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"No, his smell isn't one I know," I said in a flat even voice. "Stay here. Auntie, you know what to do," I said as a sped out the door and attempted to tackled the visitor. As I approached him I recognized his smell. I went from a flying tackle to a flat footed dead stop right in fromt of him before I have shouled "Niklarian, what are you doing here?"

"What, I can't come visit my fiancé?"

That was when I say his face. He had a black eye, his lips were busted, and he had a rather ugly looking gash on his forehead. Whomever hit him was a good as dead. It was an act of high treason to attack the royal family. "Who did this to you?"

"That's not important," He said. I could tell that there was more to this and that Nikko wanted to continue this convosation inside.

"Ok, let's continue this inside," I said as I grabbed his hand a led him inside.

"Prince Nikko," Aunt Avie said as she saw us come into the house. "What the hell happened to your face?"

"What happened to me is not important," Nikko said again as he squeezed my hand.

"So, your the Vampire Prince," Céleste said with an almost fanboy fervor.

"Down boy," I said with a half smirk. "He's mine."

"Finally," Nikko said not trying to hide his glee that I finally acknowledged that he was my lover.

"He's my fiancé," I mutter as way of explaintion.

"Damn, the good one's are always taken," Céleste said ruefully under his breath.

"I thought it's illegal to assult the royal family," Célestine said in a matter of fact voice.

"It is," Nikko said cooly. I knew something was off.

"May I have a look," Célestine said. As Nikko gave the slightest of nod he approached. He gave a quick and close examination. "Did you know the wolf that did this to you?"

"How did you know," Nikko said in an high pitched voice three octaves higher than normal.

"If anyone could recognize the work of a wolf it'll be him," Céleste said as he too flocked to Nikko.

"No. This pack wasn't from around here," Nikko said with in a distant voice.

I knew, by the tone of his voice he wasn't going to tell us what really happened. "You need to feed," I said to him.

"Later," Nikko said hotly.

"No. You will feed. And now. If your father sees you like this..." I let the sentance hang.

"Ok," Nikko said. I leaned my head back and pressed his lips to my neck. As his fangs sank into my neck, I felt the pull of my magic before the visions danced infront of my eyes.

I pushed Nikko away before I said "I'm so sorry, My King."

"King," Céleste said. "But, that would mean..."

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED," Célestine shouted hotly.

"You're from Boston, aren't you," I said to my brothers.


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