"THE TIDE'S MAN" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE TIDE'S MAN by Andrej Koymasky © 2015
written on July 10, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Adrian

They dressed and went to eat. Before supper, Shinji asked to the mama-san if they could use the ryokan's bath to wash the salt out of their bodies. "Yes, surely, it is ready. There is nobody about, so you can relax without any worries." the woman said.

Minoru got the impression that the ryokan's owner had guessed what their relationship was, and that this didn't cause her any problem. Even if she understood, she didn't seem to be malicious and even less critical about it.

In the bathroom, after having carefully washed and rinsed, they plunged in to the warm flowing water. Shinji made Minoru sit between his legs, with his back leaning against his chest, and gently caressed his body.

"Being like this, you arouse my desires." Minoru happily protested, as he felt the erection pushing against his lower back. Shinji, underwater, put one hand on the boy's genitals, with the other on his chest and bent forward to kiss him gently.

"You too, arouse my desire. Let's now go and quickly have our meal, so then we can go back home."

"And there, I'll be yours..." the boy sighed in a bliss.

"And there, you'll be mine." Shinji echoed him with a dreamlike voice.

They dried each other, kissing all over their bodies. Only the tight fundoshi they wore under their yukata hid their erections which were so not noticeable. They went to eat. The looked at each other, smiling, well conscious of their mutual desire. After the meal, the mama-san stopped to chat for a while with the two youths. Minoru was more and more convinced that the woman knew about them, especially when she said, quietly: "Ah, I'm glad that Shinji-san has found a good friend. He was so lonely, here in our village. But he now has Minoru san -- it's so beautiful to look at the two of you, it's evident that you suit each other."

They went back to Shinji's home. The young man lit the lanterns, then without a word, drew near to Minoru and started taking off his clothes. Then he knelt down in front of Minoru and started to lick between his legs. Minoru made him lie on his side and joined him in the sixty-nine position. Shinji understood and they sucked and licked each other in gay abandon, caressing each other's bodies.

"Take me, Shinji, make me yours." Minoru shudderingly asked, lying down.The fisherman put a cushion under the boy's hips, who pulled his legs up against his chest and handed him the gel tube. The young man spread some gel on the little hole, then pushed his finger inside, as previously Minoru had done to him, preparing the boy to receive him. Minoru again shuddered, enjoying the finger which was announcing a very different visitor.

"Do you like it, Minoru?" the young man asked thoughtfully.

"Oh yes! I'm ready... take me!"

Shinji carefully lubricated his long and thick rod, then pointed it at the eager hole. The boy relaxed completely, waiting for the push, which wasn't long in starting. He felt his hole beginning to widen -- it was really big, the biggest that he had ever received inside himself, and it was slightly hurting him, but the pleasure, and the desire to welcome it was such and so huge that Minoru panted: "Push, harder, don't be afraid of hurting me!"

"Is it not too big? It has difficulty entering, I can feel that." Shinji said hesitantly, but Minoru cupped his hands around the buns of the man and drew him to himself with all his strength. Shinji sank inside him, moaning: "Oooh, how... how beautiful, Minoru! How beautiful..." panted, trembling with emotion.

"Go on, I also love it. Go on, make me feel all of it, move it inside me. Make me enjoy it, and enjoy being inside me, go on..." Minoru begged.

"You really like it? I feel like I'm entering paradise!"

"Yes, Shinji, it is really great. Go on... harder... go on..."

Then the fisherman, firmly seizing the boy's waist, started to pump inside him, at first almost with caution, then, seeing the blissful expression of his friend, with growing vigour. "Oooh, it is... it is... really good, in this way... I like it, Minoru... it's beautiful... you are mine! Yes... you are mine..." he murmured with deep emotion, letting himself going a vigorous ride full of passion, thus provoking an intense pleasure also in the boy's body. Minoru was admiring all the muscles of the strong body of his beautiful fisherman contracting and relaxing at each thrust, in a kind of erotic dance, and was savouring the stout and massive presence inside himself. Lots better than Akira or the others -- this one was really a male, this was really being possessed, penetrated, taken! The pleasure that evidently Shinji was experiencing infected him, adding to his own pleasure. Shinji, continued to hammer inside him with vigour,bent forward to kiss his lips, and their tongues played with each other. Minoru put one hand on the shoulders of the beautiful male in heat, caressing his back, while with his other hand he massaged his own member, pushing it to brush against the tense and hollow belly of his passionate fisherman.

Shinji's body started to be seized by strong shudders, which announced the impending orgasm. In fact his strong and regular rhythm broke down, became uncoordinated but more passionate. The young man started to emit a long low moan, tensed, tensed, tensed even more like as if he desperately tried to resist to the explosion that was nearly triggering inside him, then suddenly yielded, giving a strong thrust, and unloaded in the deepness of the boy, while also Minoru came between their compressed bellies, his body darting and feeling happy.

They abandoned themselves, exhausted, on the futon, still tightly embraced, relaxing little by little. Then Shinji murmured: "Minoru-chan, it is too beautiful! How can I do, without you, for the next days and weeks? Now that I know how great it is? I like you so much! Feeling you inside me, feeling myself inside you, drinking your cum that has such a male taste, feeding you with mine. And then, embracing, caressing, licking, kissing each other. I don't know which emotion is stronger, more beautiful."

"Oh, Shinji! For me also it will be so hard. You are a marvellous lover. You are the ideal lover!"

"You too are. Not even in my most beautiful dreams was I able to fancy that a person like you could exist, and that I really would meet you one day. Why do we live so far apart? Will you come back again to see me? Will you? Won't you became tired of me?"

"Sure I'll come again, and of course I will not get tired of you! But you of me?"

"You are the most marvellous thing that exists in my life, Minoru. I will get tired of life, before getting tired of you!"

"Let's tidy up, now."

"Unhappily, there is no bath, here at my place..."

"A wet towel will do."

"Come in the other room, at the sink. I'll clean you and you'll clean me."

Taking his hand, Shinji guided him to the next room, a wide kitchen with a big stone sink. He took two small towels, opened the tap, soaked them, wrung them out and handed one to the boy. They cleaned each other, for a long while, with delicate care, looking at each other with sweet smiles.

"I like looking at you, naked." Shinji said.

"I too like that." the boy answered.

"Here at home, then, we can always stay naked."

"But what, id somebody comes?" Minoru asked.

"Nobody never comes. And anyway, I can keep two yukatas ready, so in a moment we can wear them, in case. But nobody ever comes, there is nothing to worry about."

They went back to the other room. They sat side by side on the futon, close and half embraced.

"Aren't you going to fish, tonight?"

"Are you joking? I'm staying here, with you. It's much more important than fishing. Also better. Aren't you sleepy?"

"No, not at all. Oh, I was forgetting, I brought my camera. We can shoot some pictures, are you game?"

"Naked?" Shinji asked, "And then, is there not too little light?"

"Also naked, and also wearing our fundoshi. I have a flash lamp. And then, we can shoot more tomorrow morning. Wait."

Minoru took out his camera. He shot him some pictures, explained to Shinji how to take one of him, and then, putting it on the tripod, he took some pictures together with Shinji, using the remote.

"Will you send me all those with you on, from Tokyo?" Shinji asked him when he put the camera away.

"Sure. But next time we will shoot also in the open, also in your boat."

"The ones where we are naked... what will the shop assistant say? Will it not be weird?"

"Nowadays they are treated completely by machines, nobody will see them.The first ones I shot we wore our fundoshi. And then, I don't care, I don't even know him. I can go to any shop in Tokyo."

"I would possibly be ashamed all the same, my naked body being seen by a stranger."

"At the ryokan's bath, at the spa, we all see each other naked, even with strangers, don't we?"

"Well... that's true. Even amongst fishermen, at times, we change clothes one in front of the other, without caring. I really like it a lot, looking at you naked. Being able to see also your little brother, and to know that he belongs to me. I would like to kiss him again..."

"We still have many hours; later, may be. I too would like, before going back to Tokyo, savour again your male's taste, kiss again Taro,"

"Taro? Who's Taro?" Shinji asked curious.

"Your little brother. He has to have a name, right?"

"And yours, then? How will we call him?"

"Mine is smaller than yours."

"But he is a dear friend. Yusuke? Can we call Yusuke, then?"

"Eh, why not!" Minoru answered, smiling amusedly.

They chatted, joking, telling each other parts of their lives, keeping each other tenderly embraced.

The moon turned silver the quiet sea, and the murmur of the waves accompanied their soft voices. A light breeze entered by the open window caressing their naked bodies.

They started to kiss again and gradually their limbs intertwined once more, until they found themselves again united in a passionate sixty-nine. Minoru felt pleasurably overwhelmed by the inexhaustible sexual drive of his gorgeous fisherman and by the bursting out sensuality that he awoke in the young man that sunny afternoon, after the diving.

How many times did they already have an orgasm in that day? Minoru was asking himself, enjoying again between his lips the powerful shuddering member of his companion. He sucked it, licked it, bit it gently, he sucked at times one testicle, at times the other, seized by a deep and intense pleasure, while Shinji lavished on him the same caress. Really, there was no possible comparison with his preceeding experiences with his school mates.

They sucked each other quietly, they felt no hurry to come. They wanted to enjoy each other the longest time possible. Almost as if by common agreement, they brought each other to the edge of orgasm, and then slowed down and so made that intense pleasure last.

Eventually they were no longer able to control themselves, to hold back, and they let themselves go to a sweet and quiet orgasm, pouring forth their cream the one into the mouth of the other, not in the strong jets of the previous times, but with the slow and unrestrainable strength of an overflowing river, or of the high tide that invades the shore.

Morning came again and the sun found them still tenderly embraced, planning their next encounter.

"Minoru... don't go away!"

"I have to, unhappily."

"I know, I understand... but..."

"It's time to put on our clothes."


Shinji saw him to the town, in his motor boat. Minoru wanted to offer him breakfast in a bar near the bus-terminal. The time of their separation came. Minoru boarded the bus and sat near the window. From the outside Shinji was looking in at him, silent, still. Both were feeling the sadness of their separation.

The bus door shut and started. Shinji waved farewell, while the bus set off. Minoru saw him still, looking at him, until the bus turned and soon left the town.

Another month of waiting, Minoru thought, feeling his heart heavy. And he hadn't found the courage to tell Shinji that he was in love with him, and to ask him if he too felt the same sentiment. But, if he loved Shinji, what was he ready to do for him? Would he go to live with him in that lost small island, in that poor house? Yes, he would go,without any doubt. He would became a fisherman with Shinji, if only he was sure to be loved by the young man. He knew that he couldn't ask him to move to Tokyo. It was up to him to move. But, how would his family react? Well, he had first to end his studies, one more year, a little less. And in the meanwhile he would have had the time to understand if Shinji loved him, or if he simply liked to amuse himself with him, as he too liked to amuse himself with Akira or Saburo, without anyway being in love with them. If this was the case... well, he would enjoy the gorgeous fisherman as long as it lasted... hoping it would last a long time, anyway.

In the train he soon fell deeply asleep, all the way to Tokyo. A woman sitting near him woke him up when they arrived. Somewhat dazed, he took the underground and went straight to his dormitory. He considered seeing whether Akira was already back, but he decided to hit the bed, and he fell again asleep at once.

The following morning, while he was preparing himself to go to the lessons, someone knocked at his door. It was Akira.

"So then?" his friend asked while entering.

"It has been wonderful. And how did it go, for you?"

"Ah, like a dream. I'll just let you guess what we did, my Kaoru and I. That kid, if I let him, would never part a second from my cock! I never enjoyed it so much. But you Minoru, tell me."

"I like Shinji very much. I feel right, with him."

"But you made love, right?"

"Sure. And I am more than ever in love with him. If you saw him, he is so beautiful, you too would fall in love with him on the spot."

"He never had sex with a man, before, did he? And yet, he did it without any problem? Everything?"

"Everything, and he likes it, and he does it nicely."

"Well, also my Kaoru is so, but for him is not the first time. Do you know that he started when he was eleven -- he sucked many of his primary school mates? And in the middle school, at thirteen, he was the fuck-boy of many of his mates? He has some experience. But you, did you already decide when you will go back to Kojima? You know, Kaoru is longing to come again to Kanazawa with me. In bed it is a thousand times better than standing there behind the boats."

"I know, I know." Minoru answered with a smile, "I'll go again in four weeks, on the second Sunday of July."

They went to the classroom. In the afternoon Minoru looked for a shop doing fast developing and printing. When he got the pictures, he separated those where they were completely naked, and he choose a picture of Shinji and one of himself where they wore just the fundoshi, and asked for an enlargement. It would be ready the following day. He went back to the dormitory. He looked calmly at all the pictures, enjoying them. Some were really good. He took paper and pen and started to write to Shinji, continuing to look at the pictures spread on his desk.

-The rainy season is soon coming, and the heat, here in Tokyo, is increasing rapidly. I hope you will take good care of yourself so that you can remain in good health.

I went back to my studies, to my usual life, and the hours I spent with you seems to me like a dream. Here, all is grey and boring, not luminous and beautiful as in your lovely little island. From the window I can just see the court-yard with a few trees and old walls. Not the sea as when I was with you. That beautiful sea that allowed me to meet you. I hope that these four weeks before our next meeting pass quickly. I miss your smile, and all the rest you were able to give me.

And I miss Taro, your nice little brother. I would like so much to kiss him again, to play with him. If you had the telephone, I could at least hear again your voice.

I printed the pictures and I send you a copy of the best with this letter. At least you too can look at them, like I am looking at them now. Also those where we were stark naked -- no problem as I guessed. And we can shoot more the next time.

Do you miss me as much as I miss you? Today during the lessons I almost was not able to pay attention, because I was always thinking of you. Or rather, of us, together. I thought I have to dedicate myself more to the swimming classes, so that I can became more skilled and not to make a poor show when swimming with you. Just think that, when they said to me that in the Golden Week I had to come to Kojima to fish with a certain Katsuzaka-san, I was unhappy! I didn't yet know it was you. Now I am happy they didn't draw me to go to fish in a big fishing boat as I had asked. I have really been lucky. With this, I close my letter.

I feel like I have so many things to tell you, like when I am at your side, but I just cannot explain in writing. I content myself with dreaming of you. I hope to receive soon your news. I'll go out immediately to post this letter, so that you can receive it faster. Have good health.

From Minoru to Shinji.-

He put the pictures in an envelope, and this with the letter in another envelope, he wrote the address and went out to post.

On his way back, he met Saburo: "Oh, Minoru-kun, long time no see you! Are you all right?"

"Yes, thank you, and you?"

"Hey, are you game to pop up with me to the boat depot?" the boy asked to his senior companion.

"No, Saburo-kun."

"I need it. I'll do anything you want, you know that. Come?"

"No, Saburo-kun. Look for another mate, from now on." Minoru gently said to him.

"But you are the one I like most, you know it! Please?"

"Saburo-kun, I always came willingly with you, but now I am in love, so I can't any more, you see?"

"In love? With a freshman?" the boy asked, pouting.

"No, one outside the school. You don't know him. I'm sorry, Saburo-kun, it has been good with you."

"For me too. I liked how you... how you did it! Never mind!"

"There are other boys, aren't there?"

"Yes, sure... If at any time you change your mind..." the boy answered and went away.

Minoru went to his room and started to study. It was the year of the final test, and he had to finish with good marks, if he wanted to find a good job. In case he didn't decide to go to fish with Shinji. And his brain abandoned the books to fantasize on his beautiful fisherman. Then he shook, and resumed his studies, trying not to be distracted. But it was anything but easy.

The day after Akira asked him what was up.

"Nothing, why?"

"I know you well, it's not true there is nothing. You are odd, your head is elsewhere. Ah... are you thinking of him?"


"Completely in love, aren't you?"


"But what can you do? Can't you understand that this is a story without a future? Wouldn't it be better if you put him out of your head? He can't come here, for sure, and you, what could you do there?"

"Become a fisherman with him."

"Oh yes, to starve together? Didn't you write on your report that the small island is becoming depopulated and that your man has barely enough to survive? Minoru-kun, come back to earth! However beautiful he be, you'll see, your fancy will end."

"Look..." Minoru said then, handing him a picture of Shinji. The young man was wearing just his fundoshi, sitting on the windowsill, the clear sky of dawn at his back, his figure lit only by the flash lamp.

"Hey, a model for a gay magazine! What is he doing in that lost island such a good male? I can understand you lost your head for him. Beautiful, really beautiful. What a body!"

"He is splendid, and not just for what can be seen on this picture."

"You mean he has a good cock? It can be guessed, his fundoshi seems really full..."

"Do you always think just to that? I meant as a person, his character... he really is splendid..."

"Oh, I see. Anyway a good tool doesn't harm, right? And here he is well full. You had to shoot him also for some nudes..."

"I did..." Minoru said in a whisper.

"Wow! Show me those, then! Do you have them up in your room? Let's go upstairs, come on!"

"No, I don't show those to anybody..."

"Come on! Are we friends or not? Right between we two, aren't you starting to make a fuss, are you? Am I not covering you when you go to meet him? You cannot do that to me. I will not take him away from you, do I? Come on, show me those pictures!"

"But... Akira-kun..."

"Come on, pal! We know each other well, or rather, quite deeply, I can say!" his companion smiled for that words play with which he hinted to their past relationship.

They went upstairs and Minoru showed him also the pictures where Shinji was completely naked. Akira looked at them and emitted a low admiration whistle. Especially when he saw the one where Shinji had a fiery erection and was smiling towards the camera, in a so natural and relaxed pose to be really provocative.

"Fucking goodness, what a male! And you really took all that rod? Banzai for Minoru-kun!"

"And it has been great..." the boy answered with pride, caressing with his eyes that picture.

"But... does he also take it from you?" Akira then asked, continuing to admire the pictures.

"Sure, and he likes it. He doesn't make a fuss like you did."

"Well, each one has his tastes, right? Anyway, my compliments, you really found your mister right, it seems. I can understand you are in love with him. But it remains a difficult relationship. Fucking hell, I envy you, do you know?"

"Anyway, you wouldn't have made him take you, right? So, I don't know if he would have had sex with you." Minoru said with a certain pleasure, taking the pictures and putting them away.

"Well, surely not, especially a pillar of that size!" Akira said, then added, "To me Kaoru is perfect -- he likes only to be a bottom and I like just being a top, therefore we two too are well matched. And I think that Kaoru is falling in love with me. He started to write poems for me..."

"But are you in love with him? Or you just amuse yourself as you did with me? Anyway, with me it was OK, as I was not in love with you."

"Well, I like him very much. Being in love... that's a serious matter. In March we will leave this school, but he has to remain here two more years..."

"You can meet all the same, if he was really important for you. But this is your business, not mine."

"Who knows where I can find a job. I don't want yet be bound, after all I'm still eighteen, and he is just sixteen. And then, I'll have, sooner or later, to marry. Also if I hope it will be later."

"To marry? I will never marry!"

"Try to say that to your parents!"

"Sure I will tell them, the first time they talk me about marriage."

"But then, you are serious when you say you want to go to live with him!" Akira said unbelieving.

"Sure. But only if he too tells me he is in love with me." Minoru self-assuredly replied.

The next day Minoru went to the photo shop to fetch the two enlargements, then went to buy two nice frames. The one with Shinji's picture he would keep for himself, the other with his own picture he would take to Shinji, the first time he went to meet him. When back at the dormitory, he found a letter from Shinji. He run and shut himself in his room to read it.

-The warmth is increasing day by day and it seems that each year is to be hotter than that before, and today it is also raining even though the rainy season has not yet started but I think that lucky that it rains today but it was a fine weather when Minoru-chan was here that even if it rained to me it was fine weather all the same because my sun is right Minoru-chan that I wanted to tell him so when he was here with me but you know that I am not good with words.

In fact I wanted to tell you one thing that I feel inside me that I am not even able to explain it to myself and so you can guess if I will be able to explain it to you but I will try all the same that what I wanted to tell you and that I feel inside my heart like a song that sings Minoru-chan's name and it is the most beautiful song and then in those hours that you are far from me I thought to it so much as I don't want to be wrong and please don't laugh at me but I really think that I am in love with you.

Here I dared to say this word that I like and that scares me because I don't know if could be said between two men but I feel right so and I don't know if it seems weird to you and I would like to know sincerely what Minoru-kun thinks and feels and Minoru-kun studies and understands these things better than me who am a simple fisherman on a forgotten island as my poor late grandpa always said.

Minoru-chan appeared into my life and all suddenly changed and I feel like if I am starting to live just now and I miss so much Minoru-chan and his smile and then I look at the two dolphins of the so beautiful present that you gave me and I dream we can always swim so all our life long and I don't know if Minoru-chan feels like Shinji that if he feels like Shinji then Shinji is the most happy man that could exists but then I think that how can Shinji hope that Minoru-chan wants to swim with him all his life?

Minoru-chan is one from town and what can he do here in this small island and Shinji instead will die to live in a town but perhaps if also in Tokyo there was a job for a fisherman I could possibly even try but all these are just fantasies as perhaps Minoru-chan has different projects and what do I have to do with hem?

And then now I don't even know if I have to send this letter but I will send it all the same as Minoru-chan should know all there is inside Shinji's heart and then do with it as he pleases.
Therefore I send my best greetings and also Taro greets very much Yusuke his games companion that he hopes to meet again soon even if Minoru-chan reads this letter and is not happy with it but I hope it will not be so.

From Shinji to Minoru-chan.-

He wrote it! "I'm in love with you" and he wrote also he was dreaming to spend all their lives together. What more? Shinji was in love with him, just this was important. All the rest would come in consequence. When he went back to him, he would tell him that he wanted to live with him, that he would become a fisherman with him, forever. And if Shinji accepted, he would end his studies, then would communicate to his parents his decision. He would even have abandoned his studies, to tell the truth, but in that case his parents would oppose with all their strength. If instead he completed his studies, he could start telling them that he had good perspectives for a job, and then it was enough to keep it going until he was of age.

Minoru was excited and happy. He started at once to write to Shinji a long letter -- he now could finally write him all he was thinking, all he was feeling towards him, all his dreams, his projects, asking him to thoroughly think about them and to give him an answer when they meet again.

And finally he went back to Kojima, to his beautiful fisherman in love. As soon as they were in Shinji's room, the young man took him in his arms and kissed him, holding him tight against his body. "Oh, my Minoru, I love you! How beautiful to be able to tell you so, now that I know that you too love me! I love you, I love you, I love you!" he repeated happy like a kid. But what Minoru could feel pushing against him was for sure not a kid's member. He lowered his hand to caress it through the fabric, fingering the vigorous turgidity of his lover. Shinji sweetly sighed: "I want you..."

"Take me!" Minoru answered starting to unbutton Shinji's trousers, full of desire.

"No, I meant that I want you inside me! Later, if you want, I'll take you, but I was really longing to feel you again inside me. But wait, I have a surprise for you!" he said going to open the wall closet.

"Me too." Minoru said opening his bag and pulling out the box with the frame.

Shinji closed again the closet: "Then, let first me see your present." he said with a smile. He took the parcel and started to open it. When he saw the frame containing Minoru's picture enlargement, the one where he was wearing just the fundoshi, his smile became luminous: "This really is a present! I'll keep it always well on view, to look at my lover also when he is away." he said, and kissed the picture.

"But now, let me see your surprise." Minoru said, happy for his man's reaction. Shinji opened again the closet and pulled out a nice double futon covered with a merry light blue cloth printed with flowers, and unrolled it on the floor.

"Here, I thought that so we will be more comfortable, both while making love and also sleeping. Moreover, my futon was old, was not worthy for my lover."

"But you have to have paid a large sum! It is so beautiful. And then, what would the island's people say seeing you buy a double futon, especially as you are alone?" Minoru asked.

"It was the most beautiful. I bought it in the town, nobody knows about it. And anyway, let them think what they want. The only thing I care, is to make Minoru happy." Shinji said, spreading out the sheets.

Then Minoru continued opening his beautiful fisherman's clothes, and Shinji in his turn undressed the boy. When naked, they held each other tight, brushing their erections one against the other and kissed full of desire.

Then Shinji slid down on to his knees and started to suck the erect shuddering member of his lover. When he felt he was ready, he took the gel tube that Minoru had left on his previous visit, and thoroughly lubricated the boy's rod with loving care. He laid down, put a cushion under his loins, lubricated his hole then said to Minoru: "Here I am, my love. Take me. Let me feel how much your handsome little brother desires to visit me!"

The boy knelt in front of the offered beautiful ass, and with a passionate set of thrusts, penetrated it.

"Aaaahh... how beautiful... Oooh, Minoru, Love, how much I like it! Go on, make me yours, make me feel how much you love me!" the beautiful fisherman cried out, filled with passion.

"I love you, yes... I love you so much, Shinji... my Shinji!" the boy murmured feeling in the seventh heaven.

They made love, filled with passion, until they both placated the first strong desire fed by those four weeks of separation, and could then abandon themselves to more tender and sweet intimacies.


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