"THE TIDE'S MAN" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE TIDE'S MAN by Andrej Koymasky © 2015
written on July 10, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Adrian

"Oh, Minoru, my love!" the handsome fisherman murmured, passionate and tenderly, while he was taking his lover, caressing his smooth and firm chest, his hollow tummy, and his shuddering genitals under his shirt. He was licking Minoru's neck, the lobe of his ear, as he brushed the boy's nipples with his fingertips, he continued to pump inside him with his rigid tool.

"That's really great, Shinji, I love it." the boy moaned, pushing himself voluptuously against his lover's body, grinding his pelvis, and thus brushing his small firm buttocks against his lover's groin, so increasing their mutual pleasure. Minoru recalled that day, just five months previously, when he had found the courage, he didn't know how, to try to suck the member of the handsome fisherman, awakening his lust and, later, also his love. He had been lucky, incredibly lucky. Now they belonged to each other.

Minoru was savouring these thoughts, when Shinji began to shudder strongly: "Minoru... I'm cum.... cuuuuuumming.... Ooooh, Minoru... oooh how beautiful.... oooh..." the fisherman moaned vigorously holding him tight against himself and filling in the boy's depths with all his cum. Then he made him turn around and kissed him on the mouth: "I love you, Minoru. Yes, I love you."

"Me too."

"And I like you so much -- I'll never stop making love with you. Those days whilst I was waiting for you, seemed to me so endless. But at last you are again here, with me."

"In eight months I can come to live here." the boy said happily,while he removed his lover's jacket.

"Are you sure, Love, you want to come to live here?"

"Certainly, more and more sure." Minoru answered slipping his man's necktie off and starting to open his shirt.

"I feel as though I'm dreaming." Shinji sighed, slipping off Minoru's shirt and bending down to suck his nipples.

They freed each other from their trousers and underpants, then slipped off their socks, thus remaining completely naked. Shinji caressed his lover's body, all over.

"This time I'm taking the futon. I want you to take me from the front, as I want to look at your face whilst you enjoy being inside me. I like very much seeing you enjoy and knowing that it's I who make you enjoy it so. To be yours and to feel that you are mine." Shinji said. They took the futon together and spread it on the floor. The fisherman laid on it on his back and pulled his legs up to his chest, almost folding in two, and so offering himself to his lover. Minoru then knelt in front of his waiting man and started to deeply lick in the fold between his buns, preparing his way, wetting it thoroughly with his saliva. Shinji was all a shudder: "Oh, Minoru, take me!" he begged, his voice filled with desire.

"Which do you prefer being a top or a bottom?" the boy asked him sweetly, approaching with the tip of his tool to the hole that was ready for the entry.

"Both. I like making love with you, any way it is, and now I want to feel you inside me. Go on, push it all inside. Go on..." Shinji panted, "... make me feel that I am all yours, that you desire me, that you love me..."

Minoru pushed and felt welcome in that tight channel that knew only him. He felt sheathed by the soft and hot flesh and saw a pleasurable expression depicted on his lover's face. He sank totally inside him, slowly, with one continuous push. "Here I am, Shinji, Love." Minoru whispered and started to move in and out, thrusting his pelvis in a vigorous and sweet rhythm.

The young man squeezed Minoru's nipples lightly: "You are beautiful, you are so beautiful while you make love, Minoru. I would like to never stop." he murmured pulling his lover tight to kiss him.

The boy was hammering inside him with growing vigour as the pleasure was increasing, and feeling the strong member of the beautiful fisherman pushing, rigid again, against his belly, made him understand how much also Shinji was enjoying their passionate union. Finally he unloaded the long and strong jets in the hot welcoming channel, pushing up to the hilt in a last set of vigorous strokes, moaning aloud with his intense pleasure.

He gradually relaxed, then he slipped out and lowered his body, to take again between his lips the shuddering pole, again erect, of his lover. He sucked it greedily to give him further pleasure and at the same time to savour his manly taste. Shinji tensed with a strong spasm of enjoyment and soon poured out his second load, which Minoru swallowed with pleasure, continuing to suck until the very last drop was savoured.

Shinji took Minoru in his arms, cuddling, caressing and kissing him. He bodily lifted him up, carrying him towards the kitchen. Here he slid aside a glass door which was not there before, and Minoru saw a beautiful bath in clear wood, new, wide, well lit, and the traditional wooden tub was already filled with steaming water.

"When... when did you made that?"

"During these last two weeks, for you. So we can bathe here, together, without having to always go to the ryokan, and here we can also make love, as you said once you would have liked to do. Do you like it, Love?"

"But, how much did it cost you?"

"I'll pay little by little, with my fish. But as you want to come to live here, the bath was a necessity." Shinji said merrily, depositing him on the wooden floor, closed the door and added: "Now we wash, then we inaugurate it. I finished building it only yesterday."

"You built it?" Minoru asked with admiration, starting to wash his lover's body.

"The tub, I bought already made. All the rest, I asked the co-op carpenter to help me with. We did it all in ten days. Do you like it?"

"So very much! But you shouldn't have spent so much money for me, it is not fair." Minoru said, deeply moved by the thought and action.

"It is for us, for our love. I want you to feel comfortable here. I don't want you to miss anything."

"Near you, I will miss nothing, for sure." Minoru sweetly said caressing his lover's chest. The man smiled in a bliss and in his turn caressed his boy.

"Come on in the tub, it's large enough for two people." Shinji suggested, again aroused at these caresses.

They stepped over the edge and sat in the hot water. Minoru sat between Shinji's legs, circling his waist with his legs: "Take me again." he murmured, filled with new desire.

"Yes, come here, Lover." Shinji said pulling him onto his lap so that his member slipped between the boy's buns. Minoru placed his hands on the wooden tub edge and moved so that he felt the hard glans pushing on his hole, then lowered himself on the rigid rod.

"Oooh Shinji... that's great... one day soon you'll have to take me in the sea... oooh... you are entering me... I like it, Shinji... tell me I am... yours... all yours..."

"Yes, you are mine, Lover, all mine... can you feel me? Do you like it?"

"To die for! It's too beautiful, really!" the boy murmured, thrilled, letting himself sink to the bottom of the tub. Shinji circled his back and pulled him towards himself, deeply kissing him. Minoru girdled his neck with his arms and, pushing on his man's shoulders, started to move up and down with the rhythm of his whole body to fuck himself on the strong pole well embedded in him. His body wallowed in the hot water, causing spray that caressed his skin together with the big hands of his man. Shinji continued to kiss Minoru passionately on his mouth and now was gently toying with his small erect nipples between his forefingers and thumbs.

The boy continued in his regular, joyful and passionate movements, until he felt his man strongly shuddering, moaning louder with the approach of a new and powerful orgasm. He then made his anus squeeze around the big rod, tightening and relaxing it in fast contractions, continuing to move his pelvis up and down, until he felt that Shinji had completely unloaded inside himself. Then the fisherman made the boy stand up in front of him and started to lick and suck his erect member with greedy passion.

"Oh, Shinji... oooh... that's beautiful! Ooooh..." Minoru moaned with strong pleasure. The young man continued to suck until he took his young lover to the apex of pleasure and was able to drink all his tasty cum, jet after jet after jet.

They went out of the tub, dried each other and then went back to lie relaxing, gently embracing, chatting non stop about a thousand and one things, just so happy to be together.

The next day, Shinji said to Minoru: "Let's dress smartly, I'm taking you to town."

"What are we going to do?" Minoru asked, wearing his suit.

"I'm taking you to the co-op. They want to meet with you. Who knows, they might offer you a job. I told them all about you, and they seem to be interested in having a good technician."

"Oh! But... if I let you down, it might appear bad for you?" Minoru said with concern.

"No, there is no risk. You are well capable, I know. Anyway, you must show yourself to be self-assured. They all are old fishermen, they have lots of practical experience, but not one of them has studied. If you make a good impression and then they offer to hire you, that would be perfect, wouldn't it?"

"But I don't want to live in town, unless you too are moving there. I want to live with you."

"You can go in the morning and come back in the evening, it's not far. To start with, I can take you there and back. Then, when we have enough money, we can buy a small motorboat, the kind with just two seats, which are fast and safe. Through the co-op we can buy it at a low price, and also pay for it in instalments. Don't you like the idea?"

"But I wanted to work with you..."

"At times we can also work together, and anyway you will also work for me, in this way. But at least you will have a good job, if they hire you. Very suitable with the studies you pursued, isn't it?"

"Well... let's go and find out."

"Aren't you happy? I believed... I thought..."

"Yes, Shinji, thank you. It's just that I wanted to stay with you."

"We will be together."

"I'll have to eat lunch there, not with you."

"But the evenings and night will be only for us."

"When you don't go to the night fishing. But perhaps they could hire me just part-time."

"Possibly. Let's just go and find out, now. They are waiting for you."

They went. Shinji introduced Minoru. The co-op board of directors made the boy undergo a real and lengthy interrogation to check his knowledge. The inscrutable expressions of the men somewhat intimidated Minoru, but the boy tried to make a good impression. Shinji was waiting for him outside, anxiously.

Minoru was made aware that the men managing the co-op did it with traditional systems, but that with some innovations the fishermen's work in their area might earn them higher revenue, but thought it wiser to say nothing. He limited himself to answering the questions from the aged men, assuming a self-assured but respectful attitude.

At last Shinji saw Minoru coming out: "So then?" he asked, somewhat tense.

"I don't know. They never stopped asking me questions."

"That's a very good sign, that is. If they were not happy with you, they would have soon sent you away , wouldn't they?"

"I don't know, we will see. Anyway, if they don't hire me, I can come every day and fish with you."

"But if they hire you, it will be much easier telling your family you come here to work, wouldn't it?"

"That is right. When will they give me an answer?" Minoru asked looking at the door through which he had come out, behind which the men were probably deciding whether to hire him or not. "Why does it take them so much time to decide?" he asked slightly nervous.

"Well, they are discussing... you know, before deciding they always need to think thoroughly about everything."

The president of the co-op opened the door and signalled Minoru to go back in.

"Well, the council decided to hire you as soon as you get your diploma. This..." he said handing him a paper, "... will be the starting salary on the basis of a two year long contract, tacitly renewable. Our accountant will give you a copy of the contract so that you can see all the clauses. If it is agreeable to you, we can sign a pre-contract, a reciprocal engagement. Think about it in the next few days, as I know that you are staying here for a while."

"Yes, thank you. What about the work time table, schedule and other things?"

"It is all in the contract. Here we are something like a family, we do it like this so that the co-op works properly and we help each other. I hope you will fit in well with us."

Minoru read the contract carefully, then decided to call his father and explain to him the offer he had received. After obtaining his father's authorization, he went with Shinji again to the co-op and signed the preliminary contract.

In the days which followed they went together fishing, swimming and, as Minoru had asked, they also made love in the sea. They spent really beautiful days and the weather helped them enjoy themselves.

They went and fetched Akira and Kaoru from the bus station and took them to Kojima. Shinji then took them with his boat to the small beach on the back of the island, where they helped their two friends to erect their tent. It was a quiet place, where seldom anybody went, so that all four could lie down to sun bathe, completely naked. Minoru noticed the long glances his two friends were studying Shinji's nakedness and felt pleased. Kaoru especially seemed unable to take his eyes off the male attributes of the beautiful fisherman and soon the lad had a conspicuous erection. Akira noticed it, so he pulled Kaoru to him and started to caress him intimately. After a short while they were tightly intertwined and started making love, heedless of the other two lying nearby. Minoru got aroused and looked at Shinji. The fisherman was also engrossed in looking at the young couple who were absorbed in giving each other pleasure, and when Akira penetrated Kaoru and started to take him with evident, reciprocal pleasure, Shinji emitted a low scarcely audible sigh. "They are beautiful, aren't they?" Minoru whispered and stretched out his hand to caress his man's erection, then Shinji said: "Take me, like that..."

"Yes, lover, come here." Minoru answered. Shinji crawled to him on all fours, turning so that he didn't lose sight of the picture of the two young lovers united in vigorous intercourse. Kaoru smiled cunningly. Minoru went down and entered his lover, caressing his chest, belly and his rigid tool. Then, unconsciously adopting the same rhythm as that which Akira was enjoying his boyfriend, Minoru started to fuck his beautiful fisherman. The two couples looked at each other, almost mirror images, the only difference being Shinji's body, which was more adult, ripe, and manly that than of Kaoru, but equal was the enjoyment of the four protagonists of that unusual loving scene. They continued to look at each other and the mutual pleasure was increased enormously.

Akira was the first to cum, hammering vigorously in Kaoru's small arse, and unloading with great force. Then it was Kaoru's turn, then Minoru and at once Shinji came very soon after. Akira took Minoru's hand.

"Are you coming for a swim?" he jauntily proposed. Minoru looked at Shinji who smiled.

"Go on then, the pair of you, I will follow shortly." Shinji said. The two school mates run in the water, plunged with a jump, then swam to the open sea.

Then Kaoru approached Shinji: "Take me, I still feel aroused." he murmured excitedly.

"No, I belong to Minoru, I can't."

"Don't you like me?"

"Yes, very much, but that doesn't matter."

"Well then, take me, go on!" the lad insisted and tried to touch Shinji's tool.

Shinji with a smile stopped him, stood up and ran to dive and started swimming. Kaoru, accepted the situation and followed suit.

Back on the shore, they laid in the sun to dry, and then had a meal together. Later Shinji and Minoru said good bye to their friends and, with the boat, toured around the island to return home.

During the trip, Shinji said to Minoru: "Kaoru wanted to have sex with me."

"He asked you?"


"And you?"

"I said no, of course."

"Of course?"

"Sure of course. I belong to you. I couldn't do it with him."

"But... do you like Kaoru?"

"Yes, however I prefer Akira, and best of all I prefer you. But even if I liked him more than you, I would have said no all the same. Would have you agreed?"

"No, sure. I too know that I belong to you, don't I? I don't need anybody else, not at all. But also Akira desires you."

"He told you that?"

"Yes, while we were swimming. He said that he would like to do it with you. Fuck you whilst you were fucking Kaoru, he said."

"I'm sorry for them, but they have to forget about a threesome." Shinji said merrily shrugging his shoulders, then added: "It will be better if we wear our fundoshis, we are approaching the houses. Staying with you I'm getting a little too used to going around stark naked!"

"Do you regret that?"

"No, on the contrary, I like it, and mainly seeing you naked -- I'll never get tired of that." Shinji said with a cunning smile.

"And I'll never get tired making love with you."

"So I noticed, and I like that." Shinji answered lightly caressing his lover's side.

Those days were great, even though they past too quickly. For the celebration of the "Bon". Minoru wore a yukata, and went dancing with the villagers with Shinji. This was a proper occasion to get known and accepted by the small community.

First Akira and Kaoru left, enthusiastic about the beautiful days of freedom in the wild, which they spent on the small island. About a week later even Minoru had to leave. The two lovers made love all the night long before parting, making a date for one month later.

Back at his school, Minoru met Akira.

"Ah. Minoru-kun, I have to thank you also on behalf of Kaoru for the wonderful welcome you two gave us, and must congratulate you on your lover. He is really special, gorgeous, kind, strong... and faithful! Do you know that both Kaoru and I tried with him?"

"Sure I know, Shinji and I always tell each other everything."

"Now I really understand why you are so deeply in love with him."

"He too is with me. But you and Kaoru? I felt that you fit wonderfully together, don't you?"

"Yes, I'm more and more in love with him. I was thinking that I can tell my family I want enter the university, so I'll remain here in Tokyo and continue to see Kaoru... My Dad will for sure be happy, he wanted me to attend university, but I always said I wouldn't want to study any more. What doesn't one do for love! What do you think of my idea?"

"Then you are doing the right thing, if you love him. But, I have to ask myself, whether you both are in love with each other, then how come that you both look for adventures?"

"Are you referring to... to the fact that we both tried with Shinji, right?"

"Right. I would never have such a desire, being in love with him."

"Well... we two think that, if we don't do it by hiding it from each other, an adventure doesn't endanger our relationship and our love."

"Shinji and I have a different idea about that."

"I'm aware. Yes, you two are made for each other, as possibly Kaoru and I are made for each other."

"The main thing is that you fit well together."

"Yes, we really fit well together. I never thought I could fall in love so easily. But that lad is really a bomb. Just the way he looks at me, made my head spin. As soon as he touches me then, and the way he makes love... he is really unique! I may have as many adventures as I could manage, but anyway I will always return to him!"

"Did you have many?" Minoru asked curious.

"No, not even one, to tell the truth. Your Shinji would have been the first, if he had accepted. But my Kaoru absorbs me totally... and satisfies me totally."

"And now? Are you sure he is satisfied with you?"

"I think so, he says so. Shinji doesn't matter, he's something else. He would arouse anybody, any man or boy. Look after him well"

"I don't need that. I know he will always be faithful to me. He told me so, and I trust him. I completely trust him."

"Yes, I think you are right. He is a right guy. You've really found a rare and precious pearl!"

Minoru was more than sure about that.

The fact that he had already found a job in Kyushu, made his father proud and his mother grumble even more than before, as she didn't appreciate her son going so far away. But Minoru was more than satisfied. The salary was rather good, the working schedule flexible, and above all he could live with his Shinji.

When the school year was over, he got his diploma with full marks. Then, he spent one week with his parents, prepared his luggage, and moved to Shinji's home, starting his job at the co-op straight away.

All proceeded well. Shinji was doing his utmost to make him feel well, accompanied him to work and went to bring him home every evening. Minoru was settling down in his new job and, as he performed it with seriousness and competence, the board of directors of the co-op, even though they were men of few words, made him understand they were pleased to have hired him.

For the Golden Week, Akira and Kaoru went to visit them. Akira had entered the university as he said, rented a small apartment where Kaoru, who was growing up and becoming more and more handsome, often went to visit him and to make love with him. They were even more in love, as also were Shinji and Minoru.

Time passed. Minoru became a member of the co-op and soon, being known and really appreciated by all the fishermen, he was elected a member of the board of managers. He gradually introduced some innovations that improved the profits of the fishing system and found new markets for their products, also getting better prices. Shinji and Minoru bought their two seat motorboat, paying by instalments, as they had planned, and decided to enlarge the house with a new room, so that beneath there, there was also a place to moor the new motorboat.

When Minoru was twenty two years old, for the first time he was elected as general secretary of the co-op. Meanwhile Kaoru got his diploma and enrolled in the same university as his lover. Now the couple lived together in Akira's apartment. They went quite often to visit Shinji and Minoru with whom they were now close and affectionate friends.

Minoru was happy. He couldn't dream of a more beautiful, complete and satisfying life.



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