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The room was dim. The solitary bulb that hung from the center of the ceiling did little to illumenate the vast shadows that seem to live in the recesses of the vast space. Even with her advanced sight Adelaide couldn't see beyond a few yards in any direction. What she knew was that she was in a den of wolves. She knew by the unmaskable stench of the place. Her wrists and ankles burned raw from where the silver shakles, that protruded from the floor and ceiling, came into contact with her bare flesh. She was suspended from the ceiling and held in place by those fetters. She hated being at the mercy of these beasts and racked her brian attempting to figure a means of escape.

"There's no point in trying to excape," The warm voice peirced the vail of her thoughts from seemingly out of the blue. Had he been there the whole time, she wondered? If, how could she not since him? Even now, as this tall dashing youth stepped out of the shadows Addie couldn't sence his presence. The thought crossed her mind that this boy was dangerous, far too dangerous to be crossed lightly.

"Ok," Addie sighed as she admitted her tempoary defeat. "What do you want with me?"

"I want  nothing from you," The boy said in a pointed and snarky voice. "What I want is you son."

"What do you want with Celestyn," She ask in a voice more cooler that she felt. If she had a pulse it would have been racing faster the speed of light.

"He's' cute and all," The boy said with a slighly lewd smile playing at the edge of his mouth. "But, he's not the one I want. It's your oldest I want."

"Well, you can't have him. He's not even in this area," Addie said in what would have been a smug tone on anyone else.

"That's were you're wrong."

"WHAT," Addie spat out hotly no longer trying to mask her distress.

"Your sons are all together as we speak. And soon," The boy said as he licked his lips hungery. "They will be at my mercy."

"If you lay on hand on them I'll ­—"
"You won't be doing anything. Seeing as you're indesposed and bound in silver," He said with a smug smile dancing across his face. "Speaking of, do you like your accessories. I had them specally made for you. Oh, and before you think about using magic you should know that I've had them warded so as to render you incapable of using magic. As long as you are bound by them you're as good as human."

"You mark my words. You vile contemptable beast. When I get free, and believe you me I will get free, and when I do I will hunt you to the ends of the earth and when I find you I will flay you alive and eat your fucking brain with a side of hummus."

"You talk a tough game. You're welcome to try," The boy said with a sneering laugh.

"I think I'm actully going to have fun killing you," she said with a smile that would make even a god shiver with fear. As the boy sauntered away the only thing on her mind was her sons. She had to figure out a way to get them away from each other if it was the last thing she did.


I awoke thinking of the boy. Céleste. He was the one all comsuming thing on my mind. A part of me should feel bad about wanting to fuck the boy, especially concidering I'd just spent a large part of the last four hours fucking the brains out of the head of his youngest brother. A.K.A., my fiancé.

I disentangled myself from Sty, trying and failing in not awakening him. "Go," I heard nim mutter in his half sleep voice. I'm glad he realized where I was going. It made it slightly eaiser to do what I was about to do. I may not have been in love with Sty, but, that didn't mean that I didn't have affection for him. I knew that at some point durring the past five years that we've been pretending to love each other he stopped pretending and made the leap into full blown love.

"You sure," I said. My guilt rising slightly. This was becoming a game of Janga and there wasn't many moves left to make before it all came tumbling down.

"Yes. One of us Waverly's needs to be happy," He said as he turned over onto his back and looked me in the eye. His grey eyes sparkled in the moonlight, that streemed in through the open curtains. In that moment I couldn't deny how delishously sexy he looked. He looked like a feast and I was a starving man. If he'd have asked I would have pounced and devoured him, heart and soul, at on gulp.

"I could stay," I said in a deep lust fueled voice.

"You most cirtainly can not. You're not needed in my bed right now." I couldn't help myself. I leant down and went in for the kill. Hot hungry flesh sought out flesh and soft familiar lips found purchase in each other. What started out as a soft tender thing became a fervid and prurient kiss that left me breathless and wanting more. I dove on the bed to take him in my arms. I would have kissed him again if he hadn't stopped. "Come, now. It's not me you want to be kissing, maintenant."

"Are you saying that you don't want me now that I actully do want you?"

"Au contraire. I'd love nothing more than to have you fuck me like an animal; to feel your turgid muscle in my insides sending us both to that plane where we can touch the hand of God," Sty said in a deep libidinous voice.

"I sense a but coming," I said wistfully.

"However, I've long ago accepted the fact that we are not destined to have that kind of intimacy. I realize that I'm looking for Prince Charming, whom may well not come at all and I might have to resuce myself."

"If I'm not your Prince, than what exactly am I to you?"

"Nikko, Prince Nikko," Sty said in a forlorn and distant voice. "You were a breath of fresh air when I was drowning. I'll always be grateful for you coming along and saving me when I felt beyond saving, but, I can't take you to bed with me again."

"So, my love is your drug," I said facetiously.

"Of the the worst kind and I need to be weaned like last year. Go to him. It's for the best."

"Well, Snow White, good luck with your rescuering," I said in a slighly wistful voice as I rose from the bed and went out the door. I wanted nothing more than to look back at him but I knew if I did I wouldn't be able to leave him. I realized that he wasn't the only one adicted to the drugs in Putti's golden arrows. I stood there, with my hand on the doorknob, debating if I should give into the influence of this drug or allow myself to be weaned, As Sty so markedly put it, from him. In the end I gave up. I guess you can't eat your cake and keep it. I felt a single solitary tear roll down my face. I wipped it away and made my way across the hall to Céleste.

I went to turn the door knob and I couldn't. I turned and ran back to my man. "Ok," I said as a threw open the door. "One more round, for old time's sake."

"I thought you'd never ask," Sty said as he smiled and drew back the covers. "Just this one time more and then you're going to him. To the one whom will keep you company." I didn't argue. Nor, then, did I care. I dove for him. The door closing itself as I landed on the bed next to him, softly as a falling feather.

I wanted to say how I felt at that moment. Something along the line of "You, mon chéri, are my world. With you in my arms how can I be alone when the whole world is looking at me. You could flee and I will follow you to the ends of the earth, to the blackest depths of hell. I'd abandon the world, kingdom and all, just to be a glove on your hand" but I didn't. I couldn't. The words just became lost in the muddled recesses of my mind as I realized that he'd pressed his soft hungry lips to mine and his tongue proded my lips begging entry. I parted my lips and our tongues to battled for dominance. I don't know how long passed before he pulled back, but, I do know we were both breatless when our lips disentangled.

"I... I need... need you in me," Sty said breathedly. In that moment I never wanted him more, or anyone for that matter. In the back of my mind was that small voice saying that I'll miss this.

"Ok," I said. I planted a kiss on his lips before I began a slow methodical series of kisses leading south. A few butterfly kisses on his neck had him quivering. A swipe of my warm tongue on the cold nubs of his nipples had his turgid member hard enough to cut diamond and leaking a steady stream of precum.

As I approached his mast of flesh I was overwhelmed by the potant aroma rolling in waves from his sex. In this moment he was my God and I his lowly vowtress. I gently swiped at the bead of fluid atop his bellend with my tongue. My moan of pleasure was masked by his breathy exclamation of "OH FUCK." I thought to myself that if that was honey I couldn't wait to sample the ambrosiac fruits in his loins. And I didn't. I dived on his rigid member, taking it to the root in one fell swoop. I was a drowing man and his cock was the one source of oxygen affored to me.

It was over before it truely began. My nose barely brushed the silky mesh of his pubic hair before I was drawing back. As my lips danced acrossed the edged of his corona, I felt him double in size and I was rewarded with six blasts of his warm cordial necture. The taste that flooded my mouth was pure umami. If I had to pick a moment to die, I'd choose now, when I had Heaven in my mouth. I crawled up the quivering sweating mess of flesh and leaned down and pressed my lips to his. He pressed back hard. I'm sure if I wasn't a vampire I'd have two twin horizontal bruses on my face.

"OH YES... FUCK ME NOW," Sty wheezed breathedly. I knew I wouldn't have a problem entering him now. I wouldn't have been surprised if there was a hole in the matress from where my dripping tool had bored into it. I happily oblidged him and promptly rammed my missle of flesh into his welcoming tunnel of love muttering an "OH FUCK YEAH" which was barely masked by his exclamation of "YES FUCK ME HARD."

I was hot. Too hot. Four strokes and I was erupting, like Versuvius. Raining the fruit of my loins down into his most Holy of Holies. I collapsed on top him and struggled to remain with a foothold in this reality.

"I'm going to miss this," Sty said wistfully after a long spell of slience in which we both cooled down.

"I know what you're going to say, and don't. Just don't say it. I don't think I could handle the lets-just-be-friends talk."

"Ok. We'll postpone the DTR convo," Sty said as he nearly failed in suppressing a laugh before he pulled me into a kiss that felt to me to be entirely too forlorn. "Now, you go and  make a natural woman out of my brother."


She had finally exhusted herself attempting to break her shakles. Addie gave up and turned her mind to the other problem at hand. Her sons. They couldn't be together until she figured out how to break the curse for good. She just hoped that she could get to them before Azareal did.


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