"THE TIDE'S MAN" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE TIDE'S MAN by Andrej Koymasky © 2015
written on July 10, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Adrian

Once on the open sea Shinji looked at Minoru with his luminous smile, and the boy said: "I'm so happy being with you again."

"Your stay is so short, but yet you came. So many hours travelling, just to see me." Shinji said.

"I would have done even more. These hours which we have, are our own."

"May I touch you?" Shinji asked shyly.

"Of course you can." Minoru answered.

The young man put out his hand, and lightly caressed Minoru's hand, then he withdrew saying: "Thank you." The boy, who had expected a more intimate contact, smiled at his companion's shyness and, taking his hand, lightly squeezed it. Shinji returned the hold. They intertwined their fingers.

Then Minoru said: "You don't have to ask me if you can touch me. You should to do it whenever you feel like, that's all. I didn't ask you, that time, on your boat."

Shinji this time really blushed: "You were right not to ask me. I might perhaps have said 'No', in which case you would not be here with me now."

"If I were to ask you now, will you say 'no'?" Minoru asked with a smile.

Shinji stared at him, saying "Now? Here? Here there are other boats. They'll see us!"

"But if there were no other boats?"

"I'd say 'yes', now!" Shinji said, again blushing with his luminous smile. They didn't talk during the crossing, but they looked at each other in silence, both anxious and happy, immersed in similar thoughts.

Minoru was thinking that it was a miracle to have found such a wonderful young man, who at twenty-four was still a virgin, and ignorant about sex matters. He would teach him to enter, to explore, to discover how beautiful they could be. He could feel that his new friend was ready and eager to learn under his guidance. Shinji's letter had told him so, and now his looks and glances confirmed it. Minoru felt happy and full of emotion to be Shinji's teacher, and lover. But he also felt the responsibility of it -- even though the fisherman was six years older, he was like a child living in a wonderful man's body. Minoru remembered his companion's body bathed by the sun rays, and even though hidden from his eyes, he could feel its fresh and strong presence under the Sunday clothes. He was excited, dreaming that soon that body would be available to him. Excited and aroused. Aroused and full of desire. Full of desire and happiness.

Shinji was looking at Minoru's lips and hands, those lips and hands which had been able to arouse in him pleasure in such an unexpected and new way. So intense and beautiful. He was thinking that he was indeed lucky to have met such a boy, and was feeling gratitude and desire. Shinji was feeling his own member moving inside his tight fundoshi, and was anticipating the moment when, alone and privately in his small house, he would have re-experience those strong and sweet emotions. Asking himself whether he too would be able to give as much pleasure to the marvellous youth who travelled so far just for him. He wanted to reward Minoru, to make him happy, he wanted to do everything, so that the boy could want to meet him again, and he was asking himself if he would be able to do all that. He was reading the smile in the boy's eyes, and that smile made him feel good, as he realised that it was all for him -- "He is happy being again with me. He, a city boy, is happy with me even though I am just a fisherman..." Shinji was repeating inside himself like in a refrain. Then he thought that he had already seen Minoru naked, whilst he was undressing for his bath. He hadn't observed Minoru then, but he remembered that he had a handsome body and that he was beautiful. Anyway, in a short while, he would be able to gaze at the naked boy again, and even touch him. Yes, he wanted to touch that body, and also to be touched. Minoru knew secrets which he didn't know. He would ask Minoru to teach him both to give and receive pleasure with his own body. Surely, he thought, the city boys are smarter than us. Then Shinji asked himself if, since they studied about fishing from books, perhaps they also learnt about sex from books. Possibly it's really so, he concluded to himself.

They arrived below Shinji's little house, they moored, and landed with a nimble jump as Shinji anchored the boat. Minoru passed him his jacket and, bag in hand, followed him up the narrow wooden ladder to the upper floor.

Shinji had tidied the room thoroughly and put out fresh flowers. The window was wide open to the sea and the light entered shining. Minoru put down his bag. Shinji signalled to him to sit on the cushion and offered him a beer. They sipped it, looking at each other. Each of them unsure and wondering how to start.

Minoru took the plunge: "I'm very happy being here with you."

"Me too. Minoru-chan has been very kind, making the long trip just to come to see Shinji. You must be tired."

"No, not at all."

"We'll go to eat at the Takenoya. Mama-san is waiting for us, shortly. I'm not a great cook. I only know how to fish."

"And making beautiful thinks with shells."

"Oh, did you like it?"

"So much! Do you realise that it brought me back to you? I look at it every day and think of Shinji-chan."

"I too think of you every day, and dreamed of this moment."

Minoru held out his hand and stroked Shinji's, who turned it and intertwined his fingers with Minoru's. Then the boy drew their hands to his lips and lightly kissed it. Shinji moved over on the tatami, drawing nearer to the boy. Minoru caressed his cheek, lightly brushed his lips with his fingertips, then bent down to kiss him. At first Shinji remained still, almost surprised, then, feeling the boy's tongue brushing his lips, he opened them and received it, and their tongues played together, at first lightly, until their mouths joined in a deep intimate kiss. Shinji shuddered.

When they separated, the young fisherman said: "I didn't know that two man also can kiss... and that it is so good! May I kiss you again?"

"Shinji! Stop asking me if you can -- just do it, if you feel like it."

"But what if you don't feel like it?"

"Then I'd make you understand, all right? And I would not be here, anyway, would I? Kiss me, go on..."

Shinji drew his face close to that of the boy and brushed his lips with Minoru's. Then touched them, lightly, with his tongue and when Minoru opened his lips, he pushed his tongue between them and kissed him deeply, pleasurably, for a long while. Minoru happily considered that Shinji was a good and fast pupil -- he had barely discovered how to kiss, and was already doing it with a real passion.

Shinji moved away, smiling and satisfied, and said sotto voce: "How many things have I still to learn? I want to learn all of them." Then looking at the alarm clock on the low closet said: "But we have to go to eat, now. Let me just wear my jacket..."

"It's a warm day, why don't you come as you are, in your shirtsleeves?"

"No, I don't want to appear uncouth near you."

"You won't do that. Even if you were bare chested. On the other hand, the first time I saw you, you were bare chested and you seemed wonderful to me!" Minoru said smiling.

"No, today I have to be elegant for you. Let's go." Shinji said determined but gently.

The ryokan's mama-san welcomed them with her usual kindness: "Ah, Shiba-san, welcome back amongst us. Shinji-san was so happy when he knew you were coming to visit us. I have never seen him so happy, do you know? But please, come in, lunch will be ready in a second."

The food was very good, as usual. Minoru asked Shinji about his work, and the young man told him with real pride and in great detail, the kind of fishing he was doing in that season. Minoru thought with admiration that the fisherman, in spite of his young age, was really an expert of sea and of his work. Expert and passionate.

After the meal, Shinji asked, standing up: "Now Minoru-chan prefers to go back home or that I take him somewhere?"

"What do you propose?" the boy asked.

"Well, Minoru-chan has not so much time to stay here, and must be tired for the long trip, so I was thinking that perhaps we can go at my place, and perhaps pull out the futon so Minoru-chan can lie down a while and rest."

"You too, worked last night, and this morning had to wake up earlier than usual to come to collect me. Will you too lie down with me and rest?"

"Eh, I was really thinking about something like that." Shinji answered with a quiet smile.

They went back home. Shinji took off his jacket, opened the wall closet and pulled out the futon, unrolling it: "Do you want me to shut the window to have some darkness?" he hesitantly asked.

"No, the weather is fine, leave it open. Anyway I don't feel like sleeping, just lying down a while with you."

"I think that in that case perhaps it will be better if we take off our clothes... not to crumple them. Don't you think?"

"Yes. Come here Shinji, I want to undress you. And you could undress me." the boy said and started to unbutton Shinji's shirt. Then the young man started to open the boy's one. Minoru opened it and, caressing his chest and shoulders, let it slip away, caressing his strong arms. The fisherman executed almost the same movements, just a second later, and Minoru felt the big but gentle hands of the young man on his chest, shoulders and arms, quivering with pleasure. Then Minoru unfastened Shinji's belt buckle, started to open his trouser fly, lightly brushing the turgid tool that filled them. The young man shuddered and started in his turn to open the boy's trousers. They slipped out of them, and Minoru admired once again Shinji's splendid body, wearing just the tight fundoshi, overcome with excitement.

"Lay down..." he said pushing his shoulders towards the futon. Then he bent over the young man and started to caress his chest, belly, thighs, then to alternate his finger action with his tongue which moved around in his most sensitive spots. Shinji was all a-quiver and abandoned himself to Minoru and his cares, emitting from time to time a light pleasure moan.

But when finally Minoru put his lips on the fundoshi, and slipped his fingers under their fabric to underline the shape of the big turgid member, Shinji sat up, shifted away from his boy and gently forced him to lie down on the futon and said, his voice hoarse with pleasure: "This time it will be Shinji who will do this beautiful thing for Minoru-chan. I now know how to do it."

He bent over the boy, put his lips on his tented briefs, brushing along the palpitating member. With his hands he seized the elastic waistband of the briefs and pulled them down to Minoru's knees. Now his lips were gliding up and down the naked rod, which stood up free. Then he took it in his hand, licked its glossy and quivering tip, circled it with his lips and, lowering his head, made it all slip inside his mouth. Minoru felt a jolt from the intensity of the pleasure. The young man started to move up and down his tool, greedily sucking it, while he caressed the boy's balls, thighs and belly. Minoru stretched out his hands to caress the head, cheeks and neck of the young man, enjoying the passionate performance. Shinji was unexpectedly skilled, even if it was the first time he gave head, and Minoru felt his orgasm quickly approaching.

"Oh, Shinji... I'm near... near cumming..." the boy murmured, and then as the fisherman accelerated his rhythm and continued to suck, the boy started to gush, accompanied by strong contractions of his muscles and by loud moaning, jet after jet of jism. The young man quickly swallowed them and when at last he felt the boy relaxing, panting, he stopped and let it slip out of his lips, licked it some more, then leaned on it his cheek like Minoru did with him, the previous time on the boat.

"That was great, Shinji!" Minoru murmured.

Then the young man raised his head, smiled him and asked: "Was that good? Is Minoru-chan happy?"

"Come here, I want to hug you." Minoru answered. The young man laid at the side of the boy and held him tight within his strong arms. Minoru fiddled with the fisherman's fundoshi, untied it and slipped it off. Then he said : "Now it's my turn to give you pleasure." and, freeing himself from the embrace, lowered his mouth between the young man's legs to suck him.

He liked very much having between his lips that beautiful, strong and hard member. This time he sucked it for a long while, calmly, with care. As the first time Shinji liked it, Minoru wanted this time to be even better than the first. The reaction of the handsome fisherman made him understand that he was succeeding -- while on the first time the young man let him do, remaining still, silent, now he was moaning and tossing and he bent over himself to reach the boy's body, and to caress it, kiss it, so as to make him understand the intensity of the pleasure he was experiencing. After a while Minoru felt him jolting, moaning louder and that powerful member started to pour in the boy's mouth waves and waves of warm and tasty seed.

Then they embraced again, lying down and relaxing. Shinji murmured to Minoru: "You taste good, a male taste."

"Yours also has a good taste, I like it."

"Was I good enough, even if not as good as Minoru-chan? Do you like doing it with me?"

"Sure I like it. And next time we will do it, it will be at the same time, to each other. It will be even better."

"Will you teach me... also the other things?"

"What, for instance?" Minoru asked him slyly smiling and looking in his eyes.

"I... I don't know if it's true... but I heard that... two males, can make love to each other..." he said feeling ashamed, lowering his eyes and blushing.

Minoru insisted: "Then?"

"Well, they do also other things and if Minoru-chan likes them..."

"What?" the boy gently insisted.

"I was thinking that perhaps also Minoru-chan likes it... on the back... to put it... But only if he likes it..."

"You entering me, or me entering you?" the boy then asked, even though he would have been happy with either way.

"Well, I was thinking that perhaps my 'little brother' is too big, and so... if Minoru wants to enter me... I would like to try..."

Minoru kissed him. Then, caressing his cheek, said: "I would like to try both ways, I would like to be taken by Shinji, and to make Shinji mine."

"Really? But wouldn't I hurt you? Mine is bigger than that of Minoru-chan."

"Wouldn't you like to try to enter me?"

"Yes, but only if Minoru-chan really wants it."

"Sure I want it. I brought also the gel..."

"What gel?"

"To make it slip inside more easily, and not to feel pain while it enters. Because I hoped you would ask me. My little brother, as you say, would like to come inside you, and I would like your little brother entering me, so then..."

"It exists even a gel expressly for that? For when two men want to do these things?" the fisherman asked widening his eyes in amazement.


"But then... are many the men doing it between themselves?"

"Well, they say around ten per cent, possibly even more."

"Then, it means that in my village, besides me, there must be at least twenty more?" the young man asked, filled with amazement.

"Well, if you leave out women and children, they would be less than that."

"Leaving out women and children, it remains at least seven or eight, anyway."

"Do you want to look for them?" Minoru amusedly asked.

"No no, I've got you, now! I don't care about the others. And then, nobody here is as beautiful as you are. Will you continue to come to see me?"

"Any and every time I can. But unhappily we are so far away that it will not be easy to meet often as I would like. It would be beautiful to live in the same town..."

"In the same house." Shinji corrected him with a dreaming voice.

"Would you like having me here with you? Forever?"

"Oh, but Minoru-chan is used to the big city. Here he would get bored. What could he do, here?"

"Coming to fish with you, for instance."

"Oh, it would be good just for the vacations. But Shinji would feel lost in a city... and then, I'm able only to fish..."

"Shinji, what do you feel, towards me?"

"Me? I am really happy staying in this way with you, and doing that things with you, making love, I mean."

"Yes, but... what am I for you?"

"An exceptional person, unique!"

Minoru wanted to know if Shinji was in love with him, as he was feeling more and more in love with the fisherman. But it seemed that the young man wanted to avoid that question. Therefore Minoru didn't push the issue. Also because the young man didn't ask him a similar question.

Possibly Shinji was not in love with him, he simply felt good, liked him. Yet Minoru could not avoid being in love with him. He liked him very much physically, but also as a person, for his character. At times silent, at times loquacious, but always sweet and always so keen to please him.

"Minoru-chan is thoughtful..." the young man said, caressing him.

"I was thinking of us." the boy answered.

"But are you happy being here? Having come to me?"

"Sure, very much."

"Also Shinji is very, very happy. And also this little brother of Shinji." he said, almost shyly, caressing his own member that was starting to stand up again. Then Minoru moved away the young man's hands, seized it and started to feel and caress it. The fisherman did the same with that of the boy. Then murmured: "When does this beautiful Minoru-chan's little brother come to visit Shinji?"

"In a while." the boy whispered, again filled with a strong desire. He kissed Shinji in his mouth. The young man returned the kiss with greedy passion. Their bodies adhered, their erections brushed against each other.

"Do you want me inside you, Shinji?"

"Yes, I want to try everything. Tell me how I have to do."

"Wait, I'll take the gel." Minoru murmured. He rummaged in his bag and took the tube. He made his friend lay down and kneeled between his firm thighs: "Bend your legs up against your chest, now."

"This way?" the fisherman asked, readily doing as he was told.

"Yes, this way." Minoru answered putting a pillow under the young man's loins to raise his pelvis. Then, spreading some gel on his finger, started to smear it in the fold between the beautiful globes, finding the hole and lingering on it to thoroughly lubricating it. "Is that all right?" he asked.

"It's an odd sensation, but not bad at all..."

"And now?" the boy asked forcing the tight, still virgin passage and rimming it, making his finger enter a little and glancing at his friend's facial expression.

"Mmmmh, that's good." Shinji said in an appreciative tone, smiling and slowly nodding in assent.

Then Minoru lubricated his stiff rod and, with its quivering tip, teased his friend's hole: "Don't clench, relax. If you want me to enter you, relax."

"Yes, come in." the young man said with a smile, relaxing completely. The boy started to push, gradually increasing his pressure, continuing to look at the expression on his friend's face. He felt the hole slowly yielding, welcoming him. Shinji's face slightly contracted in a short grimace.

"Is it all right?" Minoru asked, and stopped pushing.

"Mmmh, good. It's hot and strong, better than your finger."

The boy re-started pushing and slowly, but relentlessly, sank inside him: "You too are hot, and tight. I like you." Minoru murmured continuing to slip inside him, little by little. The young man's face had another slight contraction. "Am I hurting you, Shinji?" the boy asked stopping again to push.

"No, I like it. Don't stop, I like feeling your little, but strong and vigorous brother -- make it all enter me."

Minoru started again pushing until his groin was strongly pressed against his companion's butts. He made his tightly sheathed member palpitate, lightly waving his pelvis. Shinji made him a wide appreciative smile. Then the boy started to withdraw, then to push forward with a light but determined rhythm, with long back and forth moves.

"Oh, Minoru-chan, it's great! I'm yours, all yours, right? Tell me I'm yours, Minoru-chan, tell me!"

"Sure you are mine, Shinji! Do you feel it? Do you like it?"

"Oh yes, I feel it, oh yes, I like it! I belong to Minoru, now. Shinji belongs to Minoru. Shinji is so happy!"

The boy started to make stronger and firmer strokes, faster, and the fisherman showed he was appreciating that change. He instinctively made his sphincter contract, so increasing the boy's pleasure. Minoru brushed the small and firm nipples on the wide chest of the young man. Then also Shinji started to titillate Minoru's nipples, and noticing that the pleasure expression was accentuating on his young friend's face, smiled satisfied: "You like, Minoru-chan, having sex with Shinji?"

"I like it very much. You are the most beautiful and pleasant man I ever met."

"Did you have many men, you?"

"Never one like you!"

"But many?"

"I don't know, around ten, perhaps, but nobody else, now that I have you. Nobody else, as long as I have you!"

"You on the contrary are my first male. And the only one. And I want to be only yours... Harder, go on. I like it so much!"

Minoru increased his rhythm and Shinji nodded in assent, a blissful air on his luminous face. "It's great!" the fisherman murmured to himself. Minoru felt the orgasm rapidly approaching. He felt it come, strong, intense as never before -- He loved that body, so manly and virile that was welcoming him with such a pleasure. It was a thousand times better than his school mates, still adolescent, just a little younger than him. Shinji, even in his sweet submission, was a real man.

Minoru shuddered from head to toe, tensed, vibrated all in a frenzy of pleasure, pushed deep inside the man and felt his energies flow inside the young man's body, together with his seed, with strong and forceful jets. He moaned his pleasure and Shinji held him tight against himself, kissing and caressing him, and murmured: "Ah, my Minoru, my young male full of passion. Strong like a tide wave, unrestrainable. You know how to make Shinji happy!"

Minoru panting and temporarily sated, relaxed. His member started to slowly withdraw from the tight channel he had only just conquered. The fisherman wrapped his body with his arms and legs, holding him tight against himself. They kissed again. Minoru felt the beautiful turgid pole of the man pushing against him: "Now it's your turn..." he tenderly murmured.

"There is no hurry. Rest between my arms, now. We have still all the night, don't we?"

"I want to be yours."

"I'll make you mine, later. Now... what do you think about going to have a good swim amongst the rocks? Then we'll dry under the sun, then we go to the ryokan for supper, then..."

"But next time we will fix our meals here, at your place."

"I'm not so good at cooking!"

"You can boil the rice, can't you?"


"Then, together, we will fix something. Next time I want to spend with you, all the time."

"How about a cold beer, now?"

"Yes, please." Minoru said, feeling like a spoiled child. Shinji took some tissue paper and gently cleaned first the boy's member, then himself. He stood up to take the beers. Minoru admired his beautiful naked body, his beautiful member now softly hanging between his thighs and adorned with thick curled black hairs, his big, firm, almost perfectly round balls, the small and sinewy butts... and thought it was a real show, a feast for the eyes. Like his hollow belly, the well defined pecs, the sound and muscled arms and legs. And the handsome, honest and smiling face, the intense look, underlined by the thick, black eyebrows, and his soft and well defined lips that knew how to kiss him so well.

Shinji come back with two beer cans and handed one to the boy. Minoru brushed one of Shinji nipples with it. The fisherman shuddered, smiling. Minoru pulled away the can and put his warm and soft lips on the contracted nipple, barely suckling it. Then again put there the chilled can, and again his lips.

"Ah, Minoru-chan, who taught you all these good things? You make me feel wonderful sensations!"

"Nobody. I simply want to give you pleasure."

"And you are so very good to give it to me. And just to think that when they asked me if I wanted a student, I just thought I could earn some extra money! And the student, instead, became my teacher, and what a teacher! I might be skilled at fishing, but you... I'll miss you terribly, in the next days. This house, this futon will seem more empty than ever, you know? Shinji will live just in wait for his Minoru-chan!"

The boy remembered the small present he brought. Went to search in his sack, pulled out a small parcel and gave it to the young man: "Just a small thought for Shinji, so that he could feel me more close. A thing of no value..."

"Oh, thank you. You didn't have to. Is it bad if I open it now? May I?"

"Sure. I just hope you will not be disappointed."

Shinji opened it being careful not to tear the paper. There was a small box. He opened it -- contained the badge of Minoru's school, with the ideograms of its name and two dolphins swimming parallel in a wave, one slightly bigger than the other, in silver and enamel.

"How beautiful! This is Minoru and this is Shinji, swimming together in the tide. It is really so beautiful! Thank you. You really had a kind thought, yes!" the young man said kissing the round badge, then putting it on the table, he said to the boy: "Let's go to swim, now."

"Willingly. But can you give me one of your fundoshis, please. From now on, I too want to wear just it. Would you teach me to wear it?"

Shinji smiled, opened a drawer and took out a long strip of white cloth and gave it to the boy. He picked up from the floor his own fundoshi and told him: "Here, look, take it in this way." and explained him, step by step, how to wear it. "It suits you, the fundoshi, Minoru-chan." he told him at the end, satisfied, lightly caressing him between his legs.

They went to swim at the rocks, under water. They held each other hand, they brushed against each other, they touched with their lips the other's lips, in an unceasing game full of eroticism and joy. They didn't fish, they had eyes just for each other. Minoru decided to dive without goggles, like Shinji, and discovered that it was not difficult at all to keep his eyes open under water. They really seemed like the two dolphins of the badge, the little bigger one, Shinji, the smaller Minoru, swimming coupled and happy.

After a long swim, they climbed into the boat and laid down side by side to dry under the sun.

"It is beautiful swimming under the water." Minoru said.

"Especially together, like we did." Shinji answered.

"Shinji swims really well, he has the appearance of a siren."

"A siren? What's that?"

"Is a mythical being of the ancient Greeks tales, half man half fish, with a wonderful voice that enchanted the sailors and the fishermen, as that they dove into the sea to go with them, and they disappeared into the sea, and never again returned."

"To stay together?"

"To stay together, sure."

"And to make love?"

"And to make love."

"Then, I like it." Shinji merrily concluded.


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