"THE TIDE'S MAN" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE TIDE'S MAN by Andrej Koymasky © 2015
written on July 10, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Adrian

On the fourth day Shinji told Minoru to wear his swimming suit as he wanted to take him skin diving. He found him some swimming goggles, and took him near the tall craggy cliff and stopped the boat. He pulled off his singlet, undid his jeans and bent to slip them off. Minoru was looking at him fascinated. Beneath the jeans the fisherman wore just narrow white fundoshi from the sides of which two thick tufts of jet black hair emerged. The front and sides of his thighs were covered, with a light sparse, curly black down. This was terribly sensual, and the thin stretched fundoshi clearly outlined the shape of his balls and limp member pointing up. Shinji turned, neatly folded his jeans. Minoru was able to admire his small buttocks, which were firm, sinewy, and almost completely exposed, leaving just the narrow twisted strip going up between the buttocks to meet the other fundoshi strip around his hips. Minoru swallowed, aroused.

"Hey, what are you looking at? Undress, go on, now. Ah, at the fundoshi! Both my grandpa and my dad always wore them. I feel more comfortable than in modern briefs. Also my little brother, here inside, feels more comfortable. Take the harpoon, put on the goggles and let's dive, come on! The water is great." the young man said quietly.

They dived and swam amongst the rocks. The water was really clear and the view wonderful. Minoru was watching Shinji swimming in front of him, with incredible elegance, and felt his desire increasing. They continued diving several times with Shinji landing a fish or crab nearly every time. When they stopped, Minoru had succeeded in catching a crab, a big one, but only one.

"Well, for today we will stop now. For your first time, any more would be too much." the young man said, nimbly climbing into the boat.

"You caught nearly everything, while I managed only one crab!" Minoru said, following him on board.

"Swimming under water tires me as well, so now Shinji is taking a good rest. You also must rest for a while, then later we will go back in."

Shinji laid down in the warm sun, his arms folded under his head, his legs slightly apart on the boat seat, and closed his eyes. Minoru sat in front of him, and studied him at his ease. He felt that Shinji was beauty made flesh. The light fundoshi fabric, now that it was wet, outlined even more clearly than before the shape of its' contents. Minoru felt terribly attracted by what he saw. He wanted to climb on top of the body, kiss it, embrace it, and awaken its desire. He was barely able to restrain himself. His heart beat pounded strongly and, his blood pulsed at his temples liker in an echo, and his latex swimming speedos were starting to tent under the pressure of his erection. He stood up and went to the opposite end of the small boat, and laid down as well. He was unable to sleep. His thoughts were fixed on the other end of the boat, on the dreamlike body of his host, on his wide pecs, on the hollow belly, on the delicious bulge between his strong thighs.

When Shinji woke up, they sailed back to the island. That night they went out for their night fishing.

Every day Minoru completed the questionnaires and forms that the teacher had given him. From time to time, he asked Shinji questions, which the young man found odd; that in Tokyo somebody would be interested in things which to him were so trivial. Anyway the fisherman did his utmost to answer fully what the boy asked him.

The last day of Minoru's residence on the island came. The boy asked to Shinji if they could go again, in the afternoon, to skin dive. The young man willingly accepted. They went after lunch. They fished for a longer time than previously and Minoru caught several fish. When Shinji said it was time to stop, they climbed on board. Shinji complimented Minoru giving him a pat on his shoulder, causing Minoru to shudder.

Shinji again stretched out, as the day before, to take a nap. The boy, sitting in front of him, again was lost in wonder. Was it his fantasy, or was it real? It was as if Shinji's genitals, neatly outlined by the wet fabric, had slightly increased, and as if he had the beginning of an erection. But nothing was moving. Perhaps it was just the light effect, as the sun was stronger now. Minoru felt his head whirling. The light regular breathing of the young man, causing Shinji's beautiful completely hairless chest to move up and down. The tufts of hairs at the sides of the fundoshi, promised wonders -- it would have been enough for Minoru to kneel between the spread legs, and stretch out his hand... Minoru was sweating, but not from the heat of the day; it was a different kind of heat that awoke inside him. They were alone, nobody could see them... why not do it?

The boy's eyes were staring, in fascination, at the swollen fundoshi. No, it was not just his fantasy, there had been a short movement, unmistakable. Shinji was getting a hard-on. Minoru felt his heart beating like a big drum, his head swirling as though he was drunk. He knelt on the boat floor boards, without making any noise, approached the target. He slowly raised his hands, trembling. Another movement -- now th erection was evident. Minoru rested his hands at the sides of the half hard member and put his lips on it, gently brushing them against the light, white, tense and wet fabric and felt the taste of the sea.

He didn't see Shinji suddenly open his eyes, astounded, then opening his lips ready to say something. He paused as the boy's lips again touched his hard-on, that moved again, strongly this time. Then Minoru's fingers slipped under the fabric and took hold, gently but determined, of the strong rod and freed it -- how beautiful it was!

The sound of the sea joined the pulsing at the boy's temples. Minoru could only understand his own desire to give pleasure to that shuddering flesh pole. Keeping the beautiful member straight up, the boy took it between his lips and licked it. Soon it reached its full size. Shinji, like nailed on the wood of his boat, was holding back his breath. In all his life he never experienced something so great, so good. The hot wetness of the boy's mouth around his virgin staff, was incredibly wonderful. Minoru closed his lips around the beautiful erect pole, and lowering his head, starting to pump it, and to lick it, while caressing the thighs and the belly of the young man.

Shinji was oblivious of everything. Minoru was conscious only of the pleasure he was feeling and of the fact that the gorgeous young fisherman was not escaping the pleasure that he was giving him. He dedicated himself to it with sheer devotion, savouring all the length of that shuddering flesh pole, pushing it deeply inside his throat. He did not see the young man close his eyes, or open his mouth to sigh, left to deeply enjoy the incredible sensations that the boy was giving him. Finally Shinji emitted a long stream of jism in the hungry mouth of his Tokyo student. Minoru greedily swallowed all the rather strong liquid and felt it tasted delicious. Then finally letting go of the still pulsing member, happy to have been able to give it pleasure, and put it on it his cheek for some minutes. They remained so, still.

Shinji's member slowly went back to normal size. Minoru rose up, remained on his knees in front of the wonderful man, and looked at him with some nervousness. The fisherman pulled back his legs, turned on the bench, stood up, untied his fundoshi and tied it back, tightly.

Then Minoru, hesitantly said: "Tomorrow before lunch, I'll leave. I have to go back to Tokyo. I just wanted to say you thank you... in my way."

Shinji didn't answer. Minoru, suddenly feeling deeply sad, stood up and went to get dressed. When he turned, Shinji was also wearing his clothes. The fisherman started the engine and drove towards the island. Without saying a single word, and without looking at the boy. Minoru did not feel guilty, but didn't know what to do, nor what to say. He would have liked a reaction from the young man, even a punch on his face, but not silence.

When they landed, Shinji said: "I'll wait for you here tonight, for the last fishing tour."

"Aren't you coming to have dinner at the ryokan?"

"No, I am busy..."

"Tonight I don't come, I'll sleep. Tomorrow, the journey is long, so..."

"Ah." was all Shinji said. Then added, in a low voice: "Have a good trip, then."

"Thank you for all..." Minoru answered and ran to the ryokan, before the young man could see his tears.

He took a long bath. He had dinner. He filled the final papers then he hit the bed. But was not able to fall asleep.

"Why hadn't he say anything? Possibly because he was mad at me. That I should not have done it. Tell me what he thought, he felt... He didn't even come to eat with me. Have a good trip... nothing more. And yet, he let me do it..."

Minoru couldn't understand.

He slept to the late morning. He dressed, prepared his rucksack, said good bye to the ryokan mama-san who gave him a plastic bag with some food for the journey and invited him to come back one day.

He reached the wharf one hour before the ferry passage. Shinji's house was not far, he could see it. Of the young man, not even a shadow. He felt the desire to go to his home, with the pretext of saying good bye, to see him once more, to force him to say something, be it even not to come there again...

The ferry arrived. He boarded it and while it was leaving the island, he continued to look towards Shinji's house, hoping to see him at his window, making at least a wave with his arm, but the little village disappeared from sight without anything happening.

Minoru couldn't know that simply Shinji woke up late, saw the ferry arrive, put on in a great hurry his fundoshi, slipped on his jeans, took the small parcel he had prepared the night before, as a present for Minoru, and ran along the village street towards the wharf. But when he reached it, the ferry had already left. Minoru, who was looking at the house, didn't see the young man sitting dejected on the wharf.

"It would be today, of all days, that Shinji had to oversleep?" said the young sailor shaking his head.

Shinji, on the previous afternoon, had been upset with what happened, with what the boy had done. Upset because he was not expecting such a thing, upset because he really enjoyed it, upset because somebody wanted to have sex with him... That handsome, kind, polite and learned boy, who knew how to give pleasure to a man, and who wanted to give it to him.

Yes, he really enjoyed it. He didn't know that to say him, how to tell him -- he was not able to say nice words. He searched for the right and nice words all long the way back. Thank you... trivial. I am happy... silly. I liked it... well, the boy for sure was aware of that. What can one say, in these occasions?

Then, he told Minoru he was not going to have supper with him, because he wanted to go back home to prepare a gift, to make Minoru understand how much he was happy for what happened. He wanted to give him the present that night, when going to fish together for the last time, so he had very little time to prepare it. Then Minoru said the he preferred to sleep. So much the better, he would have more time to prepare a nice present. Shinji took all the shells he had, and started to mount them on a wooden base, making them into a little frog - the symbol of his hope that Minoru came again to see him. In fact in Japanese "kaeru" means "frog", and also means "come back".

The frog figure come out nicely, Shinji was satisfied. He also found a suitable box, even though was that of the shoes he bought five years before. Then an enough new furoshiki to wrap and tie the box. Then he took his brush and some paper, the china ink tablet and the stone, grind his ink and traced several times his name, until he was satisfied with the result. He took the slip of paper with the best characters and slipped it on the furoshiki fold. Satisfied, being too late to go to fish, he undressed completely as he was used to do, pulled out of the closet the futon and unrolled it, and lay down to sleep. He recalled full of gratitude and joy the intense pleasure that Minoru gave him. And he also thought that Minoru was a really nice name...

But he woke up too late! And now, Minoru, what could think of him? That he was an ungrateful man. That he didn't appreciate what the boy did for him. So, Minoru would for sure never again come back to see him, like Shinji strongly hoped.

He went back home, feeling dejected. But Shinji was not the kind of man who surrenders easily. The following day, he had an idea. He took his boat and went to the main island, to the town, to the fishermen's co-op.

"Hoy, Shinji-san! How went it with your first student? All has been OK?"

"Eh, very good. Really good. I wanted talk right about that, Tetsuo-san, if you have some free time."

"Some problems?"

"Eh, the boy forgot something at my place, I want to send it to him, but I don't have his address."

"Didn't he gave it to you?"

"What? No. I didn't ask him, I didn't think about that, before. Is not that you can give it to me?"

"I can't, I'm sorry. If he gave it to you..."

"But I have to send him back his things. How can I do now, not having his address? Where can I send him the parcel?"

"I understand, but... well, I can give you the address of the school, so you can send the parcel to him at his school."

"Eh, that's good! Would you write it down on a sheet of paper, for me?"

He went out from the office, satisfied. He went back home and started to write a letter. He tore up and wrote again his message several times, until he felt it was written well enough. He put the letter inside the box and wrapped it again with the furoshiki. He took again his boat, and went back to the town in the main island. He went at the post office, where they gave him a box to put inside his parcel. The clerk to whom he showed the slip of paper with Minoru's school address, wrote on the box and on the forms the name and address of the addressee and that of the sender. Sending the parcel was quite expensive for the poor finances of Shinji, but he spent that money feeling happy, and at once started to wait for the answer, with real anxiety.

Minoru was back to his school. He told to Akira what happened.

His friend said: "Well, put him out of your head! If he was happy, he would have told you at once. He kept silent just not to be rude. It is evident that man is not interested in you and neither in what you did."

"But he let me do."

"Well, a good orgasm for free, is seldom refused. In that moment he had a hard-on, you told me. But afterwards, he must have felt annoyed letting himself go with a male. You know how at times they are in small villages... Forget him!"

"It's not so easy! I think that... I fell in love with him."

"Aaah, come on! Forget him!" his friend repeated, shaking his head.

Minoru understood that Akira was right, but...

He started again to study. His teacher praised him for his report -- exhaustive, accurate, written in a good style, even if in some passages a little to much literary, poetic for a report, anyway really good. A cold comfort, Minoru sadly thought.

He could just think and think again to Shinji. He did just that, for days, until he was summoned at the registrar.

"A postal parcel for you, Shiba-kun. But please, don't make you send correspondence at the school. In case, at the dormitory. You know the rules, don't you?"

"I am sorry, I was waiting no parcel..." he said taking it.

His eyes ran at the sender and his heart had a violent start -- Katsuzaka Shinji! A parcel from Shinji! He left the registrar, his heart in turmoil. He wanted to open it at once, but he didn't want to do that in front of his mates. He could not yet go at his room in the dormitory, it was too early, it was forbidden. So, he went to the toilet, shut himself in a box, and with feverish hands he opened the parcel. A furoshiki. He untied it, a shoes box and inside it a little frog made with shells and a sheet of paper. He read it.

-May is a great good month that really weather is sweet and beautiful much more now that Minoru-kun come here and I am sorry that I have remained to sleep so late that I could not gave the present of the good journey as the frog means that I so much hope that Minoru-kun comes back to meet Shinji who really has been so much happy that he met Minoru-kun.

As that skin dive that ended in that way that I really didn't think so but that I was so deeply stirred as it was really great as Minoru-kun knows that I never had such emotions before really never and Minoru-kun is the first that gave me so beautiful emotions.

That I don't deserve them from one like Minoru-kun that I feel like crying for so much I am happy.

And I would like if Minoru-kun comes again to my island that is just a hole but now that Minoru-kun went here it is the most beautiful island of all Japan.
That I am not able to write well and not even to talk well like Minoru-kun but I hope that he understands what I want to say.

That his lips and his hands and all makes me still tremble so much it was beautiful and now how can i do that to just say thank you it is not enough? And then I think that if Minoru-kun writes to me and tells me that he forgives me that I didn't go to say him farewell so I become really happy and if he writes me that he wants to come again here, I would become even a lot more happy.

And that if he really likes my small and old house that he can stay at my place as I now really alone on my futon I now really feel alone and lonely as you asked me as now I miss Minoru-kun.

And I have ended in this way because if I continue I write again the same things and that I wait for Minoru-kun if he writes me an answer that I hope will be kind as he forgives me and really sorry I apologize as I write really bad.

To Shiba Minoru-sama from Katsuzaka Shinji.-

Minoru read and read again that letter and kissed it and held it tight against his heart. Then carefully folded it and slipped it in the internal pocket of his jacket, he closed again the parcel and, happy as never before, went back to his classroom.

When at last he could go back to his dormitory room, he at once took pen and paper and wrote the answer.

-May really is a wonderful month, filled with light and colors, soft scents and flowers. And from this year on, May will certainly be for me the most beautiful month of the year, as it is the month when I met a splendid person like Shinji-kun. Your letter is really beautiful and filled me with joy. How to express the deep emotion I felt reading that you want again to meet me, that you want me to be your guest, that you want to share with me your futon? Just remembering your wonderful body fills me up with joy. I was so afraid you were annoyed for what happened after the skin diving, for what I did, but now I feel relieved and what I now regret is just that I didn't do it on the first day we met and on all the following days. If Shinji-kun likes it and desires it, I hope to be able to come again, and soon, and to do it again. Because I like very much Shinji-kun and I dream of him day and night.

Thank you very much for all the wonderful days that you made me pass, and also for all the useful and interesting things that you taught me. Write me soon, because I too feel lonely being so far from Shinji-kun, I already miss so much you, and receiving your letter will make me feel you are near me.

I write here under the address of my dormitory and of my house too, and in what days you can send your letter to the dormitory or to my home.

I'm longing for your letter. Take care and think of me.

To Katsuzaka Shinji-sama from Shiba Minoru.-

Early on the following morning, before the lessons, he posted his letter and it was his turn to start to wait for Shinji's answer. When he was in his room, he read again and again the letter received from the young man, and looked at the shell frog he had received, which he put on his desk so that he could look at is both while studying or while staying in his bed.

When Akira invited him to go together to the boat depot, Minoru refused.

"Hey, Minoru, what's up? Did you find something better than me? Are you turning your back on your old friend? Is that because I don't want to be a bottom for you?"

"No, no no. It is just that I fell in love and so, you see, nobody else interests to me. No offence."

"Ah, I see. Who is he? Do I know him? Is he Saburo, by chance?"

"No, not him. He is Shinji, the Kyushu fisherman."

"I told you to forget him! That one for sure does not even remember that you exist. You have been just an accident, to him."

"You are wrong. He wrote me. He says he wants to meet me again."

"What? But anyway... you are here in Tokyo, he in Kyushu... A thousand kilometers? Don't you see it is an impossible love? All right, he enjoyed it, he would like to do it again. End of the speech, right? Hey, Minoru, put back your head on your shoulders!"

"No. I love him. I want see him again, talk with him, make love with him."

"Make love? That one just desires to receive head for free, I tell you!"

"We will see."

"Bah! In love like a little girl. Beware, Minoru, you are risking to get a bad disappointment."

"Thank you, Akira-kun. I take note of your warning." Minoru answered somewhat drily and said bye bye, he left.

Akira shook his head and went to look for another mate with whom to have fun in the boat depot. He didn't have problems to find someone ready to please him, even if he liked very much Minoru.

A second letter from Shinji arrived at the dormitory. Minoru ran to his room and opened it.

-May is near ending but i never will forget this month because it is true that it is a month like Minoru-kun says full of colors but the best color is that of the eyes of Minoru-kun. That is very kind to say that my letter I wrote before this is beautiful but not like yours that I read always also when I go to sleep that I for that lit the lantern near my futon to be able to read all you write and that Minoru-kun writes elegant and not scrawls that seem the spoors of a hen like these of Shinji.
That I thought that it is not right that Minoru-kun gives me pleasure and that I just take it that also Minoru-kun of course likes pleasure and so I too can give it to him, right? Even if i will not be skilled like Minoru-kun but like he wants to learn from me the secrets of fishing I want to learn from him the secrets of what Minoru-kun would like and that I will be good to learn I swear and I hope that Minoru-kun believes me as I really are sincere and then that I before did it all by myself but not now as if I think to that last day and it is not the same thing like before and I hope that Minoru-kun comes soon to meet me and that every day it is too much. I mean to stay without Minoru-kun.

That then Minoru-kun teaches me also how to write well the letters as I before writing a bad letter like this one I have to try so many times that I consume more paper than food in these days. But I am just joking.

I send you many greetings and don't forget me as I want always be inside your memories.

From Shinji to Minoru-sama. I think of you.-

Vacations were still far away, Minoru thought. But if he left on Friday evening and if Shinji went to fetch him at the bus station with his boat and then take him back, he could possibly spend about twenty hours with Shinji before having to go back. he had to save the money to pay his trip, but if he started to eat at the school mess, if he stopped buying sandwiches and drinks, and also going to the karaoke with his friends... He started to make some calculations and saw that yes, once in a month, he could manage to pay his trip. Until the vacations come. He had only to justify at home spending that week end not at home... how to do? He could ask to Akira if he could say to his parents he went to spend his week end at his place in Yokohama... Would Akira accept to cover him? Possibly yes, but if by chance his parents called him at Akira's place? He could not even say he had not the telephone, they knew he had it. Ask it to Kenji? But he didn't feel like explaining all to Kenji, they were not even real friends. He had anyway to ask Akira, and at least ask him for an advise, a help.

He went to look for his friend, He was in his room. He explained him his project.

His friend listened to him and said: "You are completely crazy! Bah, what can I tell you? Anyway, if I don't help you, I'm sure you will go all the same and find yourself in deep troubles... Let me talk with my family... We have a small vacation house in Kanazawa, without a telephone... I can tell to my parents that we will go there once every month to prepare our tests, to study together... So, if they agree..."

"But you would go to Kanazawa alone, just to cover me?" Minoru asked stupefied, looking at him unbelieving.

"Way not, of course. I too will take my advantage from that. There is a boy I like a lot, Kaoru, one of the first year. I'll persuade him to come with me to Kanazawa to study... anatomy." Akira said laughing, "Rather, I thank you for the idea. It could be just once in a month, but lot better than in the depot, hidden behind the boats, with just our trousers lowered... We can stay all the time in bed, stark naked, and do wild things, while you do them with your Shinji."

Akira parents agreed, that of Minoru as well, and also that of Kaoru had no problems, so Minoru wrote to Shinji.

-... This letter is also to tell you that I will arrive with the bus at 9 a.m. on Saturday and that I have to take the bus to go back at 11 a.m. of Sunday. If you could come to fetch me with your boat and to see me back at the bus station, I can stop at your place all the Saturday and the night between Saturday and Sunday. We can be together, also if just for one day and one night. This will be possible once a month, until the Summer holidays, that I will try to spend all with you. Let me know if it is all right with you, so I can start to prepare to come.

I am already putting aside the money for the journey. And this time I want to take with me my camera, so i can have your pictures to look at while we are parted. I'm longing to see you, to be again with you, to make you feel a little less lonely and feel less lonely me too.

Try to keep healthy. I hope to see you soon.

From Minoru to Shinji.-

The answer came at by return of post.


I, your letter is like one who thinks he is dreaming and instead is all truly happening so that you make me happy and all the village was aware and asked me did you won at the lottery? that yes this is lot better than winning the lottery hearing that you want come soon to me and I Minoru-chan can swear on it that I will be at the bus station with my Sunday clothes to wait for Minoru-chan that the time will never pass and then we will fly at rocket speed with my boat to my house as I made revise its motor so it can run more speedy. That I will feel Minoru-chan lips but even more than that I want to make Minoru-chan feel the lips of Shinji who really is longing for that.
And Minoru-chan really had had a good idea bringing his camera to take our portraits that I too am dreaming to have Minoru-chan picture to kiss it when I am alone that so I can feel like I am not too much lonely. That I hope you don't laugh at me, but that now I always sleep on one side of my futon as I think that the other is Minoru-chan place and that I caress the other place as really Minoru-chan is there and soon he will really be there and I feel so stirred up just to think of it but also my little brother you have to see it how he finds difficult to stay quiet so much he is happy. You understand no??? when I say my little brother what I want to say??? but I unhappily still don't know your little brother and I want to meet him and give him the welcome as soon as we are alone and I am longing for that moment and then I wait for you even if I don't receive any more letters from you as I don't know if there is time to write again but don't make me wait and than you don't come because just to think that I feel I die.

From Shinji to Minoru-chan. Come soon come soon!!!-

Friday Minoru put in his rucksack his camera, a small present for Shinji, a change to be safe, his swimming Speedos, and a few more things, and went to take the train. This second journey to Kojima seemed his wonderful, even if time was flowing slower than he would have liked. But he was more and more near to the small island, to the small village, and to his great man. He was in love with him. Shinji didn't talk of love in his letters, but he neither, anyway, had found the courage to write that word. He could talk of that directly with him... but if he wanted just to amuse himself as Akira asserted, it would be worth that journey.

This and other thoughts higgledy-piggledy were tossing and intertwining inside Minoru's head while the night was at its dead, and the train moved fast, taking him to Shinji.

He fell asleep and woke up just when it was almost time to go out. He was happy he could have a rest as he didn't want to waste, sleeping, the few hours he could spend with Shinji. He would have slept again on the way back and anyway he would be back in time to go to sleep at the dormitory, so that he could be relaxed and fresh on Monday morning in his classroom.

He took the bus that followed the coast lighted by the sun, and admired that beautiful sea, whose tide brought him his Shinji. It was a day clear and luminous like Minoru's thoughts. He looked at his watch -- twelve minutes more. Less time was missing to his meeting with Shinji, more the minutes seemed to flow slowly. Possibly because he was looking too often to his watch, but he could not avoid it. He asked himself if Shinji would have liked the small present he was bringing him -- he could not spend much money, but he hoped that the young man would all the same appreciate it, as it was a way to remember him. On the other hand, he didn't yet know enough the tastes or desires of the gorgeous fisherman to buy him something more personal.

The bus entered the town -- it was now question of little time. Minoru followed the turns of the bus trying to remember the streets, to evaluate how far was still the terminal, but was not able to recognize a single place -- the buildings he was seeing to flow behind the bus window seemed him all the same.

And finally from the loudspeaker the recorded voice announced the terminal. Minoru searched with his eyes, while the bus toured the square, and saw him. He really was wearing his best suit, so that in a first moment Minoru was not even sure it was him, but then recognized the face by the beautiful thick eyebrows and long eyelashes, and by the soft and sensual lips, tended towards the bus.

He wore a dark suit, with a white shirt and a necktie that made him seem an inconsistent white collar. But Minoru understood that he was dressed so for him, and appreciated that kind thought.

Shinji singled him out behind the bus window and opened in a bright and wide smile, bending slightly in a greeting while the bus was going near the walkway and stopped.

Minoru was one of the first to go out and was in front of the smiling Shinji. The suit was hiding completely his shapes, the boy noticed with some regret, but gave him an elegant aspect that was not bad at all.

"Your luggage?" Shinji solicitous asked.

"All here." Minoru answered rising the sack he had in his hand, and smiling him. The warm and low voice of the young man made him shudder, he liked it.

"Did you have a good journey, Minoru-kun?"

"Wonderful... as I was coming to you." Minoru answered with a bright smile.

The fisherman smiled visibly pleased and murmured: "Thank you. Let's go? My boat is down there."

"You are very elegant."

"To welcome you a little better than the other time. But the other time, it was just a plain student coming, now it is you." Shinji gallantly said and Minoru had the impression that Shinji was blushing.

In a few minutes they were at the sea side. The fisherman guided him until they reached the pier where his boat was anchored. Shinji nimbly jumped in it and stretched his hand to help Minoru to board. Then pulled off his jacket, folded it carefully, untied his small boat, started the engine and, skillfully maneuvering, took the open sea.


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