watch as his cock shot out all his balls had stored up. He's a big shooter, the first shot always hits around his face somewhere, mixing with my own cum. The rest cover his chest and cover his cock when they bounced off his foreskin.

After we both licked up what we could we just sighed and I laid my head on his chest.

I was the first to speak "Thanks babe that was awesome!" then leaned down to kiss him...

"Aww fuck you, I totally killed you!" I heard in the background.

"Did you say something?" I asked Talon who looked at me like I was crazy.

"Son of a bitch! God damn rocket launching bastard!" he replied.

"What?" I replied.

"Connor you awake man?" he asked me.

Slowly the sex dream faded and my eyes opened looking up at a brief clad Talon, holding an Xbox control in his hand, looking behind me I saw he had my Xbox 360 on and Halo Reach playing.

"Sorry if I woke you up dude, I was gonna try to slip out and go to my house but you were latched on to me pretty tight when I woke up. The control was on the floor beside me so I played waiting for you to wake up." He said smiling down at me.

"Sorry" I said checking if I had any drool, nope clear. "What time is it?" I asked seeing the sun outside.

"uhh, 10:32 AM." He said checking the xbox dashboard clock.

"But I took a nap at 7PM?" I replied heavily confused.

"I know right? We both slept the entire night, I'll admit I was just as much latched on to you during the night as you were me." He said grinning.

I started blushing a little; I prayed I wasn't talking in my sleep...

"So, a good dream" he said more than asked.

"uhh, why do you say that?" searching for information.

"Well the massive tent poking my leg is a give away, and you humping my leg moaning ‘oh shit Talon, that feels so good!" he said smirking

"I uh-" I stammered before he interrupt me "I'm just messing with you dude, do you have a lead pipe down there? Jesus that things like steel, also feels pretty big? Big brother packing?" he asked trying to get a rise out of me, dad warned me he liked to tease.

"Much more than little brother apparently" I said feeling his crotch up; only way to win a game is to play it!

"Yeah well... its cold in here." He said blushing now.

"Sure sure" I said gaining the power over him now.

I took this moment to check out the portion of his body I could see, his chest was flat, not to much definition but no fat to speak of. His nipples were dark red and hard (guess it is cold), his chest was totally hairless except for some black hairs around his nipples. His arms were somewhat thin covered in freckles and a mole on his right arm. The bulge in his jeans was somewhat small but who cares about that? I mean my dream wasn't accurate about my size, probably was a tip off it was a dream. I'm more about 6 inches long and 7 inches around, but maybe it was a premonition! But that'd mean Talon would be my boyfriend... STOP IT CONNOR! You're gonna be alone as long as you're here, no point getting my hopes up for a Boyfriend, let alone one as cute as Talon. Its too risky to let myself fall for someone here.

"Connor? You in there dude?" Talon asked grinning.

"Huh, what?" I said being awoken from my day dream.

"Gone all day dreamy checking out my body?" he asked, trying to win the game again.

"What, no... I was just... trying to remember my dream!" I lied.

"Sure sure" a smirking Talon replied.

The rest of the morning went like that, us joking back and forth. We played a game or two of Halo where I creamed him in scoreboards. Tyler eventually heard us and jumped into bed as well, except he was nude. Drove uncle Andy crazy but you couldn't keep cloths on that kid in the morning.

"Sup lil man, and I do mean ‘little' man, put some cloths on!" I said referring to his junk.

"Shut up, I'm only 9!" he replied in mock anger than punching me in the shoulder.

"Ouch that hurt! So what's got you in here so early?" Tyler usually sleeps like a freaking log, some mornings I could jump up and down on his bed and he wouldn't wake at all.

"Daddies down stairs talking to Uncle Andy" he said.

"Whys dad here?" I asked

"Dunno, something about mommy, all I heard was the word lo-wer" Tyler replied

"You mean lawyer?" I asked receiving a nod.

"Talon you know anything about this?" I asked him, why was dad talking about a lawyer, and involving mom? Her death was an accident.

"Nah man, he said he wanted to sue the trucking company awhile back but he had no case." Talon stated.

"Lets listen in." Talon suggested, we all agreed and crept to the door and slowly pushed the handle down trying not to make a sound. The latch had a loud clank sound whenever it was turned down though. Luckily neither party heard it.

<Downstairs, in Uncle Andy's study>

"I don't understand James, Emily's death was an accident, there's no case in that." It sounded like Andy but I couldn't be sure.

"That's the thing! It was an accident, just not the blameless kind!" Dad sounded crazy.

"How so?" the lawyer in Andy asked

"Ok on the face theirs no case, until you check the drivers logs, he did two double trips of over 34 hours in length with less than 4 hours of sleep."

"So your saying the driver is guilty of neglect?" Andy asked, already finding the choice words to file a suite.

"No I believe it wasn't the driver! I think the company doubled his shift! That's a wrongful death suit right?" dad asked sounding even more desperate and crazy.

"Well, we'd need proof that it wasn't the driver himself who decided to do the shifts unauthorized. Also how do you know that it was due to sleep deprivation that the accident was caused?" Andy asked

"Because Connor said the driver fell asleep at the wheel!" dad said, "Shit what? How'd he hear that?" I thought.

"When'd he tell you this?" Andy asked sounding more supportive of the case now.

"He didn't tell me, last night he got into an argument with Jane, I heard yelling and ran to see what was going on. As I got there I heard him yell something about the driver being asleep, he than dashed out, and back here." Shit! He heard that."

"Hmm, well I could see about my firm taking this case up in Scotland, its sketchy and the company could have altered the records after so long." Andy said. No! no! if he takes the case Mum's disease will come up... shit shit shit!

"Andy... please we have to try, I need to know I did everything I could. I was an awful husband, an even worse father, the only thing I can do to maybe begin to fix it is to bring some justice!" What dad said... it was true, but I can't help feel he's doing this for the wrong reasons.

"Ok, James, I'll put a call into my officer in a couple hours."

"Can't you do it now?"

"James, the time difference it's 8am there, none of the partners will be in yet, and if they are they won't be in the mood to hear this"

"ok, I have to go tell Jane!"

"Wait James, I think it'd be best if we kept this under wraps for now, I don't want to stir up bad memories for the kids." Uncle Andy said.

"Hmm, your right, thanks Andy. You're a good man, I'm glad you are there for Connor." Dad said, that was the end of it, I guess it was an awkward situation for both.

Talon motioned for us to go back into my room. Tyler looked confused, Talon looked relieved though. Maybe he did know about this? But why would he lie?

To Be Continued...

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