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Whatever my big bro was about to say was cut short by my knocking on the bedroom door, which I might add was a f-ing difficult task to manage with a tray of food for two in my hands. "Rain check, my love," I heard him mutter before he yelled "Come in."

"I thought I'd bring the pair of you a congratulatory breakfast and a morning after pill," I muttered salaciously as I opened the door with a flick of my wrist and a muttered "ouvrir". (For you No-Maj's out there wondering, a spell doesn't have to be in Latin to be effictive. It can be in any language, even Mattenenglisch Ping Latin. It the intention of the spell that makes it work not the words, per se.)

"Is it the apocalypse upon us? You never cook," My bro muttered in a flat voice meant to be funny.

"Well, I was going to say that your finally getting a punch in the pesky v-card of your was the source of the aforementioned apocalypse but, well, your carda is still intatct."

"Oh my god. How'd you know," Céleste said.

"Two things I noticed as I walked into the room. One, your're lacking the glow that acompanies that perticular carnal act, and, Two,  there's a lack of a certain smell associated with such acts," I said in a dull flat voice. I may as well had been talking about the weather. "Come now. If you're going to be fellating, and doing other things to and ro with,  our baby bro's sudo-fiancé you're gonna have to stop blushing so fucking much."

"Let's not be vulgar, elder bro-in-law," Prince NIkko said as a slight smirk dawned across his face.

"So, you can speak. For a second there I though my bro there had siphoned off your ablity to speak along with that dose of gravy he'd consumed. Anwhose, I hope you didn't fill up on that aformentioned gravy, oldest bro. I made my famously sepecial Eggs Benidict with Joey's Belgium Waffles and for your first dessert I made my infamous Tarte de Melba," I said in a voice that would have sounded smug on anyone else. "Oh, and, of course, I made memosas to go along with it. What's a meal without an accompanying drink?"

"Well, I'll be. We'll make a Martha out of you yet," Céleste said cheekyly.

"What's so special about your Eggs Benidict," Prince Nikko asked. Notes of curiosity rising in his voice.

"Well, thank you for asking. And that's for me to know and for you to find out the hard and fun way. And before you ask, the Tarte de Melba is a creation of mine composed of a hand made puff pastry cup filled with grapefruit curd, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a white wine poached peach, black peppered whipped cream and a raspberry sauce."

"That sound devine. I wish I could actully eat human food."

"Well, I think I'll set this on the nightstand and take my leave of you two. Perhaps, you can feed my brother," I said to Nikko with a wink as I sat the silver tray down. I couldn't resist making one last jibe before I left. "And by feed him I mean food not gravy. That can come after you've seen to his other base needs."

As I ran out the door I narrowly avoided being hit by a pillow. I did however, manage to run smack into someone. "I'm going to have to buy a bell for you, little bro," I said to Sty as I realized that it was him that I'd ran into.

"I think that would be safer than the alternative," He said cheekily.

"And what's the alternative?"

"Zapping me with lightning everytime I surprize you."

"I can't appologize enough for that little accident, so, I won't."

"So, he'd my sudo-fiancé fair with our eldest brother?"

"Other than a morning bj on our brother's part not much has happened."

"I'm glad," Sty said in a slighly whistful voice. The look on my face must have prompted him to speak because he quickly add, "I actully want Nikko to be happy, and I truely do think that our brother can make him happy. I just have my reservations about your plan. Won't wolf boy be incensed when he find out that the flower he's been pining after hass been plucked?"

"Sure, he'll be mad. But, I can handle Milan. There is one boy in the pack that is in love with him after all."

"Well, look at you running a Xanthos gambit."

"The question is, will wolf boy go for this other wolf?"

"Leave that to me. First things first, we've go to remove our brother's flower, as you so elequintly put it, from this equision."

"Any plans as how to arrang that?"

"Well, the meal I just took them shold put brother dearest in the right mood to be plucked," I said salaciously.

"What exacly did you give them? A love potion."

"If you tell anyone, I'll kill you, but, basically, yes. I slipped my version of Amortensia into several key parts of the dishes I made."

"Remind my never to make you angry with me. That devious mind you've got on you is quite a fright," Sty said before bursting into a round of laughter.

"You have know idea," I said darkly before bursting into a fit of laughter myself.


"Well, I think I'll set this on the nightstand and take my leave of you two. Perhaps, you can feed my brother," Lestie said to my Nikko with a wink as he sat the silver tray down on the nightstand at our right. Before he exited the room he said "And by feed him I mean food not gravy. That can come after you've seen to his other base needs." I couldn't resist chucking one of the overly goose down pillows at him. It hit the back of the door and fell to the ground with the softest of thumps.

I could feel Nikko rising to go fetch the pillow. "Leave it, Mon Cher. I shouldn't eat what he made.I know for a fact that he's slipped one of his famous love potions into at least some part of the food he's prepared," I said.

"So, you're not hungry?"

"Oh, no. I'm hungry," I purred in my best Mae West impersonation. "I think it's time to cash in that little rain check I owe you." My Prince smiled at me before he dove in for a kiss that, when it ended, left us both breathless.

"I thought you'd never ask," My Prince cooed.

"How about we actually do do something to work up an appitite," I purred coyly.

"Hmm, you're, all of a sudden, so talkative," My Prince cooed into my ear before he lapped at it and blowing into sending shivers down my spine. I pushed him onto his back and dove in for a passionate kiss that was hot enough to melt an iceberg in two seconds flat. I broke the kiss and made a trail of butterfly kissed leading south, stopping only to pay brief homage to ribbons of muscles in his neck, the twin mountains of his nipples, and the vast vale of his stomach and the river that lead to paredice, before arriving at my final destination.

The head of his member, that was hard enough to drill a hole in a moutain of prue diamond, was an angry red and was expelling a steady stream of the golden nector of his loins. I dove in, taking it all into the depth of the moist chasm of my throat in one gulp. After five minutes of my talented menstrations I was rewarded with no less then six blasts of the white-golden ambrosia I so desired.

"Was that talkative," I said coyly as a wiped the edge of my lips.

"No that was incredibly. Again," my Prince cood lust fully.

"I've got a better idea, and another hole that needs the be filled," I purred suductively as I went in for another kiss.

"Only if you return the favor," My Prince cooded as he went in for a kiss the left me dizzy and seeing stars. I pushed him on his back and wasted no time in finding a home to launch his missle of flesh. Unbeknowst to him, while my mouth was busy sending him into orbit my hand was reading my backdoor for him. I hissed out as he bottomed out in me while he moaned. I rode him, long and slow. My hip rising until he almost popped out before sinking back down to the root. About ten minutes in I collapsed on top of him crashing my lips to his. Tounge sought tongue. I felt him getting even more stiff inside me. 

Then, came the searing pain as his fangs found pruchase in my neck at the same moment I felt his hot seed burning my insides.

"Fuch, baby," He hissed into my ear as he was finally about to speak. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bite you. I just got so carried away —"

"Shush," I said as a put a finger across his lips the silence him. "I'm fine. See. The bite's already gone. And you don't ever have to appologize for loving me."

"My God, you two were so loud I had to tell the cops I fogot to turn off the surround sound while I was watching porn," Aunt Avie as Nikko and I walked into the kitchen. My face flushed so red I'm sure I stopped traffic three streets over.

"She joking, by the way," Sty said in a fit a laghter, "The walls are sound proof, but judging by the well ravished look you have about you I can only assume you had fun."

"So, Lestie. I assume there's more to your plan other than getting me deflowered."

"First, let's get a round of drinks going," Lestie said as he came to the table with a pitcher full of something.


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