"THE TIDE'S MAN" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE TIDE'S MAN by Andrej Koymasky © 2015
written on July 10, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Adrian

"Let's go and fix something to eat now. All right?"

"Yes, there is some fresh fish which I caught especially for you."

They cooked it together, then sat at the table both ravenous.

While they were eating, Minoru asked Shinji: "Did you think about what I wrote you?"

"Yes, sure. It made me so very happy. But then I thought that you wouldn't waste your youth in such a way..."

"Waste? With you, that would not be a waste! And then, you, are you wasting your youth, by chance?" Minoru asked, stopping with his chops sticks at mid air.

"I was born here. I'm not able to do other things, since I know nothing different. But you are about to graduate, you have studied so much, you are clever."

"Don't you want me here with you?" Minoru asked, trying to understand what the Shinji was really trying to tell him.

"Sure I would like it! I love you, I love you for real. But just as I love you, I have to think about you, don't I? If I thought only of myself, I would say at once come and stay here. Of course I would like to have you here with me, how can you doubt it? I just wait for you, I think only of you. But you, you have to find a good job, you have to think about your future. You are skilled, I noticed that, you are able to recognize every kind of fish, you know how and when to fish for them and that, even when you have never lived from the sea. You know lot of things that I could not even dream about. You have to find a good job, you have to plan your future, don't you?"

"I'm not interested in a future without you, in a job keeping me far away from you. If I had to, I would even stop going to school, just to be near you, don't you understand? You are my future, all the rest comes after. If you don't want me, sure, I won't come here. The only thing I want is to live with you. Swim in the same sea, paired with you, like the dolphins, did you forget that?"

"Forget? How could I? But..."

"If you tell me you don't want me here, I won't come. But if you want me, cost what it may, once the schooling ends, I'll come to live with you. I love you, I don't want to renounce to you."

"Minoru, I too love you. You made me discover love. Just three months ago, I didn't have even a faint idea of what it was. Nor do I want to renounce you. I would like you think deeply about that. We have several months ahead still. Don't ever think that I don't want you here, or that I don't love you, never, do you understand? Without you now it seems to me that I am not even living... You have totally changed a my whole life!"

"You too have changed mine, since you told me that you love me. Therefore, be prepared to have me here with you, for ever, starting from April of next year. A little less than nine months. Anyway I will also spend my summer holidays here, if you want me to."

"Minoru, I'm your's. Therefore this is your house. You have never to ask me if I want you!" Shinji protested, pouting.

"It's a pity it is raining, or we could go swimming." Minoru said caressing his lover's hand, "Come on, don't have such a long face, smile at me! Loving each other doesn't mean being able to suddenly agree on everything. It means trying to fit together well, learning to be in harmony. Shinji expressing his own point of view, and Minoru his own. We will find a point of agreement, won't we? Because we love each other." the boy said persuasively.

Shinji smiled, looking at him with lowered eyes, then pulled Minoru to himself, between his legs, caressing him. Minoru curled himself up between the legs and the chest of Shinji, caressing his pectorals an suckling his nipples. They remained so, in silence, gradually arousing each other, savouring that sweet intimacy.



"I love you so much!"

"I know. We will find a way to stay together. I still don't know how, but we will find it. I, and my Taro, will not renounce you. Nor to your Yusuke!" he whispered sweetly, caressing him between his legs and lowering a finger to tease him between his butts. Minoru strongly quivered and turned between his man's legs, girdling his waist with his legs, so that their chests faced each other.

"Taro wants to enter, right?" he said in a low voice shuddering with pleasure feeling him push and palpitate under his arse and, planting his hands on the back of the futon and reclining his torso, brushed against the turgid stake of his lover. Shinji took Minoru's rigid member in his hand and bent over to lick it. Minoru, planting his feet, arched and lifted up his pelvis, slipping all his rod between his lover's lips and murmured: "Make Taro enter, go on."

Shinji roamed with his hand to search for the gel tube and, found it, prepared the boy's hole waiting and quivering. Then, guiding his own erection to aim straight on Minoru's hole, waited with an inviting smile. The boy lowered himself, thus being entered, and emitted a satisfied sigh when he felt Taro was deeply embedding inside him. Shinji passed his arms behind Minoru's back and seized his shoulders, pulling the boy to him ,until he was completely inside him. They started to move together, approaching and parting their pelvises in a slow and pleasurable waving movement. Minoru leant back his head, enjoying that rhythmic and strong penetration and emitting a short moan at each thrust.

"Do you like it, Lover?" Shinji asked with a voice hoarse with pleasure.

"Oh, so much! I love you, to die for." Minoru sighed.

Shinji's strong arms around his back, pulled Minoru to him and kissed him entering his mouth. He folded his own legs under himself, so he could stand on his knees and raise his pelvis. His stake being deeply imbedded inside the boy, he lifted up together with the boy's pelvis. Minoru circled his waist with his legs so as not to lose their body contact, and with his arms surrounded Shinji's neck. Then the strong and beautiful fisherman, slowly stood up, his legs slightly parted and bent, his pelvis thrust forward, so that all the weight of the boy kept him encircling Taro.

"Oh, Shinji, what are you doing to me?" Minoru asked, filled with pleasure. Shinji didn't answer, but started to walk through the room and at each of his steps the boy, making leverage on his legs and arms, squeezed on Taro deeply embedded inside him. "Oh, Shinji, that's beautiful!" he murmured in excitation, "where are you taking me to? To paradise?"

Shinji knelt in front of the low table and bent forward until his lover's shoulders and back leaned on the part of the table free from of crockery. Then he started to thrust inside him with strong and vigorous strokes. "Minoru, my Minoru! I love you. You are mine."

"Yes, yours, all yours. How strong you are! How beautiful you are!"

They continued making love, overflowing mutual desire and love, while outside the rain fell thick and insistent -- but to them, the sun was shining.

The hours they had together fled away too quickly and the moment of their separation came again. "In just three weeks the summer holidays are starting, Shinji, so then I can spend the three full weeks with you, in August."

"Will not your parents complain if you don't spend the vacations with them?"

"I'll tell them that I'm coming back here to better prepare for the exams and to do research for the final thesis."

"You could really write it here. As far as I'm able, I'll help you. You could see how our fishermen's co-op works, for instance."

"Eh, that would be a great idea. In three weeks, then. Meanwhile think of me."

"I will do nothing else. Have a good trip, Love. And this, open it only when you will be back in your dormitory, promise?"

"What is it?" Minoru asked taking the small parcel that Shinji was handing him, and looking at it from all angles.

"A small surprise. But you'll open it only when you are in your room, promise?"

"All right, promise. Well... good bye, Shinji."

"See you soon, Minoru."

They had again to part, the distance separating them was rapidly increased. But this time the separation was less heavy for both of them, as soon they will be together again and not only just for a few hours.

As soon as Minoru arrived in his dormitory, he opened the small parcel that his lover gave him at the moment of his departure. It contained a "mamori", a talisman bought at a sanctuary, and on the flat brocade bag was weaved in gold "Happy married life". Minoru smiled happily, and at once hung it on his school bag. Shinji must have bought it before his arrival, therefore he must have thought, notwithstanding his words, of his wish. Shinji really desired married life with him at least as much as Minoru, and was telling him so through the talisman. He undressed and hit the bed. He was nearly switching off the light, when there was a knock at his door. He slipped on his shorts and went to open it. It was Akira.

"Hey, heartbreaker, you never called by to say hello, when you were back?" he said smiling.

"I was tired. The trip was long. Come in." Minoru apologized.

"I think instead you are tired for another reason." Akira giggled pretending to give him a punch in the stomach, then added, "At least, it is so for me. Kaoru is insatiable. I'm not complaining, of course, not at all. But that kid has lust for blood."

"He will calm down." Minoru said smiling. "Will you spend your August vacations together?"

"Yes, but not in Kanazawa, as my family is going there. We've decided to take my tent and to wander together. Just he and I, alone, with the tent, in the wild. It will be great. You, I presume, will spend all the period with your Shinji, right?"

"Sure. I already miss him."

"Still determined to go and live with him?"

"More and more determined than ever."

"But what will you do, once you are there? What job, I mean?"

"Become a fisherman with him, I think."

"Well, I would like to have your courage, or your foolhardiness. I like Kaoru 'to die for', but who knows if we would meet also after the school is over? He is in love with me. I would like to continue with him, also after my graduation. But, who knows where I will find a job? Think if it was in Hokkaido, just for instance, or even worse, in Okinawa. Sure, if I find it here nearby..."

"But do you care really about him? I mean, as well as you like fucking him."

"Well yes, he is a good boy, and so handsome, and for me he would be ready to do anything. And in bed, besides the fact that he seldom stops, he is really someone that I like. I don't think I would ever again find another Kaoru. Sure I care about him."

"Then, do the possible and impossible and remain in Tokyo, or in the surroundings, right? Besides the fact that anyway, if you intend to marry, it will not be so easy for you two to be really lovers. Work and family will take you the most of your time and energies."

"You are right. That's why I admire you -- you don't give a shit about what job you can do, you will not marry, you just think about staying with him... Kaoru is like you..."

"Because he, evidently, is really in love." Minoru concluded, staring severely at his friend.

Akira nodded, then said in a low voice, almost amazed for what he was saying: "The truth is that I too am falling in love with him... I'm losing my head for him... really!"

"Is that so wrong?"

"On the contrary..."

"Then, don't make that face! Is it not the greatest thing, being in love? Don't you feel happy?"

"But it scares me a little. Possibly since it is my first time..."

"For me too, and for Shinji, and possibly also for Kaoru is the first time, isn't it?"

"It could be, but it doesn't help me knowing that it is so, also for other people. It all the same remains my problem and I don't know how to solve it. I don't feel like renouncing everything for him... but neither to lose him."

"Well, you have still eight months and more to understand what's best to do. Meanwhile continue to deepen your relationship, then you will decide. Those three weeks in August will be important for you both too, don't you think?"

"Yes, sure. We will see. Well, I'll let you sleep now. Have a good night, Minoru-kun."

"Good night. Sweet dreams."

On the following week end, when Minoru went to his home, he started telling his parents that he was planning to find a job in Kyushu. His mother complained it was too far away, but his father said that one place was as good as another, if it was a good job.

Then his father asked him; "Do you have in mind something concrete?"

"Not really, but I think I can start searching, looking around. I can possibly write to some firms."

"Did you make some contacts when you went there in the Golden Week?" his father asked.

"But if he went to that tiny, almost desert island, how could he?" his mother said surlily.

"I was thinking to chat at school and to ask advice from my teachers." Minoru said hoping so to shift the speech from the dry statement of his mother.

"Yes, that's good. They know better than us, what would be better for you to do." his father noted.

"But he is only just eighteen, and to go so far away, alone..." his mother objected, nervous when she did not receive her husband's support.

But the man quietly said: "I too left home when I was eighteen. Rather, I was not even eighteen, and he will be almost nineteen."

"But you were coming from the provinces, and came to the town. He wants to do the opposite! Does it seem reasonable, to you?"

"His teachers will tell him if it is reasonable or not. He could probably have more possibilities in the provinces than here, what do we know?" his father said, in a tone that stopped the discussion.

"Anyway, in the summer vacations I'll go back to Kyushu, so I can start to become really aware of the place. With three weeks available, which it is much more than my previous visit, I'll be able to see the whole situation and eventually make-up my mind..." Minoru suggested.

"What's that! Aren't you coming to Niigata to grandmother's with us?" his mother asked belligerently.

"Let him go, he is eighteen year old, after all! And I think it is really a good idea to go to see for himself, just as a start." his father objected.

"Where will he go to stay? How much will it cost us?" his mother insisted.

"I'll find a cheap place. In that area life is not expensive like here." Minoru said looking at his father.

"Yes, right." the man quietly said and resumed reading his newspaper.

Back at school, Minoru really went and talked with his teachers. They told him that in Kyushu he could really find good jobs, but not in the area of Kojima as he thought. One of his teachers gave him also several addresses, but all of them in other prefectures of Kyushu, such as Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto or Kagoshima. Minoru thanked them and kept the documentation he received, just to show at home it was not impossible to get a good job. Then he went to several travel agencies to get an idea of the cheapest prices asked by Kyushu hotels. He didn't have any idea about how much money his father would give him for those three weeks, but after all he needed very little money. Telling him a low sum for the hotel fares, it was more easy to get a yes from his father, and his mother would grumble a little less. Then he booked a return ticket on the night bus to Kyushu -- he would now had more time and it was lot less expensive than with the Shinkansen.

Minoru knew Kaoru by sight, but he never had occasion to stop to have a chat with him. He was a nice boy with a hairless and lean body, but not thin - he saw him at times in the school pool, wearing his blue and green swimming trunks and the boy was not bad at all. He always had a very serious air.

Akira, one evening, invited Minoru to go to eat with them in a small ramen restaurant to introduce them. Minoru willingly went. He was curious about that boy who was so near making his friend capitulate.

"I am Kaneko Kaoru, how do you do." the boy said, formally.

"Ah, I am Shiba Minoru, how do you do. Akira often tells me about you, Kaoru-kun."

"And to me about you, Minoru-kun. You are his best-friend."

"And you are his boy-friend." Minoru answered and the boy smiled for that word play. "I heard you two will spend your summer vacations together, in a tent. Where will you go?"

"We didn't yet decide, but generally in the surroundings of Kyoto. Also Nara. Kaoru never went there." Akira said.

"Why don't you come for a few days also in Kyushu? So you can meet my Shinji." Minoru proposed.

"Well, we could, couldn't we?" Kaoru said with some interest, looking at Akira.

"If you want, why not. Possibly one week. There are good camping places there too." Akira said.

"Also in Kojima you can find a nice spot. And if you like swimming and diving, there is a fabulous place -- Shinji can take you there in his boat." Minoru said.

"Oh, yes, let's go!" Kaoru said with shining eyes.

"All right. You'll have to give us the address, then, Minoru." Akira said.

"Sure, when you get there, it will be easy enough to ask anybody which is Katsuzaka Shinji's house. If you tell me the day you think of coming, we can wait for you at the ferry -- there is just one per day, at lunch time. And Shinji can tell you the best place to pitch your tent."

Minoru, with the corner of his eye, saw that under the counter Kaoru was caressing Akira's thigh, and he smiled. In that part of the restaurant he was the only one who could see them, and Kaoru took advantage of that. To see him so, Kaoru seemed a quiet guy and not that surge of sexuality about which Akira told him. But at times the still waters run deep. Like Akira, Kaoru was from a family, which if not rich, anyway was really well-off.

They chatted of this and that. Kaoru, after his initial bashfulness, became lively. He showed more of his decidedly agreeable smile. They left the restaurant and Kaoru proposed going to a karaoke bar: "They also have private boxes where we can be at ease." he explained.

He at once showed what he meant with "at ease" -- as soon as they entered the box, he hugged Akira kissing him deep in his mouth, without any shyness for the other boy's presence. Minoru thought that it was beautiful looking at these two school mates, and felt a sharp longing for his Shinji.

"Aki, later can we pass in the boat's depot?" Kaoru asked with a light sigh, parting from his boyfriend.

"In the evening it is less safe than in the day time, you know that." Akira answered fondling his hair.

"Minoru could be on watch... right Minoru-kun?" the boy insisted, looking at him.

"Yes, willingly." Minoru said with a sly smile.

"Then, Aki?" the boy insisted excitedly.

"How can I refuse?" Akira said looking at Minoru with a resigned expression, but smiling happily .

They sang for a while, laughing and having fun. The couple from time to time kissed and caressed. Minoru became aware that between the two, it was the youngest boy who led the game. He always asked Akira, but in the end he made him do what he desired. Minoru thought that really Akira, the strong and determined Akira that had always asserted himself with everybody, had lost his head for that kid two years younger than he.

They went back towards their dormitory, but instead of entering the bedroom building, they turned towards the boats' depot. The couple quickly slipped inside. Minoru leaned against the wall on watch. He recalled how many times he too used it, with Akira, or Saburo, or others. How many of the students, like himself, had been "initiated" in there to sexual intercourse by their elder mates? Generations of students. Some of them, like Akira and Kaoru, arrived there already well disposed to, others, like himself, were quickly weaned. And amongst those last some, like him, often returned, while others on the other hand avoided the place. But not one of them ever betrayed that secret place of erotic encounters.

Even if they had single rooms, it was more dangerous having sex in their rooms, as there were no curtains at the windows, and the rule imposed of not locking the door with the key. The prefects often entered without knocking.

Minoru was immersed in these thoughts, when the two emerged from the depot. They both had luminous eyes. They thanked him and all three went to the dormitory, quietly. Kaoru bid them good night and stopped at the floor of the first year students. They went upstairs to the floor of the third year students. They stopped in front of Minoru's door.

"Kaoru likes you very much." Akira said.

"I too like him. He seems a nice guy."

"You can say it! But did you see him, he always wants to make love!"

"Why, don't you, by any chance?" Minoru asked with light irony.

Akira giggled: "Sure, me too, and especially with him. He really has a delicious little ass."

"Just that?"

"Well, no, he also has a delicious mouth."

"Just that?" Minoru insisted pulling his leg.

"No, sure... I like everything of him. Yes, really everything. And then, it's great to feel desired, isn't it?"

"Sure, one of the greatest things."

"Well, good night, then."

"Good night, Akira-kun."

Minoru entered his room and at once started to write to Shinji, while admiring his photo. Then, closing the letter, hit the bed, asking himself if at that moment his lover was thinking of him. Possibly looking at the luminous moon like him, from his bed -- at the moon their glances would meet...

August vacations started. His father gave Shinji enough money. The boy, said farewell to his friends and to his family, and took the night bus. He was excited for the imminent, and this time long, encounter with his lover. He slept little and poorly. He was really longing to be in front of his Shinji, almost for sure in his sunday suit like the other times, welcoming him with his wide smile, taking him fast with his motor boat to his home, where at last he could welcome him properly between his strong arms. Weather was once again fine -- he had checked it in the recent days on the TV and the forecasting gave fine weather, at least for all that week.

Shinji in his last letter told him that he was waiting for him with longing. He also said he was happy that his friends Akira and Kaoru would come to visit them, because he was pleased to meet another couple of lovers like them. He wrote that he would willingly take them to fish or to dive, or to the beach on the back of the island where they could tan, naked. And he closed his letter describing, for the first time, what he was dreaming to do with him on the wide double futon. Minoru, reading that description, ungrammatical but filled with poetry, was deeply aroused and even now, just recalling it, an erection awakened in him.

The sky was rapidly lighting up and the bus continued its run on the motorway. Minoru looked at the panorama glowing behind the window. He stood up and made a coffee. Went back to his seat, drinking it with small sips. He had to change bus, taking the local one to the town square where Shinji would be waiting for him. "Who knows what he is doing now?" the boy asked himself. He looked at the watch -- perhaps he was still sleeping. Possibly he was dreaming of him. He would have liked to be already on the futon near him, to wake him up, possibly, covering him with kisses. They never really slept together until now -- not to waste the few hours they could spend together, they always passed sleepless nights.

How would it be falling asleep near him, waking near him? Soon he could know.

The bus reached Yawata station, where Minoru waited for the local bus. It came about thirty minutes later. He entered it, and sat himself near the right window. The bus started. Minoru was beginning to recognize the road, in part. He felt a home-like sensation, and this thought pleased him -- yes, he now belonged to these places.

Shinji was there, he recognized him from afar and, a moment later, also the young man saw him and made a greeting gesture while the bus, slowing down, approached the terminal's stop.

"Minoru! Did you have a good trip?" he asked him, full of attention as he get out.

"So so, I almost couldn't sleep. But I feel OK and anyway I'll have all the time I need to rest, this time."

"Come..." the fisherman said to him happily, taking the big bag from his hands and going to the port.

While they were approaching Kojima in the motor boat, Minoru noticed something different in Shinji's house aspect. He carefully looked: "Are you doing work on you house?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, some small rebuilding... It's something that needs to be done." Shinji answered enigmatically.

"On that side there is the kitchen, right?" Minoru asked.


"Are you widening it?"

"No, not really. I just modified it a little."

Minoru, while the boat was approaching, looked with curiosity. There were two new pillars sinking in the water on the sea side, free to the first floor. A wide window towards the sea, a roof. Almost as if a room had been added. Or the kitchen enlarged as he thought at first. But, hearing the evasive answers of the fisherman, Minoru didn't pursue with his questions.

Mooring under the house, they went upstairs. As usual, they at once embraced, both were longing for it: "Oh, Shinji! How beautiful is being again here with you! I really need you, and your Taro."

"I too need you and your beautiful Yusuke."

"But I said it first." Minoru answered smiling cunningly , starting to open his lover's trousers. The man made a funny gesture, like of surrender, while the boy lowered his trousers to his knees, crouching in front of him and, putting his lips on the fundoshi's swollen basket, started to untie it.

"Wait, I'll pull out the futon." Shinji said.

"No, take me here. Oh, here he is, my friend Taro." Minoru sighed starting to lick the formidable rod finally free and erect. He liked the tight sack of the testicles, then the member for all its length, then the purple glans that he made slip between his lips, making then sink to his throat, sucking at it full of pleasure. Shinji shuddered all over his body feeling more and more filled with desire for his young and passionate lover.

He made Minoru stand up, opened his trousers while deeply kissing him in his mouth, untied the boy's fundoshi. Then Minoru turned, stretching towards him his little ass. Shinji wet with his saliva palpitating and eager hole and, pulling the boy against himself, took him.


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