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by Jeff Allen



Pat and I raced over to the ranger's cabin. The fire was leaping out the upstairs windows when we arrived. Within a few minutes the roof collapsed, throwing sparks into the nearby trees. The fire fighters immediately turned their attention from fighting the house fire, now clearly a lost cause, to preventing the fire from spreading to the surrounding forest.

Caleb Stuart, a high school soccer teammate of mine, was the sheriff's deputy at the scene. Caleb's grandfather `Red' Stuart had been the county sheriff for more than twenty years before his retirement from office two years earlier. I'd heard rumors that Caleb was considering running for the position in the next election two years in the future.

I took Pat's arm and pulled him along to go over to talk with Caleb figuring that I'd be able to get more information from him than from the fire fighters who were busy with the blaze.

I introduced Pat and then asked Caleb what he could tell us about the fire.

"Well, the fire boys don't think this was an accident. The fire appeared to have started by the kitchen on the outside of the house. They say it looks like there was some sort of accelerant involved...maybe gasoline. There was a car parked near the house that was apparently torched at the same time. I'm sorry, Mr. O'Connor, but both the house and the car are total losses."

There wasn't anything we could do except stand there and watch the flames consume what, only two days before, had been Pat and Marty's home.

We didn't get back to my house until well after three in the morning. Marlene, who had been left behind, greeted us enthusiastically, then sensing our darkened moods, settled down and followed Pat and me through the house to the master bedroom. We were both exhausted. We lay down on the bed fully clothed. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. We were asleep almost instantly.

The next time I stirred was close to eight the next morning. I woke up, but it took a couple of minutes for me to realize that I was still fully clothed and Pat still had his arms wrapped around me. The comfort of nestling up against Pat's chest was soon replaced by the discomfort of my bladder telling me that it was almost past time to pee. I tried to slide away, but Pat tightened his arm across my chest.

"Pat, I have to pee."


He rolled over on his back, and I slid out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

He was sitting up in bed when I returned from draining the lizard.

"What time is it?"

"Almost eight."

"I need to get over to TJ and Donnie's to tell Marty about the cabin. I don't want him hearing it from anyone else."

I'd had visions of climbing back in bed and spending some quality time together, but I knew Pat was right.

"We both still smell like smoke. You catch a shower and I'll start breakfast."

Marty cried when Pat told him about the ranger cabin. When he'd calmed down, I drove Pat and him over to the site. The house was almost completely burned right down to the foundation. We could make out the blackened forms of the stove, hot water heater, and refrigerator in the ashes and debris. Pat's old Saturn was now a burned out wreck.

We poked around in the cooling debris for a while, but there really wasn't anything worth salvaging, so we went back to my house.

Pat spent the afternoon talking on the phone to various people in the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Marty was on his cell phone talking with friends from school. The word about the fire had spread quickly. After all, Carterville was a small town.

The Rev. George Baker, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church and father of a good high school friend of mine, called. Rev. Baker was one of those rare Christians who really lived the faith. He wanted to know if Pat and Marty were all right and if they needed, clothes, groceries, a place to stay.

Marty went off to his bedroom about nine that evening and shut the door.

Pat stretched and said, "I think I'd like to soak in another bath. Any chance I could use the tub in your bathroom tonight?"

"Be my guest."

"Would you like to join me?"

"That's the best offer I've had all day."

A few minutes later I got my first look at Pat in the buff. I was pleasantly surprised to see that his dick was uncut. I'd seen Marty in the showers at school. Since he was circumcised, I had assumed that Pat was also. Brian had been uncut, so I knew what to do with an uncircumcised dick. Pat was in for a treat. So was I.

We climbed into the tub and took turns washing each other. Our touches grew increasingly erotic. Both of us were hard as rocks and standing straight up. We kissed...a lot. We touched...a lot. We dried off and stretched out next to each other on the bed. After a deep kiss, I maneuvered down and took his hard dick in my mouth. I stuck my tongue under his foreskin and cleaned the precum that was gathering there.

"God, no one's ever done that to me before! That's fantastic!"

"Oh, I've got more tricks like that."

I swallowed most of his length and then began moving his foreskin up and down over the head of his dick with my tongue and lips.

"Oh, God...ungh...Ungh...UNGH!"

I swallowed. Damn, he tasted good!

He pushed me over on my back and slowly kissed his way down my body to my pubic hair. He took my hard dick in his hand and tentatively tasted the end with his tongue.

"You don't have to do that."

"First time for everything."

He moved his mouth over the head of my dick and began moving his mouth up and down on my shaft. For a first-timer, he had some good moves. He only scraped me with his teeth once. It didn't take long. I warned him when I was about to come, but he kept his mouth around my dick as I began spasming. He gagged, but stayed on me and swallowed. When I was done, he lifted off my softening member and looked up at me. His eyes were watering.

"If that was your first time, you're darned good."

"Was it really okay?"

I pulled him up and kissed him. "Pat, it was wonderful."

"I think I need some more practice."

"We can work on that tomorrow."

"I'll hold you to that."

"I'm counting on it."

We snuggled together and drifted off to sleep.

Sometime in the night I felt him get out of bed. He kissed me on the forehead and went back to the other bedroom. I missed his warm body, but I understood that we would have to think about how to break the news to Marty that his dad and I were having sex.


When Dad told me that the ranger cabin had burned to the ground, I cried. He hugged me and told me that everything would be all right, that we could continue to stay at Coach Trey's, that we could get new clothes and a new car. But I wasn't crying about those things. I was crying about all of the letters that Dad had sent to me when I was a little kid. The ones my mother had sent back to him and that I hadn't seen until just that summer. We could get new clothes, but those letters, in which Dad told me how much he loved me and wanted to be with me, were irreplaceable. Fortunately, I'd read the letters so much over the last four months that I had most of them memorized.

I spent a lot of time that Sunday trying to reproduce the letters. Of course they weren't the same. They weren't in my dad's handwriting, and I know I forgot some parts. That evening when I was getting ready to go to bed, I started to organize my book bag for the next day's classes. I found one of the letters tucked in the book bag! It was the one Dad wrote to me for my ninth birthday, and it was one of my favorites! I couldn't remember why it was in the book bag, but I was so happy to find it that I started crying all over again.

Word about the fire was all over the school. Kids I didn't even know came up to me and either asked if I needed anything or told me how sad they were to hear about the fire. I was overwhelmed. Even Kevin Harkens, who was a senior and the star pitcher on the baseball team, talked to me. Kevin stood just a little short of six feet tall with medium brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a muscular body like a lot of baseball players do. Next to Grant and Micah, I thought he was just about the hottest guy at the school.

We started to pass each other in the hallway. He put his hand on my arm and said, "Listen, Marty, I heard about the fire. Will you be okay?"

"Yeah, Dad and I will be okay. Thanks for asking."

"Listen, maybe you and I could get together some time. I'll talk to you after Thanksgiving about it."

"Ah...sure, Kevin. I...I'd like that."

He squeezed my arm, winked and said, "Great, I'll talk to you next week."

Now what was that all about? He'd never talked to me before.

It was a short week at school. Since it was Thanksgiving week, we only had classes on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, B.B. and I helped Grant and Micah clean up around their house and get some of TJ's lawn machinery ready for winter storage. I was really surprised at the end of the day when TJ gave both B.B. and me two twenty dollar bills for helping. I tried to give the money back to him, but he said he was paying Grant and Micah the same amount, so I said thanks and pocketed the bills.

Thanksgiving Day we went over to Coach Arnold's house for the afternoon and evening. There were nineteen people there for dinner! Our Thanksgivings back in Chicago had been small...just the immediate family. This was like one giant extended family. First there were Coach Arnold and his partner Karl Henson, along with Karl's parents, Lester and Joan Henson. B.B. was there, of course, `cause he lived there with Coach and Karl. TJ Ladd, Donnie Michaeux, Grant, and Micah were there. TJ's younger brother Ryan, his wife Heather, and their really cute three-year old daughter, Kaitlin, were up from Greensboro where Ryan was a CPA. Heather was very pregnant with their second child, a boy, who was going to be named Kevin Parker Ladd. There were two really big men that looked like former college football players. One of the guys, Josh Locklear was a college buddy/roommate of Coach Trey's. He was a physician doing a residency in sports medicine at Duke University. The other brawny guy was Brandon Harris. He was Josh's partner and was maitre d' at some big fancy restaurant in the Durham area. To tell the truth, he looked more like a bouncer at some nightclub than a maitre d'. He had a big scar down the left side of his forehead and eyebrow, and another scar was just visible underneath his goatee and mustache at the left corner of his mouth. He looked really stern until he smiled. Then he was just about the sexiest guy in the room. When Trey introduced Brandon to Dad, he mentioned that Brandon had been in the Army, while Dad had been in the Marines. He and Brandon immediately began trading stories about their lives in the service.

Besides Dad, Trey and me, the other two people were another gay couple. One was Sean O' relation to us...who was a dentist in Carterville, and the other was a really tall handsome mid-forties Latin-looking man named Robert Marquez. There was something really familiar about Robert. About an hour later it struck me. Robert was Berto Marquez, a famous former NBA player who was now in another career as the basketball color commentator for ESPN. Wow! I pulled Micah aside and, in a whispered voice, asked if he knew who Robert Marquez was. He looked at me like I'd just come off a spaceship from another galaxy. He'd known Berto Marquez all his life. It was no big deal for him. It sure was a big deal for me.

Man, what a day! Thanksgivings back in Chicago had always been sort of quiet affairs. Mom would cook a small turkey, and we would eat it while watching the Detroit Lions lose yet another Thanksgiving Day game.

We did watch the football game, and the Lions lost again. However, the day was anything but quiet. It was filled with laughter, noise, conversation...and love. And the best part was that Dad and I felt like we had been a part of the celebration...a part of the family...for years. Wow!

Right after dinner while Grant, Micah, BB, and I were washing dishes, I noticed that Coach, Karl, Trey, TJ, Donnie, and Robert all went back into Coach and Karl's bedroom. I asked Grant what was going on, and he just said that they were all working on some business deal together. He assumed that was what the conference was about.

The day after Thanksgiving, Dad, Trey, Marlene, and I went hunting for a Christmas tree. Trey took us to one of the many choose-and-cut places in the area. Marlene spent the time sniffing up and down the rows of trees while the rest of us looked for the perfect Christmas tree. When we found the right tree, one of the helpers at the tree farm cut it down for us and helped tie it to the top of Trey's old Volvo wagon. We spent the rest of the day searching for Trey's Christmas lights and ornaments and putting them on the tree. The tree looked darn good when we finished.

On Monday, Kevin Harkens caught up with me just before school started. He asked me to meet him after school and we'd go get a snack and talk. I was on cloud nine the whole day.

I let Trey know that I wouldn't be at the `study hall' that afternoon and that Kevin would drop me off at later in the afternoon. Trey got a funny look on his face, but told me to go ahead.

I met up with Kevin in the parking lot. We climbed into his hot red Mustang and headed out. He pulled into the McDonald's drive-in. We got shakes, then Kevin suggested that we go over to his house to talk. I agreed. Sitting in the seat next to this hunk was causing me to leak precum.

Kevin's house was really nice. Both his parents were lawyers in town. From the looks of the house, they were doing pretty well. He led the way up to his room. He sat down in the desk chair and immediately spilled some of his shake on the crotch of his pants.

"Damn, that's cold!" He jumped up, handed me his shake, and left the room.

I heard some water running down the hallway, so I figured he was trying to rinse the chocolate shake out of his jeans. I looked around for someplace to sit. The chair had some spilled milkshake on it, so I sat on his bed.

He came back into the bedroom, and my jaw must have dropped to the floor. He had removed his jeans. And not just the jeans, but his shirt and underwear as well. He stood in the doorway in his white socks and white undershirt. My eyes fixed on the beautiful cut penis and testicles sticking out from his neatly trimmed pubic bush. Wow!

"My clothes are a mess. I'm going to throw everything in the washer. I'll be right back."

He disappeared down the hallway.

I swallowed hard, set the shakes down on the carpet, and tried to rearrange the growing bone in my pants.

He came back in the room just as I was finished getting my dick into a more comfortable and, I thought, less conspicuous position in my pants.

He nodded toward my crotch. "Gee, did I do that to you?"

My face grew hot.

He walked over to me. His dick was half hard and swung from side to side as he walked.

He stopped in front of me and cupped my hard package.

"Feels like you've got a problem down there. Better let me take it out of your pants before it gets damaged."

Almost before I knew what was happening, my jeans and boxers were down around my knees and Kevin's hand was wrapped around my hard dick.

Minutes later we were both naked and rolling around on his bed.

Back in Chicago, Joey and I had gotten pretty good at sucking each other off. I hadn't had a dick in my mouth or had my dick in someone else's mouth since the day Mom caught me and Joey going at it. I had really missed it. I swallowed two big loads from Kevin's dick before we had to get dressed so he could take me out to Trey's. Kevin sucked me off one time, but he didn't swallow. I figured that might happen the next time we got together.

Kevin and I got together every afternoon that week. On Friday, he said he wanted to fuck me, but I wasn't sure I was ready for that yet. He'd tried putting his finger inside me a couple of times, but it didn't really feel all that good. Didn't all gay guys like having things up their butts? Was there something wrong with me?

Things at school were going really well, too. At least most things were going well. Micah seemed sort of distant. I went over to the Michaeux's house on Saturday, like I did most Saturdays. Grant and I goofed around outside, but Micah stayed up in his room most of the day. He did come out and join us when B.B. arrived, but he just didn't seem like the same old Micah. I asked Grant if something was wrong, and he just said something about it being Micah's time of the month and to ignore it.

I think I was paying so much attention to what was going on between me and Kevin that I didn't realize what was going on between Dad and Trey.

It was actually because of Marlene that I finally figured it out. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about what a snot Micah had been most of the week and wondering if I'd done something to piss him off. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to go into the kitchen and have some milk and a couple of pieces of toast with peanut butter. I grabbed my boxers from the floor and pulled them on over my semi hard dick and padded out to the kitchen. Dad's bedroom door was closed. I didn't think anything of it.

I put the bread in the toaster and poured a big glass of milk. Marlene appeared in the kitchen to investigate and beg for a bit of the toast with peanut butter. She watched me eat the toast and drink the milk. She was patient. She knew I'd save the last bite of toast for her.

I tossed her the last bit of toast, set my empty plate down next to the sink, rinsed out my glass, and set it next to the plate.

"Come on, girl. Time to go back to bed."

She wagged her tail and headed toward Trey's room.

"Marlene, come on. Don't bother Trey. Come on, girl."

She hung her head and followed me toward Dad's and my bedrooms. Dad's door was still closed. That was odd. Marlene always slept at the foot of Dad's bed. How come the door was still closed? Had Dad opened it for her and then shut it again?

I quietly opened the door. "Okay, girl, go to bed."

She turned and headed toward Trey's room at the other end of the house. Something just wasn't right. I looked into Dad's room. The bed was still made. He wasn't there. Maybe he'd been called out for something over at the refuge. But I hadn't heard him leave, and he would have taken Marlene with him. Strange.

I hurried across the living room to try to catch Marlene before she disturbed Trey. I caught her collar just as she was getting ready to go into the room. As I pulled her back, I looked up to make sure she hadn't awakened Trey.

There was enough light from the almost full moon that I could see two bodies in Trey's bed.

I let go of Marlene's collar, and she ambled over to the foot of Trey's bed, circled three times, and lay down.

I went back and looked in Dad's room just to be sure my eyes hadn't been playing tricks on me. Sure enough his bed was empty. Just to be sure, I looked out the window. Dad's work truck was still parked outside the house.

Holy shit!


I had to be one of the luckiest guys on the planet. I know you're shaking your head about that statement. It's true I'd lost my home and my car, but I'd found something much more precious than either of those. I not only rediscovered Trey's friendship, I'd also found his love.

It was the night after the fire had interrupted our passion-driven kisses and mad tearing at clothes in the kitchen. I'd been dealing with bureaucrats down in Raleigh all day. I don't know how many times I had gone over the same story about the collapse of the floor and the deliberately set fire in the past two days. I was mentally exhausted. Marty had disappeared into his bedroom. Trey and I sat in the living room and talked for a while before I stretched and said, "I think I'd like to soak in another bath. Any chance I could use the tub in your bathroom tonight?"

"Be my guest."

"Would you like to join me?"

"That's the best offer I've had all day."

We went into Trey's bedroom. He ran the water into the big tub while I stripped out of my clothes. I climbed into the warm water and watched Trey as he disrobed. He had a great body. Not nearly as much chest hair as I have, but that was fine. I had enough for both of us. His body was lean and well muscled. When he got down to his boxers, I could see that he was excited. So was I. My erection had been growing since I'd climbed into the water.

We took turns washing each other. We touched and we kissed. This was so different from the frenzy that had been interrupted the night before. When we couldn't stand it any longer, we got out of the tub and stretched out together on Trey's king sized bed. I explored his body with my hands while we kissed. It just felt so right to be with him.

Slowly he kissed his way down my body and took my dick in his mouth. He put his tongue inside my foreskin and moved it around. I thought I was going to shoot right then!

"God, no one's ever done that to me before! That's fantastic!"

"Oh, I've got more tricks like that."

He started sucking on my dick and moving my foreskin. It didn't take long before I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

We lay together for a few minutes while I recovered. Then I followed his lead and kissed my way down his body to take his dick in my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his erection. He was leaking precum, and I carefully tasted a bit of the fluid with my tongue.

"You don't have to do that."

"First time for everything."

I moved my mouth down over his shaft and tried to imitate what he'd just done to me. In just a few minutes he warned me that he was about to come. I thought about pulling off, but decided that I needed to try to take his load in my mouth. His dick pulsed and shot hot fluid into my mouth. I gagged at first, but kept my mouth over his dick. His cum slid to the back of my throat, and I swallowed. Not bad. I could get used to it.

We held each other for a short time, but both of us were asleep within minutes.

I woke up about four in the morning. Trey was spooned up against my back. Reluctantly, I slid out of bed, kissed his forehead, gathered up my clothes from the bathroom and headed back to my room. I knew I'd need to talk to Marty about Trey and me, but I wasn't ready for that talk to happen just yet. I almost tripped over Marlene, who was lying just on the other side of the bedroom door.

She slowly got up and followed me into my bedroom.

It felt like all I did for the next couple of days was talk with insurance people and arson investigators. I had to deal with my own personal insurance agent, who was insisting on original receipts for everything I claimed was lost in the fire. I also had to deal with insurance people from the State of North Carolina, who wanted a detailed list of all state property that was lost in the fire. Next to the insurance guys, the arson investigators were a picnic. After they realized that I hadn't set the fire, they were fairly easy to work with. They began working on the premise that the vandalism of the truck tire and the arson were related. We went through the whole list of people that might have a grudge against either Marty or me.

While the days were sort of stressful, the nights were fantastic beyond my wildest dreams. Trey and I made love at least once each night. He was gentle and caring as a lover. He was also patient with me as we explored our feelings for one another. He never tried to push me someplace that I wasn't ready to go. However, I found that I was willing to go just about anyplace with him. Nothing...nothing I had ever experienced before affected me as deeply. Our love making was ten times better than the hormone-fueled coupling that had marked my relationship with Whitney, and it was a hundred times better than the few occasions after my divorce when I'd bedded a woman.

Thanksgiving at Parker and Karl's was another eye-opening experience for me. While a few of the people eating Thanksgiving dinner were straight, most of them were gay. It was clear that they all thought of themselves as part of a large, noisy, and loving family. Truly amazing!

Trey gave himself to me for the first time that night. We'd used our fingers before. Trey showed me about my prostate and I found his. However, that night, the first time with Trey was special. I marveled at the ease with which he accepted my girth. I was blown away by the feeling of his muscles contracting around my erection with each stroke and the strength of his muscles when he climaxed as I pistoned into him.

I was determined to provide the same pleasure for him. The next week, we made a point to have him carefully loosen me up each time we made love. I learned how to relax my sphincter to allow his fingers to enter. Wednesday night I made up my mind that he would have me. He was wonderful! The stretching with his fingers had worked. There was some discomfort when he entered me, but that was quickly replaced by an incredible set of pleasure of knowing that he was receiving pleasure being inside me.

When we were finished, we both fell asleep almost immediately. I had been waking up early and going back to "my" bedroom well before Marty would be stirring. Trey and I knew that we had to tell Marty about our relationship. We'd decided to do it that weekend, but Marty figured it out before then.

I was eating breakfast and Trey was packing his and Marty's lunches for school when Marty came out of his bedroom. His hair was all sticking up in that "just crawled out of the sack" way. He walked over to the refrigerator, poured himself an energy drink, sat at the table and said, "When were you going to tell me that you and Trey are sleeping together?"


(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001), "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003), "Finding Family" (last posted in the College section on June 5, 2008), "Construction Job" (last posted in the College section on July 24, 2008), or "Swamp Rat" (last posted March 15, 2010 in the High School section). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the earlier stories posted on this site.  All of the Adams State/Carterville stories listed above as well as my other stories are also posted at


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