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The name's Celestis. I have a brother whom's younger than me by like seven minutes. His name's Celestinus. To be twins we have precious little in common. Sure, we share the famous (or infamous, depending on which of us you asked) Waverly hallmarks: the mane of flame-red hair (mine had been a glossy mane of hair that had never been cut that stretched a good three feet down my back --that is until The Even happened; I'll explain that in a bit -- Célestine had his in a spiked pixie cut that, try as he might ­-- and believe me when I tell you he did try his darnedest -- he could never get it to deviate from its original auburn), the devilishly quick and sharp eyes (the left pewter, the right one an almost white steely-blue), and the translucent porcelain skin, and our mutual loathing of our Christian names (we preferred to be called Céleste and Célestine, respectively), but there our similarities end.

Style wise, we couldn't be more different. I'm a touch bit posh and preppy, having a preference for silks and furs and all thin

After the aforementioned Event, we were on our own now, or so I had thought. But, like always, Célestine was a few steps ahead

And here ends the needless digression; back to The Event. In retrospect. it all seamed like a blur to me. One moment, I was going through the motions of finally losing my V-Card to some dull-as-ditch-water Edward Cullen reject that I'd picked up at Dhampiri -- the local vampire bar that I was supposed to have to blow the bouncer just to get into; more on that in a bit -- whom had nothing going for him except that I though his hair was kind of nifty. We sat on the plush comforts of my bed in a state of heavy petting (needless to say that that was an experience I would die to not repeat; funny how different things are when you're drunk.) -- It surprised me that this particular bloodsucker was so very bad as sucking face. Some men, human or unhuman, should just not bother with kissing -- while that divine goddess that was Marlene Dietrich sung her sultry aria in the background. The next, Daddy dearest was kicking down my bedroom door yelling "I resend your invitation. Get the f*** out of my house, you undead bas****."

Anywhose, back to the incident at Dhampiri. It all started the week after my 17th birthday, June 22nd, at the food court at the mall over in Ashville. I was sitting with my mates, Hamish and Hemi O'Leary, Leah Matthers, and Joey Star. I was the odd man out in the group.

Hamish and Leah were an item practically since birth - we often jokingly referred to them collectively as The Matthers. Hemi and Joey didn't get together until just last year and that was because Leah finally made them admit that they'd liked each other in a very Leah manner, which is to say in a very witchy with a "B" manner (She may be one but, she's our ... well, you know.)

Anywhose, there we were sitting at this faux wooden table, The Matthers where eating Panda Express, Hemi was waiting eating a taco and waiting for Joey to show up,, and I was just finishing off the last of my Pepsi wishing Joey would show up already so we could go be done shopping. Don't get me wrong, I love to shop as much as the next queen. It's just that on this particular day I wasn't exactly feeling like spending any sum of money on anything. How could I when I was feeling sore about still being in possession of my v-card at seventeen. (Even Célestine had lost his already; at twelve, mind you. He even had a steady bf, for Christ sake.)

And here I was sitting with my paired off mates, waiting to go buy some crap I don't really need, with no boy friend or prospects of one in the vicinity of anything that resembles the foreseeable future. All I had was my yet-to-begin fleeting looks, a 5.0 weighted GPA, and an unsalvible aching need burning in my heart, an unscatchable itch, an insatiable thing in the pit of my stomach the size and weight of an overly large grapefruit; it's an unbeatable wolf baying at the moon of my heart and gnawing at my innards demanding, always demanding, to be loosed and allowed to have it's carnal needs met.

Hemi's phone rang and he ran off. Hemi and Joey return some half hour later, both looking flushed and rosy cheeked and glowing. "Are we finally ready to go buy some usefully useless crap," I quipped in a voice that was a bit more testily than I intended it to be.

"We need to get you laid," Leah said in that very matter of fact tone she had about her.

"Ha, now that's funny," Joey said in a voice that would have been haughty on anyone else. "Imagine that; Mrs. Prim-'n'-Proper getting hot and heavy and all sweaty with some pretty boy vamper in the backseat of said boy's jalopy."

"Do attempt to rise above your feral reproductive cycle for a nanosecond and try to contemplate doing something useful for once in your pedantically base and mediocre waste of an existence, you manky, coquettish fairy," I said a bit too more testily than I intended it to come off.

"I may be a fairy, in both senses of the word, but, I didn't think that that was a criminal offence," Joey said lightly as though he was talking about the weather. "Let me use my paltry, donnish, minxian fairy magic and find you an outfit for tonight's festive frivolities."

"Sorry, I didn't mean -- " I started to say but was cut off by Joey

" -- Gurl, bye. Ain't no T or no shade," He said in his best queenie voice as his means of saying he understood my frustration.

"You have got to stop hanging out with The Marchion , although, who doesn't want a Fairy Drag Mother. And what exactly are we doing tonight," I said a bit too caustically.

"Well, J and I are going to Dhampiri and you're tagging along --" Hemi said as he sauntered up to us and draped his arm around my shoulders.

"-- Your going with us is non-negotiable, by the way," Joey said as he slid in under Hemi's other arm.

"But, what am I going to wear," I said in a resigned manner. I've learned years ago that when those two undertake a project it's with a single-mindedness that borders on reckless and no manner of persuasion however suaviloquent or soundly logical can change their mind. They are a raging tempest that only grows in power the more one tries to put it asunder.

Anywhose, that's how I ended up at out front of Dhamphiri. "How exactly are we going to get in here because last time I checked they don't let minors in here and I know I don't have a fake ID," I said as we approached the vamp establishment.

"You see that dishy slab of meat at the door --" Hemi said with a smirk on his face.

"What about Mr. Tall, dark, and incredibly comely over there?"

"­-- Well, let's just say that his meat slab has a thing for cute pretty young things, such as yourself. So long as said cutie has a mouth that knows how to ask the right question," Joey said in a facetious and lascivious voice.

"Hmmm. So, I'm expected to speak with said slam of meat's slab of meat in some umbrageous dirt-choked rue whilst the lot of you do whatever that thing that creams your Twinkies is, is it," I mutter in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Well, it's your big night, not ours --" Hemi said salaciously with a wink while Joey said, almost a t the same time "-- Unless, you don't want to meat your raisun d'être, mon cher."

"Ugh. Right now, in this moment, I hate the two of you," I said as the weight of it all came crashing down on my cream leather covered shoulders.

"So, what's it gonna be," Hemi said tritely.

"To blow or not to blow. That is the question," Joey said cheekily with a very Hemi-esque wink.

"Really, Joey, an adulterated Bard quote at a time like this," I said in a incensed tone full of jest.

"What can I say. My man will not know what all but he do know," Hemi said wistfully.

"Would were I to castigate you lot, you fitfully wanton et waggish youths," I said in a dour manner.

"Ok, play time is so over," Joey said in a tone that was all business, "It's time you've got to asking questions."

We strolled up to the door all nonchalant and cavalier like and fortunately we were the only ones there at the time. "ID, please," The burly man said.

"Well, you see, That's going to be a bit of a problem," I mutter coyly and salaciously.

"Not so much of a problem as you might think," The man said coyly as a wolf in sheep's skin. "And does such a sweet nymph as yourself have a name?"

"Those two behind me are named Hemi and Joey, although I've a feeling you already know that," I said just as demurely.

"You'd be right about that," He said with a rich baritone that rang like a bell in the silent night. "But, you've not answered my question."

"I will if you will," I said with a wink that was full of bawdiness.

"Call me Alasdair. Alasdair Monroe. Et tu, ma cheri?"

"Enchante, M. Al. The name's Waverly, Céleste Waverly. Now that we've got that out of the way, how about we discuss how my mates and I are going to get into this fine establishment," I mutter with all the lascivious tact of the women of the night I was making myself out to be.

At the mention of my name Al's features dropped and his he became more pale, which if I hadn't witnessed it with my own two eye I wouldn't have believed that that was even possible.

"Waverly, of course. Is your mother named Adeline," Al said as though he were afraid of the answer I was about to give.

"What does my mother Have to do with the two of us," I said coquettishly as a last ditch effort to get this seemingly Canutean situation going back the way I wanted it to.

"You're right. My Queen -- Your mother has nothing to do with the two of us here and now. You three can go in, but, if anyone asks I didn't let you in," Al said as he all but ran away.

So, the three of us make it into the club ­and as soon as we're inside, my so-called friends abandon me after first sending me to the bar to fetch us something to drink. Since they left the choice of libations to me, I ordered a Cajun Tequila Sunrise (for Joey) , a 1800 and Sprite (for Hemi), and a French 76 (for myself). I don't often drink, but, this was one of those time when I needed one and when I do it's always Tequila and something or another.

Anywhose, I leave the bar, with said drinks in hand, turn around to hand them their drinks and they're not there, so, I begin to search for them. About halfway through the club I've downed my drink. Around the time I made it too the loos I'm about halfway through Joey's drink. As I snaked my way back to the table area I'm carrying around three empty glasses. And, of course, that's when I would find them, curled up in the corner of a booth practically raping each other. Joey was straddling Hemi as I tap him on the shoulder a touch more forcibly than I intended to.

"Fuck off," Joey said as he turned his head to peer over his shoulder. "I don't need another queen stalking me."

"Well, at least I know what you think of me," I said in a mock wounded voice.

"Where the hell have you been," Hemi said as he attempted to look around the willowy frame of his lover.

"Where have I been! WHERE HAVE I BEEN!"

"Calm down," Joey said sharply, "You're making a scene."

"I've been looking all over the bloody place for you two queens," I said not dropping my voice on notch.

"Oh my gawd! Are you drink," Joey said with a slight smirk stretching across his face.

"So what. So are the both of you," I shot back. "And how is that, I would like to know?"

"See that bloke at the end of the row of seats," Joey said as he reluctantly disentangled himself from Hemi.

"Can you be anymore vague. There's a shipload of blokes in that general direction."

"The one that looks like the f-tard whom fell for K Stewart in Twilight."

"What about Eddie Dearest over there?"

"We told him about you and he was more than willing to get us drink in return."

"So, you two are pounces now. It's a bit early for Halloween, isn't."

"It's not like that, C," Joey said lamely.

"I think I can find a bloke for myself, thank you very much," I shot back more sharply than I intended to.

"Hate to burst that pretty little bubble of your, and I'm not talking about your magnificent butt, but, obviously you can't. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here with us now. Alone," Hemi said, speaking for the first time in the last few minutes.

"Ouch. Use a dick next time," I said playfully.

"Sorry, that's all mine, mate," Joey chimed in sardonically.

"Now, Eddie over there, on the other hand, is just undying to meet you."

"Care to make some introductions," I said cheekily.

"If I must," Joey said in mock wistfulness as he rose from him perch next to Hemi and lead me over to the boy in question. "Ok, let's make this quick," Joey said Tersely as he tapped the boy on the shoulder. He turned around in one smooth fluid motion as gracefully as a dancer. "Eddie, Céleste. Céleste, Eddie. There my jobs done," Joey said as he all but stormed off back to the warm open arms of his paramour.

"I apologize for him," I said as I look the boy in the eyes. His eyes were twin oceans so deep and blue that I found myself so utterly lost in them that I didn't catch his reply the first time.

"One question. Why does he keep calling me Eddie," The boy said flashing me a pearly toothed smile, that even in the dim lighting of the bar, left me dazed. I shook my head to clear it of the muddled cloud of confusion that had amassed there.

"Umm, he you remind him of Edward," said as a slight blush danced across the porcelain skin of my face.

"Please tell me you mean the one of the many of the English king variety and not the one of the sparkly fame," He said as he flashed me another pearly dazing smile.

"We would want me lying to you before the first date, now, would we," I shot back coyly. I don't know where it came from but I was of a sudden possessed by a total coquettish fancy. I was like some cosmic deity had flipped the switch on my sex appeal and I now knew how to flirt, and well I might add.

"No, we wouldn't want that," he said with a slight smirk playing at the edges of his mouth.

"Besides, the only lying I want to do to you is of the under variety," I said. As I eyed him from head to toe, like I was a famished wolf and he was filet mignon, "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails began to play. I grabbed his hand and all but drug him onto the middle of the dance floor.

I was like I was possessed by some daemon of lust the way my hips and body slithered, as though I hadn't any bones, and twirled around his lanky muscled frame. "umm, Eddie. Is that a .357 in your pocket, big boy, or are you just excited to see me," I purred into his ear before giving it a light nip before snaking my way down to his lips. My hands found their way to his plume of earthy-blond hair and, as if of their own volition, ran through that mane of hair. Lush satin flesh sought out marble and molded around it as our tongues wrestled with each other.

"Toby," He said as our lips parted. "My name's Toby."

"Well, Tobias," I purred as I spun around in his brawny armed embrace. "Let's say we find somewhere more ... intimate to converse." I didn't really give him time to reply before I grabbed his hand and more or less drug him towards the door.

"Wait," Toby practically cooed as we make for the door. "I need to let my sire know I'm leaving."

"Ok, where is he," I said trying not to let my annoyance show.

"You remember the burly bouncer guy?"

"What about Al?" Toby nodded as though I should know what he was talking about. "Tell you what. I'll head out and wait around the corner. I don't think it a good idea for him to see us together."

"If you say so," Toby said in a voice that failed to hide the unasked question he had about that.

"Ido," I said as I pressed a fast series of butterfly kisses on his lips before turning and walking out the door.

We made it to my house in about a minute and a half. As soon as Toby gave his sire the slip and met me where we agreed I suggested it would be faster if he ran us to me house and not walked. He hadn't a problem with the idea. He just kissed me hungrily on the lips and scooped me up in his brawny arms, as though I weighed little more than a feather, and we were off. We were going so fast that I daren't look at anything other than my wristwatch.

1: 58 it read when he kissed me. 2:00 it read as he sat me down out front of our emerald and silver Queen Anne before he leaned down to kiss me once more and left me breathless as I fumbled in my pockets for my house key. Somewhere in the back of my mind was that small nagging voice that my father would be home from work in an hour, but, I cast aside that though as my fingers found purchase on my keys and I preceded to pry open the door.

I went into the darkness or the foyer and looked about. I knew by the silence that I was alone in the house. I didn't need to be Ms. Cleo to know that Célestine was over at the wolves din. I thought to myself that I hoped that he wasn't the only Waverly that was going to get lucky. At first, I was surprised that Toby hadn't followed me in. "So, it is true after all," I said coyly and I went back to the door."You do actually have to invite your kind in."

"Yes. So, can I get that invite," He said in a prurient voice.

"You may enter," I said as I opened my arms. Toby flitted in the house and snatched me up in his arms smashing him lips to mine and diving his tongue home in my mouth as mine wrestled with his. By the time he pulled away we were laying in the plush comforts of my queen sized bed. Somewhere along the way Toby had disrobed the both of us.

"Mon Dieu. You're so breathtaking. It's taking all my will not to ravish you and devour you whole," Toby said in salaciously thick voice. The two azure oceans of his eyes were suddenly two seething seas, black as midnight and ringed in a thin halo of blue.

I moaned slightly before muttering, in a equally lustful voice, "Yes, ravish me." Toby wasted no time. He began with a slow deep and soulful French kiss that left me breathless. As he moved down to my neck, leaving a train of butterfly kisses, and began to suckle there I became hard enough to cut diamond and leaking profusely.

As he began to nibble at my erect nipples I was a whimpering moaning mess of flesh . I couldn't take it any longer. I had to have his mouth on me. I began to insistently press his head down towards in tumid sword of flesh. "patience, mon cher," Toby murmured between kisses as he made his way south.

As the moist heat of his mouth enveloped the head of my bistouquette I tried to suppress the banshees wail that was building up in me. The feeling crashing through me ... the wave upon wave of indescribable bliss ... it was just too ... to ineffable to put in words ... I'm a blubbering quivering mess ... my hands are clawing at the bed sheets ... my head is rolling about spastically ... I've gone blind with lust ... it's all just so much ... it's maddeningly so ... the body wasn't made to handle this much pleasure at one time.

It's too much ... I'm too hot ... as I crash on the shores of orgasmic bliss, my seed filling his hot wet mouth, I let out a cry that shattered the silence of the night. And then, it's over. I hear the clamor of my door being kicked down.

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